Wine Company @ Dempsey + Shanghai Dolly

We had planned this like eons ago. It’s not easy to get Kel due to her commitments. She had suggested Dempsey and well, I wasnt particularly in love with this place because it’s so inaccessible. But Jy and me went along with it because Kel haven been there before. Her notti colleagues laughed at her because of that. Haha. Very bad ley. =P

As expected, we got lost inside despite going there on a cab! I meant to find the lounge which Rain, Jas and me had spent the last enjoyable night out but we couldnt find it. I dont even remember it’s name. Arrghhhh. My 2nd choice was The Wine Company but we also cant find despite walking along uneven roads and slopes for more than 15minutes . Duhz! I only know these 2 places at Dempsey. Haha. Oh not that I always decide where to go among us, but usually they dont have much ideas where to go because they seldom drink/club outside. Except with me of course. Muahahahaha.

Okie Eventually we tried to look at the map(geez….) and had to flag a cab AGAIN to get to The Wine Company. Totally famished and tired upon reaching!

Ordered a mountain of food but yet cant finished. They were fantastic!!

From left to right; 

1) Sausage Platter ; A variety of sausages but no doubt my favourite will be the cheesy ones. Served with mustard. Yummy! Pretty big portion.

2) Wine Company Signature Pizza(w/ chicken mayo) ; Very big portion, definitely to be shared among 3. Drenched with mayonnaise and fish flakes. Thumbs up!

3) Smoked duck pasta ; Smoked duck was tougher than expected but was okie. Okie I shouldnt expect the same smoked duck as per the one I had in Dozo. However, still a nice but pretty normal dish.



If it werent for my precious darlings beside me, guess I cant even smile for pictures. Btw, this perm was before the re-perm, so the hair was longer…. The pic of 3 of us was self-taken by Kel, she li hai siah!! Actually there were a few more lah, but not well taken, seh one side. Haha Practice makes perfect!

Oh…I was so fascinated with the food that I forgot to take pic of the wine we savored… Well, being a foodie. Heez. We had a total of 2 bottles of white wine before Kel and I cried for red, to much of Jy’s annoyance. The chit was so particular with her teeth that she was reluctant to drink red wine, for fear of it staining her teeth. Aiya, then I told her, “Since you’re going to laser your teeth soon, you should drink all the red you can, THEN go laser teeth mah! Laser liao then cant drink for a long long time liao!” Eventually she gave in. Keke. Somehow, the red chosen was too strong and powerful…and we didnt manage to finish it. =(  I hate wasting alcohol. Haha.

After that we adjourned to Shanghai Dolly. Meant to show Kel how fun was it, just like how Jy and I enjoyed it the last time. But sadly, it disappointed US that very night. The music was so boring, house music all along. The band was not fantastic too. I had a surprise that night too, for someone nudged me and asked me whether I was from CCHSM.


It was my secondary school classmate but I totally cant recognize him. However, I recognized the pretty lady beside him. =) So funny. They were boyfriend and girlfriend then and I…stupidly exclaimed, “Oh you 2 are still together!” I’m happy for them of course!! You know how weak relationships are these days mah! You cant blame me for being surprised! However, she exclaimed a big “NONO” and said he’s married but not to her.

It made me so embarrassed that I also dont know what to say. Ah….then I asked why a group of them were out. Some are my classmates but some were from the neighbour’s class which I dont know. Turned out all of them attended another of my classmate’s wedding. =)

Eventually Kel, Jy and me shifted to another table because it’s so cramped there and we old ladies prefer to sit than stand huh. So also didnt talk much with them. I was still pretty melancholy that they can recognise me because I was hideous back then in high school.

Maybe I still am. Sianz.

And why I have to bump into them with my f* hair leh??!!! Can understand how I feel?

Bleh~ OF ALL DAYS!! DUhz!!


My Saturday

Yesterday, I woke up at freaking 9.30am, just so to meet my dear JI mates for dim sum lunch. Dearie was still laughing at me, “Hahahaha! Saturday wake up so early! Hahahaha”.

Very childish hor?


Anyway, I was the 1st dumbo to arrive the earliest at 11.45am, albeit 15minutes late. SL the next, 30minutes late, Jes, 45minutes late. Jas and Est simply replied with a “will be late, meet you all there”, you know, that sort of thing(mimicked Ris Low). Jes, the winner. She said she booked the lunch at 12pm and that she will reached around 12.15pm.

Eh the thing is, okay, you assumed everyone will be late and thus you proposed meeting earlier 11.30am without saying the booking was at 12pm. Very clever. But, dont you think it’s so unfair to the one who is ignorantly punctual? And you yourself late somemore lor. Duhz.

I was shocked that SL was the only one who cared to apologise, even though she arrived only 15minutes after me. She even explained profusely why she’s late and even took a cab down. Haha. I told her it’s really unnecessary for the others haven arrive, next time dont waste money.

I’m really okay with people being late but at least they should be apologetic. The others, blearh~ Like machiam I deserved to wait for them. Neh mind~ Next time I’ll know how to be fashionably late already. I could have slept 45minutes more. It’s a small thing, just that I really appreciate a “sorry”. No hard feelings though. I think I’m numb already from being taken granted by some. I dont mean JI these group of mates though, just some others. =)

Despite so, it was a nice dim sum lunch meeting at Xin Fu Yin Cha, International building, beside Lido. And we chatted about everything under the sun, from property to relationships to wedding to having kids to complaining about husbands/boyfriends. Haha. Est and Jes had more or less settled down with their partners and flats, going to ROM in 2010. SL busy with her dating(keke) and Jas without updates. I would be concerned as a friend but afraid to tread on sensitive grounds. So can only leave it as that. Hope she’s happy with her life.

The dim sum was okay just that the service was very slow. There was once when the dumplings(just 1 plate only) never came even after 15-20minutes despite the waitress assured me the SECOND time that it will come promptly. Bitchy me was really irritated and told her to cancel the order. Again, she assured me AGAIN it’s coming already and not to cancel. I said I dont want already lor in a buay song tone. Buay tahan such people. Then we ordered dessert. I said nastily if they were to come after 15minutes then dont serve them already.

Est they all said I’m very fierce. Nahz~ I’ve never said I’m a patient and accommodating person. I’m only so to my friends, meaning I only take shit from few treasured friends, not the whole world.

We took ala carte, bill came up to around $14 per person. Then we adjourned to TCC at Lido for more drinks and more chats. At 3+pm, Est left for tennis with her boy and Jas left around 4+pm to celebrate her grandma’s birthday or something. I walked around with Jes and SL at ION awhile before leaving to meet Ser.

My dear Ser. I haven seen her for so long. It’s so good to see her and share Xin1 Shi4 with her. She’s one of my best pals whom I can share everything with, because I know she will always support me and give her most honest opinions. We went to buy my Lancome cleansing milk with 20% off through her at Sephora, then went Fareast Plaza for more shopping and dinner.

This girl, insisted on treating me for being absent for my hen’s night, wedding and not being able to my jiemei. For my hen’s night, she was working. For my wedding, because she didnt know anyone else and the only one we knew put us aeroplane. Despite so, she came down and dropped her angbao. As for not being able to be my jiemei, I dont need to say much, just that I totally understand, my girl. So she really dont have to treat me one lor. But she insisted so. I was damn stressful for my order at RAMEN TEN, I dont want her to spend too much. Merely ordered a few small dishes, anyway I’m having a diet lah. =) She did ask me to choose any restaurant or any buffet I deemed fit weeks ago but I just dont want lah.

It was scary shopping with her because she’s like always psycho and encourage me to buy things. Evil hor? =P Anyway, I bought a top, O2 eyeshadow, blusher and an oval table-top mirror. I suspected my constant neck pain came from craning my face to suit the low-rise mirror while putting on makeup.

Ser has always been very accommodating. She accompanied me to Boat Quay because I craved for a drink. Plush, it was. We ordered a jug and I ended up having 3/4 of it because Miss Ser drank ever so slowly. Sang 2 songs and listened for most of it. It’s pretty relaxing. Dearie came by to fetch us home. Hope to see her again amidst her and my busy schedule!

Going soon to have THE DINNER with my in-laws. Somehow, I just feel…stressed. =/

(P/S Gamer, the movie sucks. Dont watch. )

JI rocks!

So busy. Now then got time to pen an entry. Wow it has been 6 days since my last.

Movie title: Terminator
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: I almost forgotten I watched this show. I mean, it’s okie lo.

Movie Title: Pelham 123
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: Bearable, but can give it a miss. The plot is oh-so-boring and it’s just not exciting enough. Especially you only see like only 2 guys acting. Somemore most of the dialogue were on the phone! Or PA system to be exact.
And the ending looks abit mo ming qi miao to me…as if John Travolta is crazy. Maybe he is.

Movie title: Drag me to hell
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: This is one hell of a horror movie. It’s not horrifying but it’s very thrilling! It’s like a comedy too. Though the ending is sad.

Saturday met up with my dear JI mates whom I haven seen for a long time. They are still looking great, still as youthful! Think I’m the only one who has aged. Haiz. We, the 4 girls, Jas, Jes, SL and me had dinner at Shokudo Cine when we’re not very hungry. But somehow we managed to finish our food. I had a salad though. Then we popped over to Ice Cold beer to have some drinks. Thank god we reached early, that’s why got seats. Thereafter, Rob joined too. I had hoegarden and house red, SL 2 house red, Jas barcardi peach and Jes house red too. Rob had a belgium beer, forgotten what though.

We had alot of fun, mainly reminiscing and updating on what we’re doing currently. Mostly, it’s Jes, SL and me yakking away. Jas is still as quiet. Haha. Rob is still as well-mannered as before. Though dont see him look guai guai like that, his tongue can become quite sharp when trifled with wor. I’m getting excited already for our next meeting scheduled in July and hopefully this time we can get all the absentees to come, like Sha, Est, Lax etc. =)

And guessed who I bumped into there? Kat! And she told me she’s dating! So happy for her. She has like rejected dozens of guys because her standards are so high. Finally there’s 1 who fits the bill and Im anxious to see her boy. Not much I can comment since it’s only a short briefing! But he look pretty young and good-looking. He asked me to guess how old he is. I said 25 when he’s actually 31. I know very well he couldnt be 25 lah as Kat is 29. But he really look very boy leh. =.= But thank god Kat look young too! So they still look very compatible. The group consisted of some girls too who dont seem friendly, not even to Kat. Lol. I’m not surprised though. Especially after I knew those girlfriends are friends of her bf. Haha.

After Ice Cold Beer, Jes proposed Dempsy as she’s meeting friends there and she urged us to join. We did, but I’m pretty disappointed when it doesnt turn out to be much fun at Wine Company. The chicken wings were bland, what a disappointment. It affected my whole mood. Chicken wings are very important ok! Therefore Rob left early, as he has a morning run scheduled. SL toppled her red wine which is sheer bad luck. I can see that she and Jas much preferred to go home already. Me too I called dearie asking whether he can fetch us. Because dempsy is hardly the most accessible place in Singapore, not even with cabs. Thank god it’s not too 1am when dearie reached.

I’ve forgotten my camera so no pictures for the whole gathering. =(

Then I got this horrible headache which followed me throughout the night till early morning. It all started from the Fishbone wine at Wine Company. It SUCKS!

Many many stuff. Im meeting a fengshui master soon to audit my current house. Perhaps my new house too since he’s charging cheaper for both. And ah, need to meet the hotel staff for Fairmont too.

I have so many thoughts running through my mind about the house reno. It’s so fun!

That’s all for now. Ciaoz.