Wedding preparations

MANY people have been asking me how the wedding preparations going. Thanks for all your concern girls. =D

Just some updates
1) Wedding invites had been printed by Jasvy

Jasvy Marketing Agency
Blk 30 Kallang Place #04-06
JTC Flatted Factory
Singapore 339159
Tel: 62992263/62990758
M/S Jason or Ivy

Fairmont(Swissotel) engaged them solely to print all their wedding invites. Maybe that explains the poor attitude and they expect me to take all their shit. Most of the times, we communicated by email and I had spoken to Ivy once on the phone. We were entitled to 70% of guaranteed attendance. They had emailed me the template for checking before they proceeded to print. I had stated I wanted traditional characters for all the names but yet was disappointed to find 1 character of dearie’s name in simple character instead of traditional.

I mean, yah, that’s the purpose of me checking. But it shows how unprofessional they are and doesnt really put their heart into doing their job.

Secondly, for all the emails correspondence, I cc. to the Dan(IC for Fairmont), just so he can point out any discrepancies which I might not know. After I had confirmed everything, cards printed, then Dan told me they cant have 2 reserve tables, only 1. In that case, we had to guarantee more tables as I cant possibly risk my guests not having the tables despite how much I wish to safeguard myself against people who put aeroplane without valid reasons.

And so, I have to increase the number of tables, hence, I should be entitled for more wedding invites. Guess what? Jasvy said I need to pay some $40+(dont remember) re-printing charge for the additional print of like 20-so more cards. Perhaps if she can explain to me the basis of the extra re-printing charge on the phone(I called), then perhaps I will be more receptive and accommodating. But she didnt. SO, I dont understand WHY there should be a re-printing charge since it’s basically re-printing by the PRINTER using the SAME template. Pardon my ignorance if there is other printing knowledge involved since she didnt even care to explain to me.

All this adds up to my annoyance starting from my 1st email correspondence, where all my polite, semi-formal emails were replied shabbily with few words like…like they’re the customers instead.



There were more emails but mostly around the sameeee pattern la. Before I confirmed the RTP, I cc. Dan the template layout too.

Alright. Perhaps I’m a difficult customer. But even myself is in service line and I dont even talk like that, not even in emails. I understand Singaporeans can be less formal and not use proper English, it’s perfectly fine. But the way which you write your email, dictates your tone, your attitude, your personality, your professionalism, your image and your whole approach. Haiz Enough said lah. Sg service. Blah! If they’re not Fairmont’s sole printer services, I wouldnt give them the time of the day~

Oh ya. I kinda blame Dan a little for not pointing out the loophole earlier. But I guessed he’s just too busy and overlooked as he’s nice and accommodating most of the time. So I called him and asked him nicely to speak to them, whether can re-print only 20+ more invites for me. He should understand that I’m not coming out with as much as a dime for the re-printing lo. It’s not even my fault. Thankfully, he settled it for me.

AND HOR, that printing agency was located at some ulu factory in Kallang. We’re not going to go all the way there to see that 2 attitude people and humbly collect our invites from them loh. Sooooo, I asked Dan to ASK THEM to deliver their invites to Fairmont. I will collect from Dan instead. Hngggggg! =P Dearie just collected them today. =)

We had confirmed our hall/banquet tables deco/wedding favors with Woodsville Florist out of the 2 choices.

1. Impact Creative Services Pte Ltd
No.22A Lim Teck Boo Rd
#04-05 Henley Industrial Building
Singapore 537002
Tel: 6383 0025 (ofc) / 90056409 (hp)
Ms Florence Tan

2. Woodsville Florist Pte Ltd
37 Lorong 23 Geylang
#03-06 Yu Li Industrial Building
Singapore 388371
Tel: 63452203 (ofc) / 92309787 (hp)
Ms Calista

At first I’m dumbstruck why all of them were located at such ulu places? We called them up and further affirmed, and indeed they are ONLY located at those locations! Haiz…really very lazy to go all the way down to confirm some deco so I called them and asked them to email me pictures for me to decide since Impact services dont have a website while Woodsville’s website was down. =.=”””

You wont be surprised that I definitely chose the one with the better SERVICE, a.k.a, Calista from Woodsville. Their stuff were more or less the same anyway. Impact Services only emailed a few pathetic BLUR pictures. Obviously I cant decide when she only emailed me no more than 4 pictures. Therefore I asked can we meet at Fairmont to discuss on Xth day(where they’re doing deco setup for another wedding too), guess what Florence tell me?

“Oh only my guys will be there doing the deco, I wont be. And I dont work on Saturdays nor go out to meet clients. Perhaps you can meet me at my office? Just give me a call that you’re coming down.”

Ohhhh Very polite. But…”we’ll see”. That’s my reply.

Is it something wrong with ME or THEM?

On the other hand with Calista from Woodsville, she emailed me tons of pictures. CLEAR Pictures. Pictures of the 4 different theme setup of the stage, pictures of the different centrepieces for guests as well as VIP tables, the floating(i.e, the standing pieces along the aisle) and also the choice of wedding favors.

Hmm..after we confirmed the colour of table cloths and chair covers with Dan, I spent a long time to decide the stage setup and center-pieces etc among the emailed pictures. But finally we confirmed with Calista via email alone. She did however went the extra mile to give me a call to further confirm the tiny details, like the choice of accompanying flowers to accentuate the center-pieces, whether the colours are okay and if I need to change, etc. So nice. =)

I’m also very pleased with their choice of wedding favors. Elegant, unique and practical. I haven receive such wedding favors before from other weddings. We chose 2 and 1 of them coincidentally was 1 of the items which I’m eying to buy for our new house.

Cherry Blossom Glass Love Coasters

Isnt this lovely? Now I dont need to ship them specially from Aussie. You guys can have it too! As dearie had proposed in Japan, these cherry blossoms glass coasters made it all the more meaningful. =) We also chose another wedding favor to alternate around seats but I’m going to keep it a secret for the time being. But I promise it’s as adorable as the cherry blossom glass coasters. =) Hopefully, we dont have guests vying for them. Haha Okie lah, kinda exaggerating. =P

3) Just saw the wedding album design at New Image. Hmm…was not very impressed with the layout nor design. The images were so cluttered. There were as many as 7 pictures inside 2 pages. ZzZz. And the main problem was the placing of the pictures…they’re obviously in a mess. Some pictures, with their poses, should preferably be placed at certain positions. Dearie obviously cant see what’s wrong with most of the pictures until I pointed them out, “Isnt it better that this picture on the left be placed on the right?” etc. In additional, we splitted some images to be put on separate additional pages so that the pages look less cluttered. According to our preference, or rather mine, some images’ sizes were enlarged or reduced, blurred or sharpen.

Dearie said I’m real troublesome. I am ah. I admit. Hello, $1500 additional okie~ Paying for more than $5k for the whole damn thing okie. It might not be alot for some people who even went overseas(other than Ma la) to shoot but it’s a lot for someone like us who do not like being snapped on cameras, much less being real photogenic for it. So why top up so much? I said liao loh. It’s my fault actually. Too many different costumes and backdrops, it’s so difficult to choose lesser pictures when you need at least 4 to do a proper digital design layout. Either that, you have to forsake the whole collection. Which we apparently dont bear to la.

But thank god Gav was accommodating and patient. He seemed okie to all my requests/edits. 1 more week before we see the edited design layout. Though frankly speaking, the design is very very simple, nothing breathtaking. I’m merely reducing the messiness of the layout and emphasizing on our favourite pictures instead of the less favored ones. *shrugged*

4) Confirmed wedding cakes selection with Shida at Angelzcup.

I think I dont have to sing more praises of her anymore since I’ve done it in my previous posts. =) I’ve discussed with Kel and also Dan regarding my idea of a wedding cupcake tier with the top tier being a real wedding cake for the cutting-cake ceremony. And it doesnt seemed very feasible. Long story. Anyway, since I have $70 deposit with Shida, I’ve decided to take up wedding cakes(Guo Da Li Cakes-cupcakes) from her instead.

ALTHOUGH she’s very very nice to allow a refund of deposit if I ultimately decide not to order, I was quite paiseh to cancel the order because we had exchanged a few long emails before to so-call finalise the designs of the cuppies. Everything was almost set untill I postponed the order abruptly when I recalled that I haven finalise the banquet theme with Dan, and I wanted the cupcakes tier to complement whatever theme I might have. Even so, the decision of having cuppies from Shida is not only out of obligation, but also, I felt her cuppies are definitely more worth it, not to mention, so endearing. =)

Because after comparison of wedding(Guo Da Li) cakes from other patisseries, I realised while most of them are priced cheaper and have nicer packaging, the packages are not really worth it.

They are packaged like, a few swissrolls, fruit tarts, mochi or marshmallows etc, in a box, priced around the same as Shida’s cuppies. I dont mean they’re not good but it’s like……..I feel all the money went to the packaging and for the name of “Guo Da Li” cakes. In a way, it’s again, chopping carrots in the name of “Wedding”. I rather we pay alittle more for “the real thing”. And Shida’s cuppies are the “real thing”.

Cupcakes are not really traditional but it’s a refreshing idea. Dearie and I dont mind, and hopefully the recipients wont too. It’s a chore to decide the designs because all are so adorable. Needless to say, everytime I look at them, I need to swallow back saliva and kept remind myself that I’m on a diet. So I doubt the recipients will mind them at all in replace of traditional cakes. I haven taste them before and hopefully they wont disappoint me. =)


Angelz Cup – mini cupcakes delight

Yay!! So happy. FINALLY! I’ve finalised my order of wedding cake and cupcakes with Angelzcup. Shida is so nice on the phone, accommodating too! Refer here for all her creations. They are so cute!

Here are some of my favourites.

I got to know her site from, a food blog which I’m quite familiar with. Just that the unusual loading time kinda erodes my existing almost non-existing patience. =P

OK! That settles my cakes. Now still got wine, FIL’s suit et……

“Just Married” Carplates, Wedding Cakes, Videography

These “Just Married” Carplates are SO CUTE! I cant make up my mind which to choose! Give me some suggestions will you? They’re to go with a white beetle(volkswagon).

Precious Moment. Classy and Elegant

Pinky and sweet

Simple and Cool

Cute, Cartoony.

Howwwwww?? Dont have a specific price yet because haven determine the delivery method. But they generally costs around the same, $65.

Was browsing for some Wedding Cakes. Not that I have decided to have 1…just find that they’re so nice and pretty! Compliments from Cherylshuen. Nice and pretty as they come, not cheap manz as they’re mostly fondant cakes.




With cupcakes

Cute baby-1year-old cake

Guo Da Li(GDL) fondant cakes with cupcakes! SOoooOo cute! $30+ per box.

Expensive right? 20 boxes will costs $600 liao! Normal GDL cake box costs between $8.90-$18.90 only. I guess this is more for the rich like Erica. =P

Normal fondant cakes will costs above $100 and for Cherylshuen, they costs at least $300 and above. Because fondant is not easily mastered. Can see that her artwork is generally better than other patissieries. The Patissier also have wonderful cakes but even steeper pricing. But so far haven heard reviews about their cakes perhaps they’re of higher end.

Some frequently mentioned names are

1) Pine Gardens.
Too bad website is under construction. It’s known to be cheap and good for both wedding cakes and GDL cakes.

2) Choz Cakes
Take note this is not “Chocz” hor.

3) CakeAvenue

4) Cupcakedivinity
Famous for their cupcakes. Home-based but not especially cheap.

Cupcakes are getting popular because they’re of less hassle(no need to cut). Mini ones cost around $1.50 each while standard ones costs around $2.50 each. Fondant or premium cupcakes will costs $3.50 and above each.

For the wedding cake/cupcakes, I’m quite undecided lah because they will add up to around $500 if I have to cater for all guests. Meanwhile I’m worried about nobody eating and it will be a waste(of my money too).

I had actually booked my videographer, Simon as recommended by NewImage, my bridal studio(BS). However, I feel that Tr(Huey’s videographer) have nicer work and better pricing. I will engage her instead. Capio told me I have to pay the forfeited deposit of $200 because I had cancelled at this last minute(within 3 months). I remembered she told me “it’s confirmed” but she has never request me for deposit. And I never know I have to forfeit some sort of deposit if I cancelled. She only added to my total bill where balance of the VG charge is to be collected on the day before the actual day. And the thing is, when I asked her how much deposit she handed over, she refused to answer me and said she will negotiate with Simon instead. After few hours then she called me again, quoting me $200.

Somehow I feel that amount goes into her pocket or the BS’s pocket lor. Haiz…but I still prefer to have Tr instead. The videography skills are pretty on par but Tracy uses MAC for editing as well as the express highlights. Her montage is much better for Simon’s one is pretty old-fashioned. Perhaps he uses outdated software.

Initially was pretty happy that I can cut some costs(even including the forfeited deposit) as Tr charges cheaper because she is a freelancer. However when I thought of my topping up of pictures totaling $1500, I sianz 1/2. Not to mention I haven source for red wine yet. Arrghhhhh!

We have already prepared to make a loss for the banquet. Not that we will complain lah because the banquet is something which we, or rather I (=P), choose to have. I will be very very happy if 100% turn up. Somehow I feel, if dont have a customary banquet, it doesnt feel like we REALLY got married. Like..dont have that gan jue…Weird huh me~ Anyway, I feel it’s nice to have our friends together with us on our big day to share our happiness and joy. Dearie definitely dont think so; he finds it very troublesome. =P

Plus there is a particular kind of people on Earth who will last minute tua one la without a good reason (say want to come but never come). Let’s see who will they be after the banquet. =P Dont say I mean lor but I feel what goes around comes around. They will understand the feeling when it’s their turn to hold a banquet. Maybe that’s why I feel most of these people are people who already held banquets? They thought it’s no way these karma can come back again? =P

Huey told me to estimate a 10%. For someone as kind and have so many friends as her also said 10%. I think I have to estimate 20% liao. Haha.

I mean, still, I will be happy with the people who attended as well as their angbaos lah but I feel we most probably will make a loss. Therefore if I have to add wedding cakes, cupcakes, red wine all that, it will be a even bigger expense. Hmm…I will try to source for good pricing…but if cant find, then too bad loh. At least we did try to find and hold a banquet.

Argghhhh still very irritated with the extra $200 which Capio exploited of me. Another problem awaiting me is that Father-in-law is bandang about black colour jackets and refused to wear one. Capio said they only have dark blue with stripes other than black. I have a feeling FIL wont like it one. So we have to rent or make another suit for him, incurring another few hundred. And thing is, he seldom wear suits one as he’s retiring soon. I wonder should we get the suit in dearie’s size(since dearie can wear suits to meet clients) but lend FIL to wear. But wonder will he mind? Even if he dont mind, I feel grey dont suit dearie leh. I dont even dare to think of brown.

Haiz…all are money…what a headache.