Honeymoon – Part 4

Okok…last honeymoon entry liao.

Took quite many pics in London as I said I love the architectures there. And what’s best is all the entrances to the museums are FREE! We need to pay in Paris. =P But too bad we dont have much time in London, only around 1.5 days. Dont even have time to meet dear Gen there as she’s only available that monday evening and we planned to catch a musical. Musicals are only available in the evenings and we only have 1 evening!

The theater is very beautiful with lovely 3D painted carvings of statues on the ceilings. We caught Les Misérables which is as the name suggests, so damn miserable lah. So sorry dont know how to appreciate…definitely prefer Phantom of the Opera any time. Sigh…should have spent the S$80 per pax re-watching it instead. I mean, the actors and actresses were great but the story is draggy and boring, plus the music is not pleasing to my ears. Perhaps only 1 or 2.

Hmm…we definitely did some shopping. Bought another 2 bags and a wallet cum key pouch for dearie. =) Shopped along Harrods, but nothing to buy.

Since we’re at London, how can we miss visiting some famous football clubs’ stadiums?

Chelsea’s. Only 15minutes from our hotel

we paid S$30 per pax for a elaborate tour inside(no stepping on the nice greens though). Thank god it was fun and entertaining.

News conference table

Going out to play liao. Haha

Dearie bought a few sporty t-shirts there. As Adidas is their main sponsor, the Adidas shirts were so cheap there.

Of course…how can we miss dearie’s favorite club, Tottenham Hotspurs?

Wah, see the big difference in expression compared to the one at Chelsea. Haha.

Spur’s stadium is located very far from our hotel. The train, bus journey with a little walking took almost 2 hours to and fro. Initially dearie said dont waste time to go there since we already has so little time in London. But I said since we’re in London, dont waste the opportunity. It’s too bad that there’s no matches when we’re there. Worse still, the tickets for a tour inside the stadium were sold out and we can only take pictures outside and go their shop instead. Dearie bought a few sporty t-shirts which look great on him. They were priced much more expensive than Chelsea though.

THE END! Finally finished! More pics on facebook. Add me if you want the see the pics. Ask me for email then.


Honeymoon part 3

Day 8 – Paris

Might as well be done it with; blogging the last entry of the honeymoon I mean. Really busy and tired lately and I dont know why! Very strong urge to lump all pictures in a slideshow and be done with it! Since we also got pretty sick with photo taking from the 8th day onwards despite gorgeous scenary. Wonder how can Edison, Gillian plus other girls take soOooo many obscene and bo-liao pictures all the time?! Okie I’ve side tracked.

I dont care liao, the pictures wont be in chronological order liao.

I have to say all these pictures look absolutely breathtaking on my lappy. It’s really not impressive on wordpress. Lousy.

Eiffel Tower by night

Certainly much more beautiful because it’s lit up!

The tower has flashing glitter lights every hour for 5 minutes. If you missed it, you have to wait pretty long.

We actually took a cab out from hotel to catch it and after sharing with the other couple, it’s S$40 for us. Total cab fare was S$80!

We visited Fragonard Perfumery and museum which was pretty interesting. They explained how perfume was made and the difference in technology all these days, as well as explaining the differences between Eau de Parfum(EDP) and Eau de Toilette(EDT) etc, i.e, their percentage of concentration of perfume oil. If you think I can remember the specific percentages of concentration and list here with class, you are SO WRONG! Here’s a peek from Wikipedia. Keke.


Perfume types reflect the concentration of aromatic compounds in a solvent, which in fine fragrance is typically ethanol or a mix of water and ethanol. Various sources differ considerably in the definitions of perfume types. The concentration by percent/volume of perfume oil is as follows:

* Perfume extract (Extrait): 15-40% (IFRA: typical 20%) aromatic compounds
* Eau de Parfum (EdP), Parfum de Toilette (PdT): 10-20% (typical ~15%) aromatic compounds. Sometimes listed as “eau de perfume” or “millésime”.
* Eau de Toilette (EdT): 5-15% (typical ~10%) aromatic compounds
* Eau de Cologne (EdC): Chypre citrus type perfumes with 3-8% (typical ~5%) aromatic compounds
* Splash and After shave: 1-3% aromatic compounds

In short, the more concentrated of perfume oil, the more expensive the scent will be as more flowers are needed to concoct it. More importantly, the fragrance can lasts longer too. I bought a bottle there.

Then we had 3hours of shopping where we bought a few stuff. Really, not alot. Considering sooOoo little time we had. He bought 2 bags, I bought 2 bags and a watch. Will probably upload pictures of all my buys in the next entry bah.

Day 9 Paris – London
I certainly love the architectures here more than the ones in Paris but dearie feels the opposite. We definitely prefer London to Switz and Paris as it’s much easier to communicate for most are fluent in English. And finally I could watch movies on the hotel LCD TV and actually UNDERSTAND what they were speaking. Somehow the people are just nicer here, less racism towards Asians. Paris is the worse. Finally I’ve found a country where customer service is worse than us. Singapore customer service sucks but at least most wont openly give you attitude. Seriously, just because the French are born taller with crooked noses atop freckled skins then they feel so superior. Oh please.

All people are equal, it is not birth, it is virtue alone that makes the difference. – Voltaire

Dammit loh…I uploaded like 20pictures and suddenly wordpress cant capture and I have to do it again.


Some artistic shots which I forced dearie to post. Haha.

Alright…that’s all for now..

TO be continued………..Day 10 in London


*Edited* 12 days Europe Honeymoon Trip – Part 2

Before I start my entry, just read this, http://thotpcs.blogspot.com/2009/03/sq321-flight-delay-from-london-to.html. It’s an account of a 12hours flight delay for the same SQ321 Airbus which departed just 1 day later than us from London! It’s totally horrible. I can totally imagine the agony and frustration of those passengers, probably of 4 times worse, since my flight delay of 3 hours already drove me pretty crazy. SQ really sucks…BIG TIME!

By the way….somehow the pictures after being uploaded onto wordpress seemed to lose it’s sharpness…and it kinda douses my enthusiasm to blog and upload pictures…Sigh…but cant stop halfway. Clicking on the pictures itself can view it better….

Okie..so to continue…

Still in Switzerland….seriously…too many days there…but we realised all the tours are planned like this.


More sightseeing….and photo taking….
Seriously it got boring after a while and pictures got lesser and lesser.

The Clock Tower

Parliament house

Cute mini car

Big bear in bear pit

2 baby cubs

We did a littttleee window shopping at Zermatt, another ulu village. Nothing much except beautiful snow mountains all around you.

Magnificent horses!

Pretty scared they kick me!

Yummy pastries as always there. Our hotel was EILTE hotel, damn lok so I didnt bother to take pictures. The translucent curtains with shared balconies cum corridors among rooms were almost our last straw. Ah doi! Cant even change in the room lor! Much less do what honeymooners were supposed to do. =P


Château de Chillon
Beautiful castle isnt it….heard it was once a prison.

Flower Clock

Finally we left Switzerland and reached France, Dijon, home to the finest french cuisine.!

At Kyriad hotel, Chez Marco French Restaurant. Must try!!

Nice Sakura blossoms

Indeed, it is! Just see the pictures of our sumptuous french dinner. Yum yum!!

In the restaurant

Escargots!! Delicious!!

Served warmly on a metal plate. Thumbs up.

Initially the pictures of normal snails kept flashed before my eyes and I was unable to stomach it. But finally I curbed the phobia and ate it! It was very nice! Wonder where can I have yummy and fresh ones in Singapore? Do recommend ya.

Some people in our tour group was unable to finish all, so I had 3 more. =D

Main course. Nothing much…tasted like turkey breast meat. Still, it was so much better than Swiss’s food which was nauseatingly salty.

What can I say? Other than shopping, then is Eiffel Tower loh. =)


Up we go, to the Eiffel Tower!!

View from the top

Down we go

See! Dearie take pictures always slant 1 side! The Eiffel Tower looks crooked lor!

That title dot is me! Another crooked picture…..with the top cut off. Bo doh!

To be continued……………Day 8 in Paris

*Edited* 12 days Europe Honeymoon Trip – Part 1

Headache. We both took over 500 pictures for our 12 days Europe honeymoon trip. Finally I’ve picked out 200+ better ones, unable to eliminate more because of all the gorgeous scenery. I might need to separate into few entries. It will be so much easier if all pictures are from my camera alone but because it became siao siao during the trip, malfunctioning as and when she pleased, I had to get pictures from dearie’s camera too. His camera poses the problems of unable to take night shots and very short battery life. Duhz. Apologies for the quality of pictures, I simply need to change a better camera.

Flight to Zurich, Switzerland‘s financial hub by SQ Airbus SQ321.
The flight was at 1am and we’re supposed to reach at 11pm to meet the tour guide. As we wanted to catch supper, we reached even earlier, at 10.15pm. Who will know that the newly launched Airbus had an aircon leak problem and our flight was being delayed by around 3 hours. When we finally board it, we had to suffer stuffy and warm air for another 2 hours before it was cold. Arghh! SERVICE SUCKS BIG TIME!!!

Our travelling were by coach most of the time. Most of them were around 1-2hours and 2 of them got as long as 4 hours with a lunch break in between.

Lush greenery greeted us, dotted with clusters of cute Swiss cottages. Humans were scarce and the place looked serenely picturesque and peaceful with neatly manicured lawns. We were told that some of them grow their own vegetables and fruits too.

Upon alighting in Germany-Black Forest, we had to walk for quite a while to reach the resort of Titisee for our pork knuckle lunch, accompanied by a soup and their famous black forest cake. They werent fantastic so I shall skip the pictures. It irked us that their people prefer their food to be super salty. They should really mind their kidneys.

We also attended a Cuckoo clock making demonstration.

Black Forest is a small village with nothing much to shop. Beautiful lakes with many mandarin ducks though.

Dearie takes lousy pictures. Other than slicing beautiful buildings into half, or putting just my head ALONE into pictures, he can make Eiffel Tower look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Since then, I’ve stopped asking him to take pictures of me unless for absolutely must-snapped architectures like Eiffel Tower etc. So, more pictures are of him.

We took the coach again back to SWITZERLAND(SCHAFFHAUSEN) to see the mighty Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest waterfall. Please do not compare it with Niagara Falls. Though again, I dont understand how it can be Europe’s largest waterfall….I thought it looked like rapids to me. =P

We took the coach again to the beautiful resort town Lucerne.

Along the way

Checked into Flora Hotel. I loved the deco. Modern with shadows of Swiss Culture.
This hotel is highly recommended.

At the lobby.

The room.

Oh yes. Most Europe’s hotels do not have the room amenities which commonly come with Singapore hotels. They dont have kettle, fridge nor shower foam/shampoo/lotion for you. They have, however, an all-in-1 soap dispenser where you can use it to wash anywhere you want. That’s why, we bought along our travel kettle too, for hot drinks if needed. Some of them dont even have aircon, as opening the windows will have natural air-conditioning already. Simply adjust your room temperature by the angle of your windows. How cool is that eh?

The Lion Monument is an allegory of the defeat of the Swiss guards during the storming of the Tuileries 1792, whatever it represents. Poor Lion looked so tragic that it’s hard to take a smiley picture with it.

At the Chapel Bridge, the 14th century wooden bridge, an icon of Lucerne.

Many swans in the lake

With sweet Serene whom I got to know during the tour. She came with her hubby for holiday. Regretted not taking more pictures with her, simply because both of us were busy with our spouses, or else with shopping. Haha.

Opposite the Bridge

All the electric buses run on cable attached above them


In the morning, we departed for Engelberg where we commence our ascent to Mt Titlis. We boarded the cable car for 45minutes to reach the high alpine glacier region at 10,000ft. We then took another ride in the world’s first ever revolving “Rotair” gondola, which offers a 360 degrees panoramic view into the alps.

Bottom of Mt Titlis

In the cable car

On the coach again to Interlaken, City Oberland Hotel.
Apparently, we got the..so-called honeymoon room?

Haha! It was more like country-style and a pretty big room. But I merely cant stand the bed which creaked with every move and the deflated pillows.

Interlaken is a typical small town, or rather village, with nothing much to shop. However, they have breathtaking scenaries with flowing lakes and gorgeous alpine alps as backdrops. Half a day is enough to finish touring the area. It would be great if the 4th day was spent in Paris shopping instead.

I wished this was my hotel but apparently not.

Acting cool again

At the Casino, with the impressive entrance but pathetic interior. They have, like a dozen jackpot machines, 2 poker cards tables which were out of bounds, 1 roulette table and 1 black jack table. That’s it. You can imagine why there’s less than 10 people inside. It’s so boring.

We had a Swiss and meat fondue dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert. Again, it’s nothing to cry for so I’ll skip the pictures again. Had supper at their Hooters too, but the standard was way inferior to Singapore’s. Played pool and darts at a bar(simply got too much free time!). It was very expensive. An hour of pool game costs more than S$20 and 2 darts games which lasted around 15minutes cost S$15.

A mac burger and salad cost S$30.

Our lunch at some cafe. Totally unfriendly menu.

Fish & Chips should be the safest; to avoid over salty food/soup

This vanilla custard simply tastes great. I have to say all Europe’s pastries and cakes are wonderful with friendly prices(cheaper than Delifrance). They’re not too sweet and just right.

Scenary shots

Interesting giant chess game

Giant Chair

In short, Switzerland is more of a scenic location than a shopping paradise. Cute Swiss cottages, serene lakes, beautiful architectures and snowed alpine peaks. One word of caution though that it’s unhealthy to look at snow for too long, i.e, more than 5minutes. You can scorch your eyes and will affect your vision. You probably enjoy more if you ski there. However, be prepared to tread in heavy ski boots, carry your heavy pair of skis and take at least 2 times of cable cars(30minutes or so) to reach the peak before you can start skiing.

Optional activities like paragliding is available but they take around 1.5 hours only. You also have to take a cable car up. Hotels have limited SCV shows and most of them are in German, just like all the restaurant menus. Most of the people understand English though.

Swiss franc is being used there, the rate is around S$1=CHF$1.3 and things are horribly expensive there. Shops close very early too, like in the evenings. If you’re a fan of Swiss watches then you might like there. NOT that the watches are cheaper there but they are more exclusively made. Other than that, it’s chocolates and chocolates….or…Swiss army knives. I dont find the food particularly nice too. Most are too salty, otherwise it’s all western food. Breakfast is always ham, eggs, beans and croissants. That’s it.

To be continued……………..

I’m back

Hi Guys. I’m back.

Cant really sleep, maybe haven got used to the time difference as Europe is around 6-7 hours behind us.

Pretty tired….maybe will blog tomorrow if I have time. Have a lot of work to do. Sigh.

Hope I can last till friday.

It was overall a very enjoyable trip, of course, considering it’s our honeymoon and 1st long haul holiday.

Initially I thought the 12 days holiday might be too short but it’s actually just nice. =)

Although I wish we have more hours to shop in Paris and sightseeing in London…..we spent too much time in Switzerland.

Alright. More details in the next blog post. Stay tuned.

We’re still good! Thanks to all who cared!

I’m pretty boliao now, so if you are too, here are some 38 paparazzi news to perk you up. Haha.

Charlene Choi & Ronald Cheng hold press conference confirming 4-year marriage; currently filing for divorce Sunday March 28, 2010 HONGKONG


Source: Sina (More pics here)
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Recently, there were media reports of Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng’s marriage certificate being exposed. Although the 2 both clarified their break-up to reporters, it seemed that the media refused to give up and continued publishing false reports. Hence today, the 2 decided to hold a press conference together.

This afternoon at 4pm, Ronald left his apartment and headed straight to the Jin Pai Da Feng office building. He looked very frustrated, and when reporters gathered around him, asking about the news of his marriage certificate being exposed, he replied: “See you all soon!” and then headed quickly into the lift.

At approximately 6pm, a large number of media arrived and there were over 100 reporters present. Everyone was waiting anxiously for the 2 main leads to appear.

At approximately 6:30pm, the 2 came out together to face the reporters, with a solemn expression on both their faces.

Ronald began his speech: “The marriage rumours are true. In 2006, we very happily made the decision to get married, and our parents both agreed for us to get married in Los Angeles. Both of us felt that there was no need for us to announce it to everyone. We both decided to handle the situation like that, but over the years, there have been many false media reports, hence now we have decided to hold this press conference. Today will also be the last time we make a statement regarding this matter. Throughout these years, I have been very happy with Ah Sa, growing together, but after deepening our understanding of each other, we both decided that breaking up would be better for both of us. I want to stress again, the reason for our break-up was not due to a third party; the false reports the public have been reading are not true. Our divorce procedure is currently in progress, and we will do everything that is legally required.”

After finishing, Ronald was immediately moved to tears, and Charlene also caringly handed some tissues to him. He continued: “Although me & Ah Sa are no longer going to be husband-and-wife,but we had a good and happy time together. And we hope that we will still remain friends in the future. Thank you everyone and we hope that everyone will give us our own space.”

After Ronald concluded his speech, Ah Sa choked back tears and expressed: “From when me and Ronald first met, to dating and finally to marriage, we agreed on every decision. And our marriage was not just our decision, we also got the support from our family and friends. We felt that there was no need to announce it to everyone, and we hoped that it could be our own little secret between us. Unfortunately, it seems like artists are not entitled to their privacy. We are still good friends. I hope that everyone can give us more space, and I also hope that me & Ronald’s life from now on can be happy.”

Finally, Ah Sa gave thanks to everyone and concluded the press conference.

Perhaps some of you might have known they have always been dating, just that recent news reported they are breaking up a 6 years relationship. What really surprised me was they’re actually married for 4 years. Which means, Charlene was only 23 when she agreed to marry him! They must be so in love as Ronald was purportedly a libertine without a heart.

Hmm…I think a hell lot of guys must have wonder for someone as sweet and popular as Charlene, why did she ever date Ronald, much less marry him? For he isnt aesthetically appealing, especially with all his negative rumours. I can only harbor a guess, that, Charlene might be attracted to his humorous and witty personality(you can see it in 电视节目 《美女厨房》), and with his talents in singing, acting and hosting. Of course, I’m not blind to the fact that he’s rich but I’m assuming Charlene is not a gold-digger since she’s pretty wealthy herself. Plus the fact that they clarified that there was no financial settlement from the divorce. Hmm….somehow I feel female side always more at disadvantage, no matter there’s payment or not.

Anyway, as usual, there have been speculations concerning the reason of divorce.

Some said Charlene strayed, with a very rich chinese 30year old guy.

Some said Ronald strayed, with one of the many pretty girls (“天使” in 电视节目《美女厨房》). Some mentioned the name “AngelaBaby”, the girl who starred in “Summer Love”. By chance, I found a youtube video showing her “acclaimed” before and after plastic surgery pictures. Dont know true or not..but the old pictures does bear resemblance to her.

But Charlene kept insisting that Ronald is faithful. Hmmm…………………..

Video on 阿sa揭秘与郑中基分手前后

Kinda sad to end a 4years marriage…..

Actually I feel there are no secrets in this world. Moreover the HK paparazzi are so resourceful, if there’s really a 3rd party, I’m sure they will find out soon. If there’s none, maybe they really isnt any.

A 3rd party isnt the ONLY reason which can break up a marriage.

There are a bloody lot and right now I can already make out a list as demonstrated by our Mr Goh.


Just kidding.

Oh and our honeymoon flight is due in around 17hours. =D