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My facebook friends must have find me pretty siao because I not only uploaded all wedding pictures via slideshows at, I also uploaded 2 wedding albums, namely day and night.

The reason is, I realised pictures dont look very clear in slideshows, at least I thought so. But the good thing is, they’re much more convenient to upload as I can upload them in bulk, like 50 pieces at 1 go. They do take a long time but it’s okay because I can do my other stuff. So ANYWAY, I’ve uploaded some pictures in facebook. They dont look alot to me, a total of 87 pictures, considering I have like 800+ pictures? Daphne uploaded 5 albums okie! Wonder how she did that. OMG, can only upload 5 pictures at a time. Facebook should really improve on bulk uploading. My slideshows have more pictures though, 100 each for Day and Night. Wahahaha. So view both slideshows and albums! =P

Morning Pictures

Night Pictures

I dont know if it works…well…just leave a comment then.

I missed blogging many movie reviews until they’re like too late to mean anything. But I really ought to comment about “Orphan”. It’s like one of the most thrilling show in the past 1 year I’ve watched. I remembered vaguely the last fantastic thriller was “Drag me to hell”, which was very nice too. “Orphan” has a much better plot and goodness, does all 12year old children from America act that well? I hope not because it’s freaking scary! Isabelle did a good job, she might get nominated I think.

If you haven catch the movie, it’s a must-watch. Box office sales must have been good, for it has been showing for more than a month. I love thrillers. More please.

Fell sick. I hate sore throats and runny nose. Sigh. It hurts even to talk. Dont even feel like talking. Please msn with me instead. =.=


Wedding Night Pictures

So sorry.
Please scroll 1 slideshow at a time, lest the music all play together. If accidentally 2 slideshows play together, just press stop via the mini icon on top centre.

Wedding Nite Part 1

Wedding Nite Part 2

Wedding Day Pictures

Wedding Day Part 1

Wedding Day Part 2

I still have a few montages on youtube and facebook.

Will upload Wedding Night pictures soon. Need a long time to upload. Tried to select minimal but still come up to around 200 pics for whole day. Out of like 800 I think. =,=

Wedding Day – Childhood Montage & GateCrash Highlights

Click for larger view.

Childhood Montage

Gate-Crashing Highlights

Our Big Day – 16th Aug 2009

Venue: Swissotel Stamford

Erm I know I should probably blog this entry long ago before it became like a thing of the past, but I’m simply too busy and lazy to blog. Hmm Perhaps I will just blog a short one since PG and VG haven passed me the pictures and videos.

I know I should probably blog about only the happy stuff but I cant help having regrets and negative thoughts over some matters.

1) how bloated I am because of the water retention, so much so I look ridiculously plump on my actual day. =( Very sad. So lesson learnt, “try to plan your AD so that it falls at least 5 days after your Big Auntie left”. Sigh.

2) Table arrangement werent fantastic as much as I can help it. It’s mostly my fault because I blur, supposed to place the better seats for JieMei, XiongDi, good friends, colleagues and clients, but end up they were seated so far away from the screen, thus being blocked by pillars. So sorry. =( But now that I speak of it, the ballroom wasnt fantastic lah because of the pillars.

3) Dont have much time to mingle with all my guests because we were so busy. Because of some minor cork up, dinner also started late. I didnt give a wonderful thank-you speech because I dont have time to prepare. But no worry, I’ll thank somemore here!

I’m glad that everything is finally over! I have much thanks towards my jiemeis and xiongdis because if werent for them, I dont know how the day would have went. Chaos I think.

Thank you my darlings! You all look so gorgeous that day. =)

Special thanks to Eileen, my overall-in-charge jiemei who practically is my left and right hand because I’m so handicapped in the bulky ball gown. Thank god she took care of everything else I’m just dead! I think she almost missed the whole dinner because she was carrying my gown all the way! I feel so bad. Must treat her a dinner soon.

Next up, thanks to Grace for being my emcee with such short notice. Things do have a way of corking up at the last minute. She and Edwin did a wonderful job. Thank you!! Oops, I’m sorry the makeup artist didnt do a satisfying job for you. I saw the makeup she did at Shihui’s wedding and I thought she was good. Guess she’s not consistent!

Also, thanks to Shihui for coordinating the IT portion with the XiongDis, montages, videos and everything. Our march in songs couldnt be played because the hotel equipment couldnt read. She had to trouble her dear hubby Alex to buy a disc and somehow fixed the problem. Thank you both else we wont have music to march in!!

Thanks to Kelly and Joy for being my recepts, I know the guestlist was very messy. Thanks to Christine and Tracy for being called as Jiemei with very very short notice, till I’m pretty paiseh! Because some stuff corked up lah. But they were so onz and I’m really touched. =)

Hmm Nothing much to lament, just that I’m still very regretful that I dont look my best that day. HAIZ! And ya, there will always be people who put aeroplanes that day lah. I also dont want to say much lah, just that what goes around comes around.

Suddenly I feel this post is not a post of my wedding day. More like a thank-you speech post. Haha. But I’m glad all my guests enjoyed the food. They’re were scrumptious, especially the sharkfins and baby abalone. Shiok manz. Even the scallops were so succulent..and the dessert, mango sago. Damn. Makes me so hungry again. And the bridal suite at highest 66th storey with the sea view is awesome. =)

Sigh Can I go back to stay again? Stupid manz because I forgot to bring my camera. So blur..too hectic that day already. There were 3 TVs in the suite and 1 of them is infront of the bathtub. Haha. And all the food/drinks were free to consume in the suite. Oh I have a wedding cake too. Took a pic with my handphone. It looked pretty lah but not very tasty. Fondant cake with the interior being raisin cake. Kinda cheapo for a fondant-finished cake, was kinda disappointed leh.

As for my honeymoon, yeah many people have been asking me about it. Haiz But for the time being we’re really too busy to go. Still have to settle GLC stuff. Was thinking of going in dec but dec we will probably be busy with house and reno stuff. Plus I need to be jiemei for Li’s wedding in dec too. Nov also got a ROM to attend. They are great friends so I will make time to attend even though invitations are not out yet. Some friends said they cant attend mine because they got trips or whatsoever. I dont have much to say, just that our friendship were probably not deep enough. It all boils down to the heart really, got xim or not only lah. If you want to come, you will just come. If you dont want to come, there will be hundreds of reasons. =P

For those who haven hold a wedding, you will never understand the feeling until you experienced it yourself. For those who had, woah, it’s so very evil for you to tua us last minute when you know how detrimental it is to the couple. *screwed nose* Why got people like that one? Haiz.

Okie Thus end my post. I’m sure I will recall what I wanna add on to this post after I published this. Haha. But anyway, this is it! We’re married!

Happy Occassions!

Im so so deadbeat yesterday and I slept like a log at around 3+am. Haven slept so early in ages. And I should sleep even earlier. For coldsores, as you know, needs lots of rest and recuperation to heal on top of medication. Strictly no stress, no late nights. So I always told dearie not to qi4 me when I have coldsores. =P

Wow yesterday was a long and happy day! Firstly was Li’s & Nel’s ROM at Li’s condo’s function room with a nice pool backdrop. Next was Kel’s darling baby Kae full month shower.

I cant sleep the previous night because of a cramp-like kind of pain in my left abdomen. And it lasted till early morning, leaving me with almost no sleep and a stomach filled with butterflies. I woke up late and wasted alot time waiting and calling for cab. By the time I reached Li’s place, I was 5-10minutes late. I thought, lucky only 5 or 10minutes…shouldnt have missed anything right? Shit! Their solemnization was already over. Argghhh! They actually solemnize on the dot, 2pm, which was the timing Li gave me. You dont know how much I hated myself then for being late! Despite the gracious couple and Auntie and Uncle did not blame me and yet asked me to eat more of the buffet, it did not relieve much of my dismay and annoyance at myself.

I shall endeavor to give Li’s a fantastic hen’s night for remedy. So fast. She’s taking her photoshoot next month and then flying off in March. Was chatting to Auntie and Uncle about how much they will miss Li when 3 months straight after engagement, she’s going to fly off to Japan for 3 years. They’re still coming back in Dec for the wedding though and Auntie said they will follow them back to Japan for a short holiday. So happy to see the couple settled down though I will missing Li when I can hardly see her in Sg already.

Wy jio go Japan to find Li together. I was abit hesitant because I probably dont have much time to spare next year when Im preparing my wedding too. And hor, Japan very EXPENSIVE leh. I spent a bomb there last time and am not sure whether I would like to spend another bomb there again. I will prefer to take the money and choose another destination to fill up my sparsely filled passport.

So far, I’ve only been to Malaysia(also counted OK! Lol), Bintan, Vietnam, Taiwan(twice), Korea, Japan, Hongkong(twice*), and Macau*. *Going in January*. You see, so few places and I’ve haven been to Europe or U.S. =( So when Gen jio me go London to find her again and again, I almost salivate with desire. Especially when I saw the pictures of her and Sha having so much fun there. =P But a big trip for next year is definitely out of the picture lah…perhaps 2010 already, our honeymoon. THAT, must negotiate with Dearie. =P

Li looked real pretty in her bought white cocktail dress.

Im afraid only 1 picture, sorry because I was hideous in all the other pictures with my very obvious swollen, red-tipped lips lor. *wails* The buffet spread was of sumptuous ingredients but they tasted only so-so, to be frank lah. The scallops werent fresh, smoked salmon long gone when I arrived(hello..Im only late 5-10minutes leh..), hard prawns and no desserts to be found. I had to leave at 3pm to Kel’s place because actually her buffet started at 1pm! So I only ate abit and proceeded to take a cab down. Oh ya I’ve no idea what to buy for Li since she can very well afford everything. *winkZ* And it’s inappropriate to buy them Precious Moment stuff(despite my phobia for it) because they wont have a house till 3 years later. So to solve my headache, I gave Li $50 taka vouchers where she can spend.

Fortunately whampoa and tampines not very far apart. I reached Kel’s place in around 10+minutes. By the time I reached, the house was already filled with people. Kel’s place is big leh! 5 room and it’s 132 sq metres. Old housing are really bigger in area! She bought at 280K only! Although the location is abit inaccessible lah. But I love the house, nicely renovated too with lots of potential.

Ohhhh Baby Kae….he’s always sleeping yesterday! Until some of Kel’s friends cant take it and forcefully woke him up to play with him. Aiyo!

Gorgeous Mama Kel! She still look as hot, frankly speaking. And she’s still slim! Yaya abit of fats around the waist lah, normal, but Im confident she can shed it off, given the vain pot she is. Haha!

I had no chance to carry Baby Kae. =( Nevermind, got chance in future. G and Jy left awhile after I reached. G got a date, woohoo! Bumped into her and the “mystery” guy when Iv and me went Tampines Mall later on. And Jy got to go home look after her Baby Enzo too. Hmm she did have some problems with her mother-in-law and Im not over-sensitive when I suspected something was wrong previously on friday drinking night. But Jy is like that one, she seldom like to talk about her problems because she dont like to burden her friends. I also wont ask about her problems unless she chose to tell me or when I see her in very bad shape. I will say, she’s still fine lah. I think ALMOST every daughter-in-law got some sort of “thing” with their mother-in-law. It’s only whether it’s on the surface or beneath the table, and how jialat only.

I seriously dont feel my MIL like me very much too but I feel I have treated her with due respect and much much more. I wont elaborate much here else it looks like Im showing off how much I did for her while XXX………… I will stop here. Dearie is extremely protective of his mum and I dont blame him~

Iv and I left Kel’s place at around 5.30pm to go Kar & her boyfriend Ken’s house to play mahjiong, which is only few bus stops away. We went over to Tampines Mall to buy some food, that’s where we bumped into G and her date. Secretive her! G has really no lack of admirers but probably she’s too picky already! Aiya but we didnt see the face of the guy because his back was facing us. Oh ya!! Thanks for your belated Christmas pressie girl. Haha.

Ken & kar are staying together in an executive masionatte. Although it’s 154sq metres, Kel’s house looked bigger actually. Perhaps it’s because Ken’s apartment is split into upper and lower levels. We played 2 rounds of dong nan xi bei and I ended up with 0 profit and loss for a 5dai $10/$20 stake. Damn funny. Oh well. Free game. It was fun.

$20 20minutes cab ride back. Fast, honest cab drivers really make my day(and night) when they fetched me back to my sweet home when Im so tired. =)

And to end the post, Vickki’s new hairstyle. I tie one ok after I bathed her just now. Cute right.


ROM Solemnisation pictures

Finally got to see our pictures taken by Calvin. There are surprises as well as disappointments. Surprise is he got some really wonderful shots taken. Disappointment is, those fantastic shots are kinda few. I think Roy capture more good shots with my Sony 8.1mp camera… I was hoping to get back at least 200 pictures but I only got 145. And around more than 50% are a mixture of non-living things and people without a decent portion of the face. Not that they shouldnt be taken. Journalistic feel, artistic, I know lah. But at least the ones capturing the face must be more than those mah. Moreover this is not photoshoot, this is ROM. Capturing the moments are more important. Even for photoshoot, I also wont choose more than 35% pictures without my face in it lor. I think it’s kinda stupid and waste money. No offence though, personal opinion.

Then half the time, dearie’s eyes are closed or half closed. Either that, his smile is damn constipated, like, he’s not even smiling! He’s just opening his mouth a wee fraction as if that is smiling already. Duhz! If I didnt know, I will think he dozed off. Most of my pictures, my bouquet blocked the top of my gorgeous gown and I didnt even noticed. Stupid lor. I should have hold my bouquet lower. And Cal is not sensitive and helpful enough to advise me nor advise us of the standing arrangement most of the time. We were so lost sometimes. Fortunately, either his photography skills or his camera flash/lens damn powerful, even without outdoor lightning, I think his camera flash did an even more fantastic job. And I noticed Cal did not give me all the pictures he snapped, perhaps only the cream of the crop. But, I realised some of the mono(black/white) pictures are better in colour and the coloured copy is not inside the DVD. So Im getting them from him. Meanwhile, here are around 50 pictures which are not-bad shots from him, other than the ones I took with my Sony camera. Enjoy~ *Warning: Image heavy*

In the room–>Chaos. Damn damn. Cal didnt take a picture of the room number! 1909!

Yeah the same towel swans you saw before.

Okie I repeat. It’s Furama Riverfront Hotel, The Waterfall Lounge. A white building in between King Copthorne Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel at Havelock Road. WY and Li, just in case in future you have another solemnisation there in future. =P

My brothers as receptionists. Dearie’s bro signing attendance.

There you go. Journalistic feel shots.

Yes, Im so sorry that I reached later than my guests. Just blame my MUA for messing up my hair. Argghh Ugly birdnest head.

Apparently, Cal took dozens of shots of my lovely back. Yeah, that must be because the front got nothing to rave about.

Please sign

Solemnisation Table

Flower piece with mikes

Cute M with Sweet Est signing off, with my lovely pink feather pens! I wish got more shots like this. Alas, but others were all pictures of my guests’ lovely asses.

Thank you for all your wishes

Taking picture with 2 gorgeous ladies, WY and Li. Who seems to have alot on their minds. Hmmm…

My besties, G and Kel!

Rey, Iv and Ce. Rey dont know said what during that day which kept makes me laugh. =P

My 2 brothers who look sibei sianz.

Chirpy Viy with Sexy Ser

With KT and his wife. I attended their wedding at Mandarin too!

The rings which bind us to eternity. Yeah kinda lame..but yeah..our wedding bands.

全家福 New family members joined in

My dearest family. If you noticed something missing, dont ask~

My FIL, MIL, dearie and dearie’s brother.

Haha. When M viewed our pictures, she said dearie’s family and friends all look somewhat like him, decent decent wearing spectacles, guai guai type. While my mummy and ger friends all chio chio pretty type. Well, thank you! Though I feel my friends were all so much prettier than me. =) S commented my didi(brothers) look very cool. I said, “Oh yes. You dont know him then find them cool lor. After you know them, then you will find them “attitude”. =P

Did I mentioned mummy was so touched during the ceremony that few tears dropped. Thanks to Huey who immediately tended to my mummy. =D

Bunch of playful and cheeky colleagues

Oh yes Ash, here I found you. Together with my long-time bestie, Huey with her helpful hubby, AL.

Energetic Jes with long-time bf Ja. Hope they tie the knot soon!!

Mik & Eil. Hope your turn soon eh

Solemnisation in progress

Is it me, or does he look very sian?

“with you I surrender my love…care..concern…bla bla..”

You are mine liao

Please appreciate this tiny waist and slim arms which I starved myself into. You might never see it again.

Muacks Muacks

Signing proposal form……..policy inforced soon.


Witnesses with Solemniser, Mr Chan Kai Yau on the right.

No offence….but…do you feel Mr Chan look like Happousai, the Ah Gong in Ranma 1/2?

Cute hor? haha

All the handshakes of congrats. Thanks

Hand in hand

We’re married

“Hannar! know you married lah”

Big bum

Do re mi fa sol

排队吃东西 This photographer likes to take pictures of people’s bums. =.=

Going back to room for more shots

Eh just realised photobucket got special functions like this, i.e, Sepia effect. But..I already uploaded so many prior to this liao. ZzZzz.

Omg…Im dying from all this uploading

I prefer this in colour actually

My crystals studded heels!

Very happy. =)

Okie That’s all. Anymore I’ll update again. =D

I will post more pictures on our wedding website…once done will update here. Cheerios!~!