Spoiler Alert – 宫心计 episode 29

Following the umpteen guesses on how 刘三好 can be saved from the foreign marriage yesterday while watching episode 28 , today the result’s out in episode 29, a.k.a, method 3 and 5. Although I still feel method 4 and 10 is the best. Hahaha. Method 4 has more drama effect and will look interesting while method 10 will reduce the authoritativeness of the 吐蕃王子, lest he talk so loud and demand a wife as he wish. 😛

Chey! 刘三好 so fast came back, on her own somemore. Okie this caught me by surprise! Finally some surprise in the show. =.= The good thing which came out of it was; the couple finally can do “IT’ le! 高显扬 must be very happy. Hahaha.

Hmm…刘三好 might become the concubine in the next episode or next next episode I think. Let’s wait and see.


Spoiler Alert – 宫心计 episode 28

Okie, dont say I dont warn you ah? I’m watching episode 28 of 宫心计 and the story went:

Tavia, 丽妃 was furious with how her husband, a.k.a Moses, the emperor 李怡 leaps to Charmaine, 刘三好’s defenses instead of hers. Therefore she worked out a plan to get the 吐蕃王子 to be attracted to 刘三好. Eventually it worked because the ham sup 吐蕃王子 requested the emperor to bestow 刘三好 to him as wife, who was merely a servant in the palace.

丽妃 was of course very happy that it worked that way because the emperor had to say “yes” else it might affect the friendship of 2 countries. The kind 贤妃 thus suggested the only way to avoid 刘三好 to be married off to foreign land is to make her the concubine of the emperor.

Now, this is the stupidest idea that one can think of loh.
No wait, there’s an even more stupid idea, by the emperor; by asking 高显扬 to elope with 刘三好. ZzZz.

For 贤妃’s idea, kind as she can be, she might not mind 刘三好 to have the same status as her but it’s still a sucky idea. Because before the 吐蕃王子 had request, 刘三好 was not concubine’s choice. Now that he has request, and suddenly the emperor wants her as concubine. What would he think? He would obviously think the emperor was at odds with him, over a mere servant.

For the emperor’s solution, not only he will lose his important general 高显扬, 马元贽 also have the right to haunt them down nationwide forever. And if they are found, confirm is death penalty. Such an act is totally irreversible and they will be forever on the run.

Unless…the emperor follow up with what I proposed;
Get a female corpse of same age/height/weight as 刘三好 and male corpse of same age/height/weight as 高显扬(dont care how you do it lah), dressed them up in their costumes and…ah-hem, burnt them till they cant be recognized, to fake as 为情自杀. It will be convincing. No matter 马元贽 believe or not, at least for show lor to him and 吐蕃王子, better than nothing. If he did this, 阮翠云 will not get trouble up her sleeves already. 做也要做全套啊!

But even then, the emperor will have a high risk of losing his throne if he dont have 高显扬 by this side. So it’s still a sucky idea!

While I’m watching the drama, at least half a dozen ideas were working on my mind; on how to save 刘三好 from the foreign marriage.

Since obviously the emperor cant say “no”, the only way to save 刘三好 is to let the 吐蕃王子 say “no” instead, or at least, he cant say “yes”. =P

1) Find another prettier female to attract the 吐蕃王子 so that he shifts his attention from 刘三好

2) Let 刘三好 take some medication which will give an impression of some incurable and infectious disease. This method damn popular leh.

3) Let 刘三好 take some medication which will temporary disfigure her face and lied that it’s permanent.
Worse come to worst, then really disfigure her lor. Anyway, if there’s true love, Kevin Cheng, 高显扬 will still want her right? =P Better than marrying off to a foreign land to someone she dont love, with no friends.

4) Firstly promote 刘三好’s status by saying she’s not an ordinary servant but a favourite of the dowager. And that the 吐蕃王子 have to win all 3 of the challenges she threw before she will willingly marry him. Just tease abit on the male’s ego, 吐蕃王子 will definitely accept. After that, just make sure he cant win, by hook or by crook.

5) Secretly spread rumours to the 吐蕃王子 that 刘三好 a jinx and will curse the husband to die abruptly.

6) Secretly spread rumours to the 吐蕃王子 that 刘三好 no longer a virgin. If dont work, go to 9)

7) Let the dowager acknowledge 刘三好 as god daughter and she is not allowed to leave her till she die. To strengthen the idea, dowager can act as if she got an incurable disease and is dying soon, hence need 刘三好 by her side till her last breath. After that, can slowly drag la.

8) Setup 刘三好 so that she commit a minor crime but let the emperor act very furious till he post her to other foreign land(with convicted charges, she cant possibly marry off happily to a prince). Can either get her back in future by saying her crime committed wasnt that serious in the 1st place or allow 高显扬 to leave the palace to find her.

9) *laughing as I’m thinking* Get 高显扬 to erm…make l*ve to 刘三好. HAHAHA. Then set-up an evil person(preferably someone which the emperor wants to eliminate and obviously not an eunuch. HAHA) so that he’s faced with the rape charge. The rapist can be executed for all we care. But 刘三好 cant marry the 吐蕃王子 already since she’s no longer a virgin. Dont think he dont mind. Haha.

10) Get a pretty female to seduce 吐蕃王子 into bed(if really cant succeed then give aphrodisiac or something la) to set him up for rape. Let the emperor to act REAL ANGRY and force him to marry the female instead. If really fail, he also cant marry 刘三好 anymore since he obviously committed a crime in the palace.

Hahaha! I’m truly very 古灵精怪. =P

In comparison, 宫心计 is a disappointment if you use 金枝玉孽 as a yardstick. The latter’s plot is much more thrilling and out of expectation. 宫心计 is too mediocre. It makes Moses, the emperor look…not very bright leh and on the other hand, makes Tavia look smart when she’s only like so-so loh. I mean, when you compare her with 尔淳(Charmaine) and 玉莹(Gigi) in 金枝玉孽 la. =P

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how Charmaine, 刘三好 get back to the palace eventually. I cant think of any way she can come back smoothly as yet, except the lie that she got a identical twin sister. Blearh!

富贵门 is much more thrilling! Great! I’m amazed how Gallen, Yatming, managed to con *almost* an entire bank out of sheer boldness and evil when he has no experience in business or whatsoever. If you’ve realised, he’s very very sensitive and he understands all the people around him very, very well. Fast reflex too, of course, intelligent.

The producer of 金枝玉孽 probably went to make 富贵门 and leave the producer of 覆雨翻云 to make 宫心计 instead. Haha!


Had finished watching 絕代商驕. Unlike other standard hongkong tvb shows which focus on family ties and love , this show actually ventured a little into the techniques of doing businesses. It’s a comedy but I find it so-so only because only Dayo is funny. Charmaine’s acting failed badly and did not help much in creating laughter. I’m kinda disappointed actually. I expected better performance from her. Ultimately, she’s like the old bird in TVB already. HAHAHA. On the contrary, Ada performed so much better with Dayo on 栋笃神探. Perhaps they got more chemistry acting together. Dayo and Charmaine simply cant click.

Overall it’s still a nice show, with Dayo being the comedian and the fact that there are always surprises within the show, as in you dont know what is next. Perhaps some business tycoon will know about such business strategies lah but not me. Though somehow, I’m still skeptical about some of the strategies used.

I’m still midway into 古靈精探B and I’m very disappointed because it’s kinda boring when everything is so predictable. Plus it’s not very funny leh…or is my sense of humor diminishing? =.= And I’m so sick of the plot because everytime I can guess what’s going to come next or who’s the murderer in the very beginning. That’s so anti-climax. Like the movie “Blood Ties” which is showing now…dont watch….everything is so predictable and the scenes kept repeating. It’s not even a horror or thriller at all! I must curb myself from jeering to dearie what will happen next in the theaters. It’s irritating but I cant help myself! It’s like…”sian…Zeng Jiang is the baddie and later so-and-so will so-and-so..”

Actually I find the Hongkong actors/actresses really good in acting. As in, if they are the baddie who needs to act like a good guy, you can know instinctively. But of course my clueless and unobservant hubby will never sense. =P

The Singaporeans acted like shit in “Blood Ties”. Like the girl. I dont understand why is she looking so petrified in the whole show. You’re a ghost leh and you’re seeking revenge. And she dont even look evil nor revengeful. Haiz…perhaps I just cant compare the 12year old girl in “Orphan” with the local production. The guy’s acting sucks too. *shake head* At least the wife manage some tears during the rape scene, looked pretty real.

I think dearie must be damn sian to watch movie with me because I always let him anti-climax by spluttering what is going to happen. Argh I promise I’ll try to curb..but meanwhile…more good movies/serials please. Even HongKong TVB drama has been becoming more and more predictable. The last thrilling show I’ve watched is 巾国枭雄. Great.

Finally had my casement aircon installed. At last I can sleep. =)

The brand is “Trends”, made locally. Bought from Jurong Point NTUC fairprice at a very fair price of $549. Includes free installation, delivery etc and comes with 5years warranty. It has higher BTU at 9000 than Sanyo and Carrier, which are around 5000-7000 only. It also has a cheaper price tag, Carrier and Sanyo costs $600-$700.

I was prepared for it’s louder-than-normal-aircon noise but I find it okay leh. Though the salesman assured it’s softer than Carrier and Sanyo already. He did warned me that it wont be super cold as my room is much bigger than the normal common room but it will suffice. I just want the heaty air and humidity to get out of the way. Yeah It’s cooling but I did not adjust it till very cold, merely 20degrees and mid fan speed. Too cold I might have difficulty breathing again…my stupid asthma.

Very happy with my purchase. We will shift it when we got our new house so at least it wont be wasted after a few months’ use. =D