The thing with photoshop and rising bloggers

I dont have an issue with massive photoshopping pictures especially when I understand where popular bloggers are coming from; that everything must be nice nice, sui sui on their blogs.

But hor, can have a consistent standard in the photoshopping or not? As in, photoshop to the “same pretty face” lah. Some pictures looked as different as day as night! Despite as ravishing as they can be, they totally looked like different people. It calls to mind that even photoshopping can have a professional standard. Hmmm………. XX’s photoshopping skills is pretty good, for 90% of her photoshopped pictures looked pretty much the same. At least people who dont know about her(photoshopping) or people who havent seen her before might be conned into believing she really looks like that.

I cant say the same for her. And it boggles me how some bloggers, after risen to fame,  can totally change 360degrees. While I perfectly understand the view from her angle, I think it’s unnecessary to spew vulagarities at people like nobody’s business. To which, if she saw this comment, will probably reply, “It’s NONE of your BUSINESS and f*** Y**!” Lol.

You see, no matter whether you’re in the right or wrong, the moment you start cursing and swearing, it just doesnt reflect well on your upbringing and it evidently showed that you’re at a loss of words to defend yourself. Which in turn hints, that you’re guilty at whatever others might be claiming.

Can almost hear her swearing “F*** Y**” at me from a distance like an echo…..”F*** Y**…..F*** Y**….F*** Y**”. Lol. =.=”””””””’

It’s a thin line between being blunt, straight-forward, true-to-yourself, or 真, between downright insolent, haughty, rude and behaving like a total shrew. While the words I used may not be friendly, at least I dont sound like a whore who only got that 2 words in my dictionary.

As much as some bloggers, after risen to fame are trying hard to establish a famous(or infamous) identity and showing people, “I got ATTITUDE OK”, there’s still a tact to go about it. You can be mean, haughty and anything, but if possible, try to veer yourself towards the direction of a classy b*t** than a cheapkate wh***.

There’s a difference. =)


Hmm…what is really the TRUTH behind “Private Affairs”?

Hmm….a follow up to my previous entry

I’ve been innocently(keke) directed to a forum in a comment left behind by a friendly reader(thanks for dropping by yah) Bubao…which further leads me to another few blog links. Apparently, there were a few popular food bloggers who jumped enthusiastically into conclusion and fired mercilessly at ladyironchef first-hand BEFORE he addressed the said issue with the his side of the story.

Two bloggers caught my eye. Glenn Lee from apologized formally on his blog as well as emailed ladyironchef personally after he heard his side of story. *claps* Subsequently, he also deleted the previous entry. Therefore I didnt get to read it, but most probably, it’s not very “nice” maybe.

On the other hand, another unapologetic female food blogger, Kaelyn Ong stands true on her previous entry and further emphasized she’s entitled to her own opinions on her own blog. I have to say she really does express her disgust for Brad well. Haha.

And after reading her 1st entry “STOP asking for free food!” BEFORE Brad made his statement and the 2nd unapologetic entry, End of story #2 AFTER Brad made his statement….again…I cant help…but to form some…opinions and guesses.

She refused to make a public apology for her 1st entry.

I’m not surprised as you can clearly know her personality from the 1st entry. And strictly speaking, indeed she dont have to because she’s entitled to her own opinions on her own blog, no matter whether the content she blogged are half-truths or not. People demand her to apologize is because her blog got traffic, and there were negative impact. It’s also not my business whether she apologizes or not. What boggles me was how she can sound so sure that she had the truth and was totally unapologetic and indignant about holding her “stand”.

There were like 80+ negative comments hammering Brad for that misleading post.

I mean, if you realised you previously blogged an entry criticizing someone with only half-truths and not the whole story, and no matter the truth he claimed is real or not, you will still have doubts, you will still feel abit paiseh right? That you have jumped into conclusion and mislead all your readers?

Hmmm…………….and I cant help forming some opinions and guesses in my head.

Brad Lau and his friends took the brunch on 22nd Aug 2010.

Yahoo fit-to-post entry titled S’poreans outraged over ‘free meal’ blogger was dated on the next day 23rd Aug 2010.

That was probably the first entry to hit the WWW, attracting hundreds of thousands. All other new thread topics on forums or personal blogs were either on the same day or the day after. Singaporeans very efficient on gossips huh~ Keke.

But look at the date of her 1st entry.

It was dated 22nd Aug 2010, the very same day Brad Lau attended the brunch with his friends, and 1 day before the news hit Yahoo Singapore.

She said:

A little bird told me a very disturbing piece of news today:

A rather “famous” food blogger (X) went to a restaurant with a group of friends for brunch this morning. When the bill came, X asked for a waiver cuz he’s a food blogger.

Who is that bird huh?

Who can be soOoo clear with what (supposedly) took place at the restaurant with such painful details?

Who is soOO kpo to tell her first hand on the very day which the incident happened?

She further said:

It may jolly well be a case of miscommunication, but I must admit that I’m quite skeptical. It may be the truth, or it may just be damage control. What is obvious to me though, is the poor attitude displayed. Bringing 3 friends along, being late, and then tossing the credit card when made to pay? Errr, I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound very gracious to me.

That’s right. That doesnt sound gracious but that certainly came with reason. Anyone will be pissed if forced to pay a pretty big bill IF he was entitled to a complimentary meal OR misleaded into thinking that it should be complimentary. She’s not quite skeptical. She totally disregards ALL the proof which he presented and not 1 sentence was being said about analyzing(like how I did) his account’s credibility. She merely kept harping on his attitude, lateness, bring friends along….nahz…those are minor issues(not that I meant it’s acceptable) when compared with the major issue at hand; whether was it a food-tasting invitation etc.

And what I found even more mind-boggling is this;

To X: If you happen to read this and decide to take your petty revenge by writing a lousy post slamming that restaurant, I dare you to. Count yourself lucky that the kind chef gives you and your bunch of friends that 50% discount. If I’m the chef, you can wait until the cows come home for that discount.

P.S. The blogger X is a ’he’, but his blog sounds like a ‘she’. If that’s not clear enough, I don’t know what is.


Lol. It’s SO ironic when a blogger who just slammed another blogger’s face down in dirt with a nasty entry can end it with the word “Peace“.

It’s like, “Hey you’re (*&^%$#$%^&*&^%$%^ and I totally despise you for what you’ve done! By the way, PEACE okie.”


Alright. I just feel the last paragraph was like over-the-edge. And I wondered if you have the same view as me, that is, she is totally biased in the restaurant, Private Affairs’s favor.

Whoever that bird is, she seems to trust him/her completely that she heard the truth and in her heart, she has already condemned Brad no matter what evidence he produces. I.e, She is not objective.

It’s just a guess; I feel she’s affiliated in some way with the restaurant, Private Affairs. However, since her sense of “integrity” seems to be “bursting” in her entry so I’m more likely to believe no monetary gains were involved. Young, impulsive and prudish as she is, she’s more likely naively being used as a tool by the same restaurant who used Brad for advertisement.

Woah seh! The marketing for Private Affairs “rocks” manz. Just a budget of $435-$160=$275 can attract so much “awareness”. Li hai! For that, the operations director Ross Valentines was similarly guilty as charged because apparently, he took part in the whole farce too.

As much as I’m opinionated in my own blog, it’s never my intention to, you know, get all heated up in other people’s debate/gossip(whatever you call it), act all holy righteous and mighty to attract ANY attention. Friends who know me know that I dislike attention of any sort. And I do treasure it(low blog traffic wise) because I can write (almost) anything I want on my blog and not affect anyone negatively.

Why I feel extremely hostile towards Suzanna Low is because I cant imagine anyone, for the sake of blog traffic, subject another man to public flogging BEFORE he make a public statement. In short, I dont like people who use other people for their own gains. And I’m one who treasures reputation more than life. Haven you heard of 誓可杀,不可辱? I rather die with glory than live with shame.

I’m very sure I will write VERY differently if my blog traffic is as busy as XX because I KNOW what I write can pull a man up OR pull him down. But since I’m a nobody, I think I can enjoy the freedom of writing my own views on my own blog.

*Updated* ladyironchef & Suzanna(Low life)

Few days ago, Dearie mentioned about a particular SG food blogger who refused to pay for his meals at a restaurant after declaring he, as a food blogger, never pays.

Me: Which food blogger so 贱?

Dearie: ladyironchef

Me: Ohhhhh, that’s the idiot who gave a grossly over-rated review for Taste Paradise‘s dimsum!

Considering how Lin, KS and me were conned into visiting the expensive restaurant which serves mediocre dim-sum, I was thinking, “Serves him right!”

Dearie: The restaurant eventually gave him a big discount but he still threw the credit card on the table. And now the whole food blogger community were saying how he had tainted their reputation and disgraced them.

Yahoo news: Food-blogger-who-asks-for-free-meal-sparks-outrage-online

Despite so, the kaypo me digged up his supposedly-famous-but-now-notorious-food-blog at just now and began to read. I knew there bound to be some explanations trying to justify/deny the accusations. He did. By the way, I just got to know it’s a “he”. Oh my, no matter what is his once-in-a-lifetime-story for the name, I still feel it’s very gu-niang lor.

But after I saw his pic……….

Ok. Now I understand.

Alright, so he related/claimed the TRUTH, here

There were tons of screen shots. But to cut the story short, he claimed/said he didnt barge into the restaurant, had an expensive meal, declared that he’s a food blogger and refused to pay. Instead, the PR manager Melanie had invited him with a guest of his to a food-tasting session. And of course, by his definitions, it meant, “Woohoo! Shiok la! Another free meal. But I have to review it sui-sui(awesomely/fantastically/amazingly).”

Hng! Just like how the review of Taste Paradise came about huh~ 简直是一派胡言!!

Anyway, for his screen shots, I kinda dont understand why the need to screen some parts of the email which is vitally important.

For example;

Greetings from XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Oh please, everyone got the gossip first hand in Yahoo and everyone knows which restaurant already. Is there a need to screen it? We dont even know if Melanie exists, so greetings from WHO is definitely necessary to clear the air. Subsequently, all details of the sender were being screened. So the screen shots did not help at all as who the hell know Melanie?? She could be a PR manager for another eatery or just someone with a common name.

Okie, ASSUMING, that the print screens were all real and Melanie does exists as a PR manager for Private Affairs….

Well, then this Melanie is really foul-play. As it’s commonly understood that a food-tasting invitation comes complimentary. And if she dont intend for that, it’s only right to state the prices of the brunch for all, if not, for the 3rd and 4th guest since she extended the invitation to Brad Lau and a guest of his. Also, never should she use the phrase “food-tasting“, she can perhaps say “we will be honored with your patronage and sincerely await your arrival with your guests whenever you’re comfortable.” etc.

It’s kinda ridiculous if someone invites you as humbly as possible for a food-tasting session twice and remarked that, “Oh please do bring along a friend and we’re be delighted to see you bla bla” and then after that demands innocently yet maliciously, “Oei, bill is $435. Pay, you idiot! You didnt expect all is free huh, you greedy pig.”

Why I said she’s foul play was also because she didnt directly reply the email which Brad was indirectly asking whether it’s complimentary for the 3rd and 4th guests he’s bringing. And even the SMS she replied was ambiguous. Still, Brad can only blame himself for over assuming and thinks not only there are free lunches in this world, there are also free champagne for him and his friends.

DGG lah. DAN-GU-GU=Wait long long.

A-S-S-U-M-E => When you a-s-s-u-m-e, you make an ass out of U and ME.

The chick chit, I mean, did however admitted indeed he threw the credit card on the table.

Silly boy. Throw credit card on the table got what use?

He should ask to see Melanie and throw it at HER instead. Haha.

From what I see, this whole episode was a highly malicious act by Private Affairs to advertise for themselves by stepping on people’s head. But you know what, that will probably be the last restaurant on Earth that I will go. For they stink to the core with their despicable act.

Anyway, assuming that every and everything are true(about what he claimed/said), being a food blogger(or so, as he proudly prided himself as), it’s still unprofessional to give a biased review after a free meal, without any disclosure of it being free at all.

I have more respect and certainly more trust in food bloggers who reviews for food that they paid for. Or the very minimum, DISCLOSE that the food are complimentary when you give a review. That’s only respecting your integrity as well as your readers.

I’m not a fan of his blog but I have guessed that he writes unjust and dishonest reviews while enjoying free food. For that, I view Leslie Tay in ieatishootipost with the SAME pinch of salt. Still, I find it amusing. A doctor also like that. Bleh~

No matter whether truth did come to light, he’s finished.
I mean, he’s not dead lah, neither is his blog. But people will not believe or read his reviews already.

Trust takes more than a decade to earn but seconds to destroy.

If only he’s less greedy.



Apparently, Private Affairs are not the only grossly stinky people on Earth. An overly-concerned auntie Miss Suzanna Low had enthusiastically put up the Yahoo! Fit To Post article on her Facebook, hoping to reach as many as she can. She also wrote an article herself, titled You eat. You pay. Even if you’re a famous food blogger.

Miss Bao Qing Tian
Miss 包青天

Ha, spoken like a real outraged and righteous holy maiden, below are some excerpts;

“Such an arrogant attitude has angered the food blogging community, with many claiming that this sort of action tarnishes the good reputation built up by reputable food bloggers.
From my experience, bloggers eat for free only when they have been personally invited by the restaurants or organizers for food blogging events. One example was a Moon Cake tasting event I organized two years ago with the management of the Yan Ting restaurant at The St Regis Singapore for the Flickr food bloggers.
According to another blogger friend of mine, Edvarcl Heng, who used to blog for a food magazine, Lau had already violated restaurant review ethics by declaring his media presence. And according to his friend at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), reviews are always conducted incognito so as to negate restaurant/chef/service bias. Hence, demanding for a free meal equates to bribery.
So Brad, if you are reading this blog, I urge you to come forward with your side of the story. As they say, you can run but you can’t hide forever. And in this Internet age, nothing is forgotten as everything is archived on the World Wide Web.”

Woah! This post was out BEFORE Brad blogged about his side of the story. And as much as I dont hold Brad in very high regard, I think this Suzanna is far far worst!! Stepping on people’s head to gain traffic to her own blog by acting all righteous and dignified.

“You can run but you cant hide forever.”

Hng! I was thinking, “who the hell you think you are?” and how “helpful” you are in making all those “conclusions” and “assumptions” huh when the person in question has not even give an explanation or reply.

And weeks following that, her comment again,

Suzzinc says…
Hi guys,
the truth is out, check out my latest post and Brad’s side of the story.

And guess what, she wrote another entry as a response to Brad‘s reply.

I nearly puked in disgust at the title, Get your facts right before you write

Yeah!! Talking about yourself is it?

Tell yourself one more thing, Auntie Suzanna.

Shut your bloody mouth up and stop adding oil to fire when you dont know what really happened and definitely not BEFORE the person in question responds.

What a lame asshole.

Seriously, I might be mean and all that, but at least I will see what the “victim” has to say first before giving my own views on my own personal blog for my OWN pleasure okie.

Seeing how she act righteous while spreading the article generously online, coupled with her own assumptions to further maligned Brad simply doesnt put her in a very positive light.

Simply cant stand her. She’s probably happily thinking:

“Oh you can run but cant hide forever. Please come forward and pray for your sins. We have you here in WWW. You might be breaking the law for bribery. And behold, “You eat. You pay. Even if you’re a famous food blogger”, just like me! I have so many blogger friends and we will sure put you down. And I will post and spread to to EVERYONE on my facebook so that everyone knows what a farce you are. Please keep up with my blog because I’m a sucker for traffic and loves putting people down to make myself look classier.”

And when the truth is out?

She claimed,Get your facts right before you write

What a joke!

What a low life lamer manz!

She still dare to write:

“The truth has finally emerged from the food blogging scandal surrounding food blogger Brad Lau and restaurant Private Affairs. After being uncontactable and his blog down due to overwhelming traffic from the recent incident blogged by a Yahoo! Fit To Post blogger, Lau has shed some light with his side of the story surrounding the incident.
As a blogger myself, I’ve always felt the need to get my facts right before I blog about something. Sensationalizing and hyping a gossip or rumor now and then is certainly good for the site’s pageviews and click-through rates, but I always believe that what you write on the Internet that’s not true will always turn around to bite you back.
So, always get your facts right before you write on. Or the next person’s reputation which you are flushing down the toilet may just be yours.”

SUPER DUPER disgusting right? Classic 马后炮.

I’ll gladly slap her for the chit. And suddenly he dont seem that annoying already.

Why Do Guys Shiver At The Thought Of Marriage?

Saw this topic on a forum and I guessed many ladies have wondered about the answers at one point or another.

To me, the answer is as clear as day. That is, around 90% of the guys are made like that, naturally, in their genes. They feel….they’re like HORSES. They enjoy being carefree and sees us WOMEN as evil tyrants who wish to tie them down, dominate them, whip them into slavery, torture them bla bla bla. Haha~ 想太多.

On the other hand, some of the most COMMON excuse they will give, or rather the most CONVINCING excuse they will give is,

“Oh I want to have a well-established career before I settle down.”

And that, successfully postponed the so-called “jail term” to like 7-8years later when he’s 35, because that’s usually their peak and the age where they cant say “no”.

What they wouldnt come clean is, the reason which they dont wish to get married is because they still wish to play the field, to flirt(harmlessly or harmfully) without any guilt, just because they circled “single” on application forms!

They might be in love with you but it’s like cutting a finger off when they thought about how they need to answer to grudging wives about their guys’ late nights out and to justify the flirty conversation with the secretary.

The fear of being restricted, and the need for reporting and lastly, the fear of the words “responsibility” and “honour”.

While the topic is on hand, I dont think I’m very much the scary wife because I hardly ask where is my husband, unless I wish him to fetch me(haha) or I wish to meet him, nor do I disallow him to go out on weekends for his boys’ night. So lucky you okie.

Anyway, what irks me much is not about this topic but rather a reply posted by a female.

“Not only guys shiver, I am a woman and I shiver at the thought of marriage.
I will not get married for the following reasons:

1) We are being pressured by HIS friends to move in with HIS parents after marriage. I do not want to stay with my in laws and I dunno how are his friends involved.
2) HIS dad is already planning how I should take care of MY future BABY. I squirm at the thought of him naming MY future baby.
3) I hate those fookers who tries to put us together and at the same time sarcastically comment on how hard life is for MEN after marriage. OXYMORON?!
4) Hate those seniors who talk about how they scrimped and saved to buy their first house – about how we will have to survive in future with just a 14inch TV and a mattress and no aircon.
5) He wants a dog for life. If I have a BABY, no dog. Alternatively, dog without fur.
6) He complains that he is tired after work so he doesn’t do housework. Don’t try that on me, most married women I know works and do housework. I hate lazy men.
7) Married women that I know look older than single women…
8) Women gets fatter after childbirth. Some men don’t understand and it becomes an excuse for ….
9) I love my mom.

To those boliao friends, I told ’em straight in the face : I have a 42 inch at home now, my mom dotes on me, I dont have to do housework, I have no in-laws, I do not have to scrimp and save, I have aircon as and when I like. My bed is comfy. If I have to suffer so much for marriage, I just want to stay status quo. Thank you.

I enjoy single life, just being attached and traveling around as and when we like. This is freedom.”

*expelled breath in apprehension*

You know what, it’s precisely these type of girls who made Singaporean guys sees us as prissy, amateurish, demanding, ignorant green-house flowers.

She hates lazy men? How about looking herself in the mirror? All she cares is about her looks, whether she look older nor fatter after marriage. EVERYONE will age, no matter you marry or not, it’s about how you take care to maintain yourself. I have friends who are hot mummies like Rain, Lis, Jy, Kel and they still look so good even after giving birth. Even much better than me. Alright, at least I admit I’m lazy in maintaining my physical outlook.

Back to topic, I’m not finished with suan-ing her.

She shivers at the thought of marriage? HAHAHA.
I think her boyfriend will not only shiver, but convulsed in petrified horror with froth oozing from his mouth at the thought of marrying her.

It’s not about her notion to stay single and yearns freedom that made her so mediocre. It’’s about the way she talked! She eloquently made it clear she dont wish to do something better in her life and intends to live off her loving mother till the day she dies. Horrified of hardships and I dont see even a shadow of the word “accommodation” in her dictionary. And she can still continue to love her mother even after marriage what. What is she thinking manz, mummy-girl?

And who can blame her if she sounded like and behaved like a bimbo, her mom had spoilt her. It’s as if, she dont wish to grow up because it’s such a hassle to learn how to support herself. Yaya and she assumes her mum is an immortal who will live forever, do the housework forever and let’s pray her parents finish the housing installments before they DIE. Or better so, leave behind a HUGE legacy via insurance(that, you can call me) so that she can live like a queen.

If she can get so worked up over doing housework, I truly hope her mom bought bouts of insurance(call me again) so that in case of illness, she can hire a private nurse to take care of her. BECAUSE, her darling daughter doesnt sound CAPABLE or WILLING of doing anything except watching her 42inch LCV TV. It’s truly sad having a daughter like that.

Seriously, it’s gradually becoming a more and more detrimental social problem in society that more Singaporean girls are becoming like that, i.e, a vapid bimbo who cant take hardships, lives off parents and expects a rich husband. And it’s not a secret how the guys sees us and they’re even more obvious in forums.

If you haven noticed, for some of the richer population, the over-indulgent mothers has started bringing their young daughters to cosmetic salons for minor plastic surgeries. That is going to instill what kind of thinking in their child?

“Looks ARE everything. There’s no need to study and work smart. Just look your best, find a rich husband and that’s it. I will invest all my money into making you pretty and you should too! In addition, carry MiuMiu bags even if you have to starve because you have to act class, and thus, attract rich guys.”

I’ve kinda noticed rich guys who did well in their careers are seldom that stupid to fall in love with bimbos like that, no matter how gorgeous they are. At most, they will have flings, shower them with gifts, period but will not marry them. It’s like wise with their business, they’re logical and analytical. In short, they wont buy something with depreciating value, because looks will fade but intelligence wont.

If these bimbos are smart enough, they should not only spend money in beautifying themselves but also spend money to study more courses, read more, speak more so that they cultivate culture and class naturally to exude their personal aura. But again, if they know this simple fact, they wont be bimbos anymore~

Ris Low again


Kat got this in her mail and it’s so scary! I dont know what the sender is trying to convey but it certainly doesnt look friendly! If it’s a romantic interest trying to be mysterious, he’s certainly doing it the wrong way.

Kind to think of it, I used to receive surprise packages via mail. Now I count myself unlucky that they’re always lovely gifts instead of something so threatening. God bless. I should really thank god for all I have…or had. =)

I heard Ris Low has been dethroned. Probably because of her previous credit card fraud police record and her bi-polar disorder. The former is certainly more shameful than the way she speaks which I dont feel is a big deal on international platform. I think we can forgive her for the way she speaks, ultimately, that’s not what she choose to be. But, the credit fraud was purely out of greed and it’s despicable. Nothing irritates me more than seeing such greedy people who tries so hard to fleece off others. I wonder how the hell she got past all those preliminaries when she didnt even come clean with her records. Shouldnt they do a checkup on the last 10 finalists? This is so embarrassing.

Some netizens also done up a video of Black-eyed peas “boom boom pow” song by slotting in Ris Low’s signature “BOOMS” in Youtube. Freaking funny.

I’ve seen the video of the 1st Runner-up, Claire Lee and although she can speak better than Ris(who cant anyway..), oh my god, she cant shut up! She just kept on talking and talking and talking, damn long-winded. Haven she heard of the phrase “short and sweet”? We have Ris, who cant finish a proper sentence and Claire who just cant stop talking! Damn funny, wonder how’s the 2nd runner-up like.

Anyway, I have to thank Ris for bringing so much laughter to our lives. Because ever since her video surfaced, these few words gave new and special meaning;

1) Booms
2) hospitality (horse-bi-teller-ti)
3) personality (per-ser-neh-litty)
4) prints (prince)
5) zebra (zib-bra)

And we cant forget the way she pronounces her “AND”, “it’s or-rite(alright)” and the high-pitched “you know, thattt sortha things”. Everytime dearie and me were conversing, those phrases just came as a slang(exactly like how she did) naturally. Just for laughs lah. Oh my god, I hope we dont really get used to it and speak like this to our clients. Haha.

Laughing stuff aside, now that she’s dethroned, she’s really pitiful and I feel a little sorry for her. Laughing at how she speaks and feeling sorry for her are totally 2 different things okie. If you’re thinking me hypocrite, think again, why should I fake something I dont feel for someone I dont even know? It’s not even necessary. Anyway she’s young and Singaporeans are forgetful, I think this will pass quickly. =)

Happy Children’s Day!! Somehow..I realised I’m starting to have fondness for children..which is weird… Few days ago, there was a small boy in the ladies. His mummy was in the loo and he got trouble washing his hands as the sensor tap cant detect. I found him so cute when he kept wringing his hands infront of the tap, thus helped him out. I normally dont do this…so I think perhaps my maternal instinct are surfacing. Haha.

Nasty post. Ask me for password =)

Saw a topic on forum which asked about “how to reject being a jiemei?” and saw all sorts of replies.

The more common answers would be to find some excuses to push it off whatsoever but most of them replied the bottomline is to reject early! So that the bride can find replacement. True true. I mean a rejection already can hurt that much, the least you will want is to drag it, pile up the hopes and damaged it further. And worse still, do like what a forummer has replied;

“Actually, no need to feel bad about rejecting the bride, you MUST be firm. what is there to feel paiseh about… I myself rejected being my best friend’s jiemei.. lol.. i just told her i cannot wake up at 6am and reach her hse that early.”

WAH! So irresponsible. Heng I dont have this kind of friend manz. I rather be rejected straight away then to be tua like that. Hate being put aeroplane. Really cant stand that upright and righteous tone about “what is there to feel paiseh about..I merely lied to her say I cant wake up and put her aeroplane, so that all her jiemeis’ duties fucked up~”

What a XXX~ Thank god I dont have jiemeis like that.

Then then, she went on to say,

“But quite regretful, coz for my wedding i actually didnt ask her to be my JM too…. coz she told me a few year’s ago she didnt like my other best frd… so i cannot just invite one and not the other… and i cannot invite both coz they dun like each other… eventually i had to ask my other frds to be my jie mei instead… THEN i found out recently that my 2 best frds actually have no re-collection of the other party’s existence, as they are not mutual frds… but too late i alr ask other ppl to be my jie-mei liao… some more they were a bit hinting and asked if i had found my JM… i feel quite bad abt not being able to have my besties as my JM on the most important day of my life *FULL OF REGRETS*, but didnt know how to explain to either of them… haiz

why not think of it this way… “maybe you are the backup becoz she didnt manage to get her closer friends to be the jie-meis”. start thinking like that and it will be easier for you to reject her liao ;P ”

*rollz eyes* I wonder what’s up with all the explanations when it’s not even the point? My guess is she dont have the cheek lah to ask the friend whom she tua, to be her jiemei. Yes, being a jiemei does involve some work. So you rejected to help out, you still want to ask people to help? Dont know what she’s trying to pull off. Like how she tua people without guilt and people still want to be her jiemei but yet she can easily find other people and rejected them AGAIN? Duhz!

I heard from a friend she also experienced the same thing, a.k.a the jiemei tua her in the morning and didnt show up. Cant stand irresponsible people.

I myself also experienced rejection before. That particular person, V, also didnt give a very clear reason but it doesnt matter, I think I roughly know the reason. And I understand. I understand she dont feel comfy being a jiemei. What I dont understand is AFTER she tua me for my hen’s night chalet BBQ(on the eve when food had been ordered), she still have to tua me for my wedding banquet. By sms-ing me as late as 3+pm on the actual day and simply said she cant make it without any reason/excuse. And when I replied “I cant believe you actually did this to me.” She replied saying something like “dont be angry ok….by the way, I just transferred back to Kbox.”

Hmm. Is her brain not functioning properly or she simply dont have any respect for me? Like, ahem, you just said you’re not attending my wedding at the very last minute and oh you just changed job? Promoted maybe?

Some people are really that selfish to ONLY think about themselves. And even when they’re letting people down, they’re STILL THINKING ABOUT THEMSELVES! Isnt that AMAZING? Such people DO exists yah!

Cross my heart. I’m that pissed because I do treat her as a good friend of mine. If she’s not, I wont even care. Wont even reply. Wont even feel hurt. Wont feel fury. But oh yes, I’m real furious. And call me petty, I dont really care, but she’s no longer my friend.

I dont have such friend. I think she’s just not worth it. =)

It’s really not a big deal being single at over 30years of age. Nobody cares about it except yourself. Dont you feel this group of people get so uptight and get so inferior or pessimistic over their status for DONT KNOW WHAT REASON? Simply too sensitive for their own good. It’s sad. It’s sad not because they’re single, but because they cant feel happiness for other people and cant help feeling sorry for themselves despite all their goodness. That’s so sad, so sad.

So yah, continue to avoid weddings as they’re such a taboo occassion. You might just strike 4D, win so much money, as if they can fill up your empty heart. Actually I wish 1 day she can understand how much it hurts to be put aeroplane by a good friend at her own wedding. But again I guess, she might not have a chance to experience it.

God, I’m so nasty and mean. Love becomes Hate I guess.

This kind of people…

You know once in awhile, you will meet some weird people who will intrigued you as in how their minds really work.

Like, I saw a topic in Wedding talk, where a little girl was asking,
“Hope someone can help me here. As my photographer and makeup artiste is my friend, and they won’t be charging me. Do you think it’s ok to give a $18 angpaw to each of them?”
I assume she is little because of her nick, XiaoRenZe. Xiao mah, xiao means little.

And so I replied,

Photography you mean for actual day right? The cheapest I’ve heard commercially is around $400

For bridal makeup, the cheapest is also around few hundred because it covers day and night makeup including hairstyles.

Sorry but I feel $18 is wayyyyyy too little already.”

So l think little girl feels paiseh when I said it’s too little, despite I meant no malicious meaning at all. When I said I feel it’s too little, I simple meant “I feel it’s too little la”. It’s purely in my own opinion mah. I did not say NOR feel she’s niao or whatever because she might have other factors to consider but didnt mention?

But perhaps some people naturally feel defensive or easily paiseh and thinks people is suan-ing her? And her reply went;

“mm.. as i’ve mentioned, the photographer and makeup artiste is a close friend of mine. And the red packet is just a friendly gesture. I don’t think you understand what I mean.

Anyway my friend says they won’t accept my red packet. Their service would be their ROM gift for me.”

I hor, hate people who are obviously at a loss of words to refute whatever discussions and thus shoot back with a “I dont think you understand what I mean”.

IF hor, she dont care about the market rates to give a good gauge of the monetary appreciation she wants to give her friend, then why the hell she post this topic right? Whether “it’s okie”? If she literally mean “they’re my close friends and I can give whatever amount I want”, then what for post a topic to ask whether it’s okie? Just bloody give whatever amount you want lor.

And when I said I feel it’s too little, then she said…”they’re my close friends…it’s just a friendly gesture…bla bla”. If you feel $18 is not too little then you giveeeee lorrr. What for post a topic when ultimately you dont want to listen to any opinions?

I would think friends’ help are sweet and they do deserve credit. However, as you know all weddings are costly and usually these friends help out for the sake of friendship as well as helping you to save costs. So I will think it’s feasible and appropriate to bao an amount which is about the market rate available, minus a little or whatever you deem fit. Then it makes sense for a friend’s help mah right? If I’m paying the same, then might as well I hire someone’s help and don’t trouble my friend right?

But personally I feel $18 is too little for photography already because it’s very tiring one. It will be 10hours or more. As for makeup, maybe not so bad if the friend is a newbie or freelance…but I still feel it’s wayyy too little already. $18 is just only enough to cover transport loh hello~ Might as well dont give.

And why would the friends said they wont accept her red packet?

Highly unlikely the friends will out of nothing say “dont give me any angbaos okie, I wont accept.” Obviously she must have said something like, “hey thanks for helping me out that day, I will give you angbao okie.”

Common, anyone with some common sense and a minimal level of EQ will reject by saying, “no need lah” or “nevermind lah, treat as ROM gift for you” right? Will anyone say “yes yes! Angbao bao BIGGER okie?”

不可能one mah.

So I feel this girl horrrrr….is just very er xin lah.

If she really meant to give angbao at all, she probably wont mention to the friends. And even if she really did meant to give and mentioned it, she would not throw away the idea just because the friends said it will be a gift to her.

She just dont mean to give anything more than $18 and vastly preferred not to give at all la!

Still wanna act….buay tahan this kind of people…like you know they ming ming dont want to pay their bill, but always act act as if they want to repay their share when they dont have that intention at all lor. They will use lots of way to corner you until it’s either super troublesome for you to collect from them or they will just siam at every corner of payment until you’re sick of asking from them.

Though anyway, upon her reply then I know her’s is only a ROM function. The market figures will be cheaper as ROM’s duration is shorter.

*take a deep breath*

It’s Genevieve’s belated birthday the day before(labour day) and Estee’s birthday today.

I wish the 2 stunning babes eternal bliss with their loved ones and stay cheerful and cute forever.

Okie My English is really limited standard lah. Despite every greeting sounds the same, I really mean it OK! =D to change the colours of text in wordpress?!