My Dearest QQ

Love the Dec weather, chilly and cooling. Although it’s still pretty warm in the daytime, the night was simply bliss with cool cool breeze coming through our windows. Sometimes it’s so strong that it can slap my windows shut with a loud thud or send my chandelier rocking back and forth. Thank god it doesnt happen that often. I do hate if my chandelier come crashing down.

It’s such a lovely night again. It’s such a waste to sleep it away…. Sometimes I really enjoy time to myself, doing my own things(manyyyy things at one time). Haha. And I’m especially alert at night, to my dismay. I enjoy more when my favorite activities are done at night.

*ahem* Please dont think YY.

I meant, hobbies like blogging….reading(oh yes I do read okieee~)…surfing…watching dramas, variety shows and concerts. Currently watching my darling Jam Hsiao’s newly bought concert DVD. Heez~

Wanna share our lovely purchase!!

猜猜是什么? Hee!

Everything when I received parcels, I always got soooOoo excited but this time round, my excitement was x 100 times because it’s the first time I ordered something(alone) which costs a 3 digit figure online. And I’m super worried that it disappoints me.



Dang dang dang dang!!




My CleanMate QQ-2L, Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I shall refer it to my dearest QQ from now on. =D

Robot vacuum cleaners had been around for quite some time and I’m sure many people will love one at home but merely hesitated at the price, for authentic i-robots Roomba usually costs a 4 digit. Freaking expensive! Another downside is, they cant clean corners well.

I was initially very doubtful of it’s capability when I first heard it from Gra, whose colleague had bought it off online at only US$208. Though the one she bought was an imitation where the set was made in China, and computer chip in Germany. I wasnt enthu because I’m sure it cant clean very well, especially along walls and corners. And manz, how many dozens of corners we have in our house? However, Gra said perhaps I can use it on a daily basis to keep the house reasonably clean while I can have a 大扫除 every week or so. Suddenly the idea seemed so attractive. Because Vickki is indeed a pest who always make the house dirty.

I wasnt disappointed. It was indeed well worth every penny! How I love the free shipping too! Think of it, it’s like only 50 bucks more than our normal Philips vacuum cleaner!




Charging Bay


  • Automatically cleans carpets
  • User friendly LCD panel displays unit operation status
  • Automatically returns to charging base when low on power
  • Resumes cleaning after battery is fully charged
  • Compact shape allows cleaning under beds, tables, and other furniture
  • Suitable for all carpets except for plush and long fur carpet
  • Removes allergens and pet hair
  • Automatic cruise system
  • UV ray disinfection
  • Particle filtration
  • High efficient 7 inch brushroll
  • Embedded remote control
  • Sounds warning alarm when stuck
  • Photo sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down
  • Noise level: 50dB
  • 10 to 80 minute variable cleaning time
  • Timer for cleaning time setting
  • NiMH 2500 mAh battery
  • 3.5 hours charging time
  • Lifetime of battery: 500+ charging cycles
  • Built-in fragrance slot
  • Rotating edge cleaning brush
  • 2.5 amps
  • 6 lbs.
  • Capacity of dust bin: 0.3 liter
  • Dimensions: 14 inches (diameter) X 3.5 inches (height)
  • One year warranty

Cleaning Modes:

  • Special bounce
  • Spiral
  • Along walls
  • “S” shape
  • Polygonal spiral
  • Cycles through all modes for highly efficient cleaning

Accessories Included:

  • Remote control
  • 3 washable particle filters
  • 14.4 volt rechargeable battery
  • AC charging base
  • Small cleaning brush
My Review:
It cleans reasonably well, much better than expected. You definitely cant expect 100% because some corners will definitely be left out. However, I’m quite surprised it cleans pretty well along walls using the along-the-wall mode. Perhaps because of the little brush located near the right edge of the set. At first glance, only the S-shape mode and along-the-walls mode seemed useful but that is only true for square rooms and preferable almost no or very few furnitures. For big areas with furnitures, it’s good to take it’s auto mode(combination of all 5 modes) to clean more efficiently. I know it can look a tad irritating when it doesnt go the way you prefer all the time or it merely clean 1 small area and hop off to another. But give QQ her freedom, she will eventually finish cleaning up the whole area. =)
To save some time and battery, you can always use the remote to manually control it by making it turn left/right/forward/reverse to clean missed out areas which wasnt focused yet but do note it only cleans when it’s moving forward. And every touch of left/right button, it turns a fixed degree of angle. For manual mode, it stops whenever it meets an obstacle, while during auto mode, it will switch directions itself. So usually if I really want to clean neglected areas immediately, I will use manual mode but followed by auto mode.
QQ did have a downside, which is I feel she cant recognise her “home”(charging bay) very well. She must be relatively near, like within 30cm or so before she knows how to go “home”. Lol. If not, she will use “along-the-wall” mode all the way until she finds her “home” since her “home” is definitely along the walls. Hahaha! Kinda waste time and batt. So either I will carry her back to near her “home” or “manually” direct her back. Therefore, I’m very doubtful of the mentioned function; 

  • Automatically returns to charging base when low on power
  • Resumes cleaning after battery is fully charged


Anyway, supervision is definitely required or preferred. It got stucked at the edges of my coffee table and tv console(due to their design) and must be manually pulled out. Sometimes it get stucked in corners too, unable to turn out. There is the timer feature but haven tried it out. Dont think it’s necessary. I have to say the remote works pretty well. So long so you’re pointing at the signal panel located infront of QQ(it’s not difficult since QQ is always moving and rotating), the distance dont matter. I’ve used it from as far as 5-6metres and QQ still can detect.

Luckily for our small home of 100sq m, it’s just nice for the battery life. For bigger homes, you might need to charge it again before resuming cleaning. By the way, I’m very thankful for the elaborate instruction manual in ENGLISH, in good English. And the set arrived with battery and filter installed. Even the remote comes with battery installed. It feels great!

All in all, I’m pleased with it. Last time I got so exhausted with both vacuuming and mopping right after one another. The day before, I used QQ to vacuum the floor and it was really pretty clean. So I merely use a wet mop(除尘纸拖把-wet) to mop some dirty areas plus all the corners and along the walls. Took me less than 10minutes. =D The floor was very clean.

I definitely can look forward to more personal time!

Feel free to ask me for more questions. =)




My ANGEL & DEVIL List 2010

Just read Jen’s Naughty & Nice List 2010 and thought it will be nice to come up with one too! Okie, I’ll call it My Angel and Devil List. Haha! Oh man, isnt she gorgeous? I bet she made all the guys go aga aga over her in Korea. =)  Super love her make-up tutorials, very clear. Not only is she so natural and confident infront of the camera(other than sexy, gorgeous!), speaks good English with a nice slang, she also has good English on her blog, writes well, opinionated and doesnt swear in like every 3 sentences or so. Ha~

But hor, I think back, I really cant recall any DEVIL items at all. Because mainly I’ve stopped using them and kicked them out of my mind. Hmm….maybe I can try to re-call a few.




1) SK II Pitera Series

How can I forget this? Together with it’s Cellumination Essence and toner which costs me a FEW hundred bucks but yet did nothing except giving rashes on my face and neck. Real itchy too! They might do wonders to you, but they didnt to me, except in a real bad way. =(



2) Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara

Although it’s a volumizing mascara, actually it did nothing of the sort while I was testing it. But why did I buy? Because it’s not thick, does not clump lashes but defines them neatly and comes with treatment properties. However, they smudges very easily and everytime I reached home a panda. Okie maybe it’s not waterproof but still!!! I have non water-proof mascaras which do better!



3) Kanebo T’estimo Eye palette

Okie this picture is not mine. And my colours are more of bronze and gold. I know their packaging is cool, colours are gorgeous but you must not buy. Because they’re not lasting at all! Not only that, they smudges to a very ugly and oily residue which is almost impossible to revive even with touch-ups.



4) Bourjois baked blusher

It has to do with the applicator or something. For their baked eye shimmer was good when applied wet with it’s applicator, but for the brush applicator attached with this blusher was totally helpless in picking up the pigments off the hard, baked ROCK  for application. Thus impossible for colours to show.



5) Olay Body wash plus body butter

This has got to be the worst body wash I have tried. How bad can it be? It left my body sticky! No matter how much water I used to rinse off, I’m still sticky! I had to use another body wash to get rid of the sticky residue on my skin. Duhz! I cant even use it to clean the toilet because it leaves the floor sticky and greasy. =.=””’





Oh no, I have a problem. I have MORE than 5 items for MY ANGEL LIST because I remember nice things so much better than bad things!! Heck! I’ll just share them! =)

My FACE profile: Super Sensitive & Combi Aging Skin with oily T-zone

My BODY profile: Very dry + Aging

My Style: Lazy but  Kia-su + Kia-si



1) GreenLife Melatonin Lozenge

Seriously, this is my life saver! I popped them almost every night without fail although I try not to. What they do? They help you to sleep, in a more natural and healthier way because they’re supplements. Throw away your sleeping pills! As the name Lozenge suggests, you’re supposed to suck them like a sweet and dont worry, they’re nice. =) It’s a realllll small sweet too and around 1 hour or lesser, you’ll start to yawn! Of course, if you insists not to sleep despite the sleepy feeling, then you wont sleep because the mind is more powerful than anything! No side effects for me at all.

Available at Guardian at less than S$15.



2) Deary Rose Co-Q10 Brightening Hand & Foot Therapy


Haha I mentioned this before in this post. Like I said, it has a great rose smell, has brightening and Co-Q10 anti-aging properties. Most importantly, doesnt leave a sticky residue behind and moisturizes well. Cute and dainty packaging, convenient for travel too.

Available at Raffles City Robinson for less than S$10



3) Nivea Visage Sparkling White UV Blocker SPF 30++

As you well know, sunblock is vital for our skin no matter whether you do make-up or not. I’m a sucker for water-based skin-care/cosmetics because they’re so comfy(cooling!) on the skin and not as oily. Whitening/Hydration/Protection – all my G spots. Lol.

Available at Watson for around S$20



4) Biore UV Perfect face milk SPF50+ Pa+++

This white bottle among the whole series is specially for oily skin because other than giving sun protection, it also has high oil control properties. Thus making makeup lasting.

Available at Watson for less than S$20



5) Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Sun Pact(Pressed powder)

SPF50+/Pa+++ – 21 Nude Beige

This has gotta be the best pressed powder I had ever used(after Shu Uemura). It’s very fine and gentle to the skin but yet miraculously has good coverage(not super, but sufficient), looks extremely natural, pretty lasting with a good base. A little goes a long way. It’s best quality ought to be it oxidize very slowly, and even when it does, it doesnt change colour, e.g, to grey. Touch-ups are great, wont be cakey. Oh I just realised it has Q10 and SPF properties too. Lol. You can recognise it by it’s pure white case, should be the only 1.

Usually I’ll wear 3) Nivea Visage UV blocker and then apply 4) Biore face-milk esp. on T-zone before slapping this on. =) Oh I wore this in the picture in the entry below this.

Around S$50+ either before or after 20% discount. =P Cant remember as I always buy it during BC’s member’s event.

(P/S While searching for the above picture, came across a site which sells only at S$22.40! Hmm But dont know safe or not~)



6) Urban Decay’s Ammo Eye palette

Love the packaging which comes in a magnetic case with purple spiral flowers and velvet details. This is one great palette I love because amazingly, I love ALL 10 colours in it. Colours are pretty lasting with it’s primer potion.

Got it at their website during a 30% sale at only S$30+, with a full size of primer potion! Almost the best deal. =)



7) Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Shampoo

Although it states for “smooth curls & waves”, I think it’s okay for straight hair too. It makes the hair very soft and smooth and is great even for oily scalps like mine. It’s hard to find a shampoo for everyday use, moisturizing for hair but yet not too rich for oily scalp. I’m sticking to it for as long as I live.

Available at Watson for S$16+



8) Aqua Sense, Medlar Anti dark eye circles eye mask

I only use these for my eyes. No eye creams as they’re either too mild or rich which give me millia seeds. They’re great at healing dark eye circles. Ya friends always ask, “you have meh?” Yesssss I have, but very light whenever I dont have enough sleep. Believe it or not, everytime after I use, the dark eye rings disappear! But not enough sleep will come out again, then I will use again. ^_^

Available at Watson, box of 12 at around S$15 maybe.



9) St Ives Vitamin E moisturizing body wash

Specially for dry(cum aging skin) like mine. Leaves skin soft, supple and smelling nice!

Available at Watson at less than S$10



10) Beauty Credit Co-enzyme Q10 body cleanser

Specially for dry(cum aging skin) like mine. Leaves skin very soft and fantastically smooth until you cant stop touching yourself! I love Q10 anytime, anywhere. =P

I remember I bought it at around S$50+ but it’s a big bottle.



11)  Shu Uemura Eyes & Cheeks make-up palette

Very convenient as a touch-up palette because eye-shadows, liners and blusher all there. Nice, sweet and sexy colours too. Limited edition so they’re only…

Available in SQ flights Kris Shop at around S$75



12) Nature’s Green Sheep Placenta

I actually didnt really discover it’s magic until 1 day I realized I didnt use concealer for quite some time(which is like 2 weeks after consuming). It was then I noticed my pigmentation marks were all gone! Usually when I’m busy and stopped my beauty regime for days, undoubtedly they will show on my haggard face. With these, I do the minimal but skin stays the same. =P Told ya I’m lazy but yet kia-su. Now I eat them everyday. However, pore size still quite the same. =(

They come in capsule form(like those antibiotics), very easy to swallow. No side effects for me(2nd bottle already).

Available at S$38+ at Watson.



13) Deary Masks

The best masks I’ve used. So soft and thin, totally adhered to the face like 2nd piece of skin. It was so thin that it can easily tear so do be careful. I love all their masks. If you care for whitening then go for the blue box. Some other ranges including firming your double chin with an extra flip for the neck.

Available at Raffles City Robinson at perhaps S$16 for a box of 7 I think



14) Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion


This is a water-based 1 step make-up remover, including toning and moisturizing. You just pump them onto cotton wool and just wiped your makeup off. It’s great when you’re super tired and just wanna sleep immediately after makeup removal! They come in varieties suitable for different skin types; Oily/Dry/Dull/Aging. The one I’ve tried is “SEBUM” for oily skin and it works great. I’m generous while using it. I pump like 2 pumps on 1 cotton wool and I can use like 3 cotton wools to finish to whole face to ensure it’s absolutely clean. No breakouts too. Haven used them to remove fake eyelashes before though. Much better than Biore’s cleansing wipes because they give me breakouts, perhaps not clean enough.

Less than S$20 from Watson



15) Bioré Cleansing Oil(blue bottle)

I use Biore’s blue bottle cleansing oil if I had on full makeup, fake eyelashes etc though. It’s great, though I will still follow up with a gentle cleanser.

Available at Watson for around $22


Conclusion: Expensive things might not be better than cheap stuff. Neither is it the opposite. Most importantly, they must be able to suit your skin.



That’s about it! Haha Cya Folks!

Have a Merry & AWESOME Christmas!!


(P/S Disclaimer: All prices stated are just estimates and all reviews are purely based on personal experience and will not be liable for any dissatisfactions)

Wine Company @ Dempsey + Shanghai Dolly

We had planned this like eons ago. It’s not easy to get Kel due to her commitments. She had suggested Dempsey and well, I wasnt particularly in love with this place because it’s so inaccessible. But Jy and me went along with it because Kel haven been there before. Her notti colleagues laughed at her because of that. Haha. Very bad ley. =P

As expected, we got lost inside despite going there on a cab! I meant to find the lounge which Rain, Jas and me had spent the last enjoyable night out but we couldnt find it. I dont even remember it’s name. Arrghhhh. My 2nd choice was The Wine Company but we also cant find despite walking along uneven roads and slopes for more than 15minutes . Duhz! I only know these 2 places at Dempsey. Haha. Oh not that I always decide where to go among us, but usually they dont have much ideas where to go because they seldom drink/club outside. Except with me of course. Muahahahaha.

Okie Eventually we tried to look at the map(geez….) and had to flag a cab AGAIN to get to The Wine Company. Totally famished and tired upon reaching!

Ordered a mountain of food but yet cant finished. They were fantastic!!

From left to right; 

1) Sausage Platter ; A variety of sausages but no doubt my favourite will be the cheesy ones. Served with mustard. Yummy! Pretty big portion.

2) Wine Company Signature Pizza(w/ chicken mayo) ; Very big portion, definitely to be shared among 3. Drenched with mayonnaise and fish flakes. Thumbs up!

3) Smoked duck pasta ; Smoked duck was tougher than expected but was okie. Okie I shouldnt expect the same smoked duck as per the one I had in Dozo. However, still a nice but pretty normal dish.



If it werent for my precious darlings beside me, guess I cant even smile for pictures. Btw, this perm was before the re-perm, so the hair was longer…. The pic of 3 of us was self-taken by Kel, she li hai siah!! Actually there were a few more lah, but not well taken, seh one side. Haha Practice makes perfect!

Oh…I was so fascinated with the food that I forgot to take pic of the wine we savored… Well, being a foodie. Heez. We had a total of 2 bottles of white wine before Kel and I cried for red, to much of Jy’s annoyance. The chit was so particular with her teeth that she was reluctant to drink red wine, for fear of it staining her teeth. Aiya, then I told her, “Since you’re going to laser your teeth soon, you should drink all the red you can, THEN go laser teeth mah! Laser liao then cant drink for a long long time liao!” Eventually she gave in. Keke. Somehow, the red chosen was too strong and powerful…and we didnt manage to finish it. =(  I hate wasting alcohol. Haha.

After that we adjourned to Shanghai Dolly. Meant to show Kel how fun was it, just like how Jy and I enjoyed it the last time. But sadly, it disappointed US that very night. The music was so boring, house music all along. The band was not fantastic too. I had a surprise that night too, for someone nudged me and asked me whether I was from CCHSM.


It was my secondary school classmate but I totally cant recognize him. However, I recognized the pretty lady beside him. =) So funny. They were boyfriend and girlfriend then and I…stupidly exclaimed, “Oh you 2 are still together!” I’m happy for them of course!! You know how weak relationships are these days mah! You cant blame me for being surprised! However, she exclaimed a big “NONO” and said he’s married but not to her.

It made me so embarrassed that I also dont know what to say. Ah….then I asked why a group of them were out. Some are my classmates but some were from the neighbour’s class which I dont know. Turned out all of them attended another of my classmate’s wedding. =)

Eventually Kel, Jy and me shifted to another table because it’s so cramped there and we old ladies prefer to sit than stand huh. So also didnt talk much with them. I was still pretty melancholy that they can recognise me because I was hideous back then in high school.

Maybe I still am. Sianz.

And why I have to bump into them with my f* hair leh??!!! Can understand how I feel?

Bleh~ OF ALL DAYS!! DUhz!!

My perm……….

I dont like my new hair. =((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Ok lah. No use crying over spilt milk. Dont have nice curls, then I make it into nice waves lor!

Initially, it’s truly my intention to perm my hair, though not into curls, but into waves. I even searched for pictures with styles I love.

I also researched online and read about the new airwave perm. However, as much as I heard it produce nice waves like above, it’s not lasting. Slightly more expensive too, because it’s not as damaging to hair.

At this point of time, I saw this.

I went through “mountain and sea” and finally got the contact of the hairstylist. Enthusiastically, I went to visit him. I wasnt disappointed. When the digital perm was done, I was very pleased for it looked exactly like the one in the picture above and were the curls I loved and thought I can never achieve. However, deep down in my heart, I know it’s not going to be lasting because when he was removing the rollers, I can see that my hair werent very curled. It’s his professional and meticulous blowing skills which brought out the curls. After that, he also told me lots of things about maintaining my curls. Sigh…I thought I can manage to keep the same style with expensive products like Sebastian Potion 9, good shampoos and treatments. Also PLUS my handy Philips hairdryer which comes with the humongous perm equipment attached. I thought I can! But I failed. It’s really pretty difficult to twist out the curls cum blow-drying them meticulously with lots of patience, which I dont have lah.

So I went back to him. And after much discussion, he decided to gave me a re-perm but airwave perm instead, so that it’s less damaging. Still, I have to snip off as long as 2 inches of my hair because the ends were simply too damaged. =( It’s now slightlyyyyyyy better……BUT STILL, instead of curls, I now have waves instead…..  I’m glad hair’s texture wasnt made worse. As much as he was all smiles and all that during the whole 4 hours of re-perming, and even bought me Wendy’s french fries to eat(and refused to accept money), I will not recommend him for perm. But because his service is so good(he’s a nice guy lah, pleasing to the eyes too. Haha), I shant mention who he is too. I might go back to him if I ever want rebonding or cut etc. I shall give him the benefit of the doubt, because he said my hair dont have much 弹性 after too much rebonding and colouring. It might be true, who knows?

So well……………….Yup. I still thanked him nicely for the 2nd perm, wash and blow, cut, treatment and all the service given. Though please dont think I earn anything like that, because it’s another tedious 4hours at the salon which I dont enjoy at all. =.= Perm is $260, plus cut became $300. Excluding the stuff for hair that is. =P And well, Sebastian Potion 9 disappoints me.

L’Oreal Hair Mix Spiral Splendour is SO much better.

Stronger hold and styling.




However, sad thing is I cant find it anywhere now. The last I bought was from White House salon at bedok where I did my previous perm. The perm was pretty lasting around 6months, it’s nice, however, very ordinary.

Kinda regretted why I didnt snap a picture of the fresh perm then. Sigh….anyway…there’s the new perm pic……………………….Say Hello to Auntie Fion………..*wipes tear*

All in all……I dont regret perming because the main reason why I wanna perm is because I have been dropping alot of hair until it’s limp and flat. At least it looks more voluminous now, though I’m pretty sian my length shorten by so much. Just have to start keeping it long all over again. Sigh, need to colour my ugly roots too since the perm brought out the colour which is….pretty obvious now.

faint ahhhhhh

Maybe I should stay away from ALL guys who are attached/married.


TVB Annual Awards – 萬千星輝頒獎典禮 2010


Okie, you might need to press [ctrl]+ [=] for easier view.

昨天刚在PIPI看完. Hee hee!

最佳男主角 – 最后5强
林峯 《谈情说案》

黎耀祥 《义海豪情》


马浚伟 《蒲松龄》

陈豪 《公主嫁到》


我其实比较看好马浚伟黄日华的. 但是如果要我选, 我会选小马吧.
因为他在《蒲松龄》的角色不是他平常演绎的角色. 调皮, 小叛逆, 不会敬老尊贤.
我还隐约记得当他发现他错怪他父亲时的那副愧疚脸庞. 真是让我热
泪盈眶. 当然, 也忘不了他和钟嘉欣阴阳相隔的忧伤. 但是, 好像有些定形在古装戏了耶.

至于黄日华《刑警2010》的角色, 是绝对考演技的. 一时要扮演正气凛然的警察, 一转眼又变成偏激, 不择手段的地下判官. 演的不好, 很容易给人当成
神经病的! 哈哈! 他真的演的让我(感觉)好矛盾. 我一时很尊敬他, 一时
又很讨厌他. 一时觉得他很有道理, 一时又接受不了.

我是欣赏祥仔的. 喜欢他演的”柴九“, 但”刘醒“就没什么特别~

林峰演教授演的挺好的. 起初还以为外形花花公子的他演不了有智慧,

稳重的教授. Eh, 还不错wor. 和杨怡的感情戏也蛮好. 只是不是很多.

陈豪? 不懂他怎么入围的. =P 《公主嫁到》没很能好发挥.



邓萃雯 《义海豪情》

杨怡 《谈情说案》

佘诗曼 《公主嫁到》

张可颐 《女人最痛》

钟嘉欣 《蒲松龄》

Where’s my 蔡少芬《飞女正传》? =(


应该是杨怡邓萃雯之争了. “郑九妹“角色太突出, 也较考难度. 该她拿了.

钟嘉欣演技好, 但需要更好的角色, 才能突破.



最佳男配角:麦长青 《义海豪情》

可怜的排骨仔(敖嘉年, 《义海豪情》)啊, 去年所演的大反派(巾国枭雄)与奖擦身而过, 今年又和奖无缘! 他真的演的好好啊! 可惜可惜! 少了些运气, 或PR吧.



最佳女配角:陈法拉 《义海豪情》

江美仪《女人最痛》 挺不错!
















TVB COM人气大奖:林峯





(=.=)”” As much as I like him, I’m glad he was humble when he was receiving this.

Btw, didnt see Bosco or Myolie at the event. Hmm………….




Deary Rose Co-Q10 hand/foot therapy & Home-baked escargots

Share some good stuff with you all!! Pardon quality of pictures because they’re from iphone.

DEARY Rose Co-Q10 Brightening Hand and Foot Therapy!

This is for your hands and feet!!

Do not neglect them for they will reveal your age also wor.

Am very glad for the tester because else I wouldnt have bought it.
Why? Because I’m a lazy person who dont use hand/foot cream. I dont even care much about the face liao la. Duhz.

But how can you resist such a cute and sweet packaging?? It’s a very small 50ml tube in real life and absolutely adorable and convenient to put it in your bag. The gold little round knob simply shouts “cute”!

I love it because of it’s Co-Q10. As you well know, I’ve started using anti-aging products(wipes a tear) and I simply love Co-Q10! And the rose smell is wonderful, not over powering. Comes with brightening properties too! And the most important thing is? You all hate creams which leave a sticky residue isnt it? Especially annoying if you have sticky hands, thus making EVERYTHING you touch sticky. I hate them too! But this DEARY tube dont!! Hands felt moisturized but yet is totally matt enough to turn a door knob successfully. =) Or maybe my hands are simply too dry? Also dont know lah, but it really suits me. Happy~

They’re less than $10 and available in Robinson Raffles City.

20% sale now on for all toiletries!! Dont know when end though.


Any escargots lovers here????

Oh I love them so much. Fell in love with them after our virgin experience with them in France. =)

But we all know Escargots are not readily available in many places in Singapore. And those which serves, usually dont serve them cheap, since most are fine dining restaurants. So what can you do when you just feel like munching a few, dont wish to spend a bomb nor dress to the nines and make-up to visit a fine-dining french restaurant?

Go to Cold Storage!! These escargots were from the frozen food department and sold in pack of 10(or 12, dont rem).

1) Pre-heat oven to 220 degrees Celsius
2) Bake for 10minutes and Serve!

Easy peasy!

We dont have oven at home so we headed over to mummy dearest for help! Instead of 220 degrees, she used 200 degrees, mentioning that her oven’s temperature run a little higher than normal ovens. And we merely baked for like 8+minutes.

And the escargots turned out fantastic!!! Whilst they cant be compared with the ones we had in France, they are certainly tasty enough to make you want to gobble 10 at once! Lovely garlicky and buttery taste! Could be slightly more tender actually. Perhaps 7-8minutes would be perfect. =D If you dont have the 2 teeth fork, toothpicks can do the deed of picking them out as well. =)

By the way, if you have a question whether they can be microwaved, oh I wish to know too because I only have microwave at home. However, I scared not hot enough and they wont be cooked. And, I do believe they’ll taste nicer when baked. =D
Do share your experiences if you tried microwaving instead.

Dont remember how much they costs but definitely not more than $20!