First fitting

Oh yeah. Ash’s comment has came as a pleasant feedback. I felt so much better. At least I know this friend is definitely worth keeping. Not because she offered a F.O.C photography for me but she cared enough to explain to me and contribute something out of sincerity. I appreciated the gesture alot but I really cant take it. It’s like taking advantage over her, moreover since now I know she’s having exam and not a test the next morning. Im kinda sorry for giving her stress over this issue too. But now all are well.

No worries. Im cool. Yeah. Found another freelancer who fits my budget, it’s amongst the 3 I’ve mentioned in the previous entry. Negotiate abit and yes, Im still within my budget. But that probably accounts for the strand of white air Eil glimpsed yesterday at Singapore Expo. Had an event there by the company.

Just back not long from IMM, NewImage, my bridal studio. Initially I was worried about the made-to-measure gown and neither has the process came as smoothly as I thought. Firstly, Capio said she have to find the lace which looks like the one in the picture I gave her. A picture of a cream-coloured oriental sweet-heart neckline and empire cut gown with oriental red/green flowers across the bust. Other details include a slashed hem trimmed with the same oriental flowers creating texture and depth with pleated pure white organza at the bottom. After more than a month, she said she cant find the kind of oriental flowers to create the design. Even when I specially went down to Arab street, I also cant find. I finally gave up and started to browse other designs of different fabrics. I love oriental designs I realised and finally spotted a fine soft golden oriental-look brocade. Instead of a shiny, dramatic gold, it’s more of a soft and low tone gold.
Therefore the design was altered too. Somehow it matches my pre-made heels because the crystals are golden colour too.



I finally saw the finished gown when I went for fitting today. It is beautiful. Im very pleased with the end product. Finally all those time spent has not been wasted. Dearie will be wearing a mandarin collar suit to match. I shant describe much. Till the ROM day then. Let’s hope the photographer do a good job.

But both our clothes still need some alterations la. It’s dearie’s first time trying out the suits and he need to have longer sleeves. Upon fitting of the gown, Capio exclaimed I’ve slimmed down more again because the gown obviously have some allowance at the waist and hips. Thanks to the wonderful nude bra, ahem, the bust line dont need alterations. But to Capio’s shock/surprise, I lost ANOTHER inch at the waist and hips. Thus I need alterations despite measurements were taken only 3 weeks ago. So in total, I shedded off 2 inches each off both waist and hips. Now my waist is 24inches like how it used to be when Im at sweet 18. (=___=)”’

Capio warned me to keep my weight and dont let it drop again! Else the gown will never fit!

I did not try to eat lesser lah but my stomach has kinda shrinked already so Im easily full. Not that I dont want to eat. Just maintaining the weight lah.

Chosen the bouquet too. Hmm..Dearie need to buy a cream or light yellow shirt to match his madarin suit.


Finally got the lovely green tea Blemish Balm from Beauty Credit at IMM. It was out of stock the last time I went. The SA was very nice to order for me and informed me when the stock came. It’s a real good product. Only cons is it doesnt have spf. But it’s so easy to apply, good oil-control, moderate coverage and acts as an excellent make-up base. It feels good on the skin, as if it can breathe. Like I said, lately I shunned 2way cakes and foundation already because it kinda makes the makeup thick and clogged the pores. BB cream is healthier for the skin in the long run.

I’ve decided to shun fried food for the last 2 weeks before the ROM, just in case pimples pop out. Still have to book appointment for mani and pedi the day before.

So hard being a women!


OMG…my instinct can be so alarmingly accurate sometimes. Prior to calling up Zoey, the in-charged manager of my ROM venue, I had a feeling she’s no longer working in the hotel. When I couldnt get her in the office and called her handphone instead, shockingly, the instinct I had 1minute ago CAME TRUE. OMG OMG. She has really quitted. And you know what’s the problem now again? She has promised to upgrade us from a free normal hotel room night stay to an executive room. Although she claimed she cant write down on the contract, she said 99% should be no problem. But now our case is being transferred to Albert, the director of catering. We need to liase with him again for the upgrading of room and it’s not guaranteed.

SEE!! Told you Im having the run of the WORST BAD LUCK OF THE YEAR!!! *WAILSSSS* Dearie said maybe the director will give in to us also for our request. BUT, why am I always be faced with such stress and uncertainty???!! OH MY GOD HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Haiz. I amazed dearie with my instincts sometime too. But I credit all women with the same kind of instincts, ESPECIALLY in regards to partner’s unfaithfulness. Not that I caught him before but I saved us alot of time whenever we tried to find parking lots. No matter how crowded the carpark can be, we seldom need to wait more than 10minutes for a lot. Because the spiritual me, always direct him to somewhere where there is/will be an empty slot.

One incident happened before at Lido which was damn funny. Like you know Lido carparks are always pretty full especially during peak hours on weekends. One fine saturday, 6+pm, all the cars were looming round and round every floor and some were waiting motionlessly at some corner to wait for luck. When we finally reached 9th floor, I suddenly got an instinct that there will be a lot soon just nearby the lift. So I asked dearie to stop there and wait. I said I have an instinct that someone will come out from the lift and get his car near us.

No less than 60 SECONDS, a family of 4 appeared out of the lift and the driver strolled to the lot opposite us to collect his car. Dearie looked at me with that look as if I’ve just peeled my skin like how Zhou Xun peeled hers in the movie “Painted Skin”. Incredulous. And mumbled profusely that he will never offend me. HAHAHA.

Ok lah. Actually it’s a mix of both instinct, analysis and probability. You see, to park at such a NICE slot directly outside the lift at a level 9, the driver must have arrived quite early. Like maybe 1 or 2 pm. Therefore it makes sense that they will leave around 4 hours later, which is approximately like 6+pm, a.k.a, the time when we were there. That is to say, generally, the better the lots(nearer to the lift), the earlier the occupants arrived. But on the other hand, the higher the level, the later the occupants arrived if compared with the better lots in lower levels because the lower levels might be occupied by the next occupier already at a later time. That means to say, good lots at low levels 4 or 5 probably arrived around 3 to 4pm(after the previous occupier arrived at around 12pm and left around 4pm) and might not leave as early.

To compare the odds of following behind half a dozen of cars whose owners are desperate for lots and the odds of waiting for occupied lots to be emptied at deserted corners, thinking that “golden lots” outside the lift is like the 1st 3 prizes in 4D which are more difficult to win than the “consolation lots” around deserted corners, the chances of getting a very nice lot just outside the lift at relatively high levels is generally higher at the timing of 6+pm on a weekend.

It’s all very general lah and a mixture of luck, timing and instinct.

Dont believe, you can try it. =D


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