Hmm..I haven been blogging for awhile. It’s like, there’s nothing interesting in my life, except my infuriating husband. Speaking of him, I HAVE STUFF TO BLOG AGAIN.

Yes dear, I’m talking bad of you again. HA! What can you do? Start a blog also lo. =P

And this morning went…I was feeling sore again because a sickening cold sore was on the top of my upper lip. Dearie was nice enough to call in the early afternoon to ask what breakfast to buy for me on the way back. After saying my order, I thanked him prettily.

I was famished actually, and looking forward to my Kuey Zup with duck meat, egg and dao pok, which are my usual order. I dislike all the intestines and stuff and I thought dearie knew that since I ordered many times infront of him before.

But I was disappointed again. Dearie went to the toilet immediately after he dropped the food. With that disgusting intestines among my food, I really dont have much appetite to eat. Nevertheless, I transferred all those intestines into dearie’s packet of rice and ate in silence. And so, when he’s back, he asked me whether were the food nice. I mumbled some reply, still waiting for him to explain to me. But there was none. Oh and after awhile, he came to pass me some of his duck meat into my lunch.

I couldnt contain it anymore. So I blurted quite in a unfriendly way, “Why you bought intestines for me? After so long, dont you know I dont eat them?”

“Aiya…I know…but when I wanted to change my order, the boss already chopped liao…so bo bian lor.”

“What bo bian? If you dont want then just say dont want. Other customers can always have those what.”

“He say cannot lor….”

Okie so I ignored him…but no more appetite to finish the food already.

You might think it’s a small matter but to me,

1) He’s just dont have my heart lor (Please translate to chinese, 他就是没有我的心lo(dont have my interest at heart). It’s not the 1st time that he got my order wrong or forget what I like and dont like to eat. To me it’s no difference whether he did remember to change the order, because what was brought back was still not what I wanted.

2) The way he acted blur about his mistake and attempted to find other excuse, a.k.a, the boss dont allow him to change the order. His claim: he need the loo urgently when he reached home so forgot to mention to me, not even when he started eating his damn duck rice.

3) He dont apologise UNTIL he saw I got pissed and ignored him.

Actually I’m more than pissed. Tears just started to drop. Oh well, call me dramatic. But it’s like..so sad…your husband forever dont know what you want!

Like previously I was sick. I wasnt too lazy to go to the doctor myself. I’m always independent. But that day I was really too sick to go to the doctor. No concern message from him whatsoever the whole day when he’s at work since morning. Till I asked him where he was. His reply came like 5 hours later and his answer was he was on duty in the office, and “why, miss me ah? =)”

Haha. What a joke. The previous night he already…my god, he should have known I’m already having a bad sorethroat. But no…no offer to bring me to the doctor….fine….but not even a message of concern! I’ve lost count of the times when I needed him most but he’s always, always not there. This time round, I know he cant get away from his duty, but, cant he just drop me a message? A message will suffice. And for the numerous previous occasions, he simply meet his clients and forgot all about me. I might be a little selfish to be thinking, “meet client another day will die is it?”

Sometimes I simply dont understand why a mere friend can take leave to bring me go see doc, or a concerned ex-bf can even come fetch me to see doctor, but not he. Not a self-employed who has his own time own target.

I’ve said umpteen times. I’m not a girl who needs alot of attention all the time. He can be with his laptop or the PSP the WHOLE DAY, YES, THE WHOLE DAY and I’m cool with it because I know how to self-entertain myself. I merely…merely wish he’s there to bring me to see the doctor when I’m too sick to make the trip. And ya..buying the food I like to eat when I’m not feeling too well too. Is that really so much to ask?

So…after ALLLLL these complaints, he finally…FINALLY….apologised. That’s like…so…lame…so….

Oh ya, he did say he’s not acting blur nor find excuses or whatsoever…despite some truth here and there…I’m simply appalled at the the…coincidences…like he remembered what I wanted to eat but wasnt in time to say his order before the order was taken…like how he needed the loo urgently when he reached home so didnt tell me he got the order wrong..or like when he’s saying his duck rice, he was also somehow preoccupied that he forgot to tell me he got my food wrong.

He claimed I dont believe or trust him. I do. But sometimes…his insensitivity and muddleheadedness(if there’s such a word whatsoever) really can get me blown up. I mean, I’m not god leh…there’s really a limit to how much I can take and I’m just sorry I’m not that chin chai. Because I genuinely take an interest in him, I will hope that it’s mutual. You dont have to do as much as I did…but got a minimum standard mah. I cant imagine after 10 years I still have to remind you the 10,000th time I dont like intestines in my food, etc etc. It’s like if I know you dont take calamari but repeatedly asked you whether you want calamari when we go for dinners, you will pek chey also one right??

Haiz……….I feel not everything should be excused purely because you are blur. So if I got poor memory then I can be excused for forgetting your birthday? Alamak, you must first take an interest and make an effort to remember it mah.

Please, put some effort.

I know your parents brought you up the same way they were brought up, with little or no EQ, but you can learn one mah.

So you will wonder, how will I NOT be pissed in such a scenario?

It’s so easy.

Come back, first thing, before you go toilet, before you dumped the food on the table, BEFORE I happily opened my lunch expecting all the food I like, just tell me, “dear, sorry leh…just now I cant change the order to what you want in time, because the boss say cannot change as he already chopped liao…so your order got the intestines…”

I will be sian 1/2 lah but at least I wont be angry lor and I will accept it.

Before he apologised again with some sincerity, he was actually piling on credits by stating all his other good points, like got fetch me home, accompany me shopping when he’s tired etc. I mean, wtf? 2 wrongs dont make a right, and 2 rights doesnt justify a wrong. Just doesnt make sense to me lor his explanations. Normal people will say they will put in effort and improve, not him leh(at least not in the beginning, he only said these when he “surrendered”). To me, it’s as ridiculous as, “oh..although I’m unfaithful to you, I always buy you alot of LV bags leh”. 莫明其妙.

“but…if the other good points cannot be counted…then I dont have much good points left liao leh…”

=.= Sometimes is really, 又好气,又好笑.

Now, we’re actually good already after some pacifying from him. But think back still abit pissed, abit sian and abit sad. Humph! He better make it up to me on our coming cruise on sunday.

Be back on Wed.

Hopefully I wont let him anger till jump into the sea.


3rd Valentines Day

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope everyone enjoyed this corny-but-still-romantic day with your loved ones. I’ve enjoyed mine with my significant other too. This was our 3rd time celebrating it. =D

Very tired but still have to update. Else, stuff will really pile up! As preluded by dearie, we’re to check in to a ulu, boutique hotel at Lavender unlike our usual indulgence.

Check in hotel again??


We like cannnnn. =P

So on the 13th Feb(friday the 13th), we took on our journey to Bugis to have lunch first. Actually I told him to book a fine dinner will do, in view of large cashflow this year because of the house and wedding. Instead he went to book a room. ZzZz. But he said he booked a cheap boutique hotel room only, not a very big expense.

When we drove into Bugis Junction, I suddenly remembered there’s a Intercontinental hotel there. I dont know why, but I had a strong hunch that the hotel dearie booked was Intercontinental. Hmm..but again, I’m not 100% sure. Then, we were eating when suddenly he mentioned about Intercontinental hotel itself, saying how good the hotel is, how convenient as Bugis Junction is just below it bla bla. I turned and looked at him with a knowing smile and there it was, his tell-tale blushing smile. When I asked him why he’s smiling so suspiciously, he still refused to reveal anything. Anyway I’m 90% sure he has booked Intercontinental.

Anyway, I remained passively ignorant. Finally when we’re supposed to collect our car to drive to Lavender for check in, he finally walked forward to the hotel’s reception to check in while on the way to the shared carpark.

He indeed booked Intercontinental.

Pleasant surprise!!! I think I really know him too well already….we’re both too much alike…Haha.

Here we are, our room.

一生一世? Heehee.

Complimentary, voluntary upgrade to executive suite by the staff. SO NICE of them. Perhaps it’s because it’s our first time. Or perhaps it’s because dearie booked 2 nights stay, taking advantage of the promotion; 2nd night 50% off. Another surprise! Yeah! Can stay 2 nights!

Limited pics because of limited camera zoom lens okie.



My big Sunflower. Haha. Thanks dearie.

The room is quite big with some distance to the toilet. The best part of the suite is, their toiletries are from Elemis. It’s the first time I’m using their products and I’m loving their fragrance and the way their shampoo softens my hair. And not to mention, the bed and pillows are oh-so-fluffy. We spent quite a considerable amount of time snoozing away. Cant help it!

The hotel’s location is really strategic. Imagine just 5 minutes to a shopping mall. We did some shopping and I bought some necessities and a pair of high heels from Charles & Keith. Hmm I loved the super high heels but it’s still a tadddd loose. Just a bit. It’s already size 3..but perhaps I need to find a cobbler to secure the slingback straps so that it’s tighter. Sigh. The woes of a tiny-feeted shortie.

After the shopping, we went for a show.

Movie Title: Look for a star
Ratings: 3.3/5
Comments: It failed terribly as a comedy. And the idealistic romantic notions in the show simply dont inspire me because I’m a hard cynic? Anyway, can skip the show lah. I cant see any chemistry between Andy Lau and Shu Qi. Dearie kept commented that Shu Qi is’nt pretty in the show, especially when she tried to imitate a sexy, open-mouthed look. Lol. Cant help but to agree with him. However, I find her very cute in her own ways.

After the movie, we strolled across the road to the rows of stalls beside Bugis Village which sell lots of food. We bought beef noodle soup and meaty rice from 来来 back to the hotel to eat. We also bought hot and cold desserts like tang yuan and mango sago. Heehee. We brought along our hoegarden from home too. It was a lovely night. =D

Valentine’s Day 14th Feb
We had our breakfast then went back to snooze till 3pm. Lol. Then we went Marina Square for some shopping and billard before we went Lavender to tabao chillicrab, sambal kangkong and Heineken beer back to hotel. We then watched “The House Bunny” vcd which I bought to watch on our laptops. We also surfed a little with our wireless starhub token. =D


The 2 days and nights were lovely. Thank you dear for everything. Smuacks. Love you lots. Oh We didnt have any pictures taken leh. Still find it weird to find strangers to take pictures of us, especially in the hotel.

Guess what time we checked out? 3pm!! Shiok huh! It’s such a difficult task to tear away from the fluffy pillows and bed. =( But we did because we need to attend Huey’s wedding in 4 and half hours time!! –> Next entry

Everything is Perfect

Is it normal to be fantasizing about food in the middle of the night for hours consecutively for few days? *groaned* Could it be somehow my fantastic and humongous appetite has returned from a long absence of appetite suppressant pills? I know I sound like a bore when each meal is ended with “oh my god…I shouldnt eat so much else I’ll be fat again!” but Im really left with no choice since 2 of my cheongsum were already altered to my sizing.

When I collected them weeks ago with G and Jy, I was screaming like a wild chicken in the fitting room that the girls, including the shop owner came asking me what happened!

“I’ve grown fatterrrrr! For the butt is tight and the waist is so fitting although we meant it to have some allowance!”

Flicking glances up and down my body, they all dismissed me with a shrug that I still look slim. But I didnt lie! The cheongsum did had to go through a ultra round BARRIER tediously before it can even be worn properly and all the while, Im so afraid that it’ll snap.

Alright. Enough of my whining. *abrupt ending*

I’ve been busy lately. It’s kinda shiok to make yourself so tired and hungry and then gorging yourself with bulk of good food completed with an ice-cream cone. Ya rubbish right me. While complaining, I still eat icecream from time to time and fried food is a MUST. How to avoid you tell me? When even MAC breakfast comes with fried harsh browns. Yum yum.

Come to think of it, we have been married for 1month plus? Although it feels like….like….we’re not married at all. Lol. Because everything is still as carefree, relaxed, enjoyable and sweet as it has been from 20th Jan 2007 when he started to hold my hand down a gigantic flight of stairs at NTU. Thinking back, we would have been together much earlier if Im not such a blockhead and he being a worrier who worry about all the “what-ifs”. Anyway Im glad for my short single break back then and the tiny merry chase, that will teach him to treasure me more. =P

Of course I dont mean I dont feel we’re already married because I’m not committed. But the fact is I really dont quite feel the commitment because everything is just so…natural…so right…enjoyable and happy…that the word “commitment” is totally unnecessary. We’re just perfect like this. =) I am starting to feel that actually “commitment” is a negative word. It imposes stress, a hint of unwillingness or unnaturalness that one confined himself to. =P Though I have to admit more responsibility and the feeling of commitment will follow when we got our own house. That’s when bills and household chores need to be segregated.

Me too hope he feels the same as me, especially when I know he’s not one who loves matrimony. Sagittarius, loves freedom and hates restrictions, remember? But again, Im hardly restricting him in any way. Count yourself lucky dear..if you read forums…you’ll know how XIN FU you are. =P And though his insensitiveness and BZD-ness(buay zi dong) can be a tad annoying sometimes, Im glad he didnt throw a fit when his wife actually bundled some little pretty Xmas gifts for some friends while the husband had none. (P/S Cancerians and Aquarius boyfriends will most probably throw a fit. =P) Im sure he understands that I dont need a reason nor a festival to give him gifts. I simply buy him stuff as and when I saw something suitable. =) Ever since the last silver tie, I also ran out of ideas anyway. Not going to buy him things for the purpose of buying.

I still have many more pressies with me reserved for my dear friends but haven got time/chance to meet up with them just yet due to mostly work and relationship commitments. Alright Shall go sleep already. Ciaoz.

Random pictures

Some random pics which I took long time ago when dearie bought me to Marina at Keppel Bay as a surprise. And I also experimented some colours in makeup which might go with my gown on Sunday. Not that I will makeup myself that day, but just hands itchy wanna play~ Heez

When I called Capio to change the timing to meet her to take our stuff on sat, she kind of asked me how I find Elaine. I cant comment on her skills because I haven tried hers before. All I said was, she doesnt seemed very interested nor patient to answer my queries. Questions like, what kind of ampoules will she be using, should I blow dry my hair or leave it wet for her to style etc. As my skin is very sensitive, I said I might be using my own ampoules because Im afraid of breakout. Prior to asking these questions, I asked her is she free to talk. When she said yes then I asked. But she answered all my questions shabbily and I didnt feel that we can communicate well. Capio then said recently she newly added one more makeup artist(MUA) to her team as her clients are getting too many. She is Sally, also a MUA from Bridal Concept.

When I asked Capio about the differences between the 2, she said Sally’s makeup is more modern, creative. She has alot of ideas and is the kind who will dare to try new stuff while Elaine’s is more conservative. Her makeup is more of the traditional, standard bridal makeup which couldnt go wrong, thus most customers are very satisfied with her too. Well, I really dont know whose skills is better but judging the poor connection I had with Elaine, I was glad for a change. Anyway, a younger and more modern and creative MUA couldnt be any worse I guess. She called me just now and her attitude definitely surpassesed Elaine, who sounded as if she’s couldnt wait to put down the phone. So Sally will be my MUA on Sunday. *shrugged* As I said, I no longer hold any expectations. Walk one step is one step loh.

Ya anyway I played with my own colours and came up with a look on my own. Im no professional but just a fan in matching and mixing colours to create different effects. I dont want to waste any of my precious Shu Uemura foundation nor powder, therefore Im merely tried out the colours on my face after using Beauty Credit Blemish Balm(sample given to me by Ir) and some drugstore loose powder which I haven finish. Thereafter, I experimented with the eyeshadows, blushes, lipstick, gloss, fake eyelashes everything, topped with some glitters. The camera cant catch the colours very well, but dearie was impressed and said maybe I can makeup myself that day. Haha. Really have an impulse to take up a course, get a cert and be a MUA! It’s my passion and interest. Somemore it seems it’s pretty profitable too! And to make people pretty, happy on the most important days in their lives, it’s also a very meaningful job, just like insurance. =)

Okie. No more words. Here are the pictures. =) Dont laugh at me though. 😛