*Edited – Plastic Surgery..WOW

Just look at this!!!
Scroll further down for a few more pictures.

Holy shit! So that means I can look like Michelle Reis if I have tons of money for plastic surgery and can be tolerant of all the pain and misery?


The pictures remind me of Dawn Yang and AngelaBaby.

I’m not implying anything though.

WOW!! *still feeling pretty amazing*

I still much prefer natural beauties. Below are my idols(females only for this post)!! =D And they each captivates me with their different positive attributes and charms(and not solely on looks). =)

蔡少芬(Ada Choi)

And only true beauties like her will dare to show pictures without makeup on the web. I saw before on her blog but not going to search through the entire blog just to show it here again. Still the same delicate and sharp features but got dark eye-rings and look more tired only loh. Aiya, who dont? =P She does know that she’s beautiful though. It was implicit almost through-out her blog. Got me a little….(=.=)””zzz.

Still a very talented actor though and a very fillial daughter as she paid off so much of her mum’s gambling debts since she was 17…..and sacrificed so much. I’m glad her mum finally kicked off gambling and they’re all amiable and loving. I love her most in 洛神(tvb series) as 甄宓.

张敏(Sharla Cheung)

I truly admire her acting and especially in pugilistic movies where she’s so suave in all her stunts which she insisted doing by herself(mostly with Jet Li/Stephen Chow). Though, not as young anymore but still as sexy and stunning!!

古典美人!! As 赵敏 in 倚天屠龙记 alongside 李连杰(Jet Li)
*Swoons* She looks even more gorgeous in pugilistic movies.

She’s so humble of her beauty too. Okie, I shouldnt say humble, she’s clueless of her beauty! I read an interview of her;


    在周星驰早期的作品中,张敏是必不可少的美丽女主角。有杂志采访,谁是你心中的美女,星爷曾脱口而出,”张敏,她真的是很靓”。 《九品芝麻官》大概是张敏少数素面朝天的电影,张敏回忆当时,不化妆,连粉底都不打,“刻意弄得自己很难看,出来的效果,是难看,但不是很难看!”

How can someone so painfully divine think herself as ordinary??!! And looking at the interview, it doesnt even look like she “acted” humble. Moreover, her personality is more like a male, 爽快those kind. I like! =D Sigh….however, I do wish she finds her love soon.

安以轩(Ady An)

Her dimples are sOoo cute!! Love her big eyes too!! Not only that, she has a very cute and boyish personality too. Ha…dont know is it because I’m tomboyish, I seem to like girls who are also like that, 爽快 and not always “teh” those kind. Got to know her when she starred as 赵敏 in 倚天屠龙记 alongside 邓超. I think 张敏 acted more like a cunning and stunning 郡主 than her and is closer to the real story character. I love the book! Ady is not bad too, but more of a playful one. Acting skills still need brushing up.

官恩娜 (Ella Koon)

This sexy babe is also another tomboy who says whatever’s on her mind. Lol. A cute video of her in 星星同学会 with 吴君如(Sandra Ng). Very funny!! In cantonese though.

Ya I like tomboys. =P

Anita Yuen

Not to deny, she’s really outstanding in her roles for all her movies/drama serials. Why, her roles are as different as night and day in 疑情别恋 and 富贵们 and both looked totally convincing. I admire her attitude too…in fact I noticed our sassy personality are pretty alike. We say what’s on our mind and has our set of values which we adhere to it. She has always been pretty but was too skinny previously. Now that she has gained some weight with her birth of her son, she definitely look more beautiful.

An interview of her with Sandra Ng in 星星同学会24期. Very funny!

Coco Lee (李玟)

I’m simply so impressed with her attitude in life. While I admire the others through their shows, Coco is one who mesmerizes me with her voice and dance moves. And she is so very humble too! In fact, from all the interviews through friends and family, she’s like the perfect daughter/friend/artiste because she’s never arrogant because she’s an international star and ignores other peoples’ advices. Definitely one of the best-tempered mega star I ever know.

These 2 videos are highly entertaining and funny. Not only you can see how humble and talented Coco is, you can see how bitchy an attention-whore Xiao-S is. =P

Serious!! Just watch it for yourself!! There are 5 parts to each of these 2 videos, just click them on the right.

康熙来了 2006 10 02 part 1

康熙來了 2009-08-05 pt.1/5 好久不見 CoCo 李玟

I’m very particular about the real and actual personalities of artistes whom I admire. If I realised they’re very fake and so different in real life, I wont be crazy with them no matter how outstanding they are. 1 example will be Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼).

I used to admire Charmaine’s acting skills and her very sweet outlook. But it diminished as I got to know more and more of her negative flirty rumours. As much as I believe some rumours might be fake, I dont believe ALL are fake loh. And there’s a saying, there’s nothing like 空穴来风. I thoroughly despise 3rd parties and females who snatched other girls’ boyfriend with no regards for hurting other people’s feelings. It was said by all she’s very whiny too. Bth such girls. =P

I used to like Raymond Lam(林峰) alot…however the passion kinda doused alittle after I heard a tabloid news that because of his rich and strong background, he 耍大牌 during his work. Hmm….however…This is not confirmed true as I’ve only heard this negative rumour only once(unlike Charmaine’s). I have to admit he has outstanding performances in acting and singing. I still watch his shows though, recently just finished 谈情说案. I didnt expect he can carry off the role of a professor at all, but he did it.

Something off track, it was purportedly reported that he failed to win Linda Chung(钟嘉欣)’s heart despite persevering efforts.

Now, if a guy is rich, handsome, famous, and accepting him as boyfriend will not affect one’s career(fans love Raymond and Linda together as a couple), it’s very mind boggling WHY Linda dont want to accept Raymond. Especially when she’s single for very long already.

Hmm…anyway…dont want to judge lah…just wondering.

In conclusion, I’m one who treasures the inner-beauty more than outer. So please spare me your cocky face just because you (think) are prettier than me. I seriously dont give a damn. =)

(P/S If however you think that despite all I’ve said, why my idols all so pretty? Ah duhz, they’re idols who grace the screen for a reason. Only 10% out of them are really not pretty as the other 40% of them would have undergo plastic surgery. Since I dont know anyone of them in real life, I can only show interest to a few who catches my eye in the midst of millions of beauties and get to know more about how they’re like in real life. If they’re just unpleasant in real life, then I’ll drop them. The heart is still very important.)


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Tibetan Personality Test

Tibetan Personality Test

I think I took this test a century ago but I left little impression of it except it was pretty accurate then. Hmm….it’s still quite accurate now…just took it and my answers were different already. Although I feel the answers to some questions are quite assuming and natural. For e.g, the first thing that comes to mind of a dog is usually “loyalty” right? You probably wont think of “cunning” or “selfish” right?!

And for rat, it’s usually “cunning” right? I mean, that’s also what I assumed for foxes. Their qualities were like marred into our brains since young! Dogs are loyal and foxes are cunning. My primary school teachers all said that!

And well for coffee….I dont drink coffee leh!!! So so so…how can my answer be zun right? Lol. I nearby “pengz” when I saw the answer….LOL. Well….try it yourself, I shant let the cat out of the bag. =)

And the very true part of the test is….yes…the moment I saw the question which asked about who I thought of when associated with some colours, my mind reacted so quickly and dearie immediately popped into my mind steadily for that particular 2 colours.

Therefore I’m very sure he’s the person I love most cum my twin soul. =)

That’s great isnt it? It meant that not only he’s my dearest, we can connect very well as well. Since the test required only 1 answer for each colour, I finally chose dearie for “my twin soul” and mummy for “the person I love most.” Personally I will definitely prefer dearie to be my “twin soul” as I believe relationships, or rather marriage is a connection of the souls, minds and bodies and it’s more important than just having love alone.

Working out a relationship or marriage is certainly not dependent on solely love.

Have you ever had a huge crush on somebody whom you feel you totally cant connect with?

You dont understand him.
You dont have much to say to him.
You’re not very interested in what he’s saying.

It might happen both ways too.

But yet, you claimed you love him. Because you like the face you’re looking at, the body you’re holding to.

No, that’s not love. That’s attraction.

That’s not love, because there’s no connection of the souls.

It’s true that in some circumstances, love can make all happen. However, if you cant connect to someone, it’s tiring when you need a double dosage of love and effort to clear all obstacles and make things work.

In my dictionary, it says. “what for?”

Make yourself so difficult for what. =P

It’s truly difficult to find someone you can connect with and who can connect with you at the same time. But I feel it’s hell a lot tougher to love someone whom you cant connect with, enduring all the misfits of lifestyles etc, communication break-downs and trying so hard to remedy all in the name of L.O.V.E.

I used to think that, “OhhHhhhH I love himmmmm. I’m sure I can make it work somehow. And he loves me tooooo and he also did put in effort.”

Alas, sometimes you know, cannot means cannot lah. No matter his effort is “real” or not. Lol.

So there are 2 paths you can choose.

1) Take a longer time(or a lifetime, just kidding) to find that someone who can connect with you and tadah, easy now, happily ever after(most of the time la)

2) Choose any face/body/sex which please you and vice versa(this is so much easier!), BUT spend a lifetime to work things out with him and worship this romantic, awesome, sacred feeling call L.O.V.E.

When I say “connect”, it’s not as if “oh…you both like GUCCI or you both dislike RED colour ok”. Having the same OR different likes and dislikes doesnt determine the connection.

It’s difficult to put a finger to that kind of feeling…but when it happens, you can feel it. A few examples might be…(might not apply to everyone)

1) you both have endless topics to chat about
2) you both are comfortable even in silence
3) you both know what each other is thinking most of the time
4) you both say the same words at exactly the same time

Your minds clicked lah, simply. That in turn will reduce quarrels.

I’m quite used to it now although I used to feel very amazed whenever hubby and I call or sms each other, have the same thoughts out of nowhere or say the same things at the same time.

Think our highest record was 12 chinese characters, all spoken at the same time, same pace. We simply stared at each other and laughed. That’s so sweet. *blushed* We can also think of the same song and sing the same lyrics at the same time out of nowhere or have the same food cravings at the same time. =)

2nd Disclaimer:
I dont mean if nothing of the above mentioned happens then it means that the relationship cant work out hor! I believe LOVE still can make alot of things happen.

My noti hubby

See my noti hubby type what in my wordpress new post title when I’m not around.

Just now, something at the kitchen sink caught my eye.

It was a mug being balanced right in the middle, between the 2 sinks. A gentle nudge would have send it crashing into the sink, broken.


Me(to hubby): Did you place the mug there in the middle on purpose?
Hubby: Yeah! Steady right?! Can balance in the middle.
Me: *faint*

Didnt realise he can be thatttttttttttt boliao at times~

My cute Vickki

Natasha’s Wedding.

Sunday was Natasha and Kelvin‘s big day. Not feeling well at this very moment so pardon if I dont sound overly enthu. I’ve been having this blocked nose for days and had been sneezing for the past hour….

The sweet couple held their banquet dinner at M hotel. The dishes were wonderful and service great. I had the chance of having 2 bowls of shark fins because they were plentiful. Yummy yummy. The 2 different cute wedding favors on the table landed me into a dilemma as I dont know which to choose. Both are poker cards but one is round shape while the other is normal rectangular shape. However, each and individual rectangular poker card was adorned with different love poems. So sweet! Anyway, I grabbed the round poker cards which was equally unique. =)

One regret will be I missed viewing the couple’s wedding photos. I wasnt late but was uncomfortably alone in the midst of the crowd at the reception. So I hurried into the hall to find Cat who was already seated. By the time I recalled, it was already too late. =( Hopefully Nana will upload the pictures into Facebook. I’m sure they will be lovely because she looked absolutely stunning that night.

Nana was one who dont doll up much most of the times. However she was one who was blessed with very nice features and a great smile. Standing alongside her hubby, they looked so compatible as both are tall and equally outstanding. Eil was her jiemei and like usual, she was seldom at her seat beside me as she was tending to Nana. Hmm…I was kinda bored half the time at the dinner because Cat was busy chatting with her long-lost friend and I dont know the others at the table. Hmm…it will be much more enjoyable if more mutual friends are at the table. It wasnt very important though as I’m there to witness Nana’s big day and share her happiness. =D

As she wasnt present at the reception, I hardly have the chance to talk to her. However, I managed to grab 1 picture with her and Eil at the end of the banquet.

Natasha, I wish you eternal marital bliss with your hubby and happiness forever. =)

By the way, just got to know J bar at M hotel has this Saturday Ladies Night promotion. Merely $18nett for free flow of champagne, wine and martini from 5pm to 2am. Definitely got enough to drink. And they have gigantic screens showing World Cup too. =D

So…who is onz this Saturday night? Heh Heh~

Movies + Shopping

I’m loving and hating the GSS. Loving the sales yet hating the crowd. Loving the deals yet hating the hole they caused in my pocket. I shant elaborate what I’ve spent. Poor dearie has been accompanying me for the shopping most of the time and he has never complained except once, when his back pained.

“Walked too much..” he mumbled. Haha.

As much as how much his insensitivity and “sense-less” nature irks me from time to time, I have to admire his patience, high level of accommodation and good-temper towards me. And well, thank god for his good humour and witty nature, it’s difficult to stay pissed with him because he can always make me laugh.

Alright. Enough of all this, if you find them mushy.

It’s the movie season! We caught many movies lately and they’re all pretty fantastic. Yet to catch “Yip Man Legend” though.

Movie title: Nightmare at Elm Street
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Thrillers are always my favorite. Despite a re-make film, they did a good job at keeping my nerves raw. Though, I was slightly disappointed that there wasnt any twist in the plot.

Movie title: Killers
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: I was expecting fireworks between Katherine and Ashton but quite disappointingly, I felt none. The story was being rushed and kind of lacks convincing power. I dont even feel it’s funny as a comedy. Katherine usually can do better, she was great in “The Ugly Truth” and “27 dresses” etc. Hmm…..I guess Ashton simply dont have the funny bone in him or perhaps they lacked chemistry? He’s much better in that “Las Vegas” show with Cameron. Oh by the way, I think he’s pretty cute in this show. Haha.

Movie title: Karate Kid
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: It was really much more than I’ve expected. The show was very delicately made, focusing on the life of the karate kid after he moved to China with his mother. He was starred by Will Smith’s precious 10 year old son, Jayden Smith. Despite the movie title, I thought it was more of a comedy than an action movie as…well….the action moves werent very elaborate and fighting scenes were clearly being cut and connected inappropriately. For example, many fighting scenes of the chinese kid bully hitting Jayden on the face were being cut and then connected so that they linked, unconvincingly, where it should be in just 1 continuous take. Apparently, Mr Smith wasnt very comfortable with his son taking the punches, no matter how light they were being enacted. It’s like one scene the fist was going down on the face, the next scene showed the kid on the ground. Of course I dont mean I’m so sadist that I wished the kid to really get beaten up lah. I do understand he’s ultimately a kid, a millionaire’s kid to be exact. Despite so, I love the slight twist during the tournament and I was clenching my fists so hard! It’s a great movie which warms the heart and teaches many lessons in life. I dont want to preach here, you can just watch it.

Movie title: The A-team
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Hmm…watch it with an open mind and you’ll enjoy it. Some plots and scenes were highly exaggerating, however, still entertaining. Pretty funny at some parts. And anyone find Liam Neeson charming like I do? Haha. Yeah I have this thing for old man, now then you know meh? Lol.

Movie title: Prince of Persia
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: Oh this is nice. Watched this sometime back so didnt really remember the bits. Hmm the actions were engaging and interesting plot. =)

Movie title: Sex and the City 2
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: Initially I was being cynical about it’s part 2 as usually sequels get worse and worse. Just look at “Harry Potter”. But it was really very funny! Thanks to the sexy Samantha who isnt shy to admit her desires and do what she loves. I admire her for that. I enjoyed the part 2 more than the part 1. =)

Flash flood at Orchard

Flash flood in Singapore! I have never thought this would happen in our beloved country. =(

When I first heard about it, I merely thought, “nahz…at most it’s until knee length only lah.” Okie my legs are short, I know it! But really, I have never expected this!


Or this!


More pictures can be viewed at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/photosgallery/gallery_20100616170420.htm

I’m truly SHOCKED when I saw the pictures and I’m so thankful nobody was hurt in any way in this catastrophe. But…the poor car owners!! With water that deep, the engines would have been spoilt and the whole car gone! Hopefully no brand new cars, else I think the owner’s heart will break! Not to mention a brand new Lamborghini or any low-ride sports car. If I’m not wrong, when cars were stucked in water deeper than where the top of their tyres were, the engine most probably couldnt survive anymore.

Just pardon my drama-mummy alarm because I have aqua phobia….just seeing the pictures of the almost-totally-submerged Starbucks sent goosebumps all over me. The steps down were completely gone! I simply cant imagine the basement shops can be flooded that badly. Of course people would have fled long before the water reached that level…but…holy shit…I cant even bear the thought of anyone inside…with the water level above their head…So scary to me. =(

Call me coward if you like…but I’m really going to avoid basement shops during rainy weathers in future. I’m THAT afraid of water. =(