Comments: Actually dearie and I have decided to boycott Jennifer Aniston‘s movies long ago. Because most of her movies(where she’s the main lead) are a dead bore. However, we heard a couple of good reviews from friends and such that the movie is very funny, hence we caught it. It’s really entertaining and pretty funny. After the show, dearie said the reason why the show is not a dead bore like all Jennifer Aniston’s movies is because “Just go with it” is not all about her. There’s another main female lead whose parts are almost as heavy as her. Oh and I love Nicole Kidman’s special appearance. She had an irritating role but somehow, just cant bring myself to dislike the angelic her. =)



Ratings: 4.4/5

Comments: I might be somehow biased in my ratings because I simply love Liam Neeson! He’s one of the rare few hollywood stars who actually really fights swiftly with punch! The movie has all it needs, action, suspense, thrill, intriguing plot. Perhaps not much of a comedy though there are still a few funny parts. =) Definitely a must-watch!


Another movie which I meant to catch is “Black Swan“. Heard excellent reviews of it despite the poster looking grim and serious. Hopefully dearie have time to accompany me before it’s off screen.

Lately, I’ve been eating very little. Not much appetite. One of the most annoying thing will be my nose will be like stucked for 50% of the time. Hence, it’s very difficult to breathe and I have to breathe with my mouth. When you’re trying to EAT and BREATHE at the same time throught the same opening, it’s pretty tiring. It’s never the mouth’s primary purpose to breathe so somehow I dont feel good. When you breathe with your mouth, it means more air gets into your stomach. And when the stomach is bloated, you might get tummy pain. Sometimes, I try so hard to breathe with my nose(even when it’s not stucked), it’s still pretty uncomfortable, so much so the lungs hurt.

After consulting a colleague, I’m suspecting my asthma might be coming back. I’m having all the symptoms, including the very tell-tale hu-hu sound during breathing. Hmm…..I might visit the doc for some Ventolin soon. Haiz sian. It’s not as if I didnt take medicine for my flu and nose block but they dont work leh. =(



“Most men don’t find the Singapore woman perfect”

Most men don’t find the Singapore woman perfect

A whopping 73.29 per cent disagreed with a report that claimed local women possessed the ‘most ideal’ qualities. — ST FILE PHOTO

NO, THE Singaporean woman is not the ideal marriage partner. That was the response received from its readers through a poll tagged to the article titled ‘Singaporean women: the perfect partner?’.

A whopping 73.29 per cent disagreed with a report released by an unnamed international dating agency that claimed local women possessed the ‘most ideal’ qualities namely beauty, loyalty, adherence to tradition, initiative and fluency in English, hence the label of ‘perfect partner’.

A number of readers were quite critical of Singaporean women. Wen Wei wrote on Facebook: ‘The report should be written as: Are Singaporean women the most pampered?’ Nine others decided to ‘like’ his statement on Facebook. Echoing Wen Wei’s sentiments, Massi Rites wrote: ‘Materialistic I must say. Majority of Singapore women seek men with cars. Public transport is a no-no.’

Only 25.55 per cent voted ‘Yes’. Eu Jin Gabriel Tan sportingly wrote: ‘ I support local produce.’ Kelvin Lee wrote: ‘Heck, I ain’t complaining. I married one!’

Ph Koh wrote: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no such thing as a perfect partner. Gotta work work work on it – takes mutual effort.’

The remaining 1.48 per cent decided to sit on the fence. Steve Boyce, who married a Singapore Eurasian, wrote: ‘She certainly is not pampered. I didn’t specifically seek a Singaporean wife though. It’s just how things happened.’ Taking a more holistic approach, Xavier Tan wrote: ‘It depends on how they’re brought up.’ John Tang wrote: ‘Perfect but many stay single.’

Yet another article to attack Singaporean ladies are less than perfect. This is not the first time I’m reading such content and I’m growing excessively annoyed by such articles. Rather than continuously preaching on how imperfect Singaporean Ladies are, why not reflect on how whiny and empty the journalists are – complain and complain over and over again over the same thing.

And what a stupid piece of article.

Hello~ Nobody is perfect okie.

And please dont stereotype. It all depends on how one is brought up and mutual effort between the 2 parties. Who dare to say they’re the ideal partners? There is always room for improvement. We have never said that we’re the ideal partners. And in my humble opinion, there are never ideal partners, only ideal relationships.

I dont believe in anyone being perfect. Only people who love one another perfectly.

(P/S Why I cant find the name of the journalist who wrote the article? He/she must be clueless of what to write and thus come up with a highly controversial but bland article.)



Ratings: 3.8/5

Comments: I heard from dearie this movie’s plot is copied from a Hollywood movie starred by Mel Gibson. In any case, I haven watch before and it’s a very refreshing and interesting movie. It’s quite funny and worth a watch. And wow, didnt expect Andy can maintain such a….erm…nice body at his age. Haha. Oh and Gong Li is getting more alluring and lovelier!



Ratings: 3/5

Comments: It’s a rather slow-paced movie so if you’re impatient, you may skip it. Almost no horror scenes. I didnt see any scenes as depicted in the terrifying posters. Somehow I can never understand the pastors’ way of exorcism. It’s as if so long so you have a strong faith and a strong heart, literate and able to read the bible with a deafening voice, you can perform the ritual. And what’s with the must to ask for the devil’s name? Is it essential for the subjugate? And why in some instances, the devil said it itself, isnt it like of…you know..?


Happy 2011 Valentines!

Happy 2011 Valentines Everyone!! =D

13th Feb 2011

I was wrong in guessing the hotel which dearie booked. It wasnt Intercontinetal or Park Regis, but Fullerton, the hotel which we celebrated our 1st 2 Valentines. =) It came as a warm surprise, although highly anticipated when dearie drove towards One Fullerton. Very suspicious. =P Actually women’s 6th sense is very accurate. So dont try to challenge it. =P

It was a sweet reminiscence as I recalled our 1st Valentines. We were still such a fresh couple of merely a month old. All those fluttery, butterflies-in-stomach feelings were so raw then. Looking at the present, our relationship has passed 4 years, married life of 2 years and this is our 5th Valentines. While the blushing moments were already over, the sweetness and endearments lingered. =) Perhaps it’s because we got married after merely 1.5years together, even married life seems like honeymoon. =D My only wish is I hope this will be forever; that there will never be boring moments in our love life. =)







I dont like oysters. =P That’s probably due to my 1st ever horrible experience. So dearie had my share.





Lovely display isnt it? Too bad they dont taste half as nice as they looked. =P And dearie agreed with me. Standard had dropped drastically and we both decided not to book Fullerton’s Vday package again. For the price, it’s really not worth a risk, although I have to say the last 2 Valentines were heavenly. =)






Hmmm………I had red roses for the 1st, 2nd and 4th Valentines, sunflowers for the 3rd, and this year, I had blue roses! Something new and they’re simply vibrantly gorgeous! Now, they’re sitting prettily in my vase on our coffee table and I must say blue roses seemed to wilt slower or rather, less obvious as red roses. Dearie is very cute…other than the roses, he gave me a a pretty formal piece of document, printed like a certificate which stated that he had transferred a lot(1000shares) of dont-know-what shares to my name. They had been bought at around 50cts and the price now is 70cts or more. It was also stated that I have the right to redeem them anytime but of course the value is subjected to the financial market. (=.=)””

In short, he’s like giving me a gift of some sort of small inheritance which is invested for long term for higher returns. Hmm….a pretty unique gift but I guess I’ll leave it in his hands. =) Hopefully it will grow though. Heez.

We checked out as late as 2pm the next afternoon, 14th Feb 2011. Fullerton’s breakfast is like any other normal continental breakfast but it’s standard has improved tremendously. Their breakfast was horrible in the past! After checking out, dearie accompanied me to KTV at Partyworld Clementi. Finally!! Finally he has some time to accompany me to KTV. =P It has been such a long time since I go KTV for singing. Somehow, I have very few friends who really sing, as in purposely going to KTV to sing. At most, we sang 1 or 2 songs while we drink at KTV pubs. Not that I’m a hardcore, die-hard KTV fan but it has really been ages since I last sang to my heart’s fill. =) Although I highly suspected I bore dearie to death. Muahahaha.

Happy Valentines Dearie!!! Love you always~

我猜! 我猜! 我猜猜猜!


Dearie: Pack up some stuff tonite. We wont be home tomorrow.

Me: Hippie!!!!

Wonder which hotel is it this time? Haha. =D

I’m betting on Intercontinental!! Since it’s his favorite, in terms of accessibility to his food and my shopping. Though again, he’s pretty satisfied with Park Regis the last time round so maybe he might book that. But hor, as he always want 新鲜感, he might try a new hotel which we never stay before!

So it’s still pretty hard to guess eh~

Okie I must get to sleep now. Smuacks and nite!

Advance Happy Valentines =D

On hearing that I love the movies screened on SCV channels 866, 867 and 868, dearest hubby subscribed them for me!!! It really came as quiteeee a surprise for me because the usual him will always ask me to go ahead and do it myself because this busy man is a workaholic and I’m a very neglected wife. =P But as much as I love the movies(both new and celestial), I was hesitant about increasing the monthly burden of dearie. So…I was like…….procrastinating about it, because I thought it will be like another S$100 extra monthly. Therefore, imagine my surprise when dearie sms me this afternoon and said he had subscribed and I can watch them immediately!! So sweettttttttttttttttttttt!!! Smuacks!!!

Our basic channels consisting of some Taiwanese variety shows, GEO channels and some HK drama costs around S$70+ per month. And the extra 3 channels surprisingly cost another S$20 more only. So total around a hundred per month. I blame it all on the stupid Mediacorp! You guys have seen what kinda CRAP Taiwanese old folks shows they screened on Channel 8 right? And sorry to say, I simply have no interest in local productions other than the news.

Really loving the movies screened on the newly subscribed SCV channels!! That explains why I’m still up at this hour, 5am! =P

Valentines Day is coming soon! And I almost didnt know it until dearest hubby insisted on meeting me on sunday(Vday eve) even when I told him I’m meeting Lin, Jes, and Jas. Opps! He almost never do that(except once) and especially not without giving reason. That’s when I realised it must be an important date. Had no choice but to say I cant make it. =( Initially the gathering date was set on Sat and we all said okie until Lin backed out because she’s meeting her bf. When we finally fixed on Sunday instead, then now I backed out. *stucked out tongue* OMG! Jas is okie with postponing to next week but Jes didnt reply. Hopefully she’s not angry with me. =( Dont worry though, I’ll definitely be there on her ROM in Mar!!

Wonder what did dearie plan…..he seldom plan for our events nowadays,, usually is me. So I’m pretty curious about it. Heez! But as usual, he asked me not to expect too much because I’m one with super high expectations. So he always tend to lower it abit so as not to disappointment me. Hahaha! I’m already very happy that he tried to plan something as he’s always busy with work. So no worries my dear~ =D

Happy Valentines Day in advance everyone! I hope everyone, no matter single or attached, will enjoy this lovely day with happiness and have a smooth-sailing family/love life always!!! =D

Joke of the day

Simple jokes like this makes my day. =)

“Cease the opportunity.”


Just find it funny. =P