L’oreal CASTING Creme Gloss

If you haven noticed, on the shelves of my favourite store Watson has 1 more new hair product from the acclaimed L’oreal for their gorgeous and vibrant colour; L’oreal CASTING Creme Gloss. It stood out among the tons of different brands with their chic packaging, highlighting the product name in bright, glossy pink background.


It was almost like, beckoning me to buy! However, I vaguely remembered “CASTING” is a temporary colour and not permanent. Thus I asked the Watson personnel, a malay auntie. She said it’s permanent hair colour.

*wrinkled nose*

I still doubt it…ya lor, I shouldnt have asked in the first place since I doubt her answer. Anyway I came home and did a google and read the reviews. Oh yes, it’s NOT a permanent colour. It’s a temporary colour which can lasts up to 28washes but what’s good about it is that it serves like a mini hair makeover with treatment qualities.

What shocked me was the other info I came across.

Teenager swears off hair dye forever after severe allergic reaction


Lois Queen isn’t much different from other 13-year olds and wanted to experiment with her hair color prior to her upcoming birthday party next month. That sounds pretty normal activity for a teenage girl. Unfortunately her reaction to the L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss she purchased wasn’t so typical. After applying a patch of the dye to test for allergies per the instructions included with the hair color kit, Lois suffered a severe allergic reaction to the dye, which caused her face to swell dramatically.

Miss Queen said: “The pain was intense. It was terrifying. Within hours of using it my eye went red and itchy, then the swelling started. The next morning I could barely open my eyes. It was so painful. I thought I was going blind and dying. My head was such a weird shape, I looked like an alien.”

Lois said: “Doctors gave me medicine but it didn’t get better, it got worse. I had to go back three times. I’d wanted to look better but ended up looking like a freak.”

Lois’ mother was told it was fortunate her daughter had not suffered permanent eye damage from the incident. Lois has not left her home since she colored her hair and has vowed she’ll never dye it again. Lois’ mother is also questioning the “strong ingredients” L’Oreal is using in ther products.

She’s not the only one. In 2007, a 12-year old girl from Southamptom used L’Oreal hair dye, which caused her face to balloon, her right eye to close over and her throat to close. At the time, a representative from L’Oreal claimed, “Reactions to hair colourants are extremely rare.”


Tell that to 15-year old Jack Taylor, whose head swelled to the size of a football when he applied L’Oreal dye to his hair early last year (anyone else noticing a theme here?). The rash that followed the swelling stayed on Jack’s face, head and torso for two weeks following the incident. Finally, a 16-year old who dubbed herself ‘Elephant Woman’ suffered a similar reaction in 2007, once again to a L’Oreal hair dye. Swollen face? Check. Difficulty breathing? Check.

It would be easy to blame L’Oreal in this case, however most hair dyes on the market, including those used in salons, contain paraphenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is a chemical known to cause severe allergic reactions and is still found in dyes that are marketed as being “natural” or “herbal.” Even the ammonia-free and henna dyes often contain the chemical. And while horror stories like the ones above are out there, they are definitely the minority.

Still, it makes you think twice about the products we so freely apply to our bodies everyday. The aforementioned reactions to chemicals are pretty obvious, but you have to wonder about all of the effects these products have on our systems – especially the ones we can’t see. That’s why it’s important to read labels carefully and do some research before using new products. Websites like the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database allow you to see how products rate in terms of hazards on a scale of one to 10. There’s never any guarantee adverse reactions won’t ever occur, but equipping yourself with more information may at least help prevent you from having to lock yourself in your room because that new “must-try” product made you look like one of the extras from Star Wars.

Okay Perhaps 1 or 2 examples aint that scary. But look at the comments made!

i just got back from the doctor…i used loreal hair dye and im having the SAME reaction!!!

Lane (Posted December 1, 2008 2:14 PM)

I used L’Oreal Blonde Obsession hair dye less than 4 days ago and have had 1 severe allergic reaction and a much more mild one today. I believe it was more mild because I’m still on medication from the first. I don’t forsee this stopping anytime soon; particularly until I can rid my head of the dye entirely.

Jennifer S (Posted January 1, 2009 2:29 PM)

Im in the hospital for the same thing now!
Woke up 2 days later with my head the size of a fotball!
Could not open my eyes, or mouth and did not even look like the same person.
Been in here 3 days now, the swelling is starting to go down, but still a lot left.

maren (Posted January 5, 2009 8:48 AM)


BETHANY (Posted March 5, 2009 8:02 PM)

Just returned from ER for the second time with my daughter who had a severe reaction to her hair dye. She looks exactly like the first picture. Eyes totally swollen shut, entire face swollen. IV started at ER with prednisone benedryl zantac given and not much improvement. Unreal how a hair dye can make someone react

ziggy (Posted March 16, 2009 7:30 PM)

I just filed a lawsuit against my salon last year for using a L’Oreal product on me that made me look just like the pictures above. It was horrifying and I still am terrified to dye my hair to this day.

Kat (Posted March 17, 2009 3:03 PM)

I Have Used Casting To Dye Hair Hair Black Knowing i would get a slight reaction only to now realise it has given me swelling and itchyness. i was sent home from school today for my heas swelling and i now have to see a doctor becuase i have allergic reaction causing conjuctivitus.

Carly (Posted March 23, 2009 8:46 AM)

Not even 1 positive comment out of all. This is enough manz. I’m gonna avoid this product. Be sure to do a patch test if you want to try this product then.

Credits: L’oreal


21 Responses to L’oreal CASTING Creme Gloss

  1. I read your blog for quite a long time and must tell you that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  2. D1nx says:

    I’ve used Casting Creme Gloss for many years and recently changed the colour to the new Glossy Blacks (Black Cherry) and I’ve never had any of the above reactions. I’m very surprised. I really do love the Casting Colorspa range. I mix the reddish colour with a brown in the same range for extra cover on the grey. In fact, I’m in the USA now and I’m battling to find this product now.

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Hiya. I’m glad it works great for you! Though I thought it’s a new product here in Singapore, didnt notice it’s existence years ago if any. I’m also a fan of L’oreal dyes, but more of their permanent colour range like Excellence and Feria 3D. Haven tried their casting before. I probably wont try because I find it too troublesome to do casting again and again since the colour only lasts for months. Thank you for your feedback. =)

  3. Angela McCluskey says:

    My sister in law was in the hospital last night. She still looks like a monster after using Loreal hair color. She is in misarable pain and knocked out on medication. She can barely stand or open her eyes, making her impossible to take care of her little kid, 2 years old. She leaves in another state and Now she can barely stand to take care of her little kid, 2 years old. What makes me more furious because I cannot do anything to help. After some researches I found that there are a lot of victims of Loreal’s dye due one of their quimics used on this particular brand: the PED. It is extremely dangerous and can cause even death, like happened to someone in France and the company was suit for the persons death. I really think that all the victims should stand together, because these companies are big fish with powerful lawyers, making the consumer vulnerable toward them. This needs to stop and whoever the authority is, signing their legibility to put this products out there, should be responsible too. They got a degree are are highly paid to keep consumer like us protected against the abuse of harmful products. That’s their job. The company, of course, will try to push whatever to make the money with no responsibility or respect to their final customers. But the Chemical Safety and Hazardous Investigation Board its responsible to investigate these type of cases and keep them to do harmful to people period! I’ll keep my searches, please feel free to email me with more information and I’ll also share mine.

    • Chilli Padi says:

      Oh my god! So sorry to hear that. Hope she get well soon! Thank you for sharing such info. Yes I do think it’s difficult to sue them because they’re so well financially armed with powerful lawyers. =( And also, there’re always disclaimers in words as tiny as mosquitoes written on the product box, that they wont be responsible for any side effects.

      I pre-warned some of my friends but they seemed oblivious to my warnings. Who knows and who will believe allergies can cause such disastrous effect, as serious as death? One can never be too careful nor complacent. Thank god this product aint too popular in my country. Hope more people will heed our warnings. Although I agree it might work differently on people. But after all, it’s definitely not worth it to risk your life and health for a mere change of hair colour! They’re not the only products around anyway~

    • marilyn says:

      I colored my hair with loreal product I had a severe reaction my face swelled and i had a hard time breathing i was going to the dr . alot , 3 trips to the emergency room , Seen 2 Allergists . And I finally had an A leergist give me an Eppy shot ,Thhis is what they use for Anaphalactic shock. I suffered for weeks and I have Asthma.And my asthma is worse . I have to take Alburterol 2 to 3 times a day ever since July the 13 th . And I didnt do that before the reaction .

  4. nessa says:

    it is always good to do a test patch when u use any hair dye.
    however everyone is different. i have used L’oreal hair dye twice and i have never even come close to such a severe reaction to it.

  5. Irina says:

    These allergic reactions are indeed terrible. However, on the package it is recommended you test the dye on a small patch of skin two days before using it to see if you get a reaction to it.

    I think may skip the test, and then these horrible situations happen, but as long as they recommend it and put it on the package, I can’t blame them. Yes, they are using strong chemicals, just like any other manufacturer. But we are talking about dyeing hair here…it’s not magic, therefore some research and the allergy test are very important 🙂

    Just used casting creme gloss, the 734, and it came out wonderful. Not so big change as i would’ve wanted though, so I think I’ll try some other color in their range next time! 🙂 Definitely recommended! (along with the allergy test) 😀

  6. Chilli Padi says:

    To be frank, I’ve never done ANY patch tests for ANY of my dye jobs. 😛 Way too lazy for them. Though so far so good, nothing bad happens.
    I’m not keen on the casting because it’s not permanent. Just tried Kao Liese Bubble Hair Dye which is unlike other normal hair dyes because it comes in foam.

    My verdict:
    Gives an even finish but hair doesnt come out as soft as after Revlon’s dye, colour also not as vibrant as L’oreal’s hair dye. Colour is more obvious after a few washes, still pretty alright.

    So yah…L’oreal still gives the more gorgeous colour(minus any allergies there might be)

  7. Flash says:

    I had an allergic reaction.. wrote loreal and they said they would pay for My two doctor appointments and medication. If the dr would write the allergy was from the hair color. Sounds to Me like they are having lots of problems and are afraid of a class action lawsuit.
    Take the time and do the allergy tests! I have been on several rounds of steroids and after almost 3 weeks I am still itching and face slightly swollend

  8. Chilli Padi says:

    Omg! So sorry to hear that. Our face is SO important to us. So do take care to get rid of any residue marks there might be after you recover. Seriously they should ban this product. It’s still sitting on the shelves in my country, Singapore.

    Judging from the number of allergic reactions it caused, it’s enough to make me stay away from this product. The other series are fine though, like Feria 3D and L’oreal Excellence.

    Get well soon!

  9. Flor says:

    The problem is not the product, THE PROBLEM ARE PEOPLE!
    the test exist for something!
    think it.

    • Chilli Padi says:

      If a product cause negative reactions to the MAJORITY of people, then seriously the problem lies with the PRODUCT because the chemicals used are too strong and not within the normal threshold of human. The sole purpose of L’oreal Casting is to dye hair semi-permanently, and doesnt lie on the test kit to test whether you have sensitive reactions to it. AND the sole purpose of the TEST KIT it to reduce the RISK and the NUMBER of people getting negative side effects from the product. And NOT to justify it’s a good product. Get it?

      Seriously if a plate of chicken rice causes diarrhoea to, say 40 people out of 100 people. Would you say the problem lies with the 40 people just because they are weak or just because they didnt do a “FOOD TEST” with just 3 tablespoon of the chicken rice? Of course the problem lies with the chicken rice and not the people, for god’s sake.

      A patch test is merely a simple test on a very small area of your body and it doesnt guarantee if the patch test seems okie, then it will work out fine when you use the WHOLE BOTTLE of dye on your HEAD. The quantity is not even the same and it wont justify. Think about it.

      • Rady Brownie says:

        I’ve always used L’oreal without even doing test but i think im allergic free when it comes to chemicals 😀 I guess we can’t really blame on a single product, i mean i guess there are just more complains from L’oreal consumers cos its much popular thus more people use it as compared to the minorities. My family used so many products from L’oreal and it works perfectly fine with us.

        I’ve got to agree with Flor somehow. We can’t blame products, we only have ourselves to blame. Who creates the product? Us. Who uses the product? Us.Maybe the test doesnt work on your skin but then again who can we blame? How was L’oreal suppose to know that a few people might not be as normal as others? And for all you know, these people who claim they test it might be lying, who knows? You might be thinking why would they do that? It’s simple, you see if your face gets ugly and if you have no money to fix it, it’s just natural to compensate the trouble.

        According to what you say (the chicken rice), how can we truly know that these people has already an existing allergy to any of the ingredients (as you know chicken rice has rice, chicken, cucumber, chili, lettuce or tomato). And who’s to know if they didn’t have consumed something else before or after that which made the little bad mix in the tummy? Thus, i don’t think its fair to blame a product.

      • Chilli Padi says:

        I hope you can refer to my previous comment. Thanks.

        Btw, who creates the product? L’oreal.

        “How was L’oreal suppose to know that a few people might not be as normal as others?”

        I suggest that you use words more appropriately. If a high percentage of users have serious negative sensitive reaction to the product, it doesnt mean they are NOT normal. There might be a handful of people who have unusual sensitivity to certain chemicals, yes, maybe you can say they cant blame L’oreal, for they’re like 1 in a million. But like I said, if there’s a significant percentage, like in this particular case of L’oreal casting creme gloss, then there’s a need to review the ingredients used. They’re certainly too harsh. Ultimately, products in the market are made to be safe for majority of people to use, it’s better to be “safe than to be sorry”, and not “Oh you’re sensitive to this, so sorry, tough luck”.

        And seriously, if face can get so ugly(like the way you said it), clearly, this is no minor sensitivity issue! It’s more than superficial level, didnt you read that the victims also experience extreme pain? Have you no heart at all to assume people have no money to fix this problem, thus pushing the blame to L’oreal?

        By any chance, you dont work in the Agricultural, Food & Veterinary Authority etc huh?
        I wish to god that you never get to work there because you have no compassion and clearly, you dont get the big picture.

  10. Linda Garrett says:


    My daughter (14) used this product for about the 4 time in a couple of years and has had a reaction of swollen face, no energy, sore kidneys – spent 3 days at hospital. Will not be using this product again.

  11. ilan says:

    Just used this produt yesterday and got really bad allergic reaction including shorting of breath!!
    I tried hair color befoer, but anything never gave me this symptoms.

    be ware!!! Don’t to this at home!

  12. Gertrude says:

    The brand l’Oreal is probably not the problem but the chemical PPD in in the hairdye. PPD can cause severe allergic reactions as described above. So beware of all the chemical hairdyes of any brands. 99% of the hairdyes contain PPD! When you ever have had such an allergic reaction to hairdye never use any hairdye again.

    Gertrude, the Netherlands

  13. Oline says:

    i just bought one, and after i read this im really going to do that patch test thingy. I would have loved to just have it done by now for my year Photo tomorrow but nooo way! Gotta be sure!

  14. Rashi Kapoor says:

    I have tried the Indian version of L’oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss.
    Here is the product link:

    Does the L’oreal product of Your Country and India have any difference…… If yes then please let me know…..Thanks….

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