Virgin Entry

Blogger is so damn stubborn! They refused to take in my suggestion to have an additional EXCELLENT feature of allowing particular entries to be password protected. They insisted that the feature of requiring selected people to log in with their accounts can solve that problem. Why cant they understand it will be so troublesome for readers of the blog and only few but not all entries need to be protected by password?

Maybe because Im used to blogger’s platform, wordpress looked and FELT so much more refreshing. Blearh. Im really 喜新厌旧 manz…hahaha.

Shiok shiok shiok.

I shall blog all to my heart’s content! But ah uh…true enough…some entries will be password protected. Not necessarily every protected entry is to bad mouth people hor(though I admit some will be. keke. I need a vent!), but most will be for my privacy as well as my friend’s privacy.

Its kinda late now. I shall continue tomorrow…I will certainly have some stuff to blog tomorrow.