Flash flood at Orchard

Flash flood in Singapore! I have never thought this would happen in our beloved country. =(

When I first heard about it, I merely thought, “nahz…at most it’s until knee length only lah.” Okie my legs are short, I know it! But really, I have never expected this!


Or this!


More pictures can be viewed at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/photosgallery/gallery_20100616170420.htm

I’m truly SHOCKED when I saw the pictures and I’m so thankful nobody was hurt in any way in this catastrophe. But…the poor car owners!! With water that deep, the engines would have been spoilt and the whole car gone! Hopefully no brand new cars, else I think the owner’s heart will break! Not to mention a brand new Lamborghini or any low-ride sports car. If I’m not wrong, when cars were stucked in water deeper than where the top of their tyres were, the engine most probably couldnt survive anymore.

Just pardon my drama-mummy alarm because I have aqua phobia….just seeing the pictures of the almost-totally-submerged Starbucks sent goosebumps all over me. The steps down were completely gone! I simply cant imagine the basement shops can be flooded that badly. Of course people would have fled long before the water reached that level…but…holy shit…I cant even bear the thought of anyone inside…with the water level above their head…So scary to me. =(

Call me coward if you like…but I’m really going to avoid basement shops during rainy weathers in future. I’m THAT afraid of water. =(


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