冬虫草(Cordyceps) and a walk with Vickki

It has been a long time since I got this sick, other than the occasional coldsores. So I guessed the 冬虫草(Cordyceps sinensis-the wormy-like chinese herb) capsules from Hock Hua Tonic really does work in strengthening the immune system. Because I just recalled lately I forgot to take them.

I ate the capsules lah, I think I cant never stomach the look of it. If you think the name 冬虫草 only originated from it’s worm-like look then you are so wrong! Because indeed, it bears some link with worms(虫)!!!

The first time L told me alittle about it’s origin, I was sure my eyes expanded to the largest size it can ever do. I was hoping to WIKI it and copied it here but arrgggg, they were too chim and I dont think anyone with a right mind will bother to read it. So here’s my very very simple and vague introduction.

冬虫草 is also known as 冬虫夏草. In English, it’s more popularly known as Cordyceps or Caterpilla Fungus. It’s actually a combination of decomposed worms and plant, a.k.a, half-worm-half-plant. I’m sorry if this grosses you out but it’s the truth! If you split up the name, it will interpret as 冬虫 and 夏草. The 冬虫 here refers to larvae which feeds on plants(夏草) as parasites during winter times. Gradually they fed themselves with the nutrients until they’re fat and strong. However, while doing so, some harmful spores from the plant invade their bodies and replaces the host tissue and eventually they died. Despite their death, the spores(真菌) continues to grow within their bodies and when it reaches summer, amazingly a purplish-red sprout will grow out of the insect’s head(argh!)..and that is termed as 夏草. So if you combined both, it’s 冬虫夏草 because they’re combined in 1 body! I guessed some mutation(or whatever scientific term) took place.

Okie My introduction is very layyyyy-man(and gross) terms. If you wish to know more, here’s the chim-mer version, Wikipedia(English version) and in Baidu(chinese version). =)

Interesting(and gross) hor? But it does have medicinal effects, especially for the lungs. I guess it’s not very gross if you consume in capsule form or ground it into powder. 😛

Okie Back to topic.

It might also be because of how I tired myself out with the intensive 1.5hours walk/slow jog(to me it’s BIG thing ok) with Vickki followed by her 3 hours grooming session and some other housework, which made me sick.

Horrible sneezing, leads to cough and minor sorethroat. I think I sneezed no less than 300times. My lungs felt as if they’re going to punctuate any moment. But thank god I’m better today. I hope it doesnt aggravate after the 8hours course tomorrow.

I felt bad as I seldom take Vickki out for walks because I’m so lazy and mainly because I will turn to ashes in the sun. Ya, I’m a vampire or maybe in my past life, as dearie reckoned. For I always have a urge to bite him whenever I can. Ha! 😛

It was cute seeing Vickki enjoying the outing. Sorry no pics though. Initially she was enthusiastically sniffing here and there and actually having a slow jog. Poor me had to jog with her, which might as well, since I’m so unfit. We slow walked or jogged along the route behind our house near to the railway track and because we took the exit too early, ended up we took 1 big round before we reached our house again.

By then, Vickki had stopped jogging and each step was as heavy as lead. Dearie wanted to carry her but I insisted only so after we reached the carpark because I dont want to spoil her. It happened before when we(Vickki and me) were out for awhile and she lazed on the ground, refusing to move and it ended up with me carrying her home. Which of course made me tired lah! So I dont want history to repeat. From this, it is obvious who will be the more benevolent parent in future when/if we have kids. Haha.

Now my right ass cheek and my lower right thigh hurts due to muscular-aches. Is there something wrong with the way I walk or jog huh? Otherwise why only 1 side pain siah???


New Bed Frame

Viy has received our cute “just married” carplate back from MA.


We finally decided on the “Precious Moment” template. Call me niao or what lah. By ordering in RM and having it couriered to Viy’s house, we saved S$20 after the currency conversion. I paid S$45 for the carplate instead of S$65 if I were to pay in S$ and have it couriered to Sg instead. It also might be my luck that Viy planned to go back MA during this period which makes everything falls into place. I just have to meet her soon to collect.

Initially I shortlisted 3 of my favourite designs among the dozens I liked and emailed to dearie for his perusal while secretly hoping the “precious moment” is his choice. Dang dang! First time we chose the same design. Usually we have totally opposite tastes. Like whenever he wants to show me a clip or video or song, I will just say “forget it. Those you like one, I most probably wont.” It’s not till the 5th or 6th time that he finally gave up and stop showing me stuff. That’s because the last time he did, I did not even twitch a muscle when he’s laughing like mad at some…corny, male video about a guy mimicking George Bush or something.

If you find weird that I email him when we’re staying together, it’s not really so. Emails are clear-cut and are a form of records. Especially when most of my wedding stuff orders are via emails. At the same time while I’m inquiring or ordering via emails, it’s more convenient to email him and let him think for his answer instead of calling him when he’s not around. Naturally if he’s around I will ask him directly.

I still feel pretty sick today so was unable to go for appointments as well as reject a mahjiong session TWICE for 2 days straight. Damn the doctor! Overcharged me at $48 with 6 miserable lozenges(they’re strepsils, think I dont know meh), 1 bottle of cough medicine and 30tabs of antibiotics. Okie and 1 MC. WTF? And 2 days had passed and I haven seen any improvement. Gonna catch Dr Tan later in the afternoon after the fengshui audit. I will give a review much later.

The day before, before we settled for the movie “Ghosts of girlfriends’ past”, we shopped around Causeway point. And we did something which I never expect we’ll do; that is buying a bed frame before the house is even ready.

There are a few reasons. The main reason was that the bedframe was fucking cheap! Only $528nett(without mattress) including delivery etc. The company is HECOM and is under Seahorse. So far I’m very satisfied with their services as well as products. I love their memory foam mattress which I’m currently lying on now. Its costs $600 only for a Queen size and so far, there has been no regrets. It’s very comfortable and always give me troubles waking up on time. In fact, it’s one of the great deals which we got.

For our newly bought bed frame, it has a comfortable cushioned head board upholstered in genuine italy leather(so it says) and comes with a 17inch deep storage. Wow! I told dearie we can even hide 8 bodies inside. LOL. And this is 1 purchase which I know we will not regret. It’s too fucking cheap liao, accompanied by quality and practicality. The headboard design is not overly gorgeous, just simple and cosy. Most storage beds come with maximum 12 inch depth only and will cost $1100 and above. I can definitely use the extra room for all my barang barang. Yeah, though it makes the entire bed look pretty high-and-mighty. Dearie even commented, “you better check and see whether you can reach up or not.” Grrrrrr!

There was also this cute 2 seater mini sofa selling at $128. White leather and extremely comfortable. So tempted to take it! But better not. I have to keep remind myself that I dont have much space for anything now! As for the bedframe, yeah, I have to dump the old one away to make way for the new one. I will miss it, I know I will..it has been 12years! It still look very pretty to me despite some gold plating has eroded. Its a brass metal bedding by the way.

Delivery wont be so soon, around Jul or even Aug. Have to depend on the An Chuang date which Master Chang will be giving us. It’s also good if we can have a brand new bed with mattress to an chuang. Dearie has always complain about the squeaking of my current bed. I dont understand why! Initially we thought it’s the mattress and now we know it’s not. And the squeaky noises are not because we’re doing monkey business okie. 😛

Also, I came across this wonderful place which sells gorgeous french furniture at wholesale prices. Gonna take a look this weekend. Damn..I had a feeling I will buy something back…and replace item by item from my room. Although it’s feasible as I can always transport my furniture to the new house when it’s ready, we prefer not to. Because wait the new house dont have a feeling of being a new house because we had grown accustomed to all the new furniture, which might sit in my room for around 6months!

If I can choose, I will hope I can have my new house ASAP. But it’s difficult…

I just hope I stop seeing great stuff at great prices from now till Oct..

This afternoon we also went IMM NewImage to see our edited pictures. Indeed almost all of the unsightly bulging bah bah were being photoshopped off. Bleah…Kinda kelong..but…I cant possibly say no right. No one in the right mind will. It’s ultimately, some photo album which you will (hopefully) take once in a lifetime and which you insanely spent few thousands on. I wont post them here lah..you guys can see the real album and photo montage on the actual wedding day. No peeking. =)

Vickki’s ear infection, rashes and scratching has indeed improved alot. Despite how shag I was after the trip to IMM, I had to bathe her. She still needs oral medicine and ear drops twice everyday. And before ear drops, I need to clean her ear. The pills, I need to shove them down her throat else she will spit out. For the past few days, she can only take 1 type of food so as to determine what causes the allergy. Poor thing. I was so busy that I dont have much time to spend with her.

Just now, she was probably feeling..unloved. And she barked. Usually when she barked in the room, it’s because she wanna get out to pee or go to the living room to find my brother. But just now, she dont want to leave my room and stubbornly stood rooted to the ground in my room. Hmm….so I scooped her up and laid her on my lap, slowly sayang her. Oh..She just wants some pampering.

If I sound surprised, it’s becauseee, I’m reallllyyyy surprised. You know why. It’s because Vickki is not like any typical dog. She’s like…she’s pretty much like me. She dont whine or even “teh” often. She doesnt stay in your laps for long, and will wriggle out after max 3minutes, just so to find something more entertaining and fun. She dont seem to possess even a tiny bit of feminism. Independence and headstrong is what she’s made of.

The only time I heard her whine was after her neuter operation and it was only because dearie tugged at her wound when he tried to carry her. She did not whine 1 bit all the way when I bought her back from the vet. And tonight, it’s one of the rare occasions that she willingly lies on my lap and let me sayang to sleep. I must have really really neglected her. Lately bro Xiang had reservist so he hardly play with her too and no wonder. Xiang and me were the only ones whom she’s close with. She dont really bother about dearie nor my other bro Wei. Perhaps she can sense they dont love her much.

I must really get well soon. I have like 36 to-dos in my list. 36!!!


Please help to support http://ilovebeingreal.wordpress.com/!!! It’s SL’s blogshop. =)

Though I dont think many people read my blog lah, so paiseh cant really help alot. Haha. But do try to spread around ya?

Still very busy. Vickki’s ear infection has got so serious that she has scratched till there’s a patch of hair missing at her ear. She also has rashes all over. So I hurried her to The Joyous Vet at CCK. Dr Grace Heng is as busy as usual, so it’s difficult to book her to see Vickki within few days. Thus we saw another vet, Dr Jasmine Tan, who is also very sweet.

We dont know whether it’s an environmental or food allergy but Dr Jasmine guessed it should be food allergy. Thus she gave Vickki new food from Science Diet and said she is not to have other food for monitoring. Ear drops as well as 2 types of medicine were given. Total damage: $149.

Hope she get well soon.

Things done
-computer drawing of new house (anyone interested just msn or facebook me to show you. =) Otherwise my very private and fierce husband will scold me for putting it online. =~(
-angbao box
-decorated pens for signage
-most of Guo Da Li items
-confirmation of most banquet guests
-wedding “just married” carplate made in MA.(Viy helping me to take it back. Thanks so much girl!)
-wedding schedule and jiemei schedule

Things pending on hand
-Printing of wedding invites
-Confirmation of ballroom theme deco with florist
-Confirmation of wedding cupcakes
-Wedding photoshoot album design

Things coming up
-current house fengshui audit
-budget schedule for home reno
-sourcing reno ideas/brands/contractors etc
-getting brown pants for FIL to wear on AD (we bought a nice brown, smart jacket from Domanchi)

I still dont have any ideas for jiemei dressing theme. Kel asked me dont take pink because she dont have pink dresses. I feel pink kinda common..but really not much ideas. Difficult to plan lor.

Vickki turned 2 years old!

Woah! I’m really getting damn pissed with all the spam emails I’m getting everyday. EVERYDAY. At least 3 per day, most of them selling clothes. I think they got my email when I ordered on livejournal with my email, which is compulsory.

Feel like changing a new email but damn I’m already so used to this email, and it’s for my work too. I can only add these irritating bunch of people into my filter everyday. Wonder will the filter “burst” 1 day.

Yesterday(like 6 hours ago) was Vickki’s Birthday!! She is officially 2 years old now. Still as guai lan like me but undeniably adorable(not like me). Everyone still loves her. However I always say, “If you’re not that cute, you probably cant survive till this day.” And everyone agrees with me! That shows how naughty she really is!

I brought her out for walks sometimes and she always attract so much attention, more so that it’s owner. Ahem, that’s pretty humiliating. There was once which was so funny. Dearie and I brought her downstairs pasa malum walk walk. And while walking through the carpark, there was another owner, an auntie holding on to her male shi tzu. We were walking towards each other in the opposite direction but that male shih tzu couldnt tear his eyes off my Vickki and began to chase towards us.

Despite his bigger size, he doesnt look fierce. And I laughed out loud while slowing down. And the auntie also let him come forward so that they can be friends! So I thought it’s a good idea because Vickki got no friends. On the other hand, I was worried Vickki might bite Ricky(lol..name also sound the same) if he gets too pestering. But heng she did not. I was chatting amiably with the auntie, JJ about both our dogs as well as the one she previously owned. Aiyo, then her eyes began to look glassy when she mentioned about how it had left her.

Sigh…ya…that’s what dog owners need to prep themselves with…the ultimatum that their beloved pets will have..and the emotional trauma. That’s why Dearie strongly objected to my rearing of Vickki and he always make it a point not to get too close to her, emotionally. Because he dont want to be too emotionally entangled.

And while we’re chatting with dearie getting bored, Vickki and Ricky were sniffing each other but Vickki seemed to lose interest very quickly and started to lead me back the direction we were going. Lol. And Ricky wants to follow, fiercely. Even with JJ holding on, he seemed determined. Haha But we were tired standing all through the conversation so we said our goodbyes. So proud that I still remember her name but most probably she cant remember mine. Haha.

I should have post a picture of Vickki here but erm it’s difficult to grope in the dark now. I shall post 3 pics which was taken before. Though her haircut looks more than the last 2 pics.

DSC02900 [Sony PSP] [Sony PSP]



Love ya!

“Kungfu Chef” not nice

Ah…I guess I dont have to emphasize that I’m getting lazier day by day. I still blog pretty often, like a demented woman who needs to release her pent-up thoughts and outbursts via this channel. However, if you have noticed, number of pictures have dropped. I’m simply too lazy to snap pictures and upload them nowadays.

It has been 8 days since Vickki had her op, which means it has been 8 days since her last bath. She’s stinking like hell now and her bah-wu(stench) can be smelt from like a meter away. But somehow, I still find the smell endearing and adorable, despite being a little…hmm…yah chou4 chou4. Heez.

There has been this saying. If you like a person, you will like his smell no matter how weird the smell might be. But if you dont like a person, whatever perfume/cologne he has on just irks you. =) True.

I have no choice but to schedule Vickki’s next basic grooming session on 11th because the doctor said her wound cant touch water for a minimum of 2 weeks. I really wonder what will happen if she didnt get to bathe for that long. Will worms grow on her? Omg..that thought made me shudders. =P Though I still wipe her face everyday. No choice. If not, her eyes will be fully swamppppped with mucus. Gross!

Movie Title: Kungfu chef
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: It’s a vast disappointment. I expected superior culinary skills and somewhat-amount of corny digital effects but even that failed me. The digital effects were not even done with reason, too limited and nothing outstanding. Not much focus were put on culinary portion while major movie parts were focused on gang fights due to a stupid feud which wasnt even explained properly. Mediocre action moves. I can find better actions in a 10year old movie.

The plot dont even make sense sometimes. Like they didnt show how Sammos train Vaness in cooking and suddenly Vaness can take part in a competition and ended up being very pro. For a kungfu trained disciple like him who doesnt know how to cook well, it’s just crap. What I most bth should be the ending part, where Sammos suddenly appeared and tossed 1 tofu into the soup which Vaness made. And that suddenly made the soup oh-so-delightful. Hello, it’s a competition loh and the judges were already savouring the dishes. The time was over! How can someone suddenly chup 1 leg in and add whatever stuff leh. And I cant stand Vaness or whatever birdnest. His acting is SO boring. He simply cant act. No matter how much romance should blossomed between him and the other female lead, that simply failed. In short, this movie failed as an action film and comedy as well as in romance.

Actually the action director and director are names which I’m familiar, but somehow..maybe their standard dropped. It’s a real low budget film too. Because I have never seen such a small array of ingredients for a national competition hanging on a gigantic “birdcage”.

Why I give a 3 out of 5? Because of Sammos.

Initially we meant to watch “Bloody Valentines” but it wasnt shown in Jurong Point. Dearie is very interested to watch the 3D movie. You’re required to wear a special plastic glasses and the images are 3D. From what dearie described, it’s like they will look so real as if they will sprout out of the scream. He said in some instances, if the actions include water spraying etc, there will be real water sprouted on you too. I think that’s bullshit. =P

I’ll share my experience after I watched it.

No more drinks..

Sigh. Cant sleep so came here to blog. Dont understand why I can sleep like a log last time after drinking but nowadays I cant, because stomach always feel uncomfortable. Did not drank alot but I wished I drank lesser. What can I do when I have 2 sisters, where Jy always dupe my drinks whenever I went ladies while the other Kel always make me drink when playing group 5-10? Hmmm….what a long sentence. Haha. Haiz..Jy wanted to finish her bottle of Chivas…so keep pour. =.=

And I’m dreading my hen’s night…they say will “give me a good time”. =( Then then Kel said she must throw me into the water too like how she was thrown last time at Cafe Del Mar. =( But but that time is Jy asked the angmor to throw one leh! Not me leh….yuan you tou…zhai you zhu….boowoo…But Jy kept deny. Dont know she really forgot or act one. Kns! Anyway that time I also kanna thrown into the water hor…in fact only Liz and G didnt. That G, hid in the toilet for 30minutes then dare to come out. Booooo! Jy said we will get our dues on G’s hen’s night. Haha.

Anyway, I’m sure it was an unforgettable hen’s night for Kel. It was the perfect excuse, or reason for Jy to ask the angmors to throw Kel into the water, I remembered vividly. Unforgettable mah. =P

Important lesson learnt.

Hen’s night venue must be NO WHERE NEAR WATER.



Haiz. Central kopitiam also got beer. Maybe have to hen’s night at my house liao. Haha. But doubt they allow it. =S

We took some pictures at the pub just now but not convenient to post now as it’s difficult to grope in the dark. Damn funny. You guys see a giant lobster before? I’ll show you next time.

Dearie has been lemming to go back Intercontinental Hotel again, or a short break in whichever style. So do I. =( But it’s difficult…… Actually I have a simpler wish, which is to stay home and rest for the weekend. For both weekends. I’m lately glued to old movies and have been watching them online. Despite the technology might have been a tad old, the action moves are still pretty outstanding. And comedies, they wont be out of style. I’ve also realised most old movies are less heavy in storyline. However, the “thrill” factor is there, especially for horror vampires shows. And still funny.

Vickki is feeling better and more or less back to her old self. But she still sleeps more than she usually does. Hmmm….good thing is she can jump and run liao.

Vickki’s Neutering

Before the Chinese New Year in January, I booked an appointment with Dr Grace Heng from The Joyous Vet for Vickki’s sterilization. Business must be good, for the earliest appointment available was the day before, which was 25th Feb. Dr Grace Heng is a very renowned vet in the industry. She has a wide-spread reputation for being the cream of the crop as well as very caring towards animals. What’s best, they’re located so near me, in Choa Chu Kang Ave 3 at Sunshine Place.

I know some of you might be thinking to neuter Vickki is a very cruel thing. The point is, I also dont bear to see her go under the knife. The thought really sickens me. But I finally conceded after one particular visit to the vet. She told me if I dont neuter Vickki, she more or less will contract breast cancer when she’s of old age. “More or less”. I’m shocked and alarmed by that discovery.

I’m not worried about her accidentally getting pregnant because she’s in good hands. Since we all know dog’s life span usually wont surpass 15 years unless they’re godly healthy. I just wish to prolong Vickki’s life for as long as I can, by keeping her as healthy as possible and reducing her risk of contracting any disease as low as possible.

The vet said if I neuter her, it will reduce her risk of contracting ovarian and womb cancer. And if the op is done before her 2nd menses, her risk of getting breast cancer is zero. If however it’s done after that, it doesnt reduce the risk at all. Vickki has to go without food and water from midnight onwards. I sent her there around 12pm and fetched her back around 8+pm in the evening. And both occasions, the clinic was very packed.

My heart pained to see her in low spirits and fatigue, for it’s obvious the wound is still abit painful. The whole family are very concerned, seeing her not of her usual lively, greedy self. Usually she will run to receive us when we came back. After the op, she managed to walk but very slowly. No running and strictly no jumping because that will stretch her wound. She always shift her position from time to time as if no position can be totally comfortable with her wound on her stomach. Thus we gave her one of our big pillow to lie on.

She cant have any food and water too till the next morning 6am. And since she just had an op, I’ve decided to cook some soft macaroni for her to eat rather than giving her the usual pet food.

To wake up at 6am is no easy task for me.

I woke up at 6.30am instead and then set a 15minutes snooze while the macaroni were soaked. Then I woke up again to boil them while I snoozed again for 20minutes. I finally woke up again from a 15minutes snooze as I waited for them to cool before I served them to my Princess Vickki. By the time I flopped onto my bed(like the 4th time) at 7+am, I was as dead as a corpse. And you know what, Vickki did not eat her macaroni till in the late afternoon. I think she dont have appetite to eat prior to that. So much so for my effort. Sigh. Nevermind. But she ate little too….my heart pained again when she’s usually such a glutton.

Haiz. Anyway she’s better today. Ate more, walked faster, but most of the time, she laid on the floor or on cushions. Her stitches are “dissolvable” so there’s no need to go back to remove the stitches. There’s a need to look after her most of the time when possible to prevent her from licking her wound which was sprayed with antibiotics(silver in colour). Else there might be infection. I can only go out after Wei came back from school because nobody was home.

Am very grateful to Dr Grace Heng as she also fixed her umbilical hernia too during the op. Although the nurse said it was a “by the way” thing, it clearly showed how caring and how much Dr Grace loves animals for she did not want her to go through another op in future nor have that birth disorder for the rest of her life. Guiltily speaking, I totally forgotten about the hernia because it’s not life threatening. But I’m really glad she fixed it for me, what’s more at no extra charges.

I was told the wound need 2 weeks to heal and Vickki is not to be bathed. Oh my god I thought, she will probably stinks like hell. No choice as we cant get the wound wet. Meanwhile, I hope she can recover much much faster and back to her old self in no time. I miss the old her.