*Edited* 12 days Europe Honeymoon Trip – Part 1

Headache. We both took over 500 pictures for our 12 days Europe honeymoon trip. Finally I’ve picked out 200+ better ones, unable to eliminate more because of all the gorgeous scenery. I might need to separate into few entries. It will be so much easier if all pictures are from my camera alone but because it became siao siao during the trip, malfunctioning as and when she pleased, I had to get pictures from dearie’s camera too. His camera poses the problems of unable to take night shots and very short battery life. Duhz. Apologies for the quality of pictures, I simply need to change a better camera.

Flight to Zurich, Switzerland‘s financial hub by SQ Airbus SQ321.
The flight was at 1am and we’re supposed to reach at 11pm to meet the tour guide. As we wanted to catch supper, we reached even earlier, at 10.15pm. Who will know that the newly launched Airbus had an aircon leak problem and our flight was being delayed by around 3 hours. When we finally board it, we had to suffer stuffy and warm air for another 2 hours before it was cold. Arghh! SERVICE SUCKS BIG TIME!!!

Our travelling were by coach most of the time. Most of them were around 1-2hours and 2 of them got as long as 4 hours with a lunch break in between.

Lush greenery greeted us, dotted with clusters of cute Swiss cottages. Humans were scarce and the place looked serenely picturesque and peaceful with neatly manicured lawns. We were told that some of them grow their own vegetables and fruits too.

Upon alighting in Germany-Black Forest, we had to walk for quite a while to reach the resort of Titisee for our pork knuckle lunch, accompanied by a soup and their famous black forest cake. They werent fantastic so I shall skip the pictures. It irked us that their people prefer their food to be super salty. They should really mind their kidneys.

We also attended a Cuckoo clock making demonstration.

Black Forest is a small village with nothing much to shop. Beautiful lakes with many mandarin ducks though.

Dearie takes lousy pictures. Other than slicing beautiful buildings into half, or putting just my head ALONE into pictures, he can make Eiffel Tower look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Since then, I’ve stopped asking him to take pictures of me unless for absolutely must-snapped architectures like Eiffel Tower etc. So, more pictures are of him.

We took the coach again back to SWITZERLAND(SCHAFFHAUSEN) to see the mighty Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest waterfall. Please do not compare it with Niagara Falls. Though again, I dont understand how it can be Europe’s largest waterfall….I thought it looked like rapids to me. =P

We took the coach again to the beautiful resort town Lucerne.

Along the way

Checked into Flora Hotel. I loved the deco. Modern with shadows of Swiss Culture.
This hotel is highly recommended.

At the lobby.

The room.

Oh yes. Most Europe’s hotels do not have the room amenities which commonly come with Singapore hotels. They dont have kettle, fridge nor shower foam/shampoo/lotion for you. They have, however, an all-in-1 soap dispenser where you can use it to wash anywhere you want. That’s why, we bought along our travel kettle too, for hot drinks if needed. Some of them dont even have aircon, as opening the windows will have natural air-conditioning already. Simply adjust your room temperature by the angle of your windows. How cool is that eh?

The Lion Monument is an allegory of the defeat of the Swiss guards during the storming of the Tuileries 1792, whatever it represents. Poor Lion looked so tragic that it’s hard to take a smiley picture with it.

At the Chapel Bridge, the 14th century wooden bridge, an icon of Lucerne.

Many swans in the lake

With sweet Serene whom I got to know during the tour. She came with her hubby for holiday. Regretted not taking more pictures with her, simply because both of us were busy with our spouses, or else with shopping. Haha.

Opposite the Bridge

All the electric buses run on cable attached above them


In the morning, we departed for Engelberg where we commence our ascent to Mt Titlis. We boarded the cable car for 45minutes to reach the high alpine glacier region at 10,000ft. We then took another ride in the world’s first ever revolving “Rotair” gondola, which offers a 360 degrees panoramic view into the alps.

Bottom of Mt Titlis

In the cable car

On the coach again to Interlaken, City Oberland Hotel.
Apparently, we got the..so-called honeymoon room?

Haha! It was more like country-style and a pretty big room. But I merely cant stand the bed which creaked with every move and the deflated pillows.

Interlaken is a typical small town, or rather village, with nothing much to shop. However, they have breathtaking scenaries with flowing lakes and gorgeous alpine alps as backdrops. Half a day is enough to finish touring the area. It would be great if the 4th day was spent in Paris shopping instead.

I wished this was my hotel but apparently not.

Acting cool again

At the Casino, with the impressive entrance but pathetic interior. They have, like a dozen jackpot machines, 2 poker cards tables which were out of bounds, 1 roulette table and 1 black jack table. That’s it. You can imagine why there’s less than 10 people inside. It’s so boring.

We had a Swiss and meat fondue dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert. Again, it’s nothing to cry for so I’ll skip the pictures again. Had supper at their Hooters too, but the standard was way inferior to Singapore’s. Played pool and darts at a bar(simply got too much free time!). It was very expensive. An hour of pool game costs more than S$20 and 2 darts games which lasted around 15minutes cost S$15.

A mac burger and salad cost S$30.

Our lunch at some cafe. Totally unfriendly menu.

Fish & Chips should be the safest; to avoid over salty food/soup

This vanilla custard simply tastes great. I have to say all Europe’s pastries and cakes are wonderful with friendly prices(cheaper than Delifrance). They’re not too sweet and just right.

Scenary shots

Interesting giant chess game

Giant Chair

In short, Switzerland is more of a scenic location than a shopping paradise. Cute Swiss cottages, serene lakes, beautiful architectures and snowed alpine peaks. One word of caution though that it’s unhealthy to look at snow for too long, i.e, more than 5minutes. You can scorch your eyes and will affect your vision. You probably enjoy more if you ski there. However, be prepared to tread in heavy ski boots, carry your heavy pair of skis and take at least 2 times of cable cars(30minutes or so) to reach the peak before you can start skiing.

Optional activities like paragliding is available but they take around 1.5 hours only. You also have to take a cable car up. Hotels have limited SCV shows and most of them are in German, just like all the restaurant menus. Most of the people understand English though.

Swiss franc is being used there, the rate is around S$1=CHF$1.3 and things are horribly expensive there. Shops close very early too, like in the evenings. If you’re a fan of Swiss watches then you might like there. NOT that the watches are cheaper there but they are more exclusively made. Other than that, it’s chocolates and chocolates….or…Swiss army knives. I dont find the food particularly nice too. Most are too salty, otherwise it’s all western food. Breakfast is always ham, eggs, beans and croissants. That’s it.

To be continued……………..


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