Chill club night

Last night met up with Kel for a drink at BQ. It wasnt so bad on a sunday night. There were still minimal crowd but yet not too noisy nor too quiet. I like, especially when our songs came pretty fast. After 2 jugs and approximately 4hours(wah we sure have alot to chat), we joined her colleagues at a thai club call..dont know what Sabai Sabai? It’s located at Shenton Way, just right beside the Partyworld.

It was a fun night but perhaps I wasnt in a very happy mood right now, so my tone is pretty monotonous and mean. Current mood does affect your writing style ya.

Got to know Kel’s very pretty colleague XL whom I feel strikes a resemblance with Stephanie Sun. However, I was vastly embarrassed when I mis-guess her age when she’s actually much younger. Er…Kel isnt very young mah, then I assumed her colleague also not that young loh. And with her permed hair, it’s no wonder I guess a tad older than her real age. I’m really very paiseh lah and grudged Kel why didnt warn me beforehand…we know how sensitive that can get. Anyway, right age or not, she’s still a glamorous babe. Peak age I would say, 22. How I miss those days. Now I’m just a shrivelled prune who is trying to hard not to gain lines and worse dark eye bags.

As for the male colleagues, not much deep impression except one who was thoroughly enjoying making me drink through lucky wins at group 5-10.

I hate group 5-10 lor. Really..more luck were at work than real techniques. I just itched to slap that grin off his face especially when his egoistic and “I-Must-Win-No-Matter-what” face irked me to the max while we were playing. I did had alot to drink, thanks to him, and my poor frequency with Kel. Of course I can take it no lying down. Promptly casually suggested to play 2 player 5-10 with him(2times consecutive win then constitutes a win).

He paid his dues heavily.

Frankly speaking, I dont think I’m very good at 5-10 at all. But I guess most people doesnt really play it frequently. Despite I seldom play it in the recent years, I had serious training when I was younger. Like 4 or 5 years ago lah.

Like all guys, after he realised he can almost never make me drink more than him in 2player 5-10, he proposed to change the game. So typical.

“Fine..what would you like to play?” I inquired with a smile.

Direction game, it is. You know the scissors, paper, stone game, finished with a point in directions. I cant explain it further if you really dont know the game lah.

And you know he’s much worse in this game than in 5-10. Because holy heavens, instead of using all 3 scissors, paper and stone, I realised he only plays with paper and stone. So it’s like, paper, stone, paper, stone, stone, paper, stone, paper. Goon-du~ With the cut in probability, of course he had much to drink lah.

And you know what makes it so funny and heart-soothing, he was laughing out SO LOUD while he made XL drank continuously back then in 2player 5-10 and while making me drank in group 5-10. Machiam win lottery like that. Really got so happy meh?

Hng~ I teach you to laugh that loud when you made a lady drink.

If it’s not that I have to leave early, I sure make him drink till he puke. Egoistic guys who sees winning so seriously really makes me so “bleh”, especially over something as trivial as gaming 5-10.

Eye-makeup: Snowy Fall
My eye makeup for yesterday night


It wasnt nicely drawn if you can see. The lining was crooked and too thick till the double eyelid looks single. Mistake mistake. Can be improved. But I like the colours..pretty snowy effect ya?

Stuff I’ve used.


From top clockwise
K’OSE, Luminous blush/highlighter A10ZC OR20(highlight browbone)
Bourjois, Ombre paupieres silver eyeshadow
O2 Skin, rose gold eyeshadow(to line the lower rim near eye tip)
TheFaceShop, Sparkling Pearl powder (for the overall snowy effect)
Black Cherry cream eye-liner
2 pairs of fake eyelashes
Oh forgot to include inside the pic, I also used Laneige Volumizing mascara on bottom lashes.

Makeup Tip of the day:
1)Use 2 pairs of fake eyelashes(simple, natural kind) to create a deeper eyelid crease and more natural looking lashes instead of 1 big bulky set of drama-looking lashes.

It’s different effect actually.

2) Use a wet sponge applicator to apply eyeshadow to create an more intense and lasting colour.

I still prefer my own eye-makeup than the bridal makeup artist, despite her 10+ years experience. =P La la la. I think it’s because I know my slit eyes better(I’ve known them for many years huh) and thus know how to enhance them. However, I dont know about blending the colours much. Hmm…….feel like doing my own eye-makeup on my wedding day…should I?

Saturday went out for frog legs dinner with dearie and his family in honour of FIL’s belated birthday. We enjoyed the dinner thoroughly and had alot to chat. MIL and FIL are more reserved people who only opened up after some time. FIL is still pretty quiet while I had alot to chat with MIL, regarding our wedding preps.

I asked about the new bed thingy and also about the 4 dian jin. I have my own set of opinions. Tradition dictates that every couple need a new bed mah..but we haven got our house. It seem unnecessary to buy 1 now especially when it’s going to be difficult to make sure the design matches the current room as well as new house deco. Therefore I consulted MIL’s views. She is pretty flexible but just worried my mum might mind. I said she’s flexible too. While we’re not overly superstitious, I also hope to follow some traditions if it’s not overly troublesome and impractical.

Another thing is, I will prefer a K size bed for the new house but my current room can only manage a Q size. It’s all giving me a headache. I really prefer a K size bed because when dearie sleeps, with his long hands and legs, he always manage to hit me at all the places where it hurts. Tamade. Also dont know whether he did it purposely or not. And so, for a while, we fought with the options whether to uphold tradition or to hell with myths.

However, when we strode into Tiong Bahru Plaza to browse the goldsmith shops for the 4 dian jin, we also caught Seahorse having a 50% sale.

To cut the story short, we decided to get the Q size memory foam mattress at the great price of $600(initially $1200). We shall not change the bed frame but will change a new mattress, pillow and such instead. The new bed frame will wait till we get a house then say. Easier to match reno this way. I’m pretty happy with the price and quality lah. As Seahorse is a pretty renowned brand. And I think a mattress of such branding below $1000 is a good deal indeed.

We also bought 2 memory foam pillows but no bolsters because I find them too hard. Shall get normal new ones instead soon. Oh Quilt too. And a red brand new bridal coverlet set.

As for the 4 dian jin, we did browse awhile, so as not to bore the guys. All the sets are $2000 and above. I saw 1 similar set which I liked from ChipLee in that store, at a much cheaper price and lousier quality. It’s like 1 or 2 hundred cheaper…I think it’s the artwork price. Gold price is more or less fixed at $48/gram. Sigh. If only I know whether gold price will go up or down in this 3 months? Anyone can share their valuable insights with me?

I did communicate with MIL about the 4 dian jin because this is real flexible. Some MIL bought on her own and gave it to the bride. While some shopped together with the DIL so as to buy something she likes. Of course the latter seems sweeter hor. And I told MIL frankly, I feel…most designs are pretty old-fashioned and if we’re going to buy those, they pretty much land in the safety deposit box forever and it’s going to be a waste. Such dowry items also cant be sold one anyway. So if we’re going to buy 1 traditional “ugly” set, please buy a cheap cheap set, because I feel no point lor if spend so much on a set that I dont like and wont wear.

On the other hand, if we buy a set which is more fashionable and something which I like, at least I can wear it to dinners. Thus, it’s of more use la.

Now that I thought of it, I seemed very frank and over presumptuous hor. Lol. Anyway, what I said are facts mah. MIL is easy-going too but still pretty conservative and economical. But I asked dearie before, he said he’s not going to let MIL pay 1 cent, he’s going to pay himself and treat it as buy for me loh. I asked whether he’s okie with that price, he’s okay.

So far I haven gotten any answers in forums about the pricing for the set of 4 dian jin they were given. I just want to know the “market price” mah so that I dont seem overly greedy nor humble myself too much. Yesterday I asked Kel about it. Imagine what answer she gave me? Ultimate! She dont have any 4 dian jin at all, because she dont like(yes, typical her). Instead, it’s being cashed instead. MUAHAHAHA. And her MIL was fine with it! How much? $9000. WOW!!! Hmm I think that’s including the bride price I think.

I told dearie the above, his face colour immediately turn GREEN you know! Then he said, “then want to it ah?” Damn funny lor his expression!

As for the bride price, I heard different pricing in forums. Some went as high as $8888, some only $888 as some parents claimed they’re not “selling their daughter”.

Now, this is then sensitive. Mummy and I are going to have a serious discussion.

Meanwhile, I need to DIY my angbao box soon.


Random pictures

Some random pics which I took long time ago when dearie bought me to Marina at Keppel Bay as a surprise. And I also experimented some colours in makeup which might go with my gown on Sunday. Not that I will makeup myself that day, but just hands itchy wanna play~ Heez

When I called Capio to change the timing to meet her to take our stuff on sat, she kind of asked me how I find Elaine. I cant comment on her skills because I haven tried hers before. All I said was, she doesnt seemed very interested nor patient to answer my queries. Questions like, what kind of ampoules will she be using, should I blow dry my hair or leave it wet for her to style etc. As my skin is very sensitive, I said I might be using my own ampoules because Im afraid of breakout. Prior to asking these questions, I asked her is she free to talk. When she said yes then I asked. But she answered all my questions shabbily and I didnt feel that we can communicate well. Capio then said recently she newly added one more makeup artist(MUA) to her team as her clients are getting too many. She is Sally, also a MUA from Bridal Concept.

When I asked Capio about the differences between the 2, she said Sally’s makeup is more modern, creative. She has alot of ideas and is the kind who will dare to try new stuff while Elaine’s is more conservative. Her makeup is more of the traditional, standard bridal makeup which couldnt go wrong, thus most customers are very satisfied with her too. Well, I really dont know whose skills is better but judging the poor connection I had with Elaine, I was glad for a change. Anyway, a younger and more modern and creative MUA couldnt be any worse I guess. She called me just now and her attitude definitely surpassesed Elaine, who sounded as if she’s couldnt wait to put down the phone. So Sally will be my MUA on Sunday. *shrugged* As I said, I no longer hold any expectations. Walk one step is one step loh.

Ya anyway I played with my own colours and came up with a look on my own. Im no professional but just a fan in matching and mixing colours to create different effects. I dont want to waste any of my precious Shu Uemura foundation nor powder, therefore Im merely tried out the colours on my face after using Beauty Credit Blemish Balm(sample given to me by Ir) and some drugstore loose powder which I haven finish. Thereafter, I experimented with the eyeshadows, blushes, lipstick, gloss, fake eyelashes everything, topped with some glitters. The camera cant catch the colours very well, but dearie was impressed and said maybe I can makeup myself that day. Haha. Really have an impulse to take up a course, get a cert and be a MUA! It’s my passion and interest. Somemore it seems it’s pretty profitable too! And to make people pretty, happy on the most important days in their lives, it’s also a very meaningful job, just like insurance. =)

Okie. No more words. Here are the pictures. =) Dont laugh at me though. 😛

Time for a breakkkk

Dont mistaken. It’s merely a 1 hour break before I hit the books again. It’s amazing that everytime I look at the text, they will automatically get blurry and then I will concussed.

Since Im in a good mood, I will be not be lazy and upload some pictures!

Pictures taken in Fish&Co when I had dinner with G at IMM!! Oh, G dont wanna take pictures that day because she did not have make-up on. Aiyooo…her naked, flawless skin is so much even better than mine even with me HAVING makeup ON. That’s really no need for her to shun the camera! Anyway, pictures of our sumptuous food!

Seafood Chowder
Yummy Seafood Chowder. *slurps*

G’s very yummy Crawfish Paste. It’s just like baby lobster/crayfish.

My SUPER, DUPER, DELICIOUS New York Fish & Chips, filled with cheese!!! =D OMG!!!

Hmm the calamari was disappointing that day and G so-called “feedback” to them. Heehee…and thus….

We had this desert, brownie with ice-cream FREE!!

Feedbacks are GOOD. =)

We were in a good mood that day thus we went shopping. Dont see IMM like ulu ulu like that, they got many restaurants and shops okie! Here are my buys. Some are pretty good!

Striped pink and white shorts from FOX. All items having 50% off. So this costs around $18 I think.

From FOX too. Fitted for a frequent card player like me. Hoho. $29

White dress which costs $33+ after 40% discount. Pui! No brand at all, still say after 40% discount is $33. The boss is not there, arbo I sure suan her! But the dress not bad lah, good quality.

Nice satin korean top bought from online spree. Very good quality material with flattering cut.

Actually yesterday I bought some stuff from TANGS too. But not much lah. Just a large size perfume, INCANTO from Ferragamo, because both dearie and I loved the original fragrance. Therefore I bought the 100ml one. Anyway the SA gave me a 30ml fragrace, F by Ferragamo worth $82 plus a gigantic beach bag. $143 with so much freebies, plus 10% rebate with CITI TANGS rebate card. Shiok! Ah also bought a pair of small flowery ear-studs and hairclip la. Lazy to take pictures already. So you see, I must have the mood to take the pictures, PLUS, the mood to upload and blog about them too. Veryyyyy difficult. Haha.

Remember the pair of white plan shoes I bought for my ROM/Wedding. Heez. As my feet is a small size 3, it’s very difficult to buy shoes, much less a nice and appropriate one fit for an occasion. I found one pair at Design & Comfort at Fareast. It’s a size 4, but can wear lah after they punched more holes at the strap. =| But it’s too plain, therefore I DIY to enhance it! Firstly, I must get ready the materials and tools!

Hee Yes! I love crystals! Im going to BLING my shoes. Haha.

Not all materials were being used actually. Some I bought to “try out”. Hmm..the “flowers” on the top left hand corner dont stick easily on the shoe surface, plus it’s difficult to coordinate with the other crystals. Therefore I left it out. Im not expert mah…try basic only first. =P

The tools! Oh actually dont need the scotch tape lah. Just apply glue on the shoe and stick 1 by 1 can already. The scotch tape is needed when there is a design or motif which you wanna stick onto an object.

BEFORE… plain.

After!!! Dang dang dang dang!!

Colorado topaz with black diamond Swarovski crystals with cream rose pearls. Nice? Of course not! They’re gorgeous!!

Lol. Hahahaha. Okie lah, I know Im not very creative lah, so do simple design lo. HAHA. But will do lah huh, since they can sparkle! \(*o*)/ They should be quite easy to match, and can be worn for dinners too. I dont intend to wear them for once and chuck them aside. Hello the shoes costs around $50+ and the crystals come up to around $50 too. This pair of shoes, coupled with my efforts is worth around $200 now. LOL. So I wont care if anyone is gonna criticize me for being “exaggerating” for wearing such a pair of bling shoes out in future for outings or dinners. =P I wish the heel is more sleek though but what to do, feet so small, very few choices.

Have been experimenting with different eyeshadows. YA…Im just vain and like to play with colours. Heez.

This combi was done with the bronze colour in Stila eyeshadow trio(gold glow) with the rose gold in O2 eyeshadow. Of course with fake eyelashes and my usual Kat gel eyeliner.

The matching lipstick in peach, IPSA H03 with MAC lipgloss Goldensoft.

Stuff I usually used. Except the glitter, unless for clubbing. Hee =P

That’s all! Im gonna hit the books again!