First win and more to come!

At Tra’s and Christ’s house.
Finally played my first mahjiong game during this chinese new year, and also my only mahjiong game in like 1 or 2 months? Haven played in ages. Whatever talk about people with zodiac dog cant gamble this year is totally untrue! For it’s my first gamble this chinese new year(yes I didnt even gamble at boss’s house), I won over $100+ in mahjiong and blackjack. To me it’s alot already. Ah ya I dont know exactly how much I won because the mahjiong game started in a rush and it was played in cash and not in chips. In a haste, I pulled out all my notes and put it in the drawer. And before I knew it, money were piling up. By then, it was embarrassing and not very nice to count money infront of other people especially when I won alot, so I didnt count. Tra’s relatives were all very nice. =) I played 2 rounds of mahjiong and around 10 rounds of blackjack before dearie came to fetch me. Damn funny, I kept getting aces, but only ban-luck once, 5-leng once. But I think I only lost once during that 10 games. =D

After that we went boat quay TCC to have supper, seafood aglio olio before we headed home. We watched Bride War the other day though.

Movie title: Bride War
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: It’s a sweet and cute comedy. I pretty much like Anne Hathaway. At first was kinda hesitant to watch it because Kate Hudson’s shows seemed to suck. But she was adorable in that show, though a little malicious. About Ann’s sabotaged skin colour, I laughed till I had tears in my eyes. You got to watch it.

Tomorrow is baby Bren’s birthday and I’m going Cel’s house for the celebration. I think it will be another gambling session. So fast and it’s sunday already. Haiz.

Gotta work again liao else someone is going to NAG at me again.



Finally have some time to settle down and reflect about this coming new year.

Again, the super old and irritating saying, TIME FLIES. Well, time REALLY flies LEH. For you know I’m 27 this year. *BURST INTO TEARS* I’m a 熟女!!! “Cooked” women!!! Over-cooked liao!! Hai. Think back really funny. I used to laugh(of course kindly) at Est for marrying so early at 26 because I thought what a waste for a princess as kind-hearted and sweet as her to get laid so early.

And I told myself I will not get married before 30 and mentioned I might not get married at all. Who knows…yeah…got hitched when I’m 26. I think when it comes it will just come lah. Despite I’m past 25, *sniffs into hanky*, I really appreciates all the good things which was/are in my 26+ years of life. And although I have my ups and downs but life is just like investment. If there are no downs, there will be no ups. And when they are ups, there will always be downs. I hope everyone can remember what I said because no one can have a super smooth-sailing life with ups ALL THE WAY. It’s quite impossible. Everyone of us will have our downs. It’s just HOW down it is, and how LONG they lasts. BUT they will be OVER. Just trust me. Be strong, hold your values, do more good deeds, I’m sure GOD will bless you. Now, I sound like a priest. Haha. KK.

Okie Really…I have my fair share of downs in my years. Got big got small. Perhaps the big ones may not be very big in some people’s eyes but it may also not be very small in some people’s eyes. Anyway in short, dont compare about life. Life IS UNFAIR. Just make the best of what you have and appreciates what you have. All the downs has made me realize some important things which I have overlooked as well as making me understand the beauty of appreciating what I have but has always been taking for granted. They made me a better person, though still far far far far far from perfect.

To me, the most significant changes has been from year 2005 onwards. Changed a few insignificant boyfriends as well as changed my job. I dont mean insignificant boyfriends are BAD boyfriends ok, I just mean they’re just..well, insignificant. But my career change has been a significant milestone event. Because from a giddy accounts clerk who earned a $1600 a month, I switched into a job which undoubtedly gives me a greater sense of satisfaction, a different set of meanings, more flexible working hours and importantly, many folds of my previous income. The “I” word.

Why it has been significant?

It’s just money isnt it?

Yes. But do you know it means so much more?

It means I CAN give MORE allowance to my mother instead of a pathetic $100 that I used to manage.

It means I have the means to settle my mum’s divorce case which positively drained her before it was done. Dont underestimate minor law stuff like that…I spent about $20K? Most of it are returned to dad so that we can have the house.

It means I finally can have aircon in my room.

It means I can spend without qualms and buy 10 pairs of shoes at a go.

It means I dont have to necessarily let guys treat me or send me home.

If you dont feel anything about the above, then lucky you, lucky life.

I just feel good, because I made a difference to MY life, my families’ life and many other people’s lives(via insurance), WITH my OWN hands.

And to be very very frank, I used to bio my hubby in office, despite how I dont wish to admit. Because I know he will be super yaya-papaya. *rOlls eyes*

I’m wasnt interested in him then HOR, dont anyhow think.

I just…have a certain…好感 towards him only. =P

He has a kind of charm around him that it just makes people comfortable with him. Hmm sounds familiar. Many guys also tell me that. Wahahaha.

He’s witty, humorous, knowledgeable, with a quick mind and not to mention one of the top in sales in my agency which is an elite team. Naturally he will become a newbie’s(like me) idol eh. Anyone can see he’s a good catch but nobody knows why he’s single. The only rumour I heard about him is that he’s only interested in matured ladies older than him. Naturally I interpreted as lao char bor lor since he’s already 5 years older than me. Well, I thought too bad loh, he dont know what he missed. Keke. As hubby is a senior, I seldom have chance to see him unless during trainings(when I’m super new that time). But our trainings always start so early at 10am. So every morning he only got to see my nodding head drooling saliva because I always dozed off. I guess that’s why he never woo me. Argh!

On and off I got a few boyfriends but all didnt work out.

Somehow we met up, first in a group, and after that, alone. Then we slowly hooked up together. MUAHAHAHA. Dont misunderstand though, I was single all along okie. 1 leg 2 ships is never my style. And hor and hor, I want to clarify is he LIKES me FIRST one okie. Because at that point of time, not that I dont like him, is I haven like him enough YET to want to commit myself because I just came out from a relationship and was having a hell of a fun time being single. But anyway, shortly after(3months I think), HAHA, we also came together as a couple. Then after we’re together, he confessed he likes me around 6months ago but I was attached. So he’s pretty happy that I broke up la! And he would have confessed if he didnt sense I hinted I dont want a relationship then. Haha. Okie lah I know I mentioned this before, but I happy mah, so repeat. =P

Fast-forward to now, yeah, we’re happily married. Still short of a lovely home sweet home, but we will handle that soon. =) And surprisingly, while I’m now recounting, recollecting on my past year events and all the romantic, steamy notions that I have of my future husband….It all seemed to match. =D

I mentioned the following before, some affirmatively, some carelessly, that I would love my husband to be
1) Preferably at least 5 years older.
2) Mature, Smarter, more knowledgeable, earns more than me(hopefully more than 100K per annum). That’s why *refer to 1*
3) Witty, humorous, smart, but not too nerdy(else boring) or too naughty(else he flirt). So must be a mixture of 乖乖 and 坏坏. Keke.
4) able to click with me and have no boring moments ever.
5) A Sagittarius (born from November 22-December 21)
6) Flawless fair complexion and body no where even near “plump”

It’s almost amazing. I might have said these out loud or wrote them in my old blog now and then but in my heart I knew what I want though I seldom faced them because I couldnt and DONT believe that one can actually find her dream guy as a husband! As you know life is not like a fairytale and there were sayings, even by my mum, that one can never marry her dream guy. And I always thought I can and should settle for less even there’s no such thing as a perfect love with a perfect guy bla bla.

But it’s possible!! The Law of Attraction truly exists! Subconsciously, I have been searching and finding that perfect man. Which is why I tend to inquire a guy’s horoscope as well as his age. And when he fits the bill, *wink wink* Haha.

Okie NOW, before that silly husband of mine has his EGO BURST IN FULL BLOOM, I regret to inform that, haiz, I should have state my list LONGER with more positive attributes! I should have said I want my guy to be sensitive and more caring too, better with a nice set of teeth! But alas because all my ex-boyfriends has been pretty sensitive and caring(they’re just not mature or smart enough), that’s why I did not include those in the list. So sometimes I’m really exasperated and couldnt quite ACCEPT the fact that I have SUCH a buay zi dong, insensitive hubby because I was all along treated with much care and concern! Sigh.

So girls, remember to state your list LONGER with ALLL the attributes you want and say them out loud anyway anytime. And dont hesitate when opportunity knocks. You will find your dream guy if you want it bad enough. The Law Of Attraction is very obedient, they will find for you if you really say out loud. =)

Hubby, I love you. Muahhhhh~~~



Meet up with dear ser for a dinner. It’s ages since we met! The girl was looking as hot and sexy as ever. Haha.

Actually dearie and I reached earlier at around 6+pm. As we were hungry, so we ate first. Not many restaurants in sight.

We had our dinner at The Pasta Shop By Sakae in Wheellock place. Dearie has clam chowder while I had mushroom tofu miso soup. The soup are too over-priced already at $7.90, especially mine. Top up $1 I can have lobster bisque at The White Dog Cafe at Vivo liao. Especially when mine is just a normal miso soup with mushrooms. Eh, it doesnt look like the picture nor the description at all leh. It was said to be a very “wonderful” soup like that..who knows it’s just salty miso soup. Dearie’s clam chowder was yummy though it tasted more like potatoe soup than clam chowder. Clams were plentiful.

After the soup, we were like abit full liao. Haha So we ordered a pasta and share. Spicy Oglio Olio with prawns. And we topped up $3 for 4 scallops. It came with 3 or 4 prawns. The weird thing was it doesnt taste like Oglio Olio, despite it very spicy true to it’s name. It’s very salty too because it was filled with the salty 紫菜. So overall, I dont like it very much. After that we went Borders. When Ser reached, then I met her again at The Pasta Shop.

Her pasta was much nicer le. Scallops with asparagus, added with plenty of cheese and chilli flakes. Surprisingly, I tasted abit and realised THAT tasted like Aglio Olio. ZzZz. I ordered a tiramisu. The portion was huge but rum taste not strong enough. We chatted for very long till dearie joined us. We went Ballymoon for some cocktails and snacking of my favourite bacon-wrapped bratwurst. Ser only drank one mango daiquiri and became as red as a lobster. Haha. I had Snowball instead while dearie had Shirley Temple. After that, we sent Ser home and we reached home around 12midnight bah.

Although I feel I dont have much luck in gambling, somehow I
feel if CNY dont gamble abit, doesnt feel like New Year leh. Rey got messaged me for MJ but ultimately short 1 leg. Perhaps other days bah since CNY got 15 days. But think need to stick to weekends already as most started working. I really haven play MJ very long le leh..Haiz…and dearie said next time new house cant play…so I shall play while I still can loh…….Haizzzz……


We had a great night out yesterday. We first went temple for prayers, cum pray for my 犯太岁. Then after we went bai nian at MIL’s place, dearie and me went Jurong Point for InkHeart. Before that, MIL cooked a sumptuous abalone mee sua for us to eat too. Yum Yum.

Movie title: InkHeart
Ratings: 3.9/5
Comments: I feel it’s so so lah…perhaps not very much into fantasy movies like this. And from the beginning of the movie where the daughter Maggie didnt stay in the car by her dad’s orders when danger fell, I just knew she will a pain in the ass later on. It’s proven true later. Kids..blearh…okie..we need her truancy so that the plot can go on.

Because the stupid movie started 20minutes later, it disrupted my timing and hence I arrived late despite dearie drove me to Centrepoint to meet my girls. Thanks my dear.

We had mostly beer at IceColdBeer. Crowded. Thank god we got a table though. BUt the kitchen was closed. Awwww! Kat, Gra and Kel all had Hoegarden white while I had Stella Artois since they’re going 1 for 1 with HSBC card. I’m loving HSBC card!

But I love UOB Visa Platinum more. Being bugging dearie to sub me one, but he said, “you already got the CITIBank liao hor!” But but but, I dont have UOB mah. Moreover I got 2 CITI cards, the DIVIDEND was subbed by dearie while I have my own TANGS card for the 10% rebates. The dividend card did nothing for me leh since the cheque of the dividends go to dearie. =P And I want Platinummmmmmm. It really came in VERY handy during PH because we got priority queue to buy movie tickets! If not for that, it was impossible to get seats for InkHeart with the ultra long queue. And the good thing is, the card offers priority in queue, but we still can use OCBC card for discounts for GoldenVillage tickets. Really saves alot in the long run.

Too bad dearie already subbed the 1st complimentary plat for MIL and 2nd one will costs $90 in subscription fee unless I swiped a specific amount. Sigh. MIL said she only used that card twice a year. What a waste. That card offers many free entries to the clubs leh…and many discounts with drinks..not to mention restaurants and all that..Haizzzz…….Can I exchange the CITI Dividend for the UOB Visa Plat with MIL? =P

Okie back to topic. So 2 glasses of Stella only cost $11. What a steal. I sound damn auntie. Lol. Moreover, the beer is good. It tastes just like Carlsberg. Oh and I bought 1 cheongsum along for Kat to change and she looked great in it. Haha and we took pictures with her camera in our cheongsums as I did not bring mine. But Gra and Kel never wear cheongsums lah. Though they looked great too. It was alittle boring in Icecold because they have no dice nor cards. What’s exasperating was there was this pathetic guys who held on to 2 sets of dice and just refused to let us play even though nobody was playing it!

Okie fine lor. We thought he will really play it with his friends later but the guy was obviously left alone at the table. Perhaps out of self-consciousness about how we’re, no, about how I’M bitching about him holding it selfishly to the dice. He began to shake the dice and then peered at them, then shaked again then peered again, dont know for WHAT manz?! WAH PIANG. And I told the girls, “OH MY GOD, SEE, he’s playing the dice with HIMSELF!” And we laughed like hell. Okie after sometime, his friends finally reached and guess what, they started to play POKER CARDS while still holding on to the dear dice. WAH! What a loser really. And no wonder he looked like one. =P

We stayed from 9pm till 12am I think before Kat went to meet her other friends. The 3 of us went Boatquay for second round where we had more beer. =.= Heineken.

It’s our first time in that ktv pub call 10th Dimensions. The boss was a chubby guy called Lawrence who came to introduce himself. Thanks for the sotong balls treat though. Yes we satisfied our unfulfilled cravings of chicken wings there too! We simply TORE into them. Haha. And 1 very funny thing was, while I was singing hor, I nearly choked with laughter with words like “This girl got a very sweet voice” throttling across the TV screen. Muhahahaha. The girls laughed too. Then after awhile, ” 这女孩唱得真不赖喔!” started to throttle across the screen again. Damn funny lah.

Gra left at 2+am while Kel and me left around 4am. Gra got a cab easily at 2+am so I was very shocked when there wasnt a cab in sight when we needed them desperately at 4am!! We walked out to the streets and horror, the streets were filled with people who were flagging for taxis or else calling for cabbies on their cellphones. To add on to our anxiety was a semi-drunk man who insisted to send me home by stalking us all the way from the pub to the streets. Arrghhh!

GOD heard my prayers! For despite so many people were waiting by the roadside, somehow a cab just stopped infront of me where people flooded out. I quickly signaled to Kel and half pushed her into the cab as many people were “bio-ing” our cab with evil intentions already. Lol. After I sent her home, I was actually abit scared because the drunk man and his gang were still around and hell knows when can I get so lucky again where a cab can stop infront of me! =((( So I tried to calm myself though thinking…”die le…die le this time…dont know what time can get home…must I really call dear to fetch…but even he come also need 45mins hour to reach..”, sheesh. I then walk faster further away from that gang.

I walked walked walked further down while anxiously engaged on the phone with Prime Taxis for booking. And suddenly ANOTHER CAB STOPPED INFRONT OF ME AGAIN! Out flooded a group of angmor guys. Relief flooded all over. I thank GOD for hearing my prayers! I know it’s “Godfather” who’s watching over me! =D So I stepped into the cab and wanted to close the door. Then suddenly a hand stopped the door from closing and it’s that scary guy again who offered to send me home. I think I’m really scared to death liao, for I just mouthed a “I can go home myself” then I snapped the door closed where he removed his fingers in shock from the door. I would have trapped his fingers if he didnt remove fast enough. Haha. Anyway, after I slammed the door shut, I locked the door and just screamed at the driver to drive away.

Phew. Oh Ya I did called dearie and he wanted to come fetch me. But I woke him up from a sleep and I felt it’s not safe for him to drive so I told him I will try to get a cab. If failed, then I will call him. Kel overheard my conversation and mentioned we’re so similar as her SO(significant other) also offered to fetch but she declined. She said we’re just one-of-a-kind. Haha. It felt so good to reach home, thanks to the fast drive. It felt especially good when I realised dearie has swept the floor of my room for me as well as cleared the dustbin today while I’m out though he’s asleep like a pig when I got home. Thanks dear.

It’s exactly 5am after I stepped out from my shower. =D

Reunion Dinners

I cant believe I got so sick from a mere minor flu. It has escalated to a full-blown unstoppable continuous sneezing hazard, coupled with cough and mild sorethroat. I had taken a total of 3 pills, some cough syrup, lozenges before I’m finally better after 9 hours. Panadol really sucks lah. For flu, LEMSIP is better. Haiz. I dont know why everytime I come back from MIL’s place, I will get running nose. Everytime. Really dont understand why.

I must get well, for tomorrow, apart from going to temple to pray, I’m going MIL’S house to bai nian cum dinner and drinks with the girls. They said the zodiac dog fan4 tai4 sui4(again) and mummy isaccompanying us to go pray together later. They say for dogs 2009 will be an even worse year than 2008. I really cant imagine as 2008 was really bad enough.

I had a wonderful reunion dinner on sat and sun(just now). Sat was at home and sun(just now) was at MIL’S place. Our home teppanyakki steamboat was spoilt and it was replaced by a lousier one whereby only steamboat OR teppanyakki can be used at ONE time. I only knew it before the dinner. Felt so sian as I always prefer teppanyakki than steamboat. Shall buy new one next year. Thank god MIL’S place got! But I was pretty disappointed because there was only 1 plate of sliced pork as they’re more of vege person. I’m actually prepared for it. Nevertheless, there were loads of prawns, cheese sausages, mini abalone and abalone and the soup was great.

Had a wonderful chat with MIL just now and I’m very happy finally I have a feeling that I’m truly a part of the family. Before today, as MIL they’re very reserved people and I hardly visited them before, so they did not open up that promptly. Sometimes you cant expect people to open up that quickly as you just because you can. Being the ultra-sensitive me, I admitted I did jump into conclusion and felt bad for nothing previously.

While I was washing dishes just now after the dinner, MIL said, “let me do lah. Until I cannot do already then let you do.” with a smile.

My nose suddenly become sour and I said, “mother, why say that? You’re still very young and healthy.” She then said, “aiya I’m old liao loh..” I couldnt hear the rest as I’m suddenly overwhelmed with sadness. =( Guess it’s an inevitable fact that our parents will pass on earlier than us…but…haiz…anyway it’s new year, our reunion dinner. I pushed the thought aside to have the dinner.

I also got to know today MIL is suffering from minor stomach pains which the chinese sensei diagnosed as 慢性盲肠炎. I had the 急性 one before and had the op when I’m 10. I know exactly how painful it is. MIL’s condition might be milder but suffering from this constant pain isnt a good thing afterall.

Surprisingly, dearie did not know that at all. He said MIL never mention anything about her health to prevent him from worrying about her, as if it’s the perfect reason for not knowing anything, always. It might be true. But really, I’m sometimes so sick of his insensitivity and how uncaring he is. I’ll better be careful with myself especially during my older years because he probably wont be concerned about me. Like they said, see how a guy/girl treats his family and you’ll know how he will treat his wife.

He’s just that buay zi dong, BZD(BuzeeD) which is the nick I gave him BECAUSE he’s totally BUAY Zi DONG. If you dont say anything, he wont do. If you dont say you’re sick, he WONT KNOW you’re sick until you’re like coughing till want to DIE liao or created a mountain from soaked tissue paper. THEN HE KNOW YOU’RE SICK. After that he will toss you some panadol, without even checking it’s for flu. In the end, I still have to find the correct medicine myself. Thanks to MIL who helped me find Panadol Cold Relief just now. Even she cant take it and scolded him for bringing me the wrong medicine. MIL is so sweet! Love.

Is he really that dense or he simply dont care enough or he simply dont know how to care about a person?

During the dinner, I had to tell him TWICE that I dont eat crabstick before he stoped putting crabsticks in my bowl.

Honey, can you ever learn to listen? LISTEN! 聆听!

Sometimes real angry lor. Like after 2 years already, he can still continue to buy me things I dont like to eat or drink. And I’ve repeated many times already. Quite exasperated sometimes. During the HK trip, Zen laughed and said we’re like a pair of 欢喜冤家, because when we squabble or rebuke each other fiercely, it’s very funny but after that we still can go back to normal. I said, “NO! It’s not funny at all to me because at that instance, I REALLY WANT TO STRANGLE HIM ONE! I’m not acting!” They then laughed like hell. It’s just that after we squabble 就算了, we dont put it to heart or remember.

Anyway I told dearie it’s better that we arrange for a medical checkup for MIL after new year to be sure as the chinese sensei is just guessing. Better to be careful. But trust me lor, he will certainly forget about it after the new year. Anyone wanna bet 50 bucks? If he really forget I will bring MIL go. Though it’s better for us to bring together because he can fetch her to and fro with car while I dont drive.

When I was very sick just now, dearie said something which really hurted me alot. He somehow thinks that, no matter how hurting or mean a comment is, if said with a smile means it will CONVERT to a positive comment. I TELL YOU NO. Your English is good, you do know how some WORDS, some sentences are very hurting. And though said with a smile will mellow the effect, it doesnt douse the meaning at all. Can you just THINK for a moment before you speak? Especially when it’s at a wrong timing. What is wrong timing? When I’m SICK OKIE! That’s a wrong timing. Any other wrong timings? When we’re having fun during a festive season, like NEW YEAR. OK?

Being the blunt him, I also dont want to gei gao so much. I’m used to it anyway. I’m also blunt to him, especially the above. Call it an eye for an eye if you want. I’m never an angel, and I never said I am anyway. Anyway no energy to make a fuss with him when I’m so sick, it’s new year too. This blog is just an avenue to vent. Perhaps what he said was true bah. I will take note. Though dont push your luck baby.

This post has been very whiny and full of complaints. YA. I’m whiny. But do give me allowances as a neglected sick patient is always more EMO and grouchy!

Happy new year to all! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

New year resolutions?

Movie title: All’s well ends well 2009
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: I didnt expect much with this director because I watched his films before. But it was quite a funny show lah, with a reasonable plot. That’s all it requires for a comedy. Wu Jun Ru is always funny. =)

I’m now watching Gem Of Life(zhu guang bao qi) on the web. Shant reveal where liao. Because dont know why everytime after I revealed the source, then the site dont work liao. Call it superstitious or what lah. Happens few times liao. It’s a pretty nice show, especially got my fave Ada Choi. Shao Mei Qi and Gigi Lai are very good actresses too. Of course there are still Moses and Bowie Lam who are very good actors. Got 66 episodes though. ZzZz. Actually I’m halfway into The drive of Life(sui yue feng yun) too, hope I got the English title correct. But I just cant seem to finish it, kinda boring leh so my watching speed abit slow. So sorry to hog Ir’s disc so long, arggghhh, I will return soon.

Haven really sit down to think about my resolutions. Rather half-hearted, to be frank. Anyway, I got this new resolution that I will always stick to.

I will never ever lend money to friends(apart from best friends) again.

Because they hardly got returned, despite promised to be returned by a specific time frame. Usually small amounts, I also dont want to bother about it so much but this time round, it’s quite a big amount, to me. Despite the voluntary promise that it will be returned in a week, I’ve only asked for it after 3-4 months. I’m not in any way rich, just have some cash to spare only. And I’m always very particular about owing people money or letting people owe money before the Chinese New Year. And when promises are not being kept again and again, messages and calls are not returned, it’s just disappointment again and again. But FYI, I dont bomb people’s handphone. I only messaged once and called once. Since they’re not returned, then forget it.

The sole reason I lend the money is because I know this particular person has a baby to feed. I dont want a BABY to have an empty stomach, with no milk to drink. Otherwise, I will never lend money to this particular person who always spend his or her money on branded goods despite his or her low earning power. I really dont understand this group of people. Haiz.

Such people shouldnt be parents at all. I really pity his or her baby.

They say money hurts feelings, it’s really true. But my disappointment is not because the money is not returned. It’s because everytime I’m told “I will return by this week. I’ll return $100 first tomorrow.” but it never happens. All are lies. I hold promises dearly. I rather I’m being told, “I cant return now, can return next month when I got my pay?” That, I can accept, I can accept very well. Tell me the truth, instead of bullshitting me again and again.

Another new year resolution will be probably, I will stop treating unappreciative people extra nice again. But I cant be sure this resolution will be followed through because I’m such a softie at heart. I just wish to give, I’m more of a “give” than “take” person. For example, it’s my wish to store every single friend’s or colleague’s birthday and just wish them happy birthday every year, even when I’m not very close with some of them. That’s why sometimes some of them are charmingly surprised and some will ask me who am I. Haha. But I just feel happy when they’re happy to receive the wishes. Of course I dont mean I send to strangers lah, all are people I know. But perhaps not super well lah. Er if I dont send you sms on your birthday, I probably DONT KNOW when is your birthday. Else, I will put them in my handphone to remind me every year.

Back to topic, I also dont know why I want to treat the few unappreciative ones nicely when they’re not appreciative at all. Most of them are clients actually. Some think that I just want to curry favor them or something. But common lor, I treat all clients the same, no matter you got money or not. And please dont think I treat people nice is because I want people to appreciate me nor I want people to feel grateful to me. NO. I expect nothing in return, but that doesnt mean I dont even enjoy the basic courtesy and good social etiquette. Anyway, I’m lazy and also dont wish to elaborate much here lah because if you’re my friend, you will understand me, if you’re not, you simply wont.

Some might muse out loud, “chey I also didnt ask you to treat me nicely nor so well, you ownself willingly do it one, I also didnt force you.” *clap clap* Very well said! Just imagine, you, treating someone you cared about nice and that person mouth to you “chey I also didnt ask you to treat me nicely nor so well, you ownself willingly do it one, I also didnt force you.” Hmmmm……how that feels? I haven heard that before but I guess it hurts huh. On a mean note though, I always believe what goes around comes around. It’s okay not to appreciate anyone or me for that matter, but believe Karma or not, there will be someone else out there whom you care and love, who dont appreciate you just like the way you dont appreciate other people.

When that happens, you will realised it’s your karma~

I always prefer people to owe me than me owing people. Because that’s such an uneasy feeling. Off hand I cant think of anyone whom I owe apart from my parents and my hubby. Perhaps some really nice suitors. But as I’m not the kind who will lead people on for my own advantage, I dont think I owe them alot, perhaps just a few meals bah or a few small gifts. No diamonds or handphones whatever lah. =P As for clients, *think hard*. NO. I really dont feel I owe them in any way because I have NEVER because of my own benefits to con people to buy policies from me despite how a particular person has spread rumours about me. MY CONSCIENCE IS CLEAR. If any client dont believe me, it’s okay, I know GOD believes me, that my intentions has been kind from the start. =)

I’m sorry that some investments might be suffering a loss right now but who are actually making money now? Nobody. Even myself suffered losses. So we all just have to WAIT for the economy to recover, which I believe it will, it just takes time.

Perhaps I owe my 3years ex bf bah. He used to love me alot and treated me like a princess while I totally took him for granted. Well, I guess I got my retribution. He two-timed me and I got dumped rather heart-brokenly. Although, to me, what he did was rather understandable and not unpardonable. I’m really really bad lah that time. But, I also suffered alot when we broke up, so perhaps I also didnt owe him thatttt much lah since I “paid” back alittle.

I can never return my parents’ kindness enough. Dont think I need to elaborate why. As for my hubby, well, he has been tolerating my occasional tantrums and harsh tones all the time. Eh sorry, am trying hard to control the tone I speak. This will be my new year resolution too!

Anyway, I’m very glad the unappreciative people are not the very important people in my life and I’m glad the most important people in my life, mummy and hubby appreciates me, as well as some best friends. And I appreciates them and loves them much too. =) My bros dont appreciate me much though. Hope they understand when they get older and use their insurance money wisely. Much of my pay goes there. =S

Side note; (I dont really care if colon should be used this way OK)
My stupid hubby hor, did a horrible thing to me today!

First, he messaged me “miss you yun yun”. Mushy lah I know. It’s the first time he called me thatttt though. Of course I messaged the essentials back, which is, “I miss you too xiaohong”. Okie it’s meant to be funny, his chinese name got a hong lah. But his name is not sissy at all lah, I deliberately called him this way. Okie before you puke to death, let me finish.

Right after that “miss you” message, and right after I’ve replied, I received another message, ‘sorry send wrongly” from him.

Chao turtle! I know it’s one of his tricks again but really cant take it off my chest. So I picked up my phone and want to scold him upside down. he was laughing when he answered the call.



Zao wan gei ta qi si……….

I re-read the entry and realised it was a pretty sensitive entry. But I’m lazy to edit it as some are not sensitive issues. Rather than password locking it, I’m leaving it.

Greedy people are such a turn-off

I really feel like leaving a comment at to tell the owner HOW CRAZY I think of the pricing she has of her items.

I think many brides have the same frustration as I do, that is, every SINGLE, SIMPLE little thing has been doubled or even tripled on pricing just because they’re associated with weddings. The same quote got passed all around, “it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing”, followed by fake smiles by the promoters, whoever is trying to fleece your money. YAH, it is a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for ME but it’s not going to be a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for YOU. You’re not going to DIE after doing whatever favour you’re going to do for me. You will still continue your business WITH OTHER COUPLES after me right? So there’s no right to super-overcharged me just because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime-thing for me unless you’re super renowned for your work and has some sort of branding. Even the prices of paintings by mediocre artists only soar highly after they DIE and not when they’re still alive and still continue to paint and paint.

On the contrary, I can accept exorbitant prices of hotel rooms, or flowers or travelling during peak or festive seasons like Valentines day etc BECAUSE for these businesses, their main income sources are from these festive seasons. You hardly see hotels being fully filled up on normal days. They’re usually only 10-20% full on normal days and just imagine the costs of overhead and fixed costs for mere maintenance. And people seldom buy flowers too, unless for red or white events. So the higher prices during peak seasons are actually essential for their survival. I can totally understand.

BUT, it’s not the case for weddings what. WHOLE YEAR ROUND also got weddings, like several hundreds in a year. It doesnt have a peak or non-peak season. When couples divorced, they’re likely to re-marry and have ANOTHER wedding. Rebirth, recycle, re-use, I think of it this way. So there’s no excuse you dont have enough wedding couples to earn your money from! So stop fleecing poor brides like me!

Makeup, photography are pretty subjective and depends on your needs. Because as a make-up person, I know how important is makeup and how makeup can change the way you look. As for photography, need I say, different photographers can capture different things. Therefore I have nothing much to say for people who can splurge alot on makeup and photography, we just have different needs and expectations. But I grudgingly, devilishly do hope Kel Koh business drop. Why? Because dammit, his clients are spoiling the photography market big time with their indulgence of $6000-$8000 per actual day shoot by Kel Koh. That is like, for 10hours only. Nahz, anyway he should earned enough lah. Of course as for whether his work is worth that price or not, it’s very subjective because photography is a very personal thing.

BUT, back to topic, charging $50 for a mere angbao box with no more than a few pathetic crystals and 3D flowerart sticked onto it is plain RIDICULOUS!!

Craftsmanship? I didnt see anything more difficult to do for a 5 year old kid. In the name of art? Nope, I didnt see any beautifully painted swans or lovely phoenix being sewed on. Materials? They’re just common CHEAP stuff which you can get. Oh please dont think Swarovski crystals are very expensive. I just got 4 packets of 72pieces each from a spree at $3+ per packet. I dont even remember the exact price because it’s so cheap.

So, what, just stick 7 pieces of crystals onto a lousy pen will deem it worthy with a price tag of $7($15 for 2)?? Are they even PILOT pens?

And such a simple guestbook sprinkled with coloured dust coupled with 2 stick figurines of the couple’s head cut out from photo plus some sticked-on flowers, she want to sell it at $60?? Precious Moment Guestbook also only $20+ lor.

Ha. Sweet lace confetti cones, what a nice name.

What the X?X is those confetti cones made from coloured paper with sticked-on lace and some silly stickers? $15 for 6? Put candies inside will turn GOLD huh?

Reallyyyyyyyyy feel like smacking her head. 简直是异想天开! Dont know who will buy lor. The only comment she got was for asking quotation because price wasnt stated. OB quack.

Seriously, either she CANT COUNT(her maths most probably fail), or else she’s terribly GREEDY! I’m really very sick of such people. People who spend little effort on their stuff and dream on selling for a high profit. She dont EVEN have a basis to back up. At least Kel Koh have a basis for his pricing. and of course he’s an award-winning photographer too.

And hor, these lousily kneaded clay figurines, they looked exactly like those life-sized paper figurines which people burn for the DEAD, GOOD HEAVENS! And she’s charging $50 for them. OH MY GOD, something must be terribly wrong with her eyes and taste for she called them “cute”!

I really dont know what the hell she’s up to. $15 for 6. These bubble bottles need to tie ribbon meh? Then what, tie ribbon liao then can sell at a high price for profit? Wah lau. If you want a high profit, anyone with brains also wont buy because it’s practically tying those bottles with ribbons only! And if she set a low price, how much profit can she possibly make?

It really reminds me of bo liao people who sell stationary like liquid paper la or pens lah at Ebay. I saw them when I was surfing for gloves. They’re selling like $1 or $2 but who will buy? Alamak, if buy still have to top up for postage, is it even worth it or not? If selling price is $1 or $2, can make how much profit leh? And even if it’s realllyyyy cheaper, with all the trouble just for a pen or liquid paper….I wonder who will buy? Arloz, if so, the person who will be interested to buy must be damn broke lah and cant afford internet at all la! I might be really crude, but sometimes, sigh, I dont understand how the brains of these people work sometimes. ZzZz. Why not just give them away, isnt it better and simpler?

It’s not that angbao boxes, wedding pens, or ring stands etc CANNOT be sold at a price of $30, $50 or above. Of course they can! BUT they must be worthy of that price! Just look at those pictures, those of the guestbook or angbao boxes. They’re SO COMMON, who cares if they’re 1-of-a-kind or customizable? The design is just not very understanding, it’s merely passable. So why would I care to have a very ordinary design which is 1-of-a-kind in Singapore or the whole world for that sake? Yes, for such a mediocre design being sold at such a price, if I really buy it, then I’m really “1-of-a-kind-world-class-idiot”.

Just wait and watch. My angbao box will certainly surpasses hers in any way and I’m gonna do it myself. *smirks*