I was tortured by serious cramps yesterday. It’s that time of the month again. Sigh. Most of the months I will get cramps. If only I can remember to take evening primose oil everyday, it might not be so bad. Took a total of 4 pink panadols and that made me as weak as a baby today. Took a rest and slump the day away. The weather is getting so hot that it’s unbearable.

Actually the previous two nights I did not slept well. It was because I was very emotionally and mentally disturbed after seeing pictures a kitten being trampled to death alive in Ser’s blog. My tears fell uncontrollably upon seeing the pictures, unable to believe such a inhumane act can be done. And my mind kept flashed back to the tragic scene. Even now it still haunts me now and then. Prayed at home and somehow I felt better already. Hopefully Ser update new posts so that I wont need to be careful to avoid seeing the pictures again…I know I will cry again if I see them. =(

Sometimes I feel sleeping is such a waste of time. It’s merely an act to replenish our energy and vitality. If only everyone of us can have 6-10hours more, so much more things can be done. Haha. As if I used my time wisely. =P

Mummy is baking mooncakes again. They are as tasty as ever, with the freshest salted egg yolk where you can practically see it gleaming in the light. Seriously, I bought expensive mooncakes from hotels to eat before. All the salted egg yolks inside were so dry and hard and tasteless. And the lotus paste is simply too sweet for my liking. Mummy’s one is just nice. No wonder mummy said more expensive ingredients and the way you baked really makes a difference. She said the lotus paste she bought were of more superior quality and when she described her baking process, I almost fainted. It’s not a simple straight 1 hour baked for 1 hour then the mooncake is ready. She separates the baking process into a few sessions with additional procedures, sometimes take out apply a layer of egg over it then put it back to bake again. And got other things lah. I also dont quite remember, so many steps, moreover it’s her trade secret. Heehee.

I asked her before why the mooncakes I bought from Raffles Plaza Hotel(If I remember correctly, red/black packaging) only lasted up to 5 days without refrigeration then spoilt already while hers can last around 2 weeks without refrigeration also didnt spoil although we dont use preservatives at all. She said it’s because of the baking process, because for her, longer hours are used for baking, but in turn will incurr more electricity costs. Good food sure dont come easy. =) Hmm I’ll post a picture of it soon. Interested can order through me. =) I think she charges only $28 per box of 4 for single yolk. Dont quite remember the price, and also dont know whether she will adjust the prices since prices for salted eggs increase like crazy.

Im quite boliao..so Im gonna upload some pictures of my Viwawa wawas..







Oh yah…feel free to add me. I usually play Big2.5(daidee), Wahjiong(mahjiong) or Zany Bridge(bridge). Lately more hooked to bridge. Please dont ask me to teach. I simply have no patience. Alright you can ask me to teach but I must teach in person or by phone. To teach online via typing is a chore! I tried before. =P

Dearie is servicing his car tomorrow and that silly boy is so anxious to receive his handset voucher so that he can go buy his new phone during the time slot before he picks up the car at 5pm. Funny lor. I buy new phone also not this excited before. At least, I long time never feel excited about buying something new. Hmm This is very bad. It means, I have been buying and buying new stuff till I feel it’s a norm. Damnz.


A day to the Botanic Gardens!

We started our day by indulging in a feast of yummy steamed fish, chilli la-la and sambal kangkong at our favourite store, HOW HUP at Whampoa Market. Dearie and I loved their teochew style steamed fish. They have super fresh fish, steamed to perfection and always come with plenty of tasty soup with the fish itself. After the meal, we have no idea to go. Instead of going to the boring Orchard again, I proposed going to the Zoo!! It was 6+pm already and dearie said the timing is not very ideal as it’s in between the normal day entry and the Night Safari. Im more interested in the day outing as can see more animals…so we dropped that idea. Perhaps go another time lo. Our second choice is Botanic Gardens since it’s just nearby. Heez…a walk in the gardens in the cooling weather with no sun seemed perfect!

We walked quite abit but heng still okie lah. Heng today no sun. Heez. We went off at around 8pm when it was getting dark. A disappointment that we didnt see the National Orchid Garden because they closed at 7pm. Not many flowers to see, but there were some pretty cute and rare trees. One was shaped exactly like a spade! Another one was so tall that it can reached around 7 storey high. Still got many others lah, but it was quite dark and pictures taken did not reflect very clearly.

We watched a movie yesterday after some shopping at Suntec after our company event. *frOwnz* I spent quite a bit yesterday. A very nice dress, worn today in the pictures. Heez. A nailpolish from E’TUDE, glitter purple. “Sex and the City” Novel. And 3 hair accessories which cost me $48. (=.=) Crystals studded, that’s why. =P Im going to avoid shopping centres from now on. That’s why today go Botanic Gardens. Next week I will go Zoo. Week after I will go Jurong Birdpark. =P

Movie title: Prom Night
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: mediocre plot with mediocre effects. Not a must-watch, but still ok lah.

Oh I mentioned about having my exam today right. Blur me didnt know got to book exam one leh. How would I know since I never took that course before. =P That person also never tell me mah, moreover no friends take with me, so I dont know loh. They got send me emails lah, but I thought they were trying to advertise their courses as usual, so I usually just glanced through vaguely and didnt read. =( Dearie should have told me lor since he took the exams before and he knew must register one. But as always, he’s still insensitive. =P Neve rmind lo, since Im not fully prepared for the exam too, Im going to book the latest which is on the eve of my ROM. SIANZ. It’s the only slot for this year. Duhz!

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Time for a breakkkk

Dont mistaken. It’s merely a 1 hour break before I hit the books again. It’s amazing that everytime I look at the text, they will automatically get blurry and then I will concussed.

Since Im in a good mood, I will be not be lazy and upload some pictures!

Pictures taken in Fish&Co when I had dinner with G at IMM!! Oh, G dont wanna take pictures that day because she did not have make-up on. Aiyooo…her naked, flawless skin is so much even better than mine even with me HAVING makeup ON. That’s really no need for her to shun the camera! Anyway, pictures of our sumptuous food!

Seafood Chowder
Yummy Seafood Chowder. *slurps*

G’s very yummy Crawfish Paste. It’s just like baby lobster/crayfish.

My SUPER, DUPER, DELICIOUS New York Fish & Chips, filled with cheese!!! =D OMG!!!

Hmm the calamari was disappointing that day and G so-called “feedback” to them. Heehee…and thus….

We had this desert, brownie with ice-cream FREE!!

Feedbacks are GOOD. =)

We were in a good mood that day thus we went shopping. Dont see IMM like ulu ulu like that, they got many restaurants and shops okie! Here are my buys. Some are pretty good!

Striped pink and white shorts from FOX. All items having 50% off. So this costs around $18 I think.

From FOX too. Fitted for a frequent card player like me. Hoho. $29

White dress which costs $33+ after 40% discount. Pui! No brand at all, still say after 40% discount is $33. The boss is not there, arbo I sure suan her! But the dress not bad lah, good quality.

Nice satin korean top bought from online spree. Very good quality material with flattering cut.

Actually yesterday I bought some stuff from TANGS too. But not much lah. Just a large size perfume, INCANTO from Ferragamo, because both dearie and I loved the original fragrance. Therefore I bought the 100ml one. Anyway the SA gave me a 30ml fragrace, F by Ferragamo worth $82 plus a gigantic beach bag. $143 with so much freebies, plus 10% rebate with CITI TANGS rebate card. Shiok! Ah also bought a pair of small flowery ear-studs and hairclip la. Lazy to take pictures already. So you see, I must have the mood to take the pictures, PLUS, the mood to upload and blog about them too. Veryyyyy difficult. Haha.

Remember the pair of white plan shoes I bought for my ROM/Wedding. Heez. As my feet is a small size 3, it’s very difficult to buy shoes, much less a nice and appropriate one fit for an occasion. I found one pair at Design & Comfort at Fareast. It’s a size 4, but can wear lah after they punched more holes at the strap. =| But it’s too plain, therefore I DIY to enhance it! Firstly, I must get ready the materials and tools!

Hee Yes! I love crystals! Im going to BLING my shoes. Haha.

Not all materials were being used actually. Some I bought to “try out”. Hmm..the “flowers” on the top left hand corner dont stick easily on the shoe surface, plus it’s difficult to coordinate with the other crystals. Therefore I left it out. Im not expert mah…try basic only first. =P

The tools! Oh actually dont need the scotch tape lah. Just apply glue on the shoe and stick 1 by 1 can already. The scotch tape is needed when there is a design or motif which you wanna stick onto an object.

BEFORE…..so plain.

After!!! Dang dang dang dang!!

Colorado topaz with black diamond Swarovski crystals with cream rose pearls. Nice? Of course not! They’re gorgeous!!

Lol. Hahahaha. Okie lah, I know Im not very creative lah, so do simple design lo. HAHA. But will do lah huh, since they can sparkle! \(*o*)/ They should be quite easy to match, and can be worn for dinners too. I dont intend to wear them for once and chuck them aside. Hello the shoes costs around $50+ and the crystals come up to around $50 too. This pair of shoes, coupled with my efforts is worth around $200 now. LOL. So I wont care if anyone is gonna criticize me for being “exaggerating” for wearing such a pair of bling shoes out in future for outings or dinners. =P I wish the heel is more sleek though but what to do, feet so small, very few choices.

Have been experimenting with different eyeshadows. YA…Im just vain and like to play with colours. Heez.

This combi was done with the bronze colour in Stila eyeshadow trio(gold glow) with the rose gold in O2 eyeshadow. Of course with fake eyelashes and my usual Kat gel eyeliner.

The matching lipstick in peach, IPSA H03 with MAC lipgloss Goldensoft.

Stuff I usually used. Except the glitter, unless for clubbing. Hee =P

That’s all! Im gonna hit the books again!


Dearie’s Horoscope!






Most are quite true except the part which says he picks on fault on partner. I got many faults wor, but he seldom picked one me, so not very true lah. And they say till Saggis very sad like that that. Not so bah.

Mine! Copied and pasted only those which applies to me. Hiak.








So so Meeeeee!!! Hee Hee!!

Opps!! How can??!! I forgot to give a review of “Dark Knights”

Movie Title: Dark Knights
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: Very good. Although I dont find Christian Bale excessively charming(I prefer Val Kilmer =P), it’s still a nice show with all of Batman’s state-of-the-art weapons and car, coupled with all the actions and plot. Heath Ledge did a great job acting Joker. I positively shivered when he threatened to slit off the mouth of his targets. Eeeee…..reverted my face. I seldom do that, not even during ghostly shows. “Do you know how I got my scar?” *lick his lips* Impressive acting. Too bad he passed away…he truly deserved an Oscar for his part. Oh did I mention the female lead sucks. I mean, looking at her, I was unable to convince myself that 2 handsome dudes fell head over heels over her auntie look. She can posed off as their elder sister or auntie lor!

Met Li just now for some shopping at TANGS before we go for some drinks and food at China One Clarke Quay. I was craving for their cheese fries right after the first time I’ve tried it. The 2nd time? Still as good. Tasty, thick fries drenched with piping hot melted cheeseeeeee. Wet, slick, yummy! The hot wings were great too, albeit too small. More like baby wings/drums. =P

C, Iv, T did jio for St James just now because C still left her bottle of liquor which is going to expire. Li and me were hesitant to join because wah lau…Wednesday go clubbing. We’re no longer 17 and 18, Li and I said to each other. Surprisingly after we finished our food and 1pint of hoegarden each at 10+pm, Li dont mind go St James for awhile. Awhile meaning 1-2hours and we agreed to go by 11.30pm. However, they didnt pick up the calls. It’s ok lah, I should get my ass home to study some notes too.

And Happy Birthday my darling Ser!!!! Opps it’s past twelve. Nevermind! My sms was punctual. Im organizing a Crabby Meet soon for all crab lovers. I’ll see you soon my dear to enjoy our crabs!! Heh Heh.
Short entry. Will suffice. =P

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Bon voyage

Last Saturday night was being spent at i-Rumours at Clarke Quay as a farewell gathering for Ge as she’s flying to London soon to join her boyfriend, for maybe 2 years. Initially, I did not plan on going because I literally dont know her well as she has left the agency before I joined. But I’ve heard of her name sometimes and also bumped into her together with Sh while shopping with dearie at Raffles City once. She strucked me as a very sweet girl with no airs, not to mention totally gorgeous. Perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect height, perfect smile and perfect figure. I really respect her for her devotion towards her boyfriend all these years. It’s not easy to maintain a long distance relationship. London leh, so far. Not even malaysia or aussie.

I almost cant believe the place charges a cover charge. I dont know how much though, because Ed opened a bottle to waive all our cover charges, together with Dearie, F, SH, Ge, himself and me. If you like dragonfly then perhaps you will like i-Rumours. Kind of canto disco. Sometimes the band will sing, sometimes it’s playing house, techno or retro music. We played dice, and I taught them the “animal game” inspired by Iv too. We went back around 3+am.

Hope everything work out for her in London, for work and for love. =D

Did I mention ChinaOne’s cheese fries is totally heavenly? I have been fantasizing it for 2 days straight. Shall go get it soon.

Oh yah. I’ve got Ash to be my photographer on my ROM day! Im so happy can? I always know she has a passion for photographer and she got one big ass bulky camera which she took awesome pictures. But I didnt know she actually do freelance too and is so professional about it. I actually meant it to be a simple affair. Like perhaps 1 or 2 hours for snapping pictures of the venue, food, group pictures, the solemnization and also the breathtaking room which we are going to stay for the nuptial night. However, Ash was being totally pro and generous about it. Besides charging me for a much lesser fee than she usually charges, she said she’s gonna be there whole day just for me, as well as doing some edits, touch-ups and all the chim chim effects which Im clueless. Im so touched with her selfless giving. =D Though I said I dont want her to be so tiring and vexing to take photos for so many hours because I want her to enjoy the buffet and the occassion too as a good friend. But she insists. =.= Well, Im in for a treat! So so happy. I know I wont be shy infront of her and Im sure Dearie will love her. Of course not in that way lah, otherwise I will be jealous. Hee. Below are a few of her works which I simple adore, the angles and the effects everything. There’s simply too many of my favourites though I try not to put up pics of her and her frens without her permission, so please view them from her blog ya. And Baileys is sooOooO Cute!






Do leave her a message at her blog if wish to engage her services. =D