My One & Only Longan

Dearie has been tortured by stomach pain for consecutively 3 days following the Ajisen food poisoning incident. Today, I accompanied him to see doctor. Sigh Hope he will get well soon and hope after he’s well, it wont be my turn to get sick again. I still have another time bomb. That is, my AV haven come for this month. Sigh, for the first time I wish she come soon so that it can end before Sun. My first 2 days is always accompanied by intense cramps.

It seems my run of bad luck haven stopped. I called up the photographer and Makeup artist(MUA) to confirm some details today. For photography, Calvin is ok. But for makeup, *triple sigh*. There has been some miscommunication. I have wanted the makeup to be at 11am since Im checking in at 10am. Moreover I need to double check the audio equipment with the hotel staff at 10am, cum bathing etc. Since the event only starts at 12.30pm, so early make up for what? I am quiteeee annoyed especially when I have informed Capio much in advance. She has the cheek to remain calm, natural and as-a-matter-of-fact that she has booked the appointment for me from 10am-11am. I hate inclusive timings! Now Regina, the MUA said she has another appointment at 12pm and she can only do it at 10am. Hairdo and makeup will take approximately 1.5hours. I got hold of an available MUA on sunday but she charges $158 inclusive of transport and eyelashes. But Capio told me cant be reimbursed since she can get me another MUA to replace Regina. Her name is Elaine. By Capio’s recommendation of standard as well as my preference, Miki was my first choice, Regina the second. Now Elaine is like the spare tyre or reserve being called upon impromptu.

As Im very fussy with makeup, especially since Im no greenhorn myself, I asked Capio whether is Elaine competent. From the very beginning when I signed up the package with NewImage, Capio already guaranteed their makeup is of standard and jokingly said she cant very well find a MUA who is more inferior to me in terms of makeup skills. Of course, it makes so much sense. Otherwise I can very well makeup myself, cant I? She said Elaine’s in charged of more than 70% of her clients and most are satisfied with her makeup. “Although her makeup is nothing special, she is steady and consistent in her work.”

Very encouraging. To think Capio ALWAYS have positive input despite ANY circumstances. If this is the most positive comment she can give………Im not very optimistic nor enthusiastic towards Elaine’s work. Especially since she sounded so shabbily and not interested to answer my questions on the phone. However, as Im not feeling very rich to spend another extra $108($50 to be paid as transport to Elaine anyway in comparion of price) on a MUA, I shall have to make do with nothing-special-but-steady-Elaine. Please be mentally, visually prepared for a nothing-special-and-plain bride that day. Especially when this very minute, I have this very bulging, humongous pimple on the middle of my RIGHT CHEEK.

My faith and desire to make the event to a near 100% perfection is diminishing by every minute, with every hiccup. Suddenly, I dont even wish to fantasize how much better I can look that day, given the special gown, special bridal makeup, bridal photography and everything. All that’s left is of my desire, joy and happiness to be married to the man of my dreams. I know I will always be a princess in his eyes accompanied with the royal treatment. That’s all it matters, still. =)

Girls, like me, will always harbour the thought of having a Cinderella Dress. Better yet, a fairy god-mother who can transform me into a princess at the wave of a wand so that I dont have to spend hours infront of a mirror. If you’re guessing that I have and love the above thought because I want to snarl a handsome prince at a ball then you are quite wrong. Somehow, “love at first sigh” is a idiom which doesnt applies to me. Lust, more probably.

Yes, you look like a princess at the wave of the magic wand. Gorgeous Cinderella ball gown, head adorned with tiara, gloved hands, make-up, hairdo all wrapped up in an alluring package. Who wouldnt be oozed? Any cow would be. And if he’s a good-looking cow, I mean, male, then he’s supposedly your Prince Charming? After he has declared he has fallen in love with you at first sight, you assumed that happily-ever-after is the ultimate wonderful ending?

But whatever happens after the magic faded at 12midnight? Will the Prince Charming still see you as his princess without the glorious ballgown, gorgeous makeup and hairdo, and the glass slipper? Other than treating you only as a princess when you’re naked on a bed, what else? Do you really think that one, two, three times of meeting can determine love for a lifetime? I’ve heard before, but never seen before. Even Romeo & Juliet, Liang Shan Bo & Zhu Ying Dai got to go through obstacles. Never ever give a man your body before you have ALL of his love. The day when you surrender your body before that is the day you give up being really being loved.
I realised most Singaporean ladies are very modest with their assets. Every now and then at Orchard, I see many beautiful girls. But most of them are like diamonds being covered with coal. Some have beautiful, big eyes, but too bad sometimes they looked tired, or accompanied by black eye rings or eye bags. Some have very nice skin, but just look abit pale. If only they use just a bit of makeup, they will shine like a star. Some have lovely hair, but being tied up loosly in an auntie-bun. Some have such lovely figures! But choose to dress shabbily and loosely covering all those alluring curves. What a waste!

Frankly speaking, it’s not difficult to attract a male’s interest and attention if you’re good at grooming yourself and adopt an amiable attitude. And if you’re having a large circle of admirers, that’s also nothing to boast about. Because the trick is to pick the right rambutan to live your fruitful life with and not a rotten one to RUIN your life. Muchless, carry 1 basket of rotten rambutans with you everywhere you go. You think you can marry 2? Course not. Why do you think God give only 1 vagina? Greed is the root to all evil.

Ultimately, regardless of all that I’ve preached, it’s still your life la. Some are living the high of their lives, having a circle of admirers. With abit of trick and pull, every single admirer became hopelessly obsessed. And the Queen stays pleased. I really do wonder sometimes, is there such a need? To keep people obsessed, dangling the fruit infront of them but snatching away when they tried to reach for it. And it’s not easy work maintaining that facade, at least to me. You have to smile, act happy, let them touch your body and to some extent, offer the tantalizing forbidden fruit. In return for diamonds, handphones, free meals, free rides etc. It’s worse in some situations where the only gratification comes from the ego boost, the granted attention and nothing monetary. It realllllllyyyy puzzles me till the end of the earth sometimes.

So the morale of my story is

1) Look good and feel good, only for yourself and Prince Charming in 2)

2) Your Prince Charming is the one who looks at you like a Princess WITH or WITHOUT the magic of the gorgeous Cinderella gown, makeup, hairdo and pumpkin carriage(exclusion of situation where you’re naked on the bed).

3) See people with your heart and not eyes, but yet with eyes and not with heart WHEN/AFTER matters of the heart might be concerned.

I know I will still be very happy on Sunday no matter *touch wood* what cork ups there might be. So long so the groom sign the papers la. WAHAHAHA.


One Response to My One & Only Longan

  1. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the structure of your website?
    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two pictures.

    Maybe you could space it out better?

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