My ANGEL & DEVIL List 2010

Just read Jen’s Naughty & Nice List 2010 and thought it will be nice to come up with one too! Okie, I’ll call it My Angel and Devil List. Haha! Oh man, isnt she gorgeous? I bet she made all the guys go aga aga over her in Korea. =)  Super love her make-up tutorials, very clear. Not only is she so natural and confident infront of the camera(other than sexy, gorgeous!), speaks good English with a nice slang, she also has good English on her blog, writes well, opinionated and doesnt swear in like every 3 sentences or so. Ha~

But hor, I think back, I really cant recall any DEVIL items at all. Because mainly I’ve stopped using them and kicked them out of my mind. Hmm….maybe I can try to re-call a few.




1) SK II Pitera Series

How can I forget this? Together with it’s Cellumination Essence and toner which costs me a FEW hundred bucks but yet did nothing except giving rashes on my face and neck. Real itchy too! They might do wonders to you, but they didnt to me, except in a real bad way. =(



2) Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara

Although it’s a volumizing mascara, actually it did nothing of the sort while I was testing it. But why did I buy? Because it’s not thick, does not clump lashes but defines them neatly and comes with treatment properties. However, they smudges very easily and everytime I reached home a panda. Okie maybe it’s not waterproof but still!!! I have non water-proof mascaras which do better!



3) Kanebo T’estimo Eye palette

Okie this picture is not mine. And my colours are more of bronze and gold. I know their packaging is cool, colours are gorgeous but you must not buy. Because they’re not lasting at all! Not only that, they smudges to a very ugly and oily residue which is almost impossible to revive even with touch-ups.



4) Bourjois baked blusher

It has to do with the applicator or something. For their baked eye shimmer was good when applied wet with it’s applicator, but for the brush applicator attached with this blusher was totally helpless in picking up the pigments off the hard, baked ROCK  for application. Thus impossible for colours to show.



5) Olay Body wash plus body butter

This has got to be the worst body wash I have tried. How bad can it be? It left my body sticky! No matter how much water I used to rinse off, I’m still sticky! I had to use another body wash to get rid of the sticky residue on my skin. Duhz! I cant even use it to clean the toilet because it leaves the floor sticky and greasy. =.=””’





Oh no, I have a problem. I have MORE than 5 items for MY ANGEL LIST because I remember nice things so much better than bad things!! Heck! I’ll just share them! =)

My FACE profile: Super Sensitive & Combi Aging Skin with oily T-zone

My BODY profile: Very dry + Aging

My Style: Lazy but  Kia-su + Kia-si



1) GreenLife Melatonin Lozenge

Seriously, this is my life saver! I popped them almost every night without fail although I try not to. What they do? They help you to sleep, in a more natural and healthier way because they’re supplements. Throw away your sleeping pills! As the name Lozenge suggests, you’re supposed to suck them like a sweet and dont worry, they’re nice. =) It’s a realllll small sweet too and around 1 hour or lesser, you’ll start to yawn! Of course, if you insists not to sleep despite the sleepy feeling, then you wont sleep because the mind is more powerful than anything! No side effects for me at all.

Available at Guardian at less than S$15.



2) Deary Rose Co-Q10 Brightening Hand & Foot Therapy


Haha I mentioned this before in this post. Like I said, it has a great rose smell, has brightening and Co-Q10 anti-aging properties. Most importantly, doesnt leave a sticky residue behind and moisturizes well. Cute and dainty packaging, convenient for travel too.

Available at Raffles City Robinson for less than S$10



3) Nivea Visage Sparkling White UV Blocker SPF 30++

As you well know, sunblock is vital for our skin no matter whether you do make-up or not. I’m a sucker for water-based skin-care/cosmetics because they’re so comfy(cooling!) on the skin and not as oily. Whitening/Hydration/Protection – all my G spots. Lol.

Available at Watson for around S$20



4) Biore UV Perfect face milk SPF50+ Pa+++

This white bottle among the whole series is specially for oily skin because other than giving sun protection, it also has high oil control properties. Thus making makeup lasting.

Available at Watson for less than S$20



5) Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Sun Pact(Pressed powder)

SPF50+/Pa+++ – 21 Nude Beige

This has gotta be the best pressed powder I had ever used(after Shu Uemura). It’s very fine and gentle to the skin but yet miraculously has good coverage(not super, but sufficient), looks extremely natural, pretty lasting with a good base. A little goes a long way. It’s best quality ought to be it oxidize very slowly, and even when it does, it doesnt change colour, e.g, to grey. Touch-ups are great, wont be cakey. Oh I just realised it has Q10 and SPF properties too. Lol. You can recognise it by it’s pure white case, should be the only 1.

Usually I’ll wear 3) Nivea Visage UV blocker and then apply 4) Biore face-milk esp. on T-zone before slapping this on. =) Oh I wore this in the picture in the entry below this.

Around S$50+ either before or after 20% discount. =P Cant remember as I always buy it during BC’s member’s event.

(P/S While searching for the above picture, came across a site which sells only at S$22.40! Hmm But dont know safe or not~)



6) Urban Decay’s Ammo Eye palette

Love the packaging which comes in a magnetic case with purple spiral flowers and velvet details. This is one great palette I love because amazingly, I love ALL 10 colours in it. Colours are pretty lasting with it’s primer potion.

Got it at their website during a 30% sale at only S$30+, with a full size of primer potion! Almost the best deal. =)



7) Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Shampoo

Although it states for “smooth curls & waves”, I think it’s okay for straight hair too. It makes the hair very soft and smooth and is great even for oily scalps like mine. It’s hard to find a shampoo for everyday use, moisturizing for hair but yet not too rich for oily scalp. I’m sticking to it for as long as I live.

Available at Watson for S$16+



8) Aqua Sense, Medlar Anti dark eye circles eye mask

I only use these for my eyes. No eye creams as they’re either too mild or rich which give me millia seeds. They’re great at healing dark eye circles. Ya friends always ask, “you have meh?” Yesssss I have, but very light whenever I dont have enough sleep. Believe it or not, everytime after I use, the dark eye rings disappear! But not enough sleep will come out again, then I will use again. ^_^

Available at Watson, box of 12 at around S$15 maybe.



9) St Ives Vitamin E moisturizing body wash

Specially for dry(cum aging skin) like mine. Leaves skin soft, supple and smelling nice!

Available at Watson at less than S$10



10) Beauty Credit Co-enzyme Q10 body cleanser

Specially for dry(cum aging skin) like mine. Leaves skin very soft and fantastically smooth until you cant stop touching yourself! I love Q10 anytime, anywhere. =P

I remember I bought it at around S$50+ but it’s a big bottle.



11)  Shu Uemura Eyes & Cheeks make-up palette

Very convenient as a touch-up palette because eye-shadows, liners and blusher all there. Nice, sweet and sexy colours too. Limited edition so they’re only…

Available in SQ flights Kris Shop at around S$75



12) Nature’s Green Sheep Placenta

I actually didnt really discover it’s magic until 1 day I realized I didnt use concealer for quite some time(which is like 2 weeks after consuming). It was then I noticed my pigmentation marks were all gone! Usually when I’m busy and stopped my beauty regime for days, undoubtedly they will show on my haggard face. With these, I do the minimal but skin stays the same. =P Told ya I’m lazy but yet kia-su. Now I eat them everyday. However, pore size still quite the same. =(

They come in capsule form(like those antibiotics), very easy to swallow. No side effects for me(2nd bottle already).

Available at S$38+ at Watson.



13) Deary Masks

The best masks I’ve used. So soft and thin, totally adhered to the face like 2nd piece of skin. It was so thin that it can easily tear so do be careful. I love all their masks. If you care for whitening then go for the blue box. Some other ranges including firming your double chin with an extra flip for the neck.

Available at Raffles City Robinson at perhaps S$16 for a box of 7 I think



14) Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion


This is a water-based 1 step make-up remover, including toning and moisturizing. You just pump them onto cotton wool and just wiped your makeup off. It’s great when you’re super tired and just wanna sleep immediately after makeup removal! They come in varieties suitable for different skin types; Oily/Dry/Dull/Aging. The one I’ve tried is “SEBUM” for oily skin and it works great. I’m generous while using it. I pump like 2 pumps on 1 cotton wool and I can use like 3 cotton wools to finish to whole face to ensure it’s absolutely clean. No breakouts too. Haven used them to remove fake eyelashes before though. Much better than Biore’s cleansing wipes because they give me breakouts, perhaps not clean enough.

Less than S$20 from Watson



15) Bioré Cleansing Oil(blue bottle)

I use Biore’s blue bottle cleansing oil if I had on full makeup, fake eyelashes etc though. It’s great, though I will still follow up with a gentle cleanser.

Available at Watson for around $22


Conclusion: Expensive things might not be better than cheap stuff. Neither is it the opposite. Most importantly, they must be able to suit your skin.



That’s about it! Haha Cya Folks!

Have a Merry & AWESOME Christmas!!


(P/S Disclaimer: All prices stated are just estimates and all reviews are purely based on personal experience and will not be liable for any dissatisfactions)


Deary Rose Co-Q10 hand/foot therapy & Home-baked escargots

Share some good stuff with you all!! Pardon quality of pictures because they’re from iphone.

DEARY Rose Co-Q10 Brightening Hand and Foot Therapy!

This is for your hands and feet!!

Do not neglect them for they will reveal your age also wor.

Am very glad for the tester because else I wouldnt have bought it.
Why? Because I’m a lazy person who dont use hand/foot cream. I dont even care much about the face liao la. Duhz.

But how can you resist such a cute and sweet packaging?? It’s a very small 50ml tube in real life and absolutely adorable and convenient to put it in your bag. The gold little round knob simply shouts “cute”!

I love it because of it’s Co-Q10. As you well know, I’ve started using anti-aging products(wipes a tear) and I simply love Co-Q10! And the rose smell is wonderful, not over powering. Comes with brightening properties too! And the most important thing is? You all hate creams which leave a sticky residue isnt it? Especially annoying if you have sticky hands, thus making EVERYTHING you touch sticky. I hate them too! But this DEARY tube dont!! Hands felt moisturized but yet is totally matt enough to turn a door knob successfully. =) Or maybe my hands are simply too dry? Also dont know lah, but it really suits me. Happy~

They’re less than $10 and available in Robinson Raffles City.

20% sale now on for all toiletries!! Dont know when end though.


Any escargots lovers here????

Oh I love them so much. Fell in love with them after our virgin experience with them in France. =)

But we all know Escargots are not readily available in many places in Singapore. And those which serves, usually dont serve them cheap, since most are fine dining restaurants. So what can you do when you just feel like munching a few, dont wish to spend a bomb nor dress to the nines and make-up to visit a fine-dining french restaurant?

Go to Cold Storage!! These escargots were from the frozen food department and sold in pack of 10(or 12, dont rem).

1) Pre-heat oven to 220 degrees Celsius
2) Bake for 10minutes and Serve!

Easy peasy!

We dont have oven at home so we headed over to mummy dearest for help! Instead of 220 degrees, she used 200 degrees, mentioning that her oven’s temperature run a little higher than normal ovens. And we merely baked for like 8+minutes.

And the escargots turned out fantastic!!! Whilst they cant be compared with the ones we had in France, they are certainly tasty enough to make you want to gobble 10 at once! Lovely garlicky and buttery taste! Could be slightly more tender actually. Perhaps 7-8minutes would be perfect. =D If you dont have the 2 teeth fork, toothpicks can do the deed of picking them out as well. =)

By the way, if you have a question whether they can be microwaved, oh I wish to know too because I only have microwave at home. However, I scared not hot enough and they wont be cooked. And, I do believe they’ll taste nicer when baked. =D
Do share your experiences if you tried microwaving instead.

Dont remember how much they costs but definitely not more than $20!

Review of DEARY masks

Sibei sian ah!!!

Vickki is lying dead on the floor and I’m lying dead on the sofa.


*Put mask* ZzzZzz

Some time back went Raffles City and Robinson was having sales. Robinson Platinum card members have 20% off!!! Yeah!!
But I dont have that card. Neither do dearie.


Ok lah, actually I have nothing to buy. Some other items were on sale too without the need for the card. And I hope you’ve realised, other than SHOES, I have this obsessive habit of collecting………………MASKS!! That’s right! Facial masks, not teochew 变脸 that kind of mask okie. The thing is, when I see a different brand, especially if the packaging is nice, I will have to buy it home. Use or not is secondary, I just want to collect them. Bo liao right. Well, susbsequently, I will force myself to use it, dont waste mah.

(P/S Vickki insists on coming into the picture. See her determined face? =P)

Cheesy, ob-biang brand name, “DEARY”

Using “DEARY” but missing “DEARIE”.


It’s really not bad leh. I’m really particular about the material of facial masks. DEARY’s masks are of a real soft and thin cotton material and they adhered really closely to your skin for maximum comfort and optimum effect. It’s so thin that the chor lor me almost tear it while stretching it to the maximum horizontally to fit my pizza face.

I’ve already tried the blue one and it’s great for whitening and brightening. Because once, after I used it, I went on to do housework for like 1 hour plus. And when I stopped by the washroom at the mirror, I was stunned with the fairer me topped with rosy cheeks and for 5seconds, the blur me with short term memory thought I forgotten to remove my makeup.

But after awhile, I tried to re-trace back…and concluded I did removed my makeup as I always do after I reached home. It’s either the mask or the housework workout which made the skin glows. Of course I doubt it’s the latter…because rosy yes maybe, but fairer? Uh uh~

Currently, I’m trying the green one which comes with ear-lopes. It’s very interesting because it comes with an extra flap for the neck too. Which means you can treat your neck partially. It’s great lah because recently I’ve realised the contrast between my face and neck has been getting bigger. =( Everyone please remember to apply sunblock on your neck too!

With the ear-lopes which holds the neck mask in place, it doubles as a firming mask(that’s what it claims). And hopefully, my double chin can improve lah. =P

Oh okie, about the price, I think it’s around $13.90 for the ear-lopes firming mask and $16.90 for the other 2. Each box comes with 7 pieces and I got all of them at further 20% off.

Ok bad news. The sale ended last Sunday.

But you can always wait for the next one la!

Okie. I go cook my “brunch” liao. Cya!

Tea Cosy, 水感肌-Aqua Sense

Tea Cosy is one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore. Not only does it serves great and affordable foie gras, their service is great. Not to mention, every dish on their menu is so exquisitely made. You can see their efforts. Located at Plaza Sing, the storey where SpotLight is situated. Level 5 I think.


Photo0088 [Sony PSP]
Yummy Tomato and Crabmeat soup. $9


My favourite pan-fried foie gras $26

I feel I can never get sick of it. Haha. Frankly speaking, I prefer their foie gras than The French Kitchen‘s. No offence to the chef, merely because I prefer Tea Cosy‘s way of preparing the foie gras. It’s paired with apricot chutney and sweet baby mandarin oranges and it made the dish zesty and refreshing. Plus, there are some wasabi sauce as well, which werent too spicy and it’s such a punch on the taste buds.

Dearie had braised duck pasta which was also good(I tried before) but as I had a small tiff with him at that moment, I didnt bother to talk to him nor take picture of his food. =P

Went Watson yesterday and was surprised to find DHC sitting on the shelves. Their products were pretty good and somehow they reminded me of Fancl. I bought many stuff from them on my..Hongkong trip I think, like eye gel, lipglosses, pimpel gel and health supplements and they are so cheap. That’s why imagine my horror when I saw the price differences, a jump of 3 times! I remembered I bought the eye gel at below S$15 in Hongkong, imagine it selling at S$42 in Singapore Watson.

I exclaimed loudly to dearie in a fit who tried to calm me down. Even the moisturizer which Li offered to buy for me from Japan is also 1/3 of the price. I understand that they need to profit but also not so much what! Like TheFaceShop, Skinfood, Benefit, they’re grossly overpriced in Sg. If this continues, more people will engage in sprees and shipped them from overseas, just like how people are spreeing from Korea and Taiwan.

If you’re interested in TheFaceShop, Skinfood and E’TUDE products, you can join in the sprees at They should be much cheaper.

Humph. I will never buy DHC products off the shelves of Watson. Madness.

However, I saw another product which bought glee to my eyes.


水感肌-Aqua Sense (Japan formula)
Chrysanthemum Relax and anti eye bag eye mask

It’s the exact same series as the Anti dark-circles eye mask which I recommended here, except the dark eye circles packaging is in pink whilst this is in orange. It was out of stock though.

Apologies for giving the wrong brand earlier. Haha. Oh and its S$14.90 for a pack of 12. So cheap.


I dont have eye bags though I feel they’re already on the way. =( They’re getting a little puffy from lack of sleep. So prevention is better than cure!

Some little incident which I feel like mentioning. It happens in the foodcourt when I was queuing for fruits. There were 3 of us in the queue and I was the last. There was this auntie who came by in the opposite direction of the queue, saw us(I saw her bio-ing us) and then proceeded to the front and said she would like to get bla bla bla. The stall auntie gave her a very wary look and asked out loud, “who came first?” At first I was pretty sian, she was serving the 1st customer and the other 2(including me) were right behind all this while, she didnt see meh and have to ask?

Anyway, I said LOUDLY(I meant real loudly), “We came first one.” Then the stupid jump-Q auntie went off in embarrassment and didnt even bother to queue behind me. The young girl infront of me, a student I assumed, turned back and smiled at me, mouthing a “thank you”. I smiled back of course but felt so funny. It’s like…ahhh….

Really buay tahan such people. This group of aunties, obviously not blind but always ACT blind and attempt to jump Q. And they’re not even old nor handicapped nor pregnant, and merely just want to take people’s advantage. She obviously SEEN us and still wanna act blur. Really feel like giving her 1 tight slap, she will be such a bad example to her kids. Hng!

Dearie again tried to calm me down after I regaled the whole tale to him, still huffing. =P

*Edited* Best Anti dark-eye-circles mask!

This is the best I’ve used so far and sharing with you guys.

DSC03888 [Sony PSP]

I can only roughly guess the brand is 我的足迹日子 or termed as Medlar Anti dark circle eye mask. The brand is 水感肌-Aqua Sense. I have thrown away the original packaging which is a pretty pink Jap-looking box(picture of packaging here.) Bought from Watson. I dont remember how much It’s S$14.90 for a box of 1012. The essence is generous so I usually let dearie use the 2nd round by dipping into the essence again. And it’s still pretty plentiful. It’s troublesome if I were to store in fridge and might be too rich to use twice at 1 go as it might develop milia seeds. The mask not only covers the area below the eyes, but also the stretch above the eyes(where you apply eye shadow). Great.

=) Happy masking!

Beauty Reviews

Lose a 5 bucks in Mahjiong again. Sometimes feel I really dont have much luck in gambling. Seldom get to win. Humph.

Shall blog a short post about beauty reviews while waiting for my Pipi player to load.


Product: Bio-essence Tanaka White Ultimate Whitening & All spots Fading cream.


Reviews: It really does wonders! Initially I was having doubts because I never have tried 1 which works! But somehow, I gave it a try since it costs only 30ish. Amazingly, after 3 applications, my pimple marks has significantly lightened a lot! Although they haven disappear yet, I will continue to use it. I was hesitant to try Bio-essence products because I was sensitive to their face firming cream before, the older version(before the Pollen was added). I developed rashes, however, it is a superb firming cream, hence I use it for my neck. For the mentioned fading cream, I was lucky it didnt cause any sensitive reactions. =)


Product: Beauty Credit, Lovely Green tea BB cream

Reviews: I dont know if it’s my wrong impression but I thought my skin improved when I subsequently uses it under my makeup. Before that I was using 2-way cake which was rumored to clog pores. After few weeks of use, not only did it excel as a makeup base, it does makes my pores slightlyyy smaller.


Product: KOSE Supreme Refining Lotion I (toner)


Reviews: I have to say I’m a sucker for whitening products because I was born so tan. I think I can never forget those products which whitens me significantly though one can get pretty immune to it after long period of using it. Hence I always change after some time. Exactly in chronological order, my saviors are

1) Olay(previously known as Oil of Ulan)
2) KOSE Sekkisei Lotion(toner) (classic dark blue bottle)
3) THE FACE SHOP Su Hyang Snow series
4) KOSE Sekkisei Supreme

Yeah so I’m back to KOSE again, using SUPREME which was said to contain 3X whitening effects than the classic blue bottle. There are series I and series II and II are more for matured(dry) skin. Other than it’s heavy alcohol smell and high alcohol content, it indeed whitens effectively. Though be careful of continuous usage because my skin became pretty dehydrated after I used 1) for a long time although it does whitens.

The old me(around 10years old? Dont remember)


The now me(some time back lah, random pic in com)

Wearing the mentioned Green Tea BB cream with loose powder.

I dont feel I’m very fair now lah, especially after I went swimming a few times and Wild Wild Wet too, as I tans easily. =( But it’s already a far cry from how I’m used to be. So who says you cant whiten naturally with strictly no whitening jabs or whatever. Oh ya. Nivea Visage. It’s great in whitening too.

Polynia & Shills Review

Time for a breather. I realised my mind gets stagnant after prolonged periods of studying. It’s more jeopardizing than efficient as I seemed to complicate every single question, thus affecting my judgment. Questions which made me pulled my hair yesterday could be solved easily today. But frankly speaking, I still wasnt fully prepared. There were simply too much to memorize and all oh-so-dry.

I’m pretty bored today, thus was very enthu on doing some boliao beauty regime thingy. While dying my hair light brown, I had on facial mask too to save time. I would have Crest White Strips on if I wasn’t too lazy. Haha. I took part in the Shills Spree back then and now here are my reviews.

Polynia Sakura Wine Pitera Mask – $24

“Works just like SKII, but WAYYYY cheaper than SKII! This mask whitens, exfoliates, stimulates blood circulation for face, minimizes pores, cleanses skin and so much more! Multi-purpose mask for a fraction of the price!”

As the name suggests, it’s selling point is that it contains Pitera, the same ingredient which SK-II uses.
Hmmm…I dont think it exfoliates at all though. However, it’s a very good mask in my opinion, for that price($24) and for that amount(200ml). Real big tub. It doesnt look very welcoming in it’s off-white, rough-looking paste form though it has a very nice rum smell. I supposed I find it appealing because I’m an alcoholic and a fan of rum-and-raisin icecream. Lol. The smell rather got me craving for Swensen icecream.

Okie coming to the effects of it. After washing off, I felt skin is smoother and softer than any other mask I’ve used especially when paper masks provides hydration and moisturization mostly. Most important, my humongous pores actually looked much smaller. I hope it stayed that way though.

For someone with sensitive skin like me, it’s a good choice to try (and to continue using) this product since it’s a fraction of SK-II’s prices. Despite SK-II’s raves, I’ve heard people being sensitive to their “miracle lotion” and had breakouts. So all in all, I’m very pleased with Polynia Sakura Wine Pitera Mask.

Next up.

Shills Black Intensive Whitening Mud Mask (100ml) – $13

“This mud mask removes impurites from face thus, preents pimples from popping up as a result of clogged pores. With ingredients gathered from volcanic sites, this mask helps to whiten and moisturize your skin as well. Not only that, it lightens freckles and pigmentation and evens out your skin tone!”

Ingredients include: Volcano lava extract, Arbutin, Calmosenine, lavender essence, almond essence, mint and natural hydrating ingredients.

This mask is not bad though effects were not as outstanding as Polynia Pitera Mask. Haven got to see the effects as yet, I’ll update soon.

I bought the Shills Pong Pong Fen too but haven try. No events to “plump” up my hair as yet. But I need to learn I think. It will be amazing if you know how to use it. Just watch the video below.

Shills Pong Pong Fen in 女人我最大.

TheFaceShop is having APRIL promo. Purchases of $60 and above entitles to free gifts of 2 Vita Masks and 2 sample size products of Flebeaute series. Purchases of $120 and above entitles to the same Flebeaute samples and Brightening Rice Water Cleanser.

Im still diligently using the Su Hyang Snow series but I’m thinking of getting a cheaper alternative. The tiny bottles of serum and essence of $50+ each simply finishes too fast for my pockets. It’s like an additional recurrent $50 expense every month manz. After trying Su Hyang Snow Series, I’m a believer of nano-gold technology. Recently there was a spree on D’essential Nano Gold series from Germany too but I gave it a miss since I cant find their reviews anywhere. But their pricing are friendlier than TheFaceShop lah.

Anyway, some sites and SASA are selling products(like Shills etc, cant think of any at the moment) at killer prices, so do be careful of these arbitrageurs! It’s generally so much cheaper to spree selectively.

Finally got to see M’s darling baby, Ridant(hope it’s spelt this way…pronounced as Rai-dant). Told E, it reminds me of both “rider” and “rodent”. She laughed out loud at the later. Here’s pictures of the adorable sweetheart.

Ohhhh Ridant the Aquarian! Just 1 day short of being a Piscean. Hee.

Lovely mummy M. She refused to take front view as she’s without make-up. Haha.

Hmm…what’s that tiny fist doing there? Looked like the stance of 古代美女. Haha!

Jialat…every gesture becoming more and more feminine.

Aiyoooo…..performing opera? Must tell M to be careful with her boy liao…his gestures were becoming more and more sissy. Lol.

The group of us had so much fun chatting. After that, we also adjourned to Bt Panjang Plaza for dinner and chilling. I also bumped into the newly wedded radiant MS with her hubby. It has been centuries since I last saw her in person, I almost cant recognise her! But she recognised me and called me first. The Tay sisters are all really beautiful. Guessed it’s all in the genes. So envy. =)

Here’s my Vickki.

People always say dogs will become more tamed after sterilization. Like real they did. She is still a terror as ever. Just became more clingy to me that is. She hardly sleeps in her tent anymore and chooses to sleep outside my room on her cushion or else on her pillow in my room.

LP is celebrating her girl, Kelp’s birthday at Changi Chalet in around a week’s time. Ce and Iv also had their clubbers chalet at downtown east chalet at around mid april. I longed to go for both but……….to tell you the truth,


I’m not feeling rich to go 2-way by cab and I will want at least 1 way by private transport to inspire me to go. The last time I went Ce’s chalet as because dearie was free to send me there when we’re in town. If we’re home, I also wouldnt want him to specially send me there.

I’m just so lazy. I think I will ask LP out for a dinner with Rain one day to pass her gift for her girlgirl. I’m really lazy to go so far, haven got to ask whether Rain’s going or not too.

Time to hit the books again.

Last minute liao…chiong ahhhh~