Has been reading on forums about flea stalls since I’m interested to start 1 on weekends to get rid of stuffs which I dont need anymore. Clothings, accessories, old and new, post-wedding stuff too. The last time I went to Hui’s home, both of us with Tra had chatted excitedly about how we’re going to book 1 and start doing flea business. It will be Hui and my first time and I was so freaking excited that I repeated twice to Tra, “I’m really serious leh. Weekends, airconditioned stalls, I’m definitely on!” And she replied, “Okok, I shall check it out and let you all know. Most probably it will be mid Oct or something. =)”

However weeks past and we got no news from her. The anxious me finally messaged her on facebook to ask about me and she suddenly threw me 1 website and that’s it. I was SO BLUR. Anyway I went to that website which contains very little information, in short, telling me no more slots la. I forgot how the conversation went with Tra but it was, 不了了之. Haiz, I’m seriously very disappointed when a flea stall wasnt coming soon and more so when people make empty promises. You’re not free to check or book or if no good ones are available, say mah. Dont let me wait down there like a goondu with high hopes…. dampening mah…

I know it’s a small thing la…but cant help feeling sianz. Initially I thought it’s better for her to source because she is experienced in flea-ing. But finally realised it’s always difficult to depend on people lah. So I googled it and god..there are really many types of different sprees. Apart from the different locations and set-up, they also have different profiles and the locations will determine the type of crowd and of course the booth price. Usually 2 get to share 1 booth though I definitely prefer setting it up with Hui rather than some stranger.

I had checked out forums and did some minor research with some friends and people online. It’s really not easy because the good booths were all being booked very very fast. What’s bad is that Hui seems very very busy these days. Poor her. I doubt she can find time to set up flea stall with me because you need time to pack all the stuff. I’m still so green in flea-ing, how I wished I got someone to guide me. Haiz. Though the main aim is not to make giant big-ass profit, but I also dont wish the sales to be pathetic. It’s most demoralizing. And I feel I ought to be responsible for it if I’m the one who pick out the stall.

Gra, Ser might be interested but they’re always so busy. Currently there are some hot booths on 26th Dec 2009 and 30th Jan 2010. Christmas special and Lunar special but I’m contemplating whether I wanna sacrifice either 1 of these holidays….I doubt Hui can too.

Oh damn…I suddenly remembered SL might be experienced in flea-ing because I think she did before. Alas…but she’s also so busy with work now..doubt she can join me too. =( Anyone interested to join me…drop me a message…

(P/S Ya..I just realised the header image can be changed. And the only panorama pictures I had are the wedding photoshots, so this is just 1 picture which I’ve uploaded and plucked it there. The size fits perfectly! So Easy! I’m not that pro to stitch all the different pictures into 1 manz… But they just appear blur even though I tried cropping or resizing. Sigh.)


Just an entry..

Like I said, last sunday was spent at Esplanade again to 猜灯谜 although the 猜 has nothing much to do with me because I only managed to get 1 answer correct among the zillions. And no, I did not went up to answer…shy mah…and…it’s very long queue.

FIL answered 1 of a few very tough questions and thus got a special price which is a pretty exquisite mini tea set. Nice. As for me, haiz, much to learn loh. The host is one of our many chinese news reporter, Zheng Jin Xiang. He is entertaining lah and shared some basic knowledge about 猜灯谜 and provided many tips. No wonder I see people carrying thick stacks of notes..there’s really alot to remember and learn. I’ll probably blog a few interesting 灯谜 I heard that day when I’m free…

I’ve finally got rid of my eyelash extensions, a painful process. =( At least I’ve experience it..but really, not a big deal. If you never experience it before….dont try! I expected to be “botak” with all the lashes gone but surprisingly..still got abit left lah. *sob* Must diligently apply lash tonic from now on.

Finally finished 古灵精探B, merely for the sake of finishing it. Really nothing much to rave about, as compared to other outstanding TVB shows.

Movie title: CLoudy with a chance of meatballs
Ratings: 3.8/5
COmments: Quite funny..but for the price $13 per pax, it’s not a must to watch.

I’m really not in a very good mood these days….appreciate everyone who tried cheering me up…

A spot above my knee hurts. =( I think Grace massaged too hard. =~(

Dying of boredom

Oh man. Singapore is soOoo boring. Dearie and me literally spent nothing except eat and eat and eat, and some mindless shopping at Watson today(you can always manage to find something from Watson).

Let’s see what we ate.

Prawn Chee Cheong Fan (Yummy!)
Crispy durian pancake
Egg crepe carrot cake
HK noodle soup
(all at fareast, back and fro)

Yucky Passion tea at Paragon Starbucks
Pomelo sago with beancurd at Taka

That’s not all.

Yummy prawn chee cheong fan again
Macdonald french fries

Now you know how I gained weight. Argghhh!

I was real stressed and bored, so he took time off to accompany me. Appreciated it dearie. Smuacks

I was looking for a way to best release all my pent-up lethargy via retail therapy but simply cant find anything interesting to buy. Not even when I have tons of Robinson and Metro vouchers on hand. It’s pathetic. Sigh. What’s worse, we had watched almost all the shows which looked, at least, interesting, so there’s nothing left to watch. Here are the reviews:

Movie title: Accident
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Many scenes are repeated. Plot was interesting enough but it died abruptly. Stillbirth, I called it. Wasnt much development which was a pity.

Movie title: Phobia 2
Ratings: 3.5/5
Comments: It’s difficult to rate because there are 5 stories. Only the last 2 seemed better. Dearie and me super heart the last story because it’s so funny! I laughed till my stomach hurts! I never knew horror shows can be as funny while they were thrilling. Thumbs up. But for the other stories…..duhzzzz…

Movie title: Whiteout
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Weak plot and not exciting enough.

Yesterday we spent loittering in Jurong Point and then going to Kbox ktv at Jurong SAFRA. If you haven know, the Kbox at safra has much newer technology than their normal Kbox because it allows recording of how you sing and able to bluetooth to your handphone. I would love to know how terrible I sound but too bad my handphone no batt. And dearie’s phone somehow only managed to get his song but connection died when he tried for mine. Oh well.

Please kindly go register for Watson card. The $5 card fee can waived $8 off per pax, redeemable up to 2 pax. Which means $16. Only available for use on Sun – Thurs. Sunday is a good day. Call me! =D