Peony Jade Clarke Quay Disgusting Experience

Actually I dont mean to blog about this as I dont wish to get myself upset, all over again. I was real boiling mad when it happened. However, since I’m in a pretty good mood now and I thought I can give some warning to my friends; here’s a relater of our, or rather my awful experience with Peony Jade @ Clarke Quay.

Okie. The story began when I was aware that the Mooncake Festival is nearing. And I got this craving for Peony Jade’s delicious snowskin liqueur mooncakes. It was my regret last year that I didnt buy more than 1 box of their Mini Snowskin Kwai Fei Lychee-tini and Ganache Mooncake(迷你冰皮荔枝巧克力月饼). I remembered it was so good that we subsequently went in search for more, but was sadly disappointed when they were all sold out island-wide.

So this year, I ordered 4 boxes of it with 1 box of
Mini Snowskin Champagne Truffle and Ganache Mooncake(迷你冰皮香槟巧克力月饼) as I yearned to try. Yeah after you’re married, you’ll realised every festive goodies which you buy, you need to buy 2 more sets. One for own mother side, the other for mother-in-law side. Haha. I made a call and was instructed to order online paying with OCBC card to enjoy 20% discount. We promptly went down to Clarke Quay for dinner as well as collection.

Since we’re there, I thought we might as well settle for dinner there and then. We took alfresco seating and were very pleased with the service. They were really attentive and showed no partiality to the foreigners over us. We were, afterall, at Clarke Quay.

We ordered Scallops with broccoli, Black Pepper Crayfish(live seafood), 2 rice as well as a bowl of sharkfin. Too hungry to snap pictures though frankly speaking, they dont look atheistically pleasing lah.

The small bowl of sharkfin was not bad but not fantastic. It tasted more like well-brewed chicken soup than sharkfin soup. However, the sharkfin amount were quite sufficient.

The scallops and broccoli with egg white can use more salt actually. Portion was actually very satisfactory but broccoli can actually be more tender and more ingredients can be used. The dish practically only contained scallops and broccoli, nothing else.

Last came the black pepper crayfish. Our saliva were already dripping while it made it’s grand appearance. Again, no garnish no nothing, just the crayfish. Maybe it’s Peony Jade’s style huh, their dishes just look plain. The black pepper was fragrant and very appetizing. After I pryed out the meat, was bringing it to my lips when I smelled something very……..weirdly familiar………..The faint smell further escalated to pungent, shocking URINE smell the moment my lips touched the meat.

HORROR!! I recoiled back with terror and thought it might be my nose playing tricks on me. So I smelled it again. But this time round, there’s no mistake of the urine smell.

If it’s the normal me, I would have turned the tables.

No lah kidding. Perhaps, loose a tirade on the service staff by speaking louder than normal. But because the service staff were so nice, I told her about the urine smell with my normal tone of voice. She was seriously apologetic and said she will revert back.

While we were waiting(presumably for a new serving), I was wondering how the urine smell might have came about.

Then I finally understood why.

If you’re someone who’s familiar with cooking live seafood, I’m sure you’ll know there’s a need to release the urine(放尿) of the seafood you’re cooking, washed them properly before you tossed them into the wok. For live huge prawns, crayfishes, lobsters, it’s essential that you have to 放尿 before cooking.

I’ve seen how it was done before at 美女厨房 but forgot which episode. I’ll update here if I’ve found it.

Here’s the Baidu model answer:

Q: 烹制龙虾之前如何给龙虾放尿?

A: 烹制龙虾之前的“放尿”过程:让虾腹朝下,再扳起尾部,用一只筷子从近尾叶的底端插入其体内,再抽出筷子,会随着排出一道有异味的液体;如不去除,会影响其味的。

This is a vitally important step before cooking any live seafood to prevent any spilling of urine by the poor creature before it was dumped live into the boiling wok.

Arrgghhhhh Suddenly I feel so sinful. =(

Of course, not every seafood got urine in their bladder when you cook it. So if that important step was being forgotten, it really have to depend on your luck whether the poor thing has a full bladder.

I guessed I’m real suay lor.

Finally we had a reply. Another waiter came forward and said, “the chef had tasted the crayfish and said there is nothing wrong with the crayfish and he said you might be allergic? Would you like a new serving or would you like to choose other dishes?”

ALLERGIC??!!” I couldnt believe my ears!!

Dearie, as usual, in his good-natured tone said, “we’re not allergic to crayfish, it’s not the first time we have it.”

Then he turned to me, “So how, you want to ask him to cook again or wanna choose other dishes?”

I was obviously boiling with anger as it’s so obvious it’s the chef’s negligence and he got the cheek to ask me whether I’m allergic! And for your info, my nose works SO WELL and I dont even have sinus okie!”

And SO, I related the above, in slightly different words, in a more amiable tone to the waiter. Because afterall, it’s not his fault and he has been very polite and apologetic. It’s the F* chef who needs a kick in the ass However, it was too late for me to be able to do anything as the “evidence” was already now with the “murderer”. We did not order any other dishes for my mood AND appetite were thoroughly, cruelly SPOILT!

After settling the bill, nope, not even a discount was given for the poor food, we went upstairs to collect our chilled mooncakes. And I started to complain to Francis, the supervisor or something about the disgusting experience. I really thought he will do something since he was pretty friendly when he showed us to the table.

But no, his face immediately changed colour and said he will speak to the chef and will call me the next day.

Nope. He didnt call, not that it matters too. Because he can jolly say he fired the chef OR even better yet, murdered him and cooked him in curry and nobody will know whether it happened or not.

I had realised there’s nothing I can do but merely wish to rant it out. Hey you know how gross it is to eat something which smells like urine?? Have you?? I havent, in my 2X years of life!! What else can beat it? Lousy service, lousy food, stale food?? At least your food dont have urine in it okie!

In the car, I asked dearie, “Do you know what I’ve done wrongly just now?”

As usual, he dont know lah.

I said;

“I should have demanded the chef or at least the manager to come out and smell the crayfish right away IN PUBLIC and NEVER should I allow them to carry the crayfish away.”

As much as how shrewish that might be, I’m protecting myself from being maligned as a freaky, “allergic to crayfish” customer with a blocked nose.”

I would have done that there and then but I didnt.

Just because all the staff had great service, I stupidly assume the chef will be as well, admitting his mistake and be apologetic, so the naive me tried to be nice and accommodating, laid low about the unacceptable food and allow myself to be addressed as “allergic”, and “stupid”.

I totally threw away any chance of myself getting a redress of grievance.

So here’s an important lesson for you.

If you EVER experience the same real awful experience like me(small small thing dont like that hor please), PLEASE REMEMBER;

1) Never allow them to take away the dish

2) If you can manage, complain in a slightly louder voice, it works best when other customers are around.

3) Be fierce and thick-skinned okie, you have to demand compensation, that’s only being fair to your stomach. A discount or complimentary meal is only REASONABLE.

Well, if you want to be NICE and not a MEAN chillipadi like me, then good luck. I pray you meet all the nicest people on earth everyday, everywhere at any time.

I rather 先小人后君子. The almost-only rare time where I’m “nice”, I’m being bullied.

Hng! Still better to be a chilli padi afterall.

And well, just be careful where you’re eating your live seafood too.



1st day of PMS. Damn bloody, truest to the word, crappy!

My EMAS cant work again. I dont know what is the problem but I cant help feeling annoyed. And because my company’s EMAS is so damn sensitive and retarded, it always make them problematic. That’s why my Mozilla FF and any other programs are always the most outdated version because I worry that they might be incompatiable.

My husband always like to install programs which he feels SO INTERESTING to HIM on MY bloody laptop. I suspect it’s the reason that the EMAS cant work because of incompatibility because I dont install programs one. I’m simply too lazy to source out new programs like guys LOVE to do. Sometimes it’s some foreign player which he said can help me download my movies/dramas. Dont you get it? I dont like to download, it wastes time and space, slows down speed performance. But you always insists to install it. I uninstalled once but then you go and install AGAIN.

Next, is some program which transforms the normal windows desktop into one which looks like Apple imac. I dont know WHY he’s so crazy with apple computers so much so he have to go into the shop EVERYTIME but I’m so not interested. And it causes me SO MUCH inconvenience trying to adapt to the new desktop. I did TRY! But finally gave up when again it causes some problems.

Please lah. It’s not the 1st time already. Kindly stop installing programs on MY laptop without MY permission, it’s bloody irritating! Install on your own lor! What you like might not be what I like.

Damn pek chey!


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Hmm..I haven been blogging for awhile. It’s like, there’s nothing interesting in my life, except my infuriating husband. Speaking of him, I HAVE STUFF TO BLOG AGAIN.

Yes dear, I’m talking bad of you again. HA! What can you do? Start a blog also lo. =P

And this morning went…I was feeling sore again because a sickening cold sore was on the top of my upper lip. Dearie was nice enough to call in the early afternoon to ask what breakfast to buy for me on the way back. After saying my order, I thanked him prettily.

I was famished actually, and looking forward to my Kuey Zup with duck meat, egg and dao pok, which are my usual order. I dislike all the intestines and stuff and I thought dearie knew that since I ordered many times infront of him before.

But I was disappointed again. Dearie went to the toilet immediately after he dropped the food. With that disgusting intestines among my food, I really dont have much appetite to eat. Nevertheless, I transferred all those intestines into dearie’s packet of rice and ate in silence. And so, when he’s back, he asked me whether were the food nice. I mumbled some reply, still waiting for him to explain to me. But there was none. Oh and after awhile, he came to pass me some of his duck meat into my lunch.

I couldnt contain it anymore. So I blurted quite in a unfriendly way, “Why you bought intestines for me? After so long, dont you know I dont eat them?”

“Aiya…I know…but when I wanted to change my order, the boss already chopped liao…so bo bian lor.”

“What bo bian? If you dont want then just say dont want. Other customers can always have those what.”

“He say cannot lor….”

Okie so I ignored him…but no more appetite to finish the food already.

You might think it’s a small matter but to me,

1) He’s just dont have my heart lor (Please translate to chinese, 他就是没有我的心lo(dont have my interest at heart). It’s not the 1st time that he got my order wrong or forget what I like and dont like to eat. To me it’s no difference whether he did remember to change the order, because what was brought back was still not what I wanted.

2) The way he acted blur about his mistake and attempted to find other excuse, a.k.a, the boss dont allow him to change the order. His claim: he need the loo urgently when he reached home so forgot to mention to me, not even when he started eating his damn duck rice.

3) He dont apologise UNTIL he saw I got pissed and ignored him.

Actually I’m more than pissed. Tears just started to drop. Oh well, call me dramatic. But it’s sad…your husband forever dont know what you want!

Like previously I was sick. I wasnt too lazy to go to the doctor myself. I’m always independent. But that day I was really too sick to go to the doctor. No concern message from him whatsoever the whole day when he’s at work since morning. Till I asked him where he was. His reply came like 5 hours later and his answer was he was on duty in the office, and “why, miss me ah? =)”

Haha. What a joke. The previous night he already…my god, he should have known I’m already having a bad sorethroat. But no…no offer to bring me to the doctor….fine….but not even a message of concern! I’ve lost count of the times when I needed him most but he’s always, always not there. This time round, I know he cant get away from his duty, but, cant he just drop me a message? A message will suffice. And for the numerous previous occasions, he simply meet his clients and forgot all about me. I might be a little selfish to be thinking, “meet client another day will die is it?”

Sometimes I simply dont understand why a mere friend can take leave to bring me go see doc, or a concerned ex-bf can even come fetch me to see doctor, but not he. Not a self-employed who has his own time own target.

I’ve said umpteen times. I’m not a girl who needs alot of attention all the time. He can be with his laptop or the PSP the WHOLE DAY, YES, THE WHOLE DAY and I’m cool with it because I know how to self-entertain myself. I merely…merely wish he’s there to bring me to see the doctor when I’m too sick to make the trip. And ya..buying the food I like to eat when I’m not feeling too well too. Is that really so much to ask?

So…after ALLLLL these complaints, he finally…FINALLY….apologised. That’s like…so…lame…so….

Oh ya, he did say he’s not acting blur nor find excuses or whatsoever…despite some truth here and there…I’m simply appalled at the the…coincidences…like he remembered what I wanted to eat but wasnt in time to say his order before the order was taken…like how he needed the loo urgently when he reached home so didnt tell me he got the order wrong..or like when he’s saying his duck rice, he was also somehow preoccupied that he forgot to tell me he got my food wrong.

He claimed I dont believe or trust him. I do. But sometimes…his insensitivity and muddleheadedness(if there’s such a word whatsoever) really can get me blown up. I mean, I’m not god leh…there’s really a limit to how much I can take and I’m just sorry I’m not that chin chai. Because I genuinely take an interest in him, I will hope that it’s mutual. You dont have to do as much as I did…but got a minimum standard mah. I cant imagine after 10 years I still have to remind you the 10,000th time I dont like intestines in my food, etc etc. It’s like if I know you dont take calamari but repeatedly asked you whether you want calamari when we go for dinners, you will pek chey also one right??

Haiz……….I feel not everything should be excused purely because you are blur. So if I got poor memory then I can be excused for forgetting your birthday? Alamak, you must first take an interest and make an effort to remember it mah.

Please, put some effort.

I know your parents brought you up the same way they were brought up, with little or no EQ, but you can learn one mah.

So you will wonder, how will I NOT be pissed in such a scenario?

It’s so easy.

Come back, first thing, before you go toilet, before you dumped the food on the table, BEFORE I happily opened my lunch expecting all the food I like, just tell me, “dear, sorry leh…just now I cant change the order to what you want in time, because the boss say cannot change as he already chopped liao…so your order got the intestines…”

I will be sian 1/2 lah but at least I wont be angry lor and I will accept it.

Before he apologised again with some sincerity, he was actually piling on credits by stating all his other good points, like got fetch me home, accompany me shopping when he’s tired etc. I mean, wtf? 2 wrongs dont make a right, and 2 rights doesnt justify a wrong. Just doesnt make sense to me lor his explanations. Normal people will say they will put in effort and improve, not him leh(at least not in the beginning, he only said these when he “surrendered”). To me, it’s as ridiculous as, “oh..although I’m unfaithful to you, I always buy you alot of LV bags leh”. 莫明其妙.

“but…if the other good points cannot be counted…then I dont have much good points left liao leh…”

=.= Sometimes is really, 又好气,又好笑.

Now, we’re actually good already after some pacifying from him. But think back still abit pissed, abit sian and abit sad. Humph! He better make it up to me on our coming cruise on sunday.

Be back on Wed.

Hopefully I wont let him anger till jump into the sea.

I’m just pissed

Arghhhhh!! Dont you just HATE stalkers? Stalkers who evade your privacy sneakily and feel they got the right when they’re just nobody.

Now and then I do surf game sites and played some games when I’m free, like, you know, a normal being. Not just all work and no play. I’m human too. AND SO, now and then I got to know some friends online. But they always remain as online friends until…dont know…perhaps until something struck or until I’m 100% sure they’re just looking for friendship and nothing else.

Guard is definitely down for females. I dont think I’m that suay to bump into, or worse still, attract another lesbian AGAIN, I think. When I’m younger, I’m do meet some online friends to expand my social circle but not now anymore. I’m just, weary and simply have too many priorities. They say as you get older, your guts get smaller, you become more bo chup, less friendly, higher expectations, it’s kinda true.

SO, I’ve actually got to know some very nice friends from internet, mostly through game sites and forums. I dont care how they look, they dont care how I look, it’s perfect. We still enjoy conversations and games online. Exchanged facebook and look at each other’s pictures. Pictures of their boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives/babies/kids and pictures of me and my husband, dog etc. It warms me and sometimes we exchanged small talks on different topics. These are very good friends, thus the exchange of FB because I feel FB is a very private thing. It shows all your friends’ updates, your own pictures and many more.

Another group of friends I term as acquaintances. Friendly as they come, I allow an add on msn for casual chats. I thought it was okie as I never put picture on my msn window. What irks me are some despos who used the email on my msn and went to track my friendster and facebook.

Fine. You can say I’m petty and whatsoever. But I feel it’s very private. I dont like people searching or tracking on me, worse still, hound me on friendster or facebook to add.

What’s the big deal about facebook anyway? Why strangers like to add strangers and accept it like nobody business? I mean, you like it, go ahead. But I do reserve the right not to accept right? For people I dont know at all or dont even know well. I dont feel comfortable sharing my pictures with them. People who know me know I can get pretty irriated when meaningless people starts to bother me. I can get pretty riled up especially when some dont make sense at all. And when rejection was thrown, one can get pretty nasty.

And and, I dont understand whyyyyy when every quarrel starts, people like to pinpoint age. Like, “hey, little girl, grow up! Stop being a over-conservative prude or something”. What they dont know is that, they’re talking to an AUNTIE here who had long lived past the age of puppy love and “little-goats-knock-together”(xiao lu luan zhuang) online chemistry. They assumed I’m 20 just because there’s a 89 behind my nickname. HA! Ya and probably the side view profile picture in FB and friendster doesnt tell much about my age. Oh shit! Or are they able to see my other pictures just because I didnt choose private settings for my friendster? Eh shouldnt be, because if so, they wont think I’m 20 already because I obviously dont look like a 20year old!

Arrghhh! Anyway, I just cant help rolling my eyes when these group of guys thought they’re so much more mature than me with their ages between 23-25. YA RIGHT. DAMN MATURE LOR.

Perhaps it’s my fault for having such a nick, like unintentionally conning all the xiao di di that I’m a lovely and young 20year old virgin or something. But f**k, I probably dont like to announce my age to the whole game room that I’m a 27 married woman right?! And everytime when I said I’m not available, the pestering became more insistent. Argh! I think that’s the thing with guys. Mysterious aura huh, hard-to-get huh, all this seems to excite this group of xiao di di and it’s bloody pissing me off when I cant have a game in peace.


Because this group of despos literally dig up everything about you, from your nick to facebook to friendster. Damn, one from Viwawa even tracked me on google and stalked all the way to flowerpod forums and see what topics I engaged in. WTF?

Yes. Internet is that scary. I’m so going to go berserk if one is to track all stuffs I bought via online sprees WITH THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS POSTED FOR UPDATES. And damn, I’ve just posted order for a nude bra for $14 yesterday. I’m thinking too much but it’s possible for a stranger to even know my cup size! Yes yes yes I’m probably thinking too much! Argghhhh!!! I dont like such..such..acts!

Maybe it’s true love

Something happened some time back then which kinda boggled my mind.

Nothing big, nothing serious, I promise. But I’m just very curious what most of you think.

Hmm, I was just passing a comment back then to a guy friend of mine.

“Your wife has a terrific figure!”, my voice filled with envy.

“Of course lah! That’s why I married her mah!”.


I, obviously was at a loss of words. Didnt know how else to respond but to smile like an idiot.

Anyway, wouldnt want to comment much lah but how would you like your spouse to reply to such a question?

“Why you marry your wife?”

Hmmm…for me, definitely it wont be because of looks or figure. Because I have none of them at the start. WAHAHAHA.

So I shall try to act classy and spiritual by saying,

I would love him to answer as

“Because I love the way she is and wants her to be by my side forever.”

SO CHEESY! You might say.

But I like it and it’s my perfect answer. =)

I shall ask him tonight. Dont think he has the time to read this entry as yet as he’s busy outside.

Yesterday we were at Vivo shopping and my total damages were around $200. Arghh! We meant to leave early at 9+pm because dearie had appointment. But when we tried to exit the level 6 carpark, we couldnt! Because of the huge mass of cars stucked in the 6 storeys of “roundabout” carpark.

How bad was it? Let’s just say for 40minutes, we only managed 5metres and we cant even reach the “opening” of the “roundabout”. Can you imagine after 40minutes and we’re still stucked at level 6. It’s obscene! The highest storey is 7th so there were also cars preventing us from getting out.

Dearie’s appointment was supposed to be 10pm but I hinted him to postpone tomorrow because the jam was really disastrous. But HE CANT GET IT. So he asked whether it’s okie that he reached later. =.= HA! Later. Dont even dream of reaching before midnight lor!

What’s worse was this silly, goondu hubby of mine still have to be Mr Nice Guy at this hour. We practically already wasted 20minutes waiting and only managed to move like 3metres. There was this car which reversed parked and wanted to come out just on our left side. And a fat obasan came out to signal to us to let her hubby drive the car out. I, being the mean, selfish prick was obviously against it.

Look at it this way, we waited for around 20minutes to come this far, albeit 3metres. And you expect the moment you popped into your car and wish to take the same position, IMMEDIATELY? Dont forget there were like 5 cars behind us, who waited for exactly the same amount of time. On the other hand, there were also 2 cars on the right side(parked the normal way) and wanted to get out too. But they were more sedate and waited patiently for a chance, inching bit by bit out.

I was very very annoyed at this fat obasan and said out loud in the car it’s impossible to give way to her in this situation. How to give way when the queue was obviously not moving? And guess what, my stupid husband go and let them take the lead out. And GUESS AGAIN, the other 2 cars took the same opportunity and all came out at once.

Suddenly we were overtaken by, NOT 1, NOT 2 but 3 cars!

I was really tulan till what kinda vulgarities also can scold already but I curbed myself. Neverthless, I scolded Ad left right centre cum upside down. I specifically told him not to give way liao but he didnt get it inside his head and even said what can he do when the obasan came all the way infront to signal him to give way.


Really felt like slapping him right then and I damn well mean it. What does he mean by “what can I do”? There’re tons of stuff he can do other than siting behind the wheels and staying silent.

He still had the cheek to ask, “if so, why didnt you signal “NO” to her when she demanded?”

Crazy, why should I signal to her? I dont even want to chup her. I’m IGNORING HER because she was god-damn buay zi dong. And YOU WERE BEHIND THE STEERING WHEEL! If you dont let their car come out, there’s no way they can! What’s there to talk so much?”

After that 3 cars cut infront of us, I asked Ad to inched forward to over take the obasan’s car. Being cut twice is enough, not need thrice. At first they were reluctant! Think about gratitude, for GIVING them a chance to come out. I screamed at Ad again, die die must over take them since they repay kindness with SHIT. Finally the fcuk drive relented and let us lead them. But I bet ALL the drivers behind us must be cursing us upside down.

I told dearie, “you want to be Mr Nice Guy, also must see situation. You are obviously pressed for time. We waited very long and SO ARE THE 5 CARS BEHIND! You want to be nice to that obasan, can you at least be FAIR to the 5 drivers behind too, who waited MUCH longer than that obasan?”

1 good thing about Ad is, despite allllll his faults, he stayed quiet and let me KP. After another 15minutes, which is close to 1hour, we were only JUST nearing the “roundabout” which winds down the storeys. Ad then postponed his appointment and he drove upwards to level 7. We went back Vivo, grabbed a steak set at Terra Cafe and settled for Ice Age 3 in 3D at 11.20pm.

From the way the jam looked, it’s impossible to even reach level 1 in less than 2hours. “And dont forget the petrol lor,” I reminded dearie. Waste time cum oil. I already hinted him to postpone the appointment till tomorrow already after 20 minutes of waiting but HE JUST COULDNT GET IT until 1 hour later.

Tian ahhhhhhh

But surprisingly, he managed to cool me down after sometime after my “explosion”, saying by letting that fat obasan cut the Q, it’s a blessing in disguise.

I looked at him with narrowed eyes, menacingly until he explained, “if we didnt let her, we will be the one driving into the “roundabout” already and would probably be stucked inside there for more than 2 hours and cant get out already!”

*rollz eyes* True lah. So Mt Fuji finally cooled down.

We shopped abit at a few remaining shops before he irritated me AGAIN by kept asking me whether did he locked his car.

*breathe deeply*

How the hell I know?! I mean, he MUST have locked his car, it’s a reflex action to lock the car by remote everytime we came out but he always double check the car doors. Perhaps he forgot whether he did and kept bugging me!

“You’re very irritating leh!! Go and check lah if you want and stop bothering me!”

So he went all the way back, took the lift, check the car-door and came back again. You say lah, got people so blur or not?

And amazing thing was, after he’s back, we still can sit down and have a steak set as per nothing was amiss, laughed heartily and was endearing as a newly wedded couple. He was deadbeat after the movie and I gave him a massage before he slept.

Sometimes I also dont understand myself. Perhaps this is love. True love~

But really, I hope he’s less nice and be more manly and assertive. I dont like the way like I’m the one protective of him and not him protecting me. I’m supposed to be the female leh.

Im just so fcuking suay

Sigh. I just cant help feeling bad things always happen on me.

I had Chapter 2’s haircut and treatment voucher from Huey but I was too lazy to go all the way downtown. Hence, I thought I’ll just get a simple trim just at nearby central. Since the vouchers got no expiry date, they can wait.

What I didnt expect was how f*cked up the a trim can turn out to be. Just a trim only mah. Tamade, that jerk trimmed off 2 inches from my head. He understand the word of “trim” or not?! Not only so, I dont know how the fcuk he trimmed my fridge until the left side left a thick, short bunch of hair which unstylishly jutted out when I tied up my hair in a ponytail.

My mummy alsoooo very funnyyyy lor.

“Girl, you cut Japanese style ah?”


I can literally feeellll steam rising out from my head.

Getting married in a month’s time. How can I going to have enough time for it to grow out? =~( Really feel like crying liao.

Yewtee central. Kelly’s Salon. Marcus. I’ll remember you asshole.