Fast & Furious 5 (2011)

Movie: Fast & Furious 5 (2011)
Ratings: 4.99999/5

This has got to be the greatest movie of the year! I’ve probably watch 1 or 2 of it’s sequels before but seriously dont have an impression. Just the title bores me, as I thought it will be another stupid show about racing and nothing else.

I was so wrong. Thanks to the 4.5 star ratings at, they certainly encouraged dearie and me to catch it. I’ve always find them pretty zun, as to my taste buds. What can I say? For 90% of the show, my fingers were in my mouth(please dont think in the obscene direction) so you can just imagine how thrilling and engaging the show is. Not only that, it’s also freaking funny and full of surprises. I’ll say the script writer, the director(Justin Lin, an asian!!) as well as the stunts coordinator were almost a match made in heaven.

Would vastly prefer Bruce Willis to star as Dominic, but still, this is a must-watch! It’s more than just mere racing and explosions. =)


Movie: The Lost Bladesman
Ratings: 2/5
Comments: Hmm I’ve watched this movie? Oh yes, I think I did. Somehow left no impression. It might be because I’m sick of Donnie’s fighting scenes, might be. Particularly those at the stairs. The lighting sucks lah! Anyway I thought the plot is simply boring and doesnt link very well. The 曹操 is unimpressive too. I think the 曹操(starring 刘丹) in HK TVB series of 洛神 wins hands down. 洛神 is a great show, do catch it. Not to mention, the abrupt ending by simply announcing the death of Donnie doesnt suit me very much. Hello, the whole movie is titled 關雲長, I think a proper beginning and ending is essential.

History has been always painting 曹操 as the bad guy, but this movie is trying to depict otherwise. Highly debatable. I might read up on 曹操 if I have the time.


Morning Glory & Sanctum

Ratings: 2.8/5

Comments: Hmm it’s supposed to be a comedy…but it’s only funny during the near end. Nothing much to comment other that it’s boring boring boring and very slow-paced. Not impressed by the plot too. Expect nothing like “Devil wears Prada” even if it’s the same screen writer. Can see Rachel’s efforts in her role but….some chemistry is simply missing. Perhaps she just dont have a funny bone? Katherine Heigl or Anne Hathaway might be a better choice.


(Disclaimer: Watched this online)

Ratings: 4/5

Comments: Entertaining and thrilling flick. I got so agitated by the few assholes in the show that I was cursing and swearing while watching. Haha Thank god I didnt watch it in the cinemas. But of course, I think the suspense and thrill will be even greater if watched in the cinemas.

Laughter & friends, the best medicine for almost anything

Just realised I haven been out drinking for ages. Which might be good too as too much alcohol is bad for health, especially when I’m not getting younger. Sheesh. Had been spending a couple of weekends mahjiong-ing instead. =P I’m really really getting from bad to worse…as in…I’m so lazy that I dont even wish to step out of the house. 真是越来越宅了! Haha. My friends came my house to play instead. Lately pretty lucky, won some. =) Though they are peanuts considering how much I used to lose. =P

It wasnt until last Sunday that I touched alcohol with Gra and Suan. I really felt like I didnt go out for centuries, except settling my meals simply nearby. So I asked Gra whether we can have a nice dinner somewhere. Eventually the 3 of us met at Holland V. We settled our dinner, yummy soy chicken horfan, at a air-conditioned(thank god) cafe. Chatted for HOURS until the manager came to offer another round of drinks. Damn funny. At first he asked, “Any drinks for you?”, we all shook our heads as we thought of shifting place for my drinks soon. Then he said, “It will be on the tab for you ladies, then you can take your time to chat(machiam we very talkative like that, which is, actually the truth lah. Muahahaha). I was pretty BHB and replied, “Er..then another glass of water chestnut for me, thanks!” =P Thennnn, we continued chatting again.

After another 45mins or so, we adjourned to Harry’s Bar. Gra had a cocktail, Suan had margarita while I had Chardonnay. The whole of Holland V was very crowded because it was a night for both Liverpool and Man Utd fans. =.=”’ The 3 of us had to raise our voices and lean forward to hear each other properly. Finally when we finished our drinks, I proposed that we shift to another quieter place. When the bill came, we realised there’s an error in our bill and the manager offered us another round of drinks. To which Suan and me declined with thanks(Gra was in toilet). Because I cant drink anymore lah. Somemore, I got meeting the next morning. Sigh..I used to enjoy at least 3 glasses of red wine with my fantastic wine kakkis but dont know why…lately, simply 1 glass of Chardonnay is enough. =.=”’

When Gra came back from the ladies, we told her we declined the complimentary round of drinks. And she looked surprised and disappointed, “Actually I dont mind extra round leh!” Lol. Oh no. It was too late to erm…take back our words. Paiseh! =P Anyway, we finally settled at The Coffee Club. Same old me was still the first one to cry for more food. =P We shared Shepherd Pie and Passion fruit Ice-cream tea. Yums! It was slightly past midnight and Suan’s dear hubby came to fetch us. Thanks Suan for sending me home.

I had a lovely evening/night girls. Meet up soon again!

I’m very thankful for all the wonderful friends who simply delights me with their presence, and soothe me with their smiles and kind words. They always make my day! =D


Ratings: 2.8/5

Comments: Fully expecting it to be no less than exceptional, since plot is almost similar to “Next” by Nicholas Cage, but it was a disappointment….. NATO, no action talk only. Very minimal action and there was no thrill at all. In addition, despite the story revolves about the amazing one true love between the leads, I really cant feel the connection between the both of them. There’s no chemistry, and that was why the never dying devotion from Matt and all those crap with “they were meant to be together” came as totally unbelievable for a couple who merely seen each other twice.

Black Swan

Ratings: 4/5

Comments: Usually I avoid award-winning or award-nominations films because usually they have an artistic flair which I cant appreciate or decipher. But I pulled dearie to watch with me because of the excellent reviews given around me. Hmm… was a great movie, no doubt. I was so entranced by the performances by Natalie Portman that I sat riveted in my seat. There were a few horrible bloody scenes which were so damn well-executed that every time dearie and I twisted in our seats as well as twisted our faces.

All I know about the movie was it’s a psychological thriller, mystery, suspense movie with a story revolving around the star role of a drama performance or something. “With a twist you can never expect”, as quoted by a friend, I fully expect the movie to be one of a battle of wits between the female co-stars. That was only, what I imagined. Therefore,  imagine my glee when the first few spooky scenes hinted of an ghostly, evil, unborn twin. I love horror movies, and it reminded me of the thai show, “Alone”.

But as the show progressed…..I got more and more…perplexed and somewhat skeptical. “Pleaseeeee dont tell me she’s a siao ding dong…….. =.=”’

There are 2 kinds of story which always groused me. One type is whereby the lead woke up to realise the whole series of events is a dreammmmm! Another type is whereby the lead is an Ah Siao who imagines every freaking thing in her siao ding dong head. =.=”’

Haiz…despite the story is of the latter…and the sad ending, it’s still a good movie, worth a watch. Natalie had an exceedingly stellar “best actress” performance.


Comments: Actually dearie and I have decided to boycott Jennifer Aniston‘s movies long ago. Because most of her movies(where she’s the main lead) are a dead bore. However, we heard a couple of good reviews from friends and such that the movie is very funny, hence we caught it. It’s really entertaining and pretty funny. After the show, dearie said the reason why the show is not a dead bore like all Jennifer Aniston’s movies is because “Just go with it” is not all about her. There’s another main female lead whose parts are almost as heavy as her. Oh and I love Nicole Kidman’s special appearance. She had an irritating role but somehow, just cant bring myself to dislike the angelic her. =)



Ratings: 4.4/5

Comments: I might be somehow biased in my ratings because I simply love Liam Neeson! He’s one of the rare few hollywood stars who actually really fights swiftly with punch! The movie has all it needs, action, suspense, thrill, intriguing plot. Perhaps not much of a comedy though there are still a few funny parts. =) Definitely a must-watch!


Another movie which I meant to catch is “Black Swan“. Heard excellent reviews of it despite the poster looking grim and serious. Hopefully dearie have time to accompany me before it’s off screen.

Lately, I’ve been eating very little. Not much appetite. One of the most annoying thing will be my nose will be like stucked for 50% of the time. Hence, it’s very difficult to breathe and I have to breathe with my mouth. When you’re trying to EAT and BREATHE at the same time throught the same opening, it’s pretty tiring. It’s never the mouth’s primary purpose to breathe so somehow I dont feel good. When you breathe with your mouth, it means more air gets into your stomach. And when the stomach is bloated, you might get tummy pain. Sometimes, I try so hard to breathe with my nose(even when it’s not stucked), it’s still pretty uncomfortable, so much so the lungs hurt.

After consulting a colleague, I’m suspecting my asthma might be coming back. I’m having all the symptoms, including the very tell-tale hu-hu sound during breathing. Hmm…..I might visit the doc for some Ventolin soon. Haiz sian. It’s not as if I didnt take medicine for my flu and nose block but they dont work leh. =(



Ratings: 3.8/5

Comments: I heard from dearie this movie’s plot is copied from a Hollywood movie starred by Mel Gibson. In any case, I haven watch before and it’s a very refreshing and interesting movie. It’s quite funny and worth a watch. And wow, didnt expect Andy can maintain such a….erm…nice body at his age. Haha. Oh and Gong Li is getting more alluring and lovelier!



Ratings: 3/5

Comments: It’s a rather slow-paced movie so if you’re impatient, you may skip it. Almost no horror scenes. I didnt see any scenes as depicted in the terrifying posters. Somehow I can never understand the pastors’ way of exorcism. It’s as if so long so you have a strong faith and a strong heart, literate and able to read the bible with a deafening voice, you can perform the ritual. And what’s with the must to ask for the devil’s name? Is it essential for the subjugate? And why in some instances, the devil said it itself, isnt it like of…you know..?


My Weekend

Met up with darling Jy to kind of celebrate her birthday together with Kel. It was an impromptu decision because I wasnt sure I’m up to drinks yet. It was a lucky coincidence that Kel was available. Very difficult one okie, more difficult than striking toto. =P So we met up for some catching up, also to pass them 2011 calenders and diaries.

Ya I know I look so fat!! Eh no, I’ve becomeeeee so fat!! =(

Actually we had a group foto taken by someone else…but it was blurry. =(

We had our drinks as per usual, plus sotong balls and chicken wings. Ultra sinful. And of course, we treated the birthday girl. =) At this rate, there’s no way I can slim down lah. Maybe it’s better to diet after Chinese New Year, might as well right? Muahahahaha. =P

Happy birthday darling. You know we’ll always love you no matter what. =D Smuacks!!!

They’re planning to come our house on Chu 3, together with their partners and a few other friends. Or maybe a JB seafood trip too! To be confirmed. =)



After a meeting in office, went Orchard to get our printer/scanner/fax and iron. Dearie hor…..somehow stuff just seemed to get spoilt when he’s using it! I just dont understand why! And he always deny responsibility, saying if things bound to be spoilt will be spoilt. =|  I granted that my Epson 5 year old printer’s time should be up but the iron was merely 1+year old! It wasnt really spoilt lah, just that there were some black debris on it and it stained dearie’s shirts. When I asked him how the debris got there to stain his clothes, again he cant answer me. ZzZz. And we cant get off those debris. Err….now that I think of it, were we too impulsive when we just bought another new iron? Nahz, anyway, we bought a Tefal one…and hopefully it’s good. New printer/scanner/fax is from HP.

Because of the stupid S$5 voucher which we drew from the Courts Lucky Draw(must be used on the same day!), ultimately we ended up buying…………….



Hee!! Actually I bio this very long liao. Just that we already had another steamboat cum teppanyaki. Anyway, that was at mummy’s house as it was big and round, more suitable for big group on a round table. I particularly disliked the teppanyaki round surface because it was very narrow. This new one is so much better! See how spacious is the teppanyaki area! Now I no longer have to keep shifting my food and able to keep a better eye on them. =)
Today(sunday), we went NTUC and bought food back, intending to have a steamboat dinner. I marinated the chicken breast and beef slices for 2 hours and they turned out great! For the chicken, I merely used salt, sugar, light soy sauce, pepper and sesame oil. For the beef, I used salt, sugar, yakinuku sauce and black pepper. =) Didnt really had a variety of food because NTUC is so boring. =(  I love our bratwurst sausage though! Super yummy. =)

Review of CORNELL CBG5


It’s really perfect for 2 person! Comes with a 2.3litre pot. With the temperature mode from minimum and then 1 to 5, the steamboat part actually get heated up pretty quickly. Soup can boil in less than 10minutes. In my recollection, it boils much faster than the one I always had. Though if you want it to be faster, you can always fill it with boiling water/soup instead.
Although the temperature knob controls both steamboat and pan grill, it didnt pose much of a problem. The trick is to boil the water first with the highest temperature before dumping your ingredients in. After 45minutes or so, then kickstart your teppanyaki dinner by lowering the temperature to around 3. In this way, the soup will have a nice simmer and it wont be too hot for the grill. Your soup will have a better flavour too. =)
If for some reason, you dont need the steamboat anymore, you can remove the pot and use the area for teppanyaki too. It will then be sufficient for 4 people to grill. Haha! Dearie and me are more of teppanyaki than steamboat people la. =P
What I love the most with this appliance will be the ease to wash and clean! Usually it will a herculean chore to scrub the chao-da(burnt) part off the grill surface. But for this, you can easily wipe off them with disposable kitchen towels. Somehow they will simply flake off very easily, which is marvelous! It might be because of their special grill non-stick surface or something. It’s really great! What’s more, there’s a hole on the grill surface, and that’s actually for you to sweep all the chao-da parts into it. Into where you think? Below it, you can pull out a mini tray and then you can simply throw the waste into the trash bin! Brilliant isnt it! So not only you dont have scrub that hard for the burnt parts, you dont even have to pick them up. Simply sweep them away will do! Of course you still have to wash them with detergent afterwards, but it will be a breeze. =)
Do note it’s easier to clean when it’s warm rather than wait until it’s cool.

Courts member price: S$62, after S$5 voucher = S$57


Wee!! Definitely will be expecting more steamboat and teppanyaki dinner at home!! Hmm yeah, it got a little smokey after a while. We onz both aircon, fan and kitchen hood with all windows open to make sure we’re not too hot and no smoky smell remained. I really love my Rinnai kitchen hood. Although it costs a bomb(to me), it’s definitely worth the money! Because we have an open concept kitchen, a good hood is very very important. I remember it has a 1000m3/hr extraction capacity. If anyone want the model number can message me.


After buying all the electronics at Courts Centrepoint with some shopping and dinner, we met up with some friends for movie. =)



Movie title: Shaolin

Ratings: 4/5

Comments: It was a pretty touching but rather bloody show. Hmm…many scenes made me uneasy with the cruel ways of killing…..there were many scenes which made me cry too. I guess there are many lessons where you can learn from it but I’m not going to preach here. You can watch it if you want. But it’s not a movie where I’ll watch for the second time though. Maybe because there’s not many funny scenes. It’s all kill kill kill………….ZzzZzz.

Actually it’s been very long that I do movie reviews, always forgot about them after watching. =P “Fair Game” sucks, dont watch okie. =P