CNY Chu 4 2011

Chu 4

Went Boss’s house to bai nian. As usual, the 3 storey estate was swarmed with people. Just giving warm handshakes to half the crowd made my hands limp. Haha. Okie, a gross exaggeration. It was indeed a very joyous event seeing so many happy faces. I had to marvel how time flies when every new year, I’m amazed by the growth of the little kiddos of my colleagues. Some of the toddlers had grown so tall and some babies had also grown so much hair since I saw them last year. How I wish I can experience the same “growth”. Lol. Muahahahahaha. =P

After satisfying our growling stomachs with the buffet, shortly after, I began mahjiong session with Lyn, Dor and Qi. Hohoho~Sometimes I really wish dearie can be more participative with games. I mean, not all the time, but at least during festive seasons or when I’m playing mahjiong. Although he’s supposedly enjoying himself with his iphone while sitting beside me, I wish he can join in the fun with the others at the gambling table. It’s ultimately, Chinese New Year mah. But it’s also not that he’s unsociable, he’s just not a “gambling person” that’s all. He dont like anything which is associated with gamble. Actually I dont like gambling too. However, for new year, sometimes I will play cards awhile for the sake of fun. I still enjoy the mahjiong game more, though again, it’s merely the game and not the gambling part with money which interests me. Of course, can win is good lah. =)

Half way through the game, we paused to lo hei!! It was an impressive lo hei session comprising of no lesser than 50 people. I think we had a total of 7 boxes of lo hei? You can just imagine how happening when all were “lo” at the same time! Pandemonium simply broke loose especially when some colleagues were super enthu in lo-ing the highest they can! At times like this, it’s super disadvantageous for me lah when I’m so short!! It was as if they “lo” above my head instead and all the carrot la, cucumber la, sesame seeds la, all landed on my head and arms. =(  Actually I merely “lo” once(a single stroke) before I fled to safety. But dearie was behind me and he blocked my pathway. =((((( He is a very superstitious person lor, dont see him like that, =P So he also “lo” until very very high, which is no difficulty to him la since he’s so tall. By the time I escaped to the safety zone, poor me had became a “christmas tree“. I had to remove the clip in my hair and gave a hard shake to remove all the debris in it. =.=”’ Thank god it’s not alot.

We resumed the mahjiong game. Qi was super lucky and zi mo 5 dai twice. Thus emerging as the big winner. It was still a pretty friendly game with me losing around S$50+ and Lyn $70+. =) It was already 6pm and most of them left. Dearie and I stayed to play cards. This time round, Dearie did “take part” by betting on Des’s cards because he was super lucky! In fact, just the bet on his cards ALONE come up to around maximum $200. Imagine how stressful it was for the zeng(banker), who was Boss. I played my own with a friendly bet of merely S$6 per game. Dearie won around S$100+ while I lost S$20+.  Adjourned to Jalan Kayu nearby for prata before heading home. Shag!!

Next year I shall wear a cap to Boss’s house for lo hei so that I can “lo” properly without emerging as a christmas tree!!!


Chinese New Year Chu 3

Before I start my entry……… let me express my deepest condolences to M, my colleague, whose mum had passed away on 3rd Feb(Chu 1)..only got to know it few days later.

I still remember the fateful New Year Eve when mum was hospitalised…it was as if the world had caved in on me… That was probably the lowest point in my life, I felt so alone. With 2 younger brothers gloomy and clueless on New Year Eve…I had to be strong and try to “produce” a New Year Eve’s reunion dinner. I always thought I’m independent and strong but I felt so wrong then. With all the spring cleaning then on my shoulders, I was on the verge on breaking down mentally and physically. Eventually I made it…steamboat is actually not that difficult…just cut up the ingredients will do…though it all tasted pretty bland to all of us.

I was already wtih Dearie then but he was not the sensitive and caring hubby yet. He merely went home to have dinner with his family and did not helped me one bit…though I know he had to and he SHOULD do that…I really felt all alone and wished he could stay. =( He did not offer to invite me back to his home for dinner, neither do I think I will want to impose on them anyway. I felt terrible…fearing what will happen to Mummy…Thank god eventually she was discharged. I can just imagine M and his family’s grief and fear must have been more than 10times of mine… Hopefully his mum can rest in peace.

Anyway, I know all that’s in the past already and dearie, I’m not PURPOSELY bringing it up okie. But I have my memories and did not suffer amnesia. =P I’m glad he loves and cares more for me and mummy now. Oh and we’re bringing mummy to OUR favourite Jacky Cheung’s concert on Aug 28th 2011!!!  Thanks to dearie for sponsoring our pretty “indulgent” tickets. =D

Okie…time to recap the happy CNY events. =D

Sian, today is “officially” my last day of CNY holiday. =P Woke up with a bad throat and sneezing non-stop. Was super gloomy when all other SCV channels were no longer available. Emo Emo. =( Was wondering should we subscribe to it? They really have nice chinese movies and “celestial” movies!! I’m “ancient” mah. I love old movies!! But I’m afraid I will glued to the TV and stopped moving after I subscribed. Lol.

Chu 3

Supposed to wake up earlier and go mother-in-law house but we overslept and didnt go. =P Anyway, I think they had “enough” of us as we had meet them both on Eve and Chu 1. Hahaha. My parents-in-laws are very independent and modern parents who loves their personal space. Kinda scared they find us irritating, keep bothering them. Lol. So glad to see them so loving all these years. =)

Went J and SH’s lovely home at Duxton around 3+pm. HR and wifey were overseas and HS was sick, so didnt join us. Including Al and wifey, we had 3 couples, total of 6 people. We gorged on KFC delivery and had fun playing monopoly card games and our special “daidee”. Although, it seems the crowd was not as lively as our New Year Eve(31st Dec 2010) gathering. More people were present then and we had more games.

Around 8+pm, we left for Shir’s house at Bedok. That’s when even more fun began! We had a total of 7 people and had a lot of fun catching up because I haven seen Rey and Shi for a pretty long time! I think since my wedding! So ya lah, with Joh and Rey around(I called them the crappiests, hahaha), we had alot of laughs. Was glad dearie had fun mingling as well because this is the FIRST time that he’s joining me and my friends.

Rey was helping himself to the pyramid of bottles of red wine at Shir’s house. Lol So funny. Too bad my throat STILL wasnt feeling okay so I merely had maybe 2 glasses or lesser. The others simply…wah…machiam free flow like that, opening 1 bottle after another! Lol. Heng the generous Shir dont mind. Heez!

Shir got her rewards too for she was very heng1(lucky)! We played a new card game call “Caribbean” as taught by her and it was our first time playing. Basically still a game which requires lots and lots of luck and almost no skill needed lah. We also played blackjack. The generous host won a total of hundred odd maybe because we did not bet very big also lah. Friendly friendly. =) Then we moved on to mahjiong because cards kept lose mah. So the non-mahjiong players basically helped themselves to MORE wine and gossip while the mahjiong players “fought on”. Dearie accompanied me by staying by me. =)

Shir was losing mahjiong untilllll her dear hubby, Mike came back! The moment he sat down and took her place hor, immediately he zi mo(self touch) a 5 dai game. ZzzZzz. Hahaha And then he kept winning and diao zeng(stay as banker) for few rounds untilllll Shir came back to play and lost the zeng. Lol. It was very funny lah. Still, the lovely couple, together with the crappy Rey won some bucks while poor Joh and me contributed to their happiness. Lol. But it was not alot lah. I lost a S$30 while Joh lost a S$50 maybe. =) We were laughing like hell that it was still very “worth it”, as we treated the mahjiong losses as “cover charges” and red wine charges. Muahahahaha. After the game, we were so famished that we gorged on the Mac which was delivered just in time! We later left at 3+am. =D

Do gather again soon!! Missing you all already!! =)

We had missed going Roy’s lovely home together with other colleagues because we simply couldnt split ourselves up into 2. And also because most of our friends had to work on monday(today), so most of them wanted to meet on Chu 3, which is a Saturday. Anyway we got to meet our colleagues the next day on Chu 4 at Boss’s home. =)

Tomorrow(tues, Chu 6) is lucky heng gang day(lucky-to-work-day)!!! And I have a long long long day tomorrow, starting from 10am. So might rest earlier tonite.

Unknowingly wrote such a long entry, continue tomorrow. =) Nite peeps!

Happy new lebbit year!!!

Happy new year everyone!! Sincerely wishing everyone has a smashing great abundant year ahead!!!

祝:身体健康! 心想事成! 天天开心! 龙马精神! 兔年行大运!!

This has been a real busy CNY, to date. And it doesnt help when I’m not feeling well at some point of time. I’m glad I’m better now. =)

The night before 除夕, we went Jurong Point Ntuc Extra to buy lotsa groceries so as to prepare for meals for the new year period. There were hoards of people and the queue was simply horrible. While shopping at the ntuc, I saw some families full force out with both the young and old doing new year groceries shopping together. It was a very sweet and rare sight. =)  Some old couples had small squabbles like, e.g, the uncle(grandfather) said “Aiya! That one we have liao! No need buy lah!” and the auntie(grandmother) said, “Finished liao lah! Trust me, this one must buy!” Lol. Kinda funny.

Most of the time though, we always see the uncles complaining, “Faster lahhhhhh. Can faster or nottttt?” Then the wifeys will give an indignant, fierce stare. Muahahaha So funny. =P  You hardly see the husbands accompanying the wives and when they finally did it a.k.a yearly mode, then they still complain. So bad. Aiyoh! =P  Thank god my hubby not like that. But then, few more years down the road then difficult to say liao la. Hahaha! Oh Initially we shopped together, but when we see the “amazing” queue, we finally relented and co-operated by splitting 2 ways; i.e, dearie go queue first while I quickly picked up few stuffs on my own. =D

It has been a long time since I cooked and I have to wake up like 3 hours earlier to defrost the ingredients and prepare for cooking etc. Cum washing the dishes…it was really very tiring. Dearie did help me though by washing sometimes.

除夕 night was of course spent having reunion steamboat dinner with the in-laws. After the steamboat dinner, we went Lot 1 for movie.

Movie title: All’s Well End’s Well 2011


Comments: It was such a disappointment. To think I was looking forward to newbies in the series like Donnie, Cecilia, Carina and ya the popular Louis Koo. I dont mind they have a crappy plot or story whatever but the main thing is it should be funny mah and it wasnt. Probably because I have a high 笑点 bah. Only few parts were funny lor and most of the scenes were super redundant. Definitely NOT a must-watch lah. This series’ standard has been dropping….might skip the movie next year(if any), unless of course my dearest Jacky Cheung or Ady An in it? Heez!

Btw, anyone sick of Louis Koo like I do? I dont like him, neither do I detest him. He just strucked me as a ordinary actor with a nice face. However, even if nice face, if he always appear in almost every movie, still will sian one lor. Especially when the TV new year shows are mostly his. ZzZzz

After the show and after sending all of them home, by the time we reached home, it was well past mid night. Shag man!



Went mummy’s place to bai nian and had steamboat. I was very thankful for the mass amount of meat because I’m more of a carnivore la. Had little to eat at in-laws place because they’re more of herbivore and there’s not many choices for me. Practically I had a few prawns and stuffed myself full with quail eggs. =.=””’ The soup was super yummy though. =) Mummy’s shabu-shabu meat was super delicious because they’re so thin and tender. However not much taste as mummy didnt marinate them. So we had to dip soya sauce when cooking. Still turns out great! Though I still think my marinated chicken and beef were better. =P

After the dinner, dearie and I went river angbao to join parents-in-laws to 猜灯谜. FIL is very good at it. When we reached, I got very excited because this year is very different from the last. It was held at the floating river opposite marina bay sands and it was beautiful with all the lanterns and deco etc. However, I was kinda disappointed when there were very few food stalls and the few were either serving very common food at exorbitant prices, else they made it difficult by making it compulsory to buy coupons. I dont get it, I simply wanted to buy a stick of curry fishballs at S$2.00, and I still need to buy a S$5 coupon? So troublesome, forget it. There were some game stalls and I was very tempted to try my luck. However, MIL gave many negative comments, I mean, being old folks and all, saying things like, “Aiya very difficult to win one lah. Confirm lose money one etc.” She said until I paiseh to try to play, so eventually didnt play la.

It was then I realised, sometimes when they say love have no boundaries, not nationalities, not age, not race whatever, it’s true. BUT when there is too big an age gap, such an incident will/might happen. As in the older, more mature partner will be less enthu with such kiddy stuff, and in a way, more practical. DOnt you agree, the older you get, actually the more practical you get, more or less? Of course I know the game stalls are difficult to win la, so do the people who play. But it’s merely for the fun of it mah. =) Anyway, once a year only.

I would have pull dearie to play the pong pong car if it werent too crowded on the floor. At one glance, there wasnt much space to move at all! As expected, when it started, the cars can hardly move at all. ZzZz Nahz anyway, even if there were enough space, we also paiseh to play while letting parents-in-law wait for us lah. =) Actually I also wished to play a few(merry-go-round!) but dearie said they might cause giddiness, I also paiseh to let others wait so eventually didnt play.

I guess an age gap of 5 years is roughly like that one lah. Wahahahaha. However, it’s not that bad because I’m also not a fun rides kinda person as I’m terribly afraid of heights. =P

The 灯谜 were so much more difficult this year, many were left unsolved. If you’re interested, they will be there till 13th I think.

After that, we went for supper and again, by the time we’re home, it’s past midnight again! Shaggggggggggg~~~



Mummy came over our house to cook her fantastic yummy king prawns etc and watched tv with us. I think tonight will be a less tiring night. Which is good, because tomorrow we have 3 houses, or maybe 4(if got time) to visit. =P


Ktv and more gambling

Oops I forgot to blog about dearie and my ktv session the day before. Nothing much lah but I just wanna say I really do appreciate him accompanying me because I know he dont sing that much. I hope he had a great time because I did. Too long never sing, it will really get rusty. Hence I selected many slightly more difficult songs unlike my normal routine. Because, despite singing being a hobby or leisure, I’m really afraid I’m unable to sing high notes or unable to execute them accurately. After some warm up, I’m finally decent.

Haiz, the 2 most difficult songs to execute to date are still 为你而活 by 神木与瞳 and 我就是这样 by 刘力杨. The notes damn high lor. My range is usually considered higher than the norm already but theirs is really…zZzZ. The former song is totally…gosh…the female lead is awesome for she sang it with no difficulty at all, or at least it sounds smooth to me. NOW I know why some people sing on stage will “gek” till the face shrivelled up like a plum with eyes closed and mouth open big big against the mike which was held at a distance. Because it’s inevitable! When you’re trying to “gek” a 实在(not假音) note which is out of your normal manageable range(the super high range), your face will really be screwed up and it’s really easier to sing with your eyes closed(cant explained why) at that “crucial” part. It’s also important to hold your mike a distance away, else when you “gek”, your voice will be too loud.

Because it’s the first time in my life that I need to “gek” a note(without假音), and because I’m not professionally trained, all this is so new, interesting as well as challenging to me. Even dearie is very supportive, he also “gek” with me by singing the male lead’s part. HAHAHA. Wah tell you the feeling damn shiok, the feeling of “gek/shout” into the mike. Muahahaha. Despite us hurling our lungs out, we had fun.

Sigh. But still the song is still not perfect. Far from it. Sad. Wonder when can I sing it perfectly…maybe I need a teacher. =P 我就是这样 by 刘力杨 is still manageable, but the accuracy dont have a 100% rate. Sometimes good, sometimes not very good. For this song, I can manage to hit the high note but seldom did it smoothly and perfectly. Still haven find the perfect comfortable way to execute the song till it’s flawless. It’s just like driving round a curve or something.

Kbox is real greedy, charging an astronomical amount. $77 for 2 person. Duhz. JJ was around, I knew we could have sang much longer but we left around 12+am. After that we went bugis to have soy beancurd and “butterfly”, a kind of fried bun. Yummy.

This afternoon(sun) went Cel’s house for some gambling as well as Princess Bren’s birthday. I’m pretty embarrassed that I dont have time to get anything for little bren as I only knew about this on friday night. Was totally busy for these 2 days. Hence, I gave Cel some brand new Fancl products instead. Hope she dont mind. Bren was adorable. Nice cake. We also lao yu sheng. The buffet was nice too. All thanks to Cel. I lost quite a bit with blackjack and won abit in mahjiong. Overall, lost $10. Oh well~ Once again, thanks to dearie for fetching me to and fro, as he was at MIL’s house.

My eyes hurt, will stop here. Will post about the review I have for 珠光宝气(gem of life) soon when I’m free. I haven finish the series, please lor, total of 71 episodes and counting! I’m currently at 43th I think.

Movie title: Love matters
Ratings: 2.8/5
Comments: Funny here and there but..not up to expectations. Especially when most of the dialogue were spoken in Malaysian Chinese. Plot dont interest me that much too.

First win and more to come!

At Tra’s and Christ’s house.
Finally played my first mahjiong game during this chinese new year, and also my only mahjiong game in like 1 or 2 months? Haven played in ages. Whatever talk about people with zodiac dog cant gamble this year is totally untrue! For it’s my first gamble this chinese new year(yes I didnt even gamble at boss’s house), I won over $100+ in mahjiong and blackjack. To me it’s alot already. Ah ya I dont know exactly how much I won because the mahjiong game started in a rush and it was played in cash and not in chips. In a haste, I pulled out all my notes and put it in the drawer. And before I knew it, money were piling up. By then, it was embarrassing and not very nice to count money infront of other people especially when I won alot, so I didnt count. Tra’s relatives were all very nice. =) I played 2 rounds of mahjiong and around 10 rounds of blackjack before dearie came to fetch me. Damn funny, I kept getting aces, but only ban-luck once, 5-leng once. But I think I only lost once during that 10 games. =D

After that we went boat quay TCC to have supper, seafood aglio olio before we headed home. We watched Bride War the other day though.

Movie title: Bride War
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: It’s a sweet and cute comedy. I pretty much like Anne Hathaway. At first was kinda hesitant to watch it because Kate Hudson’s shows seemed to suck. But she was adorable in that show, though a little malicious. About Ann’s sabotaged skin colour, I laughed till I had tears in my eyes. You got to watch it.

Tomorrow is baby Bren’s birthday and I’m going Cel’s house for the celebration. I think it will be another gambling session. So fast and it’s sunday already. Haiz.

Gotta work again liao else someone is going to NAG at me again.



Meet up with dear ser for a dinner. It’s ages since we met! The girl was looking as hot and sexy as ever. Haha.

Actually dearie and I reached earlier at around 6+pm. As we were hungry, so we ate first. Not many restaurants in sight.

We had our dinner at The Pasta Shop By Sakae in Wheellock place. Dearie has clam chowder while I had mushroom tofu miso soup. The soup are too over-priced already at $7.90, especially mine. Top up $1 I can have lobster bisque at The White Dog Cafe at Vivo liao. Especially when mine is just a normal miso soup with mushrooms. Eh, it doesnt look like the picture nor the description at all leh. It was said to be a very “wonderful” soup like that..who knows it’s just salty miso soup. Dearie’s clam chowder was yummy though it tasted more like potatoe soup than clam chowder. Clams were plentiful.

After the soup, we were like abit full liao. Haha So we ordered a pasta and share. Spicy Oglio Olio with prawns. And we topped up $3 for 4 scallops. It came with 3 or 4 prawns. The weird thing was it doesnt taste like Oglio Olio, despite it very spicy true to it’s name. It’s very salty too because it was filled with the salty 紫菜. So overall, I dont like it very much. After that we went Borders. When Ser reached, then I met her again at The Pasta Shop.

Her pasta was much nicer le. Scallops with asparagus, added with plenty of cheese and chilli flakes. Surprisingly, I tasted abit and realised THAT tasted like Aglio Olio. ZzZz. I ordered a tiramisu. The portion was huge but rum taste not strong enough. We chatted for very long till dearie joined us. We went Ballymoon for some cocktails and snacking of my favourite bacon-wrapped bratwurst. Ser only drank one mango daiquiri and became as red as a lobster. Haha. I had Snowball instead while dearie had Shirley Temple. After that, we sent Ser home and we reached home around 12midnight bah.

Although I feel I dont have much luck in gambling, somehow I
feel if CNY dont gamble abit, doesnt feel like New Year leh. Rey got messaged me for MJ but ultimately short 1 leg. Perhaps other days bah since CNY got 15 days. But think need to stick to weekends already as most started working. I really haven play MJ very long le leh..Haiz…and dearie said next time new house cant play…so I shall play while I still can loh…….Haizzzz……


We had a great night out yesterday. We first went temple for prayers, cum pray for my 犯太岁. Then after we went bai nian at MIL’s place, dearie and me went Jurong Point for InkHeart. Before that, MIL cooked a sumptuous abalone mee sua for us to eat too. Yum Yum.

Movie title: InkHeart
Ratings: 3.9/5
Comments: I feel it’s so so lah…perhaps not very much into fantasy movies like this. And from the beginning of the movie where the daughter Maggie didnt stay in the car by her dad’s orders when danger fell, I just knew she will a pain in the ass later on. It’s proven true later. Kids..blearh…okie..we need her truancy so that the plot can go on.

Because the stupid movie started 20minutes later, it disrupted my timing and hence I arrived late despite dearie drove me to Centrepoint to meet my girls. Thanks my dear.

We had mostly beer at IceColdBeer. Crowded. Thank god we got a table though. BUt the kitchen was closed. Awwww! Kat, Gra and Kel all had Hoegarden white while I had Stella Artois since they’re going 1 for 1 with HSBC card. I’m loving HSBC card!

But I love UOB Visa Platinum more. Being bugging dearie to sub me one, but he said, “you already got the CITIBank liao hor!” But but but, I dont have UOB mah. Moreover I got 2 CITI cards, the DIVIDEND was subbed by dearie while I have my own TANGS card for the 10% rebates. The dividend card did nothing for me leh since the cheque of the dividends go to dearie. =P And I want Platinummmmmmm. It really came in VERY handy during PH because we got priority queue to buy movie tickets! If not for that, it was impossible to get seats for InkHeart with the ultra long queue. And the good thing is, the card offers priority in queue, but we still can use OCBC card for discounts for GoldenVillage tickets. Really saves alot in the long run.

Too bad dearie already subbed the 1st complimentary plat for MIL and 2nd one will costs $90 in subscription fee unless I swiped a specific amount. Sigh. MIL said she only used that card twice a year. What a waste. That card offers many free entries to the clubs leh…and many discounts with drinks..not to mention restaurants and all that..Haizzzz…….Can I exchange the CITI Dividend for the UOB Visa Plat with MIL? =P

Okie back to topic. So 2 glasses of Stella only cost $11. What a steal. I sound damn auntie. Lol. Moreover, the beer is good. It tastes just like Carlsberg. Oh and I bought 1 cheongsum along for Kat to change and she looked great in it. Haha and we took pictures with her camera in our cheongsums as I did not bring mine. But Gra and Kel never wear cheongsums lah. Though they looked great too. It was alittle boring in Icecold because they have no dice nor cards. What’s exasperating was there was this pathetic guys who held on to 2 sets of dice and just refused to let us play even though nobody was playing it!

Okie fine lor. We thought he will really play it with his friends later but the guy was obviously left alone at the table. Perhaps out of self-consciousness about how we’re, no, about how I’M bitching about him holding it selfishly to the dice. He began to shake the dice and then peered at them, then shaked again then peered again, dont know for WHAT manz?! WAH PIANG. And I told the girls, “OH MY GOD, SEE, he’s playing the dice with HIMSELF!” And we laughed like hell. Okie after sometime, his friends finally reached and guess what, they started to play POKER CARDS while still holding on to the dear dice. WAH! What a loser really. And no wonder he looked like one. =P

We stayed from 9pm till 12am I think before Kat went to meet her other friends. The 3 of us went Boatquay for second round where we had more beer. =.= Heineken.

It’s our first time in that ktv pub call 10th Dimensions. The boss was a chubby guy called Lawrence who came to introduce himself. Thanks for the sotong balls treat though. Yes we satisfied our unfulfilled cravings of chicken wings there too! We simply TORE into them. Haha. And 1 very funny thing was, while I was singing hor, I nearly choked with laughter with words like “This girl got a very sweet voice” throttling across the TV screen. Muhahahaha. The girls laughed too. Then after awhile, ” 这女孩唱得真不赖喔!” started to throttle across the screen again. Damn funny lah.

Gra left at 2+am while Kel and me left around 4am. Gra got a cab easily at 2+am so I was very shocked when there wasnt a cab in sight when we needed them desperately at 4am!! We walked out to the streets and horror, the streets were filled with people who were flagging for taxis or else calling for cabbies on their cellphones. To add on to our anxiety was a semi-drunk man who insisted to send me home by stalking us all the way from the pub to the streets. Arrghhh!

GOD heard my prayers! For despite so many people were waiting by the roadside, somehow a cab just stopped infront of me where people flooded out. I quickly signaled to Kel and half pushed her into the cab as many people were “bio-ing” our cab with evil intentions already. Lol. After I sent her home, I was actually abit scared because the drunk man and his gang were still around and hell knows when can I get so lucky again where a cab can stop infront of me! =((( So I tried to calm myself though thinking…”die le…die le this time…dont know what time can get home…must I really call dear to fetch…but even he come also need 45mins hour to reach..”, sheesh. I then walk faster further away from that gang.

I walked walked walked further down while anxiously engaged on the phone with Prime Taxis for booking. And suddenly ANOTHER CAB STOPPED INFRONT OF ME AGAIN! Out flooded a group of angmor guys. Relief flooded all over. I thank GOD for hearing my prayers! I know it’s “Godfather” who’s watching over me! =D So I stepped into the cab and wanted to close the door. Then suddenly a hand stopped the door from closing and it’s that scary guy again who offered to send me home. I think I’m really scared to death liao, for I just mouthed a “I can go home myself” then I snapped the door closed where he removed his fingers in shock from the door. I would have trapped his fingers if he didnt remove fast enough. Haha. Anyway, after I slammed the door shut, I locked the door and just screamed at the driver to drive away.

Phew. Oh Ya I did called dearie and he wanted to come fetch me. But I woke him up from a sleep and I felt it’s not safe for him to drive so I told him I will try to get a cab. If failed, then I will call him. Kel overheard my conversation and mentioned we’re so similar as her SO(significant other) also offered to fetch but she declined. She said we’re just one-of-a-kind. Haha. It felt so good to reach home, thanks to the fast drive. It felt especially good when I realised dearie has swept the floor of my room for me as well as cleared the dustbin today while I’m out though he’s asleep like a pig when I got home. Thanks dear.

It’s exactly 5am after I stepped out from my shower. =D