I’m a slave

I should probably be sleeping now but I thought I’ll just pen down a few paragraphs as I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time.

Other than “tired” and “dead”(where you piece both together to become dead-tired), I dont know what else to say. Having your own house and living in it with your dearest is such a sweet thing…until it comes to the maintenance part. Those who had seen my house will probably know I’m a slave…..A–S-L-A-V-E, to my “white” house. “White” house is because we have many white colour furnitures. Gorgeous as they come, they’re a chore to maintain. We had moved in around 1 month and the need to clean the sofa and kitchen cabinets had already risen.

Let me see.

My sofa is white.
My tv console is white.
So is my coffee table.
Writing desk.
Dressing table.
Office cabinets.
Wardrobe laminates.
Kitchen cabinets.
Kitchen counter top
Shoe cabinet.
Dining bar stools.

Good lord! Silly me. I should have state which furnitures are NOT in white instead. BAH!

Thanks to my dear hubby loh who is such a fan of white colour. I do admit they are beautiful(and pure. Haha) but everytime we decide a piece(of white furniture), I’ll go…”die le..this time die le…”

Anyway, what’s done is done la, what’s bought were bought la. I still love my home, just have to spend effort to maintain it so that it look as much as 100% when we 1st bought it. Many had asked me to post pictures of them in blog/facebook. But my camera really cant make it, i.e; they cant capture the real *ahem* pureness and elegance(wahahaha!) of my home. So if you’re really interested then just drop by. My lovely pink stripey mahjiong tiles await you. =)

Caught many movies during the new year. Ranked from the best to the worst, they’re…

1) Percy Jackson and the lightning thief
2) Hot Summer days
3) Valentines day
4) 72 tenants of Prosperity
5) Little big soldier
6) All’s well ends well too 2010

Though I wished Zac Efron starred as Percy instead. Haha.

I didnt really gambled much during the new year though I feel my luck is not bad. Played blackjack and mostly mahjiong because I dont have the interest to play blackjack for continuously 1 hour and more. I will get bored despite I did blackjack few times. On the whole, I think I won abit only lah for the new year..perhaps less than $100. Though the angbaos I gave out probably triple that la. Hahaha. Nevermind~ Heng heng huat huat la!

Finally booked our honeymoon. Initially dearie thought can plan to watch his team(spurs) play in London live but it’s almost impossible to arrange the tour… Despite I called many agencies and searched all that, it’s still not possible to arrange especially when extension cant be confirmed till the last day. We cant possibly buy the match tickets prior to that. Unless we go free-and-easy but that wont do because we had never been to Europe. Dearie is pretty disappointed but he understand…Sigh..bo bian.

Our trip will be in early Apr for 12 days to Switz, Paris and London. Actually we hoped it can be around 14 days instead, visiting maybe 4 countries but packages of 14-15days were mostly covering 6 countries and above. We both find it too packed and rushed. The last we want is a honeymoon which is too tiring with 50% transportation so we settled for this easy-paced package with ASA tour. Actually, no matter it’s 12 or 14 days, I bet we will be dreading the flight back to Sg on the last day one. Confirmed one la.

Hopefully we can get to visit Gen in London and she can bring us around. =) I’m glad I’m still able to attend Summer’s wedding in end APR. =)


Reunion Dinners

I cant believe I got so sick from a mere minor flu. It has escalated to a full-blown unstoppable continuous sneezing hazard, coupled with cough and mild sorethroat. I had taken a total of 3 pills, some cough syrup, lozenges before I’m finally better after 9 hours. Panadol really sucks lah. For flu, LEMSIP is better. Haiz. I dont know why everytime I come back from MIL’s place, I will get running nose. Everytime. Really dont understand why.

I must get well, for tomorrow, apart from going to temple to pray, I’m going MIL’S house to bai nian cum dinner and drinks with the girls. They said the zodiac dog fan4 tai4 sui4(again) and mummy isaccompanying us to go pray together later. They say for dogs 2009 will be an even worse year than 2008. I really cant imagine as 2008 was really bad enough.

I had a wonderful reunion dinner on sat and sun(just now). Sat was at home and sun(just now) was at MIL’S place. Our home teppanyakki steamboat was spoilt and it was replaced by a lousier one whereby only steamboat OR teppanyakki can be used at ONE time. I only knew it before the dinner. Felt so sian as I always prefer teppanyakki than steamboat. Shall buy new one next year. Thank god MIL’S place got! But I was pretty disappointed because there was only 1 plate of sliced pork as they’re more of vege person. I’m actually prepared for it. Nevertheless, there were loads of prawns, cheese sausages, mini abalone and abalone and the soup was great.

Had a wonderful chat with MIL just now and I’m very happy finally I have a feeling that I’m truly a part of the family. Before today, as MIL they’re very reserved people and I hardly visited them before, so they did not open up that promptly. Sometimes you cant expect people to open up that quickly as you just because you can. Being the ultra-sensitive me, I admitted I did jump into conclusion and felt bad for nothing previously.

While I was washing dishes just now after the dinner, MIL said, “let me do lah. Until I cannot do already then let you do.” with a smile.

My nose suddenly become sour and I said, “mother, why say that? You’re still very young and healthy.” She then said, “aiya I’m old liao loh..” I couldnt hear the rest as I’m suddenly overwhelmed with sadness. =( Guess it’s an inevitable fact that our parents will pass on earlier than us…but…haiz…anyway it’s new year, our reunion dinner. I pushed the thought aside to have the dinner.

I also got to know today MIL is suffering from minor stomach pains which the chinese sensei diagnosed as 慢性盲肠炎. I had the 急性 one before and had the op when I’m 10. I know exactly how painful it is. MIL’s condition might be milder but suffering from this constant pain isnt a good thing afterall.

Surprisingly, dearie did not know that at all. He said MIL never mention anything about her health to prevent him from worrying about her, as if it’s the perfect reason for not knowing anything, always. It might be true. But really, I’m sometimes so sick of his insensitivity and how uncaring he is. I’ll better be careful with myself especially during my older years because he probably wont be concerned about me. Like they said, see how a guy/girl treats his family and you’ll know how he will treat his wife.

He’s just that buay zi dong, BZD(BuzeeD) which is the nick I gave him BECAUSE he’s totally BUAY Zi DONG. If you dont say anything, he wont do. If you dont say you’re sick, he WONT KNOW you’re sick until you’re like coughing till want to DIE liao or created a mountain from soaked tissue paper. THEN HE KNOW YOU’RE SICK. After that he will toss you some panadol, without even checking it’s for flu. In the end, I still have to find the correct medicine myself. Thanks to MIL who helped me find Panadol Cold Relief just now. Even she cant take it and scolded him for bringing me the wrong medicine. MIL is so sweet! Love.

Is he really that dense or he simply dont care enough or he simply dont know how to care about a person?

During the dinner, I had to tell him TWICE that I dont eat crabstick before he stoped putting crabsticks in my bowl.

Honey, can you ever learn to listen? LISTEN! 聆听!

Sometimes real angry lor. Like after 2 years already, he can still continue to buy me things I dont like to eat or drink. And I’ve repeated many times already. Quite exasperated sometimes. During the HK trip, Zen laughed and said we’re like a pair of 欢喜冤家, because when we squabble or rebuke each other fiercely, it’s very funny but after that we still can go back to normal. I said, “NO! It’s not funny at all to me because at that instance, I REALLY WANT TO STRANGLE HIM ONE! I’m not acting!” They then laughed like hell. It’s just that after we squabble 就算了, we dont put it to heart or remember.

Anyway I told dearie it’s better that we arrange for a medical checkup for MIL after new year to be sure as the chinese sensei is just guessing. Better to be careful. But trust me lor, he will certainly forget about it after the new year. Anyone wanna bet 50 bucks? If he really forget I will bring MIL go. Though it’s better for us to bring together because he can fetch her to and fro with car while I dont drive.

When I was very sick just now, dearie said something which really hurted me alot. He somehow thinks that, no matter how hurting or mean a comment is, if said with a smile means it will CONVERT to a positive comment. I TELL YOU NO. Your English is good, you do know how some WORDS, some sentences are very hurting. And though said with a smile will mellow the effect, it doesnt douse the meaning at all. Can you just THINK for a moment before you speak? Especially when it’s at a wrong timing. What is wrong timing? When I’m SICK OKIE! That’s a wrong timing. Any other wrong timings? When we’re having fun during a festive season, like NEW YEAR. OK?

Being the blunt him, I also dont want to gei gao so much. I’m used to it anyway. I’m also blunt to him, especially the above. Call it an eye for an eye if you want. I’m never an angel, and I never said I am anyway. Anyway no energy to make a fuss with him when I’m so sick, it’s new year too. This blog is just an avenue to vent. Perhaps what he said was true bah. I will take note. Though dont push your luck baby.

This post has been very whiny and full of complaints. YA. I’m whiny. But do give me allowances as a neglected sick patient is always more EMO and grouchy!

Happy new year to all! Gong Xi Fa Cai!



And Happy Birthday Miss JJ!! Wishing you an abundant fruitful smooth-sailing life all the way!

Movie title: Bedtime stories
Comments: Usually Im not very enthu with fantasy movies but my bro commented it was not bad, so dearie and me watched it. It does have abit of fantasy factor but thank god it’s not too much. Funny. That’s probably the most attractive quality.

We went Vivocity to check out Vickki’s new house. The old one is difficult to wash as well as dry. Not to mention it’s already very dirty despite few washings. I meant to find one in waterproof material for easy cleaning but did not see any suitable ones in Pet’s Lover Central at Vivo. Maybe I need to check out some kid’s department. Haiz.

The last day of 2008, a.k.a, 31st Dec 2008, we(dearie, me, Al & Cat, James & Hui) kinda had a mini count down at Settler’s Cafe. Haha. Weird right? But our plan was not the count down lah. We started playing games from 11pm to 3am. The staff were pretty enthu to give us those explosive pop thingy..dont know what’s that called lah anyway. And all of us “pop” at 12am sharp with all the others in the cafe. Haha.

We had a lot of fun playing the games there. It’s a long long time since my last visit to Settlers while it’s the other’s first time. So it’s pretty refreshing! Thank god they also serve drinks as well as fingerfood for I’m so hungry most of the times. As usual, the girls amazed me with their never-hungry-attitude. Something must be wrong with me! For I am forever hungry!

I’ve lost my waist already lah. Have told myself to cut back on eating starting from year 2009 onwards.

Oh anyway, the 6 of us played many different games. I think the most fun one is the “monster game”. Surprisely it’s very simple to play. Just place the mass number of different cards on the table faced down. Each will take turn to flip open a card to reveal different “monster” faces. Once each “monster” appears 3 times on the table, we’re to grab the 3 cards. 1 card serves 1 point. This game tests your reflex, and aggressiveness. Undeniably, Im the most chor lor one among the group therefore I kept win. It’s very funny when 2 guys were snatching 1 card. Lol. But on average, guys seemed to have slower reflexes. =P

The next game comprised of a board with random poker slots, e.g, 6 of clubs and 9 of spade etc, all placed side by side. The 6 of us were split into 3 teams with alternate turns. Each of us had 5 cards to start with. We can only place our team colour tokens on the respective slots when we have the respective poker pattern/number. The team who creates 2 straight sequences of 5 wins. In addition, one-eyed Jack cards can remove any token from the board while the 2 eyed Jack cards allow you to put your token anywhere on the board.

So when we saw other teams had a sequence of 3 or 4 already, we would try to sabotage by breaking the sequence by our colour tokens. But that was provided we picked the respective poker cards or else the double-eyed Jack. Subsequently, the one-eyed Jack can remove any sabotaged tokens which spoils the sequence. Hmm not much excitement for this game. Though dearie and me won.

Another game consists of bidding for different houses(signified by numbered cards) and ultimately selling off the houses for cheque money. The person with the most cheque amounts win. Each of us has $12,000 to bid for houses. Each auction will have 6 random standard houses. Each time, the highest bid will take the best house during the auction(ranked from 1 to 30, from the worst house to the most luxurious house) while the 1st to pass will get the worst house and the 2nd to pass will get the 2nd louiest house in the auction, so on and so forth. The winner of the best house must surrender all the bid money to the bank while the others will submit half to the bank. Naturally the one who passed on first try dont need to pay anything at all. Our left over money has no use and will be forfeited.

After we had bought all the 30 houses, we’re to bid with our different houses(with cards faced down) for the different cheque amounts. Again, the best house will get the highest cheque amount and the louiest house will get the lowest cheque amount. So buying better houses is important.

This game plays around with probability, some analysis and some luck. Because sometimes, if you’re the 3rd to pass, you dont need to spend anything just to get a pretty good house, like, house 19. That is provided like, house 19 is the 3rd louiest house. And when bidding cheque amounts with your house, it depends on how your house ranks with the the current competitors in every auction. The best house, house 30 will have no fear of competition. But ultimately, it’s unlikely you got the best 6 houses for the highest 6 cheque amounts. And it’s your choice to choose which house to bid for every round. We played twice but forgotten who won. Haha. Al or Cat I think.

Another game consists of deals, shares and investors. There are a total of around 16 deals on the board but usually after 10 deals, the game will end. Every deal has different number of shares, different amounts for every share(e.g 1 share=3mil) and needs different number of and different investors. Each of us has an identity and 5 sabotage cards, e.g, ImTheBoss card, “XXX-is-on-a-trip” card or “bring-XXX-back-from-a-trip” card or the “STOP” card. Shall cut the description short. You just need to find the suitable investors stated by the deal on the board, make a fair share of investment from the bank who’ll pay you the millions and close the deal.

It’s damn funny when we used our sabotage cards to threaten/fleece/demand for money from the Boss(the one who makes the deal). Ultimately, if you feel there’s too little to earn or kanna sabotaged, you’re to draw 3 sabotage cards and dont deal at all. The winner is the one who owns the most money. Al won lah, because he got alot of sabo cards and kept fleece money from us, i.e, “you better give me 2 million or I send you away on a trip” or “you give me 4 million then I save you from his sabo because I can bring you back.” Lol. I think Hui got the 2nd highest of money with her good negotiation and strategy skills too!

We almost played another game, but due to time constraint, we didnt. Will play next time! Ended the day with the popular Win, Lose Or Draw! I think they called it Pictionary. 3 Girls VS 3 Guys. There’s a draw. HAHA. Among all, Hui and dearie guessed the most. Their minds really work fast! Al sucks the most at drawing. Our jaws almost dropped when he claimed the fish bone he’s trying to draw is to hint us that the word is “Squid”. *faint*

4 hours passed in a wink and I actually craved for more. That’s so much more enjoyable than 4 hours in a club which make my ears hurt. =P And I actually dont need alcohol to have so much fun for 4 hours. I think, I might be able to kick alcohol. Ultimately they’re not very good for health, makes the skin dry too. I shall try. But red wine is still my loves. For it’s not too harsh.

They say, if you stop doing something which you’re always doing for consecutively 20 or 21 days, it’s highly possible you can stop the habit. =D I think it’s quite true too. Because it’s been more than 20days since I had Chippy’s Cheese Sausage and somehow, my craving stopped for it. To think I NEED to have it everytime I sees it. Now, I simply dont have the urge anymore. Hmm…….

Movie Title: 7 pounds
Ratings: 3.3/5
Comments: Grabbed this movie just now at Lot 1. Sigh. A slight disappointment with Will Smith’s movie. We always thought his movies has a minimum standard. Nothing to do with him of course. We love his acting but this story…well, there’s no excitement, no climax, almost no plot. And it’s sad. Almost right from the start. Like, how you feel when you’re pre-warned that your favourite main lead is going to commit suicide. Actually we missed the front prelude(the part where he commits suicide), but I still feel the flow of the story is a bore with a shocking ending. It’s very meaningful, YES! Doing good deeds sure is meaningful, touching, noble and everything. But it’s BORING.