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Body found in rooftop water tank
By Seet Sok Hwee / Hetty Musfirah Abdul Khamid | Posted: 16 May 2011 1722 hrs

SINGAPORE: A 30-year-old Indonesian woman was found dead in a water tank on the rooftop of Blk 686B Woodlands Drive 73. Police has classified the case as murder.

Police were alerted to the to the body of the woman in the water tank, said to be about 1.5 metres wide, at about 10am.

It is understood that blood stains were found in the water tank.

Water supplies for those living at Block 686B came to a halt at about 11am.

Notices were put up by the town council, informing residents about the disruption.

Residents of the 15-storey block had to lug buckets of water from the washing area at the void deck.

PUB said it received a report of the incident at Blk 686B, which is under the purview of Sembawang Town Council, at 3.30pm on Monday.

PUB said the Sembawang town council immediately isolated all the tanks serving the block once it was informed of the incident. There are eight water tanks servicing the block.

Washing, flushing and sterilising works of tanks and distribution pipes began immediately.

PUB said officers were also on site to assist the town council, and also provided water bags and a water tanker.

The national water agency, PUB, said water supply is expected to be restored by midnight.

A resident said she felt like vomiting after she got word of the murder. She said she will take precautions for fear that the water had been contaminated.

“This morning, I used the water for cooking, But now I have to go home and throw it all away. I asked if we could bathe, the people in charge said better not. When I found out, I thought it was horrific.”

Another resident was resigned to what has happened. She said: “I’m not scared, I already cooked with it, I’m not scared.”

The deceased had long hair and was found in a T-shirt and bermudas. She was pronounced dead at 1pm.

It is believed that she works with a family living in the block where she was found.

One of the lifts at the block was also out of order, with some residents saying that they saw blood stains in the lift.

A 27-year-old Bangladeshi has been arrested in connection to the case.

A resident living in the opposite block said he saw the suspect being arrested at about the same time.

He said: “I saw an Indian man, wearing light green colour shirt caught by the police officers. Don’t know what happened, did not hear any kind of loud noise or anything like this.”

Some residents living on the highest floor said they heard loud voices of people quarrelling early in the morning.

Oh my freaking god..this is grosssss~~

I watched a Japanese horror before which had the same horrible happenings: little girl drowned in water tank(subsequently became ghost). Except that this time it’s murder, not a little girl and definitely not just a plot in a movie! So damn scary. But, I thought the door to the rooftop is always being locked? I knew that because I stayed at the highest storey before. Okie..maybe the Bangladeshi cut the bolt or something.

Seriously, lately is one bad news after another. Other than natural disasters which are happening outside Singapore, I’m bothered by the increasing cases of murder in Singapore. It wasnt like this before. Yes, although it was announced that crime rates has decreased over the past 5 years but those statistics simply combine theft, vandalism and other peasy crimes together. Murder stats have definitely increased, but I cant find them on the web. Naturally, they wont be published too. And have you noticed, most of them were associated with foreigners(no matter the victims or the murderers)
List of Major Crimes in Singapore (updated till year 2000 only) from Wiki
Majority were foreigners, I just dont understand why. Among them, the more “happening” ones was Huang Na’s kidnap and murder, and of course, the infamous Liu Hong Mei who was chopped into pieces and thrown into Kallang river. Both are obviously, from China.

Now we have The Romanian Embassy who hit-and-run twice resulting in 1 death and 2 injuries. Year 2009. Escaped from Singapore.

The Korean Embassy car who fled after the alleged collision in Geylang in 2010.

Enraged step-father who strangled her step-daughter which her China wife had with previous China hubby in 2011.

And I just cant help wondering. Somehow, murder allegations associated with big shots like the foreign embassies often went 不了了之(no status updates). Whereas small peasy minor crimes like Michael Fay’s(an American) vandalism cases created such a big hoohaa over Singapore’s firm and righteous stand on his 6 strokes caning, jail and fine. It was reduced to 4 strokes anyway, on Bill Clinton’s appeal.

I feel sorry for Huang Na who was just an innocent girl abducted by purportedly a psycho, but not for Liu Hong Mei(You can google for her whole story if you want).

You can say that I’m racist or whatever, but I firmly believed, other than hit-and-run cases, elaborate and deliberate murders are definitely not executed without a reason. When I first heard about gruesome murder, my first thought was, “Wah, what the hell did she do to incite so much hatred, and cruelty being done to her?” Certainly it takes MORE than common BGR relationship problems to drive a man(not insane but obviously driven to insanity) to chop her up!

Generally I feel Singaporeans were being educated in such a way that most of them are more concerned with their own survival, maintaining the upkeep of their homes and cars, and for the poorer, their precious rice bowl and 3 meals a day. Sigh…also dont know this is good or not. Thus they hardly have the time or effort to really come up with something evil up their sleeves, which is precisly what the government hopes to achieve by tying all Singaporeans up with loans loans loans. Study loans, home loan, car loan. It might not be a bad thing actually lah…on the whole, at least it keeps the less educated and very low income earners from creating chaos, riots or strikes.

Anyway, I dont wish to debate with anyone over this issue.

And the point I’m trying to make is, majority of Singaporeans abide by all these chinese proverbs;

“安分守己,奉公守法, 明哲保身,多一事不如少一事, 以不变,应万变。”

Most would like to remain status-quo and not question anything, even if it’s unsettling.

Therefore, I would say, unless you’re so unlucky to bump into a psycho among the millions, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get gruesomely murdered or cut up into a dozen pieces for a small grudge.
I love this entry published on “

China women
Vice and heartbreak
Seductive, money-minded ones are turning lives upside down, but blame also lies with naive Singaporean males.

By Seah Chiang Nee. Jul 2, 2006

A SERIES of high-profile passion killings in recent months involving fiercely materialistic women from China and local married men has highlighted a growing social problem in Singapore.

Cases of businessmen keeping them as mistresses and retirees being fleeced of their retirement money by younger foreign women, mostly from the China mainland, are on the rise.

Singapore’s “open door” immigration policies have resulted in a steady influx of Chinese mainlanders as well as other nationals, which has contributed to economic growth.

But it also has a negative social impact. Among the inflow are thousands of poor China women who come just to make a quick fortune by exploiting simple-minded males with more money than sense.

Other nationals, too, work in Singapore’s sex trade, but few are as aggressive, wily or family-destructive as their sisters from China.

I must hasten to say that the majority of China women here are simply earning an honest living and are not cheats or prostitutes.

But a large minority is fiercely ambitious, seductive and prepared to use any means to get rich, including seducing men into an affair or marriage, then cheating them and returning home or moving to another man.

Swindle cases are on the rise although some men are too embarrassed to go to the police. The victims range from retirees to middle-aged married men with grown-up children.

This easy use of sex has revealed just how vulnerable Singapore’s older men are despite – maybe because of – their conservative upbringing in which sex was regarded a taboo subject.

After decades of “pent-up” frustration or deprivation, some are becoming easy prey to younger, prettier women intent on seduction.

It also brings into question the sex health of some older Singaporeans. Other men are just lonely souls living drab lives.

A letter from “Elisabeth” says: “I feel worried for the ‘old uncles’ in Singapore. These elders are really simple-minded, blinded by temporary pleasures.

“They thought these Chinese girls really liked them and even gave them their savings. Pity the family.”

It has aroused resentment here, especially among housewives who have repeatedly called for action to keep them out.

“We accept that most mainlanders here are decent folks, but I don’t see why the authorities should allow dubious women to come here and break up families,” one lady blogged.

But others say it is not fair to blame it all on others and feel “lustful” Singaporeans should bear a greater share. The rationale should be: “If you arrest the prostitute, arrest the customer, too.”

Several severe cases have resulted in murder. In a recent botched relationship, a China woman, aged 29, was strangled and stabbed to death in a massage parlour. Her accused killer was charged in hospital after sustaining knife wounds. The case is pending.

Last year a Singaporean executive, a married man, was stabbed to death in front of a Desaru hotel as he was about to check in with a China lady undergraduate.

Jealousy is, of course, a universal troublemaker, but when it involves a senior citizen losing “face” and his retirement money, the combination could be explosive.

In one of Singapore’s most gruesome murders, factory supervisor Leong Siew Chor, 51, was convicted of killing Chinese national Liu Hong Mei, 22, when their relationship soured.

He strangled her with a towel last year, chopped up her body, packed the parts in plastic bags and cardboard boxes, and dumped them into the Kallang and Singapore rivers.

Shocked family members and friends said he was a responsible, caring person. He was sentenced to death.

Since the government began loosening up on prostitution in recent years, more “loose” foreign women have flocked here.

Few, however, can match the enterprising mainland ladies, who have long moved into Singapore’s residential heartland. Some start their own business or become a kept mistress of rich businessmen.

Sex workers come from three general categories of China arrivals:
* Girls on student pass,
* About 4,500 “study mamas” accompanying their children to study here, and
* Tourists on visa-free visits for 30 days.

They work in various ways, plying the street for customers or working in one of these places – nightclubs, karaoke joints, massage parlours (“health centres”) or foot reflexology shops which offer various forms of sex services.

The murder of a China woman (a study mama with a teenage son) in a heartland massage outlet has exposed how deep vice has penetrated into the housing estates.

Hundreds of these unlicensed outlets have sprung up, run by China women who offer foot reflexology or Chinese “traditional” massage, but are really a cover for sex.

Furore over these outlets has resulted in many closures and a tightening of rules governing licensed centres. People, however, are betting they will return, given the strong public demand.

Actually the study mamas (many hailing from China’s poorer regions) are allowed to work but not as a masseuse unless they’re permanent residents.

Most, however, manage to get around the law by registering under a front man.

One such local, for example, is former civil servant Toh Ah Fong, 63, who has lent his name to at least 50 such establishments since 2004, most of them in the HDB heartland.

For every Singaporean who resents them, there are several who admire their gall, hard work and initiatives against whom Singaporeans are ill-matched to compare.

Lately, the China masseuse has come up with a new trick to provide sex in the home: she comes knocking on doors as a karang guni collector of old newspapers.

This was published in The Sunday Star today.”


I really hope awareness be raised that the large influx of foreigners not only creates social problems(Ya nobody cares if poor Singaporean wives get ditched by heartless husbands), MORE IMPORTANTLY, it also hints on a subtly increasing murder rates in Singapore. If anyone has any foresight, they would know another 900,000 influx of foreign workers is going to worsen the situation.

The key now is, not that they cant/shouldnt come, it’s simply TOO MANY okie! TOO MANY!
I do understand everything’s a number game, the more people we have, regardless of other nationality etc, naturally, crimes associated will be increased. But, if murder crimes by Singaporeans has always been low before all these FT came into the picture, then it’s certainly something to be worth analyzing about.

And yeah…continue to hide….
“Straits Times now omits mentioning PR status of foreigners committing crimes in Singapore
September 25th, 2010 | Author: Your Correspondent

“Afraid of revealing unwittingly to Singaporeans of some unworthy foreigners who are being given PR and citizenship by the PAP regime, the Straits Times now omits mentioning the PR status of foreigners commmitting crimes in Singapore altogether.

In the past, the paper will usually mention the status of foreigners convicted of committing crimes which brought to light many cleaners, construction workers, bus drivers, masseurs, nursery teachers, chambermaids and even freelance prostitutes being given Singapore PR and citizenship, unheard of anywhere else in the world.

Now, only the nationality of the criminal is published.

For example, in April 2010, the Straits Times reported a Singapore PR from Malaysia Tan Eng Heong being sentenced to six months jail for road rage. (read here)

Upon appeal, he has his sentence reduced to only one month. However, the subsequent report did not mention that he is a Singapore PR (read here)

It is not known if Mr Tan’s PR will now be revoked by the PAP regime.

The number of foreigners, PRs and new citizens who are convicted of criminal offences each year in Singapore remains a mystery to this very day.

Due to the PAP’s pro-foreigner and ultra-liberal immigration policies, foreigners (excluding PRs) now make up 36 percent of Singapore’s population, up from 14 percent in 1990. Of the remaining 64 percent who are citizens, an increasing number are born overseas.

If the Straits Times continue to censor the PR/citizenship status of foreigners committing crimes in Singapore, we can safely assume that they are either Singapore PR or new citizen.”
Okie, off to go edit the pictures of Alv & Cat’s Wedding. =)


“Most men don’t find the Singapore woman perfect”

Most men don’t find the Singapore woman perfect

A whopping 73.29 per cent disagreed with a report that claimed local women possessed the ‘most ideal’ qualities. — ST FILE PHOTO

NO, THE Singaporean woman is not the ideal marriage partner. That was the response received from its readers through a poll tagged to the article titled ‘Singaporean women: the perfect partner?’.

A whopping 73.29 per cent disagreed with a report released by an unnamed international dating agency that claimed local women possessed the ‘most ideal’ qualities namely beauty, loyalty, adherence to tradition, initiative and fluency in English, hence the label of ‘perfect partner’.

A number of readers were quite critical of Singaporean women. Wen Wei wrote on Facebook: ‘The report should be written as: Are Singaporean women the most pampered?’ Nine others decided to ‘like’ his statement on Facebook. Echoing Wen Wei’s sentiments, Massi Rites wrote: ‘Materialistic I must say. Majority of Singapore women seek men with cars. Public transport is a no-no.’

Only 25.55 per cent voted ‘Yes’. Eu Jin Gabriel Tan sportingly wrote: ‘ I support local produce.’ Kelvin Lee wrote: ‘Heck, I ain’t complaining. I married one!’

Ph Koh wrote: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no such thing as a perfect partner. Gotta work work work on it – takes mutual effort.’

The remaining 1.48 per cent decided to sit on the fence. Steve Boyce, who married a Singapore Eurasian, wrote: ‘She certainly is not pampered. I didn’t specifically seek a Singaporean wife though. It’s just how things happened.’ Taking a more holistic approach, Xavier Tan wrote: ‘It depends on how they’re brought up.’ John Tang wrote: ‘Perfect but many stay single.’

Yet another article to attack Singaporean ladies are less than perfect. This is not the first time I’m reading such content and I’m growing excessively annoyed by such articles. Rather than continuously preaching on how imperfect Singaporean Ladies are, why not reflect on how whiny and empty the journalists are – complain and complain over and over again over the same thing.

And what a stupid piece of article.

Hello~ Nobody is perfect okie.

And please dont stereotype. It all depends on how one is brought up and mutual effort between the 2 parties. Who dare to say they’re the ideal partners? There is always room for improvement. We have never said that we’re the ideal partners. And in my humble opinion, there are never ideal partners, only ideal relationships.

I dont believe in anyone being perfect. Only people who love one another perfectly.

(P/S Why I cant find the name of the journalist who wrote the article? He/she must be clueless of what to write and thus come up with a highly controversial but bland article.)


Singapore property market

Singapore toughens rules on buying second homes

So, do you still think the Govt has no impact on property market?

Extracted info from Yahoo

Some of the significant changes?
To summarise, the latest round of anti-speculation measures for private properties are as follows:

* Increase the holding period for imposition of Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) from the current one year to three years.
* Increase the minimum cash payment from 5 percent to 10 percent of the valuation limit and decrease the Loan-to-Value (LTV) limit for housing loans granted by financial institutions regulated by the MAS to these buyers from the current 80 percent to 70 percent for property buyers who already have one or more oustanding house loans at the time of the new housing purchase.

The changes for HDB flats are as follows:

* Increase the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) for non-subsidised flats to 5 years.
* Disallow concurrent ownership of both HDB flats and private residential properties within the MOP.

Complete list of changes can be found at and

Long long time ago, I was playing mahjiong at a friend’s house. Her cozy and lovely home is at Micasa. Situated in woodlands, built like a water paradise, it is indeed a unique architecture in comparison with other boring condo designs. It doesnt even feel like a residence. It looks like a resort with it’s Greek-like design.

It was an EC and my friend even has the $30K grant. As for the price, I’ll just say it’s very worth it for the sq metres. For the living room and master room was pretty big in comparison with other normal condo rooms. If you’re okie with the location, entitled to the grant, loves big rooms then it will be a lovely home for you.

Naturally, the topic drifted to the property segment especially with the other friend being a prided property agent. And she was really enthu with the topic. I wasnt really interested in the topic, not that I have a lot to share anyway….I mean..I’m relaxing with mahjiong on a weekend mah. So to prevent myself from looking like an anti-social, money-sucker mahjiong player who only stares at her tiles, I merely tossed a comment, “No matter how well or how bad the property market is, just 1 statement from the government can turn the tables.”

Their “surprised” look surprised me. I thought, this was pretty obvious?

Anyway, I’m not surprised the property agent friend did not agree with me. Well, she often, more or less, disagrees with people for the sake of disagreeing. Hahaha, okie, might be a misconception. But still, I was pretty surprised when the objective host disagrees with it too.

They said, “There’s only so much they can control. ”

Hmmm…………..I didnt say more. I dont like to debate, especially on weekend over a mahjiong session.

I shant say much here too. Dont wish to be Xth dumb-ass who got jailed for saying inappropriate things on blog. Call me coward. =)


Singaporean arrested for anti-gov’t remarks on Facebook

How many more dumb-asses need to be arrested until some Singaporeans understand you cant really say what you like publicly? And using your own FACEBOOK account?

What can be dumber?


To quote:

“Police should get a grip and let loose. We are a democracy.” — AFP.

Hahahaha. Still got who thinks Singapore is a democratic country ah? *smiles*

We’re still good! Thanks to all who cared!

I’m pretty boliao now, so if you are too, here are some 38 paparazzi news to perk you up. Haha.

Charlene Choi & Ronald Cheng hold press conference confirming 4-year marriage; currently filing for divorce Sunday March 28, 2010 HONGKONG


Source: Sina (More pics here)
Translation: Sarah @

Recently, there were media reports of Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng’s marriage certificate being exposed. Although the 2 both clarified their break-up to reporters, it seemed that the media refused to give up and continued publishing false reports. Hence today, the 2 decided to hold a press conference together.

This afternoon at 4pm, Ronald left his apartment and headed straight to the Jin Pai Da Feng office building. He looked very frustrated, and when reporters gathered around him, asking about the news of his marriage certificate being exposed, he replied: “See you all soon!” and then headed quickly into the lift.

At approximately 6pm, a large number of media arrived and there were over 100 reporters present. Everyone was waiting anxiously for the 2 main leads to appear.

At approximately 6:30pm, the 2 came out together to face the reporters, with a solemn expression on both their faces.

Ronald began his speech: “The marriage rumours are true. In 2006, we very happily made the decision to get married, and our parents both agreed for us to get married in Los Angeles. Both of us felt that there was no need for us to announce it to everyone. We both decided to handle the situation like that, but over the years, there have been many false media reports, hence now we have decided to hold this press conference. Today will also be the last time we make a statement regarding this matter. Throughout these years, I have been very happy with Ah Sa, growing together, but after deepening our understanding of each other, we both decided that breaking up would be better for both of us. I want to stress again, the reason for our break-up was not due to a third party; the false reports the public have been reading are not true. Our divorce procedure is currently in progress, and we will do everything that is legally required.”

After finishing, Ronald was immediately moved to tears, and Charlene also caringly handed some tissues to him. He continued: “Although me & Ah Sa are no longer going to be husband-and-wife,but we had a good and happy time together. And we hope that we will still remain friends in the future. Thank you everyone and we hope that everyone will give us our own space.”

After Ronald concluded his speech, Ah Sa choked back tears and expressed: “From when me and Ronald first met, to dating and finally to marriage, we agreed on every decision. And our marriage was not just our decision, we also got the support from our family and friends. We felt that there was no need to announce it to everyone, and we hoped that it could be our own little secret between us. Unfortunately, it seems like artists are not entitled to their privacy. We are still good friends. I hope that everyone can give us more space, and I also hope that me & Ronald’s life from now on can be happy.”

Finally, Ah Sa gave thanks to everyone and concluded the press conference.

Perhaps some of you might have known they have always been dating, just that recent news reported they are breaking up a 6 years relationship. What really surprised me was they’re actually married for 4 years. Which means, Charlene was only 23 when she agreed to marry him! They must be so in love as Ronald was purportedly a libertine without a heart.

Hmm…I think a hell lot of guys must have wonder for someone as sweet and popular as Charlene, why did she ever date Ronald, much less marry him? For he isnt aesthetically appealing, especially with all his negative rumours. I can only harbor a guess, that, Charlene might be attracted to his humorous and witty personality(you can see it in 电视节目 《美女厨房》), and with his talents in singing, acting and hosting. Of course, I’m not blind to the fact that he’s rich but I’m assuming Charlene is not a gold-digger since she’s pretty wealthy herself. Plus the fact that they clarified that there was no financial settlement from the divorce. Hmm….somehow I feel female side always more at disadvantage, no matter there’s payment or not.

Anyway, as usual, there have been speculations concerning the reason of divorce.

Some said Charlene strayed, with a very rich chinese 30year old guy.

Some said Ronald strayed, with one of the many pretty girls (“天使” in 电视节目《美女厨房》). Some mentioned the name “AngelaBaby”, the girl who starred in “Summer Love”. By chance, I found a youtube video showing her “acclaimed” before and after plastic surgery pictures. Dont know true or not..but the old pictures does bear resemblance to her.

But Charlene kept insisting that Ronald is faithful. Hmmm…………………..

Video on 阿sa揭秘与郑中基分手前后

Kinda sad to end a 4years marriage…..

Actually I feel there are no secrets in this world. Moreover the HK paparazzi are so resourceful, if there’s really a 3rd party, I’m sure they will find out soon. If there’s none, maybe they really isnt any.

A 3rd party isnt the ONLY reason which can break up a marriage.

There are a bloody lot and right now I can already make out a list as demonstrated by our Mr Goh.


Just kidding.

Oh and our honeymoon flight is due in around 17hours. =D