Great Day

I’m loving the song “Supermassive Blackhole” by Muse right now. In case you dont know, it’s the song played during “Twilight” the movie’s baseball game. You can download it at =) Despite it being sang in a very…kinda sissy way by the guys…lol…it’s a very sexy and cool song. Everytime I hear it, I will feel like dancing. =P Will put it as my ringtone. The youtube mtv looks kind gross to me though.

I had planned to buy “Twilight” soundtrack via but realised not all tracks are nice, after I sound them out. But they’re all very unique in their way…tranquil…mysterious…”spacey” kinda feel. Other than the above track, the only other which I like more is Iron & Wine “Flightless Bird, America Mouth.. It’s the song played towards the end when Edward and Bella danced at the Prom. A very sweet and romantic song.

It had been a real hot day. I had enough cooping up in the house. Hence I dragged dearie out to Yewtew Sports complex where we dipped in the all the different pools. We mostly stayed in the wave pool as the huge waves were so shiok! Dearie and I remarked the waves here were even bigger than Sentosa’s one. Shiok!

It has been a long time since we went…to pool. Lol. I cant say “swimming” as we didnt swim at all. Haha. Super nua lah. But it was very very fun. It calls to mind, things you do once in a bluemoon can be very fun, and food which you eat once in a bluemoon can be very appetizing too. =) So start to think of activities you haven do or food you haven eat in a long while. It will be a wonderful experience.

Dearie and I are going to try cycling soon. But everytime I got to drag him go. However each time I dragged him to do a particular activity(previously badminton, now “swimming” in pools), we had so much fun and laughter. =D Sometimes he can be the death of me though. While I so-called swam halfway, my head surfaced from the water with my hair streaming down my face. He said out loud, “aiyo why suddenly got seaweed here in the pool?” Tmd.

Am loving my new Yewtee Central, the newly renovated one. More shops were completed and now, on top of Watson, FourLeaves, SubWay, QBhouse, Beauty-Language, LongJohnSilver, Old Chang Kee, KFC, some spectacle and computer shops, we have

1) Xin Wang HK Cafe
2) KFC
3) E.A.T (another branch at Rail Mall)
4) Some roti-prata shop. (Yet to try, hope it’s good)
5) Japanese Home store
6) Fu Hua Ginseng Birdnest Store (great, I’m a member)
7) Koufu foodcourt
8) London Weight Management(I need their services already)
9) Young Hearts lingerie

Speaking of which, 9) are having promos. One offer is 3 bras set free 1 set and the other promo is $20 voucher given for purchases over $40.

And my loots. Per set is $29.90 and I got the 1st promo. =P I cant help it. They’re so adorable. And it’s a long time since I bought lingerie. Oh by the way I asked dearie’s permission before I post them. Though I have never thought it’s a big deal to post lingerie on blogs…not as if I’m IN them. =P There’re going to be tons of pictures because I love the details!

1st piece


2nd piece


3rd piece


4th piece





Also bought L’oreal Smooth Intense Shampoo from Beauty-language. They’re selling shampoos and shower foams at dirt prices. The one I bought is only $6+, even cheaper than Watson. They do sell other more sophisticated products like RedKen, Kerastase and some foreign brands etc. Oh they also have Castledew cosmetic and their BB creams. But the shade is alittle too dark for me. Ir gave me a sample before. =) Yet to try their cosmetics though. Too many people crowding there.

When I have the time, I may cruise there more often instead of my favourite Watson for hair/body products especially since they carry (so-called) better quality brands and cheaper. There’s L’oreal’s leave-in-conditioner and wash-off-conditioner for as low as $3.90. It’s the yellow colour range, for damaged hair(me lor). They smells like mango, love it. But wait till I finished my “SexyGirl” leave-in essence first.

Ok off to hit the books again. So no checking of entry. Pardon for mistakes.


Movie Reviews

Movie Title: Street Fighter, Chun Li
Ratings(moderated): 3/5
Comments: Very draggy..and kinda boring. Quite a low budget film. Action moves not much to be raved about

Movie title: Confession of a Shopaholic
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Abit disappointed. Hmm, it’s not bad for a comedy..but still, I feel it lacked something but couldnt point a finger to it. Personally, I’m very disgusted by Rebecca Bloomwood(dont know if it’s spelled this way~). It’s not about her compulsive shopping habits. I mean, everyone has bad habits, some smokes, some gambles, the bad habits dont make them “bad”. However, I just cant stand she being an impulsive liar who can lie non-stop blatantly and to SUCH extent.

I heard “12 rounds” is a pretty good movie. Perhaps will catch it soon.

Boliao test

Took this test from Facebook. Find it mostly very zun wor!

What does your birthday say about you? The result is August

Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless. Firm and has leadership qualities. Knows how to console others. Too generous and egoistic. Takes high pride of oneself. Thirsty for praises. Extraordinary spirit. Easily angered. Angry when provoked. Easily jealous. Observant. Careful and cautious. Thinks quickly. Independent thoughts. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream. Talented in the arts, music and defense. Sensitive but not petty. Poor resistance against illnesses. Learns to relax. Hasty and trusty. Romantic. Loving and caring. Loves to make friends.

I think EXCEPT the “attractive” and “talented” part, the others are pretty very much “me”. Especially the “easily angered” and the “poor resistance against illnesses”, haiyo, SO TRUE. Really, all very true lah. Lol. Jealously wise, need I elaborate, I’m quite the green-eyed monster when dearie is concerned. Just dont ask why. =P Or you maybe already know why. =)

L’oreal CASTING Creme Gloss

If you haven noticed, on the shelves of my favourite store Watson has 1 more new hair product from the acclaimed L’oreal for their gorgeous and vibrant colour; L’oreal CASTING Creme Gloss. It stood out among the tons of different brands with their chic packaging, highlighting the product name in bright, glossy pink background.


It was almost like, beckoning me to buy! However, I vaguely remembered “CASTING” is a temporary colour and not permanent. Thus I asked the Watson personnel, a malay auntie. She said it’s permanent hair colour.

*wrinkled nose*

I still doubt it…ya lor, I shouldnt have asked in the first place since I doubt her answer. Anyway I came home and did a google and read the reviews. Oh yes, it’s NOT a permanent colour. It’s a temporary colour which can lasts up to 28washes but what’s good about it is that it serves like a mini hair makeover with treatment qualities.

What shocked me was the other info I came across.

Teenager swears off hair dye forever after severe allergic reaction


Lois Queen isn’t much different from other 13-year olds and wanted to experiment with her hair color prior to her upcoming birthday party next month. That sounds pretty normal activity for a teenage girl. Unfortunately her reaction to the L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss she purchased wasn’t so typical. After applying a patch of the dye to test for allergies per the instructions included with the hair color kit, Lois suffered a severe allergic reaction to the dye, which caused her face to swell dramatically.

Miss Queen said: “The pain was intense. It was terrifying. Within hours of using it my eye went red and itchy, then the swelling started. The next morning I could barely open my eyes. It was so painful. I thought I was going blind and dying. My head was such a weird shape, I looked like an alien.”

Lois said: “Doctors gave me medicine but it didn’t get better, it got worse. I had to go back three times. I’d wanted to look better but ended up looking like a freak.”

Lois’ mother was told it was fortunate her daughter had not suffered permanent eye damage from the incident. Lois has not left her home since she colored her hair and has vowed she’ll never dye it again. Lois’ mother is also questioning the “strong ingredients” L’Oreal is using in ther products.

She’s not the only one. In 2007, a 12-year old girl from Southamptom used L’Oreal hair dye, which caused her face to balloon, her right eye to close over and her throat to close. At the time, a representative from L’Oreal claimed, “Reactions to hair colourants are extremely rare.”


Tell that to 15-year old Jack Taylor, whose head swelled to the size of a football when he applied L’Oreal dye to his hair early last year (anyone else noticing a theme here?). The rash that followed the swelling stayed on Jack’s face, head and torso for two weeks following the incident. Finally, a 16-year old who dubbed herself ‘Elephant Woman’ suffered a similar reaction in 2007, once again to a L’Oreal hair dye. Swollen face? Check. Difficulty breathing? Check.

It would be easy to blame L’Oreal in this case, however most hair dyes on the market, including those used in salons, contain paraphenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is a chemical known to cause severe allergic reactions and is still found in dyes that are marketed as being “natural” or “herbal.” Even the ammonia-free and henna dyes often contain the chemical. And while horror stories like the ones above are out there, they are definitely the minority.

Still, it makes you think twice about the products we so freely apply to our bodies everyday. The aforementioned reactions to chemicals are pretty obvious, but you have to wonder about all of the effects these products have on our systems – especially the ones we can’t see. That’s why it’s important to read labels carefully and do some research before using new products. Websites like the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database allow you to see how products rate in terms of hazards on a scale of one to 10. There’s never any guarantee adverse reactions won’t ever occur, but equipping yourself with more information may at least help prevent you from having to lock yourself in your room because that new “must-try” product made you look like one of the extras from Star Wars.

Okay Perhaps 1 or 2 examples aint that scary. But look at the comments made!

i just got back from the doctor…i used loreal hair dye and im having the SAME reaction!!!

Lane (Posted December 1, 2008 2:14 PM)

I used L’Oreal Blonde Obsession hair dye less than 4 days ago and have had 1 severe allergic reaction and a much more mild one today. I believe it was more mild because I’m still on medication from the first. I don’t forsee this stopping anytime soon; particularly until I can rid my head of the dye entirely.

Jennifer S (Posted January 1, 2009 2:29 PM)

Im in the hospital for the same thing now!
Woke up 2 days later with my head the size of a fotball!
Could not open my eyes, or mouth and did not even look like the same person.
Been in here 3 days now, the swelling is starting to go down, but still a lot left.

maren (Posted January 5, 2009 8:48 AM)


BETHANY (Posted March 5, 2009 8:02 PM)

Just returned from ER for the second time with my daughter who had a severe reaction to her hair dye. She looks exactly like the first picture. Eyes totally swollen shut, entire face swollen. IV started at ER with prednisone benedryl zantac given and not much improvement. Unreal how a hair dye can make someone react

ziggy (Posted March 16, 2009 7:30 PM)

I just filed a lawsuit against my salon last year for using a L’Oreal product on me that made me look just like the pictures above. It was horrifying and I still am terrified to dye my hair to this day.

Kat (Posted March 17, 2009 3:03 PM)

I Have Used Casting To Dye Hair Hair Black Knowing i would get a slight reaction only to now realise it has given me swelling and itchyness. i was sent home from school today for my heas swelling and i now have to see a doctor becuase i have allergic reaction causing conjuctivitus.

Carly (Posted March 23, 2009 8:46 AM)

Not even 1 positive comment out of all. This is enough manz. I’m gonna avoid this product. Be sure to do a patch test if you want to try this product then.

Credits: L’oreal

Twilight, Book Review

I’ve been undeniably busy. Lately I have been dropping hair like mad. Going botak soon. Just a note of precaution, beware the shampoo “Tsubuki”. It’s a white bottle shampoo recommended by Nu Ren Wo Zui Da and sold in SASA. In contrary, I feel the shampoo from “Sexy Girl” is pretty good. Although it looks bimbotic in a shocking pink bottle and a bimbotic airhead brand name, it’s actually not bad. At least, it’s not too drying for my haysack hair nor too rich for my oily scalp. Definitely more economical than “Tsubuki” too, which costs like $23 odd.

I’m just so so so tired, both with work and study. Great Eastern has recently launched a new product E.P.C.C which means Early Payout Critical Care. As the name suggests, the plan pays out either 25% or 50% of the sum assured(subjected to conditions) at the early stages(as early as stage 0, carcinoma-in-situ) of critical illnesses respectively according to their own definitions. Unlike normal critical illness plans which only pays out at the last stage of cancer where cancer cells and tissues have spread.

GE is the only company in Singapore who launched this kind of product, i.e, early pay out. It’s the first in Singapore and probably the first in the insurance industry too. It’s only available starting from April. It’s a term plan, can be a standalone as well as attached as a rider. I wont elaborate more here in case of misrepresentation. However, interested parties can always call me to check lah.

I had finished “Twilight” yesterday. Fast huh, yeah I’m a fast reader. Hmm…But I have to drag back the purchase of the sequel because I’m afraid it will hinder my study. Lol. Erm…reviews huh…

Ok it will not be a fair review being, I’ve watched the movie BEFORE I read the book, which denoted that the movie has probably ruined all the fantasies that I can conjure prior to reading the 1st page. I do notice some differences though.

In the movie, I would say Bella was pretty much a mature(from the way she behaves), cool, reserved and stay-out-of-the-scene kind of girl.

In the book, yes, she’s pretty much the girl which was portrayed in the movie, reserved, avoids attention etc. BUT the movie seemed to miss the fact that she’s such a lovelorn, giddy little 17 year old in the book who was so hopelessly in love with Edward for no other special reasons except that he’s gorgeous.


It’s imminent in EVERY sentence the author wrote. I cant read a single sentence without Bella gushing over Edward like a puppy adoring a movie star.

It goes like, “Oh whenever he looked at me, my knees go weak. Oh and when he touched me ever so slightly, I forgot to breathe! Oh my heart will simply stop if he kissed me. Oh I cant believe someone as gorgeous as him is for me to have!”

Wah lau.

It’s quite disgusting to me actually, frankly speaking. Especially I’m not really the type of girl who will go jelly-like at the sight of a mere nice face. Instead, sharp wit, intellect, charm and manners seduced me more than a cold, hard, nice face. Okie lah, meant no offence with the “cold” just because he’s a vampire. But I pretty much meant, Edward was terribly cold to her at first acquaintance. Surprisingly, Bella actually got abit of spunk and character you can call it(when she’s not so obsessed with Edward’s godlike features) when she’s holding her stand. Can be obstinate too.

The difference of Edward in book and in movie. Oh Edward’s certainly more interesting in the book in fact. Hmm, he’s meaner(at first impression) and more sarcastic in the book and nothing like the cool, collected, sinister Edward Cullen in the movie.

Definitely in favor of the changes the producer has arranged. It makes the whole movie much more appealing, attractive and definitely more suitable for mature audience.

And 1 thing I wish to..comment is that…hmm..Stephenie Meyer has really mediocre writing leh. It was written like some…primary school book. I think Enid Blyton can write an even better suspense and thrilling scene better than Stephenie Meyer. The last suspense scene I remembered reading off her book was in “The Wishing Chair” where it almost flew away without the kids who were escaping from a terrible fairy land.

That was decades ago. Oh Okie not a fair assessment. But, I just have to say that..I cant feel any emotions..just any…while I read the book.

I feel a good book should be able to EVOKE feelings in…compassion…empathy…indignation…
displeasure…ire..suspense..surprise etc. And I assure you I’m definitely not cold-blooded. Just ask Adrian. When I read romance novels, I WEEP.

I think even Francine Pascal who wrote the Sweet Valley series can concoct a much more suspense and touching story in her style. Of course not her normal Sweet Valley High series, it’s in her those “thriller” series. I used to read them when I’m in secondary school.

You know, a GOOD book, or a good writer for that matters, will be able to EVOKE emotions in you. Other than that, descriptions can come alive in your brain despite reading words off a page. It’s like, vivid images forming in your brain. It’s just like a movie! Think Judith Mcnaught…my ultimate favourite, till now. You will get what I mean when you truly read a good book.

Then when am I still buying the sequel?

Because it is still engaging to read. Why? Because all the vampire legends and myths all that are up to the author to concoct. And it’s intriguing and interesting to me, no matter what she wants to assume in her book, I will follow. Like,

E.g, vampires can come out in the daytime (unlike the normal story that they will burn), just that their skin will sparkle in sunlight. They dont eat, dont sleep, dont breathe on top of their immense strength, speed. Alice can see into the future, Edward can read minds. They’re the best predators because their looks, their smell, their voice, everything will draw you to them. Etc etc.

It’s interesting to me perhaps because I have never read a book about vampires. I have to give her credit that some parts of the book are funny too.

Stephenie Meyer, she got interesting little ideas here and there but her writing style dont appeal to me. And sometimes I just cant get past some words she used.



Interesting choice of words…

Oh well, perhaps language in her country are taught pretty differently from us.

And that is why the speed which I read her book is even faster than my usual..because…I’m eager to know how the story turns up but not very interested to linger with her dully constructed sentences. Kinda boring lah. And mostly because the book was written in the 1st person language, something like a narrated version of Bella Swan. WAH! Makes it even more boring.

So all in all, it’s not too bad a read for the 1st try…just go easy on the writing. But I probably wont read a second time that is.

Book Title: Twilight
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Ratings: 3/5

For a book to be written in 1st person language, I tell you the author must be damn good lor, or else sure cant carry off.

Sigh. I think I’m very mean. But since she’s making so much more BIG bucks than me, I guess it wont harm her in any way~


Good heavens! I’ve gained so much weight! How much? Dont have exact number since I dont have a weighing machine but I’m so sure I’ve gained inches for my waist. And it’s not 1 inch only, I’m sure of that! My pants felt extremely tight. Just kill me!

I’m supposed to go for fitting later in the afternoon but I just know I cant make it! Hence I have to postpone for like 2 weeks, till I get back in shape. And that means postponing my photoshoot too. And damn the popular makeup artist, she’s only available for 2 days, 16th and 17th in the whole of April. And dearie isnt available on 17th as he has a dinner. Oh well, we have to do our photoshoot in 1 day afterall. I can quit having to procrastinate about it. Sometimes having too many options might not be a good thing, since I’m getting more and more indecisive as I aged.

Really worried if I can shed off the excess fats within the limited time. I cant take too long else there wont be enough production time for the album. Arrghhh.

Out of boredom, I have bought Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. I’ve read about the book’s reviews online and they’re so extreme. They made me hesitate about buying the book. Dont ask me to find it in a library. I cant NEVER find ANYTHING in ANYWHERE. I’m just bad with finding things no matter where, like how Bella is clumsy with walking the straightest path. Since Popular Bookstore is having a 20% off, I just grabbed it to read while waiting for dearie to off work.

So far halfway into the book. It is OKAY lah….I had to keep on clinging to the fantasy of the 2 gorgeous to keep my interest up. Not that it’s wasnt fantastically interesting nor intriguing too. It’s a disappointment that it’s written in the 1st person. Felt abit weird at first but gotten the hang of it.

Full reviews later, after I finished the book~

Now please excuse me while I starve myself for 3 days.

Things which you must know

Haiyo! Lately I’m so fearful of calls from my clients. So many bad news. =(

One called up to make a death claim, which I’ve mentioned earlier on. Cause: Pancreatic Cancer. Eh I re-read then realised something is very wrong with previous sentence. Okie. I meant the husband of my deceased client called up to make the claim, not the deceased herself.

Haiz! When I looked through her medical report, bills and all that, it’s really disheartening. Previously she was at Tan Tock Seng Hospital where she received chemotherapy treatment. Initially, at stage 2, per chemo session is $1500. She had 15 sessions of that, which came up to $22,500. She was better for a while….until the doctor advised her for stronger chemo at a later stage…at $3000 per session. She only went for a few sessions before she gave up going altogether…as it was costly as well as unbearable…because she kept vomiting. =( Nevertheless, her chemo sessions had came up to total of more than S$30,000.

Looking at her last bills, she has switched to Mount Elizabeth. And for her 9 days there, bill had came up to S$28,965.06 instead of the estimated S$16,000+.

Amount claimed from her company: S$231.03.
Amount claimed from MEDISHIELD: 1,922.50.

Payment from MEDISAVE: S$8,600.00
Balance to be paid by CASH.

Oh for your info, there’s a limit on how much you can use your MEDISAVE for your bills, DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT’S OUR MONEY FROM THE START. Hng! So the balance has to be paid by CASH.

I’ll just paste it here for the benefit of all.

Medisave can be claimed only if the patient stays in the hospital for at least 8 hours (unless the patient is admitted for day surgery).

The claim limits are as follows:

* Medical / surgical inpatient cases
S$450 per day for daily hospital charges. This includes a maximum of S$50 for doctor’s daily attendance fees.

* Approved day surgeries
Up to S$300 per day for daily hospital charges for surgeries done

* Surgical operations (inpatient and day surgery)
A fixed limit – depending on the complexity of the operation – according to the table of surgical operation, as given below :


# Psychiatric treatment
Up to S$150 per day for the daily hospital charges including a maximum of S$50 for the doctor’s daily attendance fees, subject to a maximum of S$5,000 a year for treatment received

# Stay in approved community hospitals
Up to S$150 per day for the daily hospital charges including a maximum of S$30 for the doctor’s daily attendance fees, subject to a maximum of S$3,500 a year

# Stay in approved convalescent hospitals
Up to S$50 per day for the daily hospital charges including a maximum of S$30 for the doctor’s daily attendance fees, subject to a maximum of S$3,000 a year

# Stay in approved hospices
Up to S$160 per day for the daily hospital charges including a maximum of S$30 for the doctor’s daily attendance fees

# Day Rehabilitation at Senior Citizens Health Care Centers
Up to S$20 per day for day rehabilitation charges, subject to a maximum of S$1,500 a year

# Inpatient medical treatment in approved day hospitals
Up to S$150 per day, including a maximum of S$30 for the doctor’s daily attendance fees, subject to a maximum of S$3,000 per year.

# Outpatient treatments of approved chronic diseases
* Up to S$300 per Medisave account a year (subject to S$30 deductible and 15% co-payment by patient) for diabetes

* Up to S$300 per Medisave account a year (subject to S$30 deductible and 15% co-payment by patient) for hypertension, lipids disorders or stroke

* Up to S$300 per Medisave account a year (subject to S$30 deductible and 15% co-payment by patient) for asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (with effect from 1st April 2008)

# Renal dialysis treatment (Only the patient’s Medisave may be used. For patients age of 18 and below, the parents’ Medisave may be used)

* S$450 a month

# Radiotherapy for cancer patients

* For External Therapy, S$80 per treatment
* For Brachytherapy with external radiotherapy, S$300 per treatment
* For Brachytherapy without external radiotherapy, S$360 per treatment
* For Superficial X-Ray, S$30 per treatment
* For Stereotactic radiotherapy, S$2,800 per treatment

# Chemotherapy for cancer patients
Includes analgesic medication and suppressive treatments (neuro-endocrine and nuclear medicine treatments).

* S$300 for 7-day treatment cycle or S$1,200 for 21/28-day treatment cycle

ETC. (Please refer to website)

I dont see why there should be a limit when health condition is critical. It might be the LAST chance to use medisave already. And FYI, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to withdraw MEDISAVE. You only can use it TO PAY for your own hospital bills or else your family members’ bills. Cant withdraw out to use one. If die leh? Okie lor, then let you transfer to your family member. Otherwise, dont even dream of touching your money. Stupid GOVT.

You know it’s so sad to…to think/know that there’s low chance of recovery even with lots of chemo..and it’s very helpless and…antagonizing to stop the treatments because of the high cost and unbearable misery… It’s like up life! One shouldnt give up life no matter what! But we know it’s easier said than done. Total expenditure came up to around S$60,000 but still…she left…

She left earlier than I’ve expected…It’s only 1 year plus upon her diagnosis. I wonder will she have survive longer if she undergo the advanced chemo sessions. Sigh.

Sometimes some people say major illness protection are useless as it’s difficult to cure cancer. Ultimately one will go…despite how many treatments he/she undergo..and after one passed on, how much wealth is redundant. But, the point is, you have the CHOICE to gamble with fate by using MONEY given by a 3rd party, to give a try whether you can change your destiny. Miracles are not impossible, it depends whether you believe in them.

And at least one need not feel guilty is the whole bill is being paid for by insurance instead of using own’s or spouse’s savings. If one is really restless to carry on…fine..the money can be left for the family and kids. Okie, you’re single, with no kin whatsoever…but you think funeral no need money? Hell, you need money for every single thing in Singapore.

1) Stop thinking that MEDISHIELD is enough
2) Stop thinking that MEDISAVE can be used to pay for ALL your medical bills
3) Stop thinking that your company group insurance is enough
4) Stop thinking that the government will step in to help

They’re simply not enough.

I cant harp enough of that.

For major illness, to be really sufficient, you need at least S$250,000. Because after you fell sick, you cant work anymore. Besides from regular treatment sessions and operations, there’s a need to cater for living expense for oneself, and more so if one is a breadwinner. E.g, for the spouse and kids.

Then, another client of mine called up, to tell me he’s hospitalized. Appendix, but it’s 慢性 one. Haiz. He’s a long-time client of mine. Our usual corporate florist has increased their prices, hence I searched online for cheaper ones. And I was appalled at the pricing. (=.=)”” A simple fruit basket costs more than S$50. I dont mind a $50 hamper if they’re really worth it but looking at the sparse amount of fruits…really not worth it loh.

All costs $48 after GST. Chop carrots ah…few apples and oranges and 1 bunch of grapes want $50. =P

But finally I found 1 which is better.

Flowers with 6 bottles of bird’s nest with white fungus & rock sugar & 3 bottles of essence of chicken.

Ya lah no fruits inside, but definitely more worth it than others mah, since they’re the same price. While I’m browsing, I thought of sending Mummy some flowers too at her office because she’s sick. But looking at the prices made me sian 1/2.

Few stalks of roses + 1 stupid-looking bear, after GST is $48+.

Few stalks of tulips, also $48+

ZzZz Around $45 maybe

And they’re supposed to be best buy leh!

It’s either I’m damn sua-gu or inflation is getting real bad now. Or both. Why I never know bouquets are so expensive leh? Oh man..I should have really appreciate all those bouquets I had before while they’re alive. Especially tulips, they’re so much more expensive than roses! I wonder how much will 30 stalks of tulips cost like 5 years ago?

No wonder dearie has cut down on bouquets for me le. =(

Of course if I have the time, I will use that money, put it to better use and bring it down myself. But no time loh, I still got to go office later to settle another client’s death claim and do some work.