Summer’s 4th Birthday + Happy Mother’s Day

Ahh….I have so many overdue events to update.

One at a time!

8th May 2011

It’s Summer’s 4th birthday as well as my long-lost meet with Hanni, whom I haven seen for the last 10 years!! We’ve been in contact in facebook and I miss the babe ever since she left for Aussie and then subsequently, U.S, 10 years ago. Her hubby is a Caucasian, love her to bits and they produced 2 charming kids, Summer and Scott. The party was pretty crowded so I didnt really take many pictures. So glad to meet Ash too who’s staying in the same condo, whom I haven seen for quite a while too. And no joke, both of them still looked as hot as they always do, despite with no make-up!

Isnt she the most adorable and sweetest creature on earth?

Summer is like a breath of fresh air whom you cant help loving no matter how much kids might not be your cup of tea. If I ever have a baby daughter like her, I’m sure she will be my sunshine everyday I woke up. =) If you’re still having the burning question as to when I’ll have a baby, “the answer is “no, no yet”. =)

Happy Birthday Summer!!

The 3 of us chatted for awhile and said about meeting up for another drink soon before I left to meet Mummy for dinner as it’s Mother’s Day too.

Happy Mother’s Day, my dearest and greatest mummy in the world. I got her 2 pairs of earrings and I really hope she likes it. Actually, seriously, I’ve already run out of ideas on what to give her. Her favorite colour is purple. =)

Earrings from Kaori’s Creations, of course. =)

Blossoms of Love

Violet Dreams – wearable in 2 ways

Hope she likes it. =)

We had our dinner at West Mall, Swensen, which is Mummy’s favorite. I wished to let her try Mayim Cuisine but the queue was simply horrible. Nevertheless, we waited for a prettttty long time before the dishes arrived. Ahh….they’re not really worth a mention and seriously disappoints me because I’ve always feel Swensen’s dishes have a minimum standard. Anyway, at least we enjoyed the Earthquake(icecream). Keke!

It has been ages since I took photos with Mummy. And seriously, after I got my hair cut quite horribly, I’ve been shunning the camera like a plague. =S However, it’s Mother’s Day! So pictures it is!

Love you much Mummy and I wish you the pink of health, stay happy and beautiful always. =D

We shopped around in West Mall and I spotted a lovely oil burner at a pushcart!!

It’s love at first sight.

Love the artsy paintings on the uniquely-shaped burner. It reminds me of a light house. =) Was kinda worried that it will be overly expensive. I inquired the price of a simple burner before, one with at least 3-4 hours capacity and it was a freaking $49.90!

I also love it that the tray is removable. That will probably decrease the chance of clumsy me breaking it while carrying it to and fro. Erm, I broke the last one we bought from Bali. =(

Taken by iphone via Instagram

Oh And it’s only $25! =D

Now it’s sitting on our newly bought side table from Seahorse. =)

Love it! Matches the bed perfectly! Love the deep deep drawers too! I love storage anywhere, anytime.

Actually we ran a few places to find a suitable side table but it’s not easy because room runs Victorian style. I cant believe we found the perfect one at Seahorse while shopping at Causeway Point and it’s around $200 only! Like less than half price of our “old” side table. (=.=)”’

What happens to the “old” side table?

It’s main purpose is to hold the Avante Humidifier. It’s also appropriate else the bedroom look abit empty at this side.

Reviews of Avante Humidifier
There’s a knob to adjust level of humidity. I much prefer the highest for my dry skin but water really gets depleted really quickly, like 2 days. I know it’s probably much longer than those little humidifier which only lasted hours. But it’s troublesome to refill the large tub of water la…so I reduce the that the water can last around 3days or so.

Strictly no oil-based aromatherapy, it will get it stucked. Only water-based can be used. So far so good. It’s $88, pretty economical for it’s large capacity I supposed. =)


My Weekend

Met up with darling Jy to kind of celebrate her birthday together with Kel. It was an impromptu decision because I wasnt sure I’m up to drinks yet. It was a lucky coincidence that Kel was available. Very difficult one okie, more difficult than striking toto. =P So we met up for some catching up, also to pass them 2011 calenders and diaries.

Ya I know I look so fat!! Eh no, I’ve becomeeeee so fat!! =(

Actually we had a group foto taken by someone else…but it was blurry. =(

We had our drinks as per usual, plus sotong balls and chicken wings. Ultra sinful. And of course, we treated the birthday girl. =) At this rate, there’s no way I can slim down lah. Maybe it’s better to diet after Chinese New Year, might as well right? Muahahahaha. =P

Happy birthday darling. You know we’ll always love you no matter what. =D Smuacks!!!

They’re planning to come our house on Chu 3, together with their partners and a few other friends. Or maybe a JB seafood trip too! To be confirmed. =)



After a meeting in office, went Orchard to get our printer/scanner/fax and iron. Dearie hor…..somehow stuff just seemed to get spoilt when he’s using it! I just dont understand why! And he always deny responsibility, saying if things bound to be spoilt will be spoilt. =|  I granted that my Epson 5 year old printer’s time should be up but the iron was merely 1+year old! It wasnt really spoilt lah, just that there were some black debris on it and it stained dearie’s shirts. When I asked him how the debris got there to stain his clothes, again he cant answer me. ZzZz. And we cant get off those debris. Err….now that I think of it, were we too impulsive when we just bought another new iron? Nahz, anyway, we bought a Tefal one…and hopefully it’s good. New printer/scanner/fax is from HP.

Because of the stupid S$5 voucher which we drew from the Courts Lucky Draw(must be used on the same day!), ultimately we ended up buying…………….



Hee!! Actually I bio this very long liao. Just that we already had another steamboat cum teppanyaki. Anyway, that was at mummy’s house as it was big and round, more suitable for big group on a round table. I particularly disliked the teppanyaki round surface because it was very narrow. This new one is so much better! See how spacious is the teppanyaki area! Now I no longer have to keep shifting my food and able to keep a better eye on them. =)
Today(sunday), we went NTUC and bought food back, intending to have a steamboat dinner. I marinated the chicken breast and beef slices for 2 hours and they turned out great! For the chicken, I merely used salt, sugar, light soy sauce, pepper and sesame oil. For the beef, I used salt, sugar, yakinuku sauce and black pepper. =) Didnt really had a variety of food because NTUC is so boring. =(  I love our bratwurst sausage though! Super yummy. =)

Review of CORNELL CBG5


It’s really perfect for 2 person! Comes with a 2.3litre pot. With the temperature mode from minimum and then 1 to 5, the steamboat part actually get heated up pretty quickly. Soup can boil in less than 10minutes. In my recollection, it boils much faster than the one I always had. Though if you want it to be faster, you can always fill it with boiling water/soup instead.
Although the temperature knob controls both steamboat and pan grill, it didnt pose much of a problem. The trick is to boil the water first with the highest temperature before dumping your ingredients in. After 45minutes or so, then kickstart your teppanyaki dinner by lowering the temperature to around 3. In this way, the soup will have a nice simmer and it wont be too hot for the grill. Your soup will have a better flavour too. =)
If for some reason, you dont need the steamboat anymore, you can remove the pot and use the area for teppanyaki too. It will then be sufficient for 4 people to grill. Haha! Dearie and me are more of teppanyaki than steamboat people la. =P
What I love the most with this appliance will be the ease to wash and clean! Usually it will a herculean chore to scrub the chao-da(burnt) part off the grill surface. But for this, you can easily wipe off them with disposable kitchen towels. Somehow they will simply flake off very easily, which is marvelous! It might be because of their special grill non-stick surface or something. It’s really great! What’s more, there’s a hole on the grill surface, and that’s actually for you to sweep all the chao-da parts into it. Into where you think? Below it, you can pull out a mini tray and then you can simply throw the waste into the trash bin! Brilliant isnt it! So not only you dont have scrub that hard for the burnt parts, you dont even have to pick them up. Simply sweep them away will do! Of course you still have to wash them with detergent afterwards, but it will be a breeze. =)
Do note it’s easier to clean when it’s warm rather than wait until it’s cool.

Courts member price: S$62, after S$5 voucher = S$57


Wee!! Definitely will be expecting more steamboat and teppanyaki dinner at home!! Hmm yeah, it got a little smokey after a while. We onz both aircon, fan and kitchen hood with all windows open to make sure we’re not too hot and no smoky smell remained. I really love my Rinnai kitchen hood. Although it costs a bomb(to me), it’s definitely worth the money! Because we have an open concept kitchen, a good hood is very very important. I remember it has a 1000m3/hr extraction capacity. If anyone want the model number can message me.


After buying all the electronics at Courts Centrepoint with some shopping and dinner, we met up with some friends for movie. =)



Movie title: Shaolin

Ratings: 4/5

Comments: It was a pretty touching but rather bloody show. Hmm…many scenes made me uneasy with the cruel ways of killing…..there were many scenes which made me cry too. I guess there are many lessons where you can learn from it but I’m not going to preach here. You can watch it if you want. But it’s not a movie where I’ll watch for the second time though. Maybe because there’s not many funny scenes. It’s all kill kill kill………….ZzzZzz.

Actually it’s been very long that I do movie reviews, always forgot about them after watching. =P “Fair Game” sucks, dont watch okie. =P




My Dearest QQ

Love the Dec weather, chilly and cooling. Although it’s still pretty warm in the daytime, the night was simply bliss with cool cool breeze coming through our windows. Sometimes it’s so strong that it can slap my windows shut with a loud thud or send my chandelier rocking back and forth. Thank god it doesnt happen that often. I do hate if my chandelier come crashing down.

It’s such a lovely night again. It’s such a waste to sleep it away…. Sometimes I really enjoy time to myself, doing my own things(manyyyy things at one time). Haha. And I’m especially alert at night, to my dismay. I enjoy more when my favorite activities are done at night.

*ahem* Please dont think YY.

I meant, hobbies like blogging….reading(oh yes I do read okieee~)…surfing…watching dramas, variety shows and concerts. Currently watching my darling Jam Hsiao’s newly bought concert DVD. Heez~

Wanna share our lovely purchase!!

猜猜是什么? Hee!

Everything when I received parcels, I always got soooOoo excited but this time round, my excitement was x 100 times because it’s the first time I ordered something(alone) which costs a 3 digit figure online. And I’m super worried that it disappoints me.



Dang dang dang dang!!




My CleanMate QQ-2L, Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I shall refer it to my dearest QQ from now on. =D

Robot vacuum cleaners had been around for quite some time and I’m sure many people will love one at home but merely hesitated at the price, for authentic i-robots Roomba usually costs a 4 digit. Freaking expensive! Another downside is, they cant clean corners well.

I was initially very doubtful of it’s capability when I first heard it from Gra, whose colleague had bought it off online at only US$208. Though the one she bought was an imitation where the set was made in China, and computer chip in Germany. I wasnt enthu because I’m sure it cant clean very well, especially along walls and corners. And manz, how many dozens of corners we have in our house? However, Gra said perhaps I can use it on a daily basis to keep the house reasonably clean while I can have a 大扫除 every week or so. Suddenly the idea seemed so attractive. Because Vickki is indeed a pest who always make the house dirty.

I wasnt disappointed. It was indeed well worth every penny! How I love the free shipping too! Think of it, it’s like only 50 bucks more than our normal Philips vacuum cleaner!




Charging Bay


  • Automatically cleans carpets
  • User friendly LCD panel displays unit operation status
  • Automatically returns to charging base when low on power
  • Resumes cleaning after battery is fully charged
  • Compact shape allows cleaning under beds, tables, and other furniture
  • Suitable for all carpets except for plush and long fur carpet
  • Removes allergens and pet hair
  • Automatic cruise system
  • UV ray disinfection
  • Particle filtration
  • High efficient 7 inch brushroll
  • Embedded remote control
  • Sounds warning alarm when stuck
  • Photo sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down
  • Noise level: 50dB
  • 10 to 80 minute variable cleaning time
  • Timer for cleaning time setting
  • NiMH 2500 mAh battery
  • 3.5 hours charging time
  • Lifetime of battery: 500+ charging cycles
  • Built-in fragrance slot
  • Rotating edge cleaning brush
  • 2.5 amps
  • 6 lbs.
  • Capacity of dust bin: 0.3 liter
  • Dimensions: 14 inches (diameter) X 3.5 inches (height)
  • One year warranty

Cleaning Modes:

  • Special bounce
  • Spiral
  • Along walls
  • “S” shape
  • Polygonal spiral
  • Cycles through all modes for highly efficient cleaning

Accessories Included:

  • Remote control
  • 3 washable particle filters
  • 14.4 volt rechargeable battery
  • AC charging base
  • Small cleaning brush
My Review:
It cleans reasonably well, much better than expected. You definitely cant expect 100% because some corners will definitely be left out. However, I’m quite surprised it cleans pretty well along walls using the along-the-wall mode. Perhaps because of the little brush located near the right edge of the set. At first glance, only the S-shape mode and along-the-walls mode seemed useful but that is only true for square rooms and preferable almost no or very few furnitures. For big areas with furnitures, it’s good to take it’s auto mode(combination of all 5 modes) to clean more efficiently. I know it can look a tad irritating when it doesnt go the way you prefer all the time or it merely clean 1 small area and hop off to another. But give QQ her freedom, she will eventually finish cleaning up the whole area. =)
To save some time and battery, you can always use the remote to manually control it by making it turn left/right/forward/reverse to clean missed out areas which wasnt focused yet but do note it only cleans when it’s moving forward. And every touch of left/right button, it turns a fixed degree of angle. For manual mode, it stops whenever it meets an obstacle, while during auto mode, it will switch directions itself. So usually if I really want to clean neglected areas immediately, I will use manual mode but followed by auto mode.
QQ did have a downside, which is I feel she cant recognise her “home”(charging bay) very well. She must be relatively near, like within 30cm or so before she knows how to go “home”. Lol. If not, she will use “along-the-wall” mode all the way until she finds her “home” since her “home” is definitely along the walls. Hahaha! Kinda waste time and batt. So either I will carry her back to near her “home” or “manually” direct her back. Therefore, I’m very doubtful of the mentioned function; 

  • Automatically returns to charging base when low on power
  • Resumes cleaning after battery is fully charged


Anyway, supervision is definitely required or preferred. It got stucked at the edges of my coffee table and tv console(due to their design) and must be manually pulled out. Sometimes it get stucked in corners too, unable to turn out. There is the timer feature but haven tried it out. Dont think it’s necessary. I have to say the remote works pretty well. So long so you’re pointing at the signal panel located infront of QQ(it’s not difficult since QQ is always moving and rotating), the distance dont matter. I’ve used it from as far as 5-6metres and QQ still can detect.

Luckily for our small home of 100sq m, it’s just nice for the battery life. For bigger homes, you might need to charge it again before resuming cleaning. By the way, I’m very thankful for the elaborate instruction manual in ENGLISH, in good English. And the set arrived with battery and filter installed. Even the remote comes with battery installed. It feels great!

All in all, I’m pleased with it. Last time I got so exhausted with both vacuuming and mopping right after one another. The day before, I used QQ to vacuum the floor and it was really pretty clean. So I merely use a wet mop(除尘纸拖把-wet) to mop some dirty areas plus all the corners and along the walls. Took me less than 10minutes. =D The floor was very clean.

I definitely can look forward to more personal time!

Feel free to ask me for more questions. =)