Lovely friends, lovely drinks

It was a day out with Suan and Gra at Vivo to catch dinner and drinks. We met at 7.30pm, had some shopping then started dinner at BakerzIn. We later adjourned to The Wine Company after a lovely walk overlooking Marina Bay Sands. It was a beautiful sight. We chatted all the way to 12+am and still wasnt satisfied! Plopped over to Suan’s house and continued with beer and chips. I reached home at around 4.30am. Quite insane huh, but we had lots of fun! =D Thanks so much for Suan’s hubby’s kind understanding. =X

Oh, and I’m very happy Suan likes my housewarming gift for her,

Novita Water Pitcher NP190.
(Image link from Novita removed!) (Stupid Novita website spread virus to my blog! Arrghhh)

NOVITA Water Pitcher NP 190 effectively reduces contaminants and odour while helping to improve the taste and quality of the water. Easy to use and economical, NP 190 is certainly a trusted water purification essential for clean & fresh water in the home and office.

I knew Suan will like that but never thought she meant to buy it.

Damn funny lah. I told her to open the pressie. And she was so happy with the pitcher(somemore in green, to match her living room) that she popped into the master bedroom and told her dearest hubby, something along the line of….”Hey, see what Fion bought us! You dont let me buy this pitcher, but now Fion bought for me!” Haha.

It’s kinda funny that Gra teased me about using chinese proverbs frequently. Like those 4 words 成语 or 7 words 谚语 etc. LOL. Because most of the time, I merely listened intently…thinking silently…and will sometimes summarized with 成语 or 谚语, as a comment. They simply popped into my brain and I wished the same for English, which I have to struggle hard to just express myself fully and precisely. So that night’s context had me reciting proverbs like…杀一儆百..and a few others which I dont remember. And when I eventually blurted “冰封三尺非一日之寒” as an auto reflex, the pair stared at each other, “Wah….” until I turned pink with embarrassment. It’s not for hao lian whatsoever, but seriously I can save so many words with just these chinese proverbs!

to execute one as a warning to a hundred

(pinyin: bing1 feng1 san3 chi3, jue2 fei1 yi2 ri4 zhi1 han2)

* Literally: Three feet of ice does not result from one day of cold weather.
Moral: Trouble, for example, in a relationship, indicates a long history of problems.

Felt so funny just thinking about it. =P
Anyway, these are very simple proverbs, very easy to use and quite widely used. Wait till you see the power of my dear friend Hui. Her’s then is power!


Plush Chill

Found some pics in my camera from the last chill out with Iv and guys. Here they are. I’m really lazy in posting pictures because it’s so troublesome. I usually post them all at 1 go. Anyway, I’ve cut and paste the entry which I’ve blogged days ago.

Chill out at Plush Bar, Boat Quay

It has been a long long while since we(Iv and gang) meet up for ktv pubbing! Yes, was very ecstatic when Iv, the center of influence jio. Because I usually dont club, so I hardly join them on every friday to dragonfly. So imagine my glee when I finally can meet Iv, Cel, Jov, Ja, and Edm for drinks other than MJ, even though I sang terribly. I’ve almost forgotten our daily drinking games too! Shortly after arrival, Cel, the drinking queen, said she cant drink much that night. I was appalled and exclaimed, “You pregnant again???” Haha she said she wasnt but she had to stop drinking by 9pm because she might have to breastfeed when she’s home.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm….breastfeed cannot drink meh? I didnt know that leh!

“Arbo Brissha have to drink baileys leh.” Cel said.


I laughed for a full minute!

Then Jov said, “Aiya…if you want her to sleep better than continue to drink la.”

Hahahaha Trac also came to join us later. Anyway after awhile, Jov alsoooo said she cant drink much because she was driving that night. (=.=)”’

The night ended early at 1+am but it was very enjoyable. Thanks Jov for dropping me near her home and dearie came to fetch me. =D

Meet up soon again!!

My Weekend

Met up with darling Jy to kind of celebrate her birthday together with Kel. It was an impromptu decision because I wasnt sure I’m up to drinks yet. It was a lucky coincidence that Kel was available. Very difficult one okie, more difficult than striking toto. =P So we met up for some catching up, also to pass them 2011 calenders and diaries.

Ya I know I look so fat!! Eh no, I’ve becomeeeee so fat!! =(

Actually we had a group foto taken by someone else…but it was blurry. =(

We had our drinks as per usual, plus sotong balls and chicken wings. Ultra sinful. And of course, we treated the birthday girl. =) At this rate, there’s no way I can slim down lah. Maybe it’s better to diet after Chinese New Year, might as well right? Muahahahaha. =P

Happy birthday darling. You know we’ll always love you no matter what. =D Smuacks!!!

They’re planning to come our house on Chu 3, together with their partners and a few other friends. Or maybe a JB seafood trip too! To be confirmed. =)



After a meeting in office, went Orchard to get our printer/scanner/fax and iron. Dearie hor…..somehow stuff just seemed to get spoilt when he’s using it! I just dont understand why! And he always deny responsibility, saying if things bound to be spoilt will be spoilt. =|  I granted that my Epson 5 year old printer’s time should be up but the iron was merely 1+year old! It wasnt really spoilt lah, just that there were some black debris on it and it stained dearie’s shirts. When I asked him how the debris got there to stain his clothes, again he cant answer me. ZzZz. And we cant get off those debris. Err….now that I think of it, were we too impulsive when we just bought another new iron? Nahz, anyway, we bought a Tefal one…and hopefully it’s good. New printer/scanner/fax is from HP.

Because of the stupid S$5 voucher which we drew from the Courts Lucky Draw(must be used on the same day!), ultimately we ended up buying…………….



Hee!! Actually I bio this very long liao. Just that we already had another steamboat cum teppanyaki. Anyway, that was at mummy’s house as it was big and round, more suitable for big group on a round table. I particularly disliked the teppanyaki round surface because it was very narrow. This new one is so much better! See how spacious is the teppanyaki area! Now I no longer have to keep shifting my food and able to keep a better eye on them. =)
Today(sunday), we went NTUC and bought food back, intending to have a steamboat dinner. I marinated the chicken breast and beef slices for 2 hours and they turned out great! For the chicken, I merely used salt, sugar, light soy sauce, pepper and sesame oil. For the beef, I used salt, sugar, yakinuku sauce and black pepper. =) Didnt really had a variety of food because NTUC is so boring. =(  I love our bratwurst sausage though! Super yummy. =)

Review of CORNELL CBG5


It’s really perfect for 2 person! Comes with a 2.3litre pot. With the temperature mode from minimum and then 1 to 5, the steamboat part actually get heated up pretty quickly. Soup can boil in less than 10minutes. In my recollection, it boils much faster than the one I always had. Though if you want it to be faster, you can always fill it with boiling water/soup instead.
Although the temperature knob controls both steamboat and pan grill, it didnt pose much of a problem. The trick is to boil the water first with the highest temperature before dumping your ingredients in. After 45minutes or so, then kickstart your teppanyaki dinner by lowering the temperature to around 3. In this way, the soup will have a nice simmer and it wont be too hot for the grill. Your soup will have a better flavour too. =)
If for some reason, you dont need the steamboat anymore, you can remove the pot and use the area for teppanyaki too. It will then be sufficient for 4 people to grill. Haha! Dearie and me are more of teppanyaki than steamboat people la. =P
What I love the most with this appliance will be the ease to wash and clean! Usually it will a herculean chore to scrub the chao-da(burnt) part off the grill surface. But for this, you can easily wipe off them with disposable kitchen towels. Somehow they will simply flake off very easily, which is marvelous! It might be because of their special grill non-stick surface or something. It’s really great! What’s more, there’s a hole on the grill surface, and that’s actually for you to sweep all the chao-da parts into it. Into where you think? Below it, you can pull out a mini tray and then you can simply throw the waste into the trash bin! Brilliant isnt it! So not only you dont have scrub that hard for the burnt parts, you dont even have to pick them up. Simply sweep them away will do! Of course you still have to wash them with detergent afterwards, but it will be a breeze. =)
Do note it’s easier to clean when it’s warm rather than wait until it’s cool.

Courts member price: S$62, after S$5 voucher = S$57


Wee!! Definitely will be expecting more steamboat and teppanyaki dinner at home!! Hmm yeah, it got a little smokey after a while. We onz both aircon, fan and kitchen hood with all windows open to make sure we’re not too hot and no smoky smell remained. I really love my Rinnai kitchen hood. Although it costs a bomb(to me), it’s definitely worth the money! Because we have an open concept kitchen, a good hood is very very important. I remember it has a 1000m3/hr extraction capacity. If anyone want the model number can message me.


After buying all the electronics at Courts Centrepoint with some shopping and dinner, we met up with some friends for movie. =)



Movie title: Shaolin

Ratings: 4/5

Comments: It was a pretty touching but rather bloody show. Hmm…many scenes made me uneasy with the cruel ways of killing…..there were many scenes which made me cry too. I guess there are many lessons where you can learn from it but I’m not going to preach here. You can watch it if you want. But it’s not a movie where I’ll watch for the second time though. Maybe because there’s not many funny scenes. It’s all kill kill kill………….ZzzZzz.

Actually it’s been very long that I do movie reviews, always forgot about them after watching. =P “Fair Game” sucks, dont watch okie. =P




Catching up!

I better finish blogging the events before I forgot their sequence again. Though I’m actually quite sick right now. Dearie brought me to see Doctor Tan yesterday morning. The chest pain was indeed very disturbing with every breath I take. Felt much better after taking the medicine. However, became as sick as a dog and totally san3 after the medicine.

Will summarize the past events instead.

2th Jan 2010, Sunday Evening

Gra, Suan, Kat came to my house to wine and dine. For dining, actually Gra and Suan tabao mee siam for me. Haha. Thanks for the Xmas pressies too!! =) Kat brought along her suitor(as she often referred him as, lol), Tom and kinda surprised me. I dont mind his presence but I’ll really appreciate if I can notified in advance in future. Especially when I dont know him well lah. Kinda weird.

Main reason is also I’m often skimpily clothed in the house when all are female guests. Kinda sent me scurrying to the room to change when I saw him at the door. Arggghhh. And also I had hoped the night to be a girl’s night lah. Ok lah…after awhile…we did chat alittle regarding reno as Suan and Kat will be renovating their homes soon.

All in all, not a night as fun as I’ve expected. Haiz….



3rd Jan 2010 Monday afternoon

Went Claud’s house at Jurong together with Janet and Jansen. The 2 Jans. Haha. Hers was a masionatte and it was huge. For lunch, Claud treated us Canadian pizza and wings. Yummy! Janet also brought Sky, her 2+years old son to play together with Callum, Claud’s son. They are around the same age. Callum was madly cute! He looked like those who always appear in commercials and I joked why didnt Claud bring him for audition. He has brownish black hair, huge eyes and fair skin, just like mixed baby although both parents are Singaporeans. Sky has always been attitude and looked more like Rain, the cool cool type. But oh manz, he’s super alpha male. When he’s bent on snatching a toy, he must get it! Once, when he cant get a toy from Callum’s hands because Janet was holding to it, stopping him, he got so agitated that he beat Callum on the face/head. OMG! I’m so shocked then I sprang up from the sofa to stop him. Claud also trotted forward to bring away her Callum.

Then both toddlers started to cryyyyyyyyyyyyy~

Callum cried because he kanna beaten while Sky cried because he failed to snatch that toy.

=.=””””””””””””””” Both are only sons by the way, for now.

Humph! If my son is like Sky, I’ll make sure I’ll smack him hard and not merely scolding him off, which Janet did. She said toddlers cannot smack, else they’re become more and more rebellous. Hmm….dont know how true. But guess, I’ll be a super violent mummy if I ever have kids. =P

We had alot of fun sharing what’s going on in our lives and basically just chat everything under the sun. It was a wonderful meet-up and I hope we can arrange another one soon! Though it’s pretty difficult, as you can see, most of them are mummies already and the kids are still small. We do look forward to some mates settling down soon with their partners. =)

I reached at around 2pm and we all left at around 7pm I think.


3rd Jan 2010, Monday Evening

Went Orchard Ice Cold Beer to meet L. It has been a long long time since I met the babe. I think it was since her wedding at Hyatt. She was back in Singapore for 3 weeks with her hubby before they have to go back Japan again. They were indeed very busy because they aimed to find a flat as well as a banker within that 3 weeks, while meeting friends now and then! Wah! But they did! Thank god!

As usual, other than our rounds of beer, I had to order food to eat. Muahahaha. Love ICB’s shrimp wanton! We caught up with what’s happening recently as well as our future plans, or rather, her future plans. Where her new flat will be etc. The ridiculously high COV prices in property also got us talking especially when the area they’re getting are pretty centralized. Which means super expensive! When I told her that a friend of mine got a Bishan flat at $70K over valuation, instantly she felt so much better after saying it’s crazy! Lol. It was pretty noisy in ICB so we adjourned to BQ for more beer where it’s more conducive for conversations.

But I was kinda wrong. Sigh. It was Monday and it’s as packed as if it’s a saturday! Our songs took forever to come…and we kinda have to talk louder in order to be heard. Anyway, I told her to ignore the crowd and enjoy the beer. We love the San Miguel beer, 2.5jugs going at $53. Cheap! L’s hubby came to join us shortly after and helped us finished our beer. After that we went for supper at the junction kopitiam. Cant imagine we still can eat right? Haha.

It was a lovely meeting and I was glad there were no awkward moments as we haven seen each other for a long long time. =)

Adr and I will be going Japan in either Mar or Apr. L gave me her number in Japan too. We can certainly use her hospitality! First question will be where and how should we go for the most gorgeous sakura blossoms. =D

Till we meet again!

Coffee Bar K

Alright…while the pictures were being uploaded to, let me begin the entry of 7th Aug(sat)’s evening/night with the girls; Kel, Jy and Gra.

I’m very thankful that we can all meet on a Saturday because usually that’s not very possible when both Kel and Jy are mothers. Everytime we meet on a weekend, it means their dearest hubby will be burning their weekend instead, taking care of the kids. *Paiseh* So thanks to all the considerate hubbies!! =) Kel’s bb, Kad knocked his head and suffered a cut that evening too. We only knew that after Kel reached. Despite Kel’s worry, she still came out for our gathering. And I’m so sorry towards Kad that I have to steal his mum away when he’s hurt. =( Hope his tiny head is okie now.

This time round, I chose the venues as I hope to experience something different. I guess we’re all sick of BQ by now when every now and then some young tiak-stamp Ah Beng will approach. (=.=)”’ Since clubbing scenes are also out for us 熟女 and I’m also abit tired from the relentless heavy drinking for the past few days…….we finally settled at Bar Bar Black Sheep for dinner and then Coffee Bar K for drinks!

Hmm…I got this 2 choices from Google and Bar Bar Black Sheep was recommended for their cheap drinks and great food. However, as I was STILL having cramps that evening, I did not have any drinks. Instead, Gra offered me a tiny blue pill. Not VIAGRA okie….It’s Synflex(naproxen), a painkiller to ease pain. Thankfully, the elixir worked and pain subsided after less than an hour. I forced myself to eat some of the beef burgers(so that I can drink later. Keke!) and still dont find them nice. The beef was like pretty tough and tasteless. So was the beef salad. Alas, the dishes they ordered were all beef because Jy said she cant eat beef at home(religion issues), so she wanted to eat beef to her fill outside. ZzZzz.

We walked a long way from Gallery hotel before we can find it almost at the end of Robertson Quay. The walking distance was inevitable because there’s no way cars can come in near.

Bar Bar Black Sheep was not air-conditioned so it got a little warm after awhile. The food……..wasnt nice. The meat were all too tough for my poor gums, and not much taste.

Gra and Jy had white wine and we were on our way to Coffee Bar K promptly after the food and drinks were finished. Too hot! Kel joined us soon after.

Coffee Bar K is located at UE Square and thank god, air-conditioned! It’s a pretty small bar with very limited single sofa seats at the bar and many other alfresco seats. However, the ambiance was warm and cozy inside. Service was excellent, with hot towels being served as soon as you’re seated. We reached slightly after 9pm and was surprised that there’s no cover charge. Because I’ve read that they charged $15 after 9pm, with servings of parma ham, chips and fresh fruits. Since there’s no cover charge, we were pleasantly surprised when savories mentioned previously were still being served!

The bar is popular with their concocted cocktails, few of them being award-winning. In addition, they prided themselves for their professional Japanese bartenders. It was a disappointment lah as the only Jap bartender on duty for the night only had eyes for the VIP Japanese family at the other end of the bar. Not to mention, I’m not a fan of porcupine-hairstyled middle-age Japanese bartenders. You get my point, yes. =P

It’s okie, we girls still had a lot of fun sharing our stuffs. It was great because only soft jazz music was being played in the background; we dont have to shout to get ourselves heard. Chips promptly got filled up as soon as they’re depleting. It’s bad. God knows how much chips I ate that night. You can ask the bartender to concoct a special cocktail for you, according to the base you want, i.e, gin/vodka/tequila and the type of taste you want, i.e, dry/sweet/sour etc. We all had 2 rounds of cocktails. And as much as the service is good(other than the dao Jap bartender), the cocktails were nothing extraordinary to me. My Snowball was my least favorite amongst all I’ve tried elsewhere. It’s not that it wasnt nice, it’s just inferior to anywhere else where I’ve tried. Even the presentation was disappointing. The best Snowball is at Ballymoon, Orchard Hotel.

In conclusion, I didnt hear any raves from the girls for their both rounds of drinks. Gra unluckily got 1 which tasted exactly like Listerine! Horrendously “spicy”, minty, I worried for 3 secs straight if I’m going to die after I swallowed a sip. Expectantly, the whole glass got as untouched as a divine holy maiden and there goes 18 bucks.

I’m glad the girls were happy with the place and the experience(I’m just so much fussier than them) . Ultimately, it’s our first time being served warm towels in a bar. Haha. However, for me, I probably wont go there again. Somehow the aircon wasnt cold enough inside. After few hours, Jy also wanted a change of place because she found the place too “dead”, as in too quiet and too few people.

We adjourned to a pub nearby at Mohammad Sultan by walking. Yes, chilling aircon! Cold beer! Ahhh….it suddenly made the place damn attractive. It was pretty pack and surprisingly, the crowded wasnt that young, more of executives. Thank god, else Jy wont like. Haha. I realised there were very good singers and pool players there as well. Service was lousy though, beer prices was okay(like BQ). Cant chat very well because the ktv music was pretty loud.

Okie Pictures at Coffee Bar K

(“X” the Superpoke to see captions)

Thanks for the night out girls!!