Mum got better and cooked her meals yesterday before I can stop it. Well, I think she buay tahan the food I cook lah. Haha. She went to work today and I will bring her see specialist tomorrow at SGH. Hope everything will be fine and thanks for all your concern. =)

Recently I caught a HK drama 情人眼里高一D(pronounced in Cantonese). I think it also meant “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. I was enjoying it until episode 6 then I realised it’s already the final. It’s the first time I watched a short series HK drama but standard wasnt compromised. It was starred by 王祖蓝, 黄宗泽, 阮小仪 and 徐子珊.

The story is very similar to Japanese’s Handsome Suit movie.

In Handsome suit, the male lead will transform from a supposedly “ugly” man to a handsome, dashing young man when he wore the handsome suit. I typed “ugly” in inverted commas because I dont feel they’re ugly at all. Alright, perhaps they arent good-looking, that’s all. If I remember correctly, the true self will not be revealed unless hot liquid was poured on him, and of course, when he removed the suit.

Whereas in 情人眼里高一D, the male lead will transform when he ate the “transformation” chocolate but effect only lasts for 24hours and he cant transform until another 24hours later. 王祖蓝 is the “ugly” vegetable seller while 黄宗泽 is the handsome singer. 阮小仪 is the “ugly” female lead who acted as 黄宗泽’s assistant and the pretty one was starred by somebody else whose name I dont know(she’s not popular). 徐子珊 is the popular singer who fell in love with the handsome 黄宗泽 after he was discovered to be a singer but despised him when he transformed back into his old “ugly” self.

Another similarity was there’s another pretty lady in the story who likes the male lead, despite his “ugly” looks and all. But she was disappointed when all that matters to the male lead is her beautiful face. So she also transformed into a “uglier” girl so that he can learn to appreciate her inner beauty too.

I dont think I can ever understand her troubles since I’m never beautiful. Lol. Hmm…but I can try and “imagine” lah…it’s true that it’s not healthy if a guy only sees you as a pretty vase or prize. *shakes head* Bad..bad.

There comes the climax in 情人眼里高一D when 王祖蓝 finished his special chocolates and he thought that’s the end of his dream – being a star, a singer because nobody can accept a handsome singer who suddenly turned so “ugly”. At that critical moment, he was given another chance – a special chocolate that will transform his looks forever and ever.

But he didnt take it because he felt he will lose himself forever and 失去自我. Finally he abandoned his dream and got together with 阮小仪 who was the pretty girl in disguise and lived happily ever after.

If it’s you, will you take the special chocolate?

Both movies appraised the quote “beauty lies skin deep” and not to lose oneself in external, superficial beauty. I second that too, not to be obsessed with the outer layer of skin and it’s the heart that counts more. I dont mean looks arent important but they’re not as important as the internal. However, to see the prism from another angle, it’s merely another layer of skin, isnt it? Changing the face and body doesnt change the heart so why does it matter? And if you judge another person just because he/she re-do his/her face and body, wouldnt you be as superficial to judge him/her on that?

Now, that’s controversial. I would say it really depends on what you want and you just have to be responsible for any decisions you make.

If I’m 王祖蓝 in the show, I will go ahead and transform my looks forever. Why?

Perhaps because it’s a short story with a short time span, or perhaps the emotional drama development between 王祖蓝 and 阮小仪 wasnt very intense, I cant feel he actually loves her very much. On the other hand, I can feel his strong passion towards his dream – to be a singer. If I’m him, young and single with a dream which is just within my grasp, I might just take take the chance because the only way to achieve the dream is to have good looks other than good voice.

Moreover from the very start, 阮小仪 already saw his real looks so I think it’s not very difficult for her to accept his new face. It’s not as if he faced her with the handsome face for years until he revealed the real “ugly” face. That will be much harder to accept and swallow.

On the other hand, if I’m ME, now, as Fion Lim, who is given a chance to just consume a piece of chocolate and turn into some beautiful star, e.g Michelle Reis etc forever, I will not take it.

Because I’m afraid of the risk which might change everything I hold dear now.

There will certainly be more privileges to enjoy if I have a prettier face but I believe that also brings more trouble too. I might get more attention from the male population, more suitors, suitors who are richer, of better qualities, treat me much better like queens etc. Or the more exaggerating scenario will be the new face might be the new born star, shooting movies and recording albums. The possibilities are endless. And what that means? Yes, I will definitely earn more money and have more suitors despite the married status. All this creates complications.

Complications that dearie probably wont like? Haha.
Maybe he might get inferior, in turn more possessive, bad-tempered etc. It might hinder our relationship.

Next up, I’m not a saint too. I cant guarantee nor swear that with all this complications and the chain-effects, I will stay 100% the way I am. It’s simply not possible or rather, highly attainable. All this accounts to risk that might jeopardize my current wonderful life with my dearest hubby. And why would I want that? When I’ve already have the world? =) There’s nothing more in life that I wished for in my relationship with hubby. Like I said, another climax might be when we create a baby. But it’s only a climax when we both have the mindset to be daddy and mummy. Now the time is still not ripe. =P

If I have only 1 wish now, I will hope my mum stay healthy all the way without any illness bothering her.

And if I have another wish, I hope both my brothers can be more matured, sensible and dont need me to worry.

That’s, my perfect life.

Not a perfect nose or big eyes.

Disclaimer: I can accept minor enhancements to myself of course, just not changing the whole face/body until I’m not recognizable! Better skin, slimmer arms etc are very okie. Kekeke. However, personally, I will not take plastic surgery, simply because

1) I dont need them to make myself feel better about myself

2) Pain lah

3) Dont like people saying I’m plastic. =P

But if you accept the above 3, go ahead and do it. I’m not against it except towards people who simply lied blantantly and said they did not undergo it. ZzZzz

Just be prepared to accept whatever consequences. =)


He’s just not that into you

Movie Title: He’s just not that into you
Ratings: 4.8/5
Comments: Very entertaining. A hilarious comedy. For a show with a combination of few different stories, I’m glad they actually “blended” them very well. Like each story is independent on it’s own, while still able to be pieced all together as a great movie.

The “pointers” or love-signs addressed by the movie were pretty amusing though not foreign to me. Have yet to read the book but I guess it’s all about the same stuff. I think it’s all pretty common sense huh. As in, if a guy doesn’t calls, then he’s not interested. That’s like, the basic. Everyone should know that. But obsessed people in love often failed to see that. Usually, I tend to be stupid AFTER I’m in a relationship and not prior to that. There’s much lecture for me but thank god I’ve lived through them and survived through them. Yes!

I can share a few pointers too, while I’m here. Just simple, basic ones. Oh and I realised I’ve blogged them before at blogspot.

Here’s again. Ctrl + C and Ctrl+ V is wonderful.

Signs that he’s not that into you(and yup you should find a better guy)

1) Somehow, he always misses your calls and your messages. And seldom or no replies

2) He can suddenly go MIA

3) His fridays, saturdays, and eves of PH are always not available. Or either that, he only spares you 2 hours like a dinner or a movie, thats it.

4) Before this, he always have time for you. Now he’s so damn busy with his work, his studies, his dog, his mom or his car.

5) He starts to complain without having enough personal “space”.

6) He starts to encourage you to see other people and hinting the 2 of you are not really compatible in many ways

7) He’s always secretive with his hp, as if its plated with gold.

8) He never confirms appointments with you. Its always a “see first” or “confirm later with you ok?”

9) He’s not attentive to you and his eyes wanders around

10) He appreciates his guy’s night out much more than cuddling with you(other than sex)

What about signals when he’s so in love with you?

1) He messages or calls often(when he can)

2) He will go out of the way to do something special for (at least) your birthday no matter how unromantic he is!

3) He loves to see you anytime anywhere, even if its a dinner. And you are always top priority during weekends or PH.

4) He brings you home to see his parents and most importantly, he hopes very much you click with them

5) He introduces you proudly to his friends that you are his girlfriend.

6) Loving gestures here and there. No need kisses in public but at least he would hold your hand

7) He’s protective and somewhat extra attentive when he realised you’re going out in lesser clothing or has someone wooing you

8) Whenever he sees you, that smile he has is just more heart-warming that any of his smiles. The way he speaks to you is also different from the way he speaks to other females/people

9) It hurts him as much to see you cry

10) He’ll say you’re beautiful no matter what!

Now…dont go getting paranoid about all these signals below when he has it, because they are still GUYS!

Signals which he has but doesnt mean he dont love you!

1) He forgot your favourite colour of tulips

2) He forgot you reminded him to sweep the floor just now or trivial things, meticulous stuff.

3) He dont say what is bothering him

4) He kept quiet when you nagged him forever

5) He didnt realised that you’re naked when the worldcup is on.

6) He glanced distractedly at a female who has 3/4 of her boobs visible

7) He didnt join in your complaints about an unjust incident or sickening boss but instead tell you “tomorrow will be a better day” and “dont brood about it”

8) He’s not interested in your pretty eyeshadow colours nor which lipstick looks better. (he’s more interested in the overall image you project, exclude the process of how you did it)

9) He didnt sign your purchase of your LV bag very willingly. (unless he’s f*cking rich that is. Because you know why, to them branded goods are just extravagant, impractical stuffs. He would be more willing to buy something practical for you for that price.)

10) He’s not that anxious to meet your parents nor hear the word “marriage”(unless he’s a cancerian or 35years old and above. Haha)

Of course I meant all the above pointers AFTER the dating and honeymoon period lah. Guys are always xtra duper nice when wooing you.

Funny people

Just now I met a prospect who openly declared her distaste for insurance and said she’s not a believer. What’s interesting was, she was actually underwriter previously for 10 years, of 3 different insurance companies. And she said she knew all the “loopholes” and all the “bad stuff” with insurances and that it’s not easily claimable. Not even 10 years of association in that industry can change her view. Additionally she was sick with the politics and gradually quit that line.

Hmmm….interesting. By the way, ANYWHERE also got politics lah. I repeated that umpteen times to people. Want a place without politics? Sorry, cant think of any. Hmm…Unless work in zoo lor. Face the animals, sure no politics. Unless you’re rich enough to publish your own books, then yeah, no politics.

You know once in awhile I will meet this kind of clients. What kind?
The kind who thinks they-know-it-all, and know-it-best. But the fact is, they dont.

“Wow. 10years. Oh I see.”

“How about you? How many years you worked as an advisor?”

“Coming 5 years. My hubby, coming 7 years.”

“orhhhhhh 5 years only huh, I 10years. *smug*”

Despite how much I’m mentally rolling my eyes at the back of my head, Okie I know I’m very bad but I cant help it. Just listen to my explanation.

Firstly, she said she worked 10 years as a underwriter. A underwriter is one who underwrites a case, and determine whether it’s acceptable, if so, with what conditions, limits and exclusions. It’s dependent on the client’s health, policy amount and policy type. So she is the one who ascertains the risk involved and worked out quotations and loading rates etc. So dont blame me with any strict loadings or liens ah, because it’s all the underwriter’s decisions. =P

With her 10years as an UNDERWRITER, I would assume that she’s competent in risks analysis, good in maths, familiar with either big or small illness as concerned with her job and know what kind of people with what kind of illness will die how early. That’s it.

I cant be fully convinced that she’s as FAMILIAR as me in terms of knowing the “loopholes” or “bad stuff” etc or understanding how insurance works and how they can help people because

1)I’m the one who delivers the policy contracts and well-versed enough to explain to the client(of course I’ve read them umpteen times too)

2) I’m the one who do claims for the clients. So with experience, I will know why some claims will be paid while some cant, etc. Though for more complicated cases, companies will request for medical reports. And that is up to the CLAIMS department to access already.

So I would THINK I will understand how insurance WORKS and how insurance can help in our lives BETTER than someone who spend 10 years behind a desk to calculate about the probability of how early and easy can one die because of some silly illnesses and the qualitative and quantity risks involved in claims payment.

If she worked 10 years in the CLAIMS DEPARTMENT instead. Ahh…probably I will give her more credit. Because she would have admitted more claims than I would have experienced. And she would have know the percentage of people who have successful claims.

But I tell you, even if she really work 10 years in the CLAIMS department, she also cant give me that face. WHY? Because it’s not the “Insurance” fault that one’s claims cant be paid. The prospect might not have bought the IDEAL TYPE of policy to suit her needs. Problem might lies with, 1) she has not enough budget, 2) her application was denied because of any health conditions, or 3) the advisor did not do a good job by giving the right recommendations.

It’s very difficult to get one fully covered because it involves quite a percentage of one’s money. Normal beings like us still need liquidity. The richer one is, the easier it is to get himself fully covered since he dont need that much liquid cash. But again, when one is rich, he has more to lose, and has more to consider, and thus need more coverage.

I’m a believer of insurance and that’s why I’m in this line. I truly believe it can help people. Because of 1 simple fact. That is, we’re not immortals, and life is not an absolute. Life is unfair, and we’re all humans reincarnated to go through birth, aging, sickness and death(生,老,病,死). The Buddhists say we’re incarnated as humans to repay debts(还债), the Christians say we’re repaying our sins. Whichever way you call it lah. I just know nobody can live forever and nobody can guarantee anyone that he/she wont fall sick for all his/her life.

So if the money you pay every month generates you an interest higher than what you normally can get from banks, and where major illness or death occurs, you can get an even bigger sum of money, then why not?

But while we’re at the topic of insurance, I have to be frank about Mrs “Know-it-all”‘s statement. True. “Insurance” are not perfect. They have their loopholes. Not every claim will be paid. Not every case will be accepted. Not every sickness can be claimed. Again, it’s the same logic. Life is not an absolute. It’s utterly impossible to cover every little aspect or pay up the cost of every tiny minor illness when the probability is 99.99999999%. How many many of us never see doctor even once in their lifetime? I’m sure everyone of us sees doctor now and then for tiny minor stuff.

SO if every little nitty gritty stuff can be claimed, then they can never be enough pool of money for the catastrophic, needy people who genuinely needs them. And not to mention, there wont be any company who wants to do a business which 100% will fail. Confirm “toh” one lor.

There should be a win-win situation and not a one-sided win-lose situation. Insurance is a risk-transfer tool and it’s something which we can contribute together to form a pool of money to help one another in times of need and NOT a tool to let trashy, greedy and stingy beings take for granted and take advantage of.

I do understand there are different products in the market. While we remain competitive, it’s up to you to access and compare. Some will be better, some will be more inferior. Most of them have the basic features.

Sometimes dont understand the things which some people are thinking. They expect to pay a $20+ per month and the company would pay everything including every outpatient trip to their family doctor because of a mere flu or fever outbreak.

Common lor………..

Or they expect to pay only a $100 every month for 10 years but yet expect a $100K coverage with a 20% growth at the age of 45(not young leh..)

Can! Can be done. Regular Investment-linked, via dollar cost averaging, tentatively in a positive climate(not a guarantee). Traditional plans cant give that high a return in 10years because mostly are fixed investments in bonds. Bonds cant give you that high a return at such a short time. And definitely not that high a coverage for middle-aged people of 45 and above. Want asset accumulation AS WELL AS high protection? Only via investment-linked.

Then they complained about the low guaranteed amount and that everything is uncertain for investment.

Sometimes really is cough blood, I tell you.

Give peanuts, expect to get dragon.

There is another way to achieve high coverage and a considerable amount of asset accumulation. That is by buying term and investing the difference. But to achieve a good 20% growth in 10years, besides a good eye in investing, you also need a bigger capital for unit trusts, shares, ETF(exchange-traded fund), etc.

$100 a month.

HOW TO INVEST??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such a small capital…..unless buy Warrant. But is also dependable on investment climate and need abit of luck. It’s like buy big or small. And needs constant lookout on pricing and STI..and to do that for 10years?? ZzzZzz

Funny lah some people. All sorts of different people on earth.

Greedy people are such a turn-off

I really feel like leaving a comment at http://thesweetestday.wordpress.com/ to tell the owner HOW CRAZY I think of the pricing she has of her items.

I think many brides have the same frustration as I do, that is, every SINGLE, SIMPLE little thing has been doubled or even tripled on pricing just because they’re associated with weddings. The same quote got passed all around, “it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing”, followed by fake smiles by the promoters, whoever is trying to fleece your money. YAH, it is a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for ME but it’s not going to be a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for YOU. You’re not going to DIE after doing whatever favour you’re going to do for me. You will still continue your business WITH OTHER COUPLES after me right? So there’s no right to super-overcharged me just because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for me unless you’re super renowned for your work and has some sort of branding. Even the prices of paintings by mediocre artists only soar highly after they DIE and not when they’re still alive and still continue to paint and paint.

On the contrary, I can accept exorbitant prices of hotel rooms, or flowers or travelling during peak or festive seasons like Valentines day etc BECAUSE for these businesses, their main income sources are from these festive seasons. You hardly see hotels being fully filled up on normal days. They’re usually only 10-20% full on normal days and just imagine the costs of overhead and fixed costs for mere maintenance. And people seldom buy flowers too, unless for red or white events. So the higher prices during peak seasons are actually essential for their survival. I can totally understand.

BUT, it’s not the case for weddings what. WHOLE YEAR ROUND also got weddings, like several hundreds in a year. It doesnt have a peak or non-peak season. When couples divorced, they’re likely to re-marry and have ANOTHER wedding. Rebirth, recycle, re-use, I think of it this way. So there’s no excuse you dont have enough wedding couples to earn your money from! So stop fleecing poor brides like me!

Makeup, photography are pretty subjective and depends on your needs. Because as a make-up person, I know how important is makeup and how makeup can change the way you look. As for photography, need I say, different photographers can capture different things. Therefore I have nothing much to say for people who can splurge alot on makeup and photography, we just have different needs and expectations. But I grudgingly, devilishly do hope Kel Koh business drop. Why? Because dammit, his clients are spoiling the photography market big time with their indulgence of $6000-$8000 per actual day shoot by Kel Koh. That is like, for 10hours only. Nahz, anyway he should earned enough lah. Of course as for whether his work is worth that price or not, it’s very subjective because photography is a very personal thing.

BUT, back to topic, charging $50 for a mere angbao box with no more than a few pathetic crystals and 3D flowerart sticked onto it is plain RIDICULOUS!!

Craftsmanship? I didnt see anything more difficult to do for a 5 year old kid. In the name of art? Nope, I didnt see any beautifully painted swans or lovely phoenix being sewed on. Materials? They’re just common CHEAP stuff which you can get. Oh please dont think Swarovski crystals are very expensive. I just got 4 packets of 72pieces each from a spree at $3+ per packet. I dont even remember the exact price because it’s so cheap.

So, what, just stick 7 pieces of crystals onto a lousy pen will deem it worthy with a price tag of $7($15 for 2)?? Are they even PILOT pens?

And such a simple guestbook sprinkled with coloured dust coupled with 2 stick figurines of the couple’s head cut out from photo plus some sticked-on flowers, she want to sell it at $60?? Precious Moment Guestbook also only $20+ lor.

Ha. Sweet lace confetti cones, what a nice name.

What the X?X is those confetti cones made from coloured paper with sticked-on lace and some silly stickers? $15 for 6? Put candies inside will turn GOLD huh?

Reallyyyyyyyyy feel like smacking her head. 简直是异想天开! Dont know who will buy lor. The only comment she got was for asking quotation because price wasnt stated. OB quack.

Seriously, either she CANT COUNT(her maths most probably fail), or else she’s terribly GREEDY! I’m really very sick of such people. People who spend little effort on their stuff and dream on selling for a high profit. She dont EVEN have a basis to back up. At least Kel Koh have a basis for his pricing. and of course he’s an award-winning photographer too.

And hor, these lousily kneaded clay figurines, they looked exactly like those life-sized paper figurines which people burn for the DEAD, GOOD HEAVENS! And she’s charging $50 for them. OH MY GOD, something must be terribly wrong with her eyes and taste for she called them “cute”!

I really dont know what the hell she’s up to. $15 for 6. These bubble bottles need to tie ribbon meh? Then what, tie ribbon liao then can sell at a high price for profit? Wah lau. If you want a high profit, anyone with brains also wont buy because it’s practically tying those bottles with ribbons only! And if she set a low price, how much profit can she possibly make?

It really reminds me of bo liao people who sell stationary like liquid paper la or pens lah at Ebay. I saw them when I was surfing for gloves. They’re selling like $1 or $2 but who will buy? Alamak, if buy still have to top up for postage, is it even worth it or not? If selling price is $1 or $2, can make how much profit leh? And even if it’s realllyyyy cheaper, with all the trouble just for a pen or liquid paper….I wonder who will buy? Arloz, if so, the person who will be interested to buy must be damn broke lah and cant afford internet at all la! I might be really crude, but sometimes, sigh, I dont understand how the brains of these people work sometimes. ZzZz. Why not just give them away, isnt it better and simpler?

It’s not that angbao boxes, wedding pens, or ring stands etc CANNOT be sold at a price of $30, $50 or above. Of course they can! BUT they must be worthy of that price! Just look at those pictures, those of the guestbook or angbao boxes. They’re SO COMMON, who cares if they’re 1-of-a-kind or customizable? The design is just not very understanding, it’s merely passable. So why would I care to have a very ordinary design which is 1-of-a-kind in Singapore or the whole world for that sake? Yes, for such a mediocre design being sold at such a price, if I really buy it, then I’m really “1-of-a-kind-world-class-idiot”.

Just wait and watch. My angbao box will certainly surpasses hers in any way and I’m gonna do it myself. *smirks*

Movies & Things I love

Movie Title: Blindness
Ratings: 4.2/5
Comments: Sort of dragged in the middle but overall is a nice show. Warning: It’s a very “heavy” show, as in the plot is heavy. It really depicts the harsh survival of humans. The story goes like that: a Jap guy suddenly got blind and his blindness is easily contagious to everyone who looked at his eyes. Hence the doctors, the nurses, everyone who has gotten into contact with him literally went blind after few days. The doctor was the male lead who also got blind and got quarantined into a deserted quarters where nobody is there to take care of the group of blind people who eventually got bigger. Only his wife was not infected and she lied that she’s infected so that she can take care of him in the quarters. Noble right? You will know how noble she is if you watch the show. And guess what? The husband can go have sex with another blind female with the wife looking on.

If it’s me hor, seriously I dont even know what will I do. What a bastard.

Movie Title: Quantum of Solace
Ratings: 4.4/5
Comments: 007 movies always have a minimum standard, just like Jackie Chan’s movies. The shooting of the cars/planes/speedboats were simply thumbs up. Damn thrilling. Plot is rather boring and it makes me alittle confused. But for this only James Bond movie, very little intimate scenes and romantic scenes between the leads, which is quite surprising. I used to feel Daniel Craig is not very handsome as compared with Pierce Brosnan..but the way he fights and shoots those dangerous scenes is really an eye-opener. Suddenly feel Pierce is merely a paper tiger. Lol. Daniel Craig 真是越看越有味道了! Hahaha.

Things I love!

Yesterday I made a great purchase! I found 2 really pretty cheongsums selling at only $30 per piece. One piece red and one piece pink. The red one is really gorgeous and have golden embroidery of dragons/phoenixes. It’s really too good to be true as cheongsums usually costs a 3 figure. A decent looking one will need $200 and above. Custom-made ones need $300 and long ones need around $400. Kel’s wore a mustard yellow cheongsum to bade her guests goodbye on her customary wedding night too and that costs a $300. Ser and I saw 1 nice shop at fareast selling real gorgeous cheongsums but of course their pricing also very “gorgeous”. Im merely taking a look slowly as Im considering buying cheongsums for the tea ceremony etc. Anyway no hurry for me since it’s next year. But this deal of $30 per piece is simply..irresistible! Slight alterations are needed for the waist and bum but I reckon how expensive the alterations also wont be more than $50 bah. Shall wait till next year then alter. So, Im very happy! =) Dearie said Im slowly developing the fetish for cheongsums already. =P I do have a unexplainable love with oriental stuff. Just look at the design of my ROM gown. Oriental right? Heez

I used to think since customary is next year, can slowly view. But I realised 1 thing, if you really see good stuff, dont wait already, just buy! Because before you knew it, some people would have grabbed it. And do consider inflation too! Just look the soaring prices of banquet, hotels and properties and you’ll know! How I know the price difference from those banquets? Forums loh. To think 1 year ago, prices can differ as much as $100 per table! That is like “WOAH”!

Overall, so far Im quite pleased with all my wedding preps lah. As in, I dont think I spent alot. Or rather even if it’s quite an amount, I do feel they’re very value for money. Like, although my ROM is not considered very cheap in comparison if I do it at Raffles town clubs, country clubs, or restaurants, but overall, I think it’s a good deal, with the nice hotel room, good service, late check-out, nice buffet food, ease of changing into gowns and makeup, and the flair of which the whole event was carried out. Good.

Also, for my bridal studio, our package is $3388 with 2 MTM gowns, plus all the nitty gritty stuff la. Most of the stuff were included like car rental, ROM package, 6 gowns to change with accompanied makeup and hairdo, 32 pages of album, dress for mummy and the other standard stuffs. We merely top up a $300 for a better quality of album, whereby the pictures are not being “pasted” but instead, “printed”. Because the lousier quality album, pictures might crack in time to come. For a package of 2 MTM gowns, market rate would be $4K-$5K, depending on the popularity of your designer or boutique. Therefore I would feel that I got a good deal, especially when Capio is a competent designer. Bliss bridal also offered MTM gowns at this pricing too but somehow I dont believe in their competency because they seemed too desperate for sales and too eager to agree. And the quality of their albums is really not up to standard, from what I’ve seen there.

Actually, surfing online, most designs of gowns are pretty standard. If you want something extraordinary, you will need to come up with the design yourself or choose your own unique fabric like how I did. Hence, it will be one-of-a-kind. The normal cuts like empire waist etc, sweet heart neckline etc, ball-gown or A-line etc, the usual colours; pure white, off white, cream and the usual bridal fabrics; duchess satin, satin, silk satin, organza, tulle etc, decor like beading or crystals are all very standard. You can always decide yourself and tell the designer how you want it to be. You dont need a top-notch designer to tailor a great gown. Most preferably, choose the cuttings which flatters your figure and height. However, embroidery and laces are more tacky and counts on quality so it’s better to go to reputable studios if you really like embroidery and french laces because not all studios carry nice laces.

Just my 2cents. =)

Of course with the photography, videography and the topping of photos, the package wont stop at only $3688. Must add $1200 for whole day videography and express highlights of video, $400 for whole day photography…topping up of transport for makeup artists, ampoules and fake eyelashes service charge($10. $15 if you use her lashes)…the whole thing will probably come up to around $6K. ZzZz…I asked Kel, her’s around 7K. But her package is also quite comprehensive, from Sophia Collections. Good service with nice gowns off-the-rack too.

Now Im thinking about the design of my wedding gown… interesting. Heh~

OMG, just read WY’s entry about my ROM, I laughed till stomachache about their exciting journey prior to reach my ROM venue at Furama!

And I commented, “Lol!! Damn hilarious lor!! Im SO TOUCHED that you two braved storms and rain to get to my place. Muahaha Thanks dear! But you’re werent late lah. =) Omg, li’s dress is $400 siah. Dont quite look like it though. Your dress nicer. Anyway, soon we must go and get her ROM gift already. Haha. Precious Moment again? =D ”

And oh yes, I have another darling sister tying the knots too. She is Li!! Looking forward already!!