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Oprah Winfrey Show with Octo-Mum, Nadya Suleman

Awwwww……….I’m touched with tears now as I’m watching Oprah Winfrey Show, interviewing Octu-Mom, Nadya Suleman. The mother who has six kids and eventually another 8 in 1 labour, totalling 14 kids.



She’s so strong and noble to insist taking care of all her 14 children, single-handedly. She only sleeps around 3 hours everyday. Other mothers might have surrendered and give away or worst, sell away some of the babies rather than slogging her life away just to provide for the babies.



Catch a video of how she spends her days taking care of her babies here, The babies are realllyyyyyyy cuteeeee!! Do watch it!!!

And she know damn well no man will want her, at least for a long long time. Which man will want a woman with 14 kids? She has so much love for her kids and I’m shocked why some people just cant feel it.

Nadya sounded so sorry with tears in her voice when she said how guilty she is when she knows she can never provide enough love to all her 14 kids because at any one time, she can only hold 2 or 3 babies in her arms, and the other babies will be crying. =~(

Why cant the media and all people spare a thought for her and give her opportunities for survival instead of desperately eager to get a piece of her by coercing her to act in porns or slamming her for appearing in bikinis in magazines for attention? All she wants is income for survival and the bikini advert pays her well even though she finds that embarrassing. And does she has the chance to spend the money? No! She was so busy with taking care of her kids and the money simply went to the 3 nannies she employed as well as food for all of them.

And seriously, to the people who slammed her saying she tried to have octuplets just to gain media attention and popularity, do they ever think any other normal person would have survived having so many babies in 1 labour?? The pain all that??  Does a mother who tried so hard to take care of her babies, exhausting herself, having only 3 hours sleep per night, suffering heavy dark eye circles, looks like she wants fame???? No one in the right mind will want fame in this way when it’s definitely not a fair exchange nor promising investment.


“I will die before I give up my children.” – Nadya Suleman


I really have so much respect for her! Yes, despite the pregnancy might be her mistake, might be unplanned. But at least she took up the responsibility, did not waver. She remained as strong and determined just to keep all of them surviving. I dare say a man might not have so much guts and perseverance! Just imagine not all 14, but merely only 4 kids crying at the same time, can you take it or not??

Nadya, we will always be behind you!!! Stay strong!!

We love you and all your kids!!


There are really a few kinds of different obnoxious people on earth whom I cant stand.

Let’s talk about one particular kind here.

People who always act stupid, act blur and try to shirk their responsibilities.

No matter they’re real stupid or act stupid, these group of people obviously have little to achieve in life because instead of putting in their heart to learn new things, they always choose the easier way out BY acting stupid and letting everyone else to do the work for them.

One of them includes my mummy’s boss. My mummy have been working for her employer for many years. Somehow, AMAZINGLY, over the years, no one has been able to lend her a helping hand. She’s not one who is selfish to teach, but somehow, all her apprentices cant do it without her. I tell you, she hates that. Because she’s always being pestered to work on Saturdays, public holidays and even on days which she dont feel well. Even her boss has the trouble of “starting the system”. *breathe deeply*

I do not know how complicated can it be to start a system but a boss who doesnt even know the basics? *slap forehead*

This apparently causes alot of problems whenever my mum was sick, on MC or hospitalised. The last time she was hospitalised at SGH because of her stomach ulcer, messages and calls kept coming in. After replying one of them that she will reply all calls and messages after she’s discharged, I off her handphone.

And tomorrow she’s going for a scan of her kidneys, to make sure there are no stones inside. Her boss got the cheek to ask her to come into office early in the morning at 8.30am TO ON THE SYSTEM before she can go for the scanning.

I called mum last sunday to remind her that she has to fast today from 10pm onwards for the scan test tomorrow. When I heard what her boss demanded from her, I had to keep my temper in check, though please understand my ire was directed at her boss and not her.

“what do you mean your boss dont know how to on the system?”

“Ya…he dont know how.”

“Teach him lah.”

“I taught before liao. He kept forgot.”

*breathe deeply*

“Mummy ah, there is one kind of people in this world, who always like to act stupid so that they do less work.

Tomorrow is Monday. You teach him again. Make sure he masters it before he leave the office. Come tuesday again, TEACH HIM ONE MORE TIME. Make sure he dont forget. If after teaching twice consecutively for 2 days and he still dont know how, he can go die liao!”

Mummy chuckled.

I added, “even if he’s sOoo stupid until he cant master it, he also dont dare to ask you liao. You tell him nicely, you need to fast for 12hours for the scan test, obviously you’ll be very weak in the morning. Tell him, your stamina cant handle the hassle to rush to and fro from home to office and then to the hospital. Be firm okie?”


It’s not as if the company is super nice to her. All her MCs must be from polyclinics. Private clinics’ MCs cannot claim for pay. And they have a quota for MC, once exceeded, it will deem as no-pay leave. My stubborn mum never takes MC unless absolutely necessary. So to speak, the quota is damn little.

Got once, she suffered so much from a persistent cough because the cheapo medicine from the polyclinic cant heal her. And you know everyone got to wait at least 2 hours at polyclinics. I had to go to a private doctor, feigned some coughing to get the medicine for her. After that incident, I seriously beg my mum to go to Dr Tan(our family private doctor) for consultation and dont think so much about the MC. Because I was so 心痛 at her suffering. =(

My mum already reaching fifties and she’s already not in the pink of health already. Why still got such heartless people who always try to take advantage of her whenever they can?

I just wish there is Karma around.

Hoping tomorrow’s scan produce positive results.


I hate MIKOSCSNPACCNBU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!















A bunch of morons, idiots, retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






That is not bad word hor, just my secret code. LALALA.

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Oh boy! This song describes my feelings almost perfectly!

Seriously, a call and just 3 messages can really spoil your mood for the day/night.

Perhaps I’m one who easily gets irritated!

The call this morning was from my 23year old brother, whose calls I’m shunning recently because he keeps asking me for money.



I always give him whenever he asks for it but I’m not feeling rich after the Europe trip loh. Still recuperating! I will really be thankful if he stops hounding me. Moreover, it’s high time he understands the meaning of “independent”.

Another 3 messages were from my mum’s colleague yesterday who got my number from Mummy because he said he wants to buy personal accident plan. The 1st time I called him was actually just before my Europe trip in March. And I asked him whether it’s okie that I get back to him after my trip. He said okie. But when I called him again, the first time he said he cant make it for my timing, the second time he cancelled our appointment, and the third time his message said, “sorry, no mood today.”

I’m actually accustomed to reasons or excuses, but the “no mood” today kinda scratched my nerve. However, I merely said things like “it’s okie. When you have mood already then contact me bah. Enjoy your day.” That’s it. In my heart, I’ve already strike him off my prospect list. I mean, you approached my mother, got my number and said you need an accident plan. Of course I do what I have to do by calling you and fulfilling your needs. In any case if you decided you dont want it anymore, can always tell me mah.

So I reallllyyy dont understand why he continues to message me things like “Hi, have you eaten your lunch?” as if it’s his business, or “Hi, have a nice day” where it could have been a better day without his messages. THIS FACADE has been going on for weeks!


Initially I have been patient and replied his few messages with polite but non-committal attitude, like “Yeah. Thank you”. Perhaps with a smiley or something. He is ultimately my mum’s colleague. I wont want him to complain to my mum or anything, I dont want to make things ugly too. It’s never my style. I wanted so much to tell me to leave me alone, instead, I merely ignored his messages. When I started to ignore his messages, his messaging changed a whole new “style”. He started to ask things like, “how’s your mum?”, or “Take good care of your mum”. I was thinking…”I take very good care of my mum OK and there’s no need for your worry!” But still, I didnt reply.

And yesterday, his messages made me wonder is there something wrong with his mental??!!!

First message:
Hi, how are you?

(the usuals la)

Second message:
Hi, is your mother in?

(what’s that got to do with you??? You can jolly well call her yourself and how would I know whether she’s home when we lived separately?? A fact which you already knew)

Third message:
Help me to wish your mother happy mother’s day

You know how irritating it is. I really suspect he has a thing for my mummy although he’s around 28. Dont underestimate my mum though, she attracts guys of all ages. Lol. Once, there was a young guy of around this age too followed a long way just to help her carry some heavy stuff in Clementi. Even when she reached the train station, he refused to leave! Weird huh….we always meet crazy people. Hmm…but I dont remember mummy telling me that this “Jason” has a thing for her nor were they on very good terms. On the other way, I also dont want to make her annoyed for she will definitely blame herself for giving me this trouble. Also, I’m afraid that will discourage her from referring real potential prospects in future.

You know what’s so nauseating about the whole thing? That is how he ACTS like he’s on very good terms with my mum and how he’s soOo concerned with our well-being. He certainly should give all that concern and time to his wife instead. However, at the back of my mind, I’m afraid to misunderstand him just in case he’s really that concerned for my mother. On the other hand, I’m wondering is he crazy?

I finally got so curious that I called up mum a min ago and hooray, she told me he actually resigned around 1month ago. Now I can ask him to f……I mean, stop bothering me without fear that he will make things difficult for my mum. Mummy clarified that she was only on “ok” terms with him and dont think he harbors any interest for her since he’s married.

In conclusion, this guy is just CRAZY!! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!


Sometimes I really cant believe I married a ultra-insensitive and tactless husband!

A leo’s pride is strong. Do tread carefully you idiot.

(P/S Have a feeling that one day I might be arrested for assault. For I experience a very tempting urge to hit him with something hard on the head or smash his face together with his glasses every 2-3 days.)