Nasty post. Ask me for password =)

Saw a topic on forum which asked about “how to reject being a jiemei?” and saw all sorts of replies.

The more common answers would be to find some excuses to push it off whatsoever but most of them replied the bottomline is to reject early! So that the bride can find replacement. True true. I mean a rejection already can hurt that much, the least you will want is to drag it, pile up the hopes and damaged it further. And worse still, do like what a forummer has replied;

“Actually, no need to feel bad about rejecting the bride, you MUST be firm. what is there to feel paiseh about… I myself rejected being my best friend’s jiemei.. lol.. i just told her i cannot wake up at 6am and reach her hse that early.”

WAH! So irresponsible. Heng I dont have this kind of friend manz. I rather be rejected straight away then to be tua like that. Hate being put aeroplane. Really cant stand that upright and righteous tone about “what is there to feel paiseh about..I merely lied to her say I cant wake up and put her aeroplane, so that all her jiemeis’ duties fucked up~”

What a XXX~ Thank god I dont have jiemeis like that.

Then then, she went on to say,

“But quite regretful, coz for my wedding i actually didnt ask her to be my JM too…. coz she told me a few year’s ago she didnt like my other best frd… so i cannot just invite one and not the other… and i cannot invite both coz they dun like each other… eventually i had to ask my other frds to be my jie mei instead… THEN i found out recently that my 2 best frds actually have no re-collection of the other party’s existence, as they are not mutual frds… but too late i alr ask other ppl to be my jie-mei liao… some more they were a bit hinting and asked if i had found my JM… i feel quite bad abt not being able to have my besties as my JM on the most important day of my life *FULL OF REGRETS*, but didnt know how to explain to either of them… haiz

why not think of it this way… “maybe you are the backup becoz she didnt manage to get her closer friends to be the jie-meis”. start thinking like that and it will be easier for you to reject her liao ;P ”

*rollz eyes* I wonder what’s up with all the explanations when it’s not even the point? My guess is she dont have the cheek lah to ask the friend whom she tua, to be her jiemei. Yes, being a jiemei does involve some work. So you rejected to help out, you still want to ask people to help? Dont know what she’s trying to pull off. Like how she tua people without guilt and people still want to be her jiemei but yet she can easily find other people and rejected them AGAIN? Duhz!

I heard from a friend she also experienced the same thing, a.k.a the jiemei tua her in the morning and didnt show up. Cant stand irresponsible people.

I myself also experienced rejection before. That particular person, V, also didnt give a very clear reason but it doesnt matter, I think I roughly know the reason. And I understand. I understand she dont feel comfy being a jiemei. What I dont understand is AFTER she tua me for my hen’s night chalet BBQ(on the eve when food had been ordered), she still have to tua me for my wedding banquet. By sms-ing me as late as 3+pm on the actual day and simply said she cant make it without any reason/excuse. And when I replied “I cant believe you actually did this to me.” She replied saying something like “dont be angry ok….by the way, I just transferred back to Kbox.”

Hmm. Is her brain not functioning properly or she simply dont have any respect for me? Like, ahem, you just said you’re not attending my wedding at the very last minute and oh you just changed job? Promoted maybe?

Some people are really that selfish to ONLY think about themselves. And even when they’re letting people down, they’re STILL THINKING ABOUT THEMSELVES! Isnt that AMAZING? Such people DO exists yah!

Cross my heart. I’m that pissed because I do treat her as a good friend of mine. If she’s not, I wont even care. Wont even reply. Wont even feel hurt. Wont feel fury. But oh yes, I’m real furious. And call me petty, I dont really care, but she’s no longer my friend.

I dont have such friend. I think she’s just not worth it. =)

It’s really not a big deal being single at over 30years of age. Nobody cares about it except yourself. Dont you feel this group of people get so uptight and get so inferior or pessimistic over their status for DONT KNOW WHAT REASON? Simply too sensitive for their own good. It’s sad. It’s sad not because they’re single, but because they cant feel happiness for other people and cant help feeling sorry for themselves despite all their goodness. That’s so sad, so sad.

So yah, continue to avoid weddings as they’re such a taboo occassion. You might just strike 4D, win so much money, as if they can fill up your empty heart. Actually I wish 1 day she can understand how much it hurts to be put aeroplane by a good friend at her own wedding. But again I guess, she might not have a chance to experience it.

God, I’m so nasty and mean. Love becomes Hate I guess.


Wedding pictures link

My facebook friends must have find me pretty siao because I not only uploaded all wedding pictures via slideshows at, I also uploaded 2 wedding albums, namely day and night.

The reason is, I realised pictures dont look very clear in slideshows, at least I thought so. But the good thing is, they’re much more convenient to upload as I can upload them in bulk, like 50 pieces at 1 go. They do take a long time but it’s okay because I can do my other stuff. So ANYWAY, I’ve uploaded some pictures in facebook. They dont look alot to me, a total of 87 pictures, considering I have like 800+ pictures? Daphne uploaded 5 albums okie! Wonder how she did that. OMG, can only upload 5 pictures at a time. Facebook should really improve on bulk uploading. My slideshows have more pictures though, 100 each for Day and Night. Wahahaha. So view both slideshows and albums! =P

Morning Pictures

Night Pictures

I dont know if it works…well…just leave a comment then.

I missed blogging many movie reviews until they’re like too late to mean anything. But I really ought to comment about “Orphan”. It’s like one of the most thrilling show in the past 1 year I’ve watched. I remembered vaguely the last fantastic thriller was “Drag me to hell”, which was very nice too. “Orphan” has a much better plot and goodness, does all 12year old children from America act that well? I hope not because it’s freaking scary! Isabelle did a good job, she might get nominated I think.

If you haven catch the movie, it’s a must-watch. Box office sales must have been good, for it has been showing for more than a month. I love thrillers. More please.

Fell sick. I hate sore throats and runny nose. Sigh. It hurts even to talk. Dont even feel like talking. Please msn with me instead. =.=

Wedding Night Pictures

So sorry.
Please scroll 1 slideshow at a time, lest the music all play together. If accidentally 2 slideshows play together, just press stop via the mini icon on top centre.

Wedding Nite Part 1

Wedding Nite Part 2

Wedding Day Pictures

Wedding Day Part 1

Wedding Day Part 2

I still have a few montages on youtube and facebook.

Will upload Wedding Night pictures soon. Need a long time to upload. Tried to select minimal but still come up to around 200 pics for whole day. Out of like 800 I think. =,=

Wedding Day – Childhood Montage & GateCrash Highlights

Click for larger view.

Childhood Montage

Gate-Crashing Highlights

I’m just pissed

Arghhhhh!! Dont you just HATE stalkers? Stalkers who evade your privacy sneakily and feel they got the right when they’re just nobody.

Now and then I do surf game sites and played some games when I’m free, like, you know, a normal being. Not just all work and no play. I’m human too. AND SO, now and then I got to know some friends online. But they always remain as online friends until…dont know…perhaps until something struck or until I’m 100% sure they’re just looking for friendship and nothing else.

Guard is definitely down for females. I dont think I’m that suay to bump into, or worse still, attract another lesbian AGAIN, I think. When I’m younger, I’m do meet some online friends to expand my social circle but not now anymore. I’m just, weary and simply have too many priorities. They say as you get older, your guts get smaller, you become more bo chup, less friendly, higher expectations, it’s kinda true.

SO, I’ve actually got to know some very nice friends from internet, mostly through game sites and forums. I dont care how they look, they dont care how I look, it’s perfect. We still enjoy conversations and games online. Exchanged facebook and look at each other’s pictures. Pictures of their boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives/babies/kids and pictures of me and my husband, dog etc. It warms me and sometimes we exchanged small talks on different topics. These are very good friends, thus the exchange of FB because I feel FB is a very private thing. It shows all your friends’ updates, your own pictures and many more.

Another group of friends I term as acquaintances. Friendly as they come, I allow an add on msn for casual chats. I thought it was okie as I never put picture on my msn window. What irks me are some despos who used the email on my msn and went to track my friendster and facebook.

Fine. You can say I’m petty and whatsoever. But I feel it’s very private. I dont like people searching or tracking on me, worse still, hound me on friendster or facebook to add.

What’s the big deal about facebook anyway? Why strangers like to add strangers and accept it like nobody business? I mean, you like it, go ahead. But I do reserve the right not to accept right? For people I dont know at all or dont even know well. I dont feel comfortable sharing my pictures with them. People who know me know I can get pretty irriated when meaningless people starts to bother me. I can get pretty riled up especially when some dont make sense at all. And when rejection was thrown, one can get pretty nasty.

And and, I dont understand whyyyyy when every quarrel starts, people like to pinpoint age. Like, “hey, little girl, grow up! Stop being a over-conservative prude or something”. What they dont know is that, they’re talking to an AUNTIE here who had long lived past the age of puppy love and “little-goats-knock-together”(xiao lu luan zhuang) online chemistry. They assumed I’m 20 just because there’s a 89 behind my nickname. HA! Ya and probably the side view profile picture in FB and friendster doesnt tell much about my age. Oh shit! Or are they able to see my other pictures just because I didnt choose private settings for my friendster? Eh shouldnt be, because if so, they wont think I’m 20 already because I obviously dont look like a 20year old!

Arrghhh! Anyway, I just cant help rolling my eyes when these group of guys thought they’re so much more mature than me with their ages between 23-25. YA RIGHT. DAMN MATURE LOR.

Perhaps it’s my fault for having such a nick, like unintentionally conning all the xiao di di that I’m a lovely and young 20year old virgin or something. But f**k, I probably dont like to announce my age to the whole game room that I’m a 27 married woman right?! And everytime when I said I’m not available, the pestering became more insistent. Argh! I think that’s the thing with guys. Mysterious aura huh, hard-to-get huh, all this seems to excite this group of xiao di di and it’s bloody pissing me off when I cant have a game in peace.


Because this group of despos literally dig up everything about you, from your nick to facebook to friendster. Damn, one from Viwawa even tracked me on google and stalked all the way to flowerpod forums and see what topics I engaged in. WTF?

Yes. Internet is that scary. I’m so going to go berserk if one is to track all stuffs I bought via online sprees WITH THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS POSTED FOR UPDATES. And damn, I’ve just posted order for a nude bra for $14 yesterday. I’m thinking too much but it’s possible for a stranger to even know my cup size! Yes yes yes I’m probably thinking too much! Argghhhh!!! I dont like such..such..acts!

Our Big Day – 16th Aug 2009

Venue: Swissotel Stamford

Erm I know I should probably blog this entry long ago before it became like a thing of the past, but I’m simply too busy and lazy to blog. Hmm Perhaps I will just blog a short one since PG and VG haven passed me the pictures and videos.

I know I should probably blog about only the happy stuff but I cant help having regrets and negative thoughts over some matters.

1) how bloated I am because of the water retention, so much so I look ridiculously plump on my actual day. =( Very sad. So lesson learnt, “try to plan your AD so that it falls at least 5 days after your Big Auntie left”. Sigh.

2) Table arrangement werent fantastic as much as I can help it. It’s mostly my fault because I blur, supposed to place the better seats for JieMei, XiongDi, good friends, colleagues and clients, but end up they were seated so far away from the screen, thus being blocked by pillars. So sorry. =( But now that I speak of it, the ballroom wasnt fantastic lah because of the pillars.

3) Dont have much time to mingle with all my guests because we were so busy. Because of some minor cork up, dinner also started late. I didnt give a wonderful thank-you speech because I dont have time to prepare. But no worry, I’ll thank somemore here!

I’m glad that everything is finally over! I have much thanks towards my jiemeis and xiongdis because if werent for them, I dont know how the day would have went. Chaos I think.

Thank you my darlings! You all look so gorgeous that day. =)

Special thanks to Eileen, my overall-in-charge jiemei who practically is my left and right hand because I’m so handicapped in the bulky ball gown. Thank god she took care of everything else I’m just dead! I think she almost missed the whole dinner because she was carrying my gown all the way! I feel so bad. Must treat her a dinner soon.

Next up, thanks to Grace for being my emcee with such short notice. Things do have a way of corking up at the last minute. She and Edwin did a wonderful job. Thank you!! Oops, I’m sorry the makeup artist didnt do a satisfying job for you. I saw the makeup she did at Shihui’s wedding and I thought she was good. Guess she’s not consistent!

Also, thanks to Shihui for coordinating the IT portion with the XiongDis, montages, videos and everything. Our march in songs couldnt be played because the hotel equipment couldnt read. She had to trouble her dear hubby Alex to buy a disc and somehow fixed the problem. Thank you both else we wont have music to march in!!

Thanks to Kelly and Joy for being my recepts, I know the guestlist was very messy. Thanks to Christine and Tracy for being called as Jiemei with very very short notice, till I’m pretty paiseh! Because some stuff corked up lah. But they were so onz and I’m really touched. =)

Hmm Nothing much to lament, just that I’m still very regretful that I dont look my best that day. HAIZ! And ya, there will always be people who put aeroplanes that day lah. I also dont want to say much lah, just that what goes around comes around.

Suddenly I feel this post is not a post of my wedding day. More like a thank-you speech post. Haha. But I’m glad all my guests enjoyed the food. They’re were scrumptious, especially the sharkfins and baby abalone. Shiok manz. Even the scallops were so succulent..and the dessert, mango sago. Damn. Makes me so hungry again. And the bridal suite at highest 66th storey with the sea view is awesome. =)

Sigh Can I go back to stay again? Stupid manz because I forgot to bring my camera. So blur..too hectic that day already. There were 3 TVs in the suite and 1 of them is infront of the bathtub. Haha. And all the food/drinks were free to consume in the suite. Oh I have a wedding cake too. Took a pic with my handphone. It looked pretty lah but not very tasty. Fondant cake with the interior being raisin cake. Kinda cheapo for a fondant-finished cake, was kinda disappointed leh.

As for my honeymoon, yeah many people have been asking me about it. Haiz But for the time being we’re really too busy to go. Still have to settle GLC stuff. Was thinking of going in dec but dec we will probably be busy with house and reno stuff. Plus I need to be jiemei for Li’s wedding in dec too. Nov also got a ROM to attend. They are great friends so I will make time to attend even though invitations are not out yet. Some friends said they cant attend mine because they got trips or whatsoever. I dont have much to say, just that our friendship were probably not deep enough. It all boils down to the heart really, got xim or not only lah. If you want to come, you will just come. If you dont want to come, there will be hundreds of reasons. =P

For those who haven hold a wedding, you will never understand the feeling until you experienced it yourself. For those who had, woah, it’s so very evil for you to tua us last minute when you know how detrimental it is to the couple. *screwed nose* Why got people like that one? Haiz.

Okie Thus end my post. I’m sure I will recall what I wanna add on to this post after I published this. Haha. But anyway, this is it! We’re married!