Laughter & friends, the best medicine for almost anything

Just realised I haven been out drinking for ages. Which might be good too as too much alcohol is bad for health, especially when I’m not getting younger. Sheesh. Had been spending a couple of weekends mahjiong-ing instead. =P I’m really really getting from bad to worse…as in…I’m so lazy that I dont even wish to step out of the house. 真是越来越宅了! Haha. My friends came my house to play instead. Lately pretty lucky, won some. =) Though they are peanuts considering how much I used to lose. =P

It wasnt until last Sunday that I touched alcohol with Gra and Suan. I really felt like I didnt go out for centuries, except settling my meals simply nearby. So I asked Gra whether we can have a nice dinner somewhere. Eventually the 3 of us met at Holland V. We settled our dinner, yummy soy chicken horfan, at a air-conditioned(thank god) cafe. Chatted for HOURS until the manager came to offer another round of drinks. Damn funny. At first he asked, “Any drinks for you?”, we all shook our heads as we thought of shifting place for my drinks soon. Then he said, “It will be on the tab for you ladies, then you can take your time to chat(machiam we very talkative like that, which is, actually the truth lah. Muahahaha). I was pretty BHB and replied, “Er..then another glass of water chestnut for me, thanks!” =P Thennnn, we continued chatting again.

After another 45mins or so, we adjourned to Harry’s Bar. Gra had a cocktail, Suan had margarita while I had Chardonnay. The whole of Holland V was very crowded because it was a night for both Liverpool and Man Utd fans. =.=”’ The 3 of us had to raise our voices and lean forward to hear each other properly. Finally when we finished our drinks, I proposed that we shift to another quieter place. When the bill came, we realised there’s an error in our bill and the manager offered us another round of drinks. To which Suan and me declined with thanks(Gra was in toilet). Because I cant drink anymore lah. Somemore, I got meeting the next morning. Sigh..I used to enjoy at least 3 glasses of red wine with my fantastic wine kakkis but dont know why…lately, simply 1 glass of Chardonnay is enough. =.=”’

When Gra came back from the ladies, we told her we declined the complimentary round of drinks. And she looked surprised and disappointed, “Actually I dont mind extra round leh!” Lol. Oh no. It was too late to erm…take back our words. Paiseh! =P Anyway, we finally settled at The Coffee Club. Same old me was still the first one to cry for more food. =P We shared Shepherd Pie and Passion fruit Ice-cream tea. Yums! It was slightly past midnight and Suan’s dear hubby came to fetch us. Thanks Suan for sending me home.

I had a lovely evening/night girls. Meet up soon again!

I’m very thankful for all the wonderful friends who simply delights me with their presence, and soothe me with their smiles and kind words. They always make my day! =D


Ratings: 2.8/5

Comments: Fully expecting it to be no less than exceptional, since plot is almost similar to “Next” by Nicholas Cage, but it was a disappointment….. NATO, no action talk only. Very minimal action and there was no thrill at all. In addition, despite the story revolves about the amazing one true love between the leads, I really cant feel the connection between the both of them. There’s no chemistry, and that was why the never dying devotion from Matt and all those crap with “they were meant to be together” came as totally unbelievable for a couple who merely seen each other twice.


Haiz hao fan ah

Arghh! Had been real down on my luck lately. Tons of unlucky stuff happened one after another. Like,

1) charger for my portable vacuum cleaner spoilt
Should I count myself lucky because it’s still under warranty? I’m still upset anyway, maybe it was “overcharged” and kinda fused but I haven heard of charger being spoilt due to that leh. Duhz.

2) Vickki’s newly bought dog food packet had tons of insects and I had to call for an exchange since it was being delivered. The stupid CSO said need to check with supplier before they call me back because pet’s food was delivered directly from supplier’s side.

3) My alarm clock cant work too! But I’ve just realised it’s because of low batt. Have changed the batteries and now it’s fine

4) Vickki is having serious rashes problem again despite I just bathed her 1 day ago. Sigh.

All these seem like small stuff but when they come together, arggghhh, damn pek chey one lor.

Yesterday just finished fengshui audit for our new house by Ir’s fengshui master. He was actually Ir’s hubby’s shi fu, so to speak. Drives a lexus and is a monk. He certainly looks very busy and the fengshui audit seems chop chop done. Sigh, I also dont know what to say. He doesnt charge a fee, you need to give an angbao instead. Despite so, our angbao is not small. Really hope he wont be like the previous Master Chang from who ignored emails/calls/sms after he got the money. Hng!

Thank god Master Lim didnt suggest anything which pose major changes to our planning IMO as bed and wardrobe can stay at their planned position. To dearie, it’s headache. Because he meant the house to be in dark dark cool cool colours. But now Master Lim said deco is best to be in beige. To me I’m fine lah but he’s fussy. =P

I’m really rushing for everything since I want the house to be ready by CNY. Had sent my requirements and floorplan to 2 designers/contractors. Still waiting for their quotes. Meanwhile, I have to get hold of Master Lim when he’s back from JB…still got some stuff to ask him. Speaking of the house, sometimes I get so frustrated and throw tantrum at dearie. Why? Because he’s like dilly dally la! Ask him decide reno stuff and want him to discuss together, he was either busy doing other things or else postpone and postone.

He thinks a house can suddenly pop out nicely renovated with a throw of money. It doesnt work like this lor. You still have to decide what you want and get the contractor to quote. And the thing is, he WANTS to decide and yet want to take his own sweet time to decide. Many times I felt like slapping him but I curbed myself. Argghh!

Work too is busy. I’m always especially busy during Nov and Dec because we need to deliver calenders and diaries. Personally, I also have many upcoming events.

The 2 events just passed was the gathering with Gen and gang, as well as Al & Cat’s ROM.

The former was on Sat evening and the latter was on Sun morning.

Gen is back from London and hence met up with all of us. We had a very fun but costly night. It’s all……CHINA ONE’S fault. Dammit. They USED to serve the nicest cheese fries but suddenly they took out from the menu. They USED to sell a wine range of reasonably priced wines, now they marked up so high and only 1 choice for red/white/sparkling wine respectively. I’m so damn pissed since I was the one who suggested as they have no ideas. Angry lor(with myself)!

We further adjourned to a pub at Boay quay for some beer and ktv. Sang some songs but the others were unable to drink more. My fault again, I kept expect they can drink as much as me when they’re decent folks(not drinkers like me). But actually also not totally my fault la because when I asked whether they want to drink, they’re very nice and kept say, “can can, just order what you like”.


Eh really, if cannot just say mah. Because of my assumption of their reply, some drinks were wasted since obviously I cant finish all. Haiz, they’re just very nice people. Nevermind, in future I know their limits.

And because I had alot to drink that night, it was hell of a chore to wake up at 9+am the next morning. ROM function at the museum house. OMG…why didnt they set a more…normal timing at 11pm or 12pm? Luncheon mah right? But timing was set at 10.30am. With the massive jam, we reached at 10.50am but was glad we were in time for the solemnization.

Warmest congratulations to the lovely couple Al and Cat. They looked superbly handsome and gorgeous together! But I was simply too worn out(minor hangover) to even take pics of the couple nor the lovely restaurant whose name is 4 numbers. Dont remember what though…2047? or 2087? Think 4D. Haha. Thai restaurant but food was merely passable..think the food turned cold already. But the drinks were the worst. The sprite tasted like ice water just because the ice had dissolved ages ago. And even a request of a new glass tasted the same. Very nice and plush deco though.

Looking forward to their banquet! I love weddings!

Movie title: The informant
Ratings: 1/5
Comments: Matt damon, you really disappoint me. Fell asleep half way and dearie bought me home to sleep at 1am. It was really a yucky show! Comedy? Comedy my ****

Perm or not?

Another entry again! Because too many stuff to blog nehz.

I had prepared some stuff for thursday 23rd’s AN CHUANG ceremony for our new bed from SEAHORSE. Even though we bought like 1+month ago, I still like it alot and feeling pretty excited with it’s arrival. I love it’s deep deep storage. *winkz*

Will take more pictures of the AN CHUANG stuff on thursday bah. Should start collecting addresses for the mail of some wedding invites le but I’m so lazy… Perhaps I’ll get around to it during the last week of July because that’s when the cakes are ready anyway. Some invites are given together with cakes I dont need extra work to differentiate them, can do it at 1 go. Finally also bought the tray to hold the tea(going to recycle the tray used for an chuang too) as well as the betrothal basket. Bought it off $18 from a shop in Jurong.

Last friday went Wine Bos with Kel. She mentioned she got cravings for red wine. Met her to pass her some clothing for Kae as well as to sign some policy documents. After business then we started drinking. MUAHAHAHA. It’s my first time that I drank so much red wine. We shared a total of 3 bottles. *faintzz* Ordered sotong balls and chicken wings too. Very shiok! Haha. Indeed, it’s a great pleasure! But perhaps too much pleasure liao until somehow lost control! Kel started throwing up. Aiyo, she very funny one. Either is totally sober or else totally gone. I cant imagine she can puke soooOooo much. Literally she washed my feet(in sandals!) with her watery, reddish puke. Grossssss!!!!

And this woman hor, forced me to come in shorts and sandals, or else she wont meet me. Because she said she wore very lok as she’s outside already. =.= As a result I suffered a cold lor as I took train to Winebos. I kept sneezing until she felt guilty. HAHAHA. Okie lah, I’m fine. After few glasses of red wine, my cold healed. =) So red wine can cure cold okie? Haha. Anyway to sum up, I reached home around 5am lor because it’s a chore to take care of the drunk kel because she wanted to go home herself when she obviously cannot make it lah!!!

Wah!! So I fiddled with her Samsung touch phone(dont know which model but it’s not Omnia) and I just COULDNT unlock it to find J’s number to come fetch her. ZzZzz. I’m so desperate that I called Dav too because he uses Samsung phone but somehow I still cant get it unlocked!

The Winebos staff were all very nice. Despite we dragged their off work time, they were still very very nice and said it doesnt matter, with Kel and me apologising profusely. Finally 1 of them managed to unlock the phone and I finally got the number. What a night. But still very fun. Eh, though perhaps next time 2 person cant share 3 bottles liao, too much. Even the next day, my whole body cum head ached SO MUCH and totally no energy at all. Not to mention, Kel did not make it to work. Alas, it’s my fault lor…I shouldnt have opened the last bottle…muddleheaded. Because 2 bottles free 1, though I should take away for the 3rd bottle.

And now, I’m suddenly so excited about perming my hair and doing it at the salon which Kel has done. Why? Oh because the night when she’s puking nonnnn-stop, her gorgeous tresses kept falling over her shoulders and came into contact with her puke-waterfall. Despite how much I concentrated on pulling her hair out of the way, I cant help to notice they were beautiful curls, albeit very smelly with the puke. HAHAHA.

I hoped she bathed before she slept that night. =)

That’s not the only reason la. After I enquired from her, her perm has lasted more than 6 months already and still looking good. Very very easy to maintain, according to her and relatively cheap as dye+perm+treatment=$300. It was a neighbourhood salon in bedok. Yes BEDOK!!! Faintzzz. But just perm alone at RED’S will be $300 already. Plus, I heard really good comments about Cindy, the one who did her hair. I mentioned before my hair was spoilt by that stupid stylist at Kelly’s Salon at Yewtee central. And now I simply cant stand the sight of my hair so I wished to perm it.

But but, I’m also worried it might not turn out nice as my hair is so dry. =(

Getting more and more indecisive. =/

Happy birthdays!

I really wish to hit the pillows now but I cant, technically, as my stomach is churning all the beer, martell and mee rebus like a typhoon. Arghh!

I really cant drink anymore. =( Sad It’s like, I will experience discomfort if I drank slightly more than 2 glasses…what the…..right? I knew just now I drank not little and it’s also not alot as I’m sober. There are just some giddiness for awhile. *yawn* There’s no way I’m able to sleep with a churning stomach and I came up here to blog. Especially when pipi is loading so slowly. Haiz. Sometimes very fast, sometimes very slow. Damn emo lah.

We got together today at a pub not worth mentioning at boat quay in celebration of Christ’s belated and J’s advance birthday celebration. It’s really quite difficult for all to meet due to our work and relationship commitments. However we still try! Gave Christ some skincare product while J, a renoma wallet. We shared the gifts.

I’m realllllyyy very lazy. I let the pictures do the talking.

This time, I took alot of candid shots! We had drinking games, namely 7,8,9, dice bluff and animal games. C kept want to play 7,8,9 game, think she thirsty for drinks. But today few are drinking. C’s hubby, S kept push to C to drink. T’s bf pushed to her to drink. Christ cant drink because lately she had food poisoning so mostly T, J and I drank for her. Xiong~ =.=

It’s obvious from the pictures the drinks werent very dilute lor. I actually drank 1 and a half rock glass of neat Martell. *faintzz* And hor I’ve became tanner ever since that swim few days ago. Sad leh..haiz..have to start applying whitening lotion again. I hate it when my hubby is fairer than me. =P

DSC03468 [Sony PSP]
Iv & T

DSC03469 [Sony PSP]
C and hubby, S

DSC03471 [Sony PSP]

DSC03472 [Sony PSP]

DSC03473 [Sony PSP]
Seeing these pics just made me feel like laughing. HAHA.

DSC03474 [Sony PSP]

DSC03475 [Sony PSP]

DSC03478 [Sony PSP]
me, T and Christ

DSC03479 [Sony PSP]

DSC03480 [Sony PSP]

DSC03482 [Sony PSP]
You know Christ is so nice! Initially my face look like PIZZA beside hers! So I said I’m going to shift alittle back so that my face look smaller! But she said nevermind she will move infront instead. And she moved so much infront, end up her face still look the same as, if not, smaller than me. Her face is really small leh, damn cute!

DSC03483 [Sony PSP]
C and T

DSC03486 [Sony PSP]
T with bf

DSC03490 [Sony PSP]
Act sexy shot. Haha

DSC03491 [Sony PSP]
Birthday Cake. Wah lau…pandan. =.=

DSC03492 [Sony PSP]
Singing birthday song

DSC03495 [Sony PSP]
J and Christ

DSC03500 [Sony PSP]
C, Iv, T

DSC03501 [Sony PSP]
Group shot

DSC03503 [Sony PSP]
Dont know what they laughing at. =.=

By the way….now I realised why G only drinks red wine and dare not drink alot of beer and hard liquor. I guess she has the same situation as me. J said he also has that, and we both think it’s due to aging. That’s very sad manz! I dont want to drink so much liao lah. Very xin ku!

Happy birthday Christ and J.
2 more happy birthdays to Nic and Sha!

Pictures at Red Mansion

Siao liao lor. I read Jas’s blog then realised there were SO MANY THINGS which were missing in my memories that night! ZzZz. Like,

1) Oh so the second pub we went is call Raining Bar? I see.
2) We ordered 2 buckets of beer meh? I thought 1 bucket.
3) I got play 5-10 with Rain meh? And I apparently won? How the hell I won siah when I dont even remember I played??

The things which I remembered:
1) Rain, did you keep change your clothings? Between prim-and-proper-sweet-girl-dress and hot-sexy-chiongster-corset-leather-skirt-outfit?

Then somehow I remembered I kept pull her dress up huh, because she “run light”. =.= I’m like the nanny.

2) Jas passing her dont-know-get-from-where-lollipop to all the people around, 1 after another. When finally it came to me, with tons of “DNA” on it, I said I dont want! They seemed to love the widely-shared-lollipop. Hahaha.

3) Rain and me shooing off the guys who attempted to get afresh with Jas, and keeping her from falling down.

Apparently I’m actually the 1st one to get high and blur *very paiseh*, though after that I recovered. But after I recovered slightly at Sabai, then it’s Jas who got blur. So applauses to Miss Rain who managed to remain calm and sober despite all the hoohaa around her! Hahaha.

Rain’s blog is lagging one lah, always. So she haven blogged our night yet. Hmm Wish to get pictures from her because I remember the pictures taken by her camera very nice. My hair looks so glossy in the pictures, when in actual life they’re like hay. Hahaha.

Anyway, for starters, here are some lovely pictures which I got from Jas. I would vastly prefer to link the images right up to mine but it’s not allowed from her blog. Hence she transferred me one by one via MSN. Paiseh ah! Then I became so lazy to blog the pictures that I wished to put up her link of the Red Mansion entry to direct to the pictures there, BUT I was unable to find the link. Nahz..hence I have to update myself.

I’m truly super lazy these days.

Red Mansion.

Posh interior deco

The live band

My love. Haha.

Yummy chicken wings!

3 of us

Rain by the mirror

All the custom-made deco all here! Tissue box too, but not in the pic.

Rain & me

You must see the very stylo tap

At the Raining Bar. Actually I’m already gone here. Thanks.




The guys at Sabai club

The “renowned” lollipop with many people’s saliva. Haha

Okie~ More pics at Jas’s blog.

Went to Huey’s new house at Jurong St 90+, near Pioneer Mrt.

I really really like her house! Sigh was feeling abit sian because I feel it’s difficult for us to get such a nice unit, moreover at that price. Her house is a 5room, 110sq m. Although my mum’s house is 113sq m, Huey’s house actually look much much bigger due to the squarish layout.

Her living room as well as rooms were all big and squarish. The master room is especially big. Kitchen is quite okie and sufficient for us, who are not pro in cooking. However 1 minor bad point is that there wasnt a separate area for airing laundry and for the washing machine. It’s combined with the kitchen. However, still spacious enough. They also have an additional balcony and they made it into a cozy corner. Too bad I didnt bring camera lah.

Thanks to them for advising us on lots of things from the reno tricks, costs, housing to Guo Da Li and stuffs. Thank god for them..else I also dont know who to ask. Time passed so fast when we were there as we had lots of stuffs with the cute couple. Oh we bought them a steamboat to use for new year. It’s actually multi-use, can steam, deep fry etc. Hee. Heng they dont have them yet. I’m so afraid that I bought something they already have.

After that I went Causeway point to meet Eil for dinner. We ate ala-carte at Ajisen and then loitter for awhile before we settled down at Burger King for a chat. I really appreciate she always can give me objective opinions. Haiz. Guo Da Li and all the wedding preps are really quite headache especially with all the different customs…

It’s quite vexing lah if they’re not handled well…
Was feeling vexed just now too then asked dearie to accompany me go sing ktv after our appointments. We had the Kbox Supper..which includes supper buffet at 12am. Quite shiok to eat and sing..though it’s more difficult to sing with a bloating stomach. Haha.

Thanks to dearie to accompany me till late hours. I know he very “steam” already. Haiz…

Hope it all goes well.

Really many birthdays this month. Thursday celebrating Christ’s and J’s birthday. =)

So much fun!

Wow! It has been some time since I got high and laughed so much! I always had fun when I’m out with my usual girls but like I said, nowadays I seldom get high from alcohol, the normal beer and chivas, already. I dont understand why. Maybe I’ve aged? If I drink too little, I will feel nothing. If I drink too much, I will go straight to puke. If I drink in moderation(not too little or too much), stomach will experience discomfort.

Only red wine can work it’s magic on me. And yesterday, Rain and Jas were so nice to accompany me to share a bottle of shiraz at Boat Quay, Red Mansion. Its located directly opposite the kopitiam, at the T-junction. It was a beautiful place with posh oriental deco, plush red-cushioned chairs, sexy waitresses in oriental/jap costume and black boots. Totally coolz!

Initially I thought the pricing would be very expensive but actually they’re quite okie. A bottle of red costs $50 and per glass costs $13. Half a dozen of chicken wings is around $10. Boat quay pubs hardly serves red wine and I’m delighted now they have one, moreover one of such great ambiance. Not too noisy, with lush surroundings. Though the pricing of the spirits and beer etc might be a little more expensive than the norm boat quay pubs. But we thought it’s pretty worth it. Instead of normal ktv system, they engaged a live band of two to sing English sentimental songs. You can dedicate songs too. The performance was only okie though.

It has been ages since I met rain and she bought along her colleague Jas who is a charming 21 year old. I just got to know her age though I guess her to be 19 before I knew it. Now you wonder what’s a sweet, young thing like her doing with 2 lao aunties? Lol. But we did had so much fun. We were laughing non-stop that we had to be careful to watch our volume, and ahem, image.

That day was a busy day for me. Dearie and me went Marsiling, Tanjiong Pagar, then chinatown to run our errands. Especially getting the nice, red and black oriental quilt cover set for our Guo Da Li as well as buying pressie for little Kelphina. Too bad LP was unable to work that night, thus I’m unable to pass her the pressie. Though next time I will really prefer her to sms me too instead of rain alone.

We camwhored quite a bit in the beautiful Red Mansion. However the pictures were with the girls as I did not bring my camera. I’m just so lazy lately. Jus and his friend came to join us for awhile too but left very soon, like in 45minutes? Might as well dont come right, duhz~

After Red Mansion, the 3 of us adjourned to another pub. God save me but after the first mouth of beer, I got pretty blur as you know mixing wine with beer or with whatever shit is pretty “xiong”. Rain’s bf came to join us shortly. Damn lah I performed badly with my 5-10 and sang like shit. My head swam madly and dont ask me how but ultimately we ended clubbing at Sabai Club, Shenton way.

Weird huh, why lately many people go there? Because of the chio thai girls? Anyway, there we saw more of rain’s bf’s friends. Nice music and dancing. More 5-10 and more drinks. But I drank in moderation since I knew I’m getting blur. And the more blur I got, the more I lost in games. Arrgghh, pretty pek chey manz..I seldom lose so much one. Hng! =P

However, it’s Jas who got overly drunk! Rain and me were almost helpless to handle her. Hello its not easy for us to handle a girl of 1.69m tall when we’re so-not-very-tall! And it’s so funny when she’s obviously sooo knock-out but yet she kept insisted “I’m OKkkKkkKk. I’m really OkkKkKKKkK.” Damn funny lah. Thank god..nothing big happened. But really, we really should take note of her alcohol intake in future. =P

Rain had paid for the drinks that day and rejected my transfer of money. So I owe her a BIG treat. No problem though as we both like Red Mansion very much. It wont be long till we visit there again. And hopefully, apart from Jas, LP is able to join us again. JJ too, kinda miss her. =)

One incident which got me pissed off that night was when I took the cab home alone. It was already 4+am and I’m already so tired. There, the f*cking stupid cab driver commented

“this place very hot hor, many people come hor”


“here got a thai disco and also a night club right?”

*ignore* as I was pretty shagged out already.

“so you came out from the disco..or the night club?”

TAMADE!! Immediately I was jerked wide awake with that offending sentence which implied that I look like a hooker! Okie lor, I might be toOo sensitive for my own good but I just felt annoyed about that redundant comment!


Instantly, he realised he said something wrong and mumbled apologetically, “yayaya sorry, what matters is that you’re going home now right?”


I’m not wearing anything indecent what. Just a tube flowery dress that falls below the knees. In what way I looked like a hooker? I must get the pictures from Rain and Jas. Arrgghhh!

All in 1

My Cute friend.

K says:
fion fion
K says:
you are going to be a bride soon – so you must know this “recipe”
K says:
1-2 months before your wedding day, eat bird nest regularly (every alternate day or 2-3 times a week) for 1-2 continuous months
K says:
guarantee soft skin and very swee by wedding date

Hahaha! So sweet of her. =)

But hor, she thought I as rich as her can CONTINUOUSLY eat birdnest for 2 months. =P $300 worth of birdnest is only enough for like 10-12 bowls(days). From what she suggesting, I need to fork out $600+ leh. Aiyo, I just did a spreadsheet for the all the cash and cheques we need to prepare on the eve and actual wedding day, and the figure already made me swoon despite I haven include the angbaos for FIL, MIL and dearie’s brother. Here she is suggesting I fork out $600+ more for birdnests. *_* If only I as rich as her lah then I dont mind la. =P I do love birdnest. =P I think maybe can think of cheaper alternative, like hashima or bai mu er. Actually I love bai mu er with ice sugar. Mummy always buy some from a stall nearby her workplace. It’s wonderful.

I have so many stuff on hand till I dont know how to blog them. And I realised I haven blog about my last outing with dear Ser and Viy on 1st May, labour day. It has been ages since we went out, due to the difficulty of catching 2 babes together. They were so nice to accompany me to search for materials of my ideal heart-shaped angbao box as I’m pretty challenged to make 1 myself. Viy kept saying me stingy, as if she thinks making one is cheaper. =.= I think in total, I spent $50+ for my heart-shaped angbao box and now I thought it’s pretty silly. ANYWAY, bu zuo dou zuo le, let’s hope you all can appreciate my handiwork but please dont have too high an expectation. Afterall, I’m a science student and not art student okieee. Though so far, dearie and mummy have commented it’s nice. =D

They were so kind to accompany me to spotlight and daiso and spotlight again, all because this clueless moron here dont even have a rough idea of making a heart-shape box. I did thought about it, not that I dont have ideas but Im thinking for the best way, the easiest and yet most effective way of making a presentable angbao box with the greatest visual effect yet minimum effort. End up, I did not buy anything that day. Even the materials I bought at Chinatown, I did not use most of them because my ideas change along the way. Thank god they’re cheap.

My mummy is also a gem la. For the 4 dian jin, she said I shouldnt take white gold because it sounds like “bai jin(condolences) and I have to take yellow or rose gold. And you know how difficult it is to find a MODERN matching set of chain, pendent, earrings and ring in anything than white gold or not?? Heng is I find ah, I dont think MIL will be able to piece out such a set. Then hor, when mummy saw my heart-shaped box, she instructed me not to decorate with flowers.

“What? Cannot “hua xin”(flower-heart/flirt) again??”

Immediately I thought of the old uncle at the wedding store who instructed me not to buy flowery pyjamas for the exact same reason!

“Yes!” Mummy echoed.


Immediately I was kinda struck dumb because I had bought 3 lovely flowers deco to make my job easier and now, they cant be used. ZzZzz

But no worries, for someone as bright as me(kekeke bhb), nothing can nan2 dao3 me one! My angbao box is almost done and it confirm doesnt contain any flowers! Hahaha.

Oh so after our dinner at ThaiExpress and shopping, we adjourned to OldSchool at Mt Sophia which is nearby Paradiz Centre for drinks and supper. It’s my first time there. Hmm…quite a nice place…alfresco..though thank god it wasnt warm. The servings of my mango daiquiri was huge till I cant finish. Perhaps I ate too much of their seafood platter and chicken wings. Yummy! Thanks to Viy who send me home. Also passed her a CK perfume as advance birthday pressie which coincidentally is the same pressie that Ser gave her last year. Haha but thank god she said she likes the scent.

Just now(Wed), a group of us, L, T and me had steamboat buffet with M in celebration of her birthday which is on coming sunday. Dearie came to join us after 1.5hours. We had the buffet at MarinaSquare Hotpot Culture. It’s very worth it, only $20+ and it’s a ala carte buffet coupled with both raw and cooked dishes like kungpo prawns, sambal kangkong etc. What’s more, it also includes a chocolate fondue, icecream etc. Shiok right? We ate till we’re bloated and I even felt like puking just now. =P

After the 3hours buffet…siao right..haha…we adjourned to Holland v for more drinks. Quite a mistake as we actually cant really stomach more drinks. But anyway, we sang M a birthday song softly at the 2nd storey of Coffeeclub with a cake T bought. M was so cute lah. She was so gan dong that her eyes were wet. Haha. I also gave her a pressie which is a toner from E’TUDE, not available in Singapore. Oh We treated her to the buffet and drinks too. Birthday girl shouldnt pay anything. Hmm..dont really applies to me because I always treat on my birthday. Haha. But anyway, this year I’m gonna combine my birthday with my hen’s night. Save money. =P Otherwise xiong leh. =P

Advance Happy birthday M!!! =D

Actually I’m running a fever now. Probably from the serious flu I was suffering during the steamboat. I also dont understand why. With the bloated stomach and continuous sneezing, I cant sleep. =P

Oh thanks to Huey for sending me her wedding schedules and basically all her excel spreadsheets. You can imagine my horror when I opened them. It’s indeed very comprehensive and reminded me harshly that so much work has to be done. My sheets includes; Actual Day Wedding schedule, JieMei’s Duties, JieMei’s simplied wedding schedule, Costs schedule, Contacts and Banquet list.

*faint x 3*