Achievers’ Night 2010

Thursday was the eve of public holiday, Vesak Day, and also our company Achievers Night. It was slightly different from the previous years because usually it was held at 5 star hotels either locally or overseas, this year it was held at Sentosa Resort World, Compass East Ballroom. Apart from that, there was a theme as well! Greek Mythology!

I know we shouldnt really expect hardcore costumes and such. Ultimately, we’re not the ang mors who study that as a subject, about the various Gods. Most of the company people are also of an older age group. Our agency is considered one of the younger groups and thus we are more onz. I, however, dont have much time nor mood to source for a suitable dress as I was busy with mummy lately. Plus Grecian dresses are really difficult to buy, not to mention I had no mood to buy also lah, because of mummy’s condition and also when I’m terribly fat now.

Instead, I tried my best to dress to the theme, by finding the closest “grecian-designed” dress in my wardrobe, which is in maroon, drops slightly above knee and from Forever 21. The most prominent Grecian feature, arguably, are the gold chains straps which hold the dress from shoulders. I also grabbed some sleek gold bangles to wear on wrist, gold heels and braided my hair. As my hair is not long enough, I attached a long piece of extension to it. I spent a freaking half hour on the hairstyle. Messy as it was(since Grecian hairstyles are usually messy), I’m glad many said they thought it was a hairstylist job. Kudos to those who actually made time to go to a salon. I dont even have enough time even when I didnt go.

It was my 1st time to Sentosa Resort and it was truly a majestic place with lots of beautiful chandeliers. All my dear colleagues looked so beautiful that night. We seldom see each other really really dress up and boy, they rock! Ir still looked as graceful with her tall figure in her blue toga. I’ve always admire her height. Angie has always been beautiful and more so in her expensive cobalt blue evening sheath which accentuates her fair and radiant skin. Von, my first time seeing her with more elaborate makeup and her eyes really looked sparkling huge. Oli looked stunning in her peacock green deep-V dress and Grecian hairstyle while Lyn looked adorable and youthful in her black shimmery bubble dress. Despite her super bulging tummy, my boss looked great too in her champagne shimmery long gown. The guys were less elaborate but nevertheless, they were exceptionally smart with their jackets on. Too many to name and we were busy chatting until we were due to be seated. Dont have time to take pictures with all.

Dinner was wonderful and of course, the wine. Lol. Both the red and wine were great and I was sipping even before the dinner started. Well it started at around 9pm. Took quite a toll on my stomach. At the end of the dinner, the place was turned into a disco and most of us were dancing on the “dance floor”. Abit weird lah but heck, it’s the company and music that matters. One of our new colleagues over-drank and was dead drunk before the dinner ended. Poor thing, he puked many times. The funny thing was he was dressed like a cupid, A Greek cupid maybe, and it was funny seeing a cupid drunk. Haha. We actually went up to level 2 the Rock Bar or something, hoping to catch a drink but despite it looked posh, it oozes the most stagnant and boring electrons. No music at all! So we left after taking 2 pictures. Haha. Too bad I cant get hold of the mass group photos, yet. Anyway, it was a very fun night and congratulations to all the award winners!!

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Mum got better and cooked her meals yesterday before I can stop it. Well, I think she buay tahan the food I cook lah. Haha. She went to work today and I will bring her see specialist tomorrow at SGH. Hope everything will be fine and thanks for all your concern. =)

Recently I caught a HK drama 情人眼里高一D(pronounced in Cantonese). I think it also meant “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. I was enjoying it until episode 6 then I realised it’s already the final. It’s the first time I watched a short series HK drama but standard wasnt compromised. It was starred by 王祖蓝, 黄宗泽, 阮小仪 and 徐子珊.

The story is very similar to Japanese’s Handsome Suit movie.

In Handsome suit, the male lead will transform from a supposedly “ugly” man to a handsome, dashing young man when he wore the handsome suit. I typed “ugly” in inverted commas because I dont feel they’re ugly at all. Alright, perhaps they arent good-looking, that’s all. If I remember correctly, the true self will not be revealed unless hot liquid was poured on him, and of course, when he removed the suit.

Whereas in 情人眼里高一D, the male lead will transform when he ate the “transformation” chocolate but effect only lasts for 24hours and he cant transform until another 24hours later. 王祖蓝 is the “ugly” vegetable seller while 黄宗泽 is the handsome singer. 阮小仪 is the “ugly” female lead who acted as 黄宗泽’s assistant and the pretty one was starred by somebody else whose name I dont know(she’s not popular). 徐子珊 is the popular singer who fell in love with the handsome 黄宗泽 after he was discovered to be a singer but despised him when he transformed back into his old “ugly” self.

Another similarity was there’s another pretty lady in the story who likes the male lead, despite his “ugly” looks and all. But she was disappointed when all that matters to the male lead is her beautiful face. So she also transformed into a “uglier” girl so that he can learn to appreciate her inner beauty too.

I dont think I can ever understand her troubles since I’m never beautiful. Lol. Hmm…but I can try and “imagine” lah…it’s true that it’s not healthy if a guy only sees you as a pretty vase or prize. *shakes head* Bad..bad.

There comes the climax in 情人眼里高一D when 王祖蓝 finished his special chocolates and he thought that’s the end of his dream – being a star, a singer because nobody can accept a handsome singer who suddenly turned so “ugly”. At that critical moment, he was given another chance – a special chocolate that will transform his looks forever and ever.

But he didnt take it because he felt he will lose himself forever and 失去自我. Finally he abandoned his dream and got together with 阮小仪 who was the pretty girl in disguise and lived happily ever after.

If it’s you, will you take the special chocolate?

Both movies appraised the quote “beauty lies skin deep” and not to lose oneself in external, superficial beauty. I second that too, not to be obsessed with the outer layer of skin and it’s the heart that counts more. I dont mean looks arent important but they’re not as important as the internal. However, to see the prism from another angle, it’s merely another layer of skin, isnt it? Changing the face and body doesnt change the heart so why does it matter? And if you judge another person just because he/she re-do his/her face and body, wouldnt you be as superficial to judge him/her on that?

Now, that’s controversial. I would say it really depends on what you want and you just have to be responsible for any decisions you make.

If I’m 王祖蓝 in the show, I will go ahead and transform my looks forever. Why?

Perhaps because it’s a short story with a short time span, or perhaps the emotional drama development between 王祖蓝 and 阮小仪 wasnt very intense, I cant feel he actually loves her very much. On the other hand, I can feel his strong passion towards his dream – to be a singer. If I’m him, young and single with a dream which is just within my grasp, I might just take take the chance because the only way to achieve the dream is to have good looks other than good voice.

Moreover from the very start, 阮小仪 already saw his real looks so I think it’s not very difficult for her to accept his new face. It’s not as if he faced her with the handsome face for years until he revealed the real “ugly” face. That will be much harder to accept and swallow.

On the other hand, if I’m ME, now, as Fion Lim, who is given a chance to just consume a piece of chocolate and turn into some beautiful star, e.g Michelle Reis etc forever, I will not take it.

Because I’m afraid of the risk which might change everything I hold dear now.

There will certainly be more privileges to enjoy if I have a prettier face but I believe that also brings more trouble too. I might get more attention from the male population, more suitors, suitors who are richer, of better qualities, treat me much better like queens etc. Or the more exaggerating scenario will be the new face might be the new born star, shooting movies and recording albums. The possibilities are endless. And what that means? Yes, I will definitely earn more money and have more suitors despite the married status. All this creates complications.

Complications that dearie probably wont like? Haha.
Maybe he might get inferior, in turn more possessive, bad-tempered etc. It might hinder our relationship.

Next up, I’m not a saint too. I cant guarantee nor swear that with all this complications and the chain-effects, I will stay 100% the way I am. It’s simply not possible or rather, highly attainable. All this accounts to risk that might jeopardize my current wonderful life with my dearest hubby. And why would I want that? When I’ve already have the world? =) There’s nothing more in life that I wished for in my relationship with hubby. Like I said, another climax might be when we create a baby. But it’s only a climax when we both have the mindset to be daddy and mummy. Now the time is still not ripe. =P

If I have only 1 wish now, I will hope my mum stay healthy all the way without any illness bothering her.

And if I have another wish, I hope both my brothers can be more matured, sensible and dont need me to worry.

That’s, my perfect life.

Not a perfect nose or big eyes.

Disclaimer: I can accept minor enhancements to myself of course, just not changing the whole face/body until I’m not recognizable! Better skin, slimmer arms etc are very okie. Kekeke. However, personally, I will not take plastic surgery, simply because

1) I dont need them to make myself feel better about myself

2) Pain lah

3) Dont like people saying I’m plastic. =P

But if you accept the above 3, go ahead and do it. I’m not against it except towards people who simply lied blantantly and said they did not undergo it. ZzZzz

Just be prepared to accept whatever consequences. =)


Thanks to friends who care. My mum is better now but still pretty frail. Because her stomach cant digest food very well, I’ve been mostly cooking her meals. I reckon every meal like congee or flish soup from outside might be boring for her. Though my culinary skills are limited, hmm….I guess should be okie lah. Dishes like porridge, steamed egg, simple vege and century egg congee…she cant eat oily, spicy food or food that’s not easy to digest.

Maybe cooking spaghetti for her later but have to see whether she finished the food I’ve cooked earlier. She dont have much appetite and sometimes still feel nauseous.

Sigh… so I’ve been super tired lately. Dearie too, as usually he fetched me to mum’s place especially since I’m already very tired from cooking.

The doc said her intense chest and stomach pain might be complications from her last stomach ulcer operation which results in food not digested well. OR it might be stone in her gall bladder, which I seriously hope not…. She has appointment with a specialist next week and we’ll see…..


Tmd lor. At SGH here waiting for mummy who is resting at the observation ward for doc to see her. And there is this super irratating woman talking in her loud, piercing voice, slang-ing her English in a way I wished to stuff 2 giant Fuji apples down her throat. Laughing out loud in that sultry manner and lamenting “holy cow!”. Moron. She may not care a pin for whoever she’s waiting for, but can’t she give some peace to people who’s worried and probably appreciate some peace??!!

Im real worried about mummy. I think it’s probably her old surgery which is causing the pain in her stomach and chest. Really hope a good doctor can tend to her and not just giving her painkillers to chase her home and then advised her to come back again only if it gets more serious. NUH, you good! Haizz….it might take another hour for her turn. =( Hopefully she will be okie…..Sigh…..


Finally..the doc had seen her. She had taken a blood test and X-ray, now resting in the observation ward. The doc will tell me the results tomorrow morning..but I worried that it will be like the last time I was hospitalised, i.e, no results and doc only prescribed painkillers to ease the pain….

Going to the hospital again in 5 hours time…

Crappiest show of the year…飞女正传

I’m going to cough blood already. Now at 飞女正传 18th episode and it got more and more ridiculous! All along Yvonne and Janet Bin has been the same person. Yvonne’s outlook merely changes whenever she is being kissed. But at the 17th episode, Yvonne/Janet Bin SUDDENLY contracted 性格分裂症 and began talking to one another – mirror image. And “they” began to oppose one another. 我的天啊!!!

Looking at the comments at PIPI, few were positive. Most of the commentators have the same view as me, i.e, Ada’s role is too selfish, lousy story cum ugly image. Janet Bin can SUDDENLY like Wallace(because of a diamond necklace, to be precise) when she used to detest him. Argh!! Superwoman leh! Can cultivate a little more class or not?? And the 徐永晖(曹永廉饰) also SUDDENLY became soOooo smart after he came out from jail. His enemies, one got jailed SO EASILY and the other was simply so suay to be knocked dead by a car. What the…??

I must say that I have a very “imaginative” mind and wide “ruler”, so it’s not difficult to make me accept sci-fiction films so long so there’s logic and there’s a flow. Ultimately it’s just a show. But there’s simply no logic and no flow! The show just makes you feel 莫名其妙 and buay tong1 lor!

I will still continue to finish the drama….. but I must say, I have never seen such a lousy drama from TVB! It was just very shabbily done! What a waste of Ada’s good acting, gorgeous face and wonderful figure! She really put in ALOT of effort for the show, much more effort than most pugilistic movies are needed. Just read her entry and you’ll know. Most of the dangerous moves like jumping down from 30-storey buildings were all done by herself. I really admire her professionalism and courage but sad to say, now…it seems….sigh…the show really doesnt fetch much positive comments despite her outstanding performances as 2 totally different ladies.

類型 時裝特技
編劇 周旭明、潘凱恩、關炳洪、陳志強
編導 蔡國泰、陸天華、黎栢堅、陳耀全
助理編導 施俊傑、黃嵐暉、杜文鋒、梁御東
演出 蔡少芬、陳 豪、黃德斌、曹永廉
主題音樂 飛女正傳
作曲 陳國樑
集數 24(香港) / 25(海外)
年份 2008 年12月-2009年3月
製作統籌 周慕妍
監製 戚其義
編審 周旭明

Wayang makeup: 张家万,吴汉民
O-biang hairstyle: 周翠娟,杨志健
Horrible 服装设计: 吴秀月

A bunch of crap. I seriously wonder is there someone who is jealous of Ada and purposely dont let her look her best. She still look pretty cute(Yvonne) and beautiful(Janet Bin) inside the show though…just abit 土 lor..

Speaking of the theme song, it’s another crap. Total crap! Super o-biang music just like national anthem with pathetic lyrics, which is…”Fly away now…Fly away now!”

I wouldnt even continue to watch this show beyond the 5th episode if not for Ada Choi. Hng!