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1st fengshui audit

Master Chang has finally finished auditing our house’s fengshui. I’m already mentally prepared for whatever he’s gonna say as well as financially prepared they are going to be minor changes in the house. I think that’s inevitable, considering the bad shape of my house, a.k.a, mirrors everywhere.

What I wasnt prepared was the verdict which was given by Master Chang, that I’m not suitable to reside in my current room, AT ALL. He advised me to change room.

The corner room? No.

The master room??!! No.

The living room???!!!

You got it.

You cant imagine the shock on my face. I had that expression way back when mum proposed the same thing. After Master Chang said that, mummy then confided that she can sensed that I always fall sick and she feel the living room will be better for me. Of course I shrugged it off, saying it’s ridiculous to take living room as a room, especially when our living room is pretty big(in my standards). And then, she proposed her master bedroom to trade with my tiny little room. Of course I shaked my head violently.

How can I usurp the master room from my mother? How can I? I refused, up till now. When Master Chang, in one way or other, confided that I ought to shift out from my room asap. How would you describe this, when he had actually left my house after calculating an auspicious day in Jul for me to AN my new bed cum shift, and then suddenly U-turn back to tell me, “I think you better sleep in the living room than your current room, until the new bed frame comes.’


Is it really thattttt bad?

Well, I mean I got lots of “encounter” in that room before but that’s many years ago. I shant describe too much but let’s just say…….it’s okie now lah…and I’m pretty used to the dimness of my room. Lights had to be on all the time if I’m awake. This is 1 big taboo of rooms, basic knowledge; rooms MUST be bright.

In short, he mentioned that even the aircon location is not good. *mouth agape* I was thinking even if I want to shift the aircon is also not easy manz. But that was like BEFORE he encouraged me to shift into the living room. He mentioned my current room is not suitable for humans to sleep, especially women because it’s very “yin”. For guys, not that bad, but cannot on the aircon. It’s not good for health. The bad location for aircon only remains till 14th Feb 2010. Valentines day? I didnt ask much, perhaps it’s the calculation of the “new year” bah.

Anyway for such a MAJOR operation, I consulted dearie, brothers and of course my dear mother. I’m actually quite half-hearted about it. In a way, I believe what he said. But in another way, IT’S ALOT OF HASSLE LEH! Xiang was not around. Wei was dubious about transforming the living room into a bedroom though he said he was fine with any arrangements. While mum……..

I can describe her as “raising both hands in agreement”.


And off her goes…”theereeee I told you long ago to make the living room as your temporary bedroom for the wedding liao before you all shift. It’s big, spacious and bright bla bla bla.”

I was very appreciative of that. While I was reluctant to do the shift, saying we’re only staying till the end of this year, Master Chang said, this year is not to be trifled with, especially health wise. Coincidentally…this was what I heard from another fengshui advocate in a forum. Seeing how H1N1 has turned for the worse…I had little choice but to believe. Even if all this hoohaa is only for the duration of half a year. After which, everything will resume back to normal.

So I began preparing for the mega shift. Although it doesnt include all the stuff, there were a mountain of stuff to shift…especially my big ass wardrobe, bed etc. Chang will be arranging a date for us to AN our new bed. Besides that, I got to mask all the mirrors in the living room and the mirrors of my wardrobe. Woah! Which is not easy lor. I’m never good with lines and scissors and god damn, it’s so difficult to get a straight rectangle Huh!?

New curtains too, $69. Plus all the masking, double-sided tape, etc, I think we spent less than a hundred. Hmm…still sounds like a lot especially when the audit costs $485. However, our new house will costs much cheaper, $359 as it’s the second house. Well hopefully, the audit does serves some positive changes. Then we will continue the second audit which wont come so soon. Oh my god…I just remembered he said we need to shift the altar position too. But he will give us the date later. Dont know how much that minor shift gonna costs us again.

Shall review after 3 months if my health and other areas improves. =P

Yesterday(tues), we finally shifted all our stuff. I cant remember the last time I worked so hard and so much on manual labour. It resulted in serious muscular cramps in both arms and legs. *wails* They’re really painful. With every step I took, even my poor car-cheng also tremble in pain. *boowoo* I was supposed to rest at home but Rain asked about the fixed deposit product which I mentioned to her. Since dearie going Bt panjang for work, I decided to call Rain and see if she wanna meet since dearie can chauffeur me. At least it’s not so painful to walk that much a distance.

Who knows rain started to tell me excitedly about a lobang which got us both so excited and cheong down to Orchard. We totally forgot about the business portion till she fetched me back home. The lobang was about a x0% off G****’s bags lah. I know this news will make all G’s fans crazy and in order not to be bomb by all friends, relatives, colleagues, I’ve decided to be discreet for her convenience and also her friend’s safety.

Anyway in the end, I didnt see anything I like in the boutique and I’m told they dont do custom orders. Okie lor…actually I like the pink guccissima leather series, but they’re out of stock because they’re on a 30% sale. &^%$#@#$%^

Rain saw 2 which she liked though and she’s probably going to buy them. First time I sat in her car. When she cruised into the roundabout in her flashy red Honda, I simply burst out laughing. Because her 2 spotlights(ahem no pun intended), I mean, her 2 HAZARD lights were blinking like the Christmas lights, attracting all the attention. Damn funny lah! Then I told her she most probably to forgot to turn it off. Haha.

All in all she’s a competent driver, considering she got her license not long. And I learnt something new from her. That is engaging the N(neutral) gear during braking or winding down a slope can actually save petrol costs. I can actually tell that to dearie but most probably he wont and cant get used to changing different gears lah. That will probably increase the risk of us getting into accidents. =P

Dearie said after being with me, he has became more superstitious, thanks to me. What lah…I’m just…careful.


Dear Phy and bf is coming to my wedding! So happy. =) Initially thought she ignored me in facebook, so sad. =( But it was an untimely misunderstanding. I actually thought her bf look abit like JJ’s brother…hmmm….whose brother has the same name! Well well, the truth will be out soon. Hee. Singapore so small.

Just finished watching “Rosy Business”, hongkong tvb drama. At first I was pretty skeptical of the weak cast(to me lah). I’m simply toooo used to the huge strong cast after “Gem of Life”, “moonlight resonance” and “drive of life”. But all this doesnt prove a strong and huge cast is needed for excellent drama. “Rosy business” is unlike most HK tvb drams which focus too much on family ties. I dont mean “rosy” dont focus on that, but they’re more of a macro than micro perspective, showing how a mere women in olden times stand up against the odds to vie for a better living for all the folks which is so admirable. Sheren and Wayne did a real good job. This show is definitely worth watching. Much more than “Moonlight”, which was a teeny ridiculous to me. Because I cant understand why everytime 2 person or rather 2 families after staging huge war days ago, can suddenly sit down and greet each other as if nothing happen. Shen jing bing….

Then they can “war” and “hi”, “war” and “hi” for dozens of times as if machiam having dinner.

Husband and Wife war
1st war: Husband got affair and want divorce
2nd war: After divorce, fought custody for the all kids
3rd war: Husband vie for the family business brand name left behind by wife’s father.

Sisters’ war
1st war: Forcing dad to disown sister, saying she’s not of real flesh and blood
2nd war: Vie over the whole business of sister, despite she is the founder
3rd war: Collude with own daughter, lie and accuse sister’s daughter

And most are gigantic “wars” to me lor(you’ll know what I meant if you watched the show”. If me, after 1 major war, dont expect me to even say “hi” again. It’s impossible.

Guess what? The ending made it so that the sisters are still very loving sisters after everything, and the bastard husband was finally touched by all the things the ex-wife done and wanted to be back with her.

In drama, yes la.

Real life? I haven seen such a stupid, modern(not the old times ladies la) women before. Better dont let me see it. Smack her till she knows. =P

New Bed Frame

Viy has received our cute “just married” carplate back from MA.


We finally decided on the “Precious Moment” template. Call me niao or what lah. By ordering in RM and having it couriered to Viy’s house, we saved S$20 after the currency conversion. I paid S$45 for the carplate instead of S$65 if I were to pay in S$ and have it couriered to Sg instead. It also might be my luck that Viy planned to go back MA during this period which makes everything falls into place. I just have to meet her soon to collect.

Initially I shortlisted 3 of my favourite designs among the dozens I liked and emailed to dearie for his perusal while secretly hoping the “precious moment” is his choice. Dang dang! First time we chose the same design. Usually we have totally opposite tastes. Like whenever he wants to show me a clip or video or song, I will just say “forget it. Those you like one, I most probably wont.” It’s not till the 5th or 6th time that he finally gave up and stop showing me stuff. That’s because the last time he did, I did not even twitch a muscle when he’s laughing like mad at some…corny, male video about a guy mimicking George Bush or something.

If you find weird that I email him when we’re staying together, it’s not really so. Emails are clear-cut and are a form of records. Especially when most of my wedding stuff orders are via emails. At the same time while I’m inquiring or ordering via emails, it’s more convenient to email him and let him think for his answer instead of calling him when he’s not around. Naturally if he’s around I will ask him directly.

I still feel pretty sick today so was unable to go for appointments as well as reject a mahjiong session TWICE for 2 days straight. Damn the doctor! Overcharged me at $48 with 6 miserable lozenges(they’re strepsils, think I dont know meh), 1 bottle of cough medicine and 30tabs of antibiotics. Okie and 1 MC. WTF? And 2 days had passed and I haven seen any improvement. Gonna catch Dr Tan later in the afternoon after the fengshui audit. I will give a review much later.

The day before, before we settled for the movie “Ghosts of girlfriends’ past”, we shopped around Causeway point. And we did something which I never expect we’ll do; that is buying a bed frame before the house is even ready.

There are a few reasons. The main reason was that the bedframe was fucking cheap! Only $528nett(without mattress) including delivery etc. The company is HECOM and is under Seahorse. So far I’m very satisfied with their services as well as products. I love their memory foam mattress which I’m currently lying on now. Its costs $600 only for a Queen size and so far, there has been no regrets. It’s very comfortable and always give me troubles waking up on time. In fact, it’s one of the great deals which we got.

For our newly bought bed frame, it has a comfortable cushioned head board upholstered in genuine italy leather(so it says) and comes with a 17inch deep storage. Wow! I told dearie we can even hide 8 bodies inside. LOL. And this is 1 purchase which I know we will not regret. It’s too fucking cheap liao, accompanied by quality and practicality. The headboard design is not overly gorgeous, just simple and cosy. Most storage beds come with maximum 12 inch depth only and will cost $1100 and above. I can definitely use the extra room for all my barang barang. Yeah, though it makes the entire bed look pretty high-and-mighty. Dearie even commented, “you better check and see whether you can reach up or not.” Grrrrrr!

There was also this cute 2 seater mini sofa selling at $128. White leather and extremely comfortable. So tempted to take it! But better not. I have to keep remind myself that I dont have much space for anything now! As for the bedframe, yeah, I have to dump the old one away to make way for the new one. I will miss it, I know I has been 12years! It still look very pretty to me despite some gold plating has eroded. Its a brass metal bedding by the way.

Delivery wont be so soon, around Jul or even Aug. Have to depend on the An Chuang date which Master Chang will be giving us. It’s also good if we can have a brand new bed with mattress to an chuang. Dearie has always complain about the squeaking of my current bed. I dont understand why! Initially we thought it’s the mattress and now we know it’s not. And the squeaky noises are not because we’re doing monkey business okie. 😛

Also, I came across this wonderful place which sells gorgeous french furniture at wholesale prices. Gonna take a look this weekend. Damn..I had a feeling I will buy something back…and replace item by item from my room. Although it’s feasible as I can always transport my furniture to the new house when it’s ready, we prefer not to. Because wait the new house dont have a feeling of being a new house because we had grown accustomed to all the new furniture, which might sit in my room for around 6months!

If I can choose, I will hope I can have my new house ASAP. But it’s difficult…

I just hope I stop seeing great stuff at great prices from now till Oct..

This afternoon we also went IMM NewImage to see our edited pictures. Indeed almost all of the unsightly bulging bah bah were being photoshopped off. Bleah…Kinda kelong..but…I cant possibly say no right. No one in the right mind will. It’s ultimately, some photo album which you will (hopefully) take once in a lifetime and which you insanely spent few thousands on. I wont post them here guys can see the real album and photo montage on the actual wedding day. No peeking. =)

Vickki’s ear infection, rashes and scratching has indeed improved alot. Despite how shag I was after the trip to IMM, I had to bathe her. She still needs oral medicine and ear drops twice everyday. And before ear drops, I need to clean her ear. The pills, I need to shove them down her throat else she will spit out. For the past few days, she can only take 1 type of food so as to determine what causes the allergy. Poor thing. I was so busy that I dont have much time to spend with her.

Just now, she was probably feeling..unloved. And she barked. Usually when she barked in the room, it’s because she wanna get out to pee or go to the living room to find my brother. But just now, she dont want to leave my room and stubbornly stood rooted to the ground in my room. Hmm….so I scooped her up and laid her on my lap, slowly sayang her. Oh..She just wants some pampering.

If I sound surprised, it’s becauseee, I’m reallllyyyy surprised. You know why. It’s because Vickki is not like any typical dog. She’s like…she’s pretty much like me. She dont whine or even “teh” often. She doesnt stay in your laps for long, and will wriggle out after max 3minutes, just so to find something more entertaining and fun. She dont seem to possess even a tiny bit of feminism. Independence and headstrong is what she’s made of.

The only time I heard her whine was after her neuter operation and it was only because dearie tugged at her wound when he tried to carry her. She did not whine 1 bit all the way when I bought her back from the vet. And tonight, it’s one of the rare occasions that she willingly lies on my lap and let me sayang to sleep. I must have really really neglected her. Lately bro Xiang had reservist so he hardly play with her too and no wonder. Xiang and me were the only ones whom she’s close with. She dont really bother about dearie nor my other bro Wei. Perhaps she can sense they dont love her much.

I must really get well soon. I have like 36 to-dos in my list. 36!!!

Love is a gamble. Buy big or small?

It seems my posts are getting shorter and shorter by day.

Well some small snippets before stuff are gone without a trace, given how short-termed-memory I have.

Just saw some pre-wedding shots of Jac. They’re not really the real thing. Just pictures of how the photoshoot went. I really went “owwwww” with all her gowns, drop-dead gorgeous. Seriously I haven seen such nice and unique gowns in Singapore yet. And no wonder, she didnt do it in Sg at all. They were taken at Johore Bahru. Really, I encourage couples to go MA to take photoshoot. Not only makeup and hairstyling better, gowns are gorgeous and has great variety, prices are friendly as well. Jac had like 8 gowns!! To think I thought I already had too many when I had 5. =P Jac looked so slim and stunning in all. I really love and envy her height. Sigh, if only I can grow taller.

I must feed my baby(if ever I have 1) with milk and calcium everyday and force him/her to skip 1000times per day so that they grow up tall and not as short as me. =P

Movie title: Ghost of girlfriend’s past
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Upon rain’s good review that it’s a great comedy, I urged dearie to catch it with me, throwing our original first choice “Blood, the last vampire” aside. Perhaps I had too high expectations or lost my sense of humour, I didnt really laugh alottt during a show. But it’s still a nice, meaningful and funny flick. The trailer looks lame but it’s not.

Come to think of it, I’m kinda like Connor, the male lead too, when I was younger. Of course I dont mean I’m a heart breaker like him lah with this face of mine. I merely meant, I was very hesitant to get deeply involved with any guy too. Just any guy. The moment when one got under my skin, I will tear away. It’s a reflex action. I was like that since…I think since 21. That’s most probably because I got a giant heartbreak when I was 21. That’s perfectly normal I guess, for someone who was betrayed by someone she loved and trusted so much at that time. From then on, I’m just very…well…cant really love easily. Sad eh~

I liked people. I liked girls. I liked boys. I liked men. But it stayed there. It’s very difficult to advance forward. But I was happy. Very happy. Happily single, happily being carefree and unattached, without any qualms. Go out with whoever I like and spare the need to report to anyone who claims to own me. I wont say I enjoy them losing sleep over me, I’m just very bo chup and couldnt care less…and more of…”please stop all this nonsense”, “nahz, you will be fine after few weeks” and “common, you wont die without me, there’re so many girls out there!” kinda things. And if I sensed things might be crossing the line or I’m sinking in, in any way, I’ll just disappear.

Just like Connor in the show.

I dont wan to be vulnerable and subject myself to the risk of ever being hurt, of ever being sad and anything that risk my current state of equilibrium. I was at the top of my life and am fine with it. NOTHING can spoil that momentum and I disallow anyone who even attempts it. I dont want to be soft. Or expose my weakness because I know, so long so I remained in love with nobody, I will always be in control.

In control of my mind, my heart, my life. What can be better? =)

And through time, it sort of became a habit..and became instilled in me. That I probably had forgotten how to love. I even doubt myself am I able to love someone again.

Familiar words rang again and again in my ears.

“You always set up a wall to guard your heart..”

“Whenever someone starts loving you….you’ll go and hide…It’s not normal.”

“It’s so hard to love you…”

They crept at me once in a bluemoon whenever the same familiar feelings tug at my heart. I’m a human. I will feel touched whenever someone treats me well, loves me for who I am and am contented with what I have to offer. But no matter how I tried to love, it just seems so hard. And when I knew I had became not only the source of happiness, but also sadness to people I hold dear, I chose to leave because I want them to be happy, to be free of such entanglements. Because I KNOW(and believed at that time) that one will always be happy if he/she dont have any 牵挂.

It’s very very difficult to point a finger to the kind of feelings I had with them. It’s like, not really friendship but not really relationship, though I swear s*x was never involved. I draw the line at friendship hugs. No hold hands too. Perhaps that’s why, I was being treated like a gem? I dont know..but from what I know AND believe, it’s always wise to keep away from the 3 letter word unless you’re so sure you got a man’s heart and commitment. And, the thing with boys, the thing which they never can get, always seem the most divine and sacred, when…sometimes they’re not really a big deal. Lol.

Of course I’m not discouraging all the girls out there to refrain sex from the boyfriends la..else I will be chopped like carrots by all the guys. Lol.

I used to think, why, why cant people believe in platonic friendship? Or why, a girl and boy cant be the best of confidants? While I heard stories about guys not committing, I was amused because it doesnt seem to be the case with me. It seemed that IT was the problem.

Whenever a friendship got too heavy, and things crossed the line, I cant help feeling amused, annoyed, exasperated and irritated, in THAT order as the incidents got more and more frequent.

Why, why cant…cant…things stay the same?

Why the need to “change” things or status for that matter?

Arent we okie now?

Why force me to make a decision? To buy “big”(commit a relationship) or buy “small”(rejection of a relationship)? I dont like to gamble, I dont like risks.

So if I buy “big” and lose, I break my heart, if things dont go well as a couple. I always avoid betting on “big” because large stakes are at hand, i.e, my heart.

How about “small” then? If I win, yeah, we’ll still friends. =) But if I lose, then no more friends. =(

You can be sure most of the times I betted “small” and lost.

So what’s the best bet?

DONT BET LOR. Just let things remainnnn the same!

But it’s impossible. Impossible. Sometimes, you just have to place your bet! Extreme duress and coercion. =P

So far I betted thrice on “big” and many times on “small”.

Any winnings?

All lost la. Except 1.

You never heard of “十赌九输” 吗?

Precisely loh.

But kinda think of it, one of which/whom I betted “big” and lost, I did got a “consolation” prize instead, not totally lose. Because…we’re still friends. =)

And the only one bet which I won, is of course my current hubby. =) I’m enjoying my winnings up till now, so far so good, haven spend finish. Oh and there’s a difference between this particular bet and all the other bets.

I betted on this/him willingly. 🙂

Damn, I admire my guts. Large stakes okie!


I’m really pretty sick yesterday. Besides sorethroat and cough, a new member joined; Miss Running Nose. I was sneezing like mad when I was talking to 2 friends cum clients. It ended as late as midnight where I rushed to meet Eil at Yewtee to return her the uniforms which I loaned from her for the stupid, disgusting buffet at M hotel. Upon reaching Xinwang HK cafe, I digged into my dinner-cum-supper; century egg congee and dian xin, har gao(prawn dumpling) because I was so damn hungry.

Rain, that’s why replied you late.

Sigh Really felt like dying yesterday. I haven been this sick for very long though minor illness still bothers me time to time. Heard many people said having mirrors reflecting the bed is not a good thing. Will affect health bla bla. Hopefully the fengshui audit on Monday can improve all this. Though I know my own maintenance of health is also important lah.

I almost bought a dress from SL’s blogshop, But because Dressy hounds is only available in 1 piece and it has been taken. =( Nevermind, I’ll wait for the 2nd collection which will be coming in end Jun or early July. I will show my support de!

SL is very sweet to offer me discount on my purchase but I declined. Duhz, give me discount then she earn what right? Nono. She definitely deserve all those earnings as she has taken effort to contact supplier and hire photographer at a cost to take nice, bright pictures by modeling the clothes herself so that they’re true to pictures. And also the set-up of her blog which obviously took alot of time and effort.

On a side note, I also dislike friends who bargain for rebates when they buy policies from friends who are their agents or try to negotiate for free gifts. I mean, it’s so unglam. Most of the time, I will give a treat, dinner or lunch in appreciation for friends’ business. You dont have to ask, I will auto one. In some way or other, I will express my gratitude and appreciation but it’s not in the way of rebates. Not many people know that is actually illegal in our line of business. YES. Giving rebates to solicit business is ILLEGAL in the insurance industry.

I think somehow these kind of people just exists, especially in Singapore. But fortunately, dearie and I dont have alot of these friends.

Back to topic about blogshops. Some people merely ordered them from other taiwan websites, plucked THEIR pictures, plucked THEIR dimensions and simply put a BIGGER price tag on their blog and attempt to sell away at a much higher profit. To each his own la but I’m really not a fan of such blogshops. Because most of the times, products are not true to their highly-processed pictures.

I truly feel SL deserves what she’s getting. Her prices are very reasonable so I also hope whoever is buying from her dont expect discount just because they’re her friends. I know the feeling, so well. Especially when I feel effort is equivalent to rewards. We did put in effort(see my sorethroat and you’ll know. =P) We deserves it. =)


Please help to support!!! It’s SL’s blogshop. =)

Though I dont think many people read my blog lah, so paiseh cant really help alot. Haha. But do try to spread around ya?

Still very busy. Vickki’s ear infection has got so serious that she has scratched till there’s a patch of hair missing at her ear. She also has rashes all over. So I hurried her to The Joyous Vet at CCK. Dr Grace Heng is as busy as usual, so it’s difficult to book her to see Vickki within few days. Thus we saw another vet, Dr Jasmine Tan, who is also very sweet.

We dont know whether it’s an environmental or food allergy but Dr Jasmine guessed it should be food allergy. Thus she gave Vickki new food from Science Diet and said she is not to have other food for monitoring. Ear drops as well as 2 types of medicine were given. Total damage: $149.

Hope she get well soon.

Things done
-computer drawing of new house (anyone interested just msn or facebook me to show you. =) Otherwise my very private and fierce husband will scold me for putting it online. =~(
-angbao box
-decorated pens for signage
-most of Guo Da Li items
-confirmation of most banquet guests
-wedding “just married” carplate made in MA.(Viy helping me to take it back. Thanks so much girl!)
-wedding schedule and jiemei schedule

Things pending on hand
-Printing of wedding invites
-Confirmation of ballroom theme deco with florist
-Confirmation of wedding cupcakes
-Wedding photoshoot album design

Things coming up
-current house fengshui audit
-budget schedule for home reno
-sourcing reno ideas/brands/contractors etc
-getting brown pants for FIL to wear on AD (we bought a nice brown, smart jacket from Domanchi)

I still dont have any ideas for jiemei dressing theme. Kel asked me dont take pink because she dont have pink dresses. I feel pink kinda common..but really not much ideas. Difficult to plan lor.

JI rocks!

So busy. Now then got time to pen an entry. Wow it has been 6 days since my last.

Movie title: Terminator
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: I almost forgotten I watched this show. I mean, it’s okie lo.

Movie Title: Pelham 123
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: Bearable, but can give it a miss. The plot is oh-so-boring and it’s just not exciting enough. Especially you only see like only 2 guys acting. Somemore most of the dialogue were on the phone! Or PA system to be exact.
And the ending looks abit mo ming qi miao to me…as if John Travolta is crazy. Maybe he is.

Movie title: Drag me to hell
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: This is one hell of a horror movie. It’s not horrifying but it’s very thrilling! It’s like a comedy too. Though the ending is sad.

Saturday met up with my dear JI mates whom I haven seen for a long time. They are still looking great, still as youthful! Think I’m the only one who has aged. Haiz. We, the 4 girls, Jas, Jes, SL and me had dinner at Shokudo Cine when we’re not very hungry. But somehow we managed to finish our food. I had a salad though. Then we popped over to Ice Cold beer to have some drinks. Thank god we reached early, that’s why got seats. Thereafter, Rob joined too. I had hoegarden and house red, SL 2 house red, Jas barcardi peach and Jes house red too. Rob had a belgium beer, forgotten what though.

We had alot of fun, mainly reminiscing and updating on what we’re doing currently. Mostly, it’s Jes, SL and me yakking away. Jas is still as quiet. Haha. Rob is still as well-mannered as before. Though dont see him look guai guai like that, his tongue can become quite sharp when trifled with wor. I’m getting excited already for our next meeting scheduled in July and hopefully this time we can get all the absentees to come, like Sha, Est, Lax etc. =)

And guessed who I bumped into there? Kat! And she told me she’s dating! So happy for her. She has like rejected dozens of guys because her standards are so high. Finally there’s 1 who fits the bill and Im anxious to see her boy. Not much I can comment since it’s only a short briefing! But he look pretty young and good-looking. He asked me to guess how old he is. I said 25 when he’s actually 31. I know very well he couldnt be 25 lah as Kat is 29. But he really look very boy leh. =.= But thank god Kat look young too! So they still look very compatible. The group consisted of some girls too who dont seem friendly, not even to Kat. Lol. I’m not surprised though. Especially after I knew those girlfriends are friends of her bf. Haha.

After Ice Cold Beer, Jes proposed Dempsy as she’s meeting friends there and she urged us to join. We did, but I’m pretty disappointed when it doesnt turn out to be much fun at Wine Company. The chicken wings were bland, what a disappointment. It affected my whole mood. Chicken wings are very important ok! Therefore Rob left early, as he has a morning run scheduled. SL toppled her red wine which is sheer bad luck. I can see that she and Jas much preferred to go home already. Me too I called dearie asking whether he can fetch us. Because dempsy is hardly the most accessible place in Singapore, not even with cabs. Thank god it’s not too 1am when dearie reached.

I’ve forgotten my camera so no pictures for the whole gathering. =(

Then I got this horrible headache which followed me throughout the night till early morning. It all started from the Fishbone wine at Wine Company. It SUCKS!

Many many stuff. Im meeting a fengshui master soon to audit my current house. Perhaps my new house too since he’s charging cheaper for both. And ah, need to meet the hotel staff for Fairmont too.

I have so many thoughts running through my mind about the house reno. It’s so fun!

That’s all for now. Ciaoz.