Random pictures

Some random pics which I took long time ago when dearie bought me to Marina at Keppel Bay as a surprise. And I also experimented some colours in makeup which might go with my gown on Sunday. Not that I will makeup myself that day, but just hands itchy wanna play~ Heez

When I called Capio to change the timing to meet her to take our stuff on sat, she kind of asked me how I find Elaine. I cant comment on her skills because I haven tried hers before. All I said was, she doesnt seemed very interested nor patient to answer my queries. Questions like, what kind of ampoules will she be using, should I blow dry my hair or leave it wet for her to style etc. As my skin is very sensitive, I said I might be using my own ampoules because Im afraid of breakout. Prior to asking these questions, I asked her is she free to talk. When she said yes then I asked. But she answered all my questions shabbily and I didnt feel that we can communicate well. Capio then said recently she newly added one more makeup artist(MUA) to her team as her clients are getting too many. She is Sally, also a MUA from Bridal Concept.

When I asked Capio about the differences between the 2, she said Sally’s makeup is more modern, creative. She has alot of ideas and is the kind who will dare to try new stuff while Elaine’s is more conservative. Her makeup is more of the traditional, standard bridal makeup which couldnt go wrong, thus most customers are very satisfied with her too. Well, I really dont know whose skills is better but judging the poor connection I had with Elaine, I was glad for a change. Anyway, a younger and more modern and creative MUA couldnt be any worse I guess. She called me just now and her attitude definitely surpassesed Elaine, who sounded as if she’s couldnt wait to put down the phone. So Sally will be my MUA on Sunday. *shrugged* As I said, I no longer hold any expectations. Walk one step is one step loh.

Ya anyway I played with my own colours and came up with a look on my own. Im no professional but just a fan in matching and mixing colours to create different effects. I dont want to waste any of my precious Shu Uemura foundation nor powder, therefore Im merely tried out the colours on my face after using Beauty Credit Blemish Balm(sample given to me by Ir) and some drugstore loose powder which I haven finish. Thereafter, I experimented with the eyeshadows, blushes, lipstick, gloss, fake eyelashes everything, topped with some glitters. The camera cant catch the colours very well, but dearie was impressed and said maybe I can makeup myself that day. Haha. Really have an impulse to take up a course, get a cert and be a MUA! It’s my passion and interest. Somemore it seems it’s pretty profitable too! And to make people pretty, happy on the most important days in their lives, it’s also a very meaningful job, just like insurance. =)

Okie. No more words. Here are the pictures. =) Dont laugh at me though. 😛


My One & Only Longan

Dearie has been tortured by stomach pain for consecutively 3 days following the Ajisen food poisoning incident. Today, I accompanied him to see doctor. Sigh Hope he will get well soon and hope after he’s well, it wont be my turn to get sick again. I still have another time bomb. That is, my AV haven come for this month. Sigh, for the first time I wish she come soon so that it can end before Sun. My first 2 days is always accompanied by intense cramps.

It seems my run of bad luck haven stopped. I called up the photographer and Makeup artist(MUA) to confirm some details today. For photography, Calvin is ok. But for makeup, *triple sigh*. There has been some miscommunication. I have wanted the makeup to be at 11am since Im checking in at 10am. Moreover I need to double check the audio equipment with the hotel staff at 10am, cum bathing etc. Since the event only starts at 12.30pm, so early make up for what? I am quiteeee annoyed especially when I have informed Capio much in advance. She has the cheek to remain calm, natural and as-a-matter-of-fact that she has booked the appointment for me from 10am-11am. I hate inclusive timings! Now Regina, the MUA said she has another appointment at 12pm and she can only do it at 10am. Hairdo and makeup will take approximately 1.5hours. I got hold of an available MUA on sunday but she charges $158 inclusive of transport and eyelashes. But Capio told me cant be reimbursed since she can get me another MUA to replace Regina. Her name is Elaine. By Capio’s recommendation of standard as well as my preference, Miki was my first choice, Regina the second. Now Elaine is like the spare tyre or reserve being called upon impromptu.

As Im very fussy with makeup, especially since Im no greenhorn myself, I asked Capio whether is Elaine competent. From the very beginning when I signed up the package with NewImage, Capio already guaranteed their makeup is of standard and jokingly said she cant very well find a MUA who is more inferior to me in terms of makeup skills. Of course, it makes so much sense. Otherwise I can very well makeup myself, cant I? She said Elaine’s in charged of more than 70% of her clients and most are satisfied with her makeup. “Although her makeup is nothing special, she is steady and consistent in her work.”

Very encouraging. To think Capio ALWAYS have positive input despite ANY circumstances. If this is the most positive comment she can give………Im not very optimistic nor enthusiastic towards Elaine’s work. Especially since she sounded so shabbily and not interested to answer my questions on the phone. However, as Im not feeling very rich to spend another extra $108($50 to be paid as transport to Elaine anyway in comparion of price) on a MUA, I shall have to make do with nothing-special-but-steady-Elaine. Please be mentally, visually prepared for a nothing-special-and-plain bride that day. Especially when this very minute, I have this very bulging, humongous pimple on the middle of my RIGHT CHEEK.

My faith and desire to make the event to a near 100% perfection is diminishing by every minute, with every hiccup. Suddenly, I dont even wish to fantasize how much better I can look that day, given the special gown, special bridal makeup, bridal photography and everything. All that’s left is of my desire, joy and happiness to be married to the man of my dreams. I know I will always be a princess in his eyes accompanied with the royal treatment. That’s all it matters, still. =)

Girls, like me, will always harbour the thought of having a Cinderella Dress. Better yet, a fairy god-mother who can transform me into a princess at the wave of a wand so that I dont have to spend hours infront of a mirror. If you’re guessing that I have and love the above thought because I want to snarl a handsome prince at a ball then you are quite wrong. Somehow, “love at first sigh” is a idiom which doesnt applies to me. Lust, more probably.

Yes, you look like a princess at the wave of the magic wand. Gorgeous Cinderella ball gown, head adorned with tiara, gloved hands, make-up, hairdo all wrapped up in an alluring package. Who wouldnt be oozed? Any cow would be. And if he’s a good-looking cow, I mean, male, then he’s supposedly your Prince Charming? After he has declared he has fallen in love with you at first sight, you assumed that happily-ever-after is the ultimate wonderful ending?

But whatever happens after the magic faded at 12midnight? Will the Prince Charming still see you as his princess without the glorious ballgown, gorgeous makeup and hairdo, and the glass slipper? Other than treating you only as a princess when you’re naked on a bed, what else? Do you really think that one, two, three times of meeting can determine love for a lifetime? I’ve heard before, but never seen before. Even Romeo & Juliet, Liang Shan Bo & Zhu Ying Dai got to go through obstacles. Never ever give a man your body before you have ALL of his love. The day when you surrender your body before that is the day you give up being really being loved.
I realised most Singaporean ladies are very modest with their assets. Every now and then at Orchard, I see many beautiful girls. But most of them are like diamonds being covered with coal. Some have beautiful, big eyes, but too bad sometimes they looked tired, or accompanied by black eye rings or eye bags. Some have very nice skin, but just look abit pale. If only they use just a bit of makeup, they will shine like a star. Some have lovely hair, but being tied up loosly in an auntie-bun. Some have such lovely figures! But choose to dress shabbily and loosely covering all those alluring curves. What a waste!

Frankly speaking, it’s not difficult to attract a male’s interest and attention if you’re good at grooming yourself and adopt an amiable attitude. And if you’re having a large circle of admirers, that’s also nothing to boast about. Because the trick is to pick the right rambutan to live your fruitful life with and not a rotten one to RUIN your life. Muchless, carry 1 basket of rotten rambutans with you everywhere you go. You think you can marry 2? Course not. Why do you think God give only 1 vagina? Greed is the root to all evil.

Ultimately, regardless of all that I’ve preached, it’s still your life la. Some are living the high of their lives, having a circle of admirers. With abit of trick and pull, every single admirer became hopelessly obsessed. And the Queen stays pleased. I really do wonder sometimes, is there such a need? To keep people obsessed, dangling the fruit infront of them but snatching away when they tried to reach for it. And it’s not easy work maintaining that facade, at least to me. You have to smile, act happy, let them touch your body and to some extent, offer the tantalizing forbidden fruit. In return for diamonds, handphones, free meals, free rides etc. It’s worse in some situations where the only gratification comes from the ego boost, the granted attention and nothing monetary. It realllllllyyyy puzzles me till the end of the earth sometimes.

So the morale of my story is

1) Look good and feel good, only for yourself and Prince Charming in 2)

2) Your Prince Charming is the one who looks at you like a Princess WITH or WITHOUT the magic of the gorgeous Cinderella gown, makeup, hairdo and pumpkin carriage(exclusion of situation where you’re naked on the bed).

3) See people with your heart and not eyes, but yet with eyes and not with heart WHEN/AFTER matters of the heart might be concerned.

I know I will still be very happy on Sunday no matter *touch wood* what cork ups there might be. So long so the groom sign the papers la. WAHAHAHA.

China…..the source of all problems

Movie Title: Coffin
Ratings: 2.8/5
Comments: It’s really very short of expectations. Not scary, no suspense and I wonder why half the girls are screaming their lungs off in the cinema. The so-called scary face is the bruised and bloody face of Karen Mok’s husband-to-be when he died in a car accident. Ah got another one, the burnt and bloody face of another women. No more already. Lousy plot with lousy ending. The scenes in the thriller is about the best in the whole show.

After we taken our seats, Im vastly disappointed to realise that the young couple beside me is from China. “Perhaps they aint that bad.” I told myself. But…sigh…it proved otherwise. Firstly, a pair of girls came by and insisted the China couple had their seats. They still refused to bulge without showing their tickets, so the girls got the Cathay crew to come. ZzZ. The cathay crew bent low infront of me and insisted the China couple show her the tickets but they kept acting blur, deaf and mute. After awhile then the boy tried to stand up and started to dig his pockets. All this while, my view is blocked because the Cathay Crew is infront of me. More than 5minutes. OMG, he need to dig his pockets for how long? I gave a disgruntled hiss and finally the Cathay girl got the hint and went to wait at the aisle, together with the pair of girls standing there. Im sure many audience’s view were also blocked. Then after few minutes, the China boy went to the aisle to speak with the Cathay Girl. I dont know what they said but he came back again and began to dig his bag in a hunched position.*faint* I dont know whether he found it or not lah after a century because after being dragged for a long time, the pair of girls simply took their seats near the aisle and not insist their center seats which the China couple sit rooted.

I once witnessed 3 teens from China also anyhow took seats in the cinema not according to their tics from their conversation. Haiz…anyway that was not all.

They were chatting in their super high-key slang during the first half of the movie. And when the plot thickened, the boy stopped chatting which resulted in the girl talking like an idiot to HERSELF without the boy responding.
Everytime the scene changed, she will ask “eh where is this?”. She asked in Chinese of course. Everytime a new role entered the scene, e.g, the undertaker, she will ask “who is he?”. I felt like telling her to stop asking because the boy wont know the answer either! That’s why he kept his mouth shut lah. Otherwise she will keep ask, “Oh why like that?”, all the why why why. The show was in English with chinese subtitles. They’re just not the most desirable neighbours one wish to have.

Today I had a diarrhoea straight after I ate at Ajisen at Taka foodcourt. At first, I was merely feeling dizzy with a sudden loss of energy. Almost fainted at the taka square where there was a fair. I also felt nauseous after the diarrhoea but nothing was vomited though the feeling was unbearable. Thus spoilt my wonderful holiday eve and we went home. Annoyed lor. After we reached home, dearie also had a diarrhoea. I actually suspected I had food poisoning because that whole day I only had Ajisen. I actually had alot of the ton toro soup base…and Im just worried that it contains any Sanlu milk(colour of the soup is white…might contain some milk I think). If it makes me, okie, a vulnerable weak lady of 26 years old nearly fainted with diarrhoea and near vomit, what will happen to a mere child of 5 years old? So perhaps I will write in to ask them to check. Hmm Though I dont wish any thing to happen to Ajisen…I love their food.

Relaxed & Anticipative. =)

Sigh. I had to fall sick at this timing, where the ROM is just around 1 week away. Sorethroat, cough with loads of phlegm. I sounded like a Donald Duck this morning when I called Ir. She chua tio. Lol. Im better now already though I still have very husky and sexy voice. Lol. 4 days of medication and avoidance of cold drinks/food and spicy food. I also cut down on fried food, not so much of worry breaking out but more of worry being unable to get well in time for the ROM. No cold drinks/food means no icecream, chilled mango juice and ice blended. No spicy food means no tom yum soup and chili. No fried food means………OMG….it’s almost equivalent to killing me! =(

Aiya I feel I gained back my weight again liao lah. Blearh. Towards the date, Im getting more and more complacent. Did I mention before my weight fluctuates very fast and dramatically? I better dont go out lah because I tend to eat alot when I go out. Instead, my house usually have nothing to eat. Except maggie mee. Though Mummy cooks dinner on most days. Im abitttt worried that I miss some stuff out for the preparations leh. But too bad too few frens or brides read my blog, therefore few comments. I can certainly use some help when Im so absent-minded. =P

I went for the 3rd fitting yesterday(fri) and yup the bottom fitted nicely already. But I requested the slit to be cut higher. Not to show my fat, meaty thigh lah, but to show more of the fabric I love. Dearie’s sleeve is still too short, need to alter again. He hor, really is long legs long hands. Like monkey. Wahaha. I tell you his long limbs is responsible for many bruises on me lor. Everytime when we sleep hor, whenever he draws up his leg against his chest, his knee will punch me in the stomach. Everytime he lifts his elbow to change to the hands-cupped-under-head position, his elbow(again) will punch me in the face. Because of our height difference(he very tall, I very short lah), everytime when he turns around with his hands on his waist, I got to siam. Otherwise his elbow will punch my face, when he’s in shoes and me without. IF IM WEARING HEELS LEH, then his elbows will punch my breasts lor(I wear very high heels lah). THEN HOR, I haven finish. EVERYTIME when he do a complete U-TURN in the car hor, his elbow also will punch me in the passenger seat lor! SOMEMORE HOR, he’s not very meaty especially at elbow or kneecaps parts, because it’s all bones mah, THEN HOR, VERY PAIN LEH! So, everytime when I saw a U-TURN coming, I will stick myself as close to the windows as possible, shrinking my arms away from him. When sleeping, got to put bolster in the middle. But once in a while still will kanna punch by him in the face lor.

Until 1 day I really damn annoyed. I said, “Actually you buay tahan me very long already right? Then act asleep to punch me in the dreams so that you no need to bear responsibility right?”

“HAHAHAHA. Ya how you know?”



I just viewed the accessories available at the bridal studio. The necklaces, earrings land hair accessories look so old and ugly. Makes me so sian. I have nice and matching hair accessories and earrings so dont need to worry about that but I still lack a matching necklace. Mummy said I got a set of dowry jewellery but they dont really match my gown. So I’ll probably wear them during Guo Da Li when I serve tea. Been snooping around for necklaces but they’re usually quite costly. I dont want to spend so much on them since most probably I seldom wear them. Anyway, see how…last few days to shop.

And hor, I have a question leh. Are many people under the impression that Im very rich huh? Seriously Im not leh. So can stop asking/letting me to pay and not returning me back? =( Usually for single amount less than $40 or $50(also depending on how close with the person..), I wont ask for return if people dont offer to return…..But hor…accumulatively…$10…$15….$20…$30…..also alot leh… =( There are some times when I open bottle(hard liquor) and offered to treat because of joyous occassion, e.g, my birthday or getting the tab once in a blue moon among my good frens…but hor…that doesnt mean I very rich leh………and….that also doesnt mean eveytime I MUST pick up the tab leh……haiyo……My family not print notes one leh…..Please spare me……Im a poor bride. =(


Today(sat), mummy, dearie and me went Vivocity to buy phone. Because mummy got a $200 handphone voucher and she felt it’s a waste if we dont use it. Since I already bought my new Nokia phone(dammit), so let dearie buy a new phone instead. After browsing so many models, he still decided to stick back with his old motorola V series phone. His existing model is a dark blue V8, and the one he bought is rose gold V9, a 3.5G phone. It actually costs only a $148 with contract and the excess of the voucher will be forfeited. Kinda wasted eh~ Anyway the helpful CS officer told us that our internet service’s contract is already up and offered us a $15 discount if we renewed the contract for 1year. Either that, he can offer SVC(free 3 basic groups) at some discounted price OR free wireless surf.


The free wireless surf actually comes in a thumbdrive form(the white “thingy” in the picture) operated by SIM card, where you can plug in to your lappy so that you can surf everywhere. It’s actually chargeable for $21+ or $30+ monthly based on the number of Mbps(1 to 7), that is, the speed of the connection. But with the renewal of contract as a promotion, the whole thing comes free, except the Mbps is only 1 instead of the usual 2(faster but more expensive and $21+ payable monthly). Since dearie only wants it for casual checking of emails and surfing, we took up the promo. Though need to pay $37+ for the SIM card to activate the wireless surf, which is applicable for every registration.

The CS officer also said, with the internet renewal contract promo comes the free porting of residential number as well as free service for 2 whole years, up till Oct 2010. (=.=) So many stuff right? Listen till I blur. Alright, we know Singtel is increasing their residential rates from next year right? So this is like a good deal. Instead of paying the existing Singtel line bill plus more after the price hike, now we terminate Singtel and use Starhub instead, where they let us use for free till Oct 2010. Got the free modem also. Time to change the old one at home. The new one comes with the phone line plug in, to be used together. Therefore you need cordless phones.


I just need to RANT~~~~~

Alright. I have sent out invitation sms to my dearest friends and colleagues to attend my ROM solemnization on 2nd Nov 2008(sunday). As well as sending another round of apology sms to my group of good friends in my circle whom I cant invite. Number of pax has already exceeded by 20 due to unforeseen circumstances. Im very sorry that due to budget and venue capacity, I cant invite all whom I wish to invite. =( It’s so tacky! I hope you all understand. Office politics eh~ =| I actually got some explanations for it but cant write it here. Ask me then if it really bothers you. But dont think got so serious lah. Heez.

Jy needed to stay indoor for 1 month because she had just given birth to her lovely baby boy around 1 week ago, therefore she cant attend my ROM much to my disappointment. Is it fate? I was unable to attend hers because I had company event in Japan and she is unable to attend mine because she need to 做月子(is it this word? Lol). Nevertheless, all my other besties will be attending.

Erm I was wondering does hen’s night come before the ROM or before the customary? For Kel, she actually had it before her customary and after her ROM. Though in my impression, it’s the ROM which declare your marital status. But anyway Im too busy to have any hen’s or turtle’s night whatsoever now lah, so next year then say.

Earlier on I said the manager Zoey left the hotel which I have booked for my ROM solemnization event and my case has been assigned to the Director(my arse) of Catering & Events, Albert. A plump man with plump cheeks topped with a pair of spectacles which made him look all the more hypocritical.

Things are really bad. It turned out to be an even worse meeting with him than what I’ve expected. In the beginning I was all smiles and cordial and everything, hoping that everything can turn out as planned, hoping he can be as flexible and nice as Zoey. No. He’s not at all like Zoey. As the meeting progressed, god knows how hard I was trying to maintain a cordial expression that my face literally had a spasm. They says it takes 40-43 muscles to frown and only 15-17 to smile. I really wish to know how many muscles it takes to force a smile when actually you meant to SNARL. I think it takes a 100 muscles.

After a good 10minutes, I then roughly got the idea how he’s like because he too, was trying to smile and ACT CORDIAL and NICE in the beginning just like me when he ISN’T. He is all straight, direct and inflexible, profit and loss, and all “by the contract”. Almost every request made in reference to previous verbal promise from Zoey were being answered with a “no” or “not possible”.

Zoey actually promised me an earlier check in at around 10am to prepare for dressing up before the event starts at 12.30pm. But Albert said the STANDARD check in time is 12pm and it’s not possible any time before that.

I said “huh…makeup alone takes at least 1 hour…plus hair-do..and changing…even If I change very fast also at least need 1.5hours. I wont have enough time to get ready by 12.30pm if I can check in at 12pm. I already told Zoey that and she said earlier check in of 2 hours is not a problem”.

“Subjected to availability,” He said with an annoying fake smile. “And now we’re running real high on occupancy and it’s quite impossible to turn over the room to you at 10am unless we dont sell the room for the previous night. This undoubtedly will cost a loss in revenue for the hotel. Why, today I have to turn away 12 of my guests to our neighbour hotels because we’re full!”

“Really? 100% occupancy?” I looked around at the EMPTY lounge where not even a FLY or waiter is in sight.

“Yes!” He nodded so convincingly.

“Ok But I NEED the room at 10am else I wont have enough time to get ready. Im really non-negotiable on this, I really have no choice. Is there other way?”

“Or you can stay in the night before for the free stay instead of on the actual day, but again subject to room availability.”

“So you mean we can check in on Sat for the free night stay and then check out at 12.30pm for the ROM on Sun?” *Dearie added that it’s good so that we dont need to rush in the early morning and have a good rest too.*

“You can check in on Sat at 12pm, stay for the night but you still have to check out at 12pm the standard time the next day(ROM day).”

*Incredulous* “Do you mean you will throw me out of the room at 12pm with full makeup, full hairdo in a solemnization GOWN and WAIT in the lounge for half an hour for the guests to arrive(assuming that they’re so punctual)? I’ll look like a FOOL!” (“a fool with melting make-up, I added silently)

“You can still check out at 12.30pm, but still subjected to room availability.”

“Then can you go confirm NOW?? As in whether the room is available??” I blurted out of exasperation.

“Okie please give me a moment, I go check.”

I sweared if he mention “subject to availability” to me ONEEEE MORE TIME…I…I…*breathed deeply*

Few minutes later he came back and changed his statement again.

“I think it’s better that you checked in earlier at 10am on the actual day and have the free night stay the very day itself…I have already confirmed it can be done. Here I am committing to you something out of the contract that you can check in at 10am on the actual day, followed by the free night stay that very night.” *BIG UGLY SMILE*

Oh yeah it’s such a big favour you gave me on your part.

Of course I do understand that he might not have a empty room to let me check in early but I also have no choice but to force him. He cant expect me to makeup at home then go there right? By then melt already loh. Cant possibly expect me to makeup in the hotel toilet also right, moron.

It’s not that we cant really take a “no” but you know how that goes. You have to be tactful, within reason and with style.

ME: Can we have more complimentary parking coupons for our guests, like 20, since our number of pax has increased from the original agreed upon number?

ASSHOLE: As stated in the pre-signed contract(every answer comes like this), complimentary coupons are being given to 25% of the total number of pax. So 50pax would be *takes out handphone to punch calculator*, 12. *forced a ugly smile*

ME: Ya I know in the contract it states 25%. But Zoey actually already gave us 10 coupons when we initially confirmed 30pax. And now since our pax has increased significantly by 20(around 66%), can you give more instead, like perhaps 18?

ASSHOLE: Because you see, every little extra perks which I approve to you, I have to be answerable to the relevant departments. For the free room stay, I have to be answerable to the Room & accommodation department, for the buffet food change of 2 salads(instead of 4) to 1 hot dish(originally only 5), I have to be answerable to the Food & Beverage department. All these are COSTS which will reduce the profit margin. *My face literally turned black. Where got people talk about profit margin during discussion one??!!*

*He lifted up the contract* and continued saying,
“Seriously I dont know why Zoey offered a free room stay. You must know that you actually got a very good deal because the profit margin for this event is almost negligible. Therefore the free upgrade to Executive room she promised you is quite out of the question because a room is not included in the package in the very first place. Now that she has left, all I can do it is to honour the contract and commit to you every thing she promised in the contract itself though I will still try my best to accommodate your other requests within my means and make it a happy day for you.” *forced another even uglier smile*

ME: The market is very competitive now and it’s not out of the norm that hotels offer a free night’s stay(he aruged that his prices are the lowest in town and most value for money, which I beg to differ with reasons best unsaid). And to be very very frank, Zoey’s departure has little to concern me(I actually meant “it’s none of my fucking business) and please dont sound as if you’re doing me a very big favour when you are just honoring what your staff has promised. We love your executive room and that’s why we commit the deposit on first meeting when she said she’s very sure that she can get us the room. Although it’s not stated in contract, we’re placing faith of good will on your hotel as well as Zoey. And Im not trying to make things difficult for you as in demanding for stuff which are well beyond your reach now. What Im requesting is merely more coupons for my guests as around 20 of them will be driving. Since it’s a Sun, most probably they will be driving their own cars instead of riding another friend’s car, you see. So perhaps can we have 18..or maybe even 15? (from 20 bargain to 15)

ASSHOLE: *head hung low low* Okie then…*with a resigned fate kinda face*

I almost want to slap him when he sounded as if Im squeezing him dry for all the perks and he dont have any profit left. Hello. A lot of factors have to be put into consideration to determine whether it’s a good deal or not. It might be a good deal to him but not to me because I take into account of every little thing. They definitely got enough profit margin for they’re charing hotel prices. Have you ever heard of hotels making a loss on this kind of packages deal or any other stuff like room rates, ala carte food prices or lounge drink prices? A glass of coke can costs $10 already. Dont tell me that shit that you will have no profit.

The free upgrade to a more superior room was the catalyst for us to commit without checking other hotels and it’s not as if I cant afford more for better choices or as if I cant find a better deal else where(given the benefit of the doubt). What I’ve lost is also the opportunity cost. Not to mention the lost of faith, lost of trust PLUS the burden of all this unconfirmed shit about “subject to availability”. There’s no way a hotelier can make a deal like that on a ROM package nor wedding because it’s a once in a lifetime thing. There are no amends you can make in the world for any fucked ups that day or night.

I was complaining to a friend of mine about this misfortune and he asked if I behaved like a bitch because sometimes you have to be a BITCH to make them give what you want. I assured him completely I can be the perfect BITCH and I really did fought hard already. My face turned charcoal many times and it’s very obvious his tone always softens a wee bit whenever my face changed colour. I’ve learnt a lesson that all freebies and important terms must be stated in black and white. I can only blame myself to take Zoey’s verbal promise for granted because some of the little but important terms were not stated in the contract due to the same old reasons hoteliers always give, “I cant put this in contract or my boss will come after me bla bla”. It’s always “subject to availability”.

That is total rubbish. Did anyone really got what he/she wants, e.g, a free upgrade of room, whenever they got this reply when booking? I dont think so. I’ve only heard a guaranteed upgrade of room with $50. That’s the closest I’ve heard.

“Subject to Availability” merely means “YOU WAIT LONG LONG!”

I actually haven have a wink because my throat bothered me whole night long. I hate the “dusty” or “rusty” feeling in the throat and it makes even the swallowing of saliva painful. I have alot of wind in the stomach. I was burping air and then swallowing saliva and then burping and swallowing WHOLE NIGHT LONG coupled with a slight nausea and cough. Argghh!!! Hope I get well soon, many things to do!

Now that the drowsiness of the cough medicine has sink in, Ciaoz~

Turtle Me :)

Stoopid dear used my laptop and wrote the title for this post. (=_=)”’ Noti boy.

Im in a good mood so I’ll upload some pictures and share some good stuff!

Recently I realised my complexion has improved quite significantly and it’s not because of facials or any reconstructive minor surgeries. Suspecting that it’s all my own illusion, I asked dearie to clarify my doubts and he too, confirmed that my complexion has indeed improved. As in, it’s fairer, smoother. For me, I felt it’s better hydrated, smoother, fairer and clearer.

The Reason?

su hyang

The Su Hyang Snow series from THE FACE SHOP. Namely the Recharging Mask, Intensifying Essence and Beginning Serum. For my own safety from the wrath of dearie, I shall omit stating the price of these items. Please kindly check it out yourself. =)

I was actually looking for hydration products but the sales assistant recommended this over their Hyaluronic Acid(for hydration) because the Su Hyang Snow series has many more healing properties like protection and brightening other than hydration because of their expensive ingredients like dont-know-what-mushroom and dont-know-what-birchwood?? Ah anyway, she said alot of stuff lah, regarding the series using the latest nano technology as well as clearing my skincare doubts. If you google about nano-technology, it really states all the wonderful, impressive range of things they do to the skin. Wendy from Causeway Point Branch, not pushy, patient and helpful. She’s definitely not from China too, dont worry. Heez. She placed huge emphasis on the Beginning Serum when I wasnt really willing to buy in the first place BECAUSE the main purpose of the Beginning Serum is to regain the skin’s normal pH level so that subsequent skincare products can be fully absorbed and thus effective. (=.=)”’ Anyway, this series is mineral oil free but not alcohol free. But since it works well for me with a fragrance, dont have a heavy alcohol smell, I guess it’s alcohol content is also not very high. So no fret. Although I have quite sensitive skin, it did not cause me any breakouts, so I guess for most of you should be quite okie. =) The Recharging Mask is quite so-so to me though…perhaps need a longer time to see the effect.

Another wonderful product I’ve came across lately is this;



A japanese brand of sea-salt scrub available at SASA.

They each has different healing properties, and they’re either $9.80 or $10.80 for such a gigantic tube. Really is cheap till LS. Definitely worth a try. They’re so fine until it’s like ice-blended and terribly gentle on the skin. It really makes the skin smooth. Since it’s so fine and gentle, I tried using it on my nose to follow with porepack thereafter. But even on the face, it still works great. I ended up using it for the whole face and it makes the face very smooth too! Hmm But does sea-salt dehydrate the skin? Im also not sure, but perhaps use weekly will do.


Ajisen Dinner~


Ajisen’s Ton Toro Ramen NEVER fails to satisfy me. Look at the generous amount of ton toro meat. Ooohhh…makes me so hungry now.




Dearie’s Crayfish Ramen. Yummy too! The taste resembles that of chili crab, though not very spicy.




Besides from the tempura prawn and the baby octopus, the White Fish is also simply to die for. But be sure to eat it while it’s hot with mayo. =D~~~~

My fave restaurants would be Thai Express, The Asian Kitchen, The Mayim Restaurant at Westmall, The Jap Ramen Restaurant at FarEast B1, Ajisen and Ajitei(no order of preference). Their food have a minimum standard and more than 80% of their food are nice. Unlike some restaurants which only have 1 or 2 nice dishes. San1 Zhong1 Liang3 Jian4 is also not bad but like Mayim, their prices are quite steep if you look at the portion. Crystal Jade and the Pasta Cafe(at Wisma) is also not bad lah.


Some pics I took of Iv and Ce when we were playing pool at Pool Fusion(bugis) on friday. Very kinky pic. HAHA.



Did not go out much these days. Quite busy and tired. Played MJ with Iv, Ce and her husband and lost a $30 on thurs. Yesterday(sat) meet PS for a drink at Plush(BQ). T came to join after being put aeroplane by Iv. PS left around 12+midnite to go clubbing while T and I continued till 2.45am when we left.

I did say Im going to shun fried food 2 weeks before Nov right? Shucks! I think I cant even shun fried food for 1 day, much less 2 weeks! How the hell you ask me to reject when delicious, sizzling, fried chicken wing is being offered infront of my eyes??!!

Movie Title: Burn after reading
Rating: 3/5
Comments: Im amazed that the director can actually make it into a bearable show with it’s totally CMI plot. Of course we have to thank the superb actors and actresses too, they really did try their best.

First fitting

Oh yeah. Ash’s comment has came as a pleasant feedback. I felt so much better. At least I know this friend is definitely worth keeping. Not because she offered a F.O.C photography for me but she cared enough to explain to me and contribute something out of sincerity. I appreciated the gesture alot but I really cant take it. It’s like taking advantage over her, moreover since now I know she’s having exam and not a test the next morning. Im kinda sorry for giving her stress over this issue too. But now all are well.

No worries. Im cool. Yeah. Found another freelancer who fits my budget, it’s amongst the 3 I’ve mentioned in the previous entry. Negotiate abit and yes, Im still within my budget. But that probably accounts for the strand of white air Eil glimpsed yesterday at Singapore Expo. Had an event there by the company.

Just back not long from IMM, NewImage, my bridal studio. Initially I was worried about the made-to-measure gown and neither has the process came as smoothly as I thought. Firstly, Capio said she have to find the lace which looks like the one in the picture I gave her. A picture of a cream-coloured oriental sweet-heart neckline and empire cut gown with oriental red/green flowers across the bust. Other details include a slashed hem trimmed with the same oriental flowers creating texture and depth with pleated pure white organza at the bottom. After more than a month, she said she cant find the kind of oriental flowers to create the design. Even when I specially went down to Arab street, I also cant find. I finally gave up and started to browse other designs of different fabrics. I love oriental designs I realised and finally spotted a fine soft golden oriental-look brocade. Instead of a shiny, dramatic gold, it’s more of a soft and low tone gold.
Therefore the design was altered too. Somehow it matches my pre-made heels because the crystals are golden colour too.



I finally saw the finished gown when I went for fitting today. It is beautiful. Im very pleased with the end product. Finally all those time spent has not been wasted. Dearie will be wearing a mandarin collar suit to match. I shant describe much. Till the ROM day then. Let’s hope the photographer do a good job.

But both our clothes still need some alterations la. It’s dearie’s first time trying out the suits and he need to have longer sleeves. Upon fitting of the gown, Capio exclaimed I’ve slimmed down more again because the gown obviously have some allowance at the waist and hips. Thanks to the wonderful nude bra, ahem, the bust line dont need alterations. But to Capio’s shock/surprise, I lost ANOTHER inch at the waist and hips. Thus I need alterations despite measurements were taken only 3 weeks ago. So in total, I shedded off 2 inches each off both waist and hips. Now my waist is 24inches like how it used to be when Im at sweet 18. (=___=)”’

Capio warned me to keep my weight and dont let it drop again! Else the gown will never fit!

I did not try to eat lesser lah but my stomach has kinda shrinked already so Im easily full. Not that I dont want to eat. Just maintaining the weight lah.

Chosen the bouquet too. Hmm..Dearie need to buy a cream or light yellow shirt to match his madarin suit.


Finally got the lovely green tea Blemish Balm from Beauty Credit at IMM. It was out of stock the last time I went. The SA was very nice to order for me and informed me when the stock came. It’s a real good product. Only cons is it doesnt have spf. But it’s so easy to apply, good oil-control, moderate coverage and acts as an excellent make-up base. It feels good on the skin, as if it can breathe. Like I said, lately I shunned 2way cakes and foundation already because it kinda makes the makeup thick and clogged the pores. BB cream is healthier for the skin in the long run.

I’ve decided to shun fried food for the last 2 weeks before the ROM, just in case pimples pop out. Still have to book appointment for mani and pedi the day before.

So hard being a women!


OMG…my instinct can be so alarmingly accurate sometimes. Prior to calling up Zoey, the in-charged manager of my ROM venue, I had a feeling she’s no longer working in the hotel. When I couldnt get her in the office and called her handphone instead, shockingly, the instinct I had 1minute ago CAME TRUE. OMG OMG. She has really quitted. And you know what’s the problem now again? She has promised to upgrade us from a free normal hotel room night stay to an executive room. Although she claimed she cant write down on the contract, she said 99% should be no problem. But now our case is being transferred to Albert, the director of catering. We need to liase with him again for the upgrading of room and it’s not guaranteed.

SEE!! Told you Im having the run of the WORST BAD LUCK OF THE YEAR!!! *WAILSSSS* Dearie said maybe the director will give in to us also for our request. BUT, why am I always be faced with such stress and uncertainty???!! OH MY GOD HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Haiz. I amazed dearie with my instincts sometime too. But I credit all women with the same kind of instincts, ESPECIALLY in regards to partner’s unfaithfulness. Not that I caught him before but I saved us alot of time whenever we tried to find parking lots. No matter how crowded the carpark can be, we seldom need to wait more than 10minutes for a lot. Because the spiritual me, always direct him to somewhere where there is/will be an empty slot.

One incident happened before at Lido which was damn funny. Like you know Lido carparks are always pretty full especially during peak hours on weekends. One fine saturday, 6+pm, all the cars were looming round and round every floor and some were waiting motionlessly at some corner to wait for luck. When we finally reached 9th floor, I suddenly got an instinct that there will be a lot soon just nearby the lift. So I asked dearie to stop there and wait. I said I have an instinct that someone will come out from the lift and get his car near us.

No less than 60 SECONDS, a family of 4 appeared out of the lift and the driver strolled to the lot opposite us to collect his car. Dearie looked at me with that look as if I’ve just peeled my skin like how Zhou Xun peeled hers in the movie “Painted Skin”. Incredulous. And mumbled profusely that he will never offend me. HAHAHA.

Ok lah. Actually it’s a mix of both instinct, analysis and probability. You see, to park at such a NICE slot directly outside the lift at a level 9, the driver must have arrived quite early. Like maybe 1 or 2 pm. Therefore it makes sense that they will leave around 4 hours later, which is approximately like 6+pm, a.k.a, the time when we were there. That is to say, generally, the better the lots(nearer to the lift), the earlier the occupants arrived. But on the other hand, the higher the level, the later the occupants arrived if compared with the better lots in lower levels because the lower levels might be occupied by the next occupier already at a later time. That means to say, good lots at low levels 4 or 5 probably arrived around 3 to 4pm(after the previous occupier arrived at around 12pm and left around 4pm) and might not leave as early.

To compare the odds of following behind half a dozen of cars whose owners are desperate for lots and the odds of waiting for occupied lots to be emptied at deserted corners, thinking that “golden lots” outside the lift is like the 1st 3 prizes in 4D which are more difficult to win than the “consolation lots” around deserted corners, the chances of getting a very nice lot just outside the lift at relatively high levels is generally higher at the timing of 6+pm on a weekend.

It’s all very general lah and a mixture of luck, timing and instinct.

Dont believe, you can try it. =D