Body found in rooftop water tank – Singapore Woodlands

Singapore News

Body found in rooftop water tank
By Seet Sok Hwee / Hetty Musfirah Abdul Khamid | Posted: 16 May 2011 1722 hrs

SINGAPORE: A 30-year-old Indonesian woman was found dead in a water tank on the rooftop of Blk 686B Woodlands Drive 73. Police has classified the case as murder.

Police were alerted to the to the body of the woman in the water tank, said to be about 1.5 metres wide, at about 10am.

It is understood that blood stains were found in the water tank.

Water supplies for those living at Block 686B came to a halt at about 11am.

Notices were put up by the town council, informing residents about the disruption.

Residents of the 15-storey block had to lug buckets of water from the washing area at the void deck.

PUB said it received a report of the incident at Blk 686B, which is under the purview of Sembawang Town Council, at 3.30pm on Monday.

PUB said the Sembawang town council immediately isolated all the tanks serving the block once it was informed of the incident. There are eight water tanks servicing the block.

Washing, flushing and sterilising works of tanks and distribution pipes began immediately.

PUB said officers were also on site to assist the town council, and also provided water bags and a water tanker.

The national water agency, PUB, said water supply is expected to be restored by midnight.

A resident said she felt like vomiting after she got word of the murder. She said she will take precautions for fear that the water had been contaminated.

“This morning, I used the water for cooking, But now I have to go home and throw it all away. I asked if we could bathe, the people in charge said better not. When I found out, I thought it was horrific.”

Another resident was resigned to what has happened. She said: “I’m not scared, I already cooked with it, I’m not scared.”

The deceased had long hair and was found in a T-shirt and bermudas. She was pronounced dead at 1pm.

It is believed that she works with a family living in the block where she was found.

One of the lifts at the block was also out of order, with some residents saying that they saw blood stains in the lift.

A 27-year-old Bangladeshi has been arrested in connection to the case.

A resident living in the opposite block said he saw the suspect being arrested at about the same time.

He said: “I saw an Indian man, wearing light green colour shirt caught by the police officers. Don’t know what happened, did not hear any kind of loud noise or anything like this.”

Some residents living on the highest floor said they heard loud voices of people quarrelling early in the morning.

Oh my freaking god..this is grosssss~~

I watched a Japanese horror before which had the same horrible happenings: little girl drowned in water tank(subsequently became ghost). Except that this time it’s murder, not a little girl and definitely not just a plot in a movie! So damn scary. But, I thought the door to the rooftop is always being locked? I knew that because I stayed at the highest storey before. Okie..maybe the Bangladeshi cut the bolt or something.

Seriously, lately is one bad news after another. Other than natural disasters which are happening outside Singapore, I’m bothered by the increasing cases of murder in Singapore. It wasnt like this before. Yes, although it was announced that crime rates has decreased over the past 5 years but those statistics simply combine theft, vandalism and other peasy crimes together. Murder stats have definitely increased, but I cant find them on the web. Naturally, they wont be published too. And have you noticed, most of them were associated with foreigners(no matter the victims or the murderers)
List of Major Crimes in Singapore (updated till year 2000 only) from Wiki
Majority were foreigners, I just dont understand why. Among them, the more “happening” ones was Huang Na’s kidnap and murder, and of course, the infamous Liu Hong Mei who was chopped into pieces and thrown into Kallang river. Both are obviously, from China.

Now we have The Romanian Embassy who hit-and-run twice resulting in 1 death and 2 injuries. Year 2009. Escaped from Singapore.

The Korean Embassy car who fled after the alleged collision in Geylang in 2010.

Enraged step-father who strangled her step-daughter which her China wife had with previous China hubby in 2011.

And I just cant help wondering. Somehow, murder allegations associated with big shots like the foreign embassies often went 不了了之(no status updates). Whereas small peasy minor crimes like Michael Fay’s(an American) vandalism cases created such a big hoohaa over Singapore’s firm and righteous stand on his 6 strokes caning, jail and fine. It was reduced to 4 strokes anyway, on Bill Clinton’s appeal.

I feel sorry for Huang Na who was just an innocent girl abducted by purportedly a psycho, but not for Liu Hong Mei(You can google for her whole story if you want).

You can say that I’m racist or whatever, but I firmly believed, other than hit-and-run cases, elaborate and deliberate murders are definitely not executed without a reason. When I first heard about gruesome murder, my first thought was, “Wah, what the hell did she do to incite so much hatred, and cruelty being done to her?” Certainly it takes MORE than common BGR relationship problems to drive a man(not insane but obviously driven to insanity) to chop her up!

Generally I feel Singaporeans were being educated in such a way that most of them are more concerned with their own survival, maintaining the upkeep of their homes and cars, and for the poorer, their precious rice bowl and 3 meals a day. Sigh…also dont know this is good or not. Thus they hardly have the time or effort to really come up with something evil up their sleeves, which is precisly what the government hopes to achieve by tying all Singaporeans up with loans loans loans. Study loans, home loan, car loan. It might not be a bad thing actually lah…on the whole, at least it keeps the less educated and very low income earners from creating chaos, riots or strikes.

Anyway, I dont wish to debate with anyone over this issue.

And the point I’m trying to make is, majority of Singaporeans abide by all these chinese proverbs;

“安分守己,奉公守法, 明哲保身,多一事不如少一事, 以不变,应万变。”

Most would like to remain status-quo and not question anything, even if it’s unsettling.

Therefore, I would say, unless you’re so unlucky to bump into a psycho among the millions, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get gruesomely murdered or cut up into a dozen pieces for a small grudge.
I love this entry published on “

China women
Vice and heartbreak
Seductive, money-minded ones are turning lives upside down, but blame also lies with naive Singaporean males.

By Seah Chiang Nee. Jul 2, 2006

A SERIES of high-profile passion killings in recent months involving fiercely materialistic women from China and local married men has highlighted a growing social problem in Singapore.

Cases of businessmen keeping them as mistresses and retirees being fleeced of their retirement money by younger foreign women, mostly from the China mainland, are on the rise.

Singapore’s “open door” immigration policies have resulted in a steady influx of Chinese mainlanders as well as other nationals, which has contributed to economic growth.

But it also has a negative social impact. Among the inflow are thousands of poor China women who come just to make a quick fortune by exploiting simple-minded males with more money than sense.

Other nationals, too, work in Singapore’s sex trade, but few are as aggressive, wily or family-destructive as their sisters from China.

I must hasten to say that the majority of China women here are simply earning an honest living and are not cheats or prostitutes.

But a large minority is fiercely ambitious, seductive and prepared to use any means to get rich, including seducing men into an affair or marriage, then cheating them and returning home or moving to another man.

Swindle cases are on the rise although some men are too embarrassed to go to the police. The victims range from retirees to middle-aged married men with grown-up children.

This easy use of sex has revealed just how vulnerable Singapore’s older men are despite – maybe because of – their conservative upbringing in which sex was regarded a taboo subject.

After decades of “pent-up” frustration or deprivation, some are becoming easy prey to younger, prettier women intent on seduction.

It also brings into question the sex health of some older Singaporeans. Other men are just lonely souls living drab lives.

A letter from “Elisabeth” says: “I feel worried for the ‘old uncles’ in Singapore. These elders are really simple-minded, blinded by temporary pleasures.

“They thought these Chinese girls really liked them and even gave them their savings. Pity the family.”

It has aroused resentment here, especially among housewives who have repeatedly called for action to keep them out.

“We accept that most mainlanders here are decent folks, but I don’t see why the authorities should allow dubious women to come here and break up families,” one lady blogged.

But others say it is not fair to blame it all on others and feel “lustful” Singaporeans should bear a greater share. The rationale should be: “If you arrest the prostitute, arrest the customer, too.”

Several severe cases have resulted in murder. In a recent botched relationship, a China woman, aged 29, was strangled and stabbed to death in a massage parlour. Her accused killer was charged in hospital after sustaining knife wounds. The case is pending.

Last year a Singaporean executive, a married man, was stabbed to death in front of a Desaru hotel as he was about to check in with a China lady undergraduate.

Jealousy is, of course, a universal troublemaker, but when it involves a senior citizen losing “face” and his retirement money, the combination could be explosive.

In one of Singapore’s most gruesome murders, factory supervisor Leong Siew Chor, 51, was convicted of killing Chinese national Liu Hong Mei, 22, when their relationship soured.

He strangled her with a towel last year, chopped up her body, packed the parts in plastic bags and cardboard boxes, and dumped them into the Kallang and Singapore rivers.

Shocked family members and friends said he was a responsible, caring person. He was sentenced to death.

Since the government began loosening up on prostitution in recent years, more “loose” foreign women have flocked here.

Few, however, can match the enterprising mainland ladies, who have long moved into Singapore’s residential heartland. Some start their own business or become a kept mistress of rich businessmen.

Sex workers come from three general categories of China arrivals:
* Girls on student pass,
* About 4,500 “study mamas” accompanying their children to study here, and
* Tourists on visa-free visits for 30 days.

They work in various ways, plying the street for customers or working in one of these places – nightclubs, karaoke joints, massage parlours (“health centres”) or foot reflexology shops which offer various forms of sex services.

The murder of a China woman (a study mama with a teenage son) in a heartland massage outlet has exposed how deep vice has penetrated into the housing estates.

Hundreds of these unlicensed outlets have sprung up, run by China women who offer foot reflexology or Chinese “traditional” massage, but are really a cover for sex.

Furore over these outlets has resulted in many closures and a tightening of rules governing licensed centres. People, however, are betting they will return, given the strong public demand.

Actually the study mamas (many hailing from China’s poorer regions) are allowed to work but not as a masseuse unless they’re permanent residents.

Most, however, manage to get around the law by registering under a front man.

One such local, for example, is former civil servant Toh Ah Fong, 63, who has lent his name to at least 50 such establishments since 2004, most of them in the HDB heartland.

For every Singaporean who resents them, there are several who admire their gall, hard work and initiatives against whom Singaporeans are ill-matched to compare.

Lately, the China masseuse has come up with a new trick to provide sex in the home: she comes knocking on doors as a karang guni collector of old newspapers.

This was published in The Sunday Star today.”


I really hope awareness be raised that the large influx of foreigners not only creates social problems(Ya nobody cares if poor Singaporean wives get ditched by heartless husbands), MORE IMPORTANTLY, it also hints on a subtly increasing murder rates in Singapore. If anyone has any foresight, they would know another 900,000 influx of foreign workers is going to worsen the situation.

The key now is, not that they cant/shouldnt come, it’s simply TOO MANY okie! TOO MANY!
I do understand everything’s a number game, the more people we have, regardless of other nationality etc, naturally, crimes associated will be increased. But, if murder crimes by Singaporeans has always been low before all these FT came into the picture, then it’s certainly something to be worth analyzing about.

And yeah…continue to hide….
“Straits Times now omits mentioning PR status of foreigners committing crimes in Singapore
September 25th, 2010 | Author: Your Correspondent

“Afraid of revealing unwittingly to Singaporeans of some unworthy foreigners who are being given PR and citizenship by the PAP regime, the Straits Times now omits mentioning the PR status of foreigners commmitting crimes in Singapore altogether.

In the past, the paper will usually mention the status of foreigners convicted of committing crimes which brought to light many cleaners, construction workers, bus drivers, masseurs, nursery teachers, chambermaids and even freelance prostitutes being given Singapore PR and citizenship, unheard of anywhere else in the world.

Now, only the nationality of the criminal is published.

For example, in April 2010, the Straits Times reported a Singapore PR from Malaysia Tan Eng Heong being sentenced to six months jail for road rage. (read here)

Upon appeal, he has his sentence reduced to only one month. However, the subsequent report did not mention that he is a Singapore PR (read here)

It is not known if Mr Tan’s PR will now be revoked by the PAP regime.

The number of foreigners, PRs and new citizens who are convicted of criminal offences each year in Singapore remains a mystery to this very day.

Due to the PAP’s pro-foreigner and ultra-liberal immigration policies, foreigners (excluding PRs) now make up 36 percent of Singapore’s population, up from 14 percent in 1990. Of the remaining 64 percent who are citizens, an increasing number are born overseas.

If the Straits Times continue to censor the PR/citizenship status of foreigners committing crimes in Singapore, we can safely assume that they are either Singapore PR or new citizen.”
Okie, off to go edit the pictures of Alv & Cat’s Wedding. =)


The Blue Hole – William Trubridge and the French Spiderman – Alain Robert

Dearie just showed me a video which was just, oh so amazing!

Many would have heard of “The Black Hole” but have you heard of “The Blue Hole“?

The Great Blue Hole, located near Ambergris Caye, Belize

I think all the divers will probably know. =) Of course not me lah, the aquaphobic freak.

A blue hole is a submarine cave (inland) or underwater sinkhole. They are also called vertical caves. There are many different blue holes located around the world, typically in low-lying coastal regions. The best known examples can be found in Belize, the Bahamas, Guam, Australia (in the Great Barrier Reef), and the Red Sea. The deepest blue hole in the world—at 202 metres (663 ft)—is Dean’s Blue Hole, located in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas. Other blue holes are about half that depth at around 100–120 metres (330–390 ft). The diameter of the top entrance ranges typically from 25–35 metres (82–115 ft) (Dean’s Blue Hole) to 300 metres (980 ft) (Great Blue Hole in Belize).

Can you imagine? A freaking cave in the freaking ocean! Just the thought of it send fears through me. And it’s not a horizontal cave okie~ It’s a vertical cave! So it gets deeper and deeper….




But this man, or rather, fish…………………………

William Trubridge freedives THE ARCH at Blue Hole, Dahab

No suit, no tank, no fins!! With only the skin on his back and just one breath…….

I’m sure even for no swimming/diving experts like me, you’ll know how amazing that is. He can hold his breath for at least 2.5minutes…and I think my max is only 30seconds. =/ What is even more admirable is how well and calm he took the whole dive, it is a pressure as well as mental challenge. Not to mention the courage to dive further and further and the acute, precise estimation of the distance taken. Hell, you still have to dive back to the top! I simply cant imagine if breath was out half-way through….*shivers*

Currently he sets the world’s free-diving record(Constant Weight Apnea Without Fins, CNF) at 100m…..

There are many forms of free-diving, you can read here.

Here’s another breath-stopping video. It shows a much clearer view of “The Blue Hole”.

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier

It’s a fiction video…hmm…nevertheless, still a tranquil and heart throbbing one.

Along the youtube page of his videos…you’ll see other videos like….”Last dive of so-and-so”….”38metre dive goes wrong”…..”The death of…”…..and it really deeply saddens me. And I have no courage to watch them….

Another legendary figure would be Alain Robert, known as “the French Spider-Man”. He’s famous for scaling skyscrapers with nothing except his bare hands, climbing shoes, and occasionally, a bag of chalk powder. His current most prestigious record is Taipei 101 building at 508 metres in Taiwan. Here’s one video of him scaling an 150 meter building in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It’s probably peanuts to him. =P

I had the privilege of hearing him speak at one MDRT experience(been to many, dont remember which one) and I vaguely remembered the words he said ever so offhandedly, “I wont allow myself to fall…because I know I cant afford to fall!”. It was indeed such drive and determination that propelled him to scale greater heights even after massive operations. And did I even mentioned he has Vertigo?

What can I say? These people risk their lives just to fulfill their dreams! Mountain climbing? You can still stop when you choose to do so, you can choose to quit, you can save yourselves.

People like Alaine Robert….they dont allow themselves to fail because they know they cant fail! They know they must succeed or else death will be the outcome.

Dont give yourself another easy way out or you’ll tend to take it unknowingly.

Give yourself NO WAY OUT.

Remember “I MUST”, “I WILL” and dump words like “Probably”, “Maybe”, “Perhaps”.

And WE will succeed!! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

Good things must be shared. =)

Today’s Deal : 72% off on 90min Classic Mani or Pedi with Full Set Customized 3D Nail Art @ Deniz Nailz.

Only $38 instead of $137.

Despite not one who always do manicures/pedicures, this offer is too tempting to resist! I’ve bought! Join me! =D Hopefully the service is good though. Gonna go on weekdays, I think service will be better as less crowded. =D

Oprah Winfrey Show with Octo-Mum, Nadya Suleman

Awwwww……….I’m touched with tears now as I’m watching Oprah Winfrey Show, interviewing Octu-Mom, Nadya Suleman. The mother who has six kids and eventually another 8 in 1 labour, totalling 14 kids.



She’s so strong and noble to insist taking care of all her 14 children, single-handedly. She only sleeps around 3 hours everyday. Other mothers might have surrendered and give away or worst, sell away some of the babies rather than slogging her life away just to provide for the babies.



Catch a video of how she spends her days taking care of her babies here, The babies are realllyyyyyyy cuteeeee!! Do watch it!!!

And she know damn well no man will want her, at least for a long long time. Which man will want a woman with 14 kids? She has so much love for her kids and I’m shocked why some people just cant feel it.

Nadya sounded so sorry with tears in her voice when she said how guilty she is when she knows she can never provide enough love to all her 14 kids because at any one time, she can only hold 2 or 3 babies in her arms, and the other babies will be crying. =~(

Why cant the media and all people spare a thought for her and give her opportunities for survival instead of desperately eager to get a piece of her by coercing her to act in porns or slamming her for appearing in bikinis in magazines for attention? All she wants is income for survival and the bikini advert pays her well even though she finds that embarrassing. And does she has the chance to spend the money? No! She was so busy with taking care of her kids and the money simply went to the 3 nannies she employed as well as food for all of them.

And seriously, to the people who slammed her saying she tried to have octuplets just to gain media attention and popularity, do they ever think any other normal person would have survived having so many babies in 1 labour?? The pain all that??  Does a mother who tried so hard to take care of her babies, exhausting herself, having only 3 hours sleep per night, suffering heavy dark eye circles, looks like she wants fame???? No one in the right mind will want fame in this way when it’s definitely not a fair exchange nor promising investment.


“I will die before I give up my children.” – Nadya Suleman


I really have so much respect for her! Yes, despite the pregnancy might be her mistake, might be unplanned. But at least she took up the responsibility, did not waver. She remained as strong and determined just to keep all of them surviving. I dare say a man might not have so much guts and perseverance! Just imagine not all 14, but merely only 4 kids crying at the same time, can you take it or not??

Nadya, we will always be behind you!!! Stay strong!!

We love you and all your kids!!

My Dearest QQ

Love the Dec weather, chilly and cooling. Although it’s still pretty warm in the daytime, the night was simply bliss with cool cool breeze coming through our windows. Sometimes it’s so strong that it can slap my windows shut with a loud thud or send my chandelier rocking back and forth. Thank god it doesnt happen that often. I do hate if my chandelier come crashing down.

It’s such a lovely night again. It’s such a waste to sleep it away…. Sometimes I really enjoy time to myself, doing my own things(manyyyy things at one time). Haha. And I’m especially alert at night, to my dismay. I enjoy more when my favorite activities are done at night.

*ahem* Please dont think YY.

I meant, hobbies like blogging….reading(oh yes I do read okieee~)…surfing…watching dramas, variety shows and concerts. Currently watching my darling Jam Hsiao’s newly bought concert DVD. Heez~

Wanna share our lovely purchase!!

猜猜是什么? Hee!

Everything when I received parcels, I always got soooOoo excited but this time round, my excitement was x 100 times because it’s the first time I ordered something(alone) which costs a 3 digit figure online. And I’m super worried that it disappoints me.



Dang dang dang dang!!




My CleanMate QQ-2L, Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I shall refer it to my dearest QQ from now on. =D

Robot vacuum cleaners had been around for quite some time and I’m sure many people will love one at home but merely hesitated at the price, for authentic i-robots Roomba usually costs a 4 digit. Freaking expensive! Another downside is, they cant clean corners well.

I was initially very doubtful of it’s capability when I first heard it from Gra, whose colleague had bought it off online at only US$208. Though the one she bought was an imitation where the set was made in China, and computer chip in Germany. I wasnt enthu because I’m sure it cant clean very well, especially along walls and corners. And manz, how many dozens of corners we have in our house? However, Gra said perhaps I can use it on a daily basis to keep the house reasonably clean while I can have a 大扫除 every week or so. Suddenly the idea seemed so attractive. Because Vickki is indeed a pest who always make the house dirty.

I wasnt disappointed. It was indeed well worth every penny! How I love the free shipping too! Think of it, it’s like only 50 bucks more than our normal Philips vacuum cleaner!




Charging Bay


  • Automatically cleans carpets
  • User friendly LCD panel displays unit operation status
  • Automatically returns to charging base when low on power
  • Resumes cleaning after battery is fully charged
  • Compact shape allows cleaning under beds, tables, and other furniture
  • Suitable for all carpets except for plush and long fur carpet
  • Removes allergens and pet hair
  • Automatic cruise system
  • UV ray disinfection
  • Particle filtration
  • High efficient 7 inch brushroll
  • Embedded remote control
  • Sounds warning alarm when stuck
  • Photo sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down
  • Noise level: 50dB
  • 10 to 80 minute variable cleaning time
  • Timer for cleaning time setting
  • NiMH 2500 mAh battery
  • 3.5 hours charging time
  • Lifetime of battery: 500+ charging cycles
  • Built-in fragrance slot
  • Rotating edge cleaning brush
  • 2.5 amps
  • 6 lbs.
  • Capacity of dust bin: 0.3 liter
  • Dimensions: 14 inches (diameter) X 3.5 inches (height)
  • One year warranty

Cleaning Modes:

  • Special bounce
  • Spiral
  • Along walls
  • “S” shape
  • Polygonal spiral
  • Cycles through all modes for highly efficient cleaning

Accessories Included:

  • Remote control
  • 3 washable particle filters
  • 14.4 volt rechargeable battery
  • AC charging base
  • Small cleaning brush
My Review:
It cleans reasonably well, much better than expected. You definitely cant expect 100% because some corners will definitely be left out. However, I’m quite surprised it cleans pretty well along walls using the along-the-wall mode. Perhaps because of the little brush located near the right edge of the set. At first glance, only the S-shape mode and along-the-walls mode seemed useful but that is only true for square rooms and preferable almost no or very few furnitures. For big areas with furnitures, it’s good to take it’s auto mode(combination of all 5 modes) to clean more efficiently. I know it can look a tad irritating when it doesnt go the way you prefer all the time or it merely clean 1 small area and hop off to another. But give QQ her freedom, she will eventually finish cleaning up the whole area. =)
To save some time and battery, you can always use the remote to manually control it by making it turn left/right/forward/reverse to clean missed out areas which wasnt focused yet but do note it only cleans when it’s moving forward. And every touch of left/right button, it turns a fixed degree of angle. For manual mode, it stops whenever it meets an obstacle, while during auto mode, it will switch directions itself. So usually if I really want to clean neglected areas immediately, I will use manual mode but followed by auto mode.
QQ did have a downside, which is I feel she cant recognise her “home”(charging bay) very well. She must be relatively near, like within 30cm or so before she knows how to go “home”. Lol. If not, she will use “along-the-wall” mode all the way until she finds her “home” since her “home” is definitely along the walls. Hahaha! Kinda waste time and batt. So either I will carry her back to near her “home” or “manually” direct her back. Therefore, I’m very doubtful of the mentioned function; 

  • Automatically returns to charging base when low on power
  • Resumes cleaning after battery is fully charged


Anyway, supervision is definitely required or preferred. It got stucked at the edges of my coffee table and tv console(due to their design) and must be manually pulled out. Sometimes it get stucked in corners too, unable to turn out. There is the timer feature but haven tried it out. Dont think it’s necessary. I have to say the remote works pretty well. So long so you’re pointing at the signal panel located infront of QQ(it’s not difficult since QQ is always moving and rotating), the distance dont matter. I’ve used it from as far as 5-6metres and QQ still can detect.

Luckily for our small home of 100sq m, it’s just nice for the battery life. For bigger homes, you might need to charge it again before resuming cleaning. By the way, I’m very thankful for the elaborate instruction manual in ENGLISH, in good English. And the set arrived with battery and filter installed. Even the remote comes with battery installed. It feels great!

All in all, I’m pleased with it. Last time I got so exhausted with both vacuuming and mopping right after one another. The day before, I used QQ to vacuum the floor and it was really pretty clean. So I merely use a wet mop(除尘纸拖把-wet) to mop some dirty areas plus all the corners and along the walls. Took me less than 10minutes. =D The floor was very clean.

I definitely can look forward to more personal time!

Feel free to ask me for more questions. =)



Deary Rose Co-Q10 hand/foot therapy & Home-baked escargots

Share some good stuff with you all!! Pardon quality of pictures because they’re from iphone.

DEARY Rose Co-Q10 Brightening Hand and Foot Therapy!

This is for your hands and feet!!

Do not neglect them for they will reveal your age also wor.

Am very glad for the tester because else I wouldnt have bought it.
Why? Because I’m a lazy person who dont use hand/foot cream. I dont even care much about the face liao la. Duhz.

But how can you resist such a cute and sweet packaging?? It’s a very small 50ml tube in real life and absolutely adorable and convenient to put it in your bag. The gold little round knob simply shouts “cute”!

I love it because of it’s Co-Q10. As you well know, I’ve started using anti-aging products(wipes a tear) and I simply love Co-Q10! And the rose smell is wonderful, not over powering. Comes with brightening properties too! And the most important thing is? You all hate creams which leave a sticky residue isnt it? Especially annoying if you have sticky hands, thus making EVERYTHING you touch sticky. I hate them too! But this DEARY tube dont!! Hands felt moisturized but yet is totally matt enough to turn a door knob successfully. =) Or maybe my hands are simply too dry? Also dont know lah, but it really suits me. Happy~

They’re less than $10 and available in Robinson Raffles City.

20% sale now on for all toiletries!! Dont know when end though.


Any escargots lovers here????

Oh I love them so much. Fell in love with them after our virgin experience with them in France. =)

But we all know Escargots are not readily available in many places in Singapore. And those which serves, usually dont serve them cheap, since most are fine dining restaurants. So what can you do when you just feel like munching a few, dont wish to spend a bomb nor dress to the nines and make-up to visit a fine-dining french restaurant?

Go to Cold Storage!! These escargots were from the frozen food department and sold in pack of 10(or 12, dont rem).

1) Pre-heat oven to 220 degrees Celsius
2) Bake for 10minutes and Serve!

Easy peasy!

We dont have oven at home so we headed over to mummy dearest for help! Instead of 220 degrees, she used 200 degrees, mentioning that her oven’s temperature run a little higher than normal ovens. And we merely baked for like 8+minutes.

And the escargots turned out fantastic!!! Whilst they cant be compared with the ones we had in France, they are certainly tasty enough to make you want to gobble 10 at once! Lovely garlicky and buttery taste! Could be slightly more tender actually. Perhaps 7-8minutes would be perfect. =D If you dont have the 2 teeth fork, toothpicks can do the deed of picking them out as well. =)

By the way, if you have a question whether they can be microwaved, oh I wish to know too because I only have microwave at home. However, I scared not hot enough and they wont be cooked. And, I do believe they’ll taste nicer when baked. =D
Do share your experiences if you tried microwaving instead.

Dont remember how much they costs but definitely not more than $20!

Dearie’s birthday eve 2010 Part I @ Dozo Restaurant

3rd December
Dearie’s birthday eve

The day started with a jacuzzi bath at Spa Elements, The Cathay, and followed by a massage.

We cant help but notice some differences from our last experience, which was also Dearie’s birthday.

They used to serve a jug of icy cold Ribena drink which was utterly refreshing.

This year, it was substituted with chinese tea. =.=”””””””’

And the worse thing was…………we noticed the edges of the tub had powder-like debris only towards the end of our soak. =( It was super dampening because it was grosssssssssss. I was very unhappy and demanded an explanation from the manager. She said perhaps the previous customer poured some aromatherapy thingy into the tub, thus some power-like debris stained the tub edges. And we just got to know they only change the water in the jacuzzi once everday no matter how many customers booked the jacuzzi that day!!

OMGGGGGGG~~ What they did is to dump 1 chlorine pill inside the tub to kill the germs. But still…………very gross lor. =(

To cut the story short, we werent charged with the credits(credits were charged for package users). And we went on with the massage. I had Shiatsu as I dont wish oil on my body after a bath while dearie had Swedish style.

Still, it was very relaxing after the massage. It did indeed loosen some knots in my back. After which, I told dearie to drive towards Valley Point Shopping Center for our planned dinner.

It was a pretty ulu place. Other than searching for the carpark, we actually walked 15minutes around the mini mall because we cant find any lift or stairs up to the 2nd floor! This is the time where you quit acting shy and smart and open your mouth to ask a damn stupid question, “Erm, how do I get to the 2nd storey?”

“Oh, please go OUT of the shopping center this way, turn right and go up a flight of stairs to the 2nd storey.”

Brillant! Which goon-du architect designed the mall this way huh? No wonder we cant find because there’s NO lift nor STAIRS inside the mall that can lead to 2nd storey.

Finally!! We reached, 30minutes late.

Dozo, it is.

Presented with the menu……

When opened……………

Pardon me, but it’s my first time reading a menu made of frosted gold, cold hard acrylic. Klass with a capital K, baby.

Other than the starter which cant be chosen, we made our choices as those marked by the star. =D Actually dearie only decide his main and prefers me to choose the others because ultimately I’m the one who researched this restaurant and knows what are their signature dishes. But of course, I’ve known him well enough to like what I picked. That’s the main reason why I chose this restaurant too.

You see, while I’m more of a fine dining person and a lover of french cuisine; Foie gras, escargots, lobster bisque etc(Ya, so typical Leo right), dearie is not that much into french stuff. He loves cod fish, scallops, and Asian delicacies like chilli crab, sambal stingray, chilli la-la, steamed fish in Teochew style etc. Not that I dont like them, I love them too. But when can I find yummy Asian dishes coupled with a flair of atas, romantic fine-dining leh? I mean, I cant bring him to Balestier market to eat on his birthday bah? He will probably kill me. Haha. Nahz, just kidding. =P

Hence, I searched high and low and this is the best I’ve come up with. Dozo serves fusion cuisine and suits us both perfectly. Codfish, scallops, beef broth for him while escargots, foie gras, crab bisque for me. Actually we love all on the menu, just in different degrees. =) Basically we love seafood lah.

Passport photo

Seriously, this expression for me, when I’m treating SUCH a nice dinner? Duhz!

We tried, or rather I tried to order all the signature dishes as recommended online but we settled on similar items for main course; Atlantic baked Cod and dessert; Chocolate Lava cake with Ice-cream. However, the starter for the day cant be chosen.

Interior of restaurant. Plush.

Apéritif served. Nice, little sour and refreshing.

Hur hur~ An apéritif did improved his disposition.

Starter – Advised to eat in the following order, center, right, left. =.=””

All were yummy! Wished the foie gras chunks can be bigger though. =P

Cold dish

Dearie’s king crab claw salad was so much ooomph!! Huge, juicy and simply fresh!! Topped with sweet mango, uber delicious. Smoked duck breast was very nice too. My first time, no doubt, the most tender duck breast I have ever eaten too.

See, he became so happy.

Hence concluded anything smoked is nice, like smoked salmon, smoked turkey breast/duck breast/ham etc. =) NOT SMOKING THOUGH. =P

Also ordered a glass of white wine at S$12++, pretty nice!

Side Dish

As much as I love cheese, I still prefer escargots to be cooked in their traditional french style in garlic and butter. It’s still a nice dish. Foie gras chawanmushi is a very unique dish. Amazingly, it really combines the taste of foie gras IN a chawanmushi! Nice. However, still very much prefer to eat foie gras AND chawanmushi separately as it is!

Yes, I forceeeeeed him to took a picture of me because he can never zi-dong and appreciate his wife. =P


Dearie commented his beef consommé tasted kinda weird and I agreed. Not very nice. My crab bisque cappuccino, as the name suggested, was super thick. Whilst the flavour was nice and rich, it will be perfect if it can be less “bubbly”(too much bubbles!) and not as thick. Feels like drinking a gravy instead of a soup. Still, it’s nice!

Main course

Baked Atlantic cod. Crisp on the outside and flaky in the inside. It’s very fresh and texture is great. However, it’s quite bland! We had to request for salt else it will be so wasteful of such a thick piece of fresh cod. Though they took 5minutes to present us with the salt, I’m very glad the salt was super fine and perfectly suitable to go with cooked food for consumption.

To date, best Atlantic cod is still from Fullerton, Forlino.


Yummy! Wish the lava cake can be bigger though! Crisp on the outside and absolutely warm and moist inside. Not much “lava” but will do, not too sweet. =)


Loved my Iced fruity refresher. Not overly sour and utterly refreshing. Dearie’s hot lavender tea is so-so.

See how contented he was?

So glad he liked the dinner. =D

Oh as a final review for Dozo, as much as business were flourising for them, their service was excellent and prompt. Nothing much to be fussy about. However, it’s certainly not very quiet inside the restaurant because waiters were bustling around and many inconsiderate people talking loudly. =( Kinda spoil any ambiance the lush restaurant might have given.
Perhaps weekdays might be better. =)

Guess where we headed next? =)

To be continued…………………..