Summer’s 4th Birthday + Happy Mother’s Day

Ahh….I have so many overdue events to update.

One at a time!

8th May 2011

It’s Summer’s 4th birthday as well as my long-lost meet with Hanni, whom I haven seen for the last 10 years!! We’ve been in contact in facebook and I miss the babe ever since she left for Aussie and then subsequently, U.S, 10 years ago. Her hubby is a Caucasian, love her to bits and they produced 2 charming kids, Summer and Scott. The party was pretty crowded so I didnt really take many pictures. So glad to meet Ash too who’s staying in the same condo, whom I haven seen for quite a while too. And no joke, both of them still looked as hot as they always do, despite with no make-up!

Isnt she the most adorable and sweetest creature on earth?

Summer is like a breath of fresh air whom you cant help loving no matter how much kids might not be your cup of tea. If I ever have a baby daughter like her, I’m sure she will be my sunshine everyday I woke up. =) If you’re still having the burning question as to when I’ll have a baby, “the answer is “no, no yet”. =)

Happy Birthday Summer!!

The 3 of us chatted for awhile and said about meeting up for another drink soon before I left to meet Mummy for dinner as it’s Mother’s Day too.

Happy Mother’s Day, my dearest and greatest mummy in the world. I got her 2 pairs of earrings and I really hope she likes it. Actually, seriously, I’ve already run out of ideas on what to give her. Her favorite colour is purple. =)

Earrings from Kaori’s Creations, of course. =)

Blossoms of Love

Violet Dreams – wearable in 2 ways

Hope she likes it. =)

We had our dinner at West Mall, Swensen, which is Mummy’s favorite. I wished to let her try Mayim Cuisine but the queue was simply horrible. Nevertheless, we waited for a prettttty long time before the dishes arrived. Ahh….they’re not really worth a mention and seriously disappoints me because I’ve always feel Swensen’s dishes have a minimum standard. Anyway, at least we enjoyed the Earthquake(icecream). Keke!

It has been ages since I took photos with Mummy. And seriously, after I got my hair cut quite horribly, I’ve been shunning the camera like a plague. =S However, it’s Mother’s Day! So pictures it is!

Love you much Mummy and I wish you the pink of health, stay happy and beautiful always. =D

We shopped around in West Mall and I spotted a lovely oil burner at a pushcart!!

It’s love at first sight.

Love the artsy paintings on the uniquely-shaped burner. It reminds me of a light house. =) Was kinda worried that it will be overly expensive. I inquired the price of a simple burner before, one with at least 3-4 hours capacity and it was a freaking $49.90!

I also love it that the tray is removable. That will probably decrease the chance of clumsy me breaking it while carrying it to and fro. Erm, I broke the last one we bought from Bali. =(

Taken by iphone via Instagram

Oh And it’s only $25! =D

Now it’s sitting on our newly bought side table from Seahorse. =)

Love it! Matches the bed perfectly! Love the deep deep drawers too! I love storage anywhere, anytime.

Actually we ran a few places to find a suitable side table but it’s not easy because room runs Victorian style. I cant believe we found the perfect one at Seahorse while shopping at Causeway Point and it’s around $200 only! Like less than half price of our “old” side table. (=.=)”’

What happens to the “old” side table?

It’s main purpose is to hold the Avante Humidifier. It’s also appropriate else the bedroom look abit empty at this side.

Reviews of Avante Humidifier
There’s a knob to adjust level of humidity. I much prefer the highest for my dry skin but water really gets depleted really quickly, like 2 days. I know it’s probably much longer than those little humidifier which only lasted hours. But it’s troublesome to refill the large tub of water la…so I reduce the that the water can last around 3days or so.

Strictly no oil-based aromatherapy, it will get it stucked. Only water-based can be used. So far so good. It’s $88, pretty economical for it’s large capacity I supposed. =)


Mummy’s birthday!

It’s my dearest mummy’s birthday!! We(dearie and me) fetched her from work and brought her to Vivocity’s Crystal Jade for dinner. We, or rather I, chose there because Vivocity’s branch is quite different from the other branches. Apart from nicer deco, more comfy chairs, better scenic view, the menu is also different. There are more variety of dishes and service is also better. However, prices are also more expensive, like 50% more. No special meaning, just a note for you if you’re going there, in case you’re shocked with the hike in price.

Our pressie to mummy!

White gold diamond pearl pendant from Lee Hwa.

Happy birthday Mummy! We love you lots lots and you’re the greatest Mum EVER!!

I chose the pendant myself. We almost ran out of ideas of what to gave mummy as over the years, we had gotten her many different gifts as well as angbaos. While I was shopping at Jurong Point one fine day, I was drawn to the display of the lovely pearl pendants. I’m super crazy with peals lately! And well you’ll know what happen la. Ya, I chose 1 for myself. =P Then it dawned on me that Mummy has many diamond pendants but not many pearl pendants! Hence, I decided to choose another one for her. =D

Oh, but I waited for dearie to come to see the pendant too as we’re both giving her together. And dearie paid for my pendant as well, claiming it to be my birthday present. Just like that. zZzzZ, so bo xim right? =P Nahz anyway, we’ll see what he prepared for me on 8th and 9th Aug then…

Lately I’m really crazy with pearls….dont know why. Perhaps it has to do with age. =P Few more years, I will most probably be wearing jade. Muahahaha. Anyway, I hope mummy likes her pendant, I think it’s very elegant and suits her very well. =) I should have snapped her pic at the restaurant, but somehow I didnt. It’s like I’m uncomfortable with cameras myself and I assume mummy felt the same, especially in a crowded premium restaurant. I kinda regretted it now. Hmm…nevermind, I’ll grabbed her to snap a pic next time with her wearing the pendant. =)

Our dinner at Crystal Jade. After dinner, we adjourned to Honeymoon dessert house, exactly on the opposite.

I think they are all very average only though….kinda disappointed. Crystal Jade’s standard are normally not like this. And the mango dessert at Honeymoon dessert house was awfully sour!

Anyway, we had a fun night walking around Vivo and buying some stuff. Reached home around 11+pm.

(P/S Happy birthday to Chris and Ash who’s having the same birthday as my mummy. Cheers!)


I was tortured by serious cramps yesterday. It’s that time of the month again. Sigh. Most of the months I will get cramps. If only I can remember to take evening primose oil everyday, it might not be so bad. Took a total of 4 pink panadols and that made me as weak as a baby today. Took a rest and slump the day away. The weather is getting so hot that it’s unbearable.

Actually the previous two nights I did not slept well. It was because I was very emotionally and mentally disturbed after seeing pictures a kitten being trampled to death alive in Ser’s blog. My tears fell uncontrollably upon seeing the pictures, unable to believe such a inhumane act can be done. And my mind kept flashed back to the tragic scene. Even now it still haunts me now and then. Prayed at home and somehow I felt better already. Hopefully Ser update new posts so that I wont need to be careful to avoid seeing the pictures again…I know I will cry again if I see them. =(

Sometimes I feel sleeping is such a waste of time. It’s merely an act to replenish our energy and vitality. If only everyone of us can have 6-10hours more, so much more things can be done. Haha. As if I used my time wisely. =P

Mummy is baking mooncakes again. They are as tasty as ever, with the freshest salted egg yolk where you can practically see it gleaming in the light. Seriously, I bought expensive mooncakes from hotels to eat before. All the salted egg yolks inside were so dry and hard and tasteless. And the lotus paste is simply too sweet for my liking. Mummy’s one is just nice. No wonder mummy said more expensive ingredients and the way you baked really makes a difference. She said the lotus paste she bought were of more superior quality and when she described her baking process, I almost fainted. It’s not a simple straight 1 hour baked for 1 hour then the mooncake is ready. She separates the baking process into a few sessions with additional procedures, sometimes take out apply a layer of egg over it then put it back to bake again. And got other things lah. I also dont quite remember, so many steps, moreover it’s her trade secret. Heehee.

I asked her before why the mooncakes I bought from Raffles Plaza Hotel(If I remember correctly, red/black packaging) only lasted up to 5 days without refrigeration then spoilt already while hers can last around 2 weeks without refrigeration also didnt spoil although we dont use preservatives at all. She said it’s because of the baking process, because for her, longer hours are used for baking, but in turn will incurr more electricity costs. Good food sure dont come easy. =) Hmm I’ll post a picture of it soon. Interested can order through me. =) I think she charges only $28 per box of 4 for single yolk. Dont quite remember the price, and also dont know whether she will adjust the prices since prices for salted eggs increase like crazy.

Im quite Im gonna upload some pictures of my Viwawa wawas..







Oh yah…feel free to add me. I usually play Big2.5(daidee), Wahjiong(mahjiong) or Zany Bridge(bridge). Lately more hooked to bridge. Please dont ask me to teach. I simply have no patience. Alright you can ask me to teach but I must teach in person or by phone. To teach online via typing is a chore! I tried before. =P

Dearie is servicing his car tomorrow and that silly boy is so anxious to receive his handset voucher so that he can go buy his new phone during the time slot before he picks up the car at 5pm. Funny lor. I buy new phone also not this excited before. At least, I long time never feel excited about buying something new. Hmm This is very bad. It means, I have been buying and buying new stuff till I feel it’s a norm. Damnz.