I love the rain, but not the flood

Omg! Has it been raining for more than 24hours?? It hasnt stopped!! Some parts of Singapore must have flooded again…. Haiz, hopefully the government can do something for the low lands.

I do love the rain much more than the heaty sun. It does not douse my mood for going out at all. =) Just that it has been soOooOo chilly for the whole day, the Panasonic instant water heater did not really help. The water wasnt warm at all and dearie and me had to finish our baths in a jiffy. =(

Please dont buy Panasonic instant water heater. =P Whatever bubble jet which they claimed, it’s just a lie. =P


Day 01- Challenge

Day 01 – A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I think amongst everything about me, the most interesting fact will be I totally dont look like my personality, as commented by many friends. Or rather, I look the opposite.

=.= That’s sad……….. Really makes me 哭笑不得……

Okie, to start the ball rolling, about the interesting facts about me, the first thing will be getting to know…..how the real me is like.

1) I’m not a smoker, although I know very well I look like one. Sigh. No, it’s not the yellow teeth, I have fairly white teeth…just the smoker look I guess. I did smoked before when I was around 21(pardon, 年少无知lah) but quit shortly after when I realised it gave me sorethroat and super dry skin.

2) I’m not a sucker for money or branded goods and not a materialistic b*tch. There’s definitely reason for every item or branded goods I bought, be it for it’s design, it’s quality, it’s value etc. Similarly, I also own non-branded goods, so long so I like it. However, I have absolutely no issues with people who are brand conscious and I particularly dislike people who termed these people “brand wh*res”. I think it’s really rude and immature because no one has any right to judge someone’s likes and dislikes.

3) I’m not as wild as people think I am.

I’m definitely more fun-loving when I’m younger but definitely not to the extent of being “wild”. I have never tried drugs nor abortion in my whole life and will never will. Erm, the wildest thing I had ever done in my whole life, lol, will be like, erm, clubbing in more than 3 different places till daybreak(still conscious) and walking back home alone on foot in drizzles all the way from Choa Chu Kang to Yew Tee one night when I got my heart broken at 21.

4) I’m definitely not a flirt. Not even when I’m single. I’m more of the tom-boy kind and speaks whatever on my mind. I have NEVER 2-time before nor snatches anyone’s boyfriend in my whole life. So stop asking me whether did I snatch who-and-who’s bf just because some girl has a problem with me. Seriously, do I really look like those type who will and who CAN snatch someone’s boyfriend meh? You think too “highly” of me liao lor. Frankly speaking, if a guy can be snatched so easily, it’s also not worth keeping.

5) As much as how “tough” I look……I cry superrrr easily………whenever touching and sad scenes in movies….or when sad news of children/animals being mistreated….That’s why I always avoid watching touching/sad movies. I’m a softie at heart actually. =P

6) I’m er…actually not as dumb as I look. I dont know why some people always like to lie to me, sometimes for the most trivial stuff. Though I usually wont voice it out. For what? =) I’m very sensitive and usually can detect mood changes if I care to notice the people around me.

7) I’m one who treasures relationships, kinship and friendship alot alot. Very very sentimental. However, once anyone used up all my tolerance and the love I have for them, they’re as good as dead to me. Oh, not that I wish them to be dead, I still wish them well, =) But merely, they cant affect me as like before.

8) I dont like to get calculative with money unless it’s with people I super super dislike. So much so I’m often taken for granted(chopped like a carrot) just because people doesnt want to pay me back automatically and I’m paiseh to ask.

9) I have a stronger interest for guy’s games, like counterstrike, pool, snooker. I can spend 3-4 hours playing such games when I was younger. But sadly, not many kakkis now. For sports, I like badminton, cycling  and volleyball.

10) I have aqua-phobia, because I nearly drowned once when I was 9 during a swimming lesson in a public pool. Stupid relief teacher! When I meant I nearly drowned, I really really nearly drown because no one knew I was struggling at 1 corner in the deep pool. All the students and relief teacher had left to the middle pool. I haven learnt how to come up for breathing yet and it was by sheer luck that I managed to struggle to the side by mere kicking. I drank buckets of water. =(

11) Hmm….the only feminine side of me will probably be when I’m playing the organ. I’m actually 1 grade short of reaching the teacher’s grade and was my teacher’s best student. The memory of being the lead player during my first performance playing “The Phantom of the opera” will forever etched in my mind. I’ve stopped then because dad cant afford the fees anymore. Eventually, I got busy with work…and didnt get around to playing it again. Kinda lost touch already.

12) My best and favorite subjects at school were mathes(E & A), Chinese, E.literature and Biology. English is my WORST subject, barely passing. And imagine how appalled I am when friends commented my English is good when they read my blog. =P  My most frequented website is dictionary.com. you know. =) And wait till you see Adrian’s English, his then is power. =)

13) I love Chinese history, Shakespeare, weird sea creatures, natural disasters etc. And I love reading romance novels in both English and Chinese and 武侠小说, especially’s 金庸. I own almost all of his novels. And I absolutely adore Judith Mcnaught‘s romance novels and I own all of her books. =) Hmm yeah…I’m quite a nerd…who loves reading.

14) I’m mostly nice but can be real sarcastic to people I detest, which is very seldom. I have a wide ruler towards all people as I believe no man is perfect, especially myself. If I can detest a person, that person must be pretty jialat.

15) I’m short-tempered, but I forgive and forget easily. Sad memories are not worth keeping, though I do remember not to make the same mistake. I dont believe in hating someone because one can never be happy with hatred in his/her heart. Embrace the world with love, only then will you achieve peace and happiness!

Oprah Winfrey Show with Octo-Mum, Nadya Suleman

Awwwww……….I’m touched with tears now as I’m watching Oprah Winfrey Show, interviewing Octu-Mom, Nadya Suleman. The mother who has six kids and eventually another 8 in 1 labour, totalling 14 kids.



She’s so strong and noble to insist taking care of all her 14 children, single-handedly. She only sleeps around 3 hours everyday. Other mothers might have surrendered and give away or worst, sell away some of the babies rather than slogging her life away just to provide for the babies.



Catch a video of how she spends her days taking care of her babies here, http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Experience-a-Day-in-the-Life-of-Nadya-Suleman-Video_1 The babies are realllyyyyyyy cuteeeee!! Do watch it!!!

And she know damn well no man will want her, at least for a long long time. Which man will want a woman with 14 kids? She has so much love for her kids and I’m shocked why some people just cant feel it.

Nadya sounded so sorry with tears in her voice when she said how guilty she is when she knows she can never provide enough love to all her 14 kids because at any one time, she can only hold 2 or 3 babies in her arms, and the other babies will be crying. =~(

Why cant the media and all people spare a thought for her and give her opportunities for survival instead of desperately eager to get a piece of her by coercing her to act in porns or slamming her for appearing in bikinis in magazines for attention? All she wants is income for survival and the bikini advert pays her well even though she finds that embarrassing. And does she has the chance to spend the money? No! She was so busy with taking care of her kids and the money simply went to the 3 nannies she employed as well as food for all of them.

And seriously, to the people who slammed her saying she tried to have octuplets just to gain media attention and popularity, do they ever think any other normal person would have survived having so many babies in 1 labour?? The pain all that??  Does a mother who tried so hard to take care of her babies, exhausting herself, having only 3 hours sleep per night, suffering heavy dark eye circles, looks like she wants fame???? No one in the right mind will want fame in this way when it’s definitely not a fair exchange nor promising investment.


“I will die before I give up my children.” – Nadya Suleman


I really have so much respect for her! Yes, despite the pregnancy might be her mistake, might be unplanned. But at least she took up the responsibility, did not waver. She remained as strong and determined just to keep all of them surviving. I dare say a man might not have so much guts and perseverance! Just imagine not all 14, but merely only 4 kids crying at the same time, can you take it or not??

Nadya, we will always be behind you!!! Stay strong!!

We love you and all your kids!!

The 30 days challenge

Saw this somewhere and I thought it’s pretty useful whenever I have “blogstispation”. Haha.

Day 01 – A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
Day 02 – The meaning behind your Tumblr WordPress name
Day 03 – A picture of you and your friends
Day 04 – A habit that you wish you didn’t have
Day 05 – A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Day 06 – Favorite super hero and why
Day 07 – A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Day 08 – Short term goals for this month and why
Day 09 – Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 10 – Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Day 11 – Another picture of you and your friends
Day 12 – How you found out about Tumblr WordPress and why you made one
Day 13 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14 – A picture of you and your family
Day 15 – Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
Day 16 – Another picture of yourself
Day 17 – Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18 – Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19 – Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20 – Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 21 – A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22 – What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23 – Something you crave for a lot
Day 24 – A letter to your parents
Day 25 – What I would find in your bag
Day 26 – What you think about your friends
Day 27 – Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28 – A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29 – In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30 – Who are you?


Gimme a break

New year is coming. I really wish “it”  f* up lesser so that I can have less shit to clear. It really douses my mood. =(

And, sometimes I wonder why some people talk in a way that’s soOooooOOo intolerable. The best part is, they totally think it’s fine! The most fantastic part is, these people often feel it’s other people who have the problem, it’s never their problem. (=.=)”””””’

The real funny thing is actually many people think along the same line and often roll eyes or giggle in unanimous consensus. To the point that, it’s freaking funny with the forced straight-faces. I might be real wicked to be one of the few but what can I do? Nobody likes telling people off and letting people tell them off. Not as if they can accept with grace.

But that probably means, irritating people will continue to be irritating forever. Sigh. Any way to hint without being offensive?

They’re not bad people. Just…well….not to be “consumed daily”.

I told dearie, “If one day, I became irritating unknowingly, please do tell me. I dont wish to be a clown, laughed by masses and not knowing why people laugh.”

Dearie: Of course, I’ll tell you dear, but I know you wont become like that. =)

Aiya who knows, when one ages, one will change. Perhaps I’ll become more lo-soh….actually I already felt I did get more lo-soh liao leh! =P …Dont know why, I kept repeating what I said, for fear of people didnt hear properly or catch me. =(  That’s the first symptom I think. I did try to curb from repeating myself.  Lol.

My Weekend

Met up with darling Jy to kind of celebrate her birthday together with Kel. It was an impromptu decision because I wasnt sure I’m up to drinks yet. It was a lucky coincidence that Kel was available. Very difficult one okie, more difficult than striking toto. =P So we met up for some catching up, also to pass them 2011 calenders and diaries.

Ya I know I look so fat!! Eh no, I’ve becomeeeee so fat!! =(

Actually we had a group foto taken by someone else…but it was blurry. =(

We had our drinks as per usual, plus sotong balls and chicken wings. Ultra sinful. And of course, we treated the birthday girl. =) At this rate, there’s no way I can slim down lah. Maybe it’s better to diet after Chinese New Year, might as well right? Muahahahaha. =P

Happy birthday darling. You know we’ll always love you no matter what. =D Smuacks!!!

They’re planning to come our house on Chu 3, together with their partners and a few other friends. Or maybe a JB seafood trip too! To be confirmed. =)



After a meeting in office, went Orchard to get our printer/scanner/fax and iron. Dearie hor…..somehow stuff just seemed to get spoilt when he’s using it! I just dont understand why! And he always deny responsibility, saying if things bound to be spoilt will be spoilt. =|  I granted that my Epson 5 year old printer’s time should be up but the iron was merely 1+year old! It wasnt really spoilt lah, just that there were some black debris on it and it stained dearie’s shirts. When I asked him how the debris got there to stain his clothes, again he cant answer me. ZzZz. And we cant get off those debris. Err….now that I think of it, were we too impulsive when we just bought another new iron? Nahz, anyway, we bought a Tefal one…and hopefully it’s good. New printer/scanner/fax is from HP.

Because of the stupid S$5 voucher which we drew from the Courts Lucky Draw(must be used on the same day!), ultimately we ended up buying…………….



Hee!! Actually I bio this very long liao. Just that we already had another steamboat cum teppanyaki. Anyway, that was at mummy’s house as it was big and round, more suitable for big group on a round table. I particularly disliked the teppanyaki round surface because it was very narrow. This new one is so much better! See how spacious is the teppanyaki area! Now I no longer have to keep shifting my food and able to keep a better eye on them. =)
Today(sunday), we went NTUC and bought food back, intending to have a steamboat dinner. I marinated the chicken breast and beef slices for 2 hours and they turned out great! For the chicken, I merely used salt, sugar, light soy sauce, pepper and sesame oil. For the beef, I used salt, sugar, yakinuku sauce and black pepper. =) Didnt really had a variety of food because NTUC is so boring. =(  I love our bratwurst sausage though! Super yummy. =)

Review of CORNELL CBG5


It’s really perfect for 2 person! Comes with a 2.3litre pot. With the temperature mode from minimum and then 1 to 5, the steamboat part actually get heated up pretty quickly. Soup can boil in less than 10minutes. In my recollection, it boils much faster than the one I always had. Though if you want it to be faster, you can always fill it with boiling water/soup instead.
Although the temperature knob controls both steamboat and pan grill, it didnt pose much of a problem. The trick is to boil the water first with the highest temperature before dumping your ingredients in. After 45minutes or so, then kickstart your teppanyaki dinner by lowering the temperature to around 3. In this way, the soup will have a nice simmer and it wont be too hot for the grill. Your soup will have a better flavour too. =)
If for some reason, you dont need the steamboat anymore, you can remove the pot and use the area for teppanyaki too. It will then be sufficient for 4 people to grill. Haha! Dearie and me are more of teppanyaki than steamboat people la. =P
What I love the most with this appliance will be the ease to wash and clean! Usually it will a herculean chore to scrub the chao-da(burnt) part off the grill surface. But for this, you can easily wipe off them with disposable kitchen towels. Somehow they will simply flake off very easily, which is marvelous! It might be because of their special grill non-stick surface or something. It’s really great! What’s more, there’s a hole on the grill surface, and that’s actually for you to sweep all the chao-da parts into it. Into where you think? Below it, you can pull out a mini tray and then you can simply throw the waste into the trash bin! Brilliant isnt it! So not only you dont have scrub that hard for the burnt parts, you dont even have to pick them up. Simply sweep them away will do! Of course you still have to wash them with detergent afterwards, but it will be a breeze. =)
Do note it’s easier to clean when it’s warm rather than wait until it’s cool.

Courts member price: S$62, after S$5 voucher = S$57


Wee!! Definitely will be expecting more steamboat and teppanyaki dinner at home!! Hmm yeah, it got a little smokey after a while. We onz both aircon, fan and kitchen hood with all windows open to make sure we’re not too hot and no smoky smell remained. I really love my Rinnai kitchen hood. Although it costs a bomb(to me), it’s definitely worth the money! Because we have an open concept kitchen, a good hood is very very important. I remember it has a 1000m3/hr extraction capacity. If anyone want the model number can message me.


After buying all the electronics at Courts Centrepoint with some shopping and dinner, we met up with some friends for movie. =)



Movie title: Shaolin

Ratings: 4/5

Comments: It was a pretty touching but rather bloody show. Hmm…many scenes made me uneasy with the cruel ways of killing…..there were many scenes which made me cry too. I guess there are many lessons where you can learn from it but I’m not going to preach here. You can watch it if you want. But it’s not a movie where I’ll watch for the second time though. Maybe because there’s not many funny scenes. It’s all kill kill kill………….ZzzZzz.

Actually it’s been very long that I do movie reviews, always forgot about them after watching. =P “Fair Game” sucks, dont watch okie. =P




Pattaya work trip

Hiyo my dear friends. Hope you all have been well during my absence. Thanks for dropping by despite there’s no entries for these few days. =P Yup I’m back. It has been a super tiring but great work trip. I really gained alot in every aspect and thanks to my great colleagues and managers who were the organizers. =) Thanks to the colleagues who organized the team bonding games too!

I’m still pretty shag now and I dont have the intention to clearly blog about the whole trip since 90% was work, pretty sensitive. I dont have pictures to share too because we were rushing for almost the whole trip including meals, shopping etc. The main reason was mainly because I was looking all cui and scary because I hardly had any makeup on la. Arlo, when you’re so damn tired with a meeting which lasted for more than 12 hours, you wont really care about how you look liao lah. Haha. Of course many of my colleagues still looked as fresh and pretty as ever. =) Do pardon my unsporting-ness for trying my best to avoid all the flashes. =P Paiseh neh~

Some highlights of our Pattaya trip will be we went to their zoo where we watched cute pig’s races, fun elephants show, thrilling tiger and crocodile shows which held us in suspense. While watching the tiger and crocodile shows, I was feeling soOooOo…mixed up. On one hand, I was very impressed with the trainers and very entertained. On the other hand, I was hoping such performances to lure tourists can be stopped as they’re very dangerous and high-risk. Number game okie…you wont know when the animals will ki siao, right or not? And we probably can guess the trainers dont earn much too. All we can do were to merely give more tips as a token of appreciation.

Many of my colleagues fed the baby tigers with milk in bottles and were caught on photos. They were SO CUTE! The pictures were prompt, sharp and vibrant too. I meant to do it too, but sorry ah, 洁癖 ah… =P We visited the zoo right away after touched down from Tiger Airways and we didnt have ANY sleep at all since we left home at 3+am. You can just imagine how “seh” we were.

We had little time to do shopping, merely a few hours after our free-and-easy dinner. The dinner was absolutely uber delicious!!! Thanks to Angie dear for the treat!!! Erm, sorry I cant share the name of the restaurant because we simply gorged on the food when it arrived. I only bought a t-shirt, shorts and a dress and I’m already the “champion” liao. The others almost bought nothing. We did however, lugged lots of beer from 7-11 back to our hotel to drink. =) Thanks to Alice who treated us to beer too!! The beer were so damn cheap, each bottle was like S$1+. Soft drinks and juices cost much more.

By the way, we loved our second hotel. It’s Nova Platinum! It’s a very new hotel with luxurious pools, jacuzzi and very lovely rooms. Very modern design which you’ll like. =) No tubs though. We didnt have time to soak in the jacuzzi(now you believe we really dont have much time eh) which is a regret. =P One note though, the room service food werent very nice, despite being cheap and all. So you probably can skip that. It’s located in town. When we’re out of the hotel, we merely turned left and walked all the way. There, you’ll find the very nice restaurant/cafe which served yummilicious food which I’ve mentioned. Cum veryyyy little shopping. We walked so much until we had to cab back. But cheap cheap, 150baht only.

On the other hand, the guys entertained themselves in pubs with drinks with lots of “ice-cream” on the eyes. I’m glad my boy came clean everything with me without me asking. Aiya, as if he can do anything when I’m there on the trip. HAHA. Actually I also wont ask one lah, but I’m really quite shocked when he told me the girls(not ah gua) were totally naked in the bar. =X And what they did were merely paying for a beer which costs around 60+baht, which is like S$3+ only! Of course, if you want more services, you’ll have to pay more. Can see so many hum sup ang mors at Pattaya. =P

We also enjoyed 1hour free massage as sponsored by boss, tank Q very much! As well as visiting the gems huge mall there. It’s really interesting when they shared knowledge on the semi-precious stones as well as every birth stone. Few bought I guess, wary of the cut-throat prices. I was actually kind of attracted to the south china sea pearls. They were probably the only stuff there which was cheaper than in Singapore, for the same sizes. They cost around S$8K or so while I saw them being sold in Lee Hwa for 5 digit figure. Dearie wanted to buy for me when I mentioned casually that they’re cheaper by few thousand. I was pleasantly surprised, however it’s totally not my style to wear like a S$8K pearl on my chest. I was thinking, “siao!” Hahaha! We’re not the uber rich and can definitely can use the money for better use. =) Aren’t you glad you got a nice wifey like me dear? Muahahahahaha. Moreover, they didnt have the the brilliant yellowish-gold, gorgeous south china sea pearl like what was featured in the HK drama, 掌上明珠. =P It was after that show that I grew so crazy with pearls. Haha!

The whole trip ended with a bang when our last stop fell on a shop which sells yummy and cheap goodies like pokie, pineapple tarts, snacks etc. We’re grabbing everything off the shelves like some ah siao because it’s like the only place we can buy stuff with our baht! We tried hard to spend all our baht away but still left quite alot. Nevermind la~=)

Okie, I go zZz liao~ Super sleepy! Update more soon. Ciaoz!

Miss ya all~ Smuacks~