Jess & James Solemnization/Wedding Lunch @ Raffles Town Club

It was Jess & James Big day!!! Attended the event with joy as well as apprehension, because you know why? While I was very very happy for the lovely couple, I was also appointed the emcee with 24hours notice because Jess’s friend put her aeroplane at the last minute. I really dontttttt understand why people can be like that. (=.=)”””’

“Dont you have a better choice???” I asked Jess in exasperation after her SMS. Because while I’m very willing to help her the most I can, I really cant do a perfect job because I’ve never been an emcee before and I’m soOooO terrified that I’ll jeopardize their BIG DAY! I guess it’s difficult to get help at such notice… =(  So yeah, I was the emcee. =/

Immediately after the notice, I dug my lappy for the old emcee script for my own wedding(dinner). But hor, da match leh. Because it’s just very different! And I havent the foggiest idea what to say. I could only do the least by reaching earlier to discuss with the bride and coordinator, Cindy. Erm, in any case, I’m glad everything went smoothly. =P

It was my first time attending a solemnization/wedding lunch at Raffles Town Club and I was so impressed and awed by the splendor of the decor. Everything, just everything was purrrrfffect!! Really! The venue decor, the food, the service, wedding favors, right down to the feather pens, every little or big thing was simply heart-warming and tastefully arranged. I’ll let the pictures tell the story. Spent quite some time organizing them. =P


At reception.


The opulent entrance




Absolutely stunning bride! It’s my first time seeing Jess with makeup. Lol.

She has always been a natural beauty and even more so ravishing with her beauty enhanced by make-up. =)

Okie. I know I look fat with my mushroom hair(top and bottom different colours, lol) =P


The solemnizer, Mr David Ong did a fantastic job. Should have asked him to double as emcee instead of me la. A dignified-looking man of forties or so, impeccably dressed. I say, he’s a good choice for people who are very concerned with aesthetically pleasing solemnization pictures and well-executed solemnization. =P

When he appeared punctually at the reception, the receptionists asked him whether he’s a friend of Jess or James. One look at him and I concluded he’s the Justice Of Peace. He simply got the “JP look”. Muahahaha. And I said it out loud.

“And I suppose you’re a pop singer?” He asked me back.

I almost fainted at the outrageous assumption. ZzZzz

“No! I’m the last minute appointed emcee. ” I corrected him after recollecting my shock.

“You should join Star Search or something, dont she?” He looked to James for affirmation.

Both of us smiled awkwardly and unnaturally at each other for the ridiculous notion. ZzZzZzZz. That image was so simply so funny, like we’re both forced to smile at something so nonsensical. (=.=)””’

This is pretty bad. So I appeal to old men? Jialat. Hmm….or maybe he should have his glasses checked. Muahahahaha.


After the solemnization, we adjourned to The Dining Room for our sumptuous and delicious lunch!


Pianist playing in the background….so coolz! =D


Now….the food!! It’s my first time having a fine-dining wedding lunch/dinner! Just imagine my delight!


Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!! They simply tasted as divine as they looked!

And this is just the appetizers!! =D

The superb service by RTC staff were commendable too!


I chose Lamb for my main instead of Chicken. What can I say? Did you see the perfect pink? =)



By this time….I was simply so full….that I simply cant stomach all of them…

Not a connoisseur of cheese, the dish was left untouched. Oops!

The ice-cream was wonderful though! It tasted exactly like Rum & Raisin and I’m pretty sure it’s not vanilla! Anyway, it’s okie because Rum & Raisin is my favorite. =D


The sorbet was served before the main course.

Cute lollipop given by Jess! It was actually from her “lollipop” bouquet! So cute!


Personalized wedding favors!


No time to catch picture with the groom, just like all weddings, everyoneeeee were vying to snap pictures with the couple. And I couldnt wait because dearie arrived to pick me. Oh well~

It was a very sweet and heart-warming solemnization and I wish Jess and James an eternal and blissful marriage ever after!! =D


11.1.11 YC & ML’s ROM

The date actually meant 11.01.2011! Nice number eh?

It was YC & ML’s ROM!!

Friends always know how lazy I am and I absolutely avoid Downtown east at all costs. However, this time round, it was YC’s ROM! Definitely must lend some support especially when YC’s is my bestie, Huey’s darling brother. YC also helped us alot when we were shopping for electronics at Gain City. =D Trotted my way down to meet Huey and Al at Pioneer to go down together as Al drives. More companionship for the long long journey. =)

I was last minute appointed as the wedding photographer. Muahahahaha. Er…pardon for the shots, ultimately, I’m just an amateur! Took a total of around 160+ shots with the Lumix LX5, basically a point-and-shoot camera. 99% are clear shots, thanks to Lumix’s flash in the slightly dark indoor area. However, colour have to touch up for contrast as colours of flash shots looked kinda dull. I also realised after tons and tons of clicks, it became kinda slow for the next shot to be captured. =( Abit 手忙脚乱 during the exchanging of rings. Thank god Huey captured the whole process on video. =)

Actually I’m not very satisfied with the pictures I took lah, despite it being my 1st time. The main reason was probably erm, I’m not the kind who will click very well with strangers at 1st meeting or liven up the atmosphere. And I think that’s the most important attribute of a good photographer. He or she must be able to click with people, make them feel at ease so that smiley and natural pictures can be captured. For wedding photography, actually basically there’s no time for you to capture special angles. You merely take as many pictures as you can so that the best shot can be captured for every precious moment. Most importantly, you do not miss any moment. Of course, you can spend more time capturing those macro shots of rings, albums, cakes etc if you have ample time. That was what my own wedding photographer told me. =)

Alrighty! Here are the pictures!!

I did a sucky job at warming people up, so much so that few smiled at the camera. My fault. =( And erm, I did not actually took shots of all the guests present because 90% of them were camera-shy. including the kids! And I didnt really coax them…well paiseh la…I dont know them….I’m afraid I scared them off. Lol. Then also dont dare take candid shots.

Perhaps when I’m not that starved, I’ll do a better job. Lol. I only ate my “breakfast” at 8+pm. Almost died. A starving Fion is a grumpy Fion. =P Just kidding.

I wish the lovely couple eternal marital bliss and hope they 甜甜蜜蜜!! =D

(P/S Huey, will mail you and YC the CD individually tmr so that both of you get a copy sooner as I’m going Pattaya soon. =D)

Happy Occassions!

Im so so deadbeat yesterday and I slept like a log at around 3+am. Haven slept so early in ages. And I should sleep even earlier. For coldsores, as you know, needs lots of rest and recuperation to heal on top of medication. Strictly no stress, no late nights. So I always told dearie not to qi4 me when I have coldsores. =P

Wow yesterday was a long and happy day! Firstly was Li’s & Nel’s ROM at Li’s condo’s function room with a nice pool backdrop. Next was Kel’s darling baby Kae full month shower.

I cant sleep the previous night because of a cramp-like kind of pain in my left abdomen. And it lasted till early morning, leaving me with almost no sleep and a stomach filled with butterflies. I woke up late and wasted alot time waiting and calling for cab. By the time I reached Li’s place, I was 5-10minutes late. I thought, lucky only 5 or 10minutes…shouldnt have missed anything right? Shit! Their solemnization was already over. Argghhh! They actually solemnize on the dot, 2pm, which was the timing Li gave me. You dont know how much I hated myself then for being late! Despite the gracious couple and Auntie and Uncle did not blame me and yet asked me to eat more of the buffet, it did not relieve much of my dismay and annoyance at myself.

I shall endeavor to give Li’s a fantastic hen’s night for remedy. So fast. She’s taking her photoshoot next month and then flying off in March. Was chatting to Auntie and Uncle about how much they will miss Li when 3 months straight after engagement, she’s going to fly off to Japan for 3 years. They’re still coming back in Dec for the wedding though and Auntie said they will follow them back to Japan for a short holiday. So happy to see the couple settled down though I will missing Li when I can hardly see her in Sg already.

Wy jio go Japan to find Li together. I was abit hesitant because I probably dont have much time to spare next year when Im preparing my wedding too. And hor, Japan very EXPENSIVE leh. I spent a bomb there last time and am not sure whether I would like to spend another bomb there again. I will prefer to take the money and choose another destination to fill up my sparsely filled passport.

So far, I’ve only been to Malaysia(also counted OK! Lol), Bintan, Vietnam, Taiwan(twice), Korea, Japan, Hongkong(twice*), and Macau*. *Going in January*. You see, so few places and I’ve haven been to Europe or U.S. =( So when Gen jio me go London to find her again and again, I almost salivate with desire. Especially when I saw the pictures of her and Sha having so much fun there. =P But a big trip for next year is definitely out of the picture lah…perhaps 2010 already, our honeymoon. THAT, must negotiate with Dearie. =P

Li looked real pretty in her bought white cocktail dress.

Im afraid only 1 picture, sorry because I was hideous in all the other pictures with my very obvious swollen, red-tipped lips lor. *wails* The buffet spread was of sumptuous ingredients but they tasted only so-so, to be frank lah. The scallops werent fresh, smoked salmon long gone when I arrived(hello..Im only late 5-10minutes leh..), hard prawns and no desserts to be found. I had to leave at 3pm to Kel’s place because actually her buffet started at 1pm! So I only ate abit and proceeded to take a cab down. Oh ya I’ve no idea what to buy for Li since she can very well afford everything. *winkZ* And it’s inappropriate to buy them Precious Moment stuff(despite my phobia for it) because they wont have a house till 3 years later. So to solve my headache, I gave Li $50 taka vouchers where she can spend.

Fortunately whampoa and tampines not very far apart. I reached Kel’s place in around 10+minutes. By the time I reached, the house was already filled with people. Kel’s place is big leh! 5 room and it’s 132 sq metres. Old housing are really bigger in area! She bought at 280K only! Although the location is abit inaccessible lah. But I love the house, nicely renovated too with lots of potential.

Ohhhh Baby Kae….he’s always sleeping yesterday! Until some of Kel’s friends cant take it and forcefully woke him up to play with him. Aiyo!

Gorgeous Mama Kel! She still look as hot, frankly speaking. And she’s still slim! Yaya abit of fats around the waist lah, normal, but Im confident she can shed it off, given the vain pot she is. Haha!

I had no chance to carry Baby Kae. =( Nevermind, got chance in future. G and Jy left awhile after I reached. G got a date, woohoo! Bumped into her and the “mystery” guy when Iv and me went Tampines Mall later on. And Jy got to go home look after her Baby Enzo too. Hmm she did have some problems with her mother-in-law and Im not over-sensitive when I suspected something was wrong previously on friday drinking night. But Jy is like that one, she seldom like to talk about her problems because she dont like to burden her friends. I also wont ask about her problems unless she chose to tell me or when I see her in very bad shape. I will say, she’s still fine lah. I think ALMOST every daughter-in-law got some sort of “thing” with their mother-in-law. It’s only whether it’s on the surface or beneath the table, and how jialat only.

I seriously dont feel my MIL like me very much too but I feel I have treated her with due respect and much much more. I wont elaborate much here else it looks like Im showing off how much I did for her while XXX………… I will stop here. Dearie is extremely protective of his mum and I dont blame him~

Iv and I left Kel’s place at around 5.30pm to go Kar & her boyfriend Ken’s house to play mahjiong, which is only few bus stops away. We went over to Tampines Mall to buy some food, that’s where we bumped into G and her date. Secretive her! G has really no lack of admirers but probably she’s too picky already! Aiya but we didnt see the face of the guy because his back was facing us. Oh ya!! Thanks for your belated Christmas pressie girl. Haha.

Ken & kar are staying together in an executive masionatte. Although it’s 154sq metres, Kel’s house looked bigger actually. Perhaps it’s because Ken’s apartment is split into upper and lower levels. We played 2 rounds of dong nan xi bei and I ended up with 0 profit and loss for a 5dai $10/$20 stake. Damn funny. Oh well. Free game. It was fun.

$20 20minutes cab ride back. Fast, honest cab drivers really make my day(and night) when they fetched me back to my sweet home when Im so tired. =)

And to end the post, Vickki’s new hairstyle. I tie one ok after I bathed her just now. Cute right.


ROM Solemnisation pictures

Finally got to see our pictures taken by Calvin. There are surprises as well as disappointments. Surprise is he got some really wonderful shots taken. Disappointment is, those fantastic shots are kinda few. I think Roy capture more good shots with my Sony 8.1mp camera… I was hoping to get back at least 200 pictures but I only got 145. And around more than 50% are a mixture of non-living things and people without a decent portion of the face. Not that they shouldnt be taken. Journalistic feel, artistic, I know lah. But at least the ones capturing the face must be more than those mah. Moreover this is not photoshoot, this is ROM. Capturing the moments are more important. Even for photoshoot, I also wont choose more than 35% pictures without my face in it lor. I think it’s kinda stupid and waste money. No offence though, personal opinion.

Then half the time, dearie’s eyes are closed or half closed. Either that, his smile is damn constipated, like, he’s not even smiling! He’s just opening his mouth a wee fraction as if that is smiling already. Duhz! If I didnt know, I will think he dozed off. Most of my pictures, my bouquet blocked the top of my gorgeous gown and I didnt even noticed. Stupid lor. I should have hold my bouquet lower. And Cal is not sensitive and helpful enough to advise me nor advise us of the standing arrangement most of the time. We were so lost sometimes. Fortunately, either his photography skills or his camera flash/lens damn powerful, even without outdoor lightning, I think his camera flash did an even more fantastic job. And I noticed Cal did not give me all the pictures he snapped, perhaps only the cream of the crop. But, I realised some of the mono(black/white) pictures are better in colour and the coloured copy is not inside the DVD. So Im getting them from him. Meanwhile, here are around 50 pictures which are not-bad shots from him, other than the ones I took with my Sony camera. Enjoy~ *Warning: Image heavy*

In the room–>Chaos. Damn damn. Cal didnt take a picture of the room number! 1909!

Yeah the same towel swans you saw before.

Okie I repeat. It’s Furama Riverfront Hotel, The Waterfall Lounge. A white building in between King Copthorne Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel at Havelock Road. WY and Li, just in case in future you have another solemnisation there in future. =P

My brothers as receptionists. Dearie’s bro signing attendance.

There you go. Journalistic feel shots.

Yes, Im so sorry that I reached later than my guests. Just blame my MUA for messing up my hair. Argghh Ugly birdnest head.

Apparently, Cal took dozens of shots of my lovely back. Yeah, that must be because the front got nothing to rave about.

Please sign

Solemnisation Table

Flower piece with mikes

Cute M with Sweet Est signing off, with my lovely pink feather pens! I wish got more shots like this. Alas, but others were all pictures of my guests’ lovely asses.

Thank you for all your wishes

Taking picture with 2 gorgeous ladies, WY and Li. Who seems to have alot on their minds. Hmmm…

My besties, G and Kel!

Rey, Iv and Ce. Rey dont know said what during that day which kept makes me laugh. =P

My 2 brothers who look sibei sianz.

Chirpy Viy with Sexy Ser

With KT and his wife. I attended their wedding at Mandarin too!

The rings which bind us to eternity. Yeah kinda lame..but yeah..our wedding bands.

全家福 New family members joined in

My dearest family. If you noticed something missing, dont ask~

My FIL, MIL, dearie and dearie’s brother.

Haha. When M viewed our pictures, she said dearie’s family and friends all look somewhat like him, decent decent wearing spectacles, guai guai type. While my mummy and ger friends all chio chio pretty type. Well, thank you! Though I feel my friends were all so much prettier than me. =) S commented my didi(brothers) look very cool. I said, “Oh yes. You dont know him then find them cool lor. After you know them, then you will find them “attitude”. =P

Did I mentioned mummy was so touched during the ceremony that few tears dropped. Thanks to Huey who immediately tended to my mummy. =D

Bunch of playful and cheeky colleagues

Oh yes Ash, here I found you. Together with my long-time bestie, Huey with her helpful hubby, AL.

Energetic Jes with long-time bf Ja. Hope they tie the knot soon!!

Mik & Eil. Hope your turn soon eh

Solemnisation in progress

Is it me, or does he look very sian?

“with you I surrender my love…care..concern…bla bla..”

You are mine liao

Please appreciate this tiny waist and slim arms which I starved myself into. You might never see it again.

Muacks Muacks

Signing proposal form……..policy inforced soon.


Witnesses with Solemniser, Mr Chan Kai Yau on the right.

No offence….but…do you feel Mr Chan look like Happousai, the Ah Gong in Ranma 1/2?

Cute hor? haha

All the handshakes of congrats. Thanks

Hand in hand

We’re married

“Hannar! know you married lah”

Big bum

Do re mi fa sol

排队吃东西 This photographer likes to take pictures of people’s bums. =.=

Going back to room for more shots

Eh just realised photobucket got special functions like this, i.e, Sepia effect. But..I already uploaded so many prior to this liao. ZzZzz.

Omg…Im dying from all this uploading

I prefer this in colour actually

My crystals studded heels!

Very happy. =)

Okie That’s all. Anymore I’ll update again. =D

I will post more pictures on our wedding website…once done will update here. Cheerios!~!

Our ROM Solemnisation

No doubt, this will be the longest entry of the century.


Event: ROM Solemnisation of Adrian & Fion
Date: 2nd Nov 2008(sunday)
Venue: Furama Riverfront Hotel, The Waterfall Lounge
Start Time: 12.30pm
Solemnisation Time: 1.15pm – 1.30pm
End time: 4.30pm

Gown: Made-To-Measure From NewImage Bridal(IMM)
Design of Gown: Fion & Capio(NewImage’s Designer)
Make-up & Hairstyle: Sally(NewImage/Bridal Concept)
Bouquet: Cream Roses with Forget-Me-Not’s
Manicure & Pedicure: PINC, Vivian
Wedding bands: Poh Heng, Platinum with Yellow Gold

Solemniser: Mr Chan Kai Yau
Witnesses: Bride’s Mum and Groom’s Mum
Receptionists: Xiang & Wei (Bride’s younger brothers), Bride’s Mum
Overall-in-charge: Roy(Furama)
AV audio: Dat
Photographer: Calvin from

Yesterday was like the nicest and happiest day of my life. Yeah. To tie the knot with the man I love and having my circle of dearest friends around me to wish us blissfulness, to give applauses to our happy occasion. The atmosphere was damn great, lively and high, all thanks to the wonderful staff of Furama Riverfront hotel as well as our pro solemniser, Mr Chan. He is good!

Most of my sweetest, dearest friends were complimenting my gown and that I look gorgeous and slim that day. You guys are SO SWEET!! The FACT is, I looked extremely HORRIBLE with my wide smile, exposing my upper gums in ALL the pictures because I was so damn happy like a lovelorn idiot. And I looked like a slutty auntie with demonic green eyeshadow and a huge lump of hair on the head. With my flabby arms, I looked MORE like the mother of a bride. Well well, nevermind la….

By the way, anyone care to lend me her photoshop and ALSO teach me how to beautify pictures? Lol.

Mummy is so sweet to order lots of offerings and proposed us to go temple to pray together on sat so that things go smoothly. 1 mee-sua mountain hamper, 1 lotus bun mountain hamper, 4 thick stacks of extra-large size gold paper(kim zua), 3 huai cakes, 3 boxes of mee-sua, 2 big pineapples. No joke. Boy, does that make a difference to our luck! Definitely! Just read on! Mummy also prepared a cake for us to cut and wanted us to share a slice of cake in the morning to signify a round and happy ending. Oh well.

Still got a “喜” wor!! Cute huh!!

Cutting cake ceremony. Haha. Yummy cake.

Guess who is staring at us??

I also want to eat!!!

………… chup me…………..

Give me eat leh……………

Mummy please…..daddy bo hiu me…….


Earlier on, remember how I was cursing that stupid Albert, some director of the Catering of Furama Riverfront hotel about how inflexible and profit-and-loss person he is? And that kinda leads me to think that ALL PEOPLE in Furama are BAD. I was wrong!

Anyway, since I dont know how nice are the Room Reservations Department and I dont know what kinda shit the stupid Albert told the Room Reservations Department, I told dearie my plan, about being 先小人,后君子。 Firstly, I will go up to the check-in counter and told the lady politely that we wish to check in to an Executive room and ASK is there any available. She will check whether is there any available, after which she will revert to me with the price. THEN, I will tell her actually Im on a ROM package and according to the contract, Im entitled to a free upgrade to an Executive room upon availability. Since/If she already said it’s available, then she cant go back on her word mah. Hiak hiak hiak. It all went as planned and true enough, I saw the lady’s composure faltered slightly and she looked as if she’s being duped(am I being too sensitive? Dearie, did you notice her face change too?). Anyway, she spoke cautiously to me that actually we’re supposed to check-in at another counter. Oh, that, I seriously dont know. She transferred us to another nearby private counter where another 2 ladies attended to us. And yes, we got our dream room!!! Thanks Tee Gong & Godfather Bo Bi!!!

1 of the ladies brought us up to 19th storey, room 1909. What a nice number!! Upon reaching the room, we saw few helpers scurrying about the room. As if she sensed our perplexity, the lady explained they only know of our arrival minutes ago and they were decorating our room with bridal decorations!! SO SWEET OF THEM!! They need not do that one. =) I told them to take their time as dearie and me need to go down to The Waterfall Lounge to settle some stuff, but I thanked them prettily. We saw a standing board indicating our names and our event at the entrance of the lounge. When we tried to find the so-call Indian guy, the manager who is in charge of our event as per old Albert has remarked, no Indians were in sight. Instead, a good-looking, young attendant, dressed impeccably attended to us and said he will be the overall in charge of our event. His name is Roy. Good. Im not that comfortable with strangers who are of a difference race.

Time to time, Sally, my makeup artist called to ask me where I was. To my shock, she has reached as early as 8.45am and has been waiting since then. She has a prior job assignment nearby(probably a wedding as it starts earlier). I told her Im sorry she has to wait because Im busy at the moment. Our fixed time was at 11am anyway. 10.30am, we finished giving instructions to the floor and proceeded to go up to our room for a shower, Sally called again at the same timing spotting me near the lift lobby. I told her apologetically I will call her when Im done, preferably at the pre-arranged timing at 11am and I cant let her upstairs because for our room, the toilet is totally TRANSPARENT with CLEAR GLASS. And the thing is, we haven shower! She sinked back onto the couch again, obviously hot enough to cook an egg, looking all annoyed and helpless at the same time.

Im not lying!! The toilet is really with transparent glasses!!

And I LOVE the bathtub to bits!! And the room is huge!! Although it’s not a suite.

Complimentary fruits

Lovely decorations isnt it? Okie la not really the state of the art, but the swans, the orchids, the rose petals and the spray of roses are a lovely touch. =)

And I also love the hanging rack!! It’s really made for bridal gowns and suits because there’s no hassle to open a wardrobe door, plus it provides a huge space for the any overflowing train. Love it love it.

My gown and dearie’s suit. As my gown is pretty oriental, dearie’s matching me with mandarin collar black suit with light yellow shirt, although the suit looks like grey in the picture.

All these pictures were taken in a flash of anxiety and excitement because Im still short of time. After I took the toilet pics, I pushed dearie to bathe while I took others in lightning speed. Thus they were not very comprehensive and nice shots. I unpacked all my barang barang and went to bathe after dearie was done. 11am SHARP. Sally called again and finally came up.

Sigh. Seeing her black face, I agreed to take up her ampoule, 1 vial priced at $20 to appease her a little lor. 杀人放火 price. I actually bought my own whitening and mandarin ampoule vials too, each only $1, $10 for a box of 10 in sprees. =( Anyway, I tried to chat her up la, arbo she looked as if I killed her entire family like that. I wont want to look like 如花 in Jacky’s show. =P Finally she relaxed and started to open up. What kind of bride like me will try to pacify her grumpy makeup artist when she has no fault at all by being punctual on the fixed timing? =P

I can see her effort to address all my concerns. I wont say her makeup sucks but it’s not up to my standards. Perhaps because Im fussy, perhaps I know how to makeup too, perhaps Im a bitch or all 3. I heard mixed reviews, some said nice while some said I can do better. I really dont like the green she did on my lids. Look like 妖精 lah. And if you ask me what kind of 妖, confirm it’s 蛇妖. Actually I showed her 2 pictures in a magazine, one of a nice makeup, one of a nice hairstyle. I thought she can do something like those. Whereby the makeup consists of some sparkly powder near the inner corners of and nearby the eyes, illuminating the whole look, topped with transparent glossy lips. And the hairstyle is some romantic, youthful hairstyle you often seen on Taiwanese models with a small hump on the top with romantic big curls down all the way.

I know my gown demands a more sophisticated hairstyle but I dont want to look old. Sigh, anyway, none of the sparkly effect was done. And she said I cant adopt that glossy lips look because my lips are already pouty. If I use that much gloss, my lips will look even MORE POUTY. *rolls eyes* I was appalled when I first saw myself in the mirror. She said the green will make my eyes look bigger in the photos. Like real they will. She didnt even line the bottom of my lids, which Im too busy to notice nor to touch up. =.= But the maggie mee curls were the last straw. I told her to use my fat curling tongs instead(ya I kiasu bring one) to create bigger curls. She said no need. She first tried to comb through the curls, then tried to curl with her slim tongs in another way. Both doesnt give me curls which I like. My face must be damn uncordial that time because she promptly and FINALLY used my curling tongs when I stroded back from the mirror the 3rd time, unsatisfied.

This time, yes, I have nice curls. But but….something was just wrong! Too much hair was piled on top of my head, leaving the sides botak. HENG MY EARS NOT BIG AH!! All of my hair were either on the top of my head or in waves down my back with 2 miserable strands down my face. Some asked me whether my hair is fake because they looked very long. =.= Bo bian I tried to pull some curls to the front.

With the sides of my head being botak, my square face became more prominent. My pizza face STOOD OUT in every picture in the most conspicuous way. =( Joy called me just now to congratulate me on being Mrs Goh and I kinda complained to her since she’s also a pro makeup artist and with hairstyles. She said my face is not square lah because I have a prominent pointed chin. So what that makes me? Heart-shape face? Bleh.

Eh really lah, I really feel I look fugly lor, really dontttttt feeeeeelllll like uploading my pictures here leh. Wonder did Calvin catch nicer shots…he has yet to pass me the soft copy. Speaking of Calvin, he’s real shy. He’s nice and obliging, but perhaps too shy already, thus not initiative enough. Hmm, and he doesnt really lead you in positioning alot nor do poses. Though I saw some of his shots, they’re nice and artistic with his flair in using light and angles. Let’s hope he can capture me in better light and angles..OMG..I suddenly remembered I’ve forgotten to take picture with him!! Aiya…paiseh..also forgot to take with Roy hor. Aiyo, he’s 帅哥 leh. Although I cant *ahem* play liao, I still can introduce him to my single lovely friends!! I think I still got his namecard with his handphone number. Wahahaha. Any single ladies interested please do leave a message. WAHAHAHA.

Seriously he’s real nice. Remember that stupid Albert is so niao to give me complimentary carpark coupons right? Saying what he got costs to bear, he got to answer to his department bla bla. Even more of the expected driving guests were driving that day and dearie requested whether he can give anymore complimentary coupons. Guess what? He gave us a STACK. Easily 20 pieces. Hmm hope he dont get into trouble though. So all my guests got complimentary carpark. Yay!!

Seriously, Im sorry for not being a good host that day. I was abit flustered if some of you might noticed, not because Im nervous for the occasion but because I kept afraid things might go wrong. And some things did. When I was doing my makeup and hair, my toopig husband was happily lying on the bed watching tv. And because I dont have the time with me, by the time I noticed time has been secretly creping by, we were on a shoe-string hasty pace with time.

“Have you collected the complimentary coupons?”
“Have you tie the rings on the ring pillow?”
“Have you bring down the feather pens with all the documents?”

“For God’s sake, go change already and go down! Some guests might have arrived.”, I chastised my blur hubby.

“But but..the toilet is transparent…”, he mumbled with blush cheeks, darting Sally a glance.

“Nevermind lah. Change behind the frosted glass panels. It’s not obvious lah.” I said.

Anyway, Sally is busy doing my stuff, wont be looking at him also lor. He’s as bashful as a schoolboy sometimes. ZzzZzz.

I wished I have allowed Mummy and brothers to help me more that day by telling them what are the stuff ought to be done. What I didnt expect was how handicapped I was in that corseted gown. I cant walk without pulling bit of my gown, else I’ll tripped. I cant walk very fast too. What I didnt expect was how short time was for me when Sally exceeded her time. She told me she will be done in 45minutes to 1 hour but she took 1hour plus that day. What I didnt expect was how early and punctual my guests are! What I didnt expect was how I couldnt find my hubby half the time and how he forgotten half the things he needed to do! Argghhh~ Now I know how zai is Kel liao, for she did her own ROM stuff with little help from her family while staying serenely beautiful with makeup which stayed. I think partly is because hers is smaller crowd and she’s more mobile that day with her half skirt lah. While we took pictures, I jokkingly told our clique to take MORE because this will be like the only time when Im slimmer than the preggie her. WAHAHAHA!

Thank god, Mummy, Wei and Xiang, helped to keep track of the guests pax, guestbook, complimentary coupons as well as the ang baos and the hoards of gifts. They also helped me to take all the gifts up to my room before leaving late. Phew. Else I will just DIE with body and mind torn apart between a lounge of guests to look after and a table of Precious Moments Gifts to look after, especially when they’re so far apart(Gifts were at our reception table, near the entrance). Where’s my hubby? He was rushing to show his family our glorious room, leaving me to fend for myself because they were leaving shortly after the buffet. I was jokking that mother-in-law and father-in-law attended the affair as if it’s like any other normal occasion with no close connection with the wedding couple. Dearie laughed and said yeah, because FIL still asked “we need to attend one meh?” =.= Perhaps their time was like that.

Ok lah, although I didnt look my best that day, Im still very very happy with all my besties around. You guys are the veryyyy bestttt!! Therefore, despite me feeling very unhappy with my fugly pictures, I will still put them up!! Because I wanna show my lovely friends who were there to witness a very meaningful event to me. =)

Mr Chan-Solemniser



All my/dearie’s darling friends!~!

We’re Married!!


All my little stuff used for the wedding!

I thought the classical lounge music from THAT CD SHOP is nice, that’s why we bought it to play during the event. But Ser commented that it made her feel like sleeping. =.=

My bouquet of cream roses with Forget-Me-Not’s and my pendant on Mummy’s LeeHwa gold band. Nice right? Gra asked me if my pendant is from RISIS. Lol. “No lah, 便宜货only, bought from fareast”. Kekeke.

Earrings. =)

Guest Book from Furama.

My little gold pouch

Can be carried with a handle! Cute!

I think most viewed my accessories like pouches, pendants and earrings as expensive. Lol. To be frank, they are very cheap. Kekeke. Ahhh….too busy to take pictures of the solemnisation table, ring pillows with the rings as well as the buffet. =( But Calvin took some pictures. Supposed to pass Huey a tiara for her coming wedding but too busy le. Shall pass her next time.

And..lastly, I couldnt thank all enough for your delightful presence that day, warm wishes, meaningful gifts as well as generous angbaos! Smuacks!!

Ang baos. Amounts up to $1500+. WOW!! We have such generous friends!! The highest contributor goes to Mr James(dearie’s xiong xi) who bao a generous $700!!! *shocked* Xie Xie!! *bow*

Gifts. Dearie and me wowed at the expanse of Precious Moments Gifts. No wonder they’re ridiculously priced but still got people buy siah. They’re so apt for weddings! We’ll see why!

From KT, his wife and XY

Photo Album, Picture Frame and Scroll to hold our cert

From WY & Li

Porcelain Sculpture from Precious Moments. Serenely lovely.


From colleagues

Swarovski Crystals Bear Couple

From Ser & Viy

Precious Moment Revolving Water Globe

From Jes & Ja

Disney Mickey & Minnie Wedding Photo Frame

From Huey & Al

Precious Moment(ya again) Platinum Glided Toasting Flutes(Yay, can use for Wedding Night. Hee)

From Mik, Eil

Precious Moment Revolving water globe

From Ir

Precious Moment…photo album

Doorknob messengers & $50 taka voucher from Iv & Cel

Oh yes I think Im done. We’re very heng leh. Because although many gifts from Precious Moments, none of the revolving water globes were duplicates. Heng manz..

Some friends have been asking us how much the whole event costs. Ok if you wish to know, it’s actually calculated by per pax. After ++, coupled with the wine I bought along, per pax is around $65. As the first 30 pax is a fixed price with each additional pax another price, it’s all approximate figures. We did not make a profit from the angbaos nor the gifts lah, but I reckon we’re very rich with all your blessings and warm wishes. =D Seriously, I’ve never dreamt about the amount of the angbaos nor the mass generous gifts. Because I read in forums, most ROMs..well…are a sincere treats for close friends and relatives, expecting nothing in return. At most, some gifts. So Im really really surprised for the mass angbaos and gifts. =)

Also, for the wonderful room, there’s nothing more we can wish for already. Guests have complimented the quality of food, and me myself was satisfied with the staff’s service. Perhaps only 1 major hiccup along the way. That is, Roy forgotten to instruct the waiters/waitresses to serve the red wine which we brought along during the buffet. Perhaps it’s also my fault for pulling Roy to take pictures with my camera. Thus when we were finally done at around 3+ to 4pm, we noticed most guests have already left. The ones who left only drank abit. Most were driving like I said. We brought the remaining guests to view our room like a proud owner. Lol. After that we went down to the lounge and continued to sit and chat with some guests all the way till 5+pm. By the time we settled down in our rooms, it’s already 6+pm. Deadbeat.

Lovely!!! Ahhhhhhh…………………

And to end my entry, our lovely rings. Platinum with yellow gold. We love it’s simple and classy design. Love it love it.


Mine. Nice right? No? Box you ah! =P

(P/S Some loser hacked my windows messenger I think. Couldnt log in with my password. The new password was being sent to my hotmail with which also must be login with the same windows ID password. If the password is being reset, how do I even login with the resetted password to get the resetted password? WTF? Anyone who can solve do leave a comment. Thank you.)

Random pictures

Some random pics which I took long time ago when dearie bought me to Marina at Keppel Bay as a surprise. And I also experimented some colours in makeup which might go with my gown on Sunday. Not that I will makeup myself that day, but just hands itchy wanna play~ Heez

When I called Capio to change the timing to meet her to take our stuff on sat, she kind of asked me how I find Elaine. I cant comment on her skills because I haven tried hers before. All I said was, she doesnt seemed very interested nor patient to answer my queries. Questions like, what kind of ampoules will she be using, should I blow dry my hair or leave it wet for her to style etc. As my skin is very sensitive, I said I might be using my own ampoules because Im afraid of breakout. Prior to asking these questions, I asked her is she free to talk. When she said yes then I asked. But she answered all my questions shabbily and I didnt feel that we can communicate well. Capio then said recently she newly added one more makeup artist(MUA) to her team as her clients are getting too many. She is Sally, also a MUA from Bridal Concept.

When I asked Capio about the differences between the 2, she said Sally’s makeup is more modern, creative. She has alot of ideas and is the kind who will dare to try new stuff while Elaine’s is more conservative. Her makeup is more of the traditional, standard bridal makeup which couldnt go wrong, thus most customers are very satisfied with her too. Well, I really dont know whose skills is better but judging the poor connection I had with Elaine, I was glad for a change. Anyway, a younger and more modern and creative MUA couldnt be any worse I guess. She called me just now and her attitude definitely surpassesed Elaine, who sounded as if she’s couldnt wait to put down the phone. So Sally will be my MUA on Sunday. *shrugged* As I said, I no longer hold any expectations. Walk one step is one step loh.

Ya anyway I played with my own colours and came up with a look on my own. Im no professional but just a fan in matching and mixing colours to create different effects. I dont want to waste any of my precious Shu Uemura foundation nor powder, therefore Im merely tried out the colours on my face after using Beauty Credit Blemish Balm(sample given to me by Ir) and some drugstore loose powder which I haven finish. Thereafter, I experimented with the eyeshadows, blushes, lipstick, gloss, fake eyelashes everything, topped with some glitters. The camera cant catch the colours very well, but dearie was impressed and said maybe I can makeup myself that day. Haha. Really have an impulse to take up a course, get a cert and be a MUA! It’s my passion and interest. Somemore it seems it’s pretty profitable too! And to make people pretty, happy on the most important days in their lives, it’s also a very meaningful job, just like insurance. =)

Okie. No more words. Here are the pictures. =) Dont laugh at me though. 😛

My One & Only Longan

Dearie has been tortured by stomach pain for consecutively 3 days following the Ajisen food poisoning incident. Today, I accompanied him to see doctor. Sigh Hope he will get well soon and hope after he’s well, it wont be my turn to get sick again. I still have another time bomb. That is, my AV haven come for this month. Sigh, for the first time I wish she come soon so that it can end before Sun. My first 2 days is always accompanied by intense cramps.

It seems my run of bad luck haven stopped. I called up the photographer and Makeup artist(MUA) to confirm some details today. For photography, Calvin is ok. But for makeup, *triple sigh*. There has been some miscommunication. I have wanted the makeup to be at 11am since Im checking in at 10am. Moreover I need to double check the audio equipment with the hotel staff at 10am, cum bathing etc. Since the event only starts at 12.30pm, so early make up for what? I am quiteeee annoyed especially when I have informed Capio much in advance. She has the cheek to remain calm, natural and as-a-matter-of-fact that she has booked the appointment for me from 10am-11am. I hate inclusive timings! Now Regina, the MUA said she has another appointment at 12pm and she can only do it at 10am. Hairdo and makeup will take approximately 1.5hours. I got hold of an available MUA on sunday but she charges $158 inclusive of transport and eyelashes. But Capio told me cant be reimbursed since she can get me another MUA to replace Regina. Her name is Elaine. By Capio’s recommendation of standard as well as my preference, Miki was my first choice, Regina the second. Now Elaine is like the spare tyre or reserve being called upon impromptu.

As Im very fussy with makeup, especially since Im no greenhorn myself, I asked Capio whether is Elaine competent. From the very beginning when I signed up the package with NewImage, Capio already guaranteed their makeup is of standard and jokingly said she cant very well find a MUA who is more inferior to me in terms of makeup skills. Of course, it makes so much sense. Otherwise I can very well makeup myself, cant I? She said Elaine’s in charged of more than 70% of her clients and most are satisfied with her makeup. “Although her makeup is nothing special, she is steady and consistent in her work.”

Very encouraging. To think Capio ALWAYS have positive input despite ANY circumstances. If this is the most positive comment she can give………Im not very optimistic nor enthusiastic towards Elaine’s work. Especially since she sounded so shabbily and not interested to answer my questions on the phone. However, as Im not feeling very rich to spend another extra $108($50 to be paid as transport to Elaine anyway in comparion of price) on a MUA, I shall have to make do with nothing-special-but-steady-Elaine. Please be mentally, visually prepared for a nothing-special-and-plain bride that day. Especially when this very minute, I have this very bulging, humongous pimple on the middle of my RIGHT CHEEK.

My faith and desire to make the event to a near 100% perfection is diminishing by every minute, with every hiccup. Suddenly, I dont even wish to fantasize how much better I can look that day, given the special gown, special bridal makeup, bridal photography and everything. All that’s left is of my desire, joy and happiness to be married to the man of my dreams. I know I will always be a princess in his eyes accompanied with the royal treatment. That’s all it matters, still. =)

Girls, like me, will always harbour the thought of having a Cinderella Dress. Better yet, a fairy god-mother who can transform me into a princess at the wave of a wand so that I dont have to spend hours infront of a mirror. If you’re guessing that I have and love the above thought because I want to snarl a handsome prince at a ball then you are quite wrong. Somehow, “love at first sigh” is a idiom which doesnt applies to me. Lust, more probably.

Yes, you look like a princess at the wave of the magic wand. Gorgeous Cinderella ball gown, head adorned with tiara, gloved hands, make-up, hairdo all wrapped up in an alluring package. Who wouldnt be oozed? Any cow would be. And if he’s a good-looking cow, I mean, male, then he’s supposedly your Prince Charming? After he has declared he has fallen in love with you at first sight, you assumed that happily-ever-after is the ultimate wonderful ending?

But whatever happens after the magic faded at 12midnight? Will the Prince Charming still see you as his princess without the glorious ballgown, gorgeous makeup and hairdo, and the glass slipper? Other than treating you only as a princess when you’re naked on a bed, what else? Do you really think that one, two, three times of meeting can determine love for a lifetime? I’ve heard before, but never seen before. Even Romeo & Juliet, Liang Shan Bo & Zhu Ying Dai got to go through obstacles. Never ever give a man your body before you have ALL of his love. The day when you surrender your body before that is the day you give up being really being loved.
I realised most Singaporean ladies are very modest with their assets. Every now and then at Orchard, I see many beautiful girls. But most of them are like diamonds being covered with coal. Some have beautiful, big eyes, but too bad sometimes they looked tired, or accompanied by black eye rings or eye bags. Some have very nice skin, but just look abit pale. If only they use just a bit of makeup, they will shine like a star. Some have lovely hair, but being tied up loosly in an auntie-bun. Some have such lovely figures! But choose to dress shabbily and loosely covering all those alluring curves. What a waste!

Frankly speaking, it’s not difficult to attract a male’s interest and attention if you’re good at grooming yourself and adopt an amiable attitude. And if you’re having a large circle of admirers, that’s also nothing to boast about. Because the trick is to pick the right rambutan to live your fruitful life with and not a rotten one to RUIN your life. Muchless, carry 1 basket of rotten rambutans with you everywhere you go. You think you can marry 2? Course not. Why do you think God give only 1 vagina? Greed is the root to all evil.

Ultimately, regardless of all that I’ve preached, it’s still your life la. Some are living the high of their lives, having a circle of admirers. With abit of trick and pull, every single admirer became hopelessly obsessed. And the Queen stays pleased. I really do wonder sometimes, is there such a need? To keep people obsessed, dangling the fruit infront of them but snatching away when they tried to reach for it. And it’s not easy work maintaining that facade, at least to me. You have to smile, act happy, let them touch your body and to some extent, offer the tantalizing forbidden fruit. In return for diamonds, handphones, free meals, free rides etc. It’s worse in some situations where the only gratification comes from the ego boost, the granted attention and nothing monetary. It realllllllyyyy puzzles me till the end of the earth sometimes.

So the morale of my story is

1) Look good and feel good, only for yourself and Prince Charming in 2)

2) Your Prince Charming is the one who looks at you like a Princess WITH or WITHOUT the magic of the gorgeous Cinderella gown, makeup, hairdo and pumpkin carriage(exclusion of situation where you’re naked on the bed).

3) See people with your heart and not eyes, but yet with eyes and not with heart WHEN/AFTER matters of the heart might be concerned.

I know I will still be very happy on Sunday no matter *touch wood* what cork ups there might be. So long so the groom sign the papers la. WAHAHAHA.