Arena + house *ok, pics up*

I thought I had recover my voice but this morning, my voice was hoarse again. Probably because yesterday night I shouted too much, amidst the noisy environment in Arena. I like the band though and the music. WX, SL and me shared a bottle of vodka after paying our entry which came with 2 drinks. Aiya. Nevertheless, a very fun night!

Something weird about Arena is considered bright for a clubbing place. And nobody dances! I was like the only siao char bor dancing there. But not very drama kind lah..slow, subtle kind, I think. HAHA. SL took pictures, will get from her to update bah. I really think my blog lacked pictures..just not enthu to snap lately. I didnt even snap pictures of my new house, yet.

I suddenly find it very funny that every time I club, in my very very vague memory, I will end up playing 5-10 with the neighbour table. Okie lah, it isnt such a bad thing to make new friends especially when my facebook is so stagnant. But just not enthu already. Talk about out of the scene. (=.=)””’

SL drank really little and she looked uber cute with her specs. Really love her complexion. =) WX got drunk! We sent him home. He’s pretty heavy! Imagine handling a medium sized tipsy man with my high heels. I insisted sending him to his block(by foot) and was particularly perplexed why he didnt want the taxi to drop him there. I finally let him on his own when he insisted to go up his storey himself. The neighbour table guys were pretty helpful. They helped us to hold WX from Arena right to the cab area. It was around 2-3am. Dont remember.

I was rather tipsy too actually. And SL dropped me off after WX. We still left half a bottle so will be going back within a month to finish it. =P

Alrighty. Some pictures.

SL looked so cute in her specs! I looked damn bah bah loh..cant stand. Argghh.

Dono simi vodka..

WX very enthu in taking pics


Urgh. Dont know why I look slutty here.


My house is mostly completed except

1) toilet accessories not yet installed
2) a piece of kitchen glass backsplash pending due to wrong measurements
3) kitchen gas haven connect
4) sofa to be redeliver due to my rejection.
5) casement unit aircon to be installed in common room(wait for mover)
6) storage bed to be assembled(wait for mover)
7) sticking of wall decals
8) curtains not up yet…early feb. Sigh.

Hopefully can get 4) by coming week. Stupid loh. Some problem with the mechanism and one big yellow patch behind on the white leather. Dont they have a basic QC check before delivering. Waste time and effort.

As for 1), thanks to Hoe Kee, I just realised the vanity cabinet got a crack. It looks hairless but my plumber told me dont risk it because the heavy basin will be sitting on top of it. Haiz. Hope delivery can be done soon. Need to arrange with plumber again.

Basically I’m very satisfied with the overall look of the house. Simple. The only regret was that I should have chosen a more prominent laminate for the wardrobe. It just looked stark plain white from far and the tiny flowery details are only visible when you’re like 10cm away. =( Dearie regretted not doing the toilet tiles because he thought they can be washed out. I feel they’re still okie lah, especially after decals were sticked(yet to do). He’s like complaining at least 3 times a day to me. Veryyyy irritating. Hopefully the decals will make a difference and he can…shut…up… =P

Still got a lot of things haven buy. Will probably drop by Carrefour. Free delivery please.


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Wah! I think this is 90% zun. Dearie agrees too!

What does your birthday say about you?

Fion just took the What does your birthday say about you? quiz, with the result: Abstract
Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislike unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

Dearie’s one. Quiteeeee zun lah. Just that, he’s super predictable, not tactful, not wary nor sharp. Hahaha.

Result: Outgoing
Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood.Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people’s feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets.Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying


Recently, I’m addicted to 美女厨房, a HK variety show. It’s so damn funny! The show is hosted by Ronald Cheng, Edmond Leong and Alex fong. They invite pretty female stars to cook and male stars to taste their cooking. Most of them dont cook very well so it’s very interesting to see how they corked up in the kitchen as well as seeing how the guys can finish up their food and give ratings.

美女厨房-第12集 was particularly funny, with Anita Yuen, Yoyo Meng, Zhang Jia Hui and Huang Qiu Sheng. If you like them then can search for other episodes. They’re in Cantonese but subtitles are given. Enjoy~ =)

(P/S I’m super excited with my new house, hopefully can shift in ASAP!)

Bangkok trip

Just back from a 4days 3nights bangkok business trip. Well, half work half pleasure actually. It was fun and beneficial. A pity that dear was unable to go due to reservist.

If I didnt remember wrongly, it was my 3rd time there? Or 2nd? Dont quite remember. Before yesterday, I always wonder about Bangkok’s magic with our dear fellow girlies as they’re always so excited with shopping there. Because from my past experiences, I did not enjoy shopping there, mostly because their stuff are not my type.

I was wrong. It’s just because I’ve been shopping at the WRONG places. Where all they got are skimpy, sleazy dresses which make you look slutty. I’ve always think I already look slutty enough(Grrrr Why?? Sigh) so nope, wont buy those clothing. Other than slutty dresses, I usually see t-shirts and fake Adidas/Nike sports attire, which again, are not my type. I do wear them when I’m going downstairs or supper lah but not enough to make me go crazy over them.

Yesterday Ir and her thai friends brought me to Chatuchak and Platinum mall. It was heaven. I regretted not changing more Baht. I thought $400 was enough for 1 and a half day shopping but I was wrong. =( Technically speaking, I only got 1 day shopping because I got so sick after the 2nd day that I went back hotel to sleep at 10pm. =(

I already had high fever on the 1st day of arrival but I managed to endure and grab few hours of shopping with my enthu colleagues. But I collapsed the next day(2nd day) after the 14hours seminar with the fever charging back on full force, despite the panadols. It(fever) bought 2 more friends with her too, sorethroat and cough. It was awful for me. =( I managed to find a pharmacy later on to buy medicine but they wont work. Sigh. But I couldnt possibly go back to rest again, else my whole trip will be gone. So I held on to join in the shopping. It was physically challenging..especially when my shopping buys got heavier by the minute. I had to rest for 10minutes for every hour of shopping.

Thank god we girls actually split up for our shopping and then met at 1 spot at the desired timing. I hate to hold anyone up. It’s more efficient and time saving this way too. =)

Dearie came to fetch me back and immediately, I went to grab a doctor. It was past midnight already so the bill came up to $100. Sigh. I knew it’s going to be expensive but I knew I really need the medication. Because my head felt like cracking up and my throat…I cant speak. It’s quite impossible for me to sleep. The medicine really works wonder, my 1st visit to this 24hours clinic doctor. I felt so much better in an hour after taking the medicine.

Just packed my luggage today and my heart turned over when I saw my buys.

“Why did I got sick when I’m there?” Sigh.

It’s the 1st time I bought so many tops with sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves. Because they are so nice. On the contrary, most of the sleeveless tops and spag tops all seemed slutty and cheapo, so I didnt buy much. No shoes at all, because, as usual, they dont have my size. *Sad* They have awesome shoes! Also bought some household deco stuff, Vic’s milk bones and shoes, some tops and bottoms for dearie, hair accessories, nighties, toiletries, scrubs etc. Oh I bought an extra small luggage to contain my stuff too, only S$20.

Anyway, I really regretted packing my luggage shabbily. I really got no time. I thought it doesnt matter since it’s only 4 days. But no, luggage is very important, it will really affect your whole trip experience. For example, I only brought along flu tablets and lozenges when in fact, I should bring along panadols for fever/bodyaches and cough mixture. I should have emptied my stuff into a LIGHTER bag for easier shopping. I remembered to bring camera but forgot to double check the memory stick was inside. Thus I cant take pictures. I brought my hp and charger but forgot to bring universal plug, thus I cant charge. I brought too few bottoms too. Argghh, I’m a total wreck.

Lesson learnt: Do not pack your luggage shabbily.

On the whole, I still enjoy my trip. =)


I feel SO happy. =D Met my besties, a bunch of ladies and guys and I had an AWESOME time. We shared so much stuff and I dont have to worry about offending them by saying whatever I like because they KNOW me. And I know THEM. Like how much they understand me, I understand them too. No matter how some stuff we shared might raise eyebrows to some, we dont get angry nor annoyed over them no matter how direct they seemed, because we KNOW one another. =D

I guess that’s the difference between besties and common friends. Which is, you need to exercise restraint when you’re communicating with the latter, friends who dont understand you that well because sometimes the things you said, they might take it the different way or direction, or think in the negative direction. And sometimes, if the friendship aint important enough to them, they will just just tossed you aside without clarifying with you first.

But your besties wont do that. If it’s minor enough, they wont even take it to heart, knowing that you dont meant any harm but only had their interest at heart or only jokking. Or the more significant ones, they will clarify with you what you really meant. Anyway, I seldom encounter the latter. =)

On the way back, I sms dearie that I’m on my way back. It’s the same time when I received his sms too, asking me whether I want him to fetch me home. It’s not the first time that we sms each other or call each other at the same time. And everytime it happens, we will say lovingly with a smile, er xin(恶心), at this 心灵相通. \(^o^)/

Upon reaching the door, Vickki, my dear doggie came to greet me with enthusiasm, licking my feet. =) I hurried to have my bath because I think I stinks. Haha.

After I had my bath, dearie asked me whether I’m hungry and if so, he will get me a plate of Mummy’s yummy home-made spaghetti. I was! And I had my fill! Mummy also prepared my favourite dessert, white fungus with snow pear. =D

With all my dearest lovelies around me, loving me and understanding me, I’m really so happy, contented and blissful. =) So I really dont understand why some people can say I’m pathetic. Oh well. Nevermind. All I know is, other than my dearest hubby, mummy and family, I love my friends and they love me as well. If any of my friends dont treasure me like how I treasure them, its okay. I know I had given my all and I didnt let anyone down. Nobody is perfect, I had apologised for my faults. But if the fate had ended, I can only accept the way it is. No matter what happened, I will always remember the happy memories.

Time to snuggle! =D

Happy new year

Hi guys/girls. A very happy new year to all of you! Although I’ve actually wished that already in a password protected post before this. =P Because of some unpleasant happenings, I meant to change the url but I realised I cant(or rather, I just cant find the link!) so well…to my dear friends, you have to bear with all the password protected posts. Of course you can ask me for the password, for which I’ve already given a few who are my dearest, people who understands me well and people whom I think they care to read. =D I actually have nothing to hide, but just afraid I’ll offend more people which I DONT meant to offend. And for people who dont like me, ya…you can skip this url if it causes an eyesore. Hmm…so ya…to my friends, ask me the password if you’re interested. =)

=D I’m feeling extraordinary happy now with my dearest beside me in Intercontinental hotel. As I said, I really need a break. I’ve been so busy with my reno and work plus other stuff that I really need some recuperation. Dearie knew I felt rather stressed up these days, hence he dont mind at all at the extra expenses. Earlier on, we both agreed we’re gonna cut down on these getaways since reno and housing are gonna to be destructive. But..I really need this. =| And I’m very thankful for his understanding. It’s a 2 nights stay and it’s total bliss. The 2nd night is complimentary! How cool is that? =D Everything is perfect. I love Intercontinental’s services. Just wandering why dearie need so much more sleep than me…and why he sleeps so early? =P

I’m really thankful for all those friends who had in one way or other expressed their concern for me. I’m really really thankful..and touched. The sms and calls…conversations were all so warm. I really felt understood and relieved that at least I still have some friends who really understands me. =) Thanks for all the Christmas presents. I’m feeling so guilty that I gave nothing in return this year because I’m so busy with the reno stuff. =( I’ll give extra back next year I promise!

If I can choose, I really wish I can spend all my time with my hubby, mummy and all my closest friends. But I’m not a rich tai tai. I still have to work. And because we’re not millionaires, (and because I’m a kiasu obasan hahaha), I’m extremely busy as I compare prices of just everything in regards to our new house just so to save costs. For all those who got their houses, you will know other than weddings, renos are the other thing which people love to chop you. =P

We, or rather I, asked for 3 quotes for reno. Eventually we settled on a designer for carpentry work and another contractor for wet works(false ceilings/hacking/installation). I had 3 curtain quotes and I settled on one who offered like 33% cheaper(around $500) cheaper than the other 2 quotes on almost the same materials. As for electronics(and aircon), I’m getting them from my best friend’s brother who’s working in Gaincity and another supplier around my office. So they’re definitely much cheaper than retail prices, even promotions. I also spent my leisure time surfing renotalks and reading about more reno stuff.

I’m super excited with my reno…I’m like fantasizing about them every night..wandering how the end product looks like. Hopefully they’ll be nice. So anyone who’s doing their reno, or anyone who’s interested, can always ask me for extra info, if you want that is. =)

Lastly, I wish everyone a very prosperous new year with their loved ones, happy always with perfect health!!!