Woah! Rushing!

Woah! I’m now blogging on the car, on the road, with the car running at 100km/hr! So damn busy. Just finished sending some wedding cakes. Now going off to Cathay to catch the show, “Overheard”. It has been so long since we watch a movie. But main reason is because I’m hungry. So we’re going town to grab a bite cum catch a movie. Later still have to prepare some goal-setting stuff as it’s tomorrow. Not very keen on the work portion but hopefully the team-bonding games are fun!

Went Boiler room yesterday on Iv’s invitation as it’s Boiler’s 2nd year anniversary. Expecting great performance and I wasnt disappointed. Wasnt so excited with the free flow. Manz, I had enough! We reached around 7+pm and some of us left at around 10+pm. So damn early! Well, because some people kept running about lor. And some people emo lah. And me wasnt keen on drinking. I actually felt bloated around 6 rounds of drinks, 3 red and 3 vodka.

Just spare me on my hen’s night. A night of fun with you guys yes. But dont have to make me drunk to be fun!


Wedding/Guo Da Li Cakes

Mummy was so sweet to buy a heart-shaped cake for us on the AN CHUANG day. Hmm not much meaning but just for pleasure. =)


Our wedding cakes from Shida, Angelzcup





Isnt it lovely?

Actually there are supposed to be 6 mini ones in a box. But I ate 1 hungrily before I remembered to take a picture. The mini cupcake has a piece of mint inside with buttercream frosting. Like it very much. While for the big cuppie with the red rose, delicate it might look, the rose actually dont taste nice. Kinda hard. I like the mini ones much better. And because there werent any plastic trays in the box to hold them, they kinda got “disfigured” on the way home. =(

We got to send them, 30 boxes out in 5 days. Will be damn busy these days.

I heard Guo Da Li cakes are supposed to be distributed AFTER the Guo Da Li. But I scared it will be very rush…so…heck the customs. =P

See, I’m not that ban-dang nor superstitious after all.

Our Bed and An Chuang

My bed arrived today. I like it very much. =)
Initially I dont want white colour as it’s difficult to maintain. But dearie always has a thing for white and “something” against black so we got white lor. I will be scrubbing the half-leather every week from now. =(

And we AN CHUANG too.

It’s actually pretty high. Dearie keep suan me whether I can climb onto it or not. Grrrrrrrr!

Sorry for the dark pictures because I lazy to lift the bed all the way up. But the storage is realllyyyyy spacious, 14 inches deep. Love it love it.

So much barang barang. But most can be cleared after the wedding.

An Chuang

Okie. Master Chang gave us the auspicious timing as between 5.15-6.15pm today. The bed arrived around 11+am. And we cleared all our stuff, taking a break to have lunch outside cum buy 2 more boxes from Jurong Point NTUC to store stuff before we AN. We changed new bedsheets, added 2 cute furry mini bolsters and 1 long bolster cum changed our new seahorse pillows. The mattress is already new, only few months old. Bed, mattress, pillows are all from Seahorse. I love their stuff, cheap and very good! Mini bolsters and long bolster from OG. Gonna use back 1 old bolster as it’s still pretty new.

An Chuang Stuff;
Actually we didnt follow 100% as most couples did. Anyway, different people do it differently. The way we did, is for tradition, auspicious symbolism as well as practicality. Like some said, you’re not supposed to sleep on the bed on the actual day. But Master Chang said it’s good to sleep on the bed after that for all the “goodness”.

“Next day then sleep no use liao.” He said.

Whatever la. Of course we listen to him, because, where the hell we can sleep if we dont sleep on the bed??

I asked mum to buy most of the ingredients for me including the red round tray. We sticked on the heart-shape “XI” stickers ourselves. Haha I asked dearie to stick two of them, with them touching each other, meaning, “shuang XI”(double happiness), and “xin xin xiang yin”(both hearts together). Muahahaha.

An Chuang Items include:
1) 2 oranges
2) Bai2 He2
3) Lian2 Zi3
4) Red dates
5) Ji2 Bing3
6) Rock sugar
7) Long gan
8) Yuan Qian (big and small)
9) Black coal
10) Ang bao
11) Red String

If possible, we put portions of even number for each item, mostly 2 or 8. We bao a even number inside the angbao too. Actually think back very funny. Because I read too much and heard too much about AN CHUANG stuff. End up I was so confused which one to follow. So some stuff were being bought for safety sake or on impulse and just being dumped in the same tray for auspicious-meaning sake. HAHA. Though I kinda forget exactly what are the auspicious meanings, e.g, for red string. =P Black coal means “ho2 tan4”, good business to earn.

So please dont follow me blindly for the details because I kinda do it the way I like. Wahahahaha.

Hmm…We also put da yuan and xiao yuan on the 4 corners of the bed, beneath the mattress, scotch-taped, so that they wont fall. Hmm….Mummy also cooked tang yuan(dumplings) in the evening. We gonna take it with the cute couple bowls we bought from the Guo Da Li shop. They’re supposed to contain the dumplings that we’re eating on wedding day but repeated use should be okie la.

As for Guo Da Li date, we fixed it on 2nd Aug.

So so busy. Need to send out wedding invites soon and order BBQ food already. Receiving our wedding cakes on 27th Aug.

Perm or not?

Another entry again! Because too many stuff to blog nehz.

I had prepared some stuff for thursday 23rd’s AN CHUANG ceremony for our new bed from SEAHORSE. Even though we bought like 1+month ago, I still like it alot and feeling pretty excited with it’s arrival. I love it’s deep deep storage. *winkz*

Will take more pictures of the AN CHUANG stuff on thursday bah. Should start collecting addresses for the mail of some wedding invites le but I’m so lazy… Perhaps I’ll get around to it during the last week of July because that’s when the cakes are ready anyway. Some invites are given together with cakes mah..so I dont need extra work to differentiate them, can do it at 1 go. Finally also bought the tray to hold the tea(going to recycle the tray used for an chuang too) as well as the betrothal basket. Bought it off $18 from a shop in Jurong.

Last friday went Wine Bos with Kel. She mentioned she got cravings for red wine. Met her to pass her some clothing for Kae as well as to sign some policy documents. After business then we started drinking. MUAHAHAHA. It’s my first time that I drank so much red wine. We shared a total of 3 bottles. *faintzz* Ordered sotong balls and chicken wings too. Very shiok! Haha. Indeed, it’s a great pleasure! But perhaps too much pleasure liao until somehow lost control! Kel started throwing up. Aiyo, she very funny one. Either is totally sober or else totally gone. I cant imagine she can puke soooOooo much. Literally she washed my feet(in sandals!) with her watery, reddish puke. Grossssss!!!!

And this woman hor, forced me to come in shorts and sandals, or else she wont meet me. Because she said she wore very lok as she’s outside already. =.= As a result I suffered a cold lor as I took train to Winebos. I kept sneezing until she felt guilty. HAHAHA. Okie lah, I’m fine. After few glasses of red wine, my cold healed. =) So red wine can cure cold okie? Haha. Anyway to sum up, I reached home around 5am lor because it’s a chore to take care of the drunk kel because she wanted to go home herself when she obviously cannot make it lah!!!

Wah!! So I fiddled with her Samsung touch phone(dont know which model but it’s not Omnia) and I just COULDNT unlock it to find J’s number to come fetch her. ZzZzz. I’m so desperate that I called Dav too because he uses Samsung phone but somehow I still cant get it unlocked!

The Winebos staff were all very nice. Despite we dragged their off work time, they were still very very nice and said it doesnt matter, with Kel and me apologising profusely. Finally 1 of them managed to unlock the phone and I finally got the number. What a night. But still very fun. Eh, though perhaps next time 2 person cant share 3 bottles liao, too much. Even the next day, my whole body cum head ached SO MUCH and totally no energy at all. Not to mention, Kel did not make it to work. Alas, it’s my fault lor…I shouldnt have opened the last bottle…muddleheaded. Because 2 bottles free 1, though I should take away for the 3rd bottle.

And now, I’m suddenly so excited about perming my hair and doing it at the salon which Kel has done. Why? Oh because the night when she’s puking nonnnn-stop, her gorgeous tresses kept falling over her shoulders and came into contact with her puke-waterfall. Despite how much I concentrated on pulling her hair out of the way, I cant help to notice they were beautiful curls, albeit very smelly with the puke. HAHAHA.

I hoped she bathed before she slept that night. =)

That’s not the only reason la. After I enquired from her, her perm has lasted more than 6 months already and still looking good. Very very easy to maintain, according to her and relatively cheap as dye+perm+treatment=$300. It was a neighbourhood salon in bedok. Yes BEDOK!!! Faintzzz. But just perm alone at RED’S will be $300 already. Plus, I heard really good comments about Cindy, the one who did her hair. I mentioned before my hair was spoilt by that stupid stylist at Kelly’s Salon at Yewtee central. And now I simply cant stand the sight of my hair so I wished to perm it.

But but, I’m also worried it might not turn out nice as my hair is so dry. =(

Getting more and more indecisive. =/

I’m so Auntie

Continuation from the last post…

Despite how EPSON printers suck, I really got to thank Ir for if not for her(indirectly), I wouldnt know actually the EPSON printer wasnt spoilt at all. If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have bought the CANON printer la. It’s not really the money because it was really a cheap and good printer. But now it’s really din teh lor. I got to keep it in my wardrobe. I had to use the EPSON one because 1)it’s bulkier, more troublesome to keep, 2) it can fax, scan and copy too, 3) I just bought 2 new cartridges for it, of course I must use it.

Initially I thought of giving the CANON printer away but dearie said keep it as spare. True lo…dont know when the EPSON ki siao again and it’s good to have a spare when we need to print stuff urgently. Because colour printers are like that. Whenever one of the coloured ink cartridge finishes, you cant print until you replenish even if you’re printing in black and white. Stupid right? Okok End of printer-related stuff. And remember, DO NOT BUY EPSON PRINTERS.

Next up, I have few product recommendations. =)

It was a scary thing to go shopping with Ir. I dont know why but I tend to buy alot of stuff when I’m out with her. Maybe she’s such a good shopping kakki, always giving you lots of suggestions, ideas etc. Not to mention she will always try to help you bargain and she always got tons of good deals. Just that Sim Lim trip alone, I bought a $180 AKG professional ear phone, a $65(or $68, dont remember) Shimono hand-held portable vacuum cleaner plus the EPSON ink cartridge.

1st recommendation.
Shimono hand-held portable vacuum cleaner.

I tell you I love the vacuum cleaner to bits! Ir also bought one. It’s a Japanese brand and comes with a 1year warranty. It is of course not as powerful as normal vacuum cleaner but it’s good enough at 80W. Other brands come with max 70W, said Ir. What’s great about it was it has a whole lot of useful accessories, normal cum car charger. And it can be used for max 45minutes when cordless. Works great for car. When I heard it’s only 45minutes, I mused out loud. However, Ir said it’s very good already because normal hand-held vacuum cleaners can only work for 20minutes. That’s why she requested a refund for her Philips one. Oh I see.

Here’s some pictures.





For the dust/hair etc, you can just empty them out from the funnel. There is the filter too but wont need to change very often unless it’s torn. It’s priced around $12-$15, can be bought from the company.

2nd recommendation
SONA POWER FAN, which I talked about earlier.

A wonderful buy too at $79.90, considering it’s so much more powerful than normal fans of that range. Only con is it’s slightly noisier than normal fans.



3rd recommendation
AKG professional headphone

So far pretty satisfied with it’s quality but it’s more obvious when I listen to heavy metal, pop songs or songs with heavy bass. I love the cushions, very very comfortable on the ears! You can sleep in it. =) Most importantly, very lightweight thus suitable for females and not bulky. So it doesnt feel oppressive when you had them on for few hours nor do your ears sweat compared if you use those ultra big “pillow” earphones. The main reason why I got it was because dearie dont like those ear pieces which you need to stuck into the ears. He felt uncomfortable. So I thought we can share this headphone at home. It’s OK to bring out too since it’s pretty lightweight and not bulky. But mostly we used it at home for the laptop as it doesnt have terrific sound system, not great for listening to music nor watching movies.



Oh my god…I’m getting more and more auntie…..talking about household products already. Wagagaga. And what’s more, I just got my FAIRPRICE NTUC credit card issued by OCBC. Because I’m going to be an obasan who will be shopping in NTUC from time to time for my groceries and toiletries soon! Heard the linkpoints system is not bad, can accumulate rebates.


Free membership into LinkPoints loyalty program and receive:-

NTUC FairPrice Stores
S$1 Spent = 2 LinkPoints (min spend of $20)
FairPrice Online (www.fairpriceonline.com.sg )
S$2 Spent = 5 LinkPoints
At VISA accepting merchants
S$2 Spent = 1 LinkPoint (VISA transactions)

At over 600 Link merchant outlets
Varies according to merchant promotions

Linkpoints at over 600 participating LinkPoints merchant outlets in Singapore. For the full list of participating LinkPoint merchant outlets and redemption items.

Enjoy further discounts and privileges (card promotions) exclusively with the FairPrice Plus cards.

Ahhhh….also enjoy priority queue at Jurong Point FairPrice EXTRA(open 24hours) and free NTUC membership. That’s why my downtown east chalet got slightly cheaper price.

Ahhhh…..I’m so auntie. =/
Did I mention…I also have a thing with bedsheet sets….I dont know why!!! *blushed*

Next up, something which I bought yesterday and love it to bits!

Da dang!!

My FION Tote bag. =D

Glittery. I like. HAHAHA.

My own brand okie? =P

Can fit my long wallet, keypouch, mp3 player, handphone and cosmetics pretty nicely!

Sides also can put somemore!

Forgot to take picture of the back but there’s only a simple zip in gold to put little stuff la. It’s slightly smaller than the medium LV Neverfull and can put less things because it has a zip. It’s also more sturdy and I love the distinct tote shape. At least now I can stop worrying everytime I try to get something out from the tote because for Neverfull, it sorta flare SO OPEN machiam like inviting people to pick what’s inside. =P

Love it love it. And dont nag me for buying lor…I treat it as a birthday pressie for myself. I longggggggggg time never buy bag already okie! After being nagged by MIL for my Neverfull. =(

At least this FION bag doesnt cost as much as Neverfull. =P It’s $260 after 10% disc at OG.

Oh now I remembered. The last I bought was a bridal pearl pouch from COAST. But that’s not counted okie, it’s for the wedding. =P

Dearie said wanna buy Samsung Jet for me as birthday pressie but I’m still considering. I mean yah, my Nokia N91 or 81(heck care la, dont remember, old phone anyway) is a very old phone lah but it serves me well. It’s really abit xie2 la because back then when I said I might change phone, it started giving me lots of problems during receiving, as in, cant hear properly. But after consideration, I MENTIONED that I might not change afterall because looking at Samsung Jet, it’s not very much more superior than my current Nokia because the most important function to me, is to be able to sync contacts and calender appointments. Samsung does the same. THEN HOR, my nokia’s problems all disappear!! Weird right?!

Oh ya Jet does have WIFI, hmm but I’m kinda idiot-proof at that…might have to digest somemore la for that. In addition, it’s a cool, trendy, touch phone. Cool, it is..but in a way, I’m worried I might not get used to it. I will buy it in an instant if it can read excel files, which sadly Nokia cant(unless I buy the software to download at $49.90 I think). But too bad, it doesnt support.

As for the music, camera bla bla, doesnt matter. I got mp3 and camera already. So the only perks to me is, the coolness of using a much newer version of touch phone. But actually I’m not so much of a “must-get-whatever-people-get” or “must-get-the-latest-phone” kinda person. I’m more practical. So yah…still considering la…interest kinda diminishing.

Hmmm…….UNLESS got people sell at $450 lah!! Brand new empty handset! Then I will buy!! Hahaha. Dan is selling at $580 though.

A.L is selling her brand new Samsung Pixion(pink) at $500(neg). Contact me if anyone’s interested. Cheers!!

Stupid printer story

The humidity is driving me crazy!


Okie some updates though I’m getting lazier and lazier to update. I rather read friends’ blogs. =D

Few weeks ago(ya, so lag!) I met up with Ir to Sim Lim because she needed to buy toner cartridge for her laser printer. Speaking of printer, or whatever electronic stuff, she will always update me on the premium and up-to-date stuffs because I’m always so sua gu. Hahaha. And so, I was surprised why her toner cartridge costs more than a hundred and so much bulkier than the one I normally sees. Then she explained because hers is laser printer and went on to praise how good is laser printer and encouraged me to get 1. Lol.

Speaking of printers, I told her I already got 2 printers and I definitely dont need a 3rd one! Haha. Why 2? Alas, because somehow the EPSON all-in-one printer posed error after it finished it’s ink cartridge. I remembered I bought a new one to install but it still cant work. So I concluded the printer was spoilt. It was still available for warranty then, which was more than 1 year ago. But after a call to the service center, the staff replied it might be because the ink cartridge spoilt and IF I cant present the receipt of the ink cartridge, to show that the ink cartridge was indeed bought within a week, they wont repair for me.

WTF right? So anyway, it was very troublesome as we had to carry the printer down all the way to commonwealth to repair. And my stupid husband has simply no time to fetch nor accompany me go repair lor. He is sooooo lazy when it comes to such things. Anyway we kinda dont bother about it much and started to print in office la. But once we saw a Canon basic printer selling cheaply at $79, so we bought it. It is still working great, love it to bits. We also kept the EPSON one because it can fax. Stupid right, that’s why I have 2 printers now which occupies so much space.

Ir asked many questions about her printer, e.g, why print so few pages then cant print liao when she was told it’s up to 3000pages. Then the shop owner replied because she didnt use draft mode bla bla. After her queries were done, I asked the uncle too because the broke down of the EPSON printer within a year has been bothering me for quite some time. And he answered most probably it’s the ink cartridge spoilt and not the printer.

That’s what which bothered me alot because I’ve asked the EPSON customer service the same question, “how can ink be spoilt leh?? It was still running wet, I can see. How can be spoilt leh??”

Ahhhh……then the Sim Lim shop uncle answered me, “it’s spoilt in a way that the computer chip cannot be detected, not that the ink cannot flow, etc”.

Ohhhhhhhh I see.

So I bought a black ink cartridge from him, cheaply at $15. When I got home to try, still cannot! Then I saw the error message clearer this time. It says it’s the YELLOW cartridge with error. Grrrrrr. I was wondering should I really risk buying another YELLOW cartridge or not.

“What if after the YELLOW cartridge works then the PINK cartridge start to have error??”

“wont bah….”, dearie said.

“Then then what if after I buy another PINK cartridge then the CYAN cartridge got error??”

Because up till now, we’re only guessing and ASSUMING that the printer didnt work because the fault lies with the cartridges. What if it’s not? What if it’s really the printer spoilt?? Sigh….so I procrastinated for few days before I finally bought the YELLOW cartridge. Just gotta give it 1 last try.

Thank god. Finally the error message stopped appearing.

But thennnn, I realised I had uninstalled my EPSON printer driver. ZzZzz. And I cant find the disc!!! SoooOoo I went online to download it. But lehhhh, it was a zipped file. My winzip expired and I cant open! Okie nevermind, dearie went to find a program call Jzip to unzip for me on my computer. But still, it cant work! And I thought the file got error or wasnt updated as the date was 2007, especially when my platform was Vista. So while I’m pulling my hair, I overturned alllll my drawers to find that stupid disc.

And finally I found it!!! Yeah! And I happily went to install it.

But it still cant work!! It says it’s not compatible with my computer. I think it’s because my laptop is Vista.

I know it’s getting boring here BUT I really need to finish this stupid story. So so so I called the EPSON service center. Then they said their zip file can only be unzip properly by either winzip or winrar. Other program might not unzip the file PROPERLY.


“you send to me can or not??”

“sorry Miss, cant be sent because the file is too big!”


My winzip has expired and it was screaming at me to pay pay pay. Of course I dont wanna pay lah! Then dearie used his computer to unzip with his winzip and then copied the files on thumbdrive to me. Even so, he copied few times liao then I can open. Dammit.

Finally it worked.

Thus ended my stupid printer story.

Morale of the story: Dont EVER buy EPSON printer

Wedding preparations

MANY people have been asking me how the wedding preparations going. Thanks for all your concern girls. =D

Just some updates
1) Wedding invites had been printed by Jasvy

Jasvy Marketing Agency
Blk 30 Kallang Place #04-06
JTC Flatted Factory
Singapore 339159
Tel: 62992263/62990758
Email: jasvy@singnet.com.sg
M/S Jason or Ivy

Fairmont(Swissotel) engaged them solely to print all their wedding invites. Maybe that explains the poor attitude and they expect me to take all their shit. Most of the times, we communicated by email and I had spoken to Ivy once on the phone. We were entitled to 70% of guaranteed attendance. They had emailed me the template for checking before they proceeded to print. I had stated I wanted traditional characters for all the names but yet was disappointed to find 1 character of dearie’s name in simple character instead of traditional.

I mean, yah, that’s the purpose of me checking. But it shows how unprofessional they are and doesnt really put their heart into doing their job.

Secondly, for all the emails correspondence, I cc. to the Dan(IC for Fairmont), just so he can point out any discrepancies which I might not know. After I had confirmed everything, cards printed, then Dan told me they cant have 2 reserve tables, only 1. In that case, we had to guarantee more tables as I cant possibly risk my guests not having the tables despite how much I wish to safeguard myself against people who put aeroplane without valid reasons.

And so, I have to increase the number of tables, hence, I should be entitled for more wedding invites. Guess what? Jasvy said I need to pay some $40+(dont remember) re-printing charge for the additional print of like 20-so more cards. Perhaps if she can explain to me the basis of the extra re-printing charge on the phone(I called), then perhaps I will be more receptive and accommodating. But she didnt. SO, I dont understand WHY there should be a re-printing charge since it’s basically re-printing by the PRINTER using the SAME template. Pardon my ignorance if there is other printing knowledge involved since she didnt even care to explain to me.

All this adds up to my annoyance starting from my 1st email correspondence, where all my polite, semi-formal emails were replied shabbily with few words like…like they’re the customers instead.



There were more emails but mostly around the sameeee pattern la. Before I confirmed the RTP, I cc. Dan the template layout too.

Alright. Perhaps I’m a difficult customer. But even myself is in service line and I dont even talk like that, not even in emails. I understand Singaporeans can be less formal and not use proper English, it’s perfectly fine. But the way which you write your email, dictates your tone, your attitude, your personality, your professionalism, your image and your whole approach. Haiz Enough said lah. Sg service. Blah! If they’re not Fairmont’s sole printer services, I wouldnt give them the time of the day~

Oh ya. I kinda blame Dan a little for not pointing out the loophole earlier. But I guessed he’s just too busy and overlooked as he’s nice and accommodating most of the time. So I called him and asked him nicely to speak to them, whether can re-print only 20+ more invites for me. He should understand that I’m not coming out with as much as a dime for the re-printing lo. It’s not even my fault. Thankfully, he settled it for me.

AND HOR, that printing agency was located at some ulu factory in Kallang. We’re not going to go all the way there to see that 2 attitude people and humbly collect our invites from them loh. Sooooo, I asked Dan to ASK THEM to deliver their invites to Fairmont. I will collect from Dan instead. Hngggggg! =P Dearie just collected them today. =)

We had confirmed our hall/banquet tables deco/wedding favors with Woodsville Florist out of the 2 choices.

1. Impact Creative Services Pte Ltd
No.22A Lim Teck Boo Rd
#04-05 Henley Industrial Building
Singapore 537002
Tel: 6383 0025 (ofc) / 90056409 (hp)
Ms Florence Tan

2. Woodsville Florist Pte Ltd
37 Lorong 23 Geylang
#03-06 Yu Li Industrial Building
Singapore 388371
Tel: 63452203 (ofc) / 92309787 (hp)
Ms Calista

At first I’m dumbstruck why all of them were located at such ulu places? We called them up and further affirmed, and indeed they are ONLY located at those locations! Haiz…really very lazy to go all the way down to confirm some deco so I called them and asked them to email me pictures for me to decide since Impact services dont have a website while Woodsville’s website was down. =.=”””

You wont be surprised that I definitely chose the one with the better SERVICE, a.k.a, Calista from Woodsville. Their stuff were more or less the same anyway. Impact Services only emailed a few pathetic BLUR pictures. Obviously I cant decide when she only emailed me no more than 4 pictures. Therefore I asked can we meet at Fairmont to discuss on Xth day(where they’re doing deco setup for another wedding too), guess what Florence tell me?

“Oh only my guys will be there doing the deco, I wont be. And I dont work on Saturdays nor go out to meet clients. Perhaps you can meet me at my office? Just give me a call that you’re coming down.”

Ohhhh Very polite. But…”we’ll see”. That’s my reply.

Is it something wrong with ME or THEM?

On the other hand with Calista from Woodsville, she emailed me tons of pictures. CLEAR Pictures. Pictures of the 4 different theme setup of the stage, pictures of the different centrepieces for guests as well as VIP tables, the floating(i.e, the standing pieces along the aisle) and also the choice of wedding favors.

Hmm..after we confirmed the colour of table cloths and chair covers with Dan, I spent a long time to decide the stage setup and center-pieces etc among the emailed pictures. But finally we confirmed with Calista via email alone. She did however went the extra mile to give me a call to further confirm the tiny details, like the choice of accompanying flowers to accentuate the center-pieces, whether the colours are okay and if I need to change, etc. So nice. =)

I’m also very pleased with their choice of wedding favors. Elegant, unique and practical. I haven receive such wedding favors before from other weddings. We chose 2 and 1 of them coincidentally was 1 of the items which I’m eying to buy for our new house.

Cherry Blossom Glass Love Coasters

Isnt this lovely? Now I dont need to ship them specially from Aussie. You guys can have it too! As dearie had proposed in Japan, these cherry blossoms glass coasters made it all the more meaningful. =) We also chose another wedding favor to alternate around seats but I’m going to keep it a secret for the time being. But I promise it’s as adorable as the cherry blossom glass coasters. =) Hopefully, we dont have guests vying for them. Haha Okie lah, kinda exaggerating. =P

3) Just saw the wedding album design at New Image. Hmm…was not very impressed with the layout nor design. The images were so cluttered. There were as many as 7 pictures inside 2 pages. ZzZz. And the main problem was the placing of the pictures…they’re obviously in a mess. Some pictures, with their poses, should preferably be placed at certain positions. Dearie obviously cant see what’s wrong with most of the pictures until I pointed them out, “Isnt it better that this picture on the left be placed on the right?” etc. In additional, we splitted some images to be put on separate additional pages so that the pages look less cluttered. According to our preference, or rather mine, some images’ sizes were enlarged or reduced, blurred or sharpen.

Dearie said I’m real troublesome. I am ah. I admit. Hello, $1500 additional okie~ Paying for more than $5k for the whole damn thing okie. It might not be alot for some people who even went overseas(other than Ma la) to shoot but it’s a lot for someone like us who do not like being snapped on cameras, much less being real photogenic for it. So why top up so much? I said liao loh. It’s my fault actually. Too many different costumes and backdrops, it’s so difficult to choose lesser pictures when you need at least 4 to do a proper digital design layout. Either that, you have to forsake the whole collection. Which we apparently dont bear to la.

But thank god Gav was accommodating and patient. He seemed okie to all my requests/edits. 1 more week before we see the edited design layout. Though frankly speaking, the design is very very simple, nothing breathtaking. I’m merely reducing the messiness of the layout and emphasizing on our favourite pictures instead of the less favored ones. *shrugged*

4) Confirmed wedding cakes selection with Shida at Angelzcup.

I think I dont have to sing more praises of her anymore since I’ve done it in my previous posts. =) I’ve discussed with Kel and also Dan regarding my idea of a wedding cupcake tier with the top tier being a real wedding cake for the cutting-cake ceremony. And it doesnt seemed very feasible. Long story. Anyway, since I have $70 deposit with Shida, I’ve decided to take up wedding cakes(Guo Da Li Cakes-cupcakes) from her instead.

ALTHOUGH she’s very very nice to allow a refund of deposit if I ultimately decide not to order, I was quite paiseh to cancel the order because we had exchanged a few long emails before to so-call finalise the designs of the cuppies. Everything was almost set untill I postponed the order abruptly when I recalled that I haven finalise the banquet theme with Dan, and I wanted the cupcakes tier to complement whatever theme I might have. Even so, the decision of having cuppies from Shida is not only out of obligation, but also, I felt her cuppies are definitely more worth it, not to mention, so endearing. =)

Because after comparison of wedding(Guo Da Li) cakes from other patisseries, I realised while most of them are priced cheaper and have nicer packaging, the packages are not really worth it.

They are packaged like, a few swissrolls, fruit tarts, mochi or marshmallows etc, in a box, priced around the same as Shida’s cuppies. I dont mean they’re not good but it’s like……..I feel all the money went to the packaging and for the name of “Guo Da Li” cakes. In a way, it’s again, chopping carrots in the name of “Wedding”. I rather we pay alittle more for “the real thing”. And Shida’s cuppies are the “real thing”.

Cupcakes are not really traditional but it’s a refreshing idea. Dearie and I dont mind, and hopefully the recipients wont too. It’s a chore to decide the designs because all are so adorable. Needless to say, everytime I look at them, I need to swallow back saliva and kept remind myself that I’m on a diet. So I doubt the recipients will mind them at all in replace of traditional cakes. I haven taste them before and hopefully they wont disappoint me. =)