Christmas Eve 2010

Wow! This few weeks had been a whirlwind of events! It’s no wonder I’m too busy to update this space of mine, nor remember the sequence of events. Hahaha! Hopefully I didnt get them wrong.

Christmas Eve

Afternoon was spent with my lovely colleagues. It was time to reveal who was whose angel and who was whose mortal! Few months ago, we started this game called Angel & Mortal. Everyone will be  someone’s angel as well as mortal. Angels were supposed to encourage and care for our mortals, by ways of dropping cards or little gifts into our individual Xmas baggie. We had 2 chances to guess our angel but alas, it’s so difficult as our agency is pretty big. So very few people got it right. I did, because my angel hinted me at the very last minute. So I escaped from the forfeit, which was potatoe chip/cake dribbling down the face. Lol.

And guess what, my angel was also my mortal!! And he is Remus! What a coincidence! Because few years ago, he was also my angel in this game. The whole event took more than 6hours since 12pm. Other than our potluck Xmas buffet luncheon, we also prepared Xmas gifts for our mortals. As everyone was both an angel and mortal, everyone got a gift as well. =D Oh a few lovely colleagues also gave dearie and me pressies. Thank you all!!

If you haven noticed, Oli’s card is handmade! So prettyyyyyy! =)

Adrian & I thank you all!!! =D


These pressies are for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ =D

Thank you all!! Pretty difficult to find a frame to fit all the pictures. Only had to place them as per their size, still pretty squeezy. Argghhhhhh~

I love all the gifts! =D Some were received after Xmas but I put them together. =)

Suan knows I love leopard prints and so, she got me a leopard prints scarf as well as HELEN’s purple leopard prints hairband. Haha. Irene got me serum for my dry, frizzy permed hair. =D And Cel know I love masking so Missha, TheFaceShop & 我的美丽日记 masks for me. =) Lovely orange mug from Remus. Yummy Almond Roca from Lin, and last but not least, Precious Moments Magnetic photo frame from Gra. I actually had a similar Xmas pressie before. Haha. Love love love! 

I’m really very very paiseh lah because we didnt prepare any Xmas pressies. =X Firstly, we dont really have that habit of preparing/giving Xmas pressies. Secondly, was realllllllllyyyyyyyyy too busy this Nov and Dec. =(

After the event, actually we were realllllyyyy very tired. But we had to eat anyway, so we went PS, Tea Cosy to have my favorite foie gras. =D Isnt it almost the perfect place to have a Xmas dinner? The cafe just oozed Xmas ambiance, albeit abit messy la. =P

Oh yes. I just suddenly learned that Photoscape can insert cuteeee and prettyyyy graphics like these! Ya lor stupid me, now then know. =P Okie, in future my pictures might have alot of these act-cute thingy. Haha! I’ve reviewed Tea Cosy many times so I shall skip this time. Their pan-seared foie gras and tomatoe & crabmeat bisque will always be my favorite. =D Dearie said his prawn aglio olio waas merely OK though.

After our dinner and some window shopping, dearie fetched me to Cel & Sean place for mahjiong with Ken and Jov. =P

When it was around 10seconds to midnight, all of us(mj players) called up our other halves to wish Merry Xmas and mouth sweet things. =D It was pretty funny as we totally threw all reservations away and started to…”Darling/honey/dear, Merry Xmas, I love you always. Smuacks smuacks! =D”

After that we resumed our mahjiong. Haha. Oh it was a lucky night as I won $170(I think). The most which I’ve ever won! Hope it lasts. Haha!


I love being real toOoooooo *Updated*

Busy as a bee. Mainly because today(now) is dearie’s birthday eve and I’m celebrating the eve as well as actual day with him. =D Spent some time(and lots of money. =X) planning and hope he like what I plan for him la. Which is actually also not alot of things. Stay tuned for his birthday post then. =)

Met up with Lin just now and we had a hell of a discussion. Mainly we’re kpkb with some frustrations in our lives. =P But okok lah, small things. I complain complain awhile okie liao. Thanks for hearing me losoh. *paiseh*

Got 2 items from her blogshop, ilovebeingreal. =D

Totally love their layout. It’s super refreshing, vibrant and cheerful~ And totally generous number of pictures as to side/front/back view as well as super close-up views!

Dont know why my pictures turn out blur on wordpress. Visit ilovebeingreal better, for brighter, sharper pictures.

And I love the 2 items below because of the very comfy material and most important of all, they’re TRUE TO PIC! I got exactly what I expected and perceived. Thumbs up!

Vanity Corner Chiffon Romper

The prints are super kawaii and unique! Perhaps I haven mention before but I dislike having ordinary and common items. I love simple yet UNIQUE items. =) And lately I have this obsession with rompers. HAHA!

2nd item~

Navy Cotton Jacket

Oh, this came up to be abit shorter than I’ve expected. I usually prefer jackets or rather trench-coat styles, which reach my upper thigh(as on the model) because it can hide the fact that I have a short torso. HAHA! Hmm…..dont have the habit of checking out dimensions and length, my fault my fault. Still, love the functional pockets and conventionality of the versatile jacket. =)

This is not my first time buying from ilovebeingreal. My first purchase was;

Love it too! Because not only it is true to pic, it’s very flattering as well, make me look very slim, and with slim arms. HAHA! Though it’s actually a short dress, falls well above my knees! Must be careful not to run light. Hmm…just realised clothings on the pretty model Vivian are shorter on me. And I thought my torso is short? Hmm…….weird. She looks(and I suspect she is) taller than me ley~

If you would like to make purchase, simply leave a comment at their entry:
Name | Email | Item/Color | Discount Code (if any) | Referral (if any)

Comments will be screened for privacy (email not shown)
And they will get back to you by email, asap : )

What’s more, they have RealPoints system!! Which makes it worthwhile to order more and always. =)

Add yourself to their mailing list at
or simply leave a comment to enjoy;

♥ launch date alerts 2 days before launch
♥ 15 mins exclusive preview before launch
♥ free normal postage
♥ exclusive promotions coming your way

Enjoy double points for the Christmas Festive Season too!! Almost the best excuse to shop. Haha!


On the other hand, was SUPER disappointed with Fur*******.
I ordered a brown tube top, somehow, a black version DRESS was mailed to me! =.= I’ve emailed them about the error. If they’re going to tell me the one in the pic is a black one, I will just cough blood. If that’s the case, totally not true to pic! Somemore there’s another picture of the black version above it. So it couldnt be the same black top/dress right?

Obviously I wanted the brown.

You see. Only this 2 pictures. Not very clear too. Plus there are NO other descriptions of the colours available nor state it’s a top or a dress. It looks more like a top isnt it? DUhz. I simply ordered by code in the website.

So now you know how important is “true-to-pic”!


Fion Lim
to Fur*******

show details 3:10 AM (11 hours ago)

I want the item
which is brown in colour but a black one was being delivered to me.

I hope you dont tell me the one in the picture is actually black?


to me
2:05 PM (15 minutes ago)

Hi dear,

First of all,we could like to apologies for any inconvenience caused.
The dress is in black color.
Colors shown in the pictures may not correspond 100% to those in the items themselves due to differences in monitor setting as we have stated in our blog.
Sorry once again and we sincerely seek for you understanding.
Thank you.


My reply to them

But the top and bottom picture looks totally different in colours.
When you never state which colours are available NOR state whether it’s a top or dress AT ALL,
people will naturally think there are 2 colours available since they look so different!
If this is your service to a first time customer then I’m terribly disappointed.
And I didnt ask for a refund at all, I was sincerely hoping for a credit with you so that I can buy
other stuff with you in future. But sadly, your attitude is poor and service is irresponsible.
S$12 to see through a blogshop ethics is still considered cheap.

Definitely the first and last time I’m buying~

And you think your business is good. Perhaps it is, but with your current attitude, it’s hard to go far.
And bad news do travel~

– Show quoted text –

Yes. I’m so mean. =P Heck, spending $12 on nothing. If I know better, will rather donate them away. Another piece of frock taking space in my bulging wardrobe.


Show-offing my gifts from Lin from Bangkok. =DDD Dont jealous okieeeee~

A pouch! So cuteeeee!!

Cutie cake zipper knob!

Behind different design!

For me to mum-mum! =D

Thank you Sweetie!! I love them! =D

I’m soOoo into Xmas mood already!!! =DDDDD

I love Pressies!!

I’m deadbeat!!

Last week, met up with Gra. The pretty princess had just came back from…Hongkong, yup! Eh really, all my friends are flying EVERYWHERE that I lost of track of who and who, when and when, went where and where. =P Lin also just back from Bangkok. Not long ago, Rain also back from Europe. Ya! It’s only me who’s always stuck in boring Sg. =( Humph! But I’m going Tokyo next year!! Before April. Great! =D

I didnt actually planned to meet up with Gra but I was at Clementi seeing my family doctor as I was sick. And because he’s such a great doctor, I always have to wait up to 45minutes for my turn. I tried seeing other doctors but I hate it. Not only are their charges more expensive, I ended up being miserable and didnt recover at all. So I always stick to the famous Dr Tan from Jurong Dispensary located in Clementi. It’s my habit to register for my number first and then go and take my lunch or loitter around to buy time.

Clementi Hawker centre has re-opened. Definitely cooler, cleaner and bigger. I didnt notice whether the prices has gone up alot or not because aiya, hawker, also wont expensive till where lah. After my dinner, realizing I still have alot of time left(before my turn), I went to queue at KOI. It’s NEVER my passion to queue standing up for bubble tea but dont know why that day I had a craving for KOI’s tea. I thought I can buy 1 more cup for Gra who was staying at Clementi too since she loves KOI bubble tea.

And so I trotted to the end of the long long queue which comprised of mainly students.

What is it that students eat nowadays that make them SO TALL huh?? Wah lao. All of them were like at least 1.65m AND ABOVE and I’m like a gin na amidst all the students. (=.=)”’ Not helping especially when I’m in my flats, spag top with shorts with no makeup loh. I was just about to start thinking what should I have for myself when an uncle right in front suddenly turned 180degrees behind to look at my direction, pointing a finger enthusiastically. Dont know for what? He got all of us(the crowd which he pointed at) curious and started staring at one other.

It became so comical when I stared at the tall tall female students behind me with them staring back at me in the same odd manner. Finally they pointed at themselves, silently asking the uncle was he referring to them. When he started to shake his head and continued to point at us, I started to………..point 1 finger at myself disbelievingly, inquiring.

He started to nod his head vigorously and signaled me to come forward.


But I dont know him leh.

Anyway, I just gong gong went forward…thinking hopefully the students will still allow me to go back to queue at my original position after the uncle finished whatever he wanted to tell me that is.

Who knows, the uncle said, “I dont want to buy liao. You take my place okie? Dont waste it.” with a smile, and motioned me forward to take his place, without lifting a finger on me.

I was like, “Errrrrrrrrrrrr…………then thanks hor!”

He smiled and left.

Wah! It was like the most amazing thing which happened to me this year(ya, my life so boring. =P)

There was just another ONE guy infront, before it’s my turn. And guess what, the guy infront turned behind, and said, “You can go first.”

I croaked, “Wh-aa–t? Why???” Auntie my age cannot take too many surprises in a short span of 5minutes.

Then he waved his handphone and said his friend haven decide what to drink, so I can go first.

Ohhh…….I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked him. At least I felt better. Though I was still pretty embarrassed for being infront of the queue just like that. But what’s done was done lor.

When it’s my turn, I “recited” my order of Gra’s drink as I know she drinks Oolong tea. When it’s time to order mine, I blanked out.

“I want………I want………..I want…………..I want…………..shit!”

I cant decide what to drink! Because I did not have any time to think before I was “teleport” to the front of the queue!

The young cashier giggled, obvious with my confusion at choosing the drinks. She was very kind, she did not look impatient nor pushed me for an answer. Anyway, I anyhow blabbed Passion fruit red tea with my usual 50% sugar level and got off the queue. Promptly called Gra and told her I will be dropping by to pass her her favorite KOI tea(I knew she’s at home) but she insisted on coming out as she did not want me to walk so far to her house. Aiya, it was okie lah since I had so much time on hand.

I got my queue number and waited around for my drinks to be ready. Either I’m too sensitive or what, I kept feeling that eyes on me. (=.=)”’ So I hid behind a pillar and only popped out when my number was beeped.

We met up at MOS burger.

My passion fruit red tea with 50% sugar was a wrong choice. Sigh. I’m so sure if I finished the whole cup I will kanna diabetes. So I merely drank 20% of it. =( But I’m glad Gra enjoyed her Oolong tea. =)

The lovely chit bought me some pressies from Hongkong!! Guess what are they? Hee!

Kawaii bracelet!!!

I simply LOVE it!!

My wrist is very small so most of the time, it’s very difficult for me to buy bracelets or bangles. But this one fits me perfectly! Most probably because Hongkong-ers are skinny. =P

Majolica Majorca Palette!

Pretty pretty!

Haven try them but I think it’s lip gloss cum eye shadow palette. Haha.

Thanks sweetie!!

After that, dearie came to find me and I accompanied him to eat while Gra went home. =)

Had a lovely time meeting her. =D


Actually now then I realised why my blog seldom got pictures, other than the fact I have very few nice ones(of mine) to post to start with.

It’s because I tend to have alot of thoughts at night.
That’s when I will start to have the inspiration to blog.
When I said “at night”, it’s actually like 3am+.
So at this hour, I’m usually with my bed with my snoring dearie beside me.

All lights off, except my kawaii little Victorian bedside lamp.
Cuddled in my lovely quilt, it’s just not very conducive to get the camera, sync it to com, upload and bla bla bla.

Yup, that explains my anniversary post is still going to be delayed.

But well, I can entertain you with a few interesting events last week.

Met up with Kat and Suan for luncheon and it’s Suan’s and my secret mission to present Kat with her belated pressie from Kaori’s Creations. Gra was still suffering from jet lag, hence didnt join us but she got a share in the pressie too!

Pics grabbed from the site. Hur, so shiok to merely “copy image location”. HA!

Elektra Bronze Pendant Necklace

Elektra Ribbon bracelet

Elektra Earrings

Nice or nottttttttttttttttttttttttt?

Nice rightttttttttttttttttttttttttt!! =D

So happy that Kat loves it. In fact she removed her current earrings and started to wear the new pair, together with the necklace. =D

We(Suan, Kat and me) also got Gra’s pressie also from Kaori’s Creations.

Akemi Earrings

Akemi Celestial Necklace

I love the fact that the necklace can be worn in 4 ways!

The gold-plated necklace can be worn in 4 ways, with adjustable lengths
1) Short (3 tiers) – 44cm (as shown in far left picture)
2) Mid (2 tiers) – 66cm
3) Long: (semi 2 tiers) – 88cm (as shown in middle picture)
4) With a tail, kinda like a lariat-style (as shown in far right picture)

It’s totally HER! Pink and sweet, that’s Gra’s style. While Kat is more of bronze and gold stuff. Actually I LOVE both collections. =D

Do support Kaori’s Creations!!!

Kat’s beau, T was around too. And we had a long chat at a restaurant as well as in BakerzInn at JP.

Somehow, the topic of how Kat escaped from the death gallows last time came up. I’ve heard a very simplified version from Gra’s mouth before, that Kat’s boat sank in the South China Sea before reaching their destination in one of her diving trips and they have to thread water for 2hours plus before a boat passed by and saved them.

Wow! The shock, fear and impact was so understated. When we finally got the whole story from Kat’s mouth, Suan and me were like……..stunned. It was almost the same as “Titantic” except it’s at a smaller scale of like perhaps 40 people. It was not a very small boat like sampan or anything. It was a 3 storey boat, with cabins to sleep, with deck to sun tan etc. You know?!

Kat is a very good story teller. As in she’s very expressive and our pupils were simply enlarged to their max when we’re listening.

The part where she laughed at herself being silly when she thought the water in the cabin was an accident of some idiot who probably overturn a bucket of water? WHEN it’s actually because water had submerged into the boat itself!!

The part where all people were being called to the deck to be announced of the news that the boat had been submerged with water…and to be advised of there’s not enough life jackets on the boat!!

The part where all people on the deck were trying to rush down to the cabins to get the life jackets, diving suits and whatever they can take to give them higher chance of survival, ONLY TO REALISE the water had already reached the DECK. And there’s no way to go back to take what they want!

The part where all of them were forced to abandon the boat…by jumping into the water with absolutely nothing!! They have to fight for limited life buoys and 6 of them have to share 1 by linking only an arm through it.

The part where they witnessed how the boat slowly sinked infront of them 45degrees at first…and finally full-fledged 180degrees straight down. And all the belongings started to float on the sea’s surface..

The part where they grabbed whatever edible stuff which was floating around them because they dont know how long they will be stucked in the sea before someone saves them. Okie…the part where her friend grabbed a honeydew and put it in the MIDDLE of the lifebuoy did crack us up alittle… well as her colleague witnessing her own GUCCI bag floating away from her.


The anxiety, the desperation……I really cant imagine. It might be just 10times worse than I imagined.

Okie…it will probably be another 10years time before I go on a cruise again. Simply too scary!!

After that, we went for mahjiong!! And I’m a happy girl because I won $110! I seldom win one okie, so I’m so so so so so happy. =D Of course they’re actually nothing compared to the mass amount which I’ve lost over the years. Oh well, I treat them as entertainment expenses to make myself feel better. At least the money goes to my friends and not strangers. And I had fun. =D Oh the weird thing was I was actually terribly sick during the game. Perhaps aircon too strong, I was having flu and fever. Eventually I recovered with Kat’s 爱心 Panadol flu hot remedy sachet. Knowing that it doesnt taste good, she added some orange peel with honey concoction which she got from Korea and it tasted heavenly!!!

She also passed me a nice-smelling bear bear to hug and I was surprised to find it very warm and I stupidly asked, “Why it’s warm?? You put it into the microwave ah??”

She even said “Yes”.

And I said, “WHat??!!!”

She then explained the bear is supposed to be used this way, like it can be put into the freezer if you want it cold too. Oh and it’s nice-smelling because it’s Lavender “flavour”. One of the few bizarre cute stuff I heard of. Lol. Of course, with all these 爱心treatment, eventually I recovered and got super lucky. And I dont know why?? Then T jokingly remarked Kat should take back her bear. =( Dont like that la……. =P

It feels like heaven when your good friend takes care of you when you’re feeling sick. And of course, feels like hell for the opposite.

Still, I’m very happy for all the good friends around who have lend me a hand or listening ear whenever I need them. =D Love ya all!

Random Pics

Busy busy busy.

Some random pics for updates. Quick entry

From dear hubby on Valentines Day(Chu 1).
It came as a total surprise as we’re like 老夫老妻 liao. Moreover we were still so busy with buying stuff to fill up the fridge. He meant to buy me a necklace but changed his mind and asked me what I want instead for fear that I dont like what he bought(typical Sg guy. zzzz). But I cant think of anything and certainly dont want any more jewellery so I said this year no need lah. But “roll over” to next year. LOL. Thanks honey. Smuacks.

STA’s celebration Dinner.

Yu Sheng


Buddha jump over the wall. Shiok!


Crispy chicken skin with squid meat. This tasted so good, even better than the above.


Was this duck? Kinda dont remember


Steamed fish


Drunken prawns

Forgot to take pic of the noodles and dessert because was busy eating. Haha. Longan with mango.

We ate them like a banquet but it was a special catering arrangement because they actually set up a movable kitchen at our company area for the 10 tables banquet. Very very yummy! But I think price not the normal catering price lah, and minimum is 10 tables.



Days ago went Jurong Point and had dessert at 记得吃.


Beancurd. Not bad but Rocher better.

I find their dessert pretty expensive. Their tau huay was like more than 2 bucks when it’s selling around $1 or less at many places, e.g, Rocher & CCK Blk 302, nicer too!


Glutinous rice with mango.

This is GOOD. Must try! It’s so soft, doesnt taste like glutinous rice at all. Cold cold one. Refreshing. This is around $4+ I think. Expensive but I didnt see this elsewhere. =)


Gift from Hui for new house!


I dont know what’s it called. Keep warm pot? Or tabao pot? Haha Serves dual purpose anyway. I really need it because mummy always ask us to go home to eat her cooking despite we had moved out. And sometimes if we’re too late, it’s better to tabao back. =)

Oh she got me a “cute” mop from Tangs too. It’s a type where you can turn easily with little effort to tumble dry the mop. Very useful. Thank you!!

Lastly, I got this just now at Boss’s home.

北风北! 自摸十三么!!!

My 1st time! Happy. Heez!

That’s all folks

Suddenly remembered I long time didnt post movie reviews.

Anyway just watched “Percy Jackson, the lightning thief”. It’s nice!! Go watch it! You will love it if you’re fascinated with greek legends like me. =) I prefer this than Harry Potter actually.

Xmas Surprises!

I received a few surprises today! Christmas pressies from my colleagues. They are a surprise because when I gave them Xmas pressies this year, I dont expect anything back. And particularly when this culture is not really prominent in the office. I dont really give Christmas gifts all the time too, just dont have that culture ya. I dont eat turkey lah, I dont eat Christmas dinners la, I dont sing Christmas carols lah, I dont exchange Christmas gifts lah, probably because my friends also dont practice such customs. But this year, call it a flash of interest. But it’s really no joke to wrap 20+ pressies, even though I did not wrap it very very nicely, not that I didnt try! My back ached!

Merry Xmas!

Diamante pendant on chain from Mary

Pink piggy wrist rest from Tanny

Micky & Minnie couple picture frame from Cat. Oh she bought from HK.

Another couple picture frame from Terry. Look like a pair of boobies to me. HAHA.

Precious Moments couple mini picture frame from Sandra.

Okie. I think I’ve developed some sort of phobia towards Precious Moment after my ROM. Lol. Nevertheless, they’re still very sweet. Thanks to all my sweet colleagues, they’re all so thoughtful. Smuacks!

Oh Forgot to include Irene’s Xmas gift(because I’ve already opened and use liao. Haha). She gave me a pair of fake eyelashes too. Keke. Thanks so much!!

Oh I forgot to mention what I gave them. Actually I used the same shiny wrapping paper as Sandra. Haha. My pressies mostly includes all sorts of masks(good ones OK), fruitty lip blams and Carebear glosses. =)