Dying of boredom

Oh man. Singapore is soOoo boring. Dearie and me literally spent nothing except eat and eat and eat, and some mindless shopping at Watson today(you can always manage to find something from Watson).

Let’s see what we ate.

Prawn Chee Cheong Fan (Yummy!)
Crispy durian pancake
Egg crepe carrot cake
HK noodle soup
(all at fareast, back and fro)

Yucky Passion tea at Paragon Starbucks
Pomelo sago with beancurd at Taka

That’s not all.

Yummy prawn chee cheong fan again
Macdonald french fries

Now you know how I gained weight. Argghhh!

I was real stressed and bored, so he took time off to accompany me. Appreciated it dearie. Smuacks

I was looking for a way to best release all my pent-up lethargy via retail therapy but simply cant find anything interesting to buy. Not even when I have tons of Robinson and Metro vouchers on hand. It’s pathetic. Sigh. What’s worse, we had watched almost all the shows which looked, at least, interesting, so there’s nothing left to watch. Here are the reviews:

Movie title: Accident
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Many scenes are repeated. Plot was interesting enough but it died abruptly. Stillbirth, I called it. Wasnt much development which was a pity.

Movie title: Phobia 2
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: It’s difficult to rate because there are 5 stories. Only the last 2 seemed better. Dearie and me super heart the last story because it’s so funny! I laughed till my stomach hurts! I never knew horror shows can be as funny while they were thrilling. Thumbs up. But for the other stories…..duhzzzz…

Movie title: Whiteout
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Weak plot and not exciting enough.

Yesterday we spent loittering in Jurong Point and then going to Kbox ktv at Jurong SAFRA. If you haven know, the Kbox at safra has much newer technology than their normal Kbox because it allows recording of how you sing and able to bluetooth to your handphone. I would love to know how terrible I sound but too bad my handphone no batt. And dearie’s phone somehow only managed to get his song but connection died when he tried for mine. Oh well.

Please kindly go register for Watson card. The $5 card fee can waived $8 off per pax, redeemable up to 2 pax. Which means $16. Only available for use on Sun – Thurs. Sunday is a good day. Call me! =D


Reviews of 《衝上雲霄》

Finished 雙食記 not long. It’s a movie starred by Franics Ng. Small budget film directed by a China director but it’s definately worth watching with it’s unique plot, exquisite presentation and superb acting by the the stars. I shant spoil the surprise by talking about the story, so go watch it! You can watch it on PIPI player.

I’m still 10 episodes away from finishing 《衝上雲霄》 but the exhilarating feeling has gradually died down ever since the 3rd or 4th episode(I think) where Flora Chan chose to accept Joe Ma’s proposal even though she was secretly lemming for Franics Ng. Their encounter seemed so enchanting and romantic that it’s close to most Korean dramas are all about. Got me thinking back about all my “more-than-normal” encounters.

I certainly recalled a few. Nice settings. Nice faces. Nice smiles. But those encounters were only THAT romantic and enchanting at THAT very moment. After which, it’s nightmare, in each and every “unique” different way. Common, stop fantasizing about all these fairytales and “hero saved the beauty encounters”. It’s like only 10% or less will really turn out “happily ever after”. Isnt Princess Diana and Prince Charles the best living(or dead) example? Sometimes, some things really arent as beautiful as it looks/seems on the outside. Grass always look greener on the other patch. Fantasize once in a bluemoon is good to keep your young heart burning, but really dont go crashing into the flame like the silly moth. It’s simply not worth it.

Coming back to topic, I vastly preferred my idol Ada Choi to star as Flora in the show. I think she can definitely act better than Flora who sounds like she’s constipated in the entire show during crying scenes. Francis’s, Myolie’s and Ron’s performances were good in the show. The others were really bland and I’m surprised. Usually they do much better.

Myolie’s role is darn irritating. Like a child who has never grown up. Chirp, helpful, bubbly, yeah great. But from the start, she has formed a bad impression to me because she didnt return the doll to Francis. Should I say selfish or greedy? Despite she tried to remedy later, it’s already too late.

Flora. She shouldnt accept the proposal when she’s still in love with Francis. That is SO wrong. Even if the misunderstanding cleared few hours after the nuptials, I feel she should dissolve the marriage because clearly, if she’s such a die-hard fan of this thing call fate or whatever, she should stick with it and go with Francis rather than spending half her life thinking about “what if”. Now, isnt it stupid to try so hard, trying to force something into existence for years and months only to go back to square one? The difference is the hurt she caused will be times 10. In chinese we call it, 长痛不如短痛 and 害人害己.

Franics dont even treat Myolie like a proper girlfriend. As block-headed and boring he might be, a normal boyfriend just dont behave like that. He makes everything look like a duty to a little sister. If she’s slightly more sensitive, she should have sensed something is missing. And Myolie, I really applaud her that she can take all the crap from Francis. Again, it might be because she’s simply a doormat, too accommodating and a pushover. Her favourite line is, “我没事,我真的没事.” ZzZz. She’s tried too hard to please. There’s a difference between being understanding and being afraid to see the truth. Actually, the way they got together was already very exaggerating and ridiculous to me. I was like, what the?

If the food is not to your liking, dont stuff yourself with it just becuase it’s free. And even if the food is to your liking, if it’s going to cause you food-poisoning, then for god’s sake, dont eat it!

My Saturday

Yesterday, I woke up at freaking 9.30am, just so to meet my dear JI mates for dim sum lunch. Dearie was still laughing at me, “Hahahaha! Saturday wake up so early! Hahahaha”.

Very childish hor?


Anyway, I was the 1st dumbo to arrive the earliest at 11.45am, albeit 15minutes late. SL the next, 30minutes late, Jes, 45minutes late. Jas and Est simply replied with a “will be late, meet you all there”, you know, that sort of thing(mimicked Ris Low). Jes, the winner. She said she booked the lunch at 12pm and that she will reached around 12.15pm.

Eh the thing is, okay, you assumed everyone will be late and thus you proposed meeting earlier 11.30am without saying the booking was at 12pm. Very clever. But, dont you think it’s so unfair to the one who is ignorantly punctual? And you yourself late somemore lor. Duhz.

I was shocked that SL was the only one who cared to apologise, even though she arrived only 15minutes after me. She even explained profusely why she’s late and even took a cab down. Haha. I told her it’s really unnecessary for the others haven arrive, next time dont waste money.

I’m really okay with people being late but at least they should be apologetic. The others, blearh~ Like machiam I deserved to wait for them. Neh mind~ Next time I’ll know how to be fashionably late already. I could have slept 45minutes more. It’s a small thing, just that I really appreciate a “sorry”. No hard feelings though. I think I’m numb already from being taken granted by some. I dont mean JI these group of mates though, just some others. =)

Despite so, it was a nice dim sum lunch meeting at Xin Fu Yin Cha, International building, beside Lido. And we chatted about everything under the sun, from property to relationships to wedding to having kids to complaining about husbands/boyfriends. Haha. Est and Jes had more or less settled down with their partners and flats, going to ROM in 2010. SL busy with her dating(keke) and Jas without updates. I would be concerned as a friend but afraid to tread on sensitive grounds. So can only leave it as that. Hope she’s happy with her life.

The dim sum was okay just that the service was very slow. There was once when the dumplings(just 1 plate only) never came even after 15-20minutes despite the waitress assured me the SECOND time that it will come promptly. Bitchy me was really irritated and told her to cancel the order. Again, she assured me AGAIN it’s coming already and not to cancel. I said I dont want already lor in a buay song tone. Buay tahan such people. Then we ordered dessert. I said nastily if they were to come after 15minutes then dont serve them already.

Est they all said I’m very fierce. Nahz~ I’ve never said I’m a patient and accommodating person. I’m only so to my friends, meaning I only take shit from few treasured friends, not the whole world.

We took ala carte, bill came up to around $14 per person. Then we adjourned to TCC at Lido for more drinks and more chats. At 3+pm, Est left for tennis with her boy and Jas left around 4+pm to celebrate her grandma’s birthday or something. I walked around with Jes and SL at ION awhile before leaving to meet Ser.

My dear Ser. I haven seen her for so long. It’s so good to see her and share Xin1 Shi4 with her. She’s one of my best pals whom I can share everything with, because I know she will always support me and give her most honest opinions. We went to buy my Lancome cleansing milk with 20% off through her at Sephora, then went Fareast Plaza for more shopping and dinner.

This girl, insisted on treating me for being absent for my hen’s night, wedding and not being able to my jiemei. For my hen’s night, she was working. For my wedding, because she didnt know anyone else and the only one we knew put us aeroplane. Despite so, she came down and dropped her angbao. As for not being able to be my jiemei, I dont need to say much, just that I totally understand, my girl. So she really dont have to treat me one lor. But she insisted so. I was damn stressful for my order at RAMEN TEN, I dont want her to spend too much. Merely ordered a few small dishes, anyway I’m having a diet lah. =) She did ask me to choose any restaurant or any buffet I deemed fit weeks ago but I just dont want lah.

It was scary shopping with her because she’s like always psycho and encourage me to buy things. Evil hor? =P Anyway, I bought a top, O2 eyeshadow, blusher and an oval table-top mirror. I suspected my constant neck pain came from craning my face to suit the low-rise mirror while putting on makeup.

Ser has always been very accommodating. She accompanied me to Boat Quay because I craved for a drink. Plush, it was. We ordered a jug and I ended up having 3/4 of it because Miss Ser drank ever so slowly. Sang 2 songs and listened for most of it. It’s pretty relaxing. Dearie came by to fetch us home. Hope to see her again amidst her and my busy schedule!

Going soon to have THE DINNER with my in-laws. Somehow, I just feel…stressed. =/

(P/S Gamer, the movie sucks. Dont watch. )

What I did in that 2hours waiting for hubby

Today is my 2nd day surviving eyelash extension. Damn. I’ve heard dozens of bad reviews and only 1 good review, by Kel. Despite so, I chose to go ahead with it, simply because I have nothing better to do while waiting for dearie after my IPL at StarHaven. It was on promotion $78 before 5pm on weekdays. Anyhow, it turned out pretty okay. Erm..it was slightly itchy on the right eyelid yesterday and today, after makeup removal, the left one itched instead.

Arrghhhh I dont understand whyyyyy.

I thought I got it reasonably clean by swiping with cotton buds dipped in eye makeup remover. As for face, I specially bought Lancome cleansing milk to wipe off makeup, followed by normal cleansing. The face was so far so good but my left eyelid itchhhhhhes like hell. Dont know how I can tahan 3 months. *wails* I just thought I’ll experience it since I’ve never try before.

After the eyelash extension, I continued to wander like a aimless ghost in this 7th month at Tanjiong Pagar Mrt Exchange and gradually wandered into a massage shop. I paid 20bucks for 30minutes of foot massage or reflexology, whatever you called it. Pretty expensive hor but it seemed to be pretty crowded with customers coming out and going in. And I thought I’ll give it a try, just to buy time. Well, I had to admit it’s ENTIRELY because dearie told me he would be late for another 40minutes and not because a cute masseuse who was a Eric Winter in darker version waved me in.

Nahz, I’m just kidding dearie.

But anyway, an auntie massaged my foot, sigh, much to my disappointment.

Lol. I’m really kidding dear.

Erm anyway, the massage was not bad. She loosened quite many of the so-called knots in my legs although not the entire process was relaxing. She emphasized it wasnt entirely a massage, but more of a healing process because it’s painful given that she has to do that to loosen the pressure points. I find it weird that it’s painful when she pressed some points on my legs lightly but the pain gradually went away after she massaged the same spot a few times. Hmmm….and from those points, she deduced that I often have neck, shoulder and backwaist pains. It might be her lucky guess, either that, she’s good.

But wow…she did striked me off balance with a few particularly sharp pinches. The intense pain made me yelped in pain and sucked in my breath while grabbing the nearby wall for my life. Thank god I didnt fell down the weird-looking-8-limbs-massage-chair infront of Mr-Eric-Winter-In-Dark-Version. But he did chuckled a few times. Arghhhhh.

I found something funny though. That was, while he was massaging the fat angmor obasan beside me, he was quite kpo and joined in to press my foot while giving some very chim knowledge about this-point-pain-means-you-somewhere-wrong. My mouth curved into an “O” in patronizing acknowledgment before it turned into a repulsive muted yike much later. Becauseeeee with the same hand which he pressed my foot, he used it to press the angmor’s head, body and everywhere. Lol. She obviously dont know because she was facing down in the massage chair. Wah lau. Kinda gross. ALTHOUGH my feet were actually QUITE clean lah. The auntie cleaned it with hot towel before pressing…but still…you know… =P

The session ended with a persuasive but not aggressive sale of package deals by the auntie. Good try but I shall consider. A package wont cost much, merely a hundred bucks but I shall bring dearie to try 1st. If he likes it and it solves his neck and waist pains, we might buy a package to share.

So next time dear, dont keep me waiting for too long because you’ll never know what happens.

And I’m still kidding. =)

“You’ll never know though” (as quoted in “The Ugly Truth”)

*smiles sweetly*

My thoughts

“The Ugly Truth” rocks! I laughed until my voice turned hoarse! I expected it to be funny, it exceeded both dearie and my expectations. Thumbs up! Katherine Heigi is my new idol! Alongside Anne Hathaway, Cameron Dias, Catherine Zeta Jones and Renée Zellweger. By the way, Katherine acts really well in comedies. =D

Eric Winter is so hot. I kept find him familiar-looking..it bothered me at the back of my mind throughout the film.

Finally…I recalled he bore a resemblance to 陈坤.

But no matter how hot he is, he still looks like a beautiful piece of art to me, that’s about all. He didnt struck a deeper chord in me unlike my other previously mentioned idols do, like Franics Ng who got the sexist lips alive and puts his soul into all the roles he acts, Jacky with the loveliest voice in the world and Jet Li with his suave and masculine martial arts, etc. =)

I guess the roles played a part too. Eric’s role is so bland in the movie and I’ve only caught this 1 movie of his.

Not trying to stereotype all males and females but I feel females generally have higher resistance towards nice faces and body. Unlike guys. =P At my wedding, WY looked absolutely stunning and 1 of my friends got aga-aga over her. Lol. Like what another female friend commented, he positively “raped” her with his eyes. When I told WY, she said “now I feel violated”. Lol.

Even dearie is not an exception. I’ve witnessed how he looked like a klutz with my own eyes before and thank god we werent together then. Otherwise it would be so damn humiliating for me! Guys being guys, I understand they’re being made differently but I do mind having my husband drooling over another female right infront of me. So I always tell him if he wants to drool, go ahead but not when he’s with me. AND(slangs like Ris Low), keep inappropriate acts away from my eyes and be wary of being caught. Because once caught, I will NEVER forgive him. *smiles sweetly*

Perhaps I’m a prideful person or perhaps I simply respect my partner, I expect the same amount of respect. Weirdly, since young, I’m not one who goes aga-aga over mere pretty male faces and no substance. And I simply looked down on those who do. Instead, humorous guys always strike a chord in me. =) Despite I’m no smashing, hot lady, at least I pride myself to carry myself with dignity and poise in front of any male, even if I’m secretly in love with them. Therefore most of the time, they wont even know that I’m even slightly interested in them because I act nonchalant. Hahaha~

Of course drooling over male idols on the blog are different la because they’re like people whom I will almost never meet in my life. =P But I admit, I probably will swoon if Francis will as much as soothe my hair, like how Myolie swooned in 《衝上雲霄》. *_* Kekeke. HAHAHA.

It seems to me, most guys appreciate a chase and gave their fullest attention and sincerity only when there is uncertainty in successfully wooing the ones they like. So jian huh~ =P

Long weekend coming!


Out of nowhere, I suddenly took an interest in 吳鎮宇 Francis Ng AGAIN and started watching his drama serials and movies like 《衝上雲霄》, 《大地飞鹰》 and 《精灵变》. Somehow the last 2 shows have sad endings and kinda affected my mood. Still watching the 1st serial though, 40 episodes. He’s so charming as Samuel, the pilot.=D~~~ Too bad the woman he loved married his best friend.

=P He has always been my idol for his charm and brilliant acting. After some surfing, I just realised he’s also a saggi, just like dearie. So weird, it seems the guys I’m crazy with are mostly saggis. Haha.

And and and, the idols I like/love are usually the best of friends! Dayo Wong 黃子華 and 劉青雲 Sean Lau are also actors I admired and coincidentally, they’re the bestman for Francis’s wedding. It seems the world is so big, yet so small. Surprising, Dayo is the oldest, born in year 1960, Francis in year 1961 and Sean in 1964. Though Sean supposedly look the oldest. Haha. Anyway, these stars mostly look at least 10-18years off their age. So envy. I haven heard/read about Dayo’s personality before but I heard Francis and Sean can be extremely straightforward. Heard about Francis from articles and Sean when he gave his speech at some award presentation. No wonder they’re the best of friends. They’re shockingly blunt!

Male stars I love: 吳鎮宇(Francis), 黃子華(Dayo), 张学友(Jacky), 倪星
Female stars I love: 张敏(Sheila), 蔡少分(Ada), 朱茵(Athena), 李纹(Coco), 萧亚轩(Elva)

Might be more and but that’s all I can think of at the moment.



Had finished watching 絕代商驕. Unlike other standard hongkong tvb shows which focus on family ties and love , this show actually ventured a little into the techniques of doing businesses. It’s a comedy but I find it so-so only because only Dayo is funny. Charmaine’s acting failed badly and did not help much in creating laughter. I’m kinda disappointed actually. I expected better performance from her. Ultimately, she’s like the old bird in TVB already. HAHAHA. On the contrary, Ada performed so much better with Dayo on 栋笃神探. Perhaps they got more chemistry acting together. Dayo and Charmaine simply cant click.

Overall it’s still a nice show, with Dayo being the comedian and the fact that there are always surprises within the show, as in you dont know what is next. Perhaps some business tycoon will know about such business strategies lah but not me. Though somehow, I’m still skeptical about some of the strategies used.

I’m still midway into 古靈精探B and I’m very disappointed because it’s kinda boring when everything is so predictable. Plus it’s not very funny leh…or is my sense of humor diminishing? =.= And I’m so sick of the plot because everytime I can guess what’s going to come next or who’s the murderer in the very beginning. That’s so anti-climax. Like the movie “Blood Ties” which is showing now…dont watch….everything is so predictable and the scenes kept repeating. It’s not even a horror or thriller at all! I must curb myself from jeering to dearie what will happen next in the theaters. It’s irritating but I cant help myself! It’s like…”sian…Zeng Jiang is the baddie and later so-and-so will so-and-so..”

Actually I find the Hongkong actors/actresses really good in acting. As in, if they are the baddie who needs to act like a good guy, you can know instinctively. But of course my clueless and unobservant hubby will never sense. =P

The Singaporeans acted like shit in “Blood Ties”. Like the girl. I dont understand why is she looking so petrified in the whole show. You’re a ghost leh and you’re seeking revenge. And she dont even look evil nor revengeful. Haiz…perhaps I just cant compare the 12year old girl in “Orphan” with the local production. The guy’s acting sucks too. *shake head* At least the wife manage some tears during the rape scene, looked pretty real.

I think dearie must be damn sian to watch movie with me because I always let him anti-climax by spluttering what is going to happen. Argh I promise I’ll try to curb..but meanwhile…more good movies/serials please. Even HongKong TVB drama has been becoming more and more predictable. The last thrilling show I’ve watched is 巾国枭雄. Great.

Finally had my casement aircon installed. At last I can sleep. =)

The brand is “Trends”, made locally. Bought from Jurong Point NTUC fairprice at a very fair price of $549. Includes free installation, delivery etc and comes with 5years warranty. It has higher BTU at 9000 than Sanyo and Carrier, which are around 5000-7000 only. It also has a cheaper price tag, Carrier and Sanyo costs $600-$700.

I was prepared for it’s louder-than-normal-aircon noise but I find it okay leh. Though the salesman assured it’s softer than Carrier and Sanyo already. He did warned me that it wont be super cold as my room is much bigger than the normal common room but it will suffice. I just want the heaty air and humidity to get out of the way. Yeah It’s cooling but I did not adjust it till very cold, merely 20degrees and mid fan speed. Too cold I might have difficulty breathing again…my stupid asthma.

Very happy with my purchase. We will shift it when we got our new house so at least it wont be wasted after a few months’ use. =D