faint ahhhhhh

Maybe I should stay away from ALL guys who are attached/married.




Just now I was queuing to collect my drinks order from the counter at the cafe below my company. And a uncle just strode forward beside me from nowhere and laid down his order chit infront of me, obviously wanna cut my queue. Immediately I looked at him with an obvious perplexed and ridiculous expression and he got the cheek to smile at me like an idiot. Ignoring him AND his order chit, I handed mine to the server to retrieve my orders. He seemed buay song, got back his chit and slammed it down infront of him.

Where got people like that one???

Hello you think I’m going to let you jump queue just because you smiled at me? Even if you’re Andy Lau also no use loh, not to mention you have nowhere in common with him except your leg hair. Moreover I doubt any decent gentleman will do that. In addition, I was in a hurry to grab my sandwich lunch and drink and go back to my seminar.

What an arsehole.

Seriously, I really feel most SG males are slowly getting more and more cannot-make-it.

C ah! C !

I thought this is interesting.


An even more interesting sequel. The so-called ex-bf.
He does look like a loser.


Hmm….a pretty interesting and cheap way of advertising…around 350,000 views.

Anyway, the website http://www.perfectc.com.hk/ really exists.

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Curious of the price?

The price of 1 box (3 months treatment) is of HK$3000.

That’s like S$535.


Anyone tried liao works then tell me la. Lol.


Some people have been gossiping about the Jack Neo‘s incident. It ironically reminds me of the Tiger Wood’s incident in the sense that more women claimed to be linked to him after the 1st spotted light. Totally doesnt come as surprising as few rich men dont have affairs. Call me cynical. I’m merely surprised how stupid can he get by letting this cat out of the bag when he should have the money and power to keep this out of the screens or at least, low key.

Around me, beyond me have been too many of these affairs going on. The pain endured by the victimized husbands or wives, no matter they’re artistes, politicians or commoners, are the same. Just that, the former two have to address to the reporters by giving speeches and things like that, and it will affect their career and reputation. No matter on screen or off screen, people are bound to gossip about you.

Haven you heard of 好事不出门, 坏事传千里?

Anyway, I will be lying if none of these bad news have an impact on me. Whether these incidents happen on people I like or dont like, people I know or dont know, people I care or dont care, it’s a fact that they happened, in Singapore, around me. And sometimes I voiced out loud, if my hubby is to have an affair, it’s almost impossible to catch because he dont have a fixed location all the time and he probably visits a few houses everyday for sales. It’s just an afterthought.

It’s LOGICAL and UNDERSTANDABLE for me to have a considerable small amount of insecurities and impact whenever those bad news broke out. What I meant by small, are, for example;

I never answer my hubby’s handphone or touched it in any way. I never asked any questions too.

1)Sometimes when his handphone have messages and beeps in my proximity(than him) or when he’s inconvenient/busy, I will shout the message to him.

2)And when there are messages/calls past 11pm, I will ASK who are they.

They might be somehow reassuring for me in some sense but to CALL it a CHECK, as claimed by my hubby, I feel it’s a little too much. For the things I’ve done(above), 1) is more of convenience and helping hand; by helping him to read and relay his message when he’s not convenient to do so(I’m not reading his messages behind his back). Secondly, by asking who are the callers/messengers after 11pm, I dont think it’s overboard! Call me kpo or what, I will wonder is anything urgent or serious.

I seldom asked about his whereabouts because I know he’s all over the island at different hours

I did asked MORE frequently nowadays, especially where he is and what time he’s coming back


I’m planning to cook for him!

Friends know that ever since I got my own kitchen, I’ve been amazingly pleased by the opportunity to cook and with luck, I’ve managed to cook a few decent meals. In fact, I almost cook everyday now so long so there are stuff in the fridge, even when I’m alone at home. I’m sick of outside food.

SO, I asked where is his location and what time he’s coming back are just to ensure he have piping hot dinner to eat when he comes back.

I felt so wronged for being accused long the lines of “checking him” and “no confidence in him” and his righteous claim “when I have done nothing.”

FYI, while we were dating, all the way till after getting married, I seldom asked his location unless sometimes I need a lift to appointments or back home. I have also, never restricted him going out with his pals on weekdays nor weekends nor at any hour. He can go out on Sat 10.30pm and come back at 1.30am and I will still be watching tv at home, totally at ease. And usually, we can go without any calls nor messages 1 whole day until we saw each other at home.

So, I seriously feel I dont deserve the tantrums he threw on me last night, especially that 2 particular chinese words.

Yes I do have a teeny bit of insecurities but I have never burden you with them nor restricted you in any sense. I sure have confidence in you, else I wouldnt have married you but again, I have never trust anyone 100% totally, not even myself, and naturally, not even you. I believe in “no absolute” and “never say never” and it’s not against you. It’s not impossible but perhaps you have to work towards it.

I might be emo at times and I still feel my actions lean towards logic and practicality. To a wife who kept the house sparking clean, cooks you decent(I’m humble actually, my dishes are pretty good) meals, washed the dishes, still goes to work, never restricts you from going out on any day, fine with no Vday presents,

you still can say such a thing to me yesterday.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

It really doesnt pay to be a nice wife.

I will be back to my old chili padi self.

Cook your damn dinner or eat outside for all I care and I’ll never have the need to ask anything because I dont have to cook your share.

Feminine vile

I’m still impatiently waiting for episode 17 of 宫心计 to load. It’s insufferably long. It’s such a enjoyment and thrill to watch because it’s interesting seeing how the concubines plot against each other, who win and who lose etc.

It’s obvious that the main lead, Tavia, starring as 丽妃 will win the other concubine, 贤妃. And each time she plots against, or defend herself against 贤妃, it’s very mind stimulating at my side because at the same time, I will think about the what step she will take and it’s such a kick when it goes the way I guessed. Sometimes, I will have my own ideas too, whether evil or good, all for the sake of analyzing the show. Hahaha. I often think I can be very evil if I want to, just that I choose not to, I’m just not that kind of person. Lucky you people. But if I’m riled….then I cant guarantee loh. Hahaha.

Thank god in this century, I dont have to do such things to pursue a man’s heart because Singapore dont allow bigamy. But again, evil plotting are common in the palace and are not popular in the modern world. Why? Because in the palace, only the emperor seems to matter and ONLY he can give you a better life. In our modern world, we can achieve a better life with our own hands so we do not need to squeeze so much brain juice just to please a guy! Moreover, they’re so many guys around. If one fails, just get another one, you might even get a better one!

There is 1 exception though, when we might need to work our feminine vile in our modern world. That is, when women tried to seduce our husbands. That calls to mind the other popular HK drama, 富贵门. Angie(starred by Kenix Kwok), the 3rd party in the show tried so damn hard to seduce her long-lost love, Marcus(starred by Ray Lui) who was already married to Connie(starred by Jaime Chik). So again, you get to see all sorts of plotting between the 2 females who tried hard to get the man they loved.

Interestingly, in the show, they fought in the dark without letting the guy know. I think in the modern world, the wife would have directly demand an explanation from the husband already. Haha.

Seriously, I dont know if I will care to “fight” if *touch wood* one day someone is to vie dearie with me. It’s actually very contradicting. If dearie has feelings with another women, then I will let him go because I dont feel there’s any use to keep a man who has betrayed me, much less spending effort and making myself busy to snatch him back. True or not??

On the other hand, if dearie only have feelings for me, then it shouldnt be difficult to get him to kick the other woman away, nor will it be too much work for me to do so on his behalf, WITH his support, right? So in both scenarios, there’s no need for 勾心斗角 or 尔虞我诈 liao mah.
It’s clear and direct. =)

Ok, by the time dearie read until here, he will mumble, “又在胡思乱想了!” Hahaha. My mind merely works all the time. Especially when so many things happen around me in my social circle, sometimes I will get curious and ask for his views. But he always dont have any constructive comments for me la, keep saying “nahz, it wont happen one lah. You think too much.” Ya right, nobody knows lor. Guys. Hng~ =P

No action talk only(NATO)

Where got husband like that one? Wife sneezing non-stop plus coughing. And he only know how to say,

“Go take medicine lah aiyo!”

“Go take a handkerchief to cover your nose, then you wont sneeze so often.”

And enthusiastically repeated the above for at least twice.

While still holding on to his PSP and so engrossed in playing it.

Finally I buay tahan and kao pei him, “Instead of talk talk talk only, cant you go fetch it for me?” then he thought for a good 3 seconds and said, “I dont know where you keep the handkerchief.”

Oh Yeah. Great Excuse.

Eventually he went to find it and presented me with one.

No action talk only. Asshole.

P/S I dont like to take medicine because I feel they always make me weaker and weaker. I only take medicine when I really “CMI” liao. Anyway, I’m really too busy sneezing.

How and why did I ever marry such an un-feeling husband?

He did, however, specially went to the central and bought me my favorite Long John Silver Crunchy Shrimps with cheese just because I want to eat. Sigh. So what…my love enemy is the PSP?


Choose your own life

I’ve heard of many couples having a common problem, that is, guy spending too much time gaming, hence, neglecting the girl. No matter they’re married or not, it poses a problem which might aggravate through time.

Many guys are boys at heart. While we ladies have our hobbies like mahjiong, doing mani/pedi, the guys also have too, i.e, playing their own games. I always tell myself, rather than having my guy going out to drink with his buddies, club around outside which I CANT see, isnt it better that he stays at home? Although it will be too much if he only sees his computer and PSP, and not you. So set a time limit.

Like, “dear, now is 6pm, later 8pm we watch 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 together okie?” Usually when he’s doing his stuffs, I will do mine. I dont get it why some girls can get lonely with nothing to do. Online shopping, surfing, drama serials, blogging, reading magazines, reading, there are so much to do. Anyway, when we specify a timing, we usually adhere to it. Sometimes perhaps half an hour later if we’re stuck in the game or something but it’s fine.

I supposed dearie is not considered a gaming addict like some who can play 8hours straight and I appreciate that he will try to accompany whenever he can after his work even though he might be tired. And even if I wish to go out with my friends or play mahjiong, he wont get angry. Sometimes he even ferries me if it’s on the way. Where to get a hubby like that. =)

Ultimately, marrying a good husband is of course important. Else, how much compromise you make will fall on blind eyes and deaf ears. So do consider carefully who you want to marry and think of the future. If you’re already having problems as GF and BF, then be prepared for even more serious problems after marriage. Dont settle down just because you want to get married. Marriage is a lifestyle thing and not a trendy peer-pressure thing which you have to follow by hook or by crook. It’s just a different route which some choose. It’s not glamorous, not compulsory and certainly not necessary.

Choose your own life.