Ingredients as below:

Alright, I know I’m not a chef but just let me “act” abit lah. =P)


Spring Onion
black & white pepper
light soya sauce
sasame oil

1) Marinate Codfish with salt, black pepper, white pepper, light soya sauce, cornstarch and few drops of sesame oil, for at least few hours

2) Slice ginger and chop spring onion and garlic(alittle will do) into bits and sprinkle below and on the fish.

3) Then steam it with medium fire(after water boiled la)!!

So easy right? But I’m unable to advise on the duration as that will depend on your wok used, the thickness as well as the temperature of the codfish(how long you took out from the fridge).

A piece like mine(around 10bucks from Cold Storage) and half an hour out from the fridge is perfect after steaming for 13minutes for my wok. Somehow I always feel the “hole” for my wok lid a little too big leh, always have alot of steam escaped. So, you might need to minus few from my timing if your lid has a smaller hole. Usually the normal size of codfish needs 10minutes or less.

The best texture or rather the texture I love best is the above; slightly flaky but not too firm. Dont like nua nua one. =)

Stir-fry long beans with minced meat

long beans
minced pork meat
Ikan billis
oyster sauce (can replace with chopped 虾米 if you like but lesser amount as it’s very salty)
White pepper
Some garlic bits

1) Marinate minced pork meat with salt, pepper, cornstarch
2) Fry the garlic bits with a little oil and then dump in the long beans to stir fry
3) Add oyster sauce and then some water(half a rice bowl) and simmer it for 8-10minutes or so, until sauce thickens
4) Soak ikan billis for 2 minutes, drained till dry and deep fry it for 3min. Put aside.
5) Throw in minced meat into wok. Stir fry together with long beans for 5minutes or so. Add a dash of sugar too. Serve
6) Sprinkle ikan billis on top.

Yakinuku scallops with mushrooms

mushrooms(Japanese mushrooms will be great, if not substitute with sliced canned mushrooms)
Oyster sauce
Yakinuku sauce
black pepper
light soya sauce

1) Marinate scallops with black pepper, salt, light soya sauce, oyster sauce, cornstarch for at least few hours
2) Fry some garlic bits with mushrooms and yakinuku sauce. Add water and then starch water to thicken sauce. Put aside
3) Grill the scallops, add some water if too dry. Simmer for few minutes each on both sides
4) Throw in mushrooms(together with it’s sauce), stir fry together and serve

You might ask why need to fry mushrooms and scallops separately. Well, I always feel mushrooms have a heavy “mushroom” smell/taste, especially Japanese mushrooms(a must to soak them for awhile). So I fry them separately so that my scallops wont have too much of the “mushroom” smell/taste. That’s how I guess la, but I could be wrong. =P


My 1st (real) cooking experience!

I’m so dead beat. Shifted home on tues and spent like 20 hours to unpack! It’s all worth it though, to finally have your own home. =)

The house is still abit messy because still left like 10% haven finished clearing. Even Vickki has not shift over yet. But probably today or tomorrow. I do miss her, when I’m free and settled down. I’m simply too busy to have time to really miss her nor my family.

I have to blog about my 1st cooking experience though. To be exact, of course it’s not the first time I cook. I’ve cooked a couple of occasions but those are only maggie mee, fried eggs, fried ham and salads. This time round is the real thing manz! We went shopping and bought the ingredients. It was a pretty spontaneous decision which dearie dreads. Hahaha.



My Virgin Sweet and Sour prawns

I’m soOooO proud of myself. =D

At first bite, I think my pupils expanded alot. Because, I didnt expect it to be SO NICE! Lol. I must have sound BHB. Truly, I really didnt expect it to be nice AT ALL! HAHAHA. I almost cant believe how succulent the prawns turned out with the sauce perfect. =D

“娶了我..是你的福气!” I remarked. Lol.

Dearie said it’s yummy too. It made everything worthwhile. But after awhile, I think he regretted praising me because I was hao-lian-ing for the whole night. LOL.


Ham with Asparagus
Beef with Enoki

All thanks to my Toyomi deep fryer. I think it works great and doesnt make my kitchen oily at all. The former tasted great but the latter is merely so-so. I think I didnt put enough seasoning. Hey…I thought we should appreciate the real and original taste of beef mah. Anyway, it’s SO easy to cook the ham with asparagus. You dont even need seasoning. Do fry longer as asparagus need longer time than enoki to turn soft. =D

Alright. If you trust whatever I’ve said earlier, LOL, and wished to try out the dishes. The so-called recipes(because I anyhow mix one. HAHA) are below:

Sweet & Sour Prawn

1 packet of shelled prawns
1 red capsicum
1 yellow capsicum
Half can of canned pineapple, drained
1 tomatoe

1) Marinate the prawns in sesame oil, salt, pepper and corn-starch
2) Quarter the capsicum, tomatoe
3) Chop some garlic, stir fry it with little oil and capsicum till soften
4) Add prawns to stir fry awhile. Erm, till lightly pink.
5) Add sweet and sour sauce, ketchup, sugar to fry awhile
6) Add water and mix
7) Add corn-starch water to make the sauce thick
8) Add tomatoe and pineapples to simmer awhile
9) Serve with Rice

Ham with Asparagus
1) Wrap aspargus in ham and secure with toothpicks
2) Deep fry (Toyomi deep fryer-140degrees, for 7-8mins)

Beef with Enoki
1) Marinate beef in black pepper, light soy sauce
2) Wrap enoki with beef (dont wrap too little because enoki will shrink)
3) Deep fry ((Toyomi deep fryer-140degrees, for 6mins)

My reward?



New Tefal 28cm pan(deeper) with Meyer lid.

Because while I was cooking the prawns, I realised the pan was abit too small and not deep enough. Dearie volunteered to buy me a deeper and bigger pan. Haha.

I think the only regret was that the rice was abit hard. My 1st time using Philips Rice cooker. Perhaps next time I will add more water despite it saying level 2 water for 2 cups of rice. Oh well. =)

Sibei happy lah! But hor…frankly speaking, I think it’s all luck. Because I aga aga one. Hopefully everytime cook can same standard. HAHAHA!

(P/S By the way, I rebonded my hair. Will wait for pics from Rain for our pubbing at Ice Cold Beer/BQ =)




让它发胀成大大朵! =D



先煮滚一锅热水,然后倒进slow cooker, 大约75%满。





喜欢的话,也可加西米路丸子(sago) 一样用水浸泡就能大大粒哦!!


很大粒吧!! 哈哈!!
哎呀! 如果人的身体的某个部位也可以轻易这样泡成大大粒,该有多好啊! 哈哈哈!



清热,润肺,养颜。 =D


今天的 “云云小妙厨” 就到这里! 下个星期五,晚上8点,我们再见! 谢谢!