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Recently featured in ‘Vanidades’ Magazine (Apr 2009). Skin has a soft and luminous glow this season courtesy of Bobbi’s newest Shimmer Brick, part of her NEW Platinum Collection. Five color bars-soft pink, platinum, bright pink, golden coral and rose-blend together to light up the face. These shades work beautifully as highlight colors for cheeks or anywhere you want to add shimmer. The special platinum bar is a great new shade for eyes. Custom-made compact features a metallic finish and faux-leather detailing.

Size : 4 OZ. / 10.3 g

And thus my favourite article!

The visible 16 signs of aging

Dryness. The skin’s oil glands reduce their production significantly after about age 30, and the loss continues over the years.
-CHECKED (it’s not dry…but less oily than before)

Enlarged pores. Some people are predisposed to having enlarged pores and others are blessed with non-existent pores, but in both cases the loss of the skin’s underlying support system causes them to open up even more with age.
-CHECKED (No doubt..no doubt at all)

Sun damage/loss of skin tone. Melanocytes begin to burn out when you reach your late 30s and 40s, reducing the skin’s ability to fight sun damage and often causing uneven pigmentation.

Loss of skin elasticity. The loss of collagen and elastin are largely to blame for the appearance of wrinkles, but a lot of dynamic expressions – in the form of smiling, frowning and squinting – contribute as well.

Thinning. At about age 40, the dermis and the skin’s fat layer begin to thin. The process picks up steam after your 50th birthday. The unhappy result: sagging and the loss of the plump, youthful softness. The loss of the fat layer also makes the skin more fragile and likely to abrade.

Frown lines, lines on the forehead and from the nose to the mouth. As the skin ages and collagen breaks down, the skin will yield to the pulling force whenever you smile or frown and develop a wrinkle along the pulling force of the muscle.
-CHECKED (frown lines began to appear on my forehead liao… =(

Increased healing time. Our healing time begins to increase once we reach our 30s, with epidermal regeneration taking twice as long in our 70s and 80s as it did in our earlier years. The result is not only a dulled complexion, but also a longer wound-healing process.

Loss of firmness. In the dermis, cells called fibroblasts constantly replenish our skin’s supply of collagen and elastin. Fibroblasts lose their ability to function over the years, resulting in the reduction of collagen and elastin.

Broken capillaries. These fine red lines appear most frequently on the cheeks and nose, and they’re due to the proliferation of many tiny broken capillaries.
-CHECKED (I didnt know this is because of aging…been getting quite many lately on my cheeks…duhz)

Dark discolorations/pigmentation spots. Hyperpigmentation is one of the first signs of aging. Sun-induced skin discoloration begins in the late teens and early 20s and get continually worse.
-CHECKED (always have pigmentation leh…)

Reduced ability to repair damage. Overall, the body loses its ability to repair free-radical damage, so changes in the cells become more pronounced, accelerating aging.

Wrinkles. At age 30, collagen and elastin start to lose their strength, leaving the skin with some wrinkling.

Loss of fat. It’s the loss of fat under the eyes and in the cheeks that gives rise to a hollowed, aged look.
-CHECKED (my eyes are indeed getting a “hollowed”, sunken look..coupled with dark eye rings. SIGH!)

Eye wrinkles or crow’s-feet. When we reach our late 30s, little folds of soft skin have turned into sharp-edged lines around the eyes. However, once we enter 40s, most of us develop lines around the eyes that remain visible even when our faces are still.

Sallow, dull or lack of radiance skin. When we’re in our 20s and 30s, our skin exfoliates well even by itself, giving us the pinkish, radiant glow of new skin cells. But as we age, the exfoliating process slows down dramatically.

Sagging around the jaw and neck. A sagging jawline happens because of a combination of thinning skin, loss of subcutaneous fat, loss of muscle bulk, and loss of bone in the cheek and jaw. The 90º between the neck and the chin is also lost as we age for the same reasons, plus the fact that the muscles and tendons in the neck change consistency and are less able to follow the chinline.
-CHECKKKKED (*burst into tears*)

Dammit! I got 9 out of 16!! Arrghhhh!!!!! I’m aging!!!!

Compliments from http://womenlovebeauty.com/beauty-tips/anti-aging/2420

By the way, the website really hosts great content. Shall be my next idling website other than flowepod.


Aging Quickly

Ser is nice enough to ask me if I have anything renowned products I need to buy because she’s quitting her job at T3 soon. Staff purchase discount, though she’s not sure because different brands have different discount. I really have a headache thinking of what to buy. As I said, Im getting more and more auntie, whereby I just feel I NEED to buy something if it’s on discount. Last time Im not like that one!! Geez. Anyway, upon browsing magazines(女人我最大is out already! It’s great), forums as well as some cosmetic counters, Im still very confused and couldnt decide. Im kinda embarrassed to ask too much questions from the SA at the counters because I know ultimately Im not buying from them. But most SAs at Taka are still pretty nice lah even though I said Im asking my friend to buy at airport. It’s very difficult for me to buy products because I have combination and sensitive skin. And Im allergic to..
1)Bio-essence Firming cream
2) Lancome oil control toner
3) Shisedo Whitening cleanser
4) Skinfood milky cleanser
5) YSL’s pressed powder

So very mafan lor…sometimes will waste money when I realised Im sensitive to it after I buy. =(

Anyway there are still products which Im quite interested in…
-Lancome sunblock(I think can use as makeup base too…since my Shu Uemura’s UV base is finishing soon)
-Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (but dont know whether Ser’s company got sell…because her’s is Estee Lauder/L’oreal)
-Biotherm Hydration Gel (green bottle for oil-free)
-Clarins (quite many stuff I wanna try from them)

Ir also rave about Clarin’s products. I’ve used their Facial Contour lift lbefore as well as Body Lift. It works well, nice scent and is non-sticky. But Ir said unless the discount is more than 25 percent otherwise no point because metro sale offers 20% off for Clarins. That threw me into another bout of confusion. Im also paiseh to bother Ser to check so many things…for price/discount etc…because her colleagues and boss not very nice. Wait she kanna again when she check all this for me instead of doing sales. Sigh…So I think I rather dont buy lah. Save some money. Maybe got sale then buy lor. Hope she find a good job soon.

Im actually looking for hydration products…as in 保湿 where the Taiwanese are always raving how important they are. I hate putting stuff on my face because I dont like the sticky feeling. Hydration products are usually gel-based and very cooling…hmm…but I still no idea what to buy la. Any good recommendations can tell me.

Though sometimes I buy so many stuff, also never use. Sigh. I cant deny Im not aging anymore. So sad. I really can see my complexion aging. Most probably is because I NEVER use any sunscreen up till this year. That’s horrible. Sunscreen is very very important because it will reduce the amount of damage by sun and deters skin-aging. I usually use 2-way cake because it’s more convenient but these days, I hardly use them anymore. Either I use blemish-balm and top with loose powder..or else its light foundation with loose powder. It’s less harsh on the skin though I still feel my skin is under-hydrated despite being oily on the T-zone. These few weeks, I also had another heartbreak. That is, I started to realise I have faint shadows under my eyes already. =~( Im so sad. I thought that’s about the ONLY good thing that god as bestow me with, but now, that only privilege has been taken away!!! *Wails* And sometimes…my eyes will look abit puffy…I hope eyebags wont come…else….*screammmmmsss*

In this world, you must either be very diligent in skincare otherwise you must be very rich. To quote Thomas Ong in “一切完美”, “世上没有丑人,只有穷人”。 How true~ Even if you are diligent in all your skincare regime, you might not have achieve better results with the latest skincare procedures. Look at Dawn Yang. Plastic surgery all that(Im not condemning her, plastic surgery is no big deal). Despite the whole lawsuit with XX or how most Singaporeans despised her because of her plagiarism, she can laugh and fly over to NYU to study for a degree, throwing everything behind. I believed she must be affected. Nobody likes the whole world condemning her. But with the money her family have, she can leave Singapore and stay in London. She can change a whole new wardrobe of friends, acquaintances, change her face, change everything, with money.