11.1.11 YC & ML’s ROM

The date actually meant 11.01.2011! Nice number eh?

It was YC & ML’s ROM!!

Friends always know how lazy I am and I absolutely avoid Downtown east at all costs. However, this time round, it was YC’s ROM! Definitely must lend some support especially when YC’s is my bestie, Huey’s darling brother. YC also helped us alot when we were shopping for electronics at Gain City. =D Trotted my way down to meet Huey and Al at Pioneer to go down together as Al drives. More companionship for the long long journey. =)

I was last minute appointed as the wedding photographer. Muahahahaha. Er…pardon for the shots, ultimately, I’m just an amateur! Took a total of around 160+ shots with the Lumix LX5, basically a point-and-shoot camera. 99% are clear shots, thanks to Lumix’s flash in the slightly dark indoor area. However, colour have to touch up for contrast as colours of flash shots looked kinda dull. I also realised after tons and tons of clicks, it became kinda slow for the next shot to be captured. =( Abit 手忙脚乱 during the exchanging of rings. Thank god Huey captured the whole process on video. =)

Actually I’m not very satisfied with the pictures I took lah, despite it being my 1st time. The main reason was probably erm, I’m not the kind who will click very well with strangers at 1st meeting or liven up the atmosphere. And I think that’s the most important attribute of a good photographer. He or she must be able to click with people, make them feel at ease so that smiley and natural pictures can be captured. For wedding photography, actually basically there’s no time for you to capture special angles. You merely take as many pictures as you can so that the best shot can be captured for every precious moment. Most importantly, you do not miss any moment. Of course, you can spend more time capturing those macro shots of rings, albums, cakes etc if you have ample time. That was what my own wedding photographer told me. =)

Alrighty! Here are the pictures!!

I did a sucky job at warming people up, so much so that few smiled at the camera. My fault. =( And erm, I did not actually took shots of all the guests present because 90% of them were camera-shy. including the kids! And I didnt really coax them…well paiseh la…I dont know them….I’m afraid I scared them off. Lol. Then also dont dare take candid shots.

Perhaps when I’m not that starved, I’ll do a better job. Lol. I only ate my “breakfast” at 8+pm. Almost died. A starving Fion is a grumpy Fion. =P Just kidding.

I wish the lovely couple eternal marital bliss and hope they 甜甜蜜蜜!! =D

(P/S Huey, will mail you and YC the CD individually tmr so that both of you get a copy sooner as I’m going Pattaya soon. =D)


2nd year anniversary – Part 2

I didnt expect any anniversary pressies because we dont have anything we really want. Really nothinggggg to buy. But dearie still managed to surprise me with a very sweet gift. It doesnt cost much but makes me very happy. Guess what it is?? =D

Kevin’s Perfect Beauty Guide!

Kevin’s make-up magic book!!

My friends will know I love makeup and love to read about them. I saw these 2 books(packaged together) at Popular bookstore before but it costs around $28? Somemore I’m unable to browse it as it’s sealed up, hence I cant determine whether it’s worthy to buy. Hence I didnt buy, but actually I’m pretty interested in the book one lah. =D

And I’m super surprised why dearie knows why I like that! I mean, I picked books and mags up to browse all the time, but somehow he knew these 2 books are different to me. Wow! The feeling of getting a pressie, which you love but dont bear to buy in a surprise is so damn shiok!! Even though they dont cost much. I mean, dearie always buy me pressies for occasions but they’re almost always with my very obvious hints or direct help. ZzzZzz

This is really very unexpected and very sweet. =D

And I told dearie, “hmm…but I thought you’re always very insensitive and “blind” one leh…how come you know?”

He said, “aiya….of course “secret weapon” cannot always use one mah….arbo in future how?”

=.= So cunning.

Sinking into the pillows and bed, amidst the fluffy quilt, it’s heavenly. And guess what we saw?

Pillow menu!!

Wu xim leh!

The choices!

The most interesting one would be the lavender-filled pilow and jasmine green tea pillows!

Haha! However we didnt request for any, because the current ones were already very comfy! And lazy to request lah. Already very paiseh borrow forks, spoons, plates, wine opener, wine glasses liao. =P

Next morning

Bath salt for relaxing bubble bath for bath tub!

Breakfast!! Love it!!

Breakfast, I usually dont have much appetite, nor do I eat much. But I really cant reject….

Smoked salmon!!! So smoked salmon salad it is!! =D
Of course still got other food also very nice. =)

My own pot of tea. I really like it when I can refill myself without limit. Haha.

My dear hubby, although you kept apologizing you never really plan anything, you have made it perfect just by booking the room, buying crabbies for dinner, giving me my pressie, paying all my bugis buys and giving me a wonderful time with your presence!!

Love you lots and to many loving and happy anniversaries ever after!!! Smuacks!!!

2nd year anniversary – Part 1

My friday was gone??!!! Just like that??!!

Sigh….wasnt feeling well. It’s that time of the month again. Sorethroat and running nose, as well as cramps. Spent the day watching 刑警 with dearie and despite it was as early as 7+pm…he started to nod…nod…nod…and drifted into sleep. =.= So he went to nap and only woke up not long ago to eat the Mac delivery I ordered.

He like pig hor? Sleep and eat, sleep and eat. =P

Okie here’s our 2nd year anniversary post. Actually it’s no big deal lah, especially when both of us got so busy and only realised it’s coming Nov during end Oct. Eventually we’re either too lazy or too late to actually plan anything super meaningful.

Actually it doesnt matter to me. =) Last time, when everyone said, “everyday is like Valentines Day when a couple is loving.” I felt it was so cheesy. But now, I realised it’s so true. =D

We checked in our favorite Intercontinental hotel.

Has the prices increased again?? Argghhhh I remembered it was cheaper then. Seriously their rates fluctuate like crazy for peak and non-peak seasons. Humph! Fortunately, the hotel really has nothing much for the fussy me to pick on. =)

Our room!!

Dearie with his iphone


Bathtub. Heehee

Settled our stuff and went Liang Seah street opposite for our lunch!

Opps, forgot the name. It’s some HK cafe just beside Ah Chew Dessert.


Dearie’s porkchop rice – normal


Love their avocado milkshake!

Spiced tofu – not bad


You know hor…nowadays….I realised…it’s like every stall are trying to see whose meat is THINNER. THIS luncheon meat hor, I think got 3mm thick only lor. ZzZZ Suddenly was reminded of the Yu Kee Duck Rice stall also. Theirs, no better, 5mm!! But 2.5mm is the fatty skin, only 2.5mm is the meat! Humph! The soup is not bad, else, it’s like normal soup noodles actually.


Of course after eating was shopping at Bugis Village. Bought lots of things which I love!! Cheap and gorgeous, unique as well! I just dont like wearing common stuff on the street, nor do I wish to be loud. =) They all costs less than $100!

A dark blue lace cum synthetic jump suit is my favorite of all. You know a freak like me who has a super short torso is super difficult to buy jumpsuit. Because it’s 1 whole piece, most often, the top part will be too long and hence making the whole suit too long for me. But finally I found this right one!! It’s halter neck, can be tied at the waistline to clinch a narrower waist as well as to make the whole suit fitting. Elastic bands at the pants hem where you can pull them slightly higher than where they should be to elongate the legs.

I love jumpsuits or 1 piece because no need to buy things to match. Haha. Those with shorts are excellent as well for our hot weather. Just that go toilet abit troublesome lah. Bought a beige one too, together with a pull-on jeans with torn details as well as a pair of sheer tights with lots of holes design. Hahaha. Of course have to wear something inside. Love my buys!! Maybe 1 fine day I’ll wear and take pictures.

Actually friends always say erm, like, I’m, you know, figure not bad or well-endowed etc. Actually it’s MERELY because I know how to choose clothings to suit me, not because I have a good figure. Really please lor…my flabby arms…I have troubles waving good-byes loh, so I almost never wave. Lol. I only say “Bye bye!!” =P I’m just a petite freak with a terribly short torso. Muahahahaha.

K. Enough of 自贬.

Bugis village is always so hot!! So back to hotel for a shower.


Elemis toiletries! Simply love them because not only smell nice, their shampoo is the best I’ve used. Because I’ve never use a shampoo where the effects of after-washing are like after using conditioner. =D

I googled for it before, not available in Singapore. *sad*

I know you simply hate those water heater where you have to fine-tune 2 silly knobs of both hot and cold water to reach your desired temperature right? Like what right? Sometimes I turn this turn there, turn until pek chey, it’s not as if I’m a radio DJ who’s good at tuning or bartender who’s good at mixing lor.

And most of the time, I’ll leave the tap on, not because I’m wasteful but simply because I will probably chill to death if everytime I need to spend few minutes to tune the right temperature everytime I on it. So I simply let the water run while I shower.

For Intercontinental, I just have to adjust my desired temperature, just a one-time thing.

And turn this lever up to on the shower(the higher you turn up, the bigger the shower), and turn it down to off it. So simple. And they are smart! In this way, I wont waste their water!

What’s for dinner?


Crabbies!!! Yummy!! From Melben!!

Together with fried buns, ohhhhh Absolutely delicious!! The sauce was very fragrant and the crab meat was succulent, tender and doesnt sticked to the shell. Huge pincers too! However, the shells were not nicely cracked and it was difficult to pry the meat out. Dearie even accidentally cut his finger and it bleed. =( Next time must ask them to crack more….also….more eggies wouldnt hurt. =P


Happy dearie


Ah….complimentary tea collection.

We requested for forks and spoons but the hotel staff brought plates as well. Perhaps you dont believe it, but stupid Orchard hotel has the cheek to CHARGE us for the forks and plates we requested for dearie’s birthday cake before. Made me so damn pissed off. Eventually they waived off, obviously stunned by my outburst.

Really what. Borrow forks and plates for your hotel guest’s birthday cake, you also have to charge? You might as well charge me for using tv or aircon? Morons.

The tv has quite many channels too, at least it’s not boring. We opened a bottle of chilled Woodbridge Chardonnay too and we had to borrow wine glasses and wine opener. Somehow, I failed to open the wine…dont know why, I hardly fail!! Opened halfway(with the wine opener stucked in the rubber cork)…and had to ask the hotel staff for help. And he merely pull up the cork effortlessly. Hmm weird, we just cant seem to pull it out leh.

Okie This entry is getting too long….continued in next.


Joyous Events

Last weekend was a whirlwind of events.

Argghhh….still having slight muscular cramp in my left hand as I’m typing now. Dont ask me why I always pain here pain there! I also dont wish too. =( Perhaps didnt sleep properly and weigh too much on my left hand while sleeping. I have phobia of sleeping on my back due to previous 被鬼压 experiences. Hence, I always sleep on my side. Bought pain-relieving cream yesterday. This is pretty good, highly recommended. Non-greasy at all, it did, however, has a mobiko-smell.


Okok, back to topic. On Sat, Beauty Credit has yet another high-tea session with many discounts. See how attractive is the poster in the email.

I’m of course looking at the FOOD! Korean dim-sum!

Alas, but it was major disappointment for they tasted worse than overnight sushi and I dont quite remember any of those in the picture being served. =P

Anyway, it was a pretty bad experience because there were hoards of aunties pushing one another inside the tiny shop. This time round, the goodies bag was nothing nothing to rave about. The previous one was pretty good though.

So well, erm, I also dont quite remember what I bought….oh ya…I bought the Q10 shower foam, Q10 body salt and a milk peeling toner(60% off). Total came up to around a hundred after different discounts. The Q10 products(20-30% off) work especially well, you know, for my aging skin. And it really leaves the skin smooth.

I do understand I need to diligently apply lotion la…..but really getting super lazy lately. Shriveling into a prune soon. =P

After the high-tea, we went down to Boss’s house for her daughter’s full month celebration. Baby is cute with lots of hair. Dearie and me were super envious. Muahahahaha. As usual, the gambling addicts were all there playing blackjack. I played half round of mahjiong and left with dearie. No choice, the piggie was fast asleep on the couch and I dont wish to look like the heartless gambling wife. My “reputaion” is bad enough in the agency, thanks to my darling hubby loh. He always act “innocent victim”…. =P

Come Sunday night, it was Christine’s & Ivan’s wedding! Met many long-time-no-see friends and it was a joy to witness Chris’s big day. I’m so so so happy for her! She looked exceptionally lovely in her petite frame with her intricately-designed gowns. Her photoshoot pictures are also stunning, very whimsical and gothic-style. I like!

The big event was being held at Furama Riverfront Hotel, Mercury ballroom. Yeah, it was the same hotel where I held my ROM. The stage set-up was really beautiful, my favourite among all the weddings which I’ve attended. It’s very whimsical and fairytale-liked with pure white satins, icy frosted branches topped with crystals and blue roses! As my table was at the far end, I was paiseh to go up to the front to snap pictures. However, I did snapped a picture of the floating(ornaments along the aisle). Pretty good food. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, lovely friends. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

After the wedding, a couple of us(total 5) went Boat Quay to catch up on some drinks. It has really been forever since we pub, drink and sing together. We would have stayed longer till 2 or 3 am if Karen and me dont have morning events the next day. Nevermind, meet up soon!

(P/S Too bad Cel and Sean didnt came for the wedding as well as join for drinks because Cel wasnt feeling well due to her pregnancy. Hope she recover soon! Kudos to all preggie mummies!)

Haiz hao fan ah

Arghh! Had been real down on my luck lately. Tons of unlucky stuff happened one after another. Like,

1) charger for my portable vacuum cleaner spoilt
Should I count myself lucky because it’s still under warranty? I’m still upset anyway, maybe it was “overcharged” and kinda fused but I haven heard of charger being spoilt due to that leh. Duhz.

2) Vickki’s newly bought dog food packet had tons of insects and I had to call for an exchange since it was being delivered. The stupid CSO said need to check with supplier before they call me back because pet’s food was delivered directly from supplier’s side.

3) My alarm clock cant work too! But I’ve just realised it’s because of low batt. Have changed the batteries and now it’s fine

4) Vickki is having serious rashes problem again despite I just bathed her 1 day ago. Sigh.

All these seem like small stuff but when they come together, arggghhh, damn pek chey one lor.

Yesterday just finished fengshui audit for our new house by Ir’s fengshui master. He was actually Ir’s hubby’s shi fu, so to speak. Drives a lexus and is a monk. He certainly looks very busy and the fengshui audit seems chop chop done. Sigh, I also dont know what to say. He doesnt charge a fee, you need to give an angbao instead. Despite so, our angbao is not small. Really hope he wont be like the previous Master Chang from fengshuiyinyang.com who ignored emails/calls/sms after he got the money. Hng!

Thank god Master Lim didnt suggest anything which pose major changes to our planning IMO as bed and wardrobe can stay at their planned position. To dearie, it’s headache. Because he meant the house to be in dark dark cool cool colours. But now Master Lim said deco is best to be in beige. To me I’m fine lah but he’s fussy. =P

I’m really rushing for everything since I want the house to be ready by CNY. Had sent my requirements and floorplan to 2 designers/contractors. Still waiting for their quotes. Meanwhile, I have to get hold of Master Lim when he’s back from JB…still got some stuff to ask him. Speaking of the house, sometimes I get so frustrated and throw tantrum at dearie. Why? Because he’s like dilly dally la! Ask him decide reno stuff and want him to discuss together, he was either busy doing other things or else postpone and postone.

He thinks a house can suddenly pop out nicely renovated with a throw of money. It doesnt work like this lor. You still have to decide what you want and get the contractor to quote. And the thing is, he WANTS to decide and yet want to take his own sweet time to decide. Many times I felt like slapping him but I curbed myself. Argghh!

Work too is busy. I’m always especially busy during Nov and Dec because we need to deliver calenders and diaries. Personally, I also have many upcoming events.

The 2 events just passed was the gathering with Gen and gang, as well as Al & Cat’s ROM.

The former was on Sat evening and the latter was on Sun morning.

Gen is back from London and hence met up with all of us. We had a very fun but costly night. It’s all……CHINA ONE’S fault. Dammit. They USED to serve the nicest cheese fries but suddenly they took out from the menu. They USED to sell a wine range of reasonably priced wines, now they marked up so high and only 1 choice for red/white/sparkling wine respectively. I’m so damn pissed since I was the one who suggested as they have no ideas. Angry lor(with myself)!

We further adjourned to a pub at Boay quay for some beer and ktv. Sang some songs but the others were unable to drink more. My fault again, I kept expect they can drink as much as me when they’re decent folks(not drinkers like me). But actually also not totally my fault la because when I asked whether they want to drink, they’re very nice and kept say, “can can, just order what you like”.


Eh really, if cannot just say mah. Because of my assumption of their reply, some drinks were wasted since obviously I cant finish all. Haiz, they’re just very nice people. Nevermind, in future I know their limits.

And because I had alot to drink that night, it was hell of a chore to wake up at 9+am the next morning. ROM function at the museum house. OMG…why didnt they set a more…normal timing at 11pm or 12pm? Luncheon mah right? But timing was set at 10.30am. With the massive jam, we reached at 10.50am but was glad we were in time for the solemnization.

Warmest congratulations to the lovely couple Al and Cat. They looked superbly handsome and gorgeous together! But I was simply too worn out(minor hangover) to even take pics of the couple nor the lovely restaurant whose name is 4 numbers. Dont remember what though…2047? or 2087? Think 4D. Haha. Thai restaurant but food was merely passable..think the food turned cold already. But the drinks were the worst. The sprite tasted like ice water just because the ice had dissolved ages ago. And even a request of a new glass tasted the same. Very nice and plush deco though.

Looking forward to their banquet! I love weddings!

Movie title: The informant
Ratings: 1/5
Comments: Matt damon, you really disappoint me. Fell asleep half way and dearie bought me home to sleep at 1am. It was really a yucky show! Comedy? Comedy my ****

Alex & Shihui’s Wedding

Geez It was quite difficult to snap back to reality after a 2 days relaxing, romantic and blissful getaway in hotel indulgence. SO difficult. In just 4 hours time, we’re again on our way to Orchid Country Club for Alex and Huey’s wedding!!

It was held at the Social Clubhouse Grand Ballroom. I’m not very sure but perhaps they have 50tables? WOW! Hoards of people. It was a very grand, heartwarming cum funny wedding!! Haha because Alex is very comical. The morning express highlight video tossed all of us into gales of laughter. Huey looked exceptionally lovely tonight in her white, gleaming wedding gown studded with crystals and elegant orangy-yellow evening gown trimmed with black laces. And she wore the tiara I gave her. Keke. Alex looked dashing too! Huey’s sis, Zhen looked radiant and Huey’s didi, Yu looked shuai-shuai too! Everyone looked good really. Guess when one feels great, one looks great too. =D

The stage

Menu of yummies

Hoards of guests cheering on the couple on their buggy ride.

Managed to snap a pic

Damn funny for Alex broke the cork of the first Champagne! Haha!


At the foyer…My arms looked damn flabby lor…

Zhen with bf, Yu, me and dearie

Me with primary schoolmates. Pei tong primary. Oh Oh!

The pretty emcees who are teachers by the way.

Finally managed to grab a pic with the couple

I love their wedding album! The pictures were awesome. Natural, sweet and endearing. And Huey is not fat at all lah, when she complained she did not choose many pictures because she looked fat in the pictures. Girl, you are slim and you looked even slimmer in the pictures okie! I’m already thinking of borrowing the album from her to show my bridal studio that it’s the kind that I like. Lol. Maybe I can ask her whether I can have some of the soft copies. =P

The emcees, 2 of my primary school mates did a wonderful job with their eloquence and impromptu sabo of the groom, by asking him 1) to sing a song for huey, 2) to say what’s the most touching thing he has ever done for huey and vice versa. Haha. Alex broke the cork of the 1st bottle of Champagne then they opened a 2nd bottle.

The groom was also being dunked with lots of beer by his buddies.

By the time he bade us farewell after the dinner ended, he was semi-drunk and was babbling nonsense. Lol. I’m so happy for them. Sincerely wishing their marriage would last an eternity. Today marks a new journey for them. I hope they will continue to appreciate and accommodate each other as I know maintaining a marriage is not easy. As wonderful and harmonious a wedding might look, I wish behind the curtains after the wedding night, their marriage life looks the same. =)

3rd Valentines Day

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope everyone enjoyed this corny-but-still-romantic day with your loved ones. I’ve enjoyed mine with my significant other too. This was our 3rd time celebrating it. =D

Very tired but still have to update. Else, stuff will really pile up! As preluded by dearie, we’re to check in to a ulu, boutique hotel at Lavender unlike our usual indulgence.

Check in hotel again??


We like cannnnn. =P

So on the 13th Feb(friday the 13th), we took on our journey to Bugis to have lunch first. Actually I told him to book a fine dinner will do, in view of large cashflow this year because of the house and wedding. Instead he went to book a room. ZzZz. But he said he booked a cheap boutique hotel room only, not a very big expense.

When we drove into Bugis Junction, I suddenly remembered there’s a Intercontinental hotel there. I dont know why, but I had a strong hunch that the hotel dearie booked was Intercontinental. Hmm..but again, I’m not 100% sure. Then, we were eating when suddenly he mentioned about Intercontinental hotel itself, saying how good the hotel is, how convenient as Bugis Junction is just below it bla bla. I turned and looked at him with a knowing smile and there it was, his tell-tale blushing smile. When I asked him why he’s smiling so suspiciously, he still refused to reveal anything. Anyway I’m 90% sure he has booked Intercontinental.

Anyway, I remained passively ignorant. Finally when we’re supposed to collect our car to drive to Lavender for check in, he finally walked forward to the hotel’s reception to check in while on the way to the shared carpark.

He indeed booked Intercontinental.

Pleasant surprise!!! I think I really know him too well already….we’re both too much alike…Haha.

Here we are, our room.

一生一世? Heehee.

Complimentary, voluntary upgrade to executive suite by the staff. SO NICE of them. Perhaps it’s because it’s our first time. Or perhaps it’s because dearie booked 2 nights stay, taking advantage of the promotion; 2nd night 50% off. Another surprise! Yeah! Can stay 2 nights!

Limited pics because of limited camera zoom lens okie.



My big Sunflower. Haha. Thanks dearie.

The room is quite big with some distance to the toilet. The best part of the suite is, their toiletries are from Elemis. It’s the first time I’m using their products and I’m loving their fragrance and the way their shampoo softens my hair. And not to mention, the bed and pillows are oh-so-fluffy. We spent quite a considerable amount of time snoozing away. Cant help it!

The hotel’s location is really strategic. Imagine just 5 minutes to a shopping mall. We did some shopping and I bought some necessities and a pair of high heels from Charles & Keith. Hmm I loved the super high heels but it’s still a tadddd loose. Just a bit. It’s already size 3..but perhaps I need to find a cobbler to secure the slingback straps so that it’s tighter. Sigh. The woes of a tiny-feeted shortie.

After the shopping, we went for a show.

Movie Title: Look for a star
Ratings: 3.3/5
Comments: It failed terribly as a comedy. And the idealistic romantic notions in the show simply dont inspire me because I’m a hard cynic? Anyway, can skip the show lah. I cant see any chemistry between Andy Lau and Shu Qi. Dearie kept commented that Shu Qi is’nt pretty in the show, especially when she tried to imitate a sexy, open-mouthed look. Lol. Cant help but to agree with him. However, I find her very cute in her own ways.

After the movie, we strolled across the road to the rows of stalls beside Bugis Village which sell lots of food. We bought beef noodle soup and meaty rice from 来来 back to the hotel to eat. We also bought hot and cold desserts like tang yuan and mango sago. Heehee. We brought along our hoegarden from home too. It was a lovely night. =D

Valentine’s Day 14th Feb
We had our breakfast then went back to snooze till 3pm. Lol. Then we went Marina Square for some shopping and billard before we went Lavender to tabao chillicrab, sambal kangkong and Heineken beer back to hotel. We then watched “The House Bunny” vcd which I bought to watch on our laptops. We also surfed a little with our wireless starhub token. =D


The 2 days and nights were lovely. Thank you dear for everything. Smuacks. Love you lots. Oh We didnt have any pictures taken leh. Still find it weird to find strangers to take pictures of us, especially in the hotel.

Guess what time we checked out? 3pm!! Shiok huh! It’s such a difficult task to tear away from the fluffy pillows and bed. =( But we did because we need to attend Huey’s wedding in 4 and half hours time!! –> Next entry