Alv & Cat’s Wedding Lunch at Four Seasons

It was Alv & Cat’s Big Day! The cozy and meaningful event was held at Four Seasons Hotel at 11.30am. I was so glad that I wasnt late. From the previous entry, I reached home at 4.30am but still wasnt able to sleep. Eventually, I only slept 5 hours, and arrived as a panda at the wedding luncheon. (=.=)””

Dearie was up early at 7am as he’s Xiong Di of Alv. I’ll let the pictures do all the talking. =) Spent me quite some time okie~ =P

Counter serving Peking Duck wraps. Great! WIne too, if you’re ready.

Opulent interior

Beautiful stage

Grand Entrance by the lovely couple

Cake Cutting

Yummy menu

My favorite has got to be the Soon Hock fish. The best I’ve ever eaten. Totally no “muddy” smell, not too soft like toufu and not too tough. Just the perfect texture and soy sauce taste. Of course, also the jumbo QQ prawns as well as aloe vera dessert!

2nd March in. Love her night gown!

Champagne pouring

Yum seng!


Dearie, as red as a tomato after his drinks.
We stayed back to 闹洞房 for awhile. Haha.

BFF(best friends 4va) and BCF(best couples 4va)!!

They’re going U.S for honeymoon!

(P/S Sigh, the pictures were sharp in my com, but always get blurred after uploading to wordpress. =(


Joyous Events

Last weekend was a whirlwind of events.

Argghhh….still having slight muscular cramp in my left hand as I’m typing now. Dont ask me why I always pain here pain there! I also dont wish too. =( Perhaps didnt sleep properly and weigh too much on my left hand while sleeping. I have phobia of sleeping on my back due to previous 被鬼压 experiences. Hence, I always sleep on my side. Bought pain-relieving cream yesterday. This is pretty good, highly recommended. Non-greasy at all, it did, however, has a mobiko-smell.


Okok, back to topic. On Sat, Beauty Credit has yet another high-tea session with many discounts. See how attractive is the poster in the email.

I’m of course looking at the FOOD! Korean dim-sum!

Alas, but it was major disappointment for they tasted worse than overnight sushi and I dont quite remember any of those in the picture being served. =P

Anyway, it was a pretty bad experience because there were hoards of aunties pushing one another inside the tiny shop. This time round, the goodies bag was nothing nothing to rave about. The previous one was pretty good though.

So well, erm, I also dont quite remember what I bought….oh ya…I bought the Q10 shower foam, Q10 body salt and a milk peeling toner(60% off). Total came up to around a hundred after different discounts. The Q10 products(20-30% off) work especially well, you know, for my aging skin. And it really leaves the skin smooth.

I do understand I need to diligently apply lotion la…..but really getting super lazy lately. Shriveling into a prune soon. =P

After the high-tea, we went down to Boss’s house for her daughter’s full month celebration. Baby is cute with lots of hair. Dearie and me were super envious. Muahahahaha. As usual, the gambling addicts were all there playing blackjack. I played half round of mahjiong and left with dearie. No choice, the piggie was fast asleep on the couch and I dont wish to look like the heartless gambling wife. My “reputaion” is bad enough in the agency, thanks to my darling hubby loh. He always act “innocent victim”…. =P

Come Sunday night, it was Christine’s & Ivan’s wedding! Met many long-time-no-see friends and it was a joy to witness Chris’s big day. I’m so so so happy for her! She looked exceptionally lovely in her petite frame with her intricately-designed gowns. Her photoshoot pictures are also stunning, very whimsical and gothic-style. I like!

The big event was being held at Furama Riverfront Hotel, Mercury ballroom. Yeah, it was the same hotel where I held my ROM. The stage set-up was really beautiful, my favourite among all the weddings which I’ve attended. It’s very whimsical and fairytale-liked with pure white satins, icy frosted branches topped with crystals and blue roses! As my table was at the far end, I was paiseh to go up to the front to snap pictures. However, I did snapped a picture of the floating(ornaments along the aisle). Pretty good food. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, lovely friends. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

After the wedding, a couple of us(total 5) went Boat Quay to catch up on some drinks. It has really been forever since we pub, drink and sing together. We would have stayed longer till 2 or 3 am if Karen and me dont have morning events the next day. Nevermind, meet up soon!

(P/S Too bad Cel and Sean didnt came for the wedding as well as join for drinks because Cel wasnt feeling well due to her pregnancy. Hope she recover soon! Kudos to all preggie mummies!)

Natasha’s Wedding.

Sunday was Natasha and Kelvin‘s big day. Not feeling well at this very moment so pardon if I dont sound overly enthu. I’ve been having this blocked nose for days and had been sneezing for the past hour….

The sweet couple held their banquet dinner at M hotel. The dishes were wonderful and service great. I had the chance of having 2 bowls of shark fins because they were plentiful. Yummy yummy. The 2 different cute wedding favors on the table landed me into a dilemma as I dont know which to choose. Both are poker cards but one is round shape while the other is normal rectangular shape. However, each and individual rectangular poker card was adorned with different love poems. So sweet! Anyway, I grabbed the round poker cards which was equally unique. =)

One regret will be I missed viewing the couple’s wedding photos. I wasnt late but was uncomfortably alone in the midst of the crowd at the reception. So I hurried into the hall to find Cat who was already seated. By the time I recalled, it was already too late. =( Hopefully Nana will upload the pictures into Facebook. I’m sure they will be lovely because she looked absolutely stunning that night.

Nana was one who dont doll up much most of the times. However she was one who was blessed with very nice features and a great smile. Standing alongside her hubby, they looked so compatible as both are tall and equally outstanding. Eil was her jiemei and like usual, she was seldom at her seat beside me as she was tending to Nana. Hmm…I was kinda bored half the time at the dinner because Cat was busy chatting with her long-lost friend and I dont know the others at the table. Hmm…it will be much more enjoyable if more mutual friends are at the table. It wasnt very important though as I’m there to witness Nana’s big day and share her happiness. =D

As she wasnt present at the reception, I hardly have the chance to talk to her. However, I managed to grab 1 picture with her and Eil at the end of the banquet.

Natasha, I wish you eternal marital bliss with your hubby and happiness forever. =)

By the way, just got to know J bar at M hotel has this Saturday Ladies Night promotion. Merely $18nett for free flow of champagne, wine and martini from 5pm to 2am. Definitely got enough to drink. And they have gigantic screens showing World Cup too. =D

So…who is onz this Saturday night? Heh Heh~

Ger & Pat’s Wedding cum Kel’s Bday @ Boiler Night.

Lately was a whirlwind of joyful events. After Achievers’ Night, it was soon the lovely couple, Ger’s and Pat’s wedding at Marina Mandarin.

It was my first time attending a wedding lunch there and I heard it wasnt cheap despite a lunch. The menu was every bit as splendid as a formal dinner with sharkfin’s and all that. Upon entering the ballroom, you’ll forgot it’s still daytime as the atmosphere was simply warm and spectacular.

The lovely couple looked great together and exceptionally charming respectively in their suave suit and feminine gown. There were more than 30 tables and around 7 tables were made up of us, colleagues. The little girls, probably Pat’s nieces(I guess) were so adorable carrying the little baskets of petals and throwing them in the air admist the mass bubbles during the march in. It was really a very dreamy sight and I cant wait to see the pictures. The couple even engaged a band with both a female and male singer. The songs sang were engaging and especially meaningful for the occasion. Dedications were possible and some even went up to sing for the wedding couple. A warm uncle even got super enthu with his hokkien songs which was quite a funny sight. Many of us complimented the service of the staff, prompt and polite. One of the reasons why we stayed back for quite a while chit chatting. Hahaha.

As the lunch was at 1pm, seriously I really dont have enough sleep as the previous night I was playing mahjiong. As we’re out in a rush, I also forgot to bring my camera, thus no pictures yet. Dear colleagues suggested Boiler Room in celebration of Kel’s birthday for the night at 10pm. Woah! Straight away we went home after the lunch and didnt even loitter at Marina Square for shopping. For once, I slept without difficulty and woke up when the preset alarm rang. I still dont have sufficient rest and looked like a zombie. We shared a cabby down with Kel and Qi who were located near us and we’re ready to rock the night!

We lost count of the number of bottles being opened and I dont have pictures as I didnt bring camera. Dont wish to carry a bulky bag there. The last time I went Boiler was with..Iv and gang? At some anniversary or something but it was donkey years back. This time round, it was every bit as fun with a bigger crowd. I think there were around 30 of us? And everyone were enjoying their night dancing away. The band was coolz and songs really rock. Though dearie dont like most of them. Some colleagues loosen their inhibitions much later after more drinks were consumed. Hahaha. Saw some really “rare” sight from colleagues who behaved reallllyyyy different when they’re sober and drunk. HAHA. Shall not elaborate. But it’s really fun. =) We left when the lights were on at 4am! Goodness, I actually clubbed for 6 hours straight and it has been a long time since I clubbed that long and had so much fun! But of legs were protesting since around 2+am. Lao le lah. Might upload pictures when I got hold of them.

Hope more outings can be arranged in future. =D

Last but not least, Happy belated birthday Kel!~ Hope to receive your red bomb soon. Hee hee.

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Greedy people are such a turn-off

I really feel like leaving a comment at to tell the owner HOW CRAZY I think of the pricing she has of her items.

I think many brides have the same frustration as I do, that is, every SINGLE, SIMPLE little thing has been doubled or even tripled on pricing just because they’re associated with weddings. The same quote got passed all around, “it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing”, followed by fake smiles by the promoters, whoever is trying to fleece your money. YAH, it is a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for ME but it’s not going to be a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for YOU. You’re not going to DIE after doing whatever favour you’re going to do for me. You will still continue your business WITH OTHER COUPLES after me right? So there’s no right to super-overcharged me just because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for me unless you’re super renowned for your work and has some sort of branding. Even the prices of paintings by mediocre artists only soar highly after they DIE and not when they’re still alive and still continue to paint and paint.

On the contrary, I can accept exorbitant prices of hotel rooms, or flowers or travelling during peak or festive seasons like Valentines day etc BECAUSE for these businesses, their main income sources are from these festive seasons. You hardly see hotels being fully filled up on normal days. They’re usually only 10-20% full on normal days and just imagine the costs of overhead and fixed costs for mere maintenance. And people seldom buy flowers too, unless for red or white events. So the higher prices during peak seasons are actually essential for their survival. I can totally understand.

BUT, it’s not the case for weddings what. WHOLE YEAR ROUND also got weddings, like several hundreds in a year. It doesnt have a peak or non-peak season. When couples divorced, they’re likely to re-marry and have ANOTHER wedding. Rebirth, recycle, re-use, I think of it this way. So there’s no excuse you dont have enough wedding couples to earn your money from! So stop fleecing poor brides like me!

Makeup, photography are pretty subjective and depends on your needs. Because as a make-up person, I know how important is makeup and how makeup can change the way you look. As for photography, need I say, different photographers can capture different things. Therefore I have nothing much to say for people who can splurge alot on makeup and photography, we just have different needs and expectations. But I grudgingly, devilishly do hope Kel Koh business drop. Why? Because dammit, his clients are spoiling the photography market big time with their indulgence of $6000-$8000 per actual day shoot by Kel Koh. That is like, for 10hours only. Nahz, anyway he should earned enough lah. Of course as for whether his work is worth that price or not, it’s very subjective because photography is a very personal thing.

BUT, back to topic, charging $50 for a mere angbao box with no more than a few pathetic crystals and 3D flowerart sticked onto it is plain RIDICULOUS!!

Craftsmanship? I didnt see anything more difficult to do for a 5 year old kid. In the name of art? Nope, I didnt see any beautifully painted swans or lovely phoenix being sewed on. Materials? They’re just common CHEAP stuff which you can get. Oh please dont think Swarovski crystals are very expensive. I just got 4 packets of 72pieces each from a spree at $3+ per packet. I dont even remember the exact price because it’s so cheap.

So, what, just stick 7 pieces of crystals onto a lousy pen will deem it worthy with a price tag of $7($15 for 2)?? Are they even PILOT pens?

And such a simple guestbook sprinkled with coloured dust coupled with 2 stick figurines of the couple’s head cut out from photo plus some sticked-on flowers, she want to sell it at $60?? Precious Moment Guestbook also only $20+ lor.

Ha. Sweet lace confetti cones, what a nice name.

What the X?X is those confetti cones made from coloured paper with sticked-on lace and some silly stickers? $15 for 6? Put candies inside will turn GOLD huh?

Reallyyyyyyyyy feel like smacking her head. 简直是异想天开! Dont know who will buy lor. The only comment she got was for asking quotation because price wasnt stated. OB quack.

Seriously, either she CANT COUNT(her maths most probably fail), or else she’s terribly GREEDY! I’m really very sick of such people. People who spend little effort on their stuff and dream on selling for a high profit. She dont EVEN have a basis to back up. At least Kel Koh have a basis for his pricing. and of course he’s an award-winning photographer too.

And hor, these lousily kneaded clay figurines, they looked exactly like those life-sized paper figurines which people burn for the DEAD, GOOD HEAVENS! And she’s charging $50 for them. OH MY GOD, something must be terribly wrong with her eyes and taste for she called them “cute”!

I really dont know what the hell she’s up to. $15 for 6. These bubble bottles need to tie ribbon meh? Then what, tie ribbon liao then can sell at a high price for profit? Wah lau. If you want a high profit, anyone with brains also wont buy because it’s practically tying those bottles with ribbons only! And if she set a low price, how much profit can she possibly make?

It really reminds me of bo liao people who sell stationary like liquid paper la or pens lah at Ebay. I saw them when I was surfing for gloves. They’re selling like $1 or $2 but who will buy? Alamak, if buy still have to top up for postage, is it even worth it or not? If selling price is $1 or $2, can make how much profit leh? And even if it’s realllyyyy cheaper, with all the trouble just for a pen or liquid paper….I wonder who will buy? Arloz, if so, the person who will be interested to buy must be damn broke lah and cant afford internet at all la! I might be really crude, but sometimes, sigh, I dont understand how the brains of these people work sometimes. ZzZz. Why not just give them away, isnt it better and simpler?

It’s not that angbao boxes, wedding pens, or ring stands etc CANNOT be sold at a price of $30, $50 or above. Of course they can! BUT they must be worthy of that price! Just look at those pictures, those of the guestbook or angbao boxes. They’re SO COMMON, who cares if they’re 1-of-a-kind or customizable? The design is just not very understanding, it’s merely passable. So why would I care to have a very ordinary design which is 1-of-a-kind in Singapore or the whole world for that sake? Yes, for such a mediocre design being sold at such a price, if I really buy it, then I’m really “1-of-a-kind-world-class-idiot”.

Just wait and watch. My angbao box will certainly surpasses hers in any way and I’m gonna do it myself. *smirks*


Our actual wedding day’s date will be changed from Oct 2009(a friday) to Aug 2009(a sunday). As for the exact date, I will update when the time’s nearer. But dont worry, the chinese date is not in the 7th ghost month. The chinese month is JUN actually. =)

The reason for the change is because I only tentatively choose the date in order to secure the reservation at Swissotel. It is quite a good date for wedding until I went to check out the morning timing when Jy reminded me timing is important too. After checking, I realised 7am-9am always 沖狗(my zodiac) for any day, which means it’s better to start the morning with the prayers, gate-crashing all that from 9am onwards. Otherwise it will create alot of inconveniences as I need to hide in the room for the timing which is inauspicious to me. But from 9am-11am, it’s not a good timing for prayers which we have to do. The best timing for everything is actually from 5am-7am. But again, I dont wish to wake up so damn early la!

I really had my eyes crossed as I surfed once again at mindcity. I feel it’s a really informative website where you can DIY with no costs. If you trust yourself enough, you can always pick a date yourself. Though, please prepare yourself with the basics first before you charge to challenge the world of 占卜神算 and fengshui. Click on any dates to your liking(e.g, nice number date like 09.09.09 or chinese date of 八月二十八日 or a weekend) after making sure that day

1) doesnt [沖] you, your husband/wife and preferably your family members.
2) [宜] for any occassion/event which you’re planning, e.g, 嫁娶
3) No [忌] for the occasion/event which you’re planning, e.g, 嫁娶

For example, an ideal date will look like this:

西元 2008-10-04 (星期六) 九月六日 (丁丑日)
[沖] 沖羊(辛未)煞東
[宜] 嫁娶 祭祀 祈福 求嗣 沐浴 出火 出行 拆卸 修造 動土 進人口 開市 交易 立券 入宅 移徙 安床 栽種 納畜 入殮 安葬 啟鑽 除服 成服
[忌] –

Whereby there’s no [忌] for any event.

After that, you can click on “當日總覽 當日時辰時局” to check the day’s auspicious timing.

The corresponding 當日時辰時局 for the above date is,

7am- 9am 戊辰時 沖狗 煞南 時沖戊戍 日殺 白虎
[忌] 修造 動土 白虎須用 麒麟符制 否則 諸事不宜

9am-11am 己已時 沖豬 煞東 時沖己亥 三合 帝旺 玉堂 少微
[宜] 祈福 求嗣 訂婚 嫁娶 出行 求財 開市 交易 安床 修造 蓋屋 移徙 赴任

11-13 庚午時 沖鼠 煞北 時沖庚子 天兵 天牢 喜神 日祿
[宜] 祈福 求嗣 訂婚 嫁娶 求財 開市 交易 安床
[忌] 上樑 蓋屋 入殮 赴任 修造 移徙 出行 詞訟

Therefore, for basic analysis or anyone who can read chinese, 7am-9am is an inauspicious hour for anything. A better timing, e.g for 嫁娶 will be from 9am to 1pm. Also, do take note of any zodiacs who 沖 at the specific hours. They’re required to stay away, in the room etc.

As for the other chim chim words or fengshui etc, please dont ask me because I dont understand either. =P

For our new date in Aug, it’s a sunday. And the timing works conveniently and clearly whereby 9am onwards will work great for us and everyone.

Im quite pleased for several reasons:
1) I dont have to wake up so early! HaHa!
2) My jiemeis, dearie’s xiongdis dont have to take leave on sunday(I think) and also dont have to wake up so early to fetch me. *See, I think so much for you all*
3) I dont have to pay more extras for photography/videography/makeup for services before 6am or 7am.

The only thing which makes me alittle sian is the banquet tables will be more expensive on a sunday. Each table costs around $60 more. Ouch! Though, Im glad even though there’s a price increment, a much better menu will be served. The main difference will be, there will be scallops!! And instead of sliced abalone, whole abalone will be served(although I dont know how big lah). I also preferred the dessert to be mango sago rather than some red bean paste or something. There are minor differences here and there lah, style of cooking etc but definitely for the better and not for worse. =) So you guys are in for a sumptuous treat. =D

I suddenly remembered WY mostly dont eat meat, sharkfins and might opt for a vegetarian menu. Hmm, why haven I seen any vegetarian menu in the contract? I’ll check it out with the banquet manager when I meet him to confirm the details dear. =)

I already had 1 disappointment coming as I know Li dear mostly cant make it for my wedding because she will be in Japan with her hubby on work. Their banquet is in dec 2009. Even if I did not change my banquet date in Oct, she also cant come because the normal superstitious saying is that one cant attend any subsequent red/white affairs within 3 months, especially when one is going to be a bride in honour. I heard her hubby’s boss is not very gracious to feel happy when his staff needs to take leave for his wedding. Instead, he’s pretty annoyed when he needs to take leave.

What a mean boss! It’s just once in a lifetime thing! Dont be so stingy!

The protocol states you need to confirm the number of banquet tables(that is, confirm attendance of all your guests) 3 months prior to the banquet date and usually around 30%(I think) of the invitations cards will be printed complimentary by the hotel. The others you have to print it yourself. Of course need to mail the guests or give them subsequently.

Since you need to give time to your guests to confirm attendance(around 20 days…you’ll know how tedious it is to confirm attendance when some friends dont have the habit to reply sms lor but yet assured you they will be there when you call personally. ZzZ) before you can confirm number of tables to the hotel(3months prior to banquet date),

Li, I calculate for you liao, in view of all the above. Would you be willing to fly back justttt around 2 weeks in advance to attend my banquet? Keke. And do accompany dear WY too, she’ll sure misses you as much as I do. *smooch smooch* Kekeke.

But anyhow, even if she cant make it, I would love to attend hers in Dec. I can attend liao since it’s more than 3 months apart from mine. Yay! And her mum wont be annoyed to see me liao, given old people’s superstitious. Haha. =P

Will be attending Huey’s wedding on 15th Feb 2009 at Orchid Country club too! Judging from the mass number of their relatives and friends, it will be such a GLORIOUS affair! Some time back, I chanced upon a stall selling lovely diamante tiaras at great prices. And I bought 2, 1 for Huey, 1 for myself. =D Did not buy for Li as I didnt know she so fast tie the knot! The typical “lightning marriage”.